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									           "You only need one good idea… to become very rich"

 "You're Just About To Discover A 100%
   Guaranteed Way To Making More
   Money Than You Will Ever Need"
                      But Here's The Catch…

Dear friend,

Right here on this very page you'll find important information which could make
you seriously rich. All you have to do is decide how much money you want,
and when you want it?

Is it really that simple? Of course not!

You must be specific. Don't just say "a couple of million and I want it right now".
That would be impossible, so be realistic.

If you want to make 1 million pounds within the next 12 months, then say to
yourself out loud… "I am going to make 1 million pounds within the next
12 months"

Now, this is very important… if you truly believed that statement when you
repeated it out loud, then you'll find all the answers to making your million
pounds on this page, and in a lot less time than 12 months. But if you didn't truly
believe in what you were saying, then keep dreaming.

Let's face it, millions of people dream about becoming rich but very few people
actually do become rich… and why is this? Well it's because people who dream
but don't take action to make that dream a reality can never become rich.

You see, if Richard Branson had just sat behind the counter in his first record
shop all those years ago, dreaming about becoming rich but not actually doing
anything about making it happen… chances are he'd still be there right now.

And if James Dyson didn't set himself the almighty task of finding a way to
make a vacuum cleaner work efficiently without a paper bag, he'd still be
vacuuming what might now be his very threadbare carpet.
The same goes for all successful entrepreneurs. They all became rich by taking
some form of action to make it all happen.

So, if you truly want to be rich, what are you prepared to do to bring this very
desirable situation about? Well, let's first take a look at what your options are…

Work extra overtime? Na!… that'll never work.

Get a better paid job? No chance!

Why? Well, unless you have an absolute God-given talent, it's unlikely you'll get a
job that will pay you around £1 million a year… right?

So what does that leave you with?

Start your own business? Well, now we're getting warmer. If you start your own
business and make it a success, there's really no limit to the amount of money
you can pay yourself. But… there are all types of businesses and some are
profitable… but some are definitely not.

For example, if you wanted to open a shop, you would have to buy stock, maybe
employ staff and you'd certainly have tons of expensive overheads like, rent,
rates, heating, lighting and insurance… all of these expenses will just eat into
your profits.

No… that's no way to get rich. So let's look for an easier option…

   Here's why you need to seriously consider this
           simple and very easy option…
Have you heard about people making money on the Internet? Well, who hasn't!
There are hundreds of Internet marketers out there making an absolute fortune
online, but how do they do it? Well before we look at some ways to become
super rich from the Internet, let's consider the pros and cons.

What are the start-up costs of setting up an online business?

Well, you'll need a website and a product or service to promote. So, if you can't
build a website yourself, you'll have to pay someone to do it for you. £200 - £300
minimum should just about cover it. Or, if you know someone that could do it for
you, then maybe it could cost you as little as fifty quid.

Now, what overheads are associated with running an online business?
Let's see…

As you'd be working from home and very likely be working on your own… there
are no real overheads, so there's nothing to add here.

Next, let's consider what it might cost you to buy products to resell to your

Well, you could buy re-brandable products and costly resell licences, which will
allow you to sell these products to others. Or, you could become an affiliate
marketer and sell other people's products for a commission.

But… will you become rich by doing any of this?

The quick answer is NO!

So what products are going to make you rich?

The quick answer is… your own products!

What? You don't have your own products? Not a problem… just create some!

That's right! All you have to do is create your own product, sell it over and over
and keep ALL of the profits. Now, that's how you become rich!

Richard Branson created his own 'Virgin' brand and James Dyson invented
and created the 'bag-less' vacuum cleaner and JK Rowling created her
famous 'Harry Potter' books.

So, now that you know how to become very rich, the next thing you need to
know is how and what can YOU create.

But wait a minute!

Before you start imagining yourself having to spend days, weeks or even months
locked away in your garden shed, working on some 'out-of-this-world'

You're about to discover how you can very easily and simply create your very
own unique saleable product in just 24 hours… or less. And the best part is…
most of these products can be created from the comfort of your own home using
nothing more than your computer. Others can be created using a digital
camcorder or an mp3 recorder.
So, what kind of hot selling products can you create?

   Here's why this is probably the only way you'll
           ever become seriously rich…
The best people to explain about creating products are those who have already
created very profitable products and made their fortunes this way. We're talking
about world renowned super-rich marketers. These are people who have made
hundreds of thousands of pounds from very simple products that you… yes YOU
can very easily create by yourself… at home.

And now for some more good news!

We at xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx are delighted to announce that we have managed to
track down no less than 7 very talented marketing experts, who have each
created their own products, which have helped to make them… multi-

Now, their insider knowledge, past experiences and a whole load of brand new
ideas have been specially recorded on a 4 audio CD set… and the good news is…
we have just been authorised to publish this valuable information and make it
available to you.

There's not one tiny bit of hard work involved here, as all you have to do is listen
to 7 great minds conjure up a whole host of cash generating products that can
be created in just one day… or less… by you.

Now, imagine yourself as the author of a best-selling information product that
sells like crazy all over the Internet. It takes you just one day to create, and yet
you can sell it over and over again and again for years to come.

Let's just think about that for a moment…

Create a product today and be in business tomorrow?

Could you spare just one day of your life and create a unique product with the
help and guidance of 7 highly successful marketing experts? Then, by using their
ingenious marketing techniques you sell… say… just 10 of your products every
day at a price of £29.97 each… for the next 6 months.

Let's see, that's 10 times £29.97, which is £299.70, multiplied by 182… makes
Of course the product could sell for a full 12 months or much, much longer… and
that's just one product. Now what if you created a different product every day
for a week? And, used the same successful selling techniques, which will be
explained to you… that would be 7 times £54,545.40, which is £381,817.80.

At this rate you could be a millionaire in a matter of weeks!

Okay, so this is just an illustration, but that's exactly how it works. You create
your own product, you market the product and you keep all the profits. In fact
making over £50,000 from one product is a very low estimate. Some online
marketers can, and do, make millions of pounds from just one unique product.

Creating products to sell online or by direct mail isn't anywhere near as difficult
as you might think. But because most people think it is difficult, they don't even
try. Now, by simply listening to what has worked for the experts and what would
work for you, you don't even have to think about it. All you will need to do is
listen, and then do it.

And every single product idea that these 7 marketing geniuses come up with has
the real potential to make you seriously rich beyond your wildest imagination.
You've really got to hear it to believe it. Some of these great ideas have been
proven to pull in many thousands of pounds, over and over again.

You'll probably kick yourself when you hear how easy it is to create a completely
unique product that thousands of people will more than willingly pay you for.

And remember! It won't cost you anything but your time to create your own
product… and it could bring you an avalanche of cash… every single day!

Here are the types of products that have proved to
           make mountains of cash…
There are literally thousands of products you can create, but to give you some
idea… there are all kinds of information products, courses, tutorials, directories,
books on just about any subject, films, software and… products you would
never, ever even think about.

Most of the content and components for your products are already available
online. All you have to do is download them and re-format them then re-package
them or re-brand them. It's very, very simple… well at least it is when you know
where and how to get them.
Okay, so creating products in a day or less is one thing, but the next thing you
would need to consider is… how do you let everyone know about them? Where
do you advertise? Well, that one's covered too. These guys have thought of
everything. They'll even explain how you can get free advertising, free publicity
and how to get others to sell your products for you.

You know, the more often you create your own products and set the advertising
in motion, the easier it gets. Once it's all set up most of the selling operation
works on complete autopilot, making money for you 24/7. And it's quite
scary to think that this whole money-making process will become virtually

'How to Create a Hot Selling Internet Product in One Day' is a 4 audio CD
set that will become your absolutely essential key to unlimited riches. Put any
one of the suggestions or ideas to the test and you'll make money… guaranteed!

And this amazing CD set plus transcript is all yours for just £97 including postage
and packing.

But wait… just one minute!

Although this is one remarkable product that can bring you incredible wealth for
years to come… here's something else. It's something equally as valuable, which
if used correctly could sky-rocket your profits beyond all expectations.

It works for just about any kind of business imaginable and it's yours…
absolutely FREE when you order 'How to Create a Hot Selling Internet
Product in One Day'

 Here's what you'll need to fast-track your profits
           beyond all expectations…
To sell anything effectively from a website, or from a direct mail sales letter or
even from an advertisement, you need compelling and convincing sales copy.

But writing effective sales copy requires specialised skills, and a top copywriter
could charge you thousands of pounds to write a sales letter for your website.
And that's before you've even sold any of your products.

Now, every successful marketer will tell you that the secret to their success isn't
just down to the products they create, it's almost always down to the sales copy
that is written to promote them. So having realised this ourselves, we've created
the absolute essential marketing package you'll ever come across anywhere on
the Internet.

We've combined the 'How to Create a Hot Selling Internet Product in One
Day' CD set, with a master-class copywriting training course that will teach you
how to write profit-pulling sales letters and ads in a matter of days.

'The Ultimate Secrets to Writing Million Pound Sales Letters' is an
absolute 'must have' training programme for any serious entrepreneur.

Learning to write spell-binding copy is the key to becoming rich faster than any
other method. A well crafted letter on your website can increase response to
your offer by as much as 3000%. It's the difference between making a living and
earning a fortune.

In this course you'll discover the 5 golden rules for writing hypnotic, flowing sales
copy that will have your reader glued to your message and have him reaching
for his credit card long before he even realises what's hit him.

You'll learn how the world's top copywriters infuse their sales messages with
passion and emotion, leaving their readers almost begging to buy the products
on offer. You'll learn how to captivate your reader with an almost magical charm
that will have them drooling over your products.

You'll discover the importance of headlines, and why you should spend as much
time on writing headlines as you do for the rest of the sales copy. You'll find out
why you must use sub headers throughout a sales letter and why a P.S is just so
vitally important.

And that's just for starters!

   With 'The Ultimate Secrets to Writing Million Pound Sales Letters'
you'll learn how to write sales copy that will trigger a positive response, plus…

    You'll learn about benefits and features and how to intimately describe them
in your sales copy for maximum impact and to devastating effect.

   You'll learn about building credibility and getting your reader to trust you and
even like you.

   You'll find out how to get testimonials from customers that you can use on
your website to help further increase sales.
   You'll discover why you should always give away a free bonus with your offer

   You'll find out why offering a long guarantee will help pull in many more sales
than a short guarantee

But… most importantly…

You'll learn how to put it all together using the fully tried and tested '5
elements for success' formula, which will help you to create a very powerful
sales message, guaranteed to demand the attention of your readers and get
them to eagerly buy your products.

 Here's an unbeatable 'rock-solid', 'no-risk' 100%
             12 month guarantee…
So now, not only can you get access to some of the best product creation ideas
on the planet, you can also get the full inside scoop to creating breath-taking
sales copy that could make you millions of pounds in profits from your products.

Whatever you're doing in your life right now, it's never too late to take that first
step to becoming rich. The probability of becoming rich through creating and
selling your own products in your home-based business is absolutely assured…
just as long as you have the right information…

And together with a well honed copywriting skill… it's a guaranteed forgone

Guaranteed? Yes Guaranteed!

And not just a measly 30 day or 60 day guarantee, and not even a 90 day
guarantee. We're so confident that this combination of genuine wealth creation
formulas will make you seriously rich, that we're more than happy to give you a
full 12 month guarantee.

That's right! A whole year!

Just follow the suggestions in the 'How to Create a Hot Selling Internet
Product in One Day' 4 CD set and put to use the copywriting skills you will
learn from your FREE bonus product 'The Ultimate Secrets to Writing
Million Pound Sales Letters' 4 CD course…

…and if at any time during the 12 month period from your purchase date you
feel as though it's just not working for you, then return the compete package
and we'll send you a 100% refund, immediately… and with absolutely no
questions asked.

You can get everything you need to get started right now, for the all inclusive
price of just £97.00. That's 'How to Create a Hot Selling Internet Product
in One Day' 4 CD set plus your FREE but very valuable bonus… 'The Ultimate
Secrets to Writing Million Pound Sales Letters' 4 CD course…
…all for just £97.00 inclusive of postage, packing and insurance.

That's 2 great cash generating products for the price of one!

But this offer can't last! We only have a very limited number of these all-
inclusive packages available and when they've gone, this offer must be
withdrawn and will never again be repeated.

Don't miss this one and only opportunity to get the riches you truly deserve.

Order now and we'll despatch both sets of quality audio recordings
within 24 hours!

P.S. Did you ever imagine that the catch would be that simple?

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