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									             DoN BRAC

  CAPT Dave Hellman, DoN Director of Realignment
AMSC 3rd Annual Leadership Symposium,
                  January 30, 2007

                   BRAC 2005 Execution:
                 Department of the Navy Goals
•   Complete all realignments no later than statutory deadline:
     •   Efficient, as expeditiously as funding allows
•   Disposal of Facilities to benefit the Navy/taxpayers:
     •   Efficient, Faster, Market-driven
•   Political Sensitivity throughout the BRAC Process
•   Complete Coordination: Lessen the turmoil
     •   Commander Navy Installations Command/OPNAV N46 – Headquarters Marine Corps (LF) --
         BRAC Program Management Office: All working together

•   The faster a base is realigned, closed, and disposed,
     •   The faster the mission is transferred;
     •   The less “churn” and money is spent needlessly; and
     •   The greater the revenue for the Navy and reuse for the Community!

•   We want to have the last sailor/marine leaving the base turn the key over to the
    new owner!

                             BRAC 05 Closures &
                                                                                                      NAS Brunswick

                                                                                         NS Newport, RI
                                                                              SUBASE New London, CT
                                                                                                      NAS Willow Grove
                                                    NS Great Lakes
                                                                                               Navy Crane Center Lester
NWS Seal Beach Det Concord
                                                                               MCB Quantico
                                 MCSC Kansas City
      NAWS China Lake

         MCLB Barstow                                                                  NSCS Athens
                                                                     NAS Atlanta
                                                                                                EFD South Charleston

                                                                          NAS Pensacola
                                                                                              NAS Jacksonville
                                                NSA New Orleans
                                                                       NS Pascagoula
                                                     NS Ingleside
                                                     NAS Corpus Christi

    Closures                               FY08           FY09            FY10          FY11
    Realignments               FY07        FY08           FY09            FY10          FY11               3
                               BRAC 05 Reserve Centers
               NMCRC Tacoma
                                                                                                                  NRC Glens Falls
                                                                          NRC Marquette
                                                       NRC Duluth
                                                                                          NRC Watertown

                                                                                     NRD Buffalo             IIF West Trenton
      NRC Central Point                                                                                 NRC Horseheads
                                                         NRC La Crosse     NMCRC Madison
                                                                                            NMCRC Cleveland
               NRC Pocatello                           NMCRC Dubuque        NRC Forest Park
                                              NRC Sioux City                                 NMCRC Akron NMCRC Reading
                                                NRD Omaha       NRC Cedar Rapids                          NRC Adelphi
                                               NRC Lincoln                    NMCRC GARB Peru NMCRC Moundsville
                                                                   NRD Indianapolis
                                               NRD Kansas City      NRC Evansville         NRC Lexington
                                                         NRC Cape Girardeau
                                                                                                    NRC Asheville
NMCRC Encino                                   NMCRC Tulsa
                                                                                              IIF Rome
                                                                    NRC Tuscaloosa
            NMCRC Los Angeles   NRC Lubbock                                               NRD Montgomery

                                                                                      NMCRC Mobile
                                                         NMCRC Baton Rouge
                                                       NRC Orange
                                                                                                         NRC St. Petersburg

               Closures         FY06      FY07           FY08          FY09          FY10        FY11                 4
                  BRAC 2005 Execution:
                Business Plans and Strategy

•   Business Plans drive the planning and budget process
       OSD directed DoD components to fully fund Business Plans

•   Business Strategy: sell or exchange property at closed or
    realigned installations to support the BRAC program and
    military construction as appropriate --
       Title 10 USC section 2869 authorizes the exchange of BRAC property
        for the fair market value in military construction, land or housing at other

                              DON BRAC Summary

                                                       •   Accomplishes all closures and
1000                                                       realignments within 6-year
 900                                                       statutory time limit
                                                       •   Implementation costs fully
                                                           financed across FYDP
                                                       •   Captures all BRAC generated
 400                                                       savings
 200                                                   •   Annual savings exceed annual
 100                                                       costs in FY-2010
       FY-06 FY-07 FY-08 FY-09 FY-10 FY-11

                    BRAC 2005 Execution:
                     Realignment Actions

•   Business Plan (BP) process
       Gaining & losing installations develop req’ts & forward to Echelon II
       Commander Navy Installations Command/Headquarters Marine Corps
        review/approve Echelon-II req’ts; send draft BP to BRAC Program
        Management Office (PMO)
       PMO coordinates with other involved services/agencies
       PMO submits Navy plans to OSD for final approval
       After approval, BP updates submitted ICW each budget cycle

•   Tiger Team Effort
       Teams review BRAC construction for potential cost savings
       Trips completed at China Lake, CA, Jacksonville, FL, Norfolk, VA, JRB
        New Orleans, China Lake, CA, Ingleside, TX, San Antonio, TX & Eglin
        AFB, FL (Joint Strike Fighter Training Site) , Atlanta, GA

               BRAC 2005 Execution:
                Realignment Actions

• Realignment Roles and Responsibilities
   BRAC Program Management Office: develops plans,
    budget strategy, priorities, & procedures for realignment
   Gaining installations: execute NEPA, plan for receiving
    personnel & constructing new facilities
   Losing installations: coordinate moving equipment and
   Naval Facilities Engineering Command: executes design &
    construction of new BRAC projects at gaining bases
   Commander Navy Installations Command/Headquarters
    Marine Corps: support execution of the realignment

                BRAC 2005 Execution:
                  Closure Actions

• Closure Roles and Responsibilities
   Commander Navy Installations Command: coordinates
    with BRAC Program Management Office (PMO) to plan
    and implement operational closure of bases
   Host Activity:
     –   Retains responsibility for day to day operations until transition to
         BRAC PMO
     –   Coordinates with Commander Navy Installations Command and
         BRAC PMO to support BRAC implementation planning
   BRAC PMO: implements and executes Navy conveyance
    decisions and BRAC responsibilities

                            BRAC 05 Workload

Closure And Environmental Programs              Realignment Program
     – NSCS Athens                                   – Marine Corps Logistics Base Barstow
     – NAS Atlanta                                   – National Naval Medical Center Bethesda
     – NAS Brunswick                                 – Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake
     – NWS Seal Beach Detachment Concord             – Naval Air Station Corpus Christi
     – NS Ingleside                                  – Naval Base Coronado
     – MCSA Kansas City                              – Naval Support Activity Crane
     – NSA New Orleans                               – Naval Station Great Lakes
     – NS Pascagoula                                 – Naval Air Station Jacksonville
     – NAS JRB Willow Grove                          – Naval Air Station Oceana
     – 11 Navy Marine Corps Reserve Centers          – Naval Support Activity New Orleans
     – 22 Navy Reserve Centers                       – Naval Air Station Pensacola
     – 1 Navy Reserve Facility                       – Naval Medical Center Portsmouth
     – 2 Inspector-instructor Facilities             – Marine Corps Base Quantico
     – 5 Navy Recruiting Districts                   – Naval Medical Center San Diego
                                                     – Naval Base Ventura County
    * Terminated Leases At 12 Reserve Centers        – Naval District Washington
                                                     – 38 Minor Realignments


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