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                             What is the Mathematics                         Can you take the Mathematics
                             Placement Test?                                 Placement Test a second time?

                                 The UMBC Mathematics Placement                   Students who believe that the first
                             Test was prepared by the Mathematics            Mathematics Placement Test does not
                             Association of America. The test is             accurately reflect their mathematical ability
   ASKED                     designed to assess the current level of
                             mathematical skill of a student for a variety
                                                                             may take the Challenge Mathematics
                                                                             Placement Test. If a student chooses to

                             of courses offered at UMBC.                     take the Challenge Mathematics
                                 The test consists of two parts: Part I –    Placement Test, the scores from this test
                             the Algebra Test and Part II – the Calculus     will be used to place the student into the
   ABOUT                     Readiness Test. The Algebra Test is
                             required of all students who take the
                                                                             appropriate math class. This does not
                                                                             work like the SAT Math test. We do not

                             Mathematics Placement Test. The                 use the highest score from each test. By
                             Calculus Readiness Test is required of          taking the Challenge Test, the student has
                             only those students who want to place into      declared that the first test was invalid. The
 PLACEMENT                   a calculus course.
                                 ***Students are not permitted to use
                                                                             scores from that first test will no longer be

                             a calculator during testing.***

                             Who has to take the Math                        How do you register for the
                             Placement Test?                                 Challenge Math Placement Test?
                                 All entering freshmen and transfer              The Challenge Test will be given in
                             students who are not transferring credits       July and August. The July test will be by
                             from a college-level math class must take       registration only. The August test will be
                             the Math Placement Test.                        offered on a walk-in basis.
                                                                                 To register for July testing, call the
                             How is the Mathematics                          Learning Resources Center at 410-455-
                             Placement Test used?                            2444. Dates, locations, and times will be
                                 The Math Placement Test is used             confirmed during this phone call.
                             because it is an accurate predictor of              Walk-in challenge testing will be on
                             success in UMBC’s math classes. It              Wednesday, September 1, 2004 from
                             determines the appropriate entry-level          10:00 A.M. to 2:00 P.M. in LRC, which is
 Learning Resources Center
                             math class for each student according to        located in AC IV 345, b-wing. No
     AC IV B-wing 345
                             his or her current mathematical                 appointment is necessary.
                             competence. Assessment accuracy has                 You should plan at least 90 minutes to
     1000 Hilltop Circle
                             been established by researching the             take the test.
    Baltimore, MD 21250
      410-455-2444           success of 10,000 UMBC freshmen who
                             have taken the Math Placement Test.
How do you prepare for the                   What topics should you               What topics should you
challenge test?                              review for the ALGEBRA               review for the CALCULUS
    It is highly recommended that a          PORTION of the Placement             READINESS PORTION of the
student prepare before taking the
Challenge Mathematics Placement Test.        Test?                                Placement Test?
There are several very effective ways to        Arithmetic of rational numbers      Geometry and measurement
review for this test. The one that you          Operations with algebraic           Graphs of functions
choose depends on your personal
preferences and learning style.
                                                 expressions                         Word problems and modeling
    Ways to review for the Challenge            Linear equations and                Concept formation
Mathematics Placement Test:                      inequalities                        Numerical awareness
 Review notes and text books from high         Factoring and algebraic             Exponential functions
    school algebra and precalculus
                                                 functions                           Exponents and logarithms
 Review commercially prepared review           Exponents and radicals              Equations and factoring
    books on algebra and/or precalculus,        Graphing and distance               Functional notation
    e.g. Schaum’s Outlines for Algebra          Fractional and quadratic            Inequalities
    and/or Precalculus (approximately $15
    each in UMBC Bookstore); or Super
                                                 equations                           Absolute value
    Review for Algebra and Trigonometry         Inequalities                        Trigonometry
    (approximately $10 each in UMBC             Absolute values
    Bookstore).                                 Systems of equations
 Review by accessing MathPro5
    Algebra Review – a World Wide Web
    algebra review for students whose
    math placements are LRC099 or
    MATH106. See flyer for additional
    information. (Approximately $35 In the
    UMBC Bookstore, Test Preparation

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