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Your Internet Cash Machine: The Insiders' Guide to Making Big
Money, Fast!

Description:    Inside insight and expert advice on starting a successful Internet business

                Your Internet Cash Machine takes readers by the hand and leads them step by step through the
                entire process of building a successful Internet business. It walks readers through the process of
                selecting a niche based on their interests and desires, building a site, and managing their business,
                including the important topics of marketing and attracting traffic. Between Internet business guru
                Joe Vitale and his equally successful coauthor Jillian Coleman Wheeler, readers will gain deep
                insight and guidance on running any kind of profitable online business, complete with business
                models. Each chapter includes "Guest Experts" who provide their own advice. Special dedicated
                Web site resources are also included for further information.

                Joe Vitale (Wimberley, TX) is President of Hypnotic Marketing, Inc., a marketing consulting firm. He
                has been called "The Buddha of the Internet" for his combination of spirituality and marketing
                acumen. His professional clients include the Red Cross, PBS, Children's Memorial Hermann Hospital,
                and many other small and large businesses. His other books include The Attractor Factor (978-0-
                470-00980-2), The Seven Lost Secrets of Success (978-0-470-10810-9), and The Key (978-0-470-
                18076-1), all from Wiley. Jillian Coleman Wheeler (Austin, TX) is a successful Internet entrepreneur
                and business consultant who operates and She is a
                contributing author to Million Dollar Emails, Volume II by Yanik Silver, as well as Life's Missing
                Instruction Manual (978-0-471-76849-4) by Joe Vitale, and Meet and Grow Rich (978-0-470-04548
                -0) by Joe Vitale and Bill Hibbler.

                About the Authors

                Joe Vitale is President of Hypnotic Marketing, Inc., a marketing consulting firm.His professional
                clients include the Red Cross, PBS, Children's Memorial Hermann Hospital, and many other small
                and large businesses. His other books include There's a Customer Born Every Minute, The Attractor
                Factor, and Zero Limits. Joe is also a featured contributor to the hit movie and bestselling book,

                The Secret. Learn more at

                Jillian Coleman Wheeler is a grants and businessconsultant. She is the authorof The Other Secrets,
                Going Beyond the Law of Attraction, and The New American Land Rush. Her essays havealso been
                featured in Joe Vitale's Life's Missing Instruction Manual and Meet and Grow Rich. For more
                information, visit

Contents:       Part One. Building the Foundation.

                Chapter 1. It All Begins with You.


                Your Life and Your Business.

                What is Your Current Situation.

                What are Your Interests, Talents or Expertise?

                What are Your Desires?

                Your Ideal Day.

                Guest Expert Article.
Creating Abundance In Your Career.

Thomas L. Pauley and Penelope J. Pauley.

Chapter 2. Select the Best Business Model for You.

Bring Your Offline Business Online.

Guest Expert Article.

Get your Real Estate Business Online.

Larry Goins.

Sales of Physical Products.

Support Services for the World Wide Web.

News and General Information Sites.


Entertainment Sites.

Auction Sites.

Affiliate Sales Sites.

Social Networking Sites/Forums.

Sale of Information Products.

Education Sites.

Guest Expert Article.

Educating for Entrepreneurship.

Rhea Perry.

Membership Sites.

Multilevel Marketing/Network Marketing.

Guest Expert Article.

Geometric Giving: The Easy Way to Donate $1-Million a Month to Charity.

Paulie Sabol.

Gambling and Adult Sites.

Chapter 3. A Closer Look at Online Auctions.

Getting Started on ebay.

What to Sell?


Buying for Resale on Auction Sites.
Promoting Your Auctions.


Timing Your Auction.

The Path of the PowerSeller.

Treat it Like a Real Business.

Bells and Whistles.

Beyond ebay.

Guest Expert Article.

ebay and Beyond.

Jim Cochrum.

Chapter 4. A Closer Look at Affiliate Sales Sites.


Making Money as an Affiliate.

How to Select Merchant Partners.

Include Valuable Content.

Google AdSense.

Chapter 5. Marketing Through Social Networking Sites.

Guest Expert Article.

Use MySpace to Build Your ebay Business.

Adam Ginsberg.

Guest Expert Article.

A New Model of Social Networking.

Sam Heyer.

Chapter 6. Create Your Own Information Products.

What is an Information Product?

Determining Demand.


Benefits of Information Products.

Guest Expert Article.

What's the Best Product to Sell Online?

Why, Information, of Course.

Tim Knox.
Guest Expert Article.

How to Make and Sell a Video Product at Zero Cost!

Nerissa Oden.

Part Two. The Action Steps.

Chapter 7. Set Up Your Site.

Equip Yourself.

Get Your Piece of Internet Real Estate.

Guest Expert Article.

Profitably Naming Your New Internet Business.

Marcia Yudkin.

Find the Best Web Host.

Set Up Your Infrastructure.

Design Your Website.

Physical Construction of Your Site.

The Single Page Sales Site.

Guest Expert Article.

3 Secrets to Making Your Sales Letters Sell.

Mark Hendricks.

Chapter 8. Get the Word Out!

Email Marketing.


Search Engine Optimization.

Your Blog.


Joint Ventures.

Your Affiliate Program.



Press Releases/Public Relations.

Guest Expert Article.

Public Relations for the Internet Business.
Annie Jennings.


Audio and Video.

Viral Products.

Ee-brandable Products.

Cross Promotions.

Your Own Forum.

Give Testimonials

Buy/Trade Advertising.

Exit Traffic.

Offers to Unsubscribers.

Free Reports Tied to Keywords.

Pay Per Click.

Guest Expert Article.

Build Your List with Pay Per Click.

Simon Leung.

Guest Expert Article.

Made You Look!

Wendi Friesen.

Chapter 9. Make it Hypnotic!

What is Hypnotic writing?

The Formula for Causing Action.

The Updated Formula.

What about Your Website?

How Long Is Too Long?

How People Think.

How to Create Hypnotic Stories.

Reminders as Triggers.

Buying Trances.

Changing Average Writing into Hypnotic Writing.

31 Hypnotic Headline Words.

63 Hypnotic Openings.
12 Psychological Copy Connectors.

Using the Tips.

Hypnotic Quiz.

Final Thoughts.

Part Three. Grow Your Business!

Chapter 10. It's All About Quality.

No Place to Hide.

Deliver on Customer Service.

Go Beyond Your Customer's Expectations.

Guest Expert Article.

Make Sure Your Customers Actually Get the Benefits.

Bill Harris.

Chapter 11. Build Your Business Support Network.

The Power of the Mastermind.

Guest Expert Article.

Mastermind Groups for Internet Marketers.

Bill Hibbler.

The Fine Art of Delegation.

Chapter 12. Comply with Cyber Law.




Free Speech.

Guest Expert Article.

Legal Issues for Internet Marketers.

Bob Silber.

Chapter 13. Plan for Success.

Your Business Plan.


Guest Expert Article.

How to Predict Your Way to Wealth.
            Mike Mograbi.

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