figures7 by sandeshbhat


									Fig. 7.1. Yorkshire Wolds archaeology

Fig. 7.2. Cumulative viewshed for the BA round and IA square barrows respectively

Fig. 7.3. Visual Genesis flowchart

Figs. 7.4 Visual genesis for BA round barrows

Figs. 7.5 Visual genesis for IA square barrows

Fig. 7.6. A comparison of the visual variability for round and square barrows

Fig 7.7. Visual variability at each location for Round and Square barrows

Fig 7.8. Visual structure of generated by round barrows after their visual variability has been accounted for

Fig. 7.9. Visual change

Fig. 7.10. Histogram showing the distribution of locations according to the visual intensity generated by Round and Square barrows

Fig. 7.11. Visual weight for Round Barrows in decreasing order

Fig. 7.12. Visual weight for Square Barrows in decreasing order

Figs. 7.13 Visual clustering of round barrows

Figs. 7.14 Visual clustering of square barrows

Fig. 7.15. Visual patterns associated with each cluster. Barrows in dark blue represent those barrows belonging to the cluster and responsible for the pattern. The lighter the higher the visual intensity.

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