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  DSC –

                                                               University System of Georgia
                                                                niversity System Georgia
   For the first two years take math, science,               An Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Program Institution
      and other core courses, and begin
        introductory engineering courses.

                                                                                                                           R EGENTS ’
  Complete                                                                                                                 ENGINEERING
  an                                                                                                                       T RANSFER
                                                               For additional information
  Engineering                                                                                                              PROGRAM
                                                               and an application, go to:
  Degree                                               (RETP)
  Tech –

Complete a Bachelor of Science degree in one
of twelve areas of engineering at Georgia Tech.

                                                         Note: It is expected that RETP students,
                                                           like other students at Georgia Tech,
For more information, contact one of                        may require a total of 4-5 1/2 years
the following:                                               to complete degree requirements.
                                                         This estimate includes both course work
• Your high school guidance counselor                       at Dalton State and course work at                             At Dalton State, you
                                                              Georgia Tech and depends upon                                don’t have to go far or
• The DSC Office of Enrollment Services                   each student’s pre-college preparation,                          pay too much for a
  706.272.4436 or 800.829.4436
                                                             other commitments, and choice of                              great education...
• Dr. Tom Gonzalez, DSC RETP Coordinator                 engineering major. RETP students must
  706.272.2488                                            be admitted to an engineering program                                 at Georgia Tech before transferring.

• Dr. Emma Cooley, DSC RETP Advisor
TRANSFER PROGRAM                    Smart move...
(RETP)                                         • Dalton State students may gain admission to Dalton State’s RETP program with a minimum
                                                 SAT score of 1090 versus the 1300+ score required for most freshmen at Georgia Tech.

                                               • RETP students are offered the same access to Tech’s engineering program as Tech
                                                 students–and given an advantage over non-RETP transfer students when applying to Tech.

Dalton State College is one of                 • RETP students attend the first two years of college close to home, acclimating themselves
a limited number of institutions                 to college level work in familiar surroundings.
in the University System of
Georgia approved to offer the                  • RETP students spend less for the first two years of college because Dalton State’s tuition
Regents’ Engineering Transfer                    costs are lower than Tech’s, and students who live at home for the first two years may
Program, a cooperative program                   benefit from substantial savings on housing.
that allows Georgia residents
who are interested in careers in    And more...
engineering to complete their                  • RETP students are given an opportunity to take Georgia Tech courses while enrolled at
first two years of college close                 Dalton State.
to home and then earn selected
engineering degrees from                       • RETP students may participate in Georgia Tech’s Co-op program–considered to be one of
Georgia Tech:                                    the best in the country.

• Aerospace Engineering                        • RETP students are offered access to GTREP–Georgia Tech’s Savannah-based engineering
• Biomedical Engineering                         program.
• Chemical Engineering
• Computer Engineering                         • Before transferring to Tech, RETP students are provided orientation on the Georgia Tech
• Civil Engineering                              campus, including a campus tour, an opportunity to meet with engineering advisors and
• Electrical Engineering                         financial aid counselors, and registration during orientation.
• Environmental Engineering
                                               • And RETP students are guaranteed on-campus housing for their first year at Tech–
• Industrial Engineering
                                                 a guarantee not even available for third-year Tech students.
• Materials Science and
• Mechanical Engineering
• Nuclear and Radiologic            RETP admission requirements:                                   RETP students may expect to take the following
        Engineering                                                                                courses during their enrollment at Dalton State:
                                    Prospective RETP students must:                                Calculus and Analytic Geometry I, II, and III;
•   Polymer and Fiber Engineering
                                                                                                   Introduction to Linear Algebra;
                                    • have a minimum math SAT score of at least 560;               Differential Equations;
                                    • have a minimum combined math/verbal SAT score                Linear and Discrete Mathematics;
                                                                                                   Statistics and Applications;
                                        at least 1090; and
                                                                                                   General Chemistry I and II;
                                    •   have a minimum high school GPA of 3.0.                     Computer Science 1301, 1302, and 1371;
                                                                                                   Introduction to Engineering;
                                                                                                   Engineering Statics; and
                                                                                                   Physics 2211 and 2212

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