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									                                                   Volume 3, Issue 3                                                   SUMMER 2011

                                                   Arts & Heritage Center of North Augusta

                                                   The Center Line

    Inside this issue:
                                              Grand Opening!
                                  The Arts and Heritage Center of North Augusta is extremely excited to announce that the new
    Current Exhibits      1
                                  permanent history exhibits will open to the public on Saturday, July 16th. The exhibits were
    President’s Letter    2
                                  originally created for the Blackville Discovery Center, which was operated by the South Carolina
                                  National Heritage Corridor (SCNHC). Because of federal and state budget cuts, the SCNHC
    Gift Shop News        3       closed the Blackville Center in June, 2010. The exhibits then became available for a new home.

    Sponsor Recognition   3       In December 2010, the Arts and Heritage Center was chosen to be the new site for these wonderful
                                  exhibits. The relocation process started early this year. After months of preparation involving
    Upcoming Exhibits     4       traveling between Blackville and North Augusta, breaking down the exhibit components, and
                                  installation and tweaking them for our center, these exhibits are ready for their public debut!

                                                                                   These exhibits which will be named “Rivers, Rails
    Points of interest:                                                            and Roads” feature the history of Aiken,
    Tuesday Painters— Learn                                                       Bamberg, Barnwell, and Orangeburg counties.
     to paint each Tuesday                                                         These exhibits celebrate the significance of each
     from 10 am to 2 pm with                                                       of these subjects in our region. Over the next year,
     local artists. The open                                                       the AHC will add more permanent North Augusta-
     studio is free to AHCNA                                                       specific stories to the exhibit as well. Just imagine
                                                                                   what North Augusta (and the surrounding area)
    First Saturdays—The                                                           would be without the Savannah River, the SC
     North Augusta Artists                                                         Railroad Company,
     Guild has expanded their                                                      and the many roads
     Tuesday open art studio                                                       that crisscross our
     to now include the first                                                      town!
     Saturday of each month.
     Come join the artists each   The AHC will also begin a new cultural relationship with the SCNHC
     first Saturday from 11 am    by becoming a Welcome Center for the Corridor’s heritage sites.
     to 2 pm. Art supplies are    Guests will be able to explore wonderful interactive exhibits while
     free to AHC members.
                                  being educated about the fantastic heritage sites that they can visit by
    The Westobou Festival        traveling along the Heritage Corridor!
     will take place from Sept.
     29 to October 8, 2011.
                      Come help us celebrate as we begin this new chapter in our life as not
     Take this opportunity to
                      only as a center for your arts and history, but also as a center for
     celebrate art!   discovering the many regional heritage sites in South Carolina. There
                      will be a sneak preview for AHCNA members only on Friday, July
                      15, from 5 to 7 pm. The grand opening to the public will be on Sat.,
Open Tuesday—Saturday July 16, from 10 am to 4 pm. Join us for this exciting celebration!
     10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
   Phone: (803) 441-4380  Special thanks are given to the North Augusta Historical Society, The Community Foundation of the
                          CSRA, and the North Augusta Sertoma Club for making Rivers, Rails and Roads possible. The AHCNA would also like to thank ADSI Moving Systems, McGee Home Builders, and Prof. Mark
                          Meyer and Christian Goff of Aiken Technical College for their incredible support on this project.
                  The Center Line

  Letter From the President / Charles Martin
            When the City designed and constructed the new Municipal Center, over 8,000 square feet were included for the single
  purpose of showcasing the artistic talents of local and regional artists and displaying the rich heritage of North Augusta and its
  surrounding areas. The City provided this unique space at the specific requests of the North Augusta Cultural Arts Council and the
  Heritage Council of North Augusta.
            After the City committed to build the space, a third and separate organization, The Arts and Heritage Center of North Augusta
  (AHC) was organized with its sole purpose being to manage this 8,000 plus square feet of arts and heritage space. The AHC has now
  successfully operated the space since July 2009. Much of this success has been due to generous one time donations from individual
  citizens and businesses.
            The AHC was built to serve the cultural arts and heritage communities as well as the citizens of North Augusta. However, the
  North Augusta Cultural Arts Council, the Heritage Council of North Augusta and the City do not fund the operation of the Arts and
  Heritage Center. The AHC relies solely on separate memberships, donations, fundraisers and gift shop proceeds.
            If you are an AHC member, we want to thank you for your membership over the past year. It was important to us, and we
  hope you have taken advantage of the many benefits offered. When you receive your renewal notice, please renew your membership as
  soon as possible to avoid a lapse in membership. We count on you and your fellow members to keep our doors open. If you are not a
  member of the AHC, please support your local art and history by purchasing an annual membership today!

  Upcoming Exhibits & Events                                                  North Augusta Cultural Arts Council’s
   About Face—The AHC will host an exhibit that focuses on the
    elegance of portraits across various media. Open July 21 to                        Music in the Park Series
    August 27. Public reception on July 21 from 6 pm to 8 pm.
   The Art of Millinery—Explore the time-honored art of crafting           July 14—Savannah River Brass Works
    hats. This exhibit showcases the work of Augusta milliner               July 21—Doug and the Henrys
    Elizabeth Tudor. Open July 21 to October 29. Public reception           July 28—Ft. Gordon Signal Corps Band (Concert to be
    on July 21 from 6 pm to 8 pm.                                           held at the GUMC’s Wesley Center)
   Westobou Festival—A celebration of the arts throughout the
    CSRA. September 29 to October 8. Check out                              Concerts are held at 7 pm at the Verandah at Maude for a listing of events.                       Edenfield Park, Brookside Drive in North Augusta. Rain
   An Afternoon with the Arts—Come enjoy an afternoon with                 site is the North Augusta Community Center. For more
    your local artists and musicians! Sunday, Oct. 2 from 2 pm to 5         information, visit
    pm at the Arts and Heritage Center. Admission is $5/adult; $3/
    student (K-12th grades); 5 and younger are free.

The North Augusta Artists Guild has reached 70 members and they appreciate the support for our members at the AHC with programs
such as the Tuesday Painters, the First Saturday Painters and of course the Artist of the Month program. The North Augusta Artists Guild
invites any AHCNA member or guest to come join them each Tuesday or on the First Saturday and try their hand at art.

  Thank you to our Business Partners!                                                                   Annual memberships to the
                                                                                                           AHC enable continued
                                                                                                       visitation throughout the year
                                                                                                          for you and your family.

                                                                                                            Exhibits will change
                                                                                                     periodically and you won’t want
                                                                                                      to miss a single display of the
                                                                                                       art and artifacts at the AHC.

                                                                                                        Individual = $30/year
                                                                                                          Family = $60/year
                                                                                                         Friend = $125/year
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                  Volume 3, Issue 3

                                                                                                                     Okefenokee Joe
 Gift Shop News
    The Gift Shop welcomes…
       Painter Jesse Nance
       Craftsman Ron Hartshorn
       Naturalist Okefenokee Joe
       Photographer Casey Szocinski
       Metal artist Brad Baker

                                                                 Ron Hartshorn

                                                                                                              Fresh from the farm jams,
                                                                                                            jellies and preserves are here
 Casey Szocinski                        Brad Baker                    Jesse Nance                             at the Center’s Gift Shop!

    Foundation Donors ($20,000+)            Supporters ($1,000+)                Charles and Ann Martin
    North Augusta 2000 Foundation           Aiken County Council                Milledge Murray
    South Carolina Arts Commission          Marvis Baynham in memory            Parks Pharmacy/Steve McElmurray
South Carolina National Heritage Corridor       of Byron Baynham                Posey Funeral Directors
        John and Carolyn Bigger             Chip and Peggy Burnett              Potash Corp
                                            Eddie and Kim Butler                Powerserve
          Patrons ($10,000+)                Randy and Donah Cooper              The River Golf Club
The Community Foundation for the CSRA       Allen and Robin Dunn                Jody Rowland
    North Augusta Historical Society        Gordon and Martha Claire Farmer     SRP Federal Credit Union
           Angels ($5,000+)                 Warren Hair                         Southern Bank and Trust
       Brett and Kelly Brannon              Heritage Council of North Augusta   Billy and Beverly Thurmond
      Bill and Angela Burkhalter            Claudia Kearns Hillis               Mim Woodring
    The Cotillion of North Augusta          The Humanities CouncilSC            Donald and Karolyn Zippler
   Savannah River Nuclear Solutions
    Sertoma Club of North Augusta
     The Wells Fargo Foundation
                                                                                                                    The AHCNA is
                                                                                                                  selling personalized
 About Face & The Art of Millinery                                                                               brick pavers that will
                                                                                                               be permanently installed
                                                                                                                just outside the Center.
 You can tell a lot about a person from the way they are captured in a
                                                                                                                Order forms are online
 painting. This exhibit will feature works by over twenty artists and the                                        or at the AHC’s front
 characters that caught their eye in various media.                                                                desk. Cost is $75.
 You may wonder—what is “millinery?” Millinery is the art of making
 hats and fascinators. If you watched the British Royal wedding this
 past April, then you know how creative and fun hats can be. This
 exhibit will showcase the works of local milliner Elizabeth Tudor.

 Both of these exhibits will be celebrated with a public reception on
 Thursday, July 21 from 6 pm to 8 pm.                                             Lily Pad Fascinator by
                                                                                 milliner Elizabeth Tudor

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                    Arts & Heritage Center of North Augusta

   P.O. BOX 6462

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       art classes, and exhibits!

                               EXHIBITS SCHEDULE*

    OUR MILITARY HERITAGE                                         APR 21—JULY 16
    ABOUT FACE                                                    JULY 21—AUG 27
    THE ART OF MILLINERY                                          JULY 21—OCT 29
    CASE POTTERY                                                  SEPT 6—OCT 15
    CAROLINA’S GOT ART                                            SEPT 6—OCT 29
    NAAG WESTOBOU ART                                             SEPT 6—OCT 29
                                 *Dates are subject to change.

   Carolina’s Got Art!
   The Arts and Heritage
   Center is pleased to host
   the traveling exhibition
   Carolina’s Got Art!

   Carolina’s Got Art!
                                                                                         is proud to support
   sprang forth in 2009 to
   reinvigorate local artisans                                                     North Augusta’s Arts & Heritage
   by offering opportunities
   to compete for cash and                                                                  Johnny L. Rowland
   prizes and to have their                              Aiken Carriage Parade                (803) 278-2525
   work included in an “all-star” exhibition.            By Lindy Crandell                637 W. Martintown Road
                                                                                          North Augusta, SC 29841
   For the 2010 competition, approximately 1,800 artworks were
   submitted to Carolina’s Got Art! and were juried by New York art
                    critic, writer, teacher and artist, Mario Naves.
                    Entries consisted of paintings, sculptures,
                    photographs, glass, collages, fiber and other

                      Of those 1,800 works, 136 pieces were selected
                      to be on display at the historic Atherton Mill in
                      Charlotte, North Carolina during the month of
                      October, 2010. This traveling exhibition is a
                      subset of the original Atherton Mill exhibit and
                      showcases 42 winning pieces from the 2010
Vessel No. 320        competition.
By Lee Sipe

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