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					                                Secret Santa Hostess Fun Packet

Take a large envelope (10x13) print the attached "flyer" with a place for names, numbers, etc.
Use double sided tape or glue and adhere to the envelope. Print the Holiday Gift guide from
(attached). Give each hostess a booklet, Look brochures, and sales Tickets in the Hostess
envelope. If possible give her a Satin Hands Pampering Set for demo purposes. Show her how
to demonstrate.

For every $25 in sales, the person purchasing gets their name on a line. When the fun packet is
completed, you will have a drawing and the winner will receive a Satin Hands Pampering Set.

The Hostess will receive:
All 20 lines completed this week = $100 MK shopping Spree
15 lines completed this week = $75 MK shopping Spree
10 lines completed this week = $50 MK shopping Spree

Here are some exciting possibilities:
20 lines x $25 = 500 retail
                -250 cost of product
                 -15 cost of Satin Hands give away
                 -50 cost on $100 hostess credit
                 185 gross profit x 5 packets = $925 profit!

15 lines x $25 = $375 (no cost on giveaway)
                 -187.50 (cost of product)
                 - 37.50 (cost on $75 hostess credit)
                  150.00 gross profit x 5 = $750 gross profit

(If she only completes 10 lines, you can still give her a $50 shopping spree)

Note: Explain that all orders count. Example: As long as the orders she takes total $500, she
will still qualify for the $100 gift certificate....$375 in sales = $75 gift certificate and $250 =
$50 gift certificate.

Call your best customers/former hostesses/people who work in offices and or have big families...
Don't forget to ask memebers of your family to help you as well. when calling say...

"Hi ________, this is ________, your Mary Kay beauty consultant. I am so excited I just had to
call you. I have been authorized to give away five $100 Mary Kay shopping sprees to my 5
favorite customers (people, etc.). ________, (or however many your want to "authorize :) I
immediately thought of you! Do you have just 3 minutes for me to give you the exciting details?
Great...Here's how it works. We have a goal to reach as many people as possible to show off
our fabulous Holiday gift line. _____, if you will agree to be a Secret Santa Hostess, you will
receive our Holiday gift brochure to show to friends, co-workers, family, whom ever you like. By
taking outside orders you can earn $100 in free product. Everyone is looking for fun,
 inexpensive, qualify gift ideas and we have some great ones. Not to mention things that people
just want to purchase for themselves. Being a Secret Santa Hostess is fun and easy. You just
have to share our Holiday brochure and let people see what we have. Could I set up a time to
spend about 10 min. with you tomorrow to bring you our brochure. Together, I know we can
create a win/ product for you and additiional Holiday sales for me. ____, what time
would be a good time for me to drop by...again, it will only take about 10 minutes.

Tips: Have Hostess collect money when they order. Deliver all products to your hostess for
delivery. You can enclose a pampering gift certificate (facial/makeover) in each order for them to
redeem in January. Of course you will have their numbers and can follow up.
Remember, when you get together and are coaching her regarding taking orders, be sure and
mention the gift certificates.

Note: If she isn't interested, ask if you can schedule a time to come by and show her your
Limited Edition gift items and help make her shopping easier.

Remember, sales are "heating up", big time...Jump on the bandwagon! Hugs galore, Melinda

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