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Flower Shop


									                        Flower Shop
                         A Concentration within the Arts and Communications Field of Study

                        Concentration Description
                        Flower Shop studies are well suited to students who enjoy flowers and like to work with people. You
                        will make flower arrangements, corsages, wreaths, bouquets, dish and basket gardens, and create
                        store displays. Advanced students work in the school flower shop as well as in the greenhouse, and
                        develop advanced floral design, business operations and management skills.

                        Concentration Courses (2.0 credits from the following)
                        Courses available within this concentration and the subject area(s) they satisfy are listed below.
                        Courses identified as "(ID)" are Intradistrict courses available to all HS juniors and seniors.
                           Course(s)                                       Credits       Subject Area(s) satisfied
                           Flower Shop (ID-LHS)                               .5          CTE and Art
                           Flower Shop, Advanced (ID-LHS)                    1.0          CTE and Art
                           Visual Arts Course                                 .5          Art

Courses within this
concentration           Concentration Highlights
reinforce the
                        - Management of a retail floral shop throughout the school year
following Academic      - Retail greenhouse open for holiday and spring sales
Skills:                 - 6000 square ft of greenhouse growing space
                        - Field trips to local gardens, greenhouses and nurseries
   Reading              - Taking and filling large orders for events such as weddings and funerals

                        Major Topics and Skills Learned
                        - Floral design techniques and production
   Visual Arts          - Flower conditioning
                        - Plant identification, propagation, and care
   Health/Fitness       - Basic horticulture fundamentals
                        - Retail sales experience, including bookkeeping and record keeping

Occupations             Career Planning Facts:
related to this         According to the Washington Occupation Information Service (WOIS), the outlook for jobs in floral
concentration           design should be pretty good, with a projected increase in openings of 3.3% over the next several
include:                years.

Agriculture Science     Those considering pursuing this field of study after high school could also benefit by taking the
Floral Designer         following courses:
Retail Floral Manager
Horticulture              - Computer Applications 1
Wholesale Florist         - Marketing Essentials
                          - Sales and Advertising
                          - Accounting.

                             For more information about this Field of Study concentration, contact the Instructor,
                                               School Counselor or Career Center Specialist

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