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The Official Publication of The Paralyzed Veterans Association of Florida Incorporated
                Volume 53, Issue 5 - Bimonthly Publication
                                                         OFFICERS AND DIRECTORS
               Cover Image: Happy Holidays               President.........................................Charles Rivenburgh III
               from PVAF. Happy Thanksgiving,
               Happy Holidays and Happy New
                                                         Vice-President..................................................Jerry Jones
               year. PVAF is especially thankful         Secretary (Acting)........................................Larry Blocher
               this holiday season for the great         Treasurer......................................................Jerry D. Jones
               works we have seen this past year         Director.......................................................Patrick Havern
               from our volunteers, staff, board of      Director.........................................................Alvin Kublin
               directors and President.
                                                         Director.................................................Lawrence Blocher
                                                         Director.....................................................Pedro De Armas
      Inside this Issue                                  Director....................................................Gordon Mobley
                                                         Director.........................................Anibal “Andy” Carvajal
3 President’s Message                                    Director.............................................................Juan Perez
                                                         National Director PVA...............................Charles Brown
4 Calendar of Events                                     Executive Director.....................................Michael Foster
5 Vice-President’s Report
6 Executive Director’s Report                            COMMITTEE CHAIRS
                                                         Advocacy.........................................................Curtis Cole
7 NSO’s Corner                                           Budget.........................................................Jerry D. Jones
8 My MS Perspective “A New Warning                       Fundraising...........................................Lawrence Blocher
                                                         Health Care/Miami....................................Charles Brown
     Label for Tysabri”                                  Meeting Coordinator......................................Nikki Baker
9 Advocacy Report                                        Membership..................................Anibal “Andy” Carvajal
                                                         Research & Education...........................Pedro De Armas
14 Sports Spotlight                                      Sports........................................................Gordon Mobley
15 Spokesman News Roundup                                VAVS, Miami.............................................Patrick Havern
                                                         Volunteer Coordinator.....................................Nikki Baker
19 PVAF Clubhouse
20 PVAF On Location                                      SUNSHINE SPOKESMAN STAFF
21 Classified Ads                                        Newsletter Editor.......................................Michael Foster
                                                         Assistant Editor...............................................Nikki Baker
22 PVAF INBoX                                            Art Director.....................................................Nikki Baker
                                                         Administrative Assistant.......................Veronica Amador
           PVAF SUB OFFICE
       Miami VA Health Care Center
 1201 North West 16th Street, Room 1C-134
           Miami, Florida 33125
       Telephone/Fax 305-575-3304

       SCI HOTLINE NUMBERS                                                           Published by Paralyzed Veterans
     SCI Outpatient Clinic Practitioner                                                    Association of Florida
      Direct: 888-276-1785 ext. 14520
         Appt Only: 888-274-1785                               Paralyzed Veterans Association of Florida, Inc.
            ext. 13587 or 13588                                        3799 North Andrews Avenue
                                                                      Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33309
        PVA SERVICE OFFICE                                         Phone: 954-565-8885 or 800-683-2001
          David Weinstein, NSO                                              FAX: 954-565-8843
       Miami VA Health Care Center                                        Email: PVAF@aol.com
 1201 North West 16th Street, Room 1C-139                                  WEB: www.pvaf.org
          Miami, Florida 33125
      305-575-7180 or 800-795-3591
            Fax: 305-575-7181                         We are proud to print on Programme for the Endorse-
                                                      ment of Forest Certification certified paper printed with
          PVA SERVICE OFFICE                          vegetable-based inks. PEFC certification ensures that
                                                      the paper used contains fiber from well-managed and
             VA Regional Office                       responsibly harvested forests that meet strict envi-
                P.O. Box 1437                         ronmental and socioeconomic standards. Printed by
     St. Petersburg, Florida 33731-9968               acgraphics.com, PEFC certified Chain-of-Custody #
       727-319-7470 or 800-795-3594
                                        Charles “Chuck” Rivenburgh III
                                     During the months of October and November I attended several events
                                     hosted by PVAF. On October 12th I attended the Columbus Day Celebra-
                                     tion held in the SCI Dayroom where patients enjoyed food catered by
                                     Pollo Tropical while listening to a variety of traditional Latin songs in
                                     recognition of Hispanic Heritage Month.

                                      I had the pleasure of welcoming PVAF’s Liaison Vice President Laura
                                      Ellington to our Chapter office on October 15th . During VP Ellington’s
                                      visit we discussed the programs and services that PVAF provides to our
members and she was satisfied with the responses to her questions. She complimented us on our beautiful of-
fice and the professionalism of our staff. On October 16th, VP Ellington visited the Miami VAMC SCI Center.
Unfortunately due to a malfunction of my wheelchair I was unable to give her a tour of the SCI Service so PVA
National Service Officer David Weinstein showed her around the unit.

 On October 17th, VP Ellington attended PVAF’s 53rd Annual Awards Banquet held at the Sheraton Ft. Lau-
derdale Airport Hotel. This year’s theme “Working Wonders” was made possible in large part to the support,
dedication and commitment from our membership, volunteers, the Department of Veterans Affairs and this
year’s awards recipients. The recipients are Faith Eves, Esna Jackson, Shannon Buchholz, Hope Plummer,
Jorge “George” Torres, Yira “Gigi” Rojas and Mark Lerman who received Certificates of Appreciations and
Doctor Karin Zachow, Arthur Wells and Sally Segal who received Sunshine Awards. PVAF’s highest award, the
Citation of Merit was awarded posthumously to nurse Yvonne-Reynolds Roberts. Accepting the award on their
mother’s behalf were her beautiful daughters Aisha and Shari Roberts. In addition to the award, I announced
that to keep Yvonne in our hearts PVAF established the Yvonne Reynolds-Roberts Continuing Education Schol-
arship Fund. Congratulations to all of this year’s award recipients. Our special thanks to Master of Ceremonies
CBS4’s Ted Scouten, PVA Vice President Laura Ellington, West Palm Beach VAMC Director Cheri Szabo and
Miami VAMC Director Mary D. Berrocal.

This year the Broward County Disability Expo was held at the Nova Southeastern University October 17th.
PVAF was once again well represented this year, providing a table where members, volunteers and staff handed
out pamphlets, newsletters and brochures and answered questions about the organization. Special thanks to
Donny Thomas for his involvement in making this year’s Expo a huge success.

The Hospital Committee provided cooking ingredients for the preparation of Halloween baked goods on Oc-
tober 29th in the SCI ADL Room. With the assistance and direction of the therapist, inpatients and outpatients
baked and decorated cookies that were served along with sandwiches and beverages during the Halloween Party
luncheon held in the SCI Dayroom October 30th.

On Veteran’s Day, November 11th I attended the dedication ceremony for the new patio located near the SCI
Dayroom Exit. The new patio has been designated a “smoke free” patio and is open to all veterans and VAMC
employees to enjoy. While the VAMC Leadership takes all measures to ensure the safety of all, the patio will
only be open for special events until further notice.

PVAF’s Annual Picnic was held at Snyder’s Park in Ft. Lauderdale on November 14th. There was a good
turnout and all who attended enjoyed the camaraderie, food, beverages and entertainment. Our final November
event was the Annual Thanksgiving Feast in the SCI Dayroom on the 24th. Our SCI inpatients and staff caregiv-
ers feasted on catered turkey with all the trimmings and had a very enjoyable time.

In conclusion, I would like to wish everyone a joyous holiday season and a healthy and prosperous New Year.

                                                                              The Sunshine Spokesman Page 3
                                                                   VA Facilities
                                                          Veterans Health Administration
                                                           Toll-Free Hotline (medical care)

  Visit us on the web @                                            1-877-222-8387
                                                         VA Regional Office, St. Petersburg
   WWW.PVAF.ORG                                                     P O Box 1437
                                                              St. Petersburg, FL 33731
                                                            Regional Processing Office
   November           Calendar of                          Atlanta, GA (educational claims)
                        Events                                      P O Box 54346
                                                                  Atlanta, GA 30308

      24           Thanksgiving Feast,                             1-888-442-4551
                       Miami VA                                VA Insurance Center
                      SCI Dayroom                                  (VA Insurance)
                      12 pm - 3pm                                  P O Box 42954
                                                               Philadelphia, PA 19101
   December                                               VA Health Administrative Center:
                                                       (CHAMPVA and Spina Bifida health care)
                                                                 CHAMPVA inquiries:

                                                        P O Box 65023, Denver, CO 80206-5023
                    BOD Meeting                                   CHAMPVA claims:
                  PVAF OFFICE, 11am                     P O Box 65024, Denver, CO 80206-5024
                                                           Spina Bifida inquiries and claims:
                                                        P O Box 65025, Denver, CO 80206-5025

      22           Holiday Luncheon,                               1-800-733-8387
                        Miami VA                        VA Loan Guaranty Eligibility Center
                     SCI Dayroom                             (Certificates of eligibility)
                      12 pm - 3pm                                 P O Box 20729
                                                             Winston Salem, NC 27120

      24              PVAF Holiday
                                                         National Cemetery Administration
                                                           Office of Memorial Programs:

                                                               (Headstones & markers)
                      Office Closed                           810 Vermont Avenue NW
     -                                                          Washington, DC 20420
                                                  Telecommunications Device for the Deaf (TDD) Unit
                                                             Chicago VA Regional Office
                                                       Miami VA Health Care Medical Center:

                        Happy 2010                           Miami: 1201 NW 16 Street
                                                                 Miami, FL 33125
                         New year                                1-888-276-1785

                                                               VA Outpatient Clinic

                    BOD Meeting                             9800 West Commercial Blvd.
                                                                 Sunrise, FL 33351
                  PVAF OFFICE, 11am                           Phone: (954) 475-5500
                                                                VA Medical Center
                                                                7305 N Military Trail
     For Calendar Updates                                 West Palm Beach, FL 33410-6400
       Visit us PVAF.org                                          1-800-972-8262

Volume 53, Issue 5 Bimonthly Publication Page 4
                                                       and committee assignments for the new two year
                                                       term. I am especially pleased that Charlie Brown
                                                       was appointed as National Director for our
                                                       chapter. He has the responsibility for attending
                                                       National PVA’s Board of Directors meetings
                                                       and the Annual Convention. Charlie presents
                                                       the position of our chapter on issues important
                                                       to PVA and casts the votes held by our chapter
                                                       on all issues that come before the National
                                                       BOD. Gordon Mobley was elected Director of
                                                       Sports. Gordon will attend sporting events that
                                                       PVAF participates in and he will report back to
                                                       the BOD of PVAF. He and the President will
                                                       determine who will obtain funds to attend sports
                                                       functions and represent PVAF. Gordon will
                                                       also be responsible for making contacts within
            Vice                                       the local community to publicize our efforts to

                                                       improve the participation of severely disabled
                                                       persons in the different competitions.

           Report                                      In conclusion, I believe we have the Board of
                                                       Directors with the experience to represent you
        Gerald Jones   JerryJ4663@aol.com
                                                       and efficiently manage the programs to support
                                                       the mission of PVAF.
The new Board of Directors (BOD) of PVAF took
office effective October 1, 2009. It was evident to
me that the membership took ample time to consider
the resumes of those members running for office.
Consequently, you have ensured that those with

the most veterans’ affairs experience were elected.
It is difficult to increase the effectiveness of the
Board when votes are cast based on friendship.
We thank you.                                                                              Attorney
We will implement a new membership program
for PVAF beginning with the new calendar year.
As always, we encourage the membership to
be involved and stay involved in supporting the
mission of our organization. Therefore, you will
be contacted twice a year by a member of the Board           Bank of America Bldg. Suite 214
in a casual manner to see what we can do for you                  18305 Biscayne Blvd.
to make your life better. We will attempt to obtain             Aventura, Florida 33160
information/suggestions from you in regard to                         305-949-7777
your personal situation. You may need assistance                www.WEITZFIRM.com
from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and
need an advocate. Or you may offer suggestions
on how to improve the chapter and its programs.          The hiring of a lawyer is an important decision that should
Regardless, it will be your time on the telephone        not be based solely on advertisements. Before you decide,
                                                         please ask us to send you free written information about our
and we will listen intently. The format of this          qualifications and experience.
program is rather simple but we will still need your
support to make it successful.

The President of PVAF has made his appointments
                                                                                 The Sunshine Spokesman Page 5
                                                      There are many ways in which members can
                                                      participate in moving our Chapter forward.
                                                      There are always opportunities to serve on our
                                                      various committees, assist at chapter events, help
                                                      with our mailings, giving us your suggestions
                                                      on how to improve or constructive criticisms
                                                      to list a few. PVAF should be a member
                                                      driven organization that reflects the vision of
                                                      its members and not only that of its leaders,
                                                      therefore input is needed from every member.

                                                      As far as program revitalization is concerned our
                                                      chapter sports program stands out as needing a
                                                      boost. Here too we have a new sports committee
                                                      chair that resides in our local area and committee
                                                      members who are highly motivated to get this

             Executive                                program up to speed. Several of us are excited about
                                                      the prospect of adding trapshooting, fishing and
             Director’s                               air rifle practices to our sporting events. We would
                                                      also like to get back into wheelchair bowling. Again
              Report                                  your input is essential. What sporting activities are
                                                      you interested in? Please let us know. Another area
           Mike Foster   mikefpvaf@aol.com            where we could improve is providing educational
                                                      opportunities for members and associates. Are
                                                      there any readers of this publication who would
The first Board of Directors meeting of this fiscal   like to be trained in computers, graphic design,
year was held at PVAF’s office on October 20th        painting or scrapbooking? We have the space
and lasted for a full day. The meeting was a          at the Chapter office and volunteer instructors
productive one and included an assessment of the      should enough individuals express interest in these
Chapter’s operations to determine our strengths       classes. Let’s resolve to get actively engaged and
and weaknesses in order to build on the former        empower PVAF to be more meaningful in the lives
and improve on the latter. A roundtable discussion    of all its members and to the community at large.
allowed every person at the meeting to voice their
opinion concerning these matters and animated         As this issue of the newsletter will be the last one
discussions followed. Consensus was reached on        before the upcoming holiday season, I would like
what we are doing satisfactorily and on the areas     to take this opportunity to wish all our readers
where improvements are needed. Heading the list       a very happy, healthy and prosperous holiday.
of the areas to improve is fundraising, followed
by membership participation, and program

In regards to fundraising we are very aware of
the economic fundamentals that affect our nation
and indeed the world but we must still do what
we can to ensure that funds are available to keep
us afloat and be able to provide the services
required by our members and the community.
We have a new motivated fundraising committee
that along with staff will be embarking on new
                                                       to our new PVAF
fundraising ventures but we cannot do this alone.
To be successful in our endeavors we will need

                                                      Board of Directors
assistance from our members. As such I am
making an appeal for members who have the
time, inclination and ability to help, to contact
us with a pledge to lend a hand when needed.
                                    NSO’s CORNER
     Agent Orange and Herbicide Exposures
                                    David Weinstein, PVA National Service Officer

There have been recent changes in VA benefits related to herbicide exposure that may benefit many veterans. The following
is a compilation of information published by the Department of Veterans Affairs and may be found in various official
                                              VA pays monthly disability compensation to veterans for injuries or
                                              diseases that happened while on active duty, or were made worse by active
                                              military service. These injuries or diseases are called “service-related” or
                                              “service-connected.” Most veterans know that Veterans who served in-
                                              country Vietnam between 1962 and 1975 (including those who visited
                                              Vietnam even briefly) and who have a disease that the VA recognizes as
                                              being associated with exposure to Agent Orange are presumed to have been
                                              exposed to Agent Orange. Vietnam veterans with these specific diseases do
                                              not have to show that their diseases are related to their military service to
                                              get disability compensation.

                                               Agent Orange and other herbicides were used, tested or stored outside of
                                               Vietnam as well, including many overseas military bases and even within
                                               the United States. Links leading to information where this occurred may be
                                               found on official VA internet pages. Veterans who did not serve in-country
                                               Vietnam and who were exposed to Agent Orange or other herbicides may
                                               be eligible for service-connection on a “direct” basis. These veterans
                                              must show that they were actually exposed to herbicides during military
service. Recently, the Secretary of Veterans Affairs expanded the list of diseases that will be given “presumptive” service
connection (presumptive meaning that the veteran does not have to prove that the herbicide caused the condition) for
exposure to Agent Orange or similar agents.
Agent Orange is the name given to a specific blend of herbicides used in Vietnam from 1962 to 1971 during the Vietnam
conflict. The U.S. military sprayed millions of gallons of Agent Orange and other herbicides to remove leaves from trees
that provided cover for enemy forces. Some Vietnam veterans were exposed to these herbicides .VA and many other
government departments and agencies have conducted research studies on the possible health effects of Agent Orange
exposure on U.S. veterans. VA has recognized certain cancers and other health problems as associated with exposure
to Agent Orange. October 13, 2009 Secretary Shinseki decided to establish service-connection for Vietnam Veterans
with B cell leukemias, such as hairy cell leukemia; Parkinson’s disease; and ischemic heart disease. This is based on an
independent study by the Institute of Medicine showing an association with exposure to Agent Orange. A disease called
AL Amyloidosis was added to the list of presumptive diseases in May of this year. AL Amyloidosis is a rare disease caused
when an abnormal protein, amyloid, enters tissues or organs. As research continues, it is possible that additional diseases
may be ultimately given presumptive status from herbicide exposure.
Below is a list of diseases that carry presumptive service connection to herbicide exposure:
Acute and Subacute Transient Peripheral Neuropathy (must be at least 10% disabling within 1 year of exposure to Agent
Orange and resolve within 2 years)
AL Amyloidosis                           Ischemic Heart Disease                    Prostate Cancer
B Cell Leukemias                         Multiple Myeloma                          Respiratory Cancers
Chloracne (must be at least 10%          Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma                    Cancers of the lung, larynx,
disabling within 1 year of exposure)                                               trachea, and bronchus.
                                         Parkinson’s Disease
Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia                                                       Soft Tissue Sarcoma (other than
                                         Porphyria Cutanea Tarda (must be          Osteosarcoma, Chondrosarcoma,
Diabetes Mellitus (Type 2)               at least 10% disabling within 1 year of   Kaposi’s sarcoma, or Mesothelioma)
Hodgkin’s Disease                        exposure)

For assistance with a VA claim resulting from herbicide exposure or any other VA benefit, contact your PVA
National Service Office.
                                                                                       The Sunshine Spokesman Page 7
                              MY MS PERSPECTIVE
                                               Life with MS - Blog Entry
                      A New Warning Label for Tysabri by Trevis Gleason
Tysabri has been a popular topic here on the Life with MS Blog for several years. In fact, one post on the subject has nearly
1300 comments and is still an active source for people taking or thinking about taking the drug more than three years after we
                                                      posted that blog.

             Events of this past month, and this past weekend specifically, bring the topic to the fore once again.

In early October of this year, the pharmaceutical companies which make and market Tysabri were acknowledging 13 cases of
                  the rare and potentially fatal condition progressive multifocal eukoencephalopathy (PML)

Last week it was disclosed that an additional 10 cases of PML were reported (most of them in Europe; in fact, most of the
now 24 reported cases are in European MS patients). To say that finding information on any of these cases is difficult is an
understatement. In fact, I believe that the information in our comment section (left by three relatives of people who contracted
                             PML) has been much more in depth than any I have been able to find!

The companies have decided to update the warning label for the drug, which will include the information patients are supposed
to read every time they go in for infusion. The new label will warn that the risk of PML appears to increase with the number
and duration of treatment. The companies are sticking to the 1:1000 risk (though 1:800 is a number currently circulating) for
patients receiving drug from 24-36 months, but the new warning states that, “[t]here is limited experience beyond three years
                                                       of treatment.”

As I stated, finding information has been VERY difficult and, quite frankly I’m a bit offended (though not completely surprised)
                         that most of the information I’ve been able to glean is from “financial sources.”

Many of you know that I am in the midst of making drug choices for the future treatment of my multiple sclerosis. Tysabri
has been on my short list…my very short list, but I wanted to wait and see how the whole PML situation looked after 10,000
people had been on the drug for at least 24 months. We’ve crossed that threshold and, quite frankly, all it’s done is make me
                                                     want to wait longer.

                I understand that my “ability” to wait is not a luxury all people living with MS have right now.

The vast majority of people taking this drug are happy with their results. The vast majority suffer far fewer side-effects than
they did with previous therapies. The vast majority of PML cases have been reported in Europe, where the TOUCH program
                       (the American Tysabri risk management program) details are not known to me.

When, however, I read the anguish of a husband who has lost his wife to PML or a brother who sees his sister as a hollow shell
of her former self, unable to communicate and renewed fear in people considering this as their MS treatment, I know that it is
                                 time have another open conversation about Tysabri for MS.

I’m not trying to be a harbinger of bad tidings here, I think you know that. Like many of you, I live with MS and am constantly
trying to live my life with multiple sclerosis to the fullest. The drug we choose (or the choice to be drug-free) is a part of how
                                                 each of us lives with this disease.

                                                   Link to this blog entry at:
     MS blog (http://www.everydayhealth.com/blog/trevis-life-with-multiple-sclerosis-ms/)
                    and access this post and other information at EverydayHealth.com

  My MS Perspective intends only to allow people who live with MS to offer their experience and support. The views
  expressed here are those of the author(s) alone. They do not represent the views or opinions of PVAF or its staff.
  PVAF does not endorse any medical advice nor procedures. Send your MS Perspective to PVAF@aol.com.

Volume 53, Issue 5 Bimonthly Publication Page 8
                                                             Advocacy Report
                                                              EMPOWER YOURSELF
                                      by Stacy Ann Russell, Member, Advocacy Committee

      Empower yourself with a disaster security
      presentation for our vulnerable population
                   and caregivers.
On Thursday January 21, 2010 from 2:00 to 4:00pm at the PVAF office on Andrews Avenue
there will be a Disaster Security Presentation. Stacy Ann Russell will give a free “show and
tell” presentation designed to give peace of mind security solutions to all. You will learn
simple techniques and precautions you can do now to be constantly prepared. Members and
non-member caregivers are cordially invited to come and learn simple inexpensive ways
to control dangerous situations like Fire, Flood, Lightening, Traffic accidents as well as
earthquakes and hurricanes.

Well known mitigation specialist Stacy Ann Russell was an EMT and Fire Safety Officer in
the Washington, DC area in the 90’s and she was sent to Florida for hurricane Andrew then
to California for the Northridge earthquake. When she retired to Florida she volunteered for
the Red Cross Disaster Action Team. She was asked by the Broward Center for Independent
Living and Broward mental Health Association to design a safety plan for the Vulnerable
populations. She has expanded it to include deaf, blind, elderly and frail, as well as wheelchair
bound and the mentally challenged. She has done presentations at Community Centers and
Condo Associations as well as in-house trainings.

The presentation lasts about 45 minutes and leaves time for a question and answer period.

                                                                      The Sunshine Spokesman Page 9
Volume 53, Issue 5 Bimonthly Publication Page 10
  BANQUET 2009
       photos by
Smile Event Photography
 954-942-3555 on Web:

  To see or purchase
 more photos from the
2009 PVAF Banquet go
to www.EVENTPIX.com
   type in: PVAF2009
 and click on PVAF2009

  The Sunshine Spokesman Page 11
                             Auto Mob
• Palm Beach
• Broward
• Miami Dade
• 40 Years of personal
                                           New &
experience working with
the VA and Veterans on
mobility vehicles and

• South Florida's
largest selection of
adaptive vans - new
and used.

• All types of trades
accepted / 10 year
financing available.     Rental
• Free at home
demonstrations / No                              3 Loca
                               1925 10th Avenue North • L
• Try before you buy      590 S.W. 9th Terrace, Bays 5 &
programs.                     1885-E N.E. 149th Street •

 1-888-770-8267                     www.automob
bility Sales, Inc.
HAIR VANS                               Come See
                                   why we are # 1
                                     in Southeast
& Used               *Guaranteed          Florida
                                           We are
                                           to your
                                           24 Hr.

 Lake Worth, Florida 33461
& 6 • Pompano Beach, FL 33069
 North Miami, Florida 33181

bilitysales.com          1-888-770-8267
     Sports Room
  Hello, my name is Gordon Mobley and I have been
  appointed to the position of Sports Director for our chapter.
  I look forward to working with all of you and have several
  new sports programs in mind such as trap shooting, bass
  fishing and a few others. Please feel free to contact me at             Gordon Mobley gormobley@aol.com
  Gormobley@aol.com if you have any suggestions or questions.

  Learn drawing techniques,
                                            Horseback Riding
                                          Tuesday & Saturdays,
                                            ALL AGES, Project
  Thursdays 6pm-7pm, Dec.3,
 2009- Feb 22, 2010 ALL AGES,           Stable Foundation, S.W.
    City of Plantation Parks           Ranches, Contact Sandra
   and Recreation Kennedy               McCarthy: 954-680-8069.        Recreation listing provided by Miami-
                                                                       Dade Parks & Recreation, Leisure Access
      Community Center,                           Golf
                                                                       Services, 13841 SW 120 Street, Miami, FL
                                                                       33186, Phone 305-382-8160 and Broward
     Contact Greg Polins:              Golf program for adults with    County Parks And Recreation List Of
  Email: gpolins@plantation.org.        physical disabilities. Free.   Activities For The Physically Challenged.
                                                                       Broward information: 954-357-8170 or

              MOVIN’ ON MOBILITY
             Scooter & Wheelchair Lifts * Full Size & Mini Vans
                   Hand Controls and Adaptive Equipment
              We service all major brands of mobility equipment
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  PRE-OWNED VANS                                                           Service
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  Accessible Rental Vans                                                      Up to 10 year
        available                                                          Financing Available!
 Daily * Weekly * Monthly
                                    www.MovinOnMobility.com                 West Palm Beach
                                     Palm Beach County’s ONLY                (561) 881-5600
                                    Authorized Braun Ability Dealer          (888) 510-2680
Volume 53, Issue 5 Bimonthly Publication Page 14

      Craigslist Founder Joins VA Innovation Search Panel
Craig Newmark to Help Pick Winners of will be chaired by Patrick W. Dunne, the VA
National Competition                  Under Secretary for Benefits.

WASHINGTON (Nov. 4, 2009) – Craig Newmark,            “I look forward to working with VA’s
the founder of “craigslist” and a well-known          leadership team to bring tangible results to our
technology visionary, has agreed to serve on the      Veterans,” said Craig Newmark. “I am very
blue-ribbon panel of the Department of Veterans       encouraged by the fact that VA is embracing
Affairs (VA) that will review and evaluate ideas      new ways to look at old problems.”
to improve disability claims processing times and
provide greater transparency to Veterans.             In 1995, Newmark launched the first
                                                      community site on the Internet for people
“Transforming VA into an organization that is         to share information about housing, jobs
Veteran-centric, results-oriented and forward-        and other needs. By April 2009, craigslist
looking is my top priority,” said Secretary of        received more than 22 billion page-views per
Veterans Affairs Eric K. Shinseki. “Leveraging the    month, with more than 50 million members
talent, innovation and creativity of stakeholders,    worldwide.
like Craig Newmark, is just one of the many ways
VA can think outside of the box to help deliver Newmark is a vocal proponent of using the
tangible results to our nation’s Veterans.”        Internet and technology to support government
                                                   innovation and maximize the utilization of
The innovation competition solicited ideas from human capital. Additionally, Newmark is a
VA employees and members of Veterans Service passionate supporter of Veterans causes.
Organizations who are on the front lines every
day, working with Veterans to help deliver benefits   VA has received and reviewed over 3,000
they deserve and need. VA officials from each of      suggestions since Sept. 8th. The panel will
the 57 regional offices across the country have       review the top 17 submissions and chose
submitted promising ideas, which will be reviewed     5 projects that will receive full funding for
by Newmark and other panel members. The panel         project development and execution at the
                                                      Regional Office that submitted the idea.

        “Be nice to nerds. Chances are you’ll end up working for one.”
                                 ~ Bill Gates

                                                                       The Sunshine Spokesman Page 15
PVA Member ad_half-pg.:Layout 1   10/5/09   11:58 AM   Page 1

                          STAY INFORMED!
                                                           ARE YOU A PVA MEMBER?
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    January 21, 2010                                                           PARALYZED VETERANS
    2:00pm-3:30pm                                                           ASSOCIATION OF FLORIDA
    PVAF Headquarters                                                                      IS HOSTING A
    3799 N Andrews Ave                                              SAFETY AND SECURITY
    Oakland Park, Florida                                                  PRESENTATION
    954-565-8885                                                               GUEST SPEAKER:
       TOPICS COVERED                                                      STACEY ANN RUSSELL
                                                                                       PLEASE CALL TO RESERVE

                                                                              ALL ARE WELCOME
       -HOME SECURITY                                                 MEMBERS-GUESTS-CAREGIVERS

  FIRES FLOODS           TRAFFIC ACCIDENTS                 STORMS            HURRICANES                EARTHQUAKES

Volume 53, Issue 5 Bimonthly Publication Page 16
                                        If you are interested in
                                       ensuring quality health
                                       care, wheelchair sports,
                                       recreation, advocacy,
                                          ADA education and
                                            PVAF’s mission to
                                          improve the lives of
                                        those with Spinal Cord
                                        Injury or Disability call
                                          today to Become
       Attention!                          a PVAF Associate
     Budding Artists
             Check out
  Schott Communities Art Classes
    for persons with disabilities
        We have classes on
Mondays 10am – 12pm and 1pm -3pm
      Tuesdays 10am – 12pm
    Wednesdays 10am – 12pm
       Thursdays 10 – 12pm

     Experienced Art Teachers             Have you moved
        For more information contact
                                              or are you
                                          planning a move?
         Liz Disney @                     If you are reading this
     954-434-3306 ext. 101               Newsletter and it was not
                                         mailed to you, please call
Email: ldisney@schottcommunities.org     us or e-mail your updated
                                            address and contact
        6591 S. Flamingo Road                   information:
          Cooper City, Florida                (954) 565-8885
                                                         BOSTON COLLEGE
                                                        BOSTON UNIVERSITY

                     Innovative Software for people with disabilities

                Camera Mouse                                                               FREE
           Camera Mouse is a program that allows you to control the mouse
           pointer on a Windows computer just by moving your head. Camera
           Mouse works as a replacement system for your computers so it
           should work with just about any application program.

                "One of our staff, who has cerebral palsy, has already had a try at the programme. We are very
                keen to try it on other young people at our institute and we are sure it is going to make life easier
                for many of them... Many many thanks."-- India

                                           What equipment is required? A Windows 7, Vista, or XP computer
                                           system and a standard USB webcam (or a webcam built into the com-
                                           puter or monitor). We do our development work with a Logitech
                                           Webcam Pro 9000. Camera Mouse works with other commercial
                                           USB webcams as well.

         Boston College
         James Gips
         Egan Professor of Computer
         Carroll School of Management
         Fulton Hall 460, Boston College
         Chestnut Hill, MA 02467 USA

         Boston University
         Margrit Betke
         Associate Professor
         Computer Science Department
         111 Cummington Street, Boston
         Boston, MA 02215 USA
Volume 53, Issue 5 Bimonthly Publication Page 18
      PVAF, Improving the Lives of Those with Spinal Cord Injury and Disease.

                                        PVAF Clubhouse
The PVAF Clubhouse is the Sunshine’s Spokesman’s way of making our members              Membership Report
feel at home. Here we introduce new members, transfers and celebrate birthdays.        PVAF reports that as of
                                                                                          Nov. 9th, 2009,
October                  Birthdays             Gordon A. Luikart     November   07       our membership is
                                               Lawrence I. Wurman    November   08         421 members
Dale E. Ladd            October   02           Nikki C. Baker        November   09        & 149 Associate
Carol F. Adams          October   03           Pedro L. Rivera       November   09           Members.
Otha B. Brown           October   03           Ronald A. Seeney      November   09
Terrance Bunch          October   03                                                      PVAF welcomes
                                               Robert L. Fecske      November   10         new members:
Dallas R. Lineberry     October   03           Andrew Cunninghame    November   12       Mr. Laquantis Morton
Dewey W. Sims           October   03           Robert G. LeeTom      November   15        Mr. Dennis Norris
John R. McCullough      October   06           Richard W. Stewart    November   15         Mr. Arthur Ross
Henry C. Hice           October   07           Deon Bradshaw         November   16
Brian C. White          October   07           Luis R. Fernandez     November   16        PVAF extends our
Daniel J. Gumbert       October   09                                                    sympathy to the family
                                               Johnny L. Pointer     November   17         and friends of:
William T. Savage       October   09           Richard J. Devlin     November   18
Octavio Morales         October   10                                                      Mr. Luther McCanic
                                               Howard M. Dick        November   18        Mr. Bernard Gomberg
Ralph M. Brown          October   11           Allen T. Smith        November   21
PatAguiar-DeLaRosa      October   12           Rick D. Griswold      November   22
Marci Casallo           October   12           Hubert J. Shifflett   November   22
                                                                                          The Sunshine
John A. Noser           October   12           David A. Korpinen     November   23         Spokesman
Richard Honsinger       October   13           Abraham H. Hamber     November   25       wants to know
Barton I. Kessler       October   14           Harold R. Lloyd       November   25    what’s on your Mind?
Kenneth A. Tauer        October   14           Loren Wieland         November   26    Call or e-mail us with
James A. Birberick      October   16           Otis W. Smith         November   27   your ideas, suggestions,
Gordon L. Mobley        October   16           James B. Stanley      November   27       comments and
Edward J. Johnson       October   17           Ricardo Cumberbatch   November   29          concerns.
Timothy M. Czamara      October   20
Gilberto P. Bermudez    October   21
                                               Dennis J. Seidelman   November   29    PVAF@aol.com
                                               Robert A. Nesbitt     November   30
Walter M. Drake         October   21                                                   954-565-8885
Andrew Stone            October   21
Robert E. Hall          October   22

Clint L. Toombs         October   22
Pedro Montalvo          October   23
Ronald E. Griffin       October   28
Misako Snyder           October   28
Natalie H. Solomon      October   29
Ernesto J. Marquez      October   30

November                  Birthdays

Robert A. Federico     November   01
Carlos A. Leon         November   01
Fay Anderson-Smith     November   02
Dale R. McCoy          November   02
Harold D. Copley       November   06
Harvey Goodman         November   06
Tyrone Owens Woods     November   06
Julius Rubin           November   06
Gaetano J. Tata        November   06
                                                                                 The Sunshine Spokesman Page 19
               On Location

 Disabilities Expo 2009
 Photos: (L Top - R Bottom). Volunteer Broward Volunteers Eric Nelson and Ashley Avin assisting with the PVAF
 table at this year’s DisAbilities Expo, “Art Knows No Disabilities” Art exhibit, featuring artists from the Ann
 Storck Center, the Center for Independent Living, 9 Muses Art Center, Schott Communities, Memorial Regional
 Hospital Rebels and others, “Can you feel the HEAT?”, the Miami HEAT Wheels vs the Orlando Magic Wheels,
 scary-looking-but-totally-friendly pirates, Speaking Hands - sign language performers, “Ahh, I love Expo.”

Volume 53, Issue 5 Bimonthly Publication Page 20
                                  1999 Chevy High-top Con-
                                  version Van. 74,00 mi. Braun
                                  wheelchair lift, hand con-
The Sunshine Spokes-              trols, 6 way power-seat. Ask-
man classified section            ing $12,000. Call Richard
is provided at no cost to         (772) 532-2500.
PVAF members. Please              For sale, Bowflex Powerpro
call Mike Foster by the           with all accessories almost
first of the month prior to       new, kept indoors 90% of
publication if you would          time, asking $500.00 OBO,
like to advertise with us:        must pick up in Miami near
(954) 565-8885.                   the airport. (305) 308-0750.

                                  FOR SALE (2) 2008 SUM-
Caregiver/Nurses Aide Avail-      MIT STAIRAY LIFTS. 2
able. If you or someone you       FOR $4500 OR $2500 FOR
knw needs assistance call Lisa:   EACH OR BEST OFFER,
954-530-2702 or 954-328-7574.     LOCAL PICKUP ONLY.
References upon request.          BOTH HAS 9FT TRACKS,
                                  300 LB CAPACITIES,
Aide available for care of        SWIVEL SEATS. BOTH
Quadriplegic, paraplegic or       ARE LIKE NEW AND
elderly. Will travel and Ref-     STILL UNDER MANU-
erences available. Call Joy       FACTURERS WARRAN-
(954) 588-1840.                   TY, AND SIMPLE TO
                                  INSTALL, PLEASE CON-
                                  TACT MIKE 954-565-8885.
November is Pancreatic Can-
cer Awareness Month, Na-
tional Novel Writing Month,
Alzheimer’s Disease Aware-
ness Month, Transgender           ATTENTION TOPS RIDERS
Awareness Month, Ameri-           EFFECTIVE OCTOBER 1, 2009.
can Diabetes Month, Lung          TOPS Rider Fare will
Cancer Awareness Month,           increase to $3.00. If you
National Homeless Youth           have any questions or need assis-
Awareness Month, Crohn’s          tance please call: 954-357-8400.
& Ulcerative Colitis Aware-       Broward County Transit Division.
ness Month, and dedicated to      A service of the Broward County
the Holy Souls in Purgatory in
the Roman Catholic Church.
                                  Board of County Commissioners.       Advertisers in this Issue
                                                                        Auto Mobility           Movin’ On
                                                                      Sales Inc...pg 12-13     Mobility..pg 14

                                                                                             Ocean Conversions
                                                                      Catalina Building      & Mobility....pg 23
                                                                       Corp......pg 21
                                                                                              Originator Corp.
                                                                        Independent               ......pg 21
                                                                       Services...pg 21      Rollx Vans....pg 24

                                                                                      The Sunshine Spokesman Page 21

 We here at PVAF have discovered that you
 love to send us e-mail. The Inbox here in the
                                                                                          OUTBOX                      SENT

 Sunshine Spokesman is a great way for us to
 share your good news.

   Students from Illinois and Kentucky Win
   Paralyzed Veterans of America Veterans Day
   Poster & Essay Contest
  Washington, DC - Paralyzed
  Veterans     of     America                                                                    Heart of a Dragon
  (Paralyzed Veterans) proudly                                                                     Film Review
  announces the winners of its
  sixth annual Veterans Day                                                                  “The Heart of a Dragon” is a true
  Poster and Essay Contest:                                                                story of one man, Rick Hansen, who
  Brianna Ewing of Ft.                                                                       in 1985 propelled his wheelchair
  Mitchell, Kentucky, who won                                                                through 34 countries on 4 conti-
  the grand prize for her poster                                                             nents for over 24,855 miles. His
  submission; and Kristen
                                                                                            “Man in Motion” tour raised aware-
                                                                                           ness of the potential of people with
  Brennan of Chicago, Illinois                                                              disabilities and $26 million for spi-
  who won the grand prize                                                                        nal cord injury research.
  for her essay entry. Students
  were asked to submit posters                                                               This film brought to life by Michael
  and essays that expressed the                                                              French’s screenplay is but a small
  theme “Veterans Day: Why I’m Grateful for Our Nations                                     portion of this journey. Most of the
  Veterans.”                                                                               film takes place in China where Rick
                                                                                           is attempting to wheel himself along
  “Congratulations to Brianna and Kristen for their winning                                  the Great Wall of China. It depicts
  entries. They did our nation’s veterans proud,” said Paralyzed                             how the Chinese people embrace
  Veterans’ National President Gene A. Crayton. “I would also                              his effort and some people in wheel-
                                                                                              chairs ride along with him at the
  like to thank all those students who entered the contest. As
                                                                                                various stops along the way.
  you might expect, all the entries were inspiring, heartfelt,
  sometimes humorous, and always deeply touching.”                                          The film also portrays the personal
                                                                                           side of the journey with the struggle
  The winners from each grade category are:                                                  Rick has with his health and well
  Poster 1st & 2nd grade: Noah Dobbins, McNair Elementary School (Ft. Bragg, NC);            being. He is so determined to
  Poster 3rd & 4th grade: Savana Chabert, Holy Rosary Catholic School (LaRose, LA);        complete his task he ignores the
  Essay 5th & 6th grade: Casey Wilson, Patrick Henry Elementary School (Arlington,          advice of his female personal
  VA);                                                                                     trainer and friends that are with
  Essay 7th & 8th grade: Gracie McDermott, Kiski Area Intermediate School (Vandergrift,           him as supporters.

                                                                                           For more information on the movie
  Each of these category winners will receive a special plaque,                            “Heart of a Dragon” and to see the
  a $100 educational gift certificate and a plaque for their                                 trailer and movie clips, visit the
  school acknowledging their achievement.                                                               website at
  To view all winning entries, visit www.pva.org/posteressay.

Paralyzed Veterans Association of Florida
3799 North Andrews Avenue. Oakland Park FL 33309   US POSTAGE PAID
                                                      FT LAUD FL
                                                     PERMIT 3366

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