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Our 10 Step Development Approach at

# 1 Free consultation – Looking to turn your idea or service into a mobile app? Don’t know where to
start? Look no further! We offer a private consultation to help kick start your app creation and explore
the limitless possibilities.     # 2 Technical Details – Not technically savvy? No need to worry, our
team of mobile software technicians will be right by your side to help during the entire process,
therefore meaning any questions you may have will be answered swiftly and promptly.

# 3 Mock-up – Once we have the official functionalities mapped out, we will present to you a wire-frame
mock up allowing you to review and make any desired modifications to your application.          #4
Interface graphics – With over 14 years of graphic design experience, our team will custom design a
stylish user interface incorporating your overall vision of the look and feel of your app.

# 5 App Development – When we develop your custom app we have optimal performance and superb
functionality in mind at all times. And you can rest easy knowing all our developers are experts with
over 25 years of experience in software development.

# 6 Online Project Management – By using the basic core values of agile project management, we link
you to an online system that allows for a seamless exchange of information and data. This allows for
clear and real-time project updates.

# 7 Content Management – At Approach Mobile we believe that our clients should have the luxury of
being able to update their app with new information and content if need be. So with our integrative
content management systems, we are able to provide you with the ability to conveniently manage and
add content to your app.        # 8 Beta Testing – Prior to your app’s debut, our development team will
conduct a comprehensive checklist, assuring that there will be no flaws in your app’s software coding.
Our aim is to guarantee that your app will run smoothly, efficiently, and bug free.

# 9 App Store Submission – Getting your app approved by the App Store can be a rigorous procedure.
Our team at Approach Mobile will take all the necessary steps and guidelines to have your app
submitted in a precise and orderly fashion.

# 10 Tech Support – Just because we are done developing your app, it doesn’t mean that we are no
longer by your side. With technology changing so rapidly, you can rest assured knowing that we are here
to ensure that your app will be compatible with all future versions.

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