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                                           VOLUME 2, ISSUE 3                                                17 MARCH 2010

                                                     NBC and NAPWU sign
                   y or any kind of
                                                     WAGE AGREEMENT
If you have a stor                        “At NBC we acknowledge
                    to share with
  interesting news                        that our human resources
                     contact us at
   Airwaves, please        an             are our most important re-
        291 3104 or send           a      sources,” said Yvonne Boois,
  e-mail to mjae- ger@nbc.com.n
                                          acting Director General of
                                          the national broadcaster
                                          when she signed the wage
                                          agreement concluded
   INSIDE                                 between the Namibia Public
                                          Workers Union (NAPWU)
   THIS ISSUE:                            and the NBC on Monday, 15
  Wage Agreement ........... 1,3          March 2010 at 10:00.
                                              In terms of the agree-
  Rowaida’s farewell ......... 2          ment, NAPWU and the
                                          management of the nation-
                                          al broadcaster agreed on a     Yvonne Boois, acting Director General of NBC with the
  NBC SR Project Group
                                          general wage increase of 8%    Secretary-General of NAPWU, Peter Nevonga.
  Meeting ......................... 4
                                          on the salaries for NBC em-    to the restoration of the       ing, Boois explained that
  Creative Artist at MCC sets             ployees in job grades 4 – 14   3.5% notch variable for         the NBC Board had mandat-
  trends ............................ 5   (Peromnes) and a general       employees in job grades         ed the management team
                                          increase of N$ 500.00 on       2 – 7 and 4% notch variable     that had met with the union
  Celebrating                             the salaries of NBC employ-    for employees in job grades     representatives to enter
  Independence ............... 6          ees in job grades 15 – 18.     8 – 18.                         into salary negotiations and
                                          The Secretary-General of          In his speech, Nevonga       to agree to a wage increase
  For Your Info .................. 7      NAPWU, Peter Nevonga           called the turbulences at       not lower than 6% and not
                                          who endorsed the agree-        the national broadcaster        higher than 12% (all inclu-
                                          ment on behalf of his union,   “part of the game”. He          sive). She emphasized that
                                          called the signing of the      expressed his apprecia-         the negotiations had been
                                          agreement a “happy occa-       tion of the fact that these     concluded within the set
                                          sion”.                         turbulences were overcome       mandate and in a profes-
                                             An NBC management           and that they culminated        sional manner.
                                          team and union representa-     in this signing ceremony of        The NBC and NAPWU
                                          tives had met on Monday,       the agreement. “One needs       furthermore agreed on
                                          15 February and 22 Febru-      to remember the role the        implementing a 50% in-
                                          ary 2010 to negotiate a        corporation plays in soci-      crease on the current Home
                                          salary increase as well as     ety,” he added. “In order for   Owners/Rental Allowance
                                          changes in conditions of       the corporation to reach its    as well as a 5% increase on
                                          employment.                    objectives, the employer/       the Housing Subsidy. In
                                             During those negotia-       employee relations have         addition, employees of the
                                          tions, both parties agreed     to be sound,” Nevonga           corporation who have to
                                          to the above mentioned         explained.                      make use of public trans-
                                          salary increases, as well as      During the official sign-                              3
2                    VOLUME 2, ISSUE 3

                                            Rowaida’s                                    farewell
Michaela Jaeger

                                   “When I started at the NBC       of the Sales section also         over by the Divisional Head.
                                   in November last year, I was     commented positively on              Grizelda Dunn, one of the
                                   actually thrown in at the        Kelber’s willingness to assist:   latest additions to the Com-
                                   deep end. I had no training      “I worked with Rowaida for        mercial Services division,
                                   but Rowaida assisted me a        quite a number of years and       told her colleagues present
                                   lot. I would like to thank her   it was nice working with          that Kelber had become
                                   for her patience and for help-   her,” he said. “She is a quick    a good friend of hers and
                                   ing me,” said Lorenzo Davies     learner and very creative. I      that they had shared many
                                   on Friday, 26 February 2010      want to wish her well and I       thoughts and things with
                                   when the staff of Commer-         hope that she will be happy       each other: “We cried on
                                   cial Services said good-bye      and successful,” van Wyk          each other’s shoulders and
                  Editor ’s note
                  Editor’s note    to Rowaida Kelber, who had       added.                            I could confide in Rowaida,
                                   resigned from the NBC.               The staff of the division      knowing that what I told her
                                      The farewell function         had not only organised food       would stay with her,” Dunn
                                   took place in the afternoon      and soft drinks for the fare-     added and wished Kelber all
                                   with Toucy Tjijombo as MC.       well but had also arranged a      the best with her wedding
                                   A large contingent of the        little fund-raiser for Kelber’s   plans.
                                   Commercial Services division     upcoming wedding. They had           Muinjo also had positive
                                   was in attendance, including     managed to collect a size-        words for Kelber as well as
                                   the Divisional Head Mene-        able amount, namely N$ 710        the division as a whole: “I
                                   sia Muinjo. Bertie van Wyk       which was officially handed         must thank the colleagues
                                                                                                      for the time they made to
                                                                                                      attend this function and
                                                                                                      also for their contribution. I
                                                                                                      can really say that we have
                                                                                                      made our mark and that we
                                                                                                      worked very hard. Rowaida
                                                                                                      did her work and we wish
                                                                                                      her good luck.”
                                                                                                         Kelber was clearly
                                                                                                      touched by the effort her
                                                                                                      colleagues had made to
                                                                                                      make her last day at the
                                                                                                      NBC a memorable one. She
                                                                                                      thanked everybody and
                                                                                                      noted that she had been
                                                                                                      transferred a lot before
                                                                                                      she had finally ended up
                                                                                                      at Sales. “It has been great
                                                                                                      working here,” she told her
                                                                                                      colleagues. “Even though I
                                                                                                      know that there were many
                                                                                                      ups and downs, I can just
                                                                                                      remember the good times,”
                                                                                                      she continued and con-
                                                                                                      cluded by thanking Muinjo
                                   Divisional Head Menesia Muinjo handing over Commercial             and the organisers of the
                                   Services contribution for Rowaida Kelber’s wedding.                farewell function.
                                                                                                              A I RWAV ES            3

port to report for work and to return        increased from 72 to 100 and the mini-          News & Current Affairs; Tuulikki Shipanga,
home will be paid a monthly Transport        mum leave days an NBC employee is en-           acting Divisional Head: Engineering & IT;
Allowance of N$ 330.00; however, those       titled to will be in line with the provisions   Corry Tjaveondja, acting Divisional Head:
who are provided with transport (i.e.        of Labour Act, Act no. 11 of 2007. The          Radio Services; Ulrich Ronny Frank, Chief:
those that are making use of the com-        parties further agreed that paid maternity      Labour Relations Officer and Michaela
muter service) will not qualify for the      leave will also be applied in accordance        Jaeger, acting Marketing Manager.
Transport Allowance.                         with the Labour Act, Act no. 11 of 2007.           The union was represented by the
   In terms of the agreement, NBC                The provisions of the salary and other      General Secretary of NAPWU, Pe-
employees who make use of their own          conditions of services agreement will be        ter Nevonga, Sam T. Iilonga, Branch
private vehicles in the execution of their   implemented with effect from 1 April             Organizer (NAPWU) and Connie Ra-
official duties will in future qualify for a   2010. The signing of the agreement              matekoane, Deputy-Chairperson of NBC
rate of N$ 1.00 per kilometre travelled,     was witnessed by Alpheus Gaweseb,               Shop Stewards Council, as well as the
applicable from the 1st kilometre onwards.   Divisional Head: Finance; Alec Kabaira,         following members of the NBC Shop
Employees whose vehicles are registered      Chief Accountant; Menesia Muinjo,               Stewards Council: Elsie Shinedima,
on the VMA Scheme will furthermore           Divisional Head: Commercial Services;           Mike Kanao and Marina Matundu. Iuze
be eligible for a monthly vehicle mainte-    Umbi Karuaihe-Upi, Divisional Head:             Mabuku and Vincent Spiegel covered
nance allowance of N$ 825.00.                Marketing & Corporate Communications;           the signing ceremony for NBC News &
   The number of sick leave days has been    Mushitu Mukwame, Managing Editor:               Current Affairs.

                                                           Marina Ma-
                                                           tundu from
                                                           the NBC’s Shop
                                                           Stewards Coun-
                                                           cil and Sam T.
                                                           Iilonga from
                                                           NAPWU posing
                                                           for the camera
                                                           with Menesia
                                                           Muinjo taking
                                                           a picture in the
Vincent Spiegel catching                                                        Menesia Muinjo, Tuulikki Shipanga and Umbi
the event on camera.                                                            Karuaihe-Upi looking relaxed and in a good mood.

                                                                                                 Iuze Mabuku covered the signing
Alec Kabaira, Corry Tjaveondja, Alpheus Gaweseb and Mushitu Mukwame shortly                      ceremony for NBC News & Current
before the signing of the wage agreement.                                                        Affairs.
4           VOLUME 2, ISSUE 3

NBC SR Project Group Meeting
“The response from the recipients of
the training was very positive,” said Per
Helgesson on Thursday, 4 March 2010                                                                                From left, KG
during the First Annual Review meet-                                                                               Westerberg, Flor-
ing of the capacity building project that                                                                          ence Haifene, Per
the NBC had entered into with Swedish                                                                              Helgesson, Gert
Radio (SR) in 2009. The project entails                                                                            Rossouw and
a 2-year cooperation between the NBC                                                                               Gerson Kamatuka
and Swedish Radio. Its main objective                                                                              were all smiling
is to improve capacity at NBC in order                                                                             happily after the
for the corporation to operate as an                                                                               successful conclu-
effective and professional public service                                                                           sion of the first
broadcaster. The bulk of the project                                                                               annual review
funding comes from the Swedish devel-                                                                              meeting of the
opment agency Sida.
                                                                                                                   NBC SR coopera-
    The First Annual Review meeting took
                                                                                                                   tion project.
place at the NBC’s Radio Boardroom in
Pettenkofer Street, Windhoek. It was
attended by Helgesson, his colleague KG
Westerberg, as well as members of the           tween the NBC and Swedish Radio but          that the project group should be recon-
NBC Project Group, namely Ted Scott,            not implemented yet.                         stituted due to the many changes that
Gerson Kamatuka, Florence Haifene, Gert            On the second day of the meeting the      had taken place in the organization and
Rossouw and Michaela Jaeger.                    participants discussed the planned train-    that it should be expanded to include all
    The meeting continued until Friday,         ing activities in detail. It was suggested   relevant stakeholders.
5 March 2010. Its aims were to review           that the Sports Reporting and Commen-           The meeting concluded with com-
the training that had been conducted            tary training be conducted as soon as        ments about the positive spirit in
by Swedish Radio in 2009 (i.e. the long         possible and that the first Sweden Visit be   which it was conducted. Helgesson and
term consultancy, the chat show course          undertaken in August/September 2010.         Westerberg expressed their gratitude to
and the training on election coverage              Further upcoming courses are,             the new acting Director General for her
and political reporting) and to discuss         among others, Radio Drama Production,        support of the project. They noted that
the training planned for the second             Train the Trainer, Sports Reporting and      they felt more confident now that the
year of cooperation between the two             Commentary, News & Current Affairs, as        second year would be a success. The
broadcasters. The members present               well as a Management course and a visit      possibility of extending the cooperation
also looked at what had been planned            to Sweden.                                   into a third year is to be discussed at a
for the first year of cooperation be-               The members in attendance decided         workshop planned for April 2010.

             CONTACT DETAILS
             Marketing & Corporate Commiunications
    Umbi Karuaihe-Upi • Tel: 291 3177 • Cell: 081 129 4818 • ukaruaihe-upi@nbc.com.na
    Vajaa Kandambo • Tel: 291 3104 • vkandambo@nbc.com.na
    Cecil Nguvauva • Tel: 291 3182 • cnguvauva@nbc.com.na
    Ilke Platt • Tel: 291 3325 • Mobile: 081 149 0555 • iplatt@nbc.com.na
    Michaela Jaeger • Tel: 291 3406 • mjaeger@nbc.com.na
    Boldrin Titus • Tel: 291 3180 • btitus@nbc.com.na
                                                                                                             A I RWAV ES              5

Creative Artist at MCC sets trends
The Marketing & Corporate          and printing company called       tells Airwaves when prompt-          Even though he has been
Communications division            Ecstacy Graphic Dezign cc         ed about his career choice.       with the division for a few days
recently recruited a highly        which he ran successfully for     “After doing research in          only, Boldrin has already made
skilled and experienced            over a year. In November          careers that are creative and     his mark. He designed banners
Graphic Designer. His name is      2009 he applied for the posi-     artistic oriented I came up       for the NBC website, created
Boldrin Titus and he was born      tion of Graphic Designer at       with the following options;       print ads, redesigned the
on 12 April 1981 in Keimoes        the NBC and in March 2010         fashion design, architect         Airwaves newsletter and pro-
(South Africa).                    he joined the Marketing &         and graphic design. In the        duced two full-page spreads
   Boldrin matriculated in         Corporate Communications          end I chose graphic design        for the English daily New Era,
1999 at Windhoek High              team.                             because I felt that I had more    among others. He is currently
School and soon thereafter            When asked about why           freedom in this field to be as     busy with the report on the
started working at a printing      he had decided to become          creative as I possibly could      NBC’s achievements during
company where he was intro-        a graphic designer, Bold-         be,” he explains.                 2009. In creating his works of
duced to graphic design. After     rin explains that during his         During his spare time          art, Boldrin makes use of the
three years, he ventured into      childhood he would spend          Boldrin spends hours playing      Adobe Master Collection and
other sectors of advertising:      days on end just drawing and      video games and watching          Corel Draw.
he worked for an ad agency, a      sketching away, inspired by       movies. He also loves to cook        “I like to broaden my hori-
sign company, a repro house        cartoon shows on television.      and experiment with food          zons whenever I can,” Boldrin
as well as a litho printing com-   Nowadays his list of favourite    for fun. His favourite meal is    answers when asked about his
pany. In 2006 he                   movies include Armageddon,        Biltong and his favourite drink   philosophy in life, “ and I enjoy
became a free-                     Bad Boys 1+2 and Shrek.           Windhoek Lager.                   trying out new things.”
lance graphic                         “One of the Life Science
designer. Two                       exercises I had to com-
years later                         plete in grade 11 was that I
he opened                          should do research on three
his own                              possible careers I would
design                                 like to pursue after I ma-
                                        triculated. I was not sure
                                         what type of a career
                                         to choose when at that
                                         point all that was on my
                                             mind was ‘girls &
                                               parties’,” Boldrin
6         VOLUME 2, ISSUE 3

The Namibian nation will          independence. Teams from                                                            Manager of
be celebrating its 20th Inde-     TV Programs travelled to                                                            the Specialized
pendence Anniversary on 21        countries like Zambia, Angola,                                                      Programs:
March 2010. In order to reflect    Botswana and Tanzania to                                                            Radio Section,
on the nation’s achievements      visit places where Namibians                                                        Corry Tjaveo-
so far, the Government of the     stayed and assembled during                                                         ndja taking a
Republic of Namibia decided       their exile. The colleagues                                                         short break for
to host a series of public lec-   from TV programs further-                                                           the camera.
tures on topics ranging from      more went to northern Na-
the challenges of public policy   mibia to speak to the people
implementation in Namibia af-     there on their experiences
ter 20 years of Independence      regarding the struggle for
to the question of whether        liberation and the reporters
Namibia`s monetary policy         at News & Current Affairs are
has been enhancing economic       bringing us stories relating to
development in the past two       the country’s independence
decades. The next two speak-      on a daily basis.
ers will be Ms. Dianne Hibbard       The Specialized Programs:
and Mr. Johannes !Gawaxab         Radio section in collaboration
(see advert on opposite page).    with all the radio language
   The NBC is also doing its      services has also been hard at
part in creating awareness        work to bring the NBC’s listen-
about Independence Day.           ers quality programs focussing    to independence as well as        tion Army of Namibia, PLAN
During the upcoming weeks,        on the liberation struggle,       the return of exiled Namibians    and on Saturday, 20 March,
NBC TV will broadcast a series    socio-economic development,       to their motherland for the       His Excellency President
of special programs on the        the role student movements        first time in many years.          Hifikepunye Pohamba will
country’s achievements since      and trade unions played prior        According to the Manager       share with us what makes him
                                                                    of the Specialized Programs:      happy or sad about Namibia
                                                                    Radio Section, Corry Tjaveo-      and its people”.
                                                                    ndja his staff produced 20            The preparations for these
                                                                    programs in total that will be    special Independence pro-
                                                                    broadcast from Monday, 15         grams started in February
                                                                    March to Monday, 26 April         2010 already with the plan-
                                                                    2010. “Tune in to your pre-       ning and collection of mate-
                                                                    ferred language service on In-    rial. This month, Tjaveondja’s
                                                                    dependence Day and listen to      team, which consists of Soini
                                                                    the Founding Father who will      Negongo, Scara Johannes
                                                                    share with us his first day in     Matundu, Breshneff Katjaimo,
                                                                    office, way back on 21 March        Beatus Arnat, Iritjiua Murangi,
                                                                    1990. On the same day we          intern Hilda Uunona and Sec-
                                                                    will also bring you the story     retary Martha Nekwaya was
                                                                    of Paulina Nakanyala, a young     mainly busy with the editing
                                                                    female PLAN soldier who re-       and compilation of the final
                                                                    ceived a President’s medal for    programs: “I would like to call
                                                                    bravery,” he said and added,      on our viewers to please stay
                                                                    “this week (starting Monday,      tuned to their favourite station
                                                                    15 March 2010) we will bring      and listen to our coverage of
                                                                    you an exclusive interview        events,” Tjaveondja concluded
                                                                    with Major-General Charles        and noted that he was very
In the picture: Soini Negongo, Breshneff Katjaimo, Beatus Ar-        Dixon Namoloh, the first Chief     grateful to his team for their
nat, Iritjiua Murangi, Hilda Uunona and Martha Nekwaya.             of Staff in the People’s Libera-   hard work and dedication.
                                                                                                        A I RWAV ES                 7

On Wednesday, 17 March               The first edition that will   concerns raised by the public       The Namibian Broadcasting
2010 the first edition of ‘For     air on March 17th will focus    with regard to TV programs,     Corporation strives to deliver
Your Info’ will be broadcast      on TV License Operations.       transmission breakdowns,        its services to the people in
on NBC TV, shortly before the     This section is part of the     the appearance of TV pre-       the best way possible.
20:00 News bulletin.              Commercial Services division.   senters, presentation style         Catch ‘For Your Info’ with
   ‘For Your Info’ is the         The manager of TV License       and much more.                  Ilke Platt, Wednesdays and
brainchild of the Marketing       Operations, Kennedy Ones-          ‘For Your Info’ also pro-    Fridays before the main TV
& Corporate Communica-            mus, will talk about road       vides an opportunity to the     News bulletin and during the
tions division. The aim of        shows, TV license payments,     public to ask questions and     course of the day.
the program is to react to        penalties, etc.                 get the answers directly from       If we do not live up to
concerns and queries raised          In upcoming editions,        the NBC and not through         your expectations, send us
by members of the public.         ‘For Your Info’ will react to   other media.                    an e-mail to: pr@nbc.com.na

On 21 March 1990, Namibia
became independent after
                                  lecture, also at the Govern-
                                  ment Auditorium, on the                  20TH INDEPENDENCE
years of struggle against         topic: “20 years of business                ANNIVERSARY
colonialism and foreign oc-       in Namibia”.
cupation. This year, we are          All members of the public                     PUBLIC LECTURE SERIES
commemorating 20 years of         are invited to attend this
self-determination, peace and     historic event.
stability.                           For more information,
    In order to reflect on our     please contact the members
achievements thus far and         of the Sub-Committee on In-
in celebration of the political   formation and Publicity: Mr.                                      Theme:   20 years of business
                                                                                                             in Namibia
freedom and independence          Naville Andre at State House,                                     Date:    18 March 2010
we have been enjoying for two     Tel: 270 7111 or via e-mail                                       Venue:   GRN Auditorium
decades now, the Government       at: nandre@op.gov.na or                                           Time:    18h30
of the Republic of Namibia        Bertha Amakali: 0811287979
is hosting a series of public     or via email - bamakali@
lectures.                         polytechnic.edu.na                   Mr. Johannes !Gawaxab
    On Thursday, 18 March            Namibia – a visionary
2010 at 18:30, Mr. Johannes       nation on the move towards
Gawaxab will hold a public        2030.
8         VOLUME 2, ISSUE 3
                                                                                                  Bimbo Tji-
                                                                                                  hero (SALES):
Amanda                                                                                            “I’m proud to
Koch (SEC-                                                                                        be enjoying
RETARY):                                                                                          20 years of
“I’ll be                                                                                          independence,
relaxing at                                                                                       I will share it
home with                                                                                         will my fellow
the family.”                                                                                      comrades, col-
                                                                                                  leagues and

                                                 HOW NBC                                            “I will be
                                                 STAFF ARE                                          at NBC
                                                                                                    working in
                                               PLANNING TO                                          the News
                                                                                                    room. But
                                                CELEBRATE                                           me and my
                                              INDEPENDENCE                                          will still
Eben – Exer Kavita (TV PROGRAMS): “I
will be at work editing the ‘Independence
Special’ programs that will broadcast after
the celebrations.”

                                                Haipumbu Vaneipo
                                                (Internal Messen-
                                                ger):” I will take
                                                my family to the
                                                Independence Sta-
                                                dium to celebrate
                                                the 20 years of
                                                                     Mclarious Somaeb (SOUND OPERATOR):
                                                                     “I’ll be at work. But we will make sure to
                                                                     make a lot of noise in the corridors as we
                                                                     will still celebrate Independence Day.”

                                                                                    Valerie Izaks
                                                                                    (VIDEO LIBRARY):
                                                                                    “I’ll be at the farm
                                                                                    marching with the
                                                                                    Namibian Flag
                                                                                    with the animals
                                                                                    (he he). I will
                                                                                    spend quality time
                                                                                    with my in-laws.”
Ronney Hoebeb (CAMERAMAN): “I’ll be
working and ensuring that the nation can
view the celebrations live on NBC TV.”

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