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									                                        CATO MIDDLE COLLEGE HIGH SCHOOL
                                                    AT CPCC
                                                                 STUDENT APPLICATION
                  The application process will begin January 2010. Please submit your application as soon as possible in
                  order to complete the application process. Parent/Guardian must complete this page of the application.
                  Student must complete the following pages.

Demographic Information

Student Name____________________________                                    Student CMS ID Number___________________

Age________       Sex_________           Race________                       Emergency Contact_____________________________________________

Name(s) of Parent/Legal Guardian__________________________________________________________

Home Address__________________________________________________________________________

                     City                                 State           Zip Code

Home Number (This needs to be a working number to receive CMS Connect Ed. Messages) ___________________________________

Parent/Guardian Work number_______________________                                     Parent/Guardian Email_____________________________

Student Cell Number_______________________________                                     Student Email____________________________________

School Presently Attending __________________________                                  Grade Level __________________

                                         PARENT/GUARDIAN and STUDENT STATEMENT OF COMMITMENT

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY: By submitting this application you understand the commitment of effort and time your child is undertaking if accepted into
the Cato Middle College High School.
        I understand that participation in my child’s education will help his/her achievement and attitude. Therefore, I will voluntarily be involved in the
         school to promote school-wide parent support, special enrichment, and recreational activities.
        I agree to be accessible and readily available to the school to discuss my child.
        At the end of any high school year, if your child is unwilling or unable to continue studies in the Middle College Program, she/he will be
         reassigned to the high school of her/his attendance zone.
        Attendance and/or behavior problems, under the policies of the CMS Right’s and Responsibilities and Character Development Handbook,
         while enrolled in Cato Middle College High School may be sufficient cause to rescind enrollment.

________________________________________________________________                                   ____________________________
(Parent/Guardian Signature)                                                                                   Date

________________________________________________________________                                   ____________________________
(Parent/Guardian Print Name)                                                                               Date

________________________________________________________________                                   ____________________________
(Student Signature)                                                                                        Date

                  In compliance with federal law, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools administers all education programs, employment activities and
                  admissions without discrimination against any person on the basis of gender, race, color, religion, national origin, age or disability.
                                                                        For Cato Staff Use Only

Accuplacer Scores             _____SK               _____RC                 _____AR                _____EA                            Date Received________________

                                   CATO MIDDLE COLLEGE PARENT/STUDENT AGREEMENT

Read the information listed below carefully. Check the box and sign the signature lines. Checking the box and signing the signature
lines indicates that both parent/guardian and student understand the agreement.

    I understand and agree to the following items listed below:

    1.  Maintain a “C” or above grade in all CMS and CPCC courses. Failure to do so will result in returning to your Attendance
        Zone Home School at the end of the semester.
    2. Adhere to all CMS/CPCC rules, regulations, policies, and procedures pertaining to conduct and behavior. Failure to comply
        with these regulations will result in application of consequences and withdrawal from the Middle College Program and
        enrollment back to your Attendance Zone Home School.
    3. Regular attendance to all classes (CMS/CPCC). Excessive absences will result in withdrawal from the program.
    4. We will operate following the Central Piedmont Community College Academic Year Calendar visit ( for
        more information.
    5. Passing of the College Placement Test (Accuplacer Test)
    6. Responsible for dependable transportation to and from school, Monday-Friday, and Saturday if applies (CMS will provide
        monthly Charlotte Area Transit bus and rail passes if needed).
    7. Students who earn a grade of “D” or fail a CMS or CPCC course will automatically forfeit their eligibility for the Cato
        Middle College Program.
    8. Students will follow the CPCC textbook return policy. Student may not ask or receive cash for returned CPCC textbooks.
        Any money given to the student by a CPCC bookstore operator is to be given to the Principal immediately. Failure to
        follow this policy carries serious consequences.
    9. CMS will pay all costs related to tuition and textbooks, however additional costs may be required for lab fees and other
        supplemental materials that are not covered by CMS in which the student may have to pay.
    10. After school extracurricular activities through Cato Middle College High School are not available, however students may
        participate in athletics ( which includes sports and cheerleading only) at their attendance zone home schools (this does not
        include magnet schools). Neither Cato Middle College nor CPCC will modify their academic schedule to accommodate this.
    11. CMS will provide a CMS Meal program for students. CPCC will have limited snack facilities available at cost to the

    ____________________________________________________                 _______________________
                       Student Signature                                          Date

    ____________________________________________________                 _______________________
                       Parent/Guardian Signature                                  Date

    Applications will be processed on a First Come First Served basis
    Please return the completed application no later than February 21, 2011 to Cato Middle College High School or mail to:

    Cato Middle College High School
    P.O. Box 35009
    Charlotte, North Carolina 28235

                                ***Incomplete applications will not be reviewed***

                                   CATO MIDDLE COLLEGE HIGH SCHOOL
                                                 Application for Admission Check-List

Student Name: ________________________                                              CMS Student ID # ___________________

   1.       Parent/Guardian signature is required on the first page.
   2.       Submit completed application to your school counselor to be sent to: Cato Middle College High School, Courier # 334 or
            Mail To: Cato Middle College High School, P.O. Box 35009, Charlotte, North Carolina 28235.

   3.   Completed application must include copies of the following:

            Current Transcript
            Current Attendance and Discipline Record
            Most recent PSAT scores if you have taken the PSAT

   4.   Qualified candidates will:

            Take the Accuplacer Assessment for placement in CPCC classes
            Be contacted to schedule a personal interview


   Cato Middle College High School (CMCHS) accepts students from Charlotte Mecklenburg School in collaboration with Central Piedmont
   Community College. An important aspect of CMCHS is the expansion of opportunities for academically capable high school juniors and
   seniors. By completing additional college coursework while enrolled in the CMCHS, students may also receive credit toward a post-secondary
   certificate, college diploma, associate’s degree, and/or industry certification. All CMCHS courses are honors/AP level. Students may choose
   from selected AP courses. Students may enroll in the CMCHS if they have reached junior status.
   CMCHS provides a choice for students who have:
            the desire to accelerate their education,
            the ability to complete advanced academic work successfully, and
            a preference for a unique academic environment
   Cato Middle College High School is based on the fundamental belief that collaboration between high schools and postsecondary institutions
   benefits students by providing academic rigor and a seamless transition from secondary to higher education. The college environment
   encourages students to take ownership and responsibility for their education. More information may be found on the CMS Web site at:
                                            CATO MIDDLE COLLEGE ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS

   Interested applicants must meet the following eligibility requirements in order to be considered for the Cato Middle College
        Currently enrolled as a student in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools.
        Out-of-County or Private school students must provide proof of enrollment in a CMS school for the upcoming school
        Earned credits to be a rising eleventh grader.
        Earned level III or higher on the 10th grade English Writing Assessment.
        Earned level III or higher on all previously taken End-of-Course Assessments.
        Passed both the NC Computer Skills Tests and the NC Competency Assessments.
        Completed Algebra II or Algebra II will be the math needed to begin the junior year. Completed and passed Algebra
            I, Geometry, Biology I, World History, Health PE, and Civics and Economics.
        Completion of two years of the same foreign language (Or at least one year of a second language completed).
        Student must have a passing score (level 3 or higher) of any retest of the Gateway EOC’s (English I, Algebra I, Biology,
            Civics and Economics and US History).
        Have a 2.5 un-weighted cumulative grade point average or higher when applying to the Middle College Program.
        Good Attendance (cannot have excessive absences).
        Good Behavior (cannot have in-school suspensions or out-of-school suspensions or have been expelled).
        A successful interview with the Cato Middle College High School Administrators.
        Successful passing of the four Accuplacer assessment areas at least scores of 86+ Sentence Skills, 80+ reading
            Comprehension, 55+ arithmetic, 75+ Elementary Algebra
               In compliance with federal law, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools administers all education programs, employment activities and
               admissions without discrimination against any person on the basis of gender, race, color, religion, national origin, age or disability.

  Tell us about you.
  Explain what you think the Cato Middle College High School offers and why you are interested in attending.

Write a brief summary of your high school experience.

What is your greatest need for personal growth?

What are your career goals?

What three words come to mind when you think of yourself? Explain your answer.

Answer YES or NO to the following questions:            YES              NO

1.    Do you agree to take college courses?

2.    Have you taken the SAT?

3.    Are you prepared and willing to make a
      commitment to complete the program at CMCHS?

Check the characteristic(s) that best describe you.

               Creative                                                  Independent thinker

               Good time management skills                               Shy

               Strong leadership skills                                  Loner

               Team player                                               Friendly

               Misunderstood                                             Flexible

               Readily accepts authority

The Middle College High School at CPCC offers a rigorous academic curriculum, which requires you to demonstrate a high level of
commitment, maturity, and responsibility. Cato Middle College will not offer opportunities for extracurricular activities. We
expect you to demonstrate student behaviors that will ensure that you have an optimal opportunity for success. Explain how you will
balance the freedoms of the college campus and the responsibilities of the academic program.


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