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									       prov. Chernigivskii, 24,                Phone +38-057-373-58-65.
       Kharkiv, 61016                                +38-050-364-09-28,
       Ukraine                                       +38-050-300-21-05 (after 20:00)
                                               E-mail hrynchenko@rambler.ru
                                   Grynchenko Dmytro O.

                                           Personal data

Date & Place of Birth                03.07.1975, Kharkiv
Nationality                          Ukraine
Family status                        Married, one child (2001)

September 92- February 98            Aircraft & helicopter manufacturing faculty
National Aerospace University        Mechanic Engineer (Bachelor Degree)
“Kharkiv Aviation Institute”
                                     Major: Marketing, sales of aircraft, industrial engineering
                                 Work Experience / Work status

Kharkiv State Aircraft
Manufacturing Company
April 1998 – September 1998               Engineer of mold-loft template shop
September 1998 – June 2001                Specialist (2-nd category) on Marketing of Marketing
June 2001 – January 2003                  Senior Specialist (1-st category) on Marketing of Marketing
January 2003 – April 2006                 Deputy Head of Foreign Economic Relations and Marketing
April 2006 – till present time            Head of Marketing Department

Language skills                      English - high level, German - low level (with dictionary)
Computer skills                      Operating Systems (MS Windows 98, 2000; NT 4.0, Me, XP);
                                     Office and Graphic software (MS Office, Adobe Photoshop,
                                     Corel Draw);
                                     Internet exploring and e-mail using;
                                     Operations, administration and maintenance of local area
                                                              Appendix to C.V. of Grynchenko Dmytro
                                Appendix to C.V.
                        GRYNCHENKO DMYTRO O.
The job content of occupied work statuses in Marketing Department of KSAMC:
   1) Marketing activity (planning, analytics, communications):
          -   involving in development of “Company Marketing Plan” on 2000 - 2006 years
              and “Annual Report of Marketing Department of KSAMC” for 1999 - 2005 years;
          -   development of “Monthly working schedule” of Foreign Economic Relations and
              Marketing Department, later Marketing Department according to strategic
              “Company Marketing Plan” and current situation, readjustment, follow-up.
          -   preparation and implementation of interviews, handling of primary sources of
              information, which have been developed by specialized marketing companies;
          -   gathering and handling of secondary sources of information, it ranking;
          -   positioning of company products on the world aircraft market;
          -   territory reports preparation (based on segmentation);
          -   comparative analysis of competitor products’ preparation;
          -   implementation of company representative network (Egypt, India, Malaysia,
              France, Vietnam and other)

   2) Managing of exhibition and presentation activity of company:
          -   implementation of preparation and participation in international aviation shows
              and exhibitions:
                   -    required documents’ preparation according to terms and conditions of
                   -    communicating with organizers;
                   -    coordination of preparation in another departments of company;
                   -    providing of customs cargo clearance, forwarding services;
                   -    getting entry and transit visas, providing of living conditions for the
                        company delegation in the country of staying;
                   -    providing of charter flight documents preparation;
                   -    preparing of presentation events during the exhibition (press-
                        conferences, publications);
                   -    coordination of company representative office activity in the “field”
Organized participation in the following exhibitions:
«Le Bourget» (Paris, France)
«МАКС» (Moscow, Russia)
«Baghdad International Fair» (Baghdad, Iraq)
«Farnborough» (London, Great Britain)
«African Aerospace and Defence» (Pretoria, Republic of South Africa)
«Iran Air» (Kish island, Iran)
«Air China» (Zhuhai, China)
«САКС» (Krasnoyarsk, Russia)
«Авіасвіт XXI» (Kiev, Ukraine)
«AeroIndia» (Bangalore, India)
«Dubai» (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)
«AVEX» (Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt)
«Seoul Airshow» (Seoul, Republic of Korea)

          -   implementation of target presentation of company products:
                 -   preparation of “Development plan” and “Presentation Scenario” of
                     target presentation;
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                                                               Appendix to C.V. of Grynchenko Dmytro
                -    attracting of potential interested parties;
                -    coordination activity in the “field” condition;
Organized presentations:
         - São José dos Campos (Brazil)
         - Ras-al-Khaimah (UAE)
         - Moscow (Russia)
         - Vienna (Austria)
         - Astana, Almaty (Kazakhstan)
         - Tripoli, Benghazi (Libya)
         - Cairo (Egypt)
         - Khartoum (Sudan)
         - Kigali (Rwanda)
         - Nairobi (Kenya)
         - Minsk, Gomel (Byelorussia)
         - Bucharest (Romania)
         - Baku (Azerbaijan)
         - Damascus (Syria)
         - Dushanbe (Tajikistan)

   3) Managing of pre-contract preparations:
          -   searching of potential interested parties;
          -   pre-contract business correspondence;
          -   legalization / authorization of necessary documents;
          -   preparation of proposals for the company’ authority for final decision on contract
          -   contract execution;

Concluded contracts (direct participation and coordination): Algeria, Egypt, Lybia, Russia,

   4) Managing of tender bidding on supplying of aircraft:
          -   getting of tender conditions and technical requirements from official tender
          -   preparation of proposals (bids), including coordination of other departments’
          -   communication with tender organizers;
          -   1st stage of negotiations;
          -   preparation of final stage of negotiations with company authority;
          -   results monitoring.

Prepared participation in the following tenders:
                     Egypt Ministry of Defence;
                     Brazil Ministry of Defence;
                     Kazakhstan Ministry of transportation and communication;
                     «Indian Airlines»;
                     Bangladesh Ministry of Defence;
                     «UTAir» airlines, Russia

   5) Participation in development and introduction of “Program of delivered aircraft’
      maintenance in post guarantee period”;
   6) Participation in development and introduction of “Program of aircraft leasing”;

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                                                           Appendix to C.V. of Grynchenko Dmytro
7) Participation in establishing (incorporated papers) of Joint Venture «MAP-140»
   (Samara, «Aviacor Ltd.», Government of Samara Region) on production and sales of
   ANTONOV-140 aircraft (giving the aircraft of “Russian made” status to penetrate on
   Russian market)
8) Work with government institutions of Ukraine on various matters: Ministry of Industrial
   policy of Ukraine; Ministry of transport of Ukraine (CAA “Ukraviatrans”,
   “Ukrtransleasing”), Ministry of foreign affairs (Embassies of Ukraine, Department of
   Consular affairs);
9) Participation in preparation and realization of PR actions of company: «75-year
   Anniversary», «100-year of Aviation» and other;
10) Leadership:
   -    Development of the new edition of «Statute of the Marketing Department»,
        Structure scheme of department, duty regulations of department members,
        coordination of functions.
   -    Realization of the Staff policy of department, requirements developing for potential
        employees, participation in interviews, making an report on efficiency of
   -    Participation in realization of the Motivation policy for members of department.
        Solving of social matters of members of department.
   -    Appointment ad interim of Director of Marketing Department.
11) Teaching activity / tutorship:
    -   Supervision of a practical works on Marketing (intercourse, before diploma,
        diploma) of the students of Kharkov’ institutes of higher education on KSAMC;
    -   Training on Marketing of KSAMC leading managers in the frames of the Program
        of raising the level skill.

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