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					                                 Full Governors Meeting
                               Tuesday 7th December 2010


Present: Kevin Shaw, Andrew Jolley, Tracy Edwards, Alan Curtis, Jo Nutley,
Heather Ellwood, Sean Wheatley, Laura Jacks, Kevin Challen, David Romaine,
Jo Furber, Christine Brown, Monica Stranock.

In attendance: Anthony Whitby (deputy head), Jackie Gatenby (clerk).

1. Introduction:

Apologies for absence: Apologies were received and accepted from Astrid
Gibson, Spencer Spearman and Bernice Manton.

Declaration of Interest: There were no declarations of interest made.

Membership and Attendance: Nothing to report.

Urgent Matters: There were no urgent matters.

Minutes of last meeting: The minutes of the meeting held on 24th November
2010 had not been distributed to governors and this item will be carried forward
to the next meeting.
                                  Action Point
     Clerk/chair to ensure that minutes of the meeting of 24th November are
        included on the agenda for the next full governing body meeting.

Matters Arising from the Minutes: This item to be carried forward to the next

2. Structure of the governing body:

Working group – proposal: The working group met on Friday afternoon and
the outcome of this meeting was that an agreement was made to set up four sub-

The governing body discussed all aspects of setting up sub-committees and the
implications of this for the governing body.

The following points were discussed by the full governing body:

       Delegated powers will be given to sub-committees and set out in the
        committees terms of reference. The governing body will retain the right
        to question and overturn decisions in exceptional circumstances;
       sub-committee chairs will receive support from the committee and from
        the full governing body. The role of committee chair is different to the
            role of chair of governors, they are there to guide the committee to
            decision making rather than being a leader and making decisions;
           sub-committee meetings will be clerked;
           full governing body meetings will be arranged by the full governing
           sub-committee members will agree their own meeting dates but these
            must be arranged within the agreed timescale to ensure that they link
            efficiently with all other sub-committee meetings and those of the full
            governing body;
           agenda preparation is the responsibility of the chairs of each sub-
           associate members can be appointed to sub-committees but should
            not be given voting rights;
           meetings are not closed and parents and others should be free to
            attend as observers if they wish to do so;
           the quorum for all sub-committees will be 3 and a maximum of 6
            members should sit on the finance committee;
           reports and minutes from sub-committees should be emailed to all
            governors and will be discussed at the full governing body meetings;
           minutes should be emailed within 5 working days;
           Tony Whitby will be invited to join the pastoral committee as an
            associate member;
           governors discussed the fact that Astrid was finding it difficult to attend
            meetings and Kevin agreed to contact her to discuss this.

                                  Action Point
  Kevin Shaw to contact Astrid Gibson to discuss whether she wishes to continue
                                  as a governor.

Committee members:

Sub-Committee members were agreed:

                  Pastoral          Personnel         Learning          Finance
Chair             Alan Curtis       Dave              Heather           Kevin Shaw
                                    Romaine           Ellwood
Vice chair        Kevin             Jo Furber         Laura Jacks       Dave
                  Challen                                               Romaine
                  Bernice           Tracy             Jo Nutley         Heather
                  Manton            Edwards                             Ellwood
                  Chris Brown       Sean              Spencer           Alan Curtis
                                    Wheatley          Spearman
                  Astrid            Andrew            Monica            Andrew
                  Gibson            Jolley            Stranock          Jolley
                  Andrew                              Andrew
                  Jolley                              Jolley
Elect chairs and vice-chairs of sub-committees: Chairs and vice chairs of
sub-committees were agreed by the full governing body and details of these are
in the table above.

Draft terms of reference:

Draft terms of reference have been distributed for each committee and reviewing
and finalising these will be an agenda item for the first meeting of each

                                 Action Point
  Chairs of each committee to ensure that agreeing the terms of reference is an
                       agenda item at the first meeting.

Set dates for meetings:

The termly format for meetings was discussed and it was agreed that the full
governing body would meet in the first week of a new term (apart from the spring
term when they will meet in the second week). Committees would meet in
subsequent weeks with learning in the second week, pastoral in the third week,
personnel in the fourth week and finance in the fifth week.

The next meeting of the full governing body will be on Wednesday 12 th January
and chairs of committees will contact committee members to arrange suitable
dates and times for their meetings.

                                   Action Point
  Chairs of sub-committees to email committee members and set up meeting dates.

Next steps:

It is possible that one committee may need to liaise with another committee but
the fact that the headteacher will be at all meetings will provide continuity and a
link between the committees.

3. Update from head:

Progress on current priorities: The headteacher shared the schools ‘Priority
Progress Report’ with the governing body. The report is a work in progress and
will be continually updated as the project progresses, actions take place and
priorities change. The following points were noted during the presentation:

 The ethos of the governing body has shifted from ‘forming’ to ‘performing’ and
  they are beginning to get the foundations for an effective governing body –
  this is also reflected in the school staff;
 next steps in school improvement are confirming strategies in writing for the
  SEF areas and for each curriculum area;
 governors need to sustain a deep understanding of their responsibilities and
  should read the section of the ‘Guide to the Law’ relevant to their committee;
 the senior leadership team are working with the governing body to provide
  information, objective advice and support. This will help the governing body
  to meet it’s responsibilities.

Risks and Issues:

    The school does not currently have a School Development Plan;
    there are no plans or systems in place to find information;
    Ofsted inspectors are expected in school before February;
    the headteacher is creating a lot of systems from scratch which means he is
     not available as a visible presence around the school;
    the deputy head is currently running ½ the school as well as carrying out his
     own duties. This is too much pressure and needs to be addressed;
    the situation has been shared with staff but parents and children need to
     know too. The headteacher will send a letter to parents and the community
     informing them of the current issues and what is being done to sort them out;
    West Sussex officers are supporting the school with monitoring and
    there has been limited policy development this term but the statutory and
     recommended policies will be created and/or reviewed next term;
    a finance budget tool has been created and will be populated with data during
     the first two weeks of the spring term. This will be shared with the SLT and
     governors in preparation for the 2011/12 financial year;
    performance management has not started although it was supposed to be
     completed by 31st October. This will take place for everyone during the first
     two weeks of January;
    work is taking place on behaviour and on developing the school council who
     will work on the school motto and ethos;
    the curriculum is being re-developed and a curriculum map will be completed
     by the Autumn term. The curriculum will be changing in the next few years so
     this will be a short term plan;
    the use of whiteboards in classrooms will be stopped from Easter apart from
     Y6 who will continue to use them until after the SATs tests;
    governors have not been aware of staffing changes although the governing
     body is responsible for agreeing the staffing structure.

At the end of the presentation the headteacher shared the team structure chart
with the governors.

The Priority Progress report will be distributed to governors by the end of term.

                                    Action Point
    All governors should read the section of the Guide to the Law relevant to their

                                     Action Point
    Headteacher to write to parents and the community informing them about the
     current situation and explaining why he will not be a visible presence in the
                              school for the time being.
                                  Action Point
      Headteacher to distribute the Priority Progress Report to governors.

4. Reporting to the governing body:

Safer use of the internet: This was carried over to the next meeting.

Link governor’s report: There was no link governors report to share.

Chair’s actions: The chair approved the recruitment of a temporary teacher for
2 terms.

5. Conclusion:

Newsletter – governors to decide item from this agenda to go into
newsletter/parentmail: A discussion took place about the possibility of having
governors pictures included in the February newsletter. A camera will be brought
along to the next governors meeting to enable pictures to be taken.

                                 Action Point
       Camera to be brought to the next GB meeting for governor pictures.

The meeting closed at 9.25pm.

The next meeting is on Wednesday 12th January 2011 at 7.00pm

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