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EMPB PPAP Checklists (Excel download)


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									                          AIAG PPAP / EMPB VDA Checkliste
                                Return due date: 14/ Nov/ 08

                                        Supplier: Kobe                                                                           Prototype: Prototype

                                      Project No: Test Projekt                                                                      Series: Serie

                                    Description ZB Komfortöffner li BMW E 61 Kobe                                                 ISPO No: 49

                                   Drawing No: 89720023901                                    Index:                              IMDS No.: 2

                                        ID No: 897200230901
                                                                                                                                 Q/S status: E          (see part history)
                                  (12 numbers)

                          Cont. Documents                                                                                                   required        Checked in

                          01   Check list for initial sampling

                          02   Sample parts                          (5 parts per cavitity)

                          03   Initial sample report                 (ISIR)

                          04   Dimensional test                      (all results in line with BOS specification must be provided)

                          05   Function check                        (in line with BOS drawing/specification)

                          06   Material test                         (in line with customer drawing/specification)

                          07   Haptics test                          (in line with customer drawing/specification)

                          08   Accustic test                         (in line with BOS drawing/specification)

                          09   Odour test                            (in line with customer drawing/specification)

                                                                     ( Measurement analysis report of the spectral analysis of
                          10   Visual Check                            reference, respectively basic samples, as well as intial

                          11   Surface test                           (in line with customer drawing/specification)

                          12   EMC test                              (electro magnetic competibility)

                          13   Reliablity test                       (in line with BOS drawing/specification)

                          14   Design FMEA                           ( tools / jigs ; proof / status)

                          15   Design approval                       (of the supplier in case of a develeopment
                          16   Process FMEA                          (proof / status)

                          17   Process flow chart                    (inculding production and control stations)

                          18   Control Plan

                          19   Proof of process capability                            (according to agreement with BOS)

                          20   Measurement and test equipment list with calibration approval

                          21   Control capability proof              (MSA, results)

                          22   EU safety data sheet                   (if required)
                                                                     (Indication of the BOS approved IMDS-ID/version on the ISIR /
                          23   IMDS

                          24   Transport/packaging                   (logistics data sheet BOS)

                          25   Certificates                           (inspection approval certificate, certification)

                          26   Process accaptance                    (internal and external by customer)

                          27   QFP cover sheet BOS                   (other attachments)

                          28   Contact list / team                   (attachment 2)

                          29   Achieved cycle time                   (attachment 3)

                          30   Action plan for each deviation LOP*                    (attachment 4)

                          31   Part history                          (see attachment 5)

                          32   List of work/test instructions with approval status

                          33   Approved drawings (stamped) / data set/specification

                          34   Tooling list                          (Part qty or number of cavities and statement on tooling quality)

                          35   Approval list supplier parts / supplier material

                          36   Training records of series personnel                   (all shifts)

                               Information on coating of presented samples (coating system
                               approval according to customer standards)
                                                                               (e.g. environment, security,
                          38   Proof of legal respoonsabilities
                                                                               recycling, VOC standards)

                          39   Other

Defined: D. Agurkis
Approved: C. Herrington
Version 2.0; 2008-10-27
COP3_F64                                                                              940291a0-8caa-4136-b88d-d5a1d2b8e285.xls                                               1 / 10
Contact list for customer:                                                          BOS                   Project:

                          Department                 Name                           Tel                  Mobile phone                Fax                  e-mail
                          Project Management


                          Project Buyer

                          Project Quality Engineer

                          Quality Manager

                          Managing Directors
                          Department                 Name                           Tel                  Mobile phone                Fax                  e-mail
                          Project Management

                          Lead Designer
       BOS Headquarters

                          Project Buyer

                          Project Quality Engineer

                          Plant SQE

                          Regional SDE
                          Postal Address to which the PPAP / VDA sample parts must be shipped to for the attention of the Plant SQE as mentioned above.

Defined: D. Agurkis
Approved: C. Herrington
Version 2.0; 2008-10-27
COP3_F64                                                                                  940291a0-8caa-4136-b88d-d5a1d2b8e285.xls                                 3 / 10
  Calculation of required and proven cycle times

  Subject Number                                                               Description:

  Supplier:                                                                    Q-Status:

  Planned quantities

  Requested daily capacity                                                     parts

  Shifts per day                                                               shifts

  Hours per shift                                                              hours

  Working days per week                                                        days

  Average working hours per day based on 5-day week:
  (Shifts per day x hours per shift x working days per week/5)

  Required cycle time                                                          parts per hour
  (Required daily capacity/ shifts per day x hours per shift x working days per week/5)

  Results from production tests

  Manufactured parts:                                                          hours

  ok parts:                                                                    parts

  Production time:                                                             hours

  Retooling times per day:                                                     hours
  Machine availability
  (maintenance, stoppages,                                                     %

  Effective working time per day:                                              %
  (Average working hours per day – retooling times per day)/(average working hours per day)

  Proven cycle time:                                                           parts per hour
  (Qty of good parts. x machine availability x eff. Working time)/production time)


  Required cycle time was achieved:                              Yes                            No

  Date                                           Signature supplier

Defined: D. Agurkis
Approved: C. Herrington
Version 2.0; 2008-10-27
COP3_F64                                            940291a0-8caa-4136-b88d-d5a1d2b8e285.xls         4 / 10
                                             Customer:     BOS GmbH & Co. KG                                 Date of creation:                                                                 Changed by:

           LOP                             Contact BOS:
                                                                                                                    Distributor:                                                           Change date:

                                                                                                                                                                                                     Rev.: 00

                                                                                                                                                                                       Due Date

                                                                                                                                                                   Date of entry:
                                                                                                                                                Responsible                           closed
                                                                                                                                          for the implementation

                                                                                                                                            (if not coordinator)

                                                                                                                                   Loc.      Dep.         Name:                     Plan         Closed         Comments
              Topic                  Problem                              Action                           Coordinator:

           Defined: D. Agurkis
           Approved: C. Herrington
           Version 2.0; 2008-10-27
                                                                                   940291a0-8caa-4136-b88d-d5a1d2b8e285.xls                                                                                                5/9
       Insert Customer Logo here                                           Part History
                                  Description:                                                            Supplier:                                                                               Supplier N°.:
                                    Part N°.:                                                     Internal Part N°.:                                                                           Production Site:
                                    Assy N°.:                                                    Internal Assy N°.:                                                                             Sampling Site:

                                                                                                                                                                                                 Changed by:
                                                                                                                                                                                                 Cahnge date:
                                                                                                    Agreed:                                                 Delivery                                    Rev.:           00
                                                                                            1. Date
                                                                                            2. Name

                     Date                         Quality

                                                                                                                                                 0 Series
                                                                                            3. Department                                                            Delivery N°

                   Process                        Status      Drawing      Customer         4. Company                                                               and
Pos.        Description of Change                (E, Q, S)   Date Index   Approval N°.                                                                               Date          Comments:

        Defined: D. Agurkis
        Approved: C. Herrington
        Version 2.0; 2008-10-27
        COP3_F64                                                                940291a0-8caa-4136-b88d-d5a1d2b8e285.xls                                                                                          6/9
0.    Introduction

                                                       The EMPB / PPAP Checklists shall provide an easy to handle tool to transfer the complete PPAP / EMPB
      Over view of what the check sheet is designed to
0.1                                                    documentation.
                                                       The wanted documents refer to the VDA / AIAG manuals and are conform to them.

0.2   Technical Contact of the BOS Group                Mr. Carlton Herrington, Director SQM

                                                        If you have any questions concerning the checklists, improvements, corrections or the translation into another
0.3   Contact for Changes of the Checklists
                                                        language, contact Mr. Fabian Krüger, QMI

0.4   Version                                           Released Version 2.0

0.5   Date                                              10/27/2008

1.0   General Information
                                                        Dependent on which OEM we are delivering to and with approval level is wanted, the supplier will have to respect
                                                        different customer requirements.
                                                        By choosing the "Type of Checklist" in the Table "Checklist" the necessary reports to hand in will be marked with

                                                        You can choose between the level 1 till 3 of the EMPB VDA or the PPAP AIAG, as well as BOS Prototypes, BOS
                                                        Product Changes and BOS Requalification required documents.
1.1   Checklists
                                                        The Checklist "Special Requirements" allows to generate and individual checklist, according to needs beside the

                                                        The List of the required documents ("Checklists") consists of the name of the report, a short description, the
                                                        indication if it is wanted for the choosen approval level and a check in button.
1.2   Documentation

                                                        It is only possible to check in reports, which have the pdf format. Be consicous that each report added will
                                                        increase the final file size.
                                                        Standard firewalls will have a size limit for email attachments they are accepting. Keep the total size of your
                                                        checklist lower than 10MB, then it should be possible to pass most IT protections.
1.3   Reports

                                                        BOS personal must specify all relevant team member details. Supplier must complete their own.
                                                        Checksheet with attached documents must be e-mailed to:
                                                        - Project Buyer
1.4   BOS Contacts for the PPAP Process
                                                        - Plant SQE
                                                        - Project Quality Engineer
                                                        - Region SDE (where contact details are available)

2.0   Handling and Functions
                                                        Reports and documents can be checked in, by clicking on the grey "Check in"-button on the right side. If the
                                                        document is required for the PPAP / EMPB approval level, it will be marked with a "yes". Already added reports
                                                        will appears on the following sheet "reports" in green and will be marked with an "ok" tick.

2.1   Check in Reports                                  Added reports can be open by a double click. Only one pdf, file per requirement should be checked in.
2.2   File Size                      File size should be less than 10MB.

2.3   Compressed file size           In case you do have a larger file try to compress it with a standard program, e.g. Win Zip.

                                     You can choose between an english and a german version. Click on one of the flags in the upper right corner of
                                     the "Checklist" Table.
2.4   Language

                                     Use a format, which can be understood worldwide. Remeber date formats are different in the U.S..
2.5   International Formats
                                     Use the following formatiing: DD.MM.YY, e.g. 27. OCT 2008

                                     To reset your form or to use it for an other PPAP / EMPB Process, click on "Reset Form" next to the flags in the
2.6   Reset Form for BOS use only.   "Checklist" Table.

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