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									                           Université Catholique de Louvain - COURSES DESCRIPTION FOR 2010-2011 - LGLOR1413

                LGLOR1413                             Introduction to Oriental Languages and
                       2010-2011                                                    Literature

                7.0 ECTS credits                     60.0 h                              2q

Teacher(s) :              Obsomer Claude ; Schmidt Andrea Barbara ; De Callatay Godefroid ; den Heijer Johannes ; Vielle
                          Christophe (coordinator) ; Haelewyck Jean-Claude ;

Language :                Français

Place of the course       Louvain-la-Neuve

Aims :                    By the end of the course, students will have acquired a detailed overview of the full range of Oriental studies, enabling them to
                          decide what to specialize in later on in their bachelor program.

Main themes :             Oriental studies are here primarily regarded as a discipline with its own historiography as well as with its peculiar epistemological
                          and methodological approach. Next, they are considered in relation with the main areas of studies (linguistic, philological, literary)
                          as they are investigated and specifically taught at the Oriental Institute.

Description :             The course provides an introduction to the following fields: epistemology and methodology of Oriental studies; Indo-European
                          comparativism; Semitic comparativism; Egyptology; Assyriology, Anatolian studies; Christian Oriental studies (Armenian, Georgian,
                          Aramaean/Syriac, Coptic, Aethiopian, and Arabic); Byzantine studies; Slavistics; Arab-Muslim studies; Indology and Asian studies.
                          Depending on the field concerned, emphasis is put on linguistics, philology or literature.

Other infos :             Course entry requirements: None
                          Assessment: evaluation and certification by way of a written (multiple choice) exam, along with a short essay based on
                          bibliographical investigation and readings in relation with one part of the course.

Cycle and year of         > Preparotory Year for Master in Ancient Languages and Literatures: Oriental Languages
                          > Première année de bachelier en langues et littératures anciennes, orientation orientales
study :

Faculty or entity in      GLOR


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