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1.     This form states the terms & conditions of sale of the below mentioned vehicle.

2.     The buyer is advised to take pictures of the seller’s vehicle as proof of condition in
view of point no. 6 under Terms & Condition.


Buyer Details

Contact No.

Seller Details

Contact No.

Details of Vehicle:

Make/Model                                            Year of Manufacture
Engine No.                                            Vehicle Reg. No.
Chassis No.                                           Original Reg. Date
Road Tax Expiry                                       Colour
OMV                   $                               No. of Transfers
COE Value             $                               Last Mileage                        km

I, the Buyer, hereby agrees to buy from the Seller, the above mentioned Vehicle for the sum

of $____________________.

_________________________                                      _______________________
Buyer’s Signature                                              Seller’s Signature

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                               SALES AGREEMENT (Page 2 of 2)

Details of Transaction:

Car Price Agreed      $

Deposit               $

Others                $

Balance Due           $

Details of Scheduled Hand Over:

Hand Over Date

Terms & Conditions:

1.     If the seller does not fulfil the agreement to sell the said vehicle, the seller has to
compensate the buyer an amount equal to twice the amount of the deposit paid by the

2.      If the buyer does not fulfil the agreement to purchase the said vehicle, the deposit
will not be refunded.

3.     If the buyer is unable to get the loan approval for the vehicle, deposit is refundable if
proper documentations for non-approval are provided.

4.     Transfer fee of the vehicle is to be borne by the buyer and is not included in the
agreed car price.

5.   It is agreed that the seller is to hand over the spare keys, handbook and other
documents which are related to the said vehicle, to the buyer, upon time of delivery.

6.      At the time of hand over, the seller undertakes to preserve the condition of the
vehicle as at the time of sale and with all accessories intact.

_________________________                                      _______________________
Buyer’s Signature                                              Seller’s Signature

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