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From Byways to Buyers by benbenzhou


									                                                                                                                                    JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2004
What’s Inside:
National Scenic Byways
Program Notes . . . . . . . . . 2
                                       From Byways to Buyers:
Managing Conflict:
Position vs. Interest . . . . . .4
Driving the Byway . . . . . .6
                                       Transforming Your Scenic Byway
Creating an Annual Report
for Your Byway: Florida
                                       into a Comprehensive
Byways Go Online . . . . . . .8
Evaluating and
Updating Your Byway
                                       Travel Experience
                                       Courtesy of the American Travel Center, Martinsburg, West Virginia
Marketing Plan . . . . . . . .10
Five Low-Cost Ways to
Increase Publicity for
Your Byway . . . . . . . . . . .11     A     merica’s Byways™, which
                                             range from the San Juan
                                       Skyway Highway in Colorado and
2004 Power Workshops:                  the Historic National Road through
Coming to a Location                   several eastern states, to Woodward
Near You! . . . . . . . . . . . .12    Avenue in Detroit and the Las Vegas
2003 Media Progress                    Strip, offer an attractive combination
Report: It’s Working! . . .12          of intrinsic qualities for today’s
Off The Shelf . . . . . . . . . .13    travelers. Most Byways provide
                                       great scenery and meandering
Lights, camera, Action!                country drives, while all have
Is Creating Your Byway Video           authentic, interesting and unique
Finally Affordable? . . . . . .14      characteristics.
Coming and Going . . . . .15           Traveling the Byways, roadways
Calendar . . . . . . . . . . . . .16   with stories to tell, is exactly what
                                       today’s educated and very busy
                                       travelers want to do when they get
                                       away for leisure. The ability to
                                       explore a new landscape and learn
                                       about its story lets travelers take
                                       their minds off work, the only way       In 1874 James Buchanan Eads completed the Eads Bridge, which is located along the Historic
                                                                                National Road in Illinois. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the Eads Bridge was
                                       that busy people can have a true         the first across the Mississippi River below the Missouri River, the first to rely heavily on steel, and
Published in cooperation               leisure experience. As a result,         the first to use cantilever construction. Today the Eads Bridge is open to vehicle traffic during the
with the Federal Highway               pleasure driving to explore              week and open to pedestrians and bicycles on weekends. Credit: Photo by Lyle Kruger
Administration by:                     America’s byways and backroads
America’s BywaysTM                     ranks very high on the preference
Resource Center                        list of modern travelers.
                                                                                Traveling the Byways, roadways with stories
Arrowhead Regional
                                       For many of these travelers, coordi-
                                                                                to tell, is exactly what today’s educated and
Development Commission
                                       nating the elements of a successful      very busy travelers want to do when they
227 West First Street
Suite 610                              trip to an unfamiliar location poses     get away for leisure.
Duluth, MN 55802                       a challenge. They don’t have time
1-800-4BYWAYS, Ext. 5                  to seek accurate driving directions,
                                       find activities along the way, make      Enticing more travelers to take trips                 want to take a trip. Each of these
                                       hotel reservations at exactly the        on America’s Byways will require                      experiences will include the same
                                       right places or coordinate all of the    that individual Byways put together                   basic elements that make it easy
                                       disparate pieces into one seamless       cohesive experiences that buyers                      for travelers to enjoy the Byway.
                                       experience that fits into the            can take “off the shelf” when they
                                       available time away.
                                                                                                                           From Byways To Buyers continues on pg. 2
    National                               or believe they are making a            diverse interests of people and          We are responsible to one
     Scenic                                valued contribution to the larger
                                           entity. Surveys about personal
                                                                                   businesses in the area? Do you
                                                                                   reach out, listen to, and talk
                                                                                                                            another. Grassroots, community-
                                                                                                                            based leadership is the guiding
    Byways                                 beliefs indicate people are looking     with underrepresented groups?            principle for the National Scenic
    Program                                to connect with something bigger        Do your organization’s vision,           Byways Program. An essential
     Notes                                 than ourselves. You and your            goals and plans for the Byway            factor in the merit-based selection
                                           Byway are part of something             complement the communities’              of projects funded under the
                                           bigger: America’s Byways.               expectations? Community                  Program is each Byway’s and
                                           A State byway coordinator               support should not be taken              State’s responsibility for ranking
    Rob Draper                                                                     for granted. Rather it should be         and priorities. Conversely, the
    Director                               shared with us recently that one
    National Scenic Byways Program         of the main messages to their           sought, nurtured and embraced            greatest threat to the grassroots
                                           Byway leaders is “being one of          to create and sustain a broad            nature of this Program is
                                           America’s Byways is a privilege.”       coalition for the Byway.                 Congressional earmarking of
    I’m excited and challenged to          What a powerful message!                We are responsible to future             National Scenic Byways Program
    be in a direct leadership role                                                 generations. How will you                funds for specific projects or
                                           Privilege brings responsibility.                                                 statewide projects. Once ear-
    again for the National Scenic                                                  sustain your Byway? What
                                           First and foremost, we are                                                       marking is on the table, any
    Byways Program and America’s                                                   resources or sites need to be
                                           responsible to visitors. Are maps,                                               project is game regardless of its
    BywaysTM. The year 2004 marks                                                  protected or preserved? How
                                           brochures, or wayfinding signs                                                   relationship to a byway. One of
    a new era for Byways. I fully                                                  successful have you been in
                                           available so people know they’re                                                 the main rationales for pursuing
    expect Congress to reauthorize                                                 tapping multiple funding
                                           on the Byway and where to                                                        or accepting an offer to earmark
    the Program; then the Federal                                                  sources for Byway projects?
                                           find the treasured places to                                                     scenic byways funds is “everyone
    Highway Administration will                                                    How successful is your Byway
                                           experience? Is interpretive                                                      does it.” Didn’t our mothers
    open a new round of nomina-                                                    organization in attracting new,
                                           information available about your                                                 dispense of this notion in
    tions for America’s Byways.                                                    committed volunteers or partners?
                                           Byway’s stories? Does it engage                                                  adolescence?
    We will continue to strengthen                                                 Will your byway be better in
                                           people? Does it incorporate
    the National Scenic Byways                                                     10 years? 100 years? Designation         You and your Byway are part
                                           simple graphics or illustrations?
    Program. The America’s Byways                                                  as one of America’s Byways is a          of something bigger, part of a
                                           Visitors intrigued by your Byway
    Resource Center is offering five                                               wonderful accomplishment. A              nationally designated collection
                                           will want to return, then visit
    regional training workshops to                                                 time to celebrate, reflect and           that is America’s Byways. Your
                                           other Byways. Local residents
    help you—the Byway leaders—                                                    look ahead. Do your best to              leadership spawns a collection
                                           will gain a new sense of pride
    expand and sharpen your skills                                                 hold onto the passion that has           of Byways offering diverse,
                                           as they learn more about what’s
    to sustain your Byway and your                                                 energized your success thus far.         authentic experiences for Byway
                                           special nearby. They’ll reconnect.
    Byway organization.                                                            Use the designation to energize          visitors, residents along your
                                           Some will be inspired to commit
    For me, the end of a year is a         their time and energy to the            new partners and funding                 Byway, and future generations.
    time to reflect. The beginning, a      Byway.                                  sources. As you face challenges          It is a privilege to work with
    time to look ahead. Workplace                                                  day-in and day-out, remember             you in carrying out our shared
                                           We are responsible to communities       what will make a difference to           responsibilities for Byways. 5
    surveys tell us that people want
                                           along the Byway. Does your              your children along the Byway.
    to feel part of something bigger
                                           Byway organization reflect the

    From Byways to Buyers continued from pg. 1

    Selecting Appropriate Themes           methods, as in the Historic             suggested stops. The Byways also         will likely want to allow for visits.
    Travelers seek experiences that        National Road and the Arroyo            determine the sequence of the            Driving distances and the sequence
    best match their interests. Some       Seco Parkway Scenic Byway. Some         stops along the roadway. This basic      of stops are also important factors.
    are keen on the Civil War, some        Byways can have many themes,            tool, referred to as the traveler’s      Visitors can feel overwhelmed
    are interested in Native American      while others have only one or two.      “itinerary,” forms the foundation        when they attempt to visit more
    heritage, and others prefer Colonial   The most interesting themes are         of each driving trip that will           than four major attractions in any
    American history. A good number        selected by compiling a list of like    be offered.                              given day. If at all feasible, organize
    of travelers want to explore Byways    resources along the Byway to            Developing Effective                     the stops so that the story develops
    to enjoy the best scenery, history,    determine the combination that          Itineraries                              as travelers progress through the
    natural areas, culture, and other      best features the most important        Effective itineraries include several    day. This delivers the best story
    intrinsic qualities.                   intrinsic qualities of the Byway.       elements that are important to           line. Remember, most travelers can
    To most effectively present poten-     Each theme then becomes the             travelers. First, the selected           bear about 100 miles during a
    tial experiences to travelers, each    basis of a “story/itinerary,” which,    activities need to have a strong         “leisure” driving day. More than
    Byway should begin by selecting its    if developed correctly, will “unfold”   relationship to the theme, so that       that, and driving becomes drudgery
    best “themes.” Themes for Byway        as travelers take the trip.             the travelers are learning the best      rather than enjoyable meandering.
    trips can range from Amish her-        After the themes have been              story. Each of the selected activities   Itineraries for Byways can often
    itage (Ohio Amish Country              determined, Byways can select           and inclusions must have regular,        extend over a period of three or
    National Scenic Byway) and the         the strongest ones to serve as the      published hours during which             four days, or in the case of the
    ancients of southwestern America       basis of the travel experiences and     travelers can count on them being        Ohio River Scenic Route, over
    (San Juan Skyway), to historic or      begin to define the actual driving      open. It’s also important to let         multiple destinations, each with
    salient construction and design        routes that will reach each of the      travelers know about how long they       distinct itineraries.

                                                                                                                    From Byways to Buyers continues on pg. 3
From Byways to Buyers continued from pg. 2

This view of the Arroyo Seco Parkway from atop Elysian Park showcases the Figueroa Tunnels and a view of the Los Angeles skyline. Credit: Photo by Steve Devorkin of Caltrans

Telling Your Byway’s Story                       correctly articulated. Travelers who             travel, they must call each of the               Most of the customers of Byway
Itineraries aren’t enough for the                don’t get lost in a rural area will              suggested accommodations to find                 itineraries and packages are ages 35
target travelers. They will also want            return home telling their friends                out if rooms are available and                   to 65. They are “babyboomers”
to learn and understand the Byway                about the great experience they                  make hotel reservations. They                    who are educated, interested and
story, because that’s what engages               had. Returning home after being                  must compare their planned                       leave their children at home.
the mind in a new experience.                    lost, they will concentrate on                   arrivals with the operating times                Packages work, because they pro-
The Byway story is best told by                  telling the story of the lack of                 and days of suggested museums,                   vide what travelers want to experi-
introducing the overall theme and                directions instead.                              attractions, historic sites, visitors            ence without the time-consuming
intrinsic qualities of the roadway               Complementing the                                centers, interpretation locations                planning.
first, complemented with informa-                Experience with                                  and activities. If too many impor-               The benefits of developing
tion about each of the suggested                 Accommodations                                   tant stops are not open on the days              complete itineraries and even
stops, including the reason that a               The location and quality of accom-               they have free to travel, travelers              “packaging” Byways are many.
particular stop has been included.               modations that you recommend                     may lay the trip aside and plan to               Travelers leave home with a
                                                 with each itinerary are critical to              take it later. Or, they may find                 complete trip laid out, accurate
Assembling Accurate                                                                               another completely different trip to
Driving Directions                               experience success. The scenery                                                                   driving directions and accommo-
                                                 can be great, but if the hotel or inn            take, leaving the locations, sites               dations. All work to lower their
Unless each itinerary and story is                                                                and businesses along the Byway
supplemented with accurate driving               is a mess, the traveler will remem-                                                               stress when traveling in unfamiliar
                                                 ber the experience as a bad one. In              with fewer patrons.                              places, delivering a much more
directions, travelers must locate the
stops or featured descriptions on                fact, more than just a hotel, today’s            Assembling a complete Byway                      satisfying experience. The towns
their own, an activity that can be               travelers respond to “destination                travel experience into a “package,”              and villages along the way receive
a frustrating process—especially in              distinctive” historic accommoda-                 including an itinerary, story, pre-              new guests staying at their inns,
rural areas. None of the automated               tions, the quality of which, unless              paid accommodations, tickets to                  eating in restaurants and visiting
systems to obtain driving directions             selected very carefully, can vary                museums, historic sites and attrac-              area attractions. As visitors create
on the Internet is completely                    dramatically.                                    tions, and accurate driving direc-               economic impact with their
accurate; the farther off the beaten             “Packaging” the                                  tions, and complementing the                     dollars, they enjoy their hassle-free
path one gets, the less likely that              Whole Experience                                 information with restaurant sugges-              experience. For places located off
accurate directions can be obtained              Until now, most Byways that have                 tions, emergency information and                 the beaten path, these new guests
from Web sources.                                developed travel experiences                     other useful materials, is a task that           may translate into jobs.
                                                 stopped here, feeling that travelers             the American Travel Center and
Byways that want to treat their                                                                   similar companies have taken on
travelers right will take the time to            had enough information to enjoy
                                                 the Byways. However, that still                  to serve both Byways and travelers.
create accurate driving directions,                                                               One-stop shopping lets travelers
even if someone actually has to                  leaves travelers with a lot of work
                                                 to do before they take a trip. After             purchase all of the elements of
drive the roads to make certain                                                                   their trip as a “package”—at
that each stop and turn has been                 they’ve determined their dates of
                                                                                                  one time.

                                                                                                                                       From Byways to Buyers continues on pg. 13
                                                                                                             Position vs.

                                                A common response to conflict            Position vs. Interest –                  Address Conflict!
    F   orming . . . Storming . . .
        Norming . . . Performing.
    A now-familiar model of team
                                                is to simply pretend it doesn’t exist.
                                                As long as some work continues to
                                                                                         What’s the Difference?
                                                                                         When focusing on positions,
                                                                                                                                  The elephant in the living room
                                                                                                                                  metaphor provides a helpful
    development introduced by Bruce             get done and a group can reasonably      people are thinking mainly about         reminder of why conflict
    Tuckman in 1965 provides a                  report that it’s moving forward, a       what has already been decided and        management is important and
    reminder that conflict is a normal          sort of uneasy coexistence may be        what they want. It’s a discussion        best done on an ongoing basis.
    part of team development. For most          maintained. The recent publication       about the end result without regard      When conflicts arise that aren’t
    groups, storming is the most difficult      from America’s Byways Resource           to how that decision was reached.        acknowledged or addressed, they
    stage to be in and get through; many        Center, Making the Grassroots Grow:      If there is disagreement about the       sit right in the middle of everything
    groups revisit this stage when              Building and Maintaining Effective       expected result, the discussion will     and wait to be noticed. They may
    members and tasks change.                   Byway Organizations, includes a          stay stuck at that point as the two      even grow and have increasingly
    Conflict takes many shapes and may          section on managing conflict. In one     sides build up arguments designed        negative influence on the relation-
    seem big and important or small and         model of conflict management, the        to defend their positions.               ships and work of a group.
    trivial. Knowing that disagreements         text describes shifting from positions   Putting some work into focusing on       Take some time to think about
    are a normal part of group work is          to interests.                            the interests will allow people to       having those hard conversations.
    just the initial step toward relationship   A group that wants to build strong       think about the needs, wants, desires,   Start with a few open-ended
    building. How to get to the root of a       working relationships will recognize     concerns and expectations that           questions that demonstrate you are
    problem and work out an agreement           that conflict is part of the deal.       went into arriving at the position.      curious and open to learning how
    is something most of us face every          Brainstorming, prioritizing,             If there is some understanding on        others arrived at their positions.
    day in different areas of our profes-       developing work plans and making         why a position is held, dialog can       What interests do each side hold
    sional, volunteer and personal lives.       decisions all have the potential of      occur to assure that both parties        that support their positions? When
    We all have an image of what it             involving some sort of conflict.         involved understand and have             you use interests as the starting
    means to take a position on an idea         Placing a focus on the interests of      agreement on the final outcome.          point, reaching a position that is
    or decision. Indeed, we expect that         those involved can lead in the           Interests are the information and        agreeable to all parties may get
    people will do just that and even           direction of getting through             data that go into the position, and      through the conflict with a stronger
    defend their position when it is            each conflict with an increased          understanding that information gives     organization as a result.
    challenged. We may take a different         understanding of how to be               the people involved more information     That’s better than digging in your
    position and ask questions or make          effective as a group.                    to work with and more options to         heels or living with that elephant! 5
    statements in an attempt to present                                                  choose from.
    our own view. Which, of course,
    leads to conflict.


 It takes careful thought and practice to manage conflict either between two individuals
 or among members of a group. Here are some basic points to keep in mind when you
 step into the world of conflict management from an interests point of view.

 • Don’t bargain over             • Focus on the interest, not        • Insist on objective, factual      overwhelming vote to
   positions. When you do,          on positions. Take time to          criteria and information.         proceed had a hidden
   people tend to dig in their      list the concerns, wants, needs     While you don’t want to           saboteur. There are several
   heels and get defensive.         and desires of each side of the     ignore or casually dismiss        examples of group decision-
   You’ll lose the interests of     conflict, and there may be          people’s feelings, decision       making models in the
   those involved and the           more than two. Work from            making in any business-like       Grassroots publication.
   options for other right          that list and find what each        setting needs to be based on     • Follow-up. Be certain that
   answers.                         side has in common as well as       criteria that can be measured      things are going according to
 • Separate the people from         the deal-breaker points.            and documented. Table an           plan. Whether you need to
   the problem. It’s important    • Explore options and                 agenda item to collect data        check in once or many times
   to describe the problem          alternatives for solutions.         if needed, especially if money     will depend on the importance
   and find the root cause.         Take some time here. People’s       and/or jobs are involved.          of the decision, the history
   Personalities, past failures     needs are complicated and         • Arrive at a solution.              of the group and the level
   and holding grudges will         even if you can’t meet              At this point, before              of trust built between group
   get you no further along         them all, respectfully              implementation begins, use         members. For current and
   the path.                        acknowledging them is critical.     the decision-making process        future projects, it’s important
                                    Test each possible option           your group has agreed upon         to be sure the solution and
                                    along side your group’s             and test for solid agreement       implementation meets
                                    mission and vision.                 among all involved. You            the interests that were
                                                                        don’t want to find out later       agreed upon.
                                                                        that what seemed like an

      Driving the Byway

    A1A Scenic & Historic
    Coastal Highway, Florida
    Byway Length:                          In 1938, the world’s first underwater
    71 miles                               motion picture studio was
                                           constructed along this corridor.
    Driving Time:                          Creature from the Black Lagoon
    2-3 hours                              and Revenge of the Creature were
    Designations:                          filmed at this studio. After World
    Florida Scenic Highway                 War II, the studio became a
    (2001-2002)                            “watering hole” for literary icons
                                           such as Ernest Hemingway,
    National Scenic Byway (2002)           Thornton Wilder and Marjorie
    Unique Features:                       Kinnan Rawlins. Now known as
    It’s a remnant of “Old Florida.”       Marineland, the oceanarium is
                                           listed on the National Register
    Paralleling a coastal barrier island   of Historic Places.
    and the Atlantic coast, A1A
    Scenic & Historic Coastal              Today’s travelers and residents
    Highway offers breathtaking views      enjoy a wide array of recreational
    of the Atlantic Ocean and the          opportunities, including bird
    Intracoastal Waterway. Stretching      watching, wildlife viewing, boating,
    between Ponte Vedra Beach (the         biking, golf, tennis, nature hikes,
    northern gateway) and Flagler          scuba diving, swimming and surf
    Beach (the southern gateway), the      fishing. Some of the best waves in
    corridor abounds with white sandy      Florida attract people from all over
    beaches, traditional beachside         the southeast to these beaches.         Residents and visitors enjoy extensive access to the beach along the A1A. Lots of places here invite
                                           History enthusiasts can witness         you to kick off your shoes and walk in the sand.
    communities, ample recreational
    adventures and history dating back     historical reenactments, visit a
                                           lighthouse, tour historic forts,        Organization:                                       FDOT provides an unusually
    before the birth of this country.                                              Prior to earning National Scenic                    high level of support for the state’s
                                           visit the world’s first oceanarium at
                                                                                   Byway designation, three separate                   grassroots state scenic highway
                                                                                   state scenic highway corridor                       organizations. In addition to
    Today’s travelers and residents enjoy a wide                                   management entities (CMEs)                          State Scenic Highways Program
                                                                                   existed along the corridor:                         Manager Mariano Berrios, eight
    array of recreational opportunities, including                                 (1) the A1A Ocean Shore,                            district scenic highways coordinators
    bird watching, wildlife viewing, boating,                                      (2) the A1A River & Sea Trail,                      offer assistance to local byway
    biking, golf, tennis, nature hikes, scuba diving,                              and (3) the Scenic & Historic                       groups throughout the state.
                                                                                   A1A. The groups realized there                      In Florida, these groups may be
    swimming and surf fishing.                                                     were benefits in working together                   referred to as a CAG (corridor
                                                                                   to preserve and enhance the entire                  advocacy group), a CME (corridor
    People have been traveling and                                                 corridor. Today, a 10-member board                  management entity) or a CMC
                                           Marineland and explore many
    living in this area for more than                                              oversees coordination of efforts                    (corridor management council).
                                           other sites listed on the National
    7,000 years. Over 50 archaeological                                            along the A1A Scenic & Historic                     The A1A Scenic & Historic
                                           Register of Historic Places.
    sites have been documented along                                               Coastal Highway. Non-voting                         Coastal Highway spans two state
                                           Environmentalists will find
    the A1A corridor; some date back                                               representatives from the Florida                    highway districts, which means
                                           significant resources along the
    to 5000 B.C. Many people believe                                               Department of Transportation                        that the group has access to the
                                           corridor—estuarine marshes,
    Ponce de Leon landed here in                                                   (FDOT), Flagler County and                          technical services of two FDOT
                                           unique coastal vegetation and
    1513 on his quest to find the                                                  St. Johns County support the                        district scenic highway coordinators.
                                           important wildlife habitat. A
    “Fountain of Youth.” And it was        number of federal, state and local      board. The board also receives                      The CME of A1A is currently
    here that the sixteenth-century        parks can be found along the route.     valuable help from a volunteer                      exploring the formation of a
    Spaniards established St. Augustine,                                           legal advisor.                                      501(c)3 nonprofit organization to
    the first continuously occupied        Visitors and residents recognize
                                                                                                                                       be able to access a broader range
    European settlement in what is         that this is a special place and
                                                                                                                                       of funding sources.
    now the United States.                 they are working hard to keep
                                           it that way.
                                                                                                       A1A Scenic & Historic Coastal Highway continues on pg. 7
A1A Scenic & Historic Coastal Highway continued from pg. 6

Preserving the Corridor:                             • The Overlay District idea quick-
There is a shared concern along                        ly caught on in this fast-growing
A1A about preserving the intrinsic                     area. Now each of the St. Johns
qualities of this special place. An                    County coastal communities
unprecedented wave of growth and                       have Overlay District regula-
development threatens the corridor’s                   tions, which address similar
distinctive environmental, cultural                    types of categories with slightly
and recreational resources. The                        different requirements. Each
“beach town” character of cities                       Overlay District has either a
along the corridor is being altered.                   Design Review Board (DRB) or
Realizing that growth cannot be                        an Architectural Review
stopped, residents are taking action                   Committee (ARC) that meets
to ensure that development is                          as needed (usually once per
consistent with the hopes and                          month) to review all develop-
aspirations of Byway communities.                      ment plans for compliance.
Many of the Byway projects                           • The Overlay District concept
and initiatives are focused on                         continued to move south into
stewardship along the corridor.                        Flagler County. There, an Interim
Here are several examples:                             Development Ordinance (IDO)               The Town of Marineland is a small environmentally sensitive coastal community that promotes
                                                                                                 the coexistence between people and nature. The community consists of 160 acres and has only
• In 1997, the northern-most                           was completed in just seven               12 year-round residents. The Town of Marineland wants eco-tourism to be its calling card.
   community in St. Johns County,                      months as an emergency                    The Town is becoming a major science research, education and nature center that aids in the
   Ponte Vedra, adopted the first                      protection until a full Overlay           conservation of biologically diverse and important marine areas and species.

   Overlay District on SR A1A.                         Zoning District could be enacted.
                                                       The IDO was the result of                 • Residents, city and county staff              Contacts:
   This Overlay District establishes
                                                       extensive volunteer and in-kind             and elected officials, and FDOT               Charles Helm, Chair, A1A Ocean
   special land development
                                                       efforts of residents, local businesses,     have created a one-of-a-kind,                 Shore CAG, 300 S. Central
   regulations above and beyond
                                                       developers and the county.                  19-mile bicycle and pedestrian                Avenue, Suite 102, PO Box 328,
   the zoning requirements. Both
                                                       The ordinance can be accessed               corridor abutting the beach.                  Flagler Beach, Florida 32136;
   commercial and multi-family
                                                       at                   This coastal path (developed                  Phone: 368-439-1627;
   residential uses located within
                                                       A1Acounty.htm.                              with ISTEA funds) is the                      Fax: 368-439-8427;
   600 feet of the outer edge of
                                                                                                   longest of its type in the country. 
   the right-of-way (ROW) are                        • Through the Florida Department
   required to comply with special                     of Environmental Protection               • In 2003, St. Johns County                     Anne Wilson, Chair, Scenic A1A
   architectural, site design,                         (DEP), St. Johns County has                 passed a countywide Greenway,                 PRIDE, 5750 N. Oceanshore
   landscape buffers, parking,                         been ranked eligible to receive             Blueway & Trails Master Plan,                 Boulevard, Palm Coast, Florida
   signage, landscape criteria, tree                   state funding for acquisition of            which incorporates all the                    32137; Phone: 386-439-3130;
   protection and lighting require-                    all the vacant land on both sides           A1A Scenic & Historic Coastal                 Fax: 386-439-2253;
   ments according to the adopted                      of the Intracoastal Waterway                Highway designation as well         
   ordinance.                                          through St. Johns County. The               as various other protective                   Barbara Jenness, Chair, Scenic &
                                                       Intracoastal Waterway forms the             programs in the county.                       Historic A1A, 4300 Coastal
                                                       western boundary of this coastal          • In February 2003, a seven-day                 Highway, St. Augustine, Florida
                                                       scenic Byway. In May 2002, the              planning and design charrette                 32084; Phone: 904-823-0027;
                                                       Elected State Officials, DEP, the           was held in Flagler County.                   Fax: 904-823-0028;
                                                       St. Johns Water Management                  Over 110 citizens turned out to      5
                                                       District, and residents celebrated          offer their ideas and visions on
                                                       the purchase of 8,500 acres,                the future of the A1A corridor.
                                                       the largest parcel of land within           With this information in hand,
                                                       the boundary area. This land                consultants from Treasure
                                                       purchase, know as the Matanzas              Coast Regional Planning
                                                       Marsh, protects five continuous             Council developed a “Citizen’s
                                                       miles along the Intracoastal and            Master Plan” to address zoning,
                                                       protects Scenic & Historic                  landscaping and architectural
                                                       A1A’s southern viewshed.                    design guidelines.
                                                     • In 2002, Flagler County                   • An Interpretive Planning Group
                                                       residents overwhelmingly                    has been formed to work on
The City of St. Augustine (pop. 12,000) is a           approved expanding a property               Byway interpretation. The group              The Flagler County Scenic A1A PRIDE (Promoting
popular Byway destination. Founded in 1565, it
is the oldest continuously occupied city in the        tax program for the purchase of             is recruiting new stakeholders               Rational Integration of Development and
                                                                                                                                                Environment) committee recognizes local
United States. An estimated 6.2 million annual         environmentally sensitive land              for an Interpretive Committee,               businesses and organizations that are working
visitors enjoy the community’s famous historic,                                                    defining interpretive themes,
cultural and scenic resources. Maintaining a bal-
                                                       along the corridor. The bond                                                             to preserve the scenic and historic character
                                                       will generate an estimated                  and outlining a “beyond the                  of the Byway. Here, Anne Wilson presents a
ance between the needs of visitors and resi-                                                                                                    “Community Partner Award” to Derek Fawkes,
dents is an ongoing challenge. The City of St.         $6.7 million.                               sign” approach to education.                 president and CEO of Milestone Land Co., Inc.,
Augustine prides itself as a historic center and                                                                                                for the company’s sensitively designed renovation
has established strict historic preservation ordi-                                                                                              of a former church along A1A. Framed plaques
nances and building standards for renovation                                                                                                    show a photo of the project and an inscription
and construction on new structures.                                                                                                             from the Byway.

    Creating an Annual Report for
    Your Byway: Florida Byways Go Online
    By George Harnden, A1A Scenic & Historic Coastal Byway
    Editor’s Note: The following article describes one way that your Byway can create an annual report, based on the experience of the Florida scenic byway groups.
    For more ideas, please contact the America’s Byways Resource Center.

                                             Learning from                            The Scenic Highway Annual                     In 1994, the Florida Department
    I t’s that time of year. Families
      prepare annual holiday and
    New Year letters. Nonprofit
                                             Florida’s Example
                                             In Florida, scenic byway groups
                                                                                      Report has its origin in the history
                                                                                      of the scenic highway program in
                                                                                                                                    of Transportation (FDOT) received
                                                                                                                                    a National Scenic Byways Grant
    organizations prepare reports to         (Corridor Management Entities or         the state of Florida. The designation         from the Federal Highway
    stakeholders. Businesses prepare         CMEs) are completing their annual        of scenic highways in the state of            Administration to develop the
    corporate annual reports. It’s time      reports online. The Florida Scenic       Florida was started in 1993, when             Florida Scenic Highways Program.
    to look back and look ahead. Back        Highways Program (FSHP) has              the legislature passed Florida                To ensure that the goals of the
    at the year that has just ended,         completed the creation and testing       Statute Section 335.093. The                  state’s scenic highway program were
    and ahead at the year to come.           of the FSHP Annual Report Web            purpose of this legislation was to            realized, the FDOT developed an
    Annual reports can be great tools        site. On a state and local level,        identify and preserve the intrinsic           annual reporting process in 2001.
    for your Byway organization, too!        FSHP participants and staff will         qualities of scenic, cultural and
    They can be a powerful way to:           be able to keep a historical record      historic corridors in Florida.
                                             of pertinent scenic highway
    • communicate not just your              information and generate reports
                                                                                                    Creating an Annual Report for Your Byway continues on pg. 9
      activities, but your accomplish-       on an annual or multi-year basis.
      ments during the past year;
                                             The report includes updates to
    • get people excited about your          the Corridor Management Plan’s
      organizational objectives for          goals and objectives, challenges
      the coming year;
                                             experienced throughout the year,
    • help you raise money by attracting     economic data, and potential
      new donors and convincing              awarded-funding opportunities.
      existing supporters that their         The report also provides a means
      funds are being well spent;
                                             for the CME to closely examine
    • educate community leaders and          the goals, objectives, and strategies
      influential decision makers about      to see if the organization is still
      your work on important issues;
                                             relevant or whether it needs to
    • recognize special people, including    be updated to better protect the
      donors and volunteers; and             intrinsic resources of the corridor.
    • serve as a historical record of        Some projects may have been
      your progress.                         completed and can be replaced            Florida’s scenic byways use a Web-based       Byways complete 11 report sections. They
                                                                                      format to create an annual report for their   may also add photographs and scanned
                                             with new goals that help to curb         byways. Credit: Carter & Burgess, Inc.        images that enhance their annual reports
                                             unplanned development.                                                                 and help to tell their byways’ stories.
                                                                                                                                    Credit: Carter & Burgess, Inc.

    The Florida Scenic Highway Annual Report has eleven sections:
    1) Instructions – Describes where        4) Goals, Objectives and                 6) Funding – Gives a summary of               9) Problem Areas – Discusses
       to find the data to be entered           Strategies – Explores how                funding needs and problems.                   problems the CME has
       into the report and how the              effective the goals, objectives          This section also lists when new              encountered.
       data is used.                            and strategies of the Corridor           funding will be received and               10) Other Issues – Presents new
    2) Photographs – Provides the               Management Plan have been                how it will be used.                         material not discussed in
       capability to upload photos to           and whether some have                 7) Measuring Success – Outlines                 earlier sections.
       enhance the information in               been completed or need to                the benefits of scenic highway
                                                be modified. Also, have new                                                         11) Attachments – Allows
       the other sections.                                                               designation. It uses inputted                scanned newspaper articles or
                                                ordinances, policies and/or              data to measure the success of
    3) Corridor Conditions –                    regulations been proposed or                                                          other paper notices concerning
       Analyzes the condition of                                                         the CME in attracting visitors               events about the highway to
                                                issued locally that affect the           to the scenic highway.
       the intrinsic resources of               goals of the CME?                                                                     be included in the report.
       the byway. Have they been                                                      8) Local Government
       improved by enhancement               5) Community Participation                  Comprehensive Plan
       projects, or degraded by                 Program – Discusses the                  Relationship – Discusses the
       uncontrolled development?                effectiveness of the CME public          integration of the Corridor
                                                meetings and important issues            Management Plan into the local
                                                discussed at the meetings.               government Comprehensive
                                                                                         Land Use Plan.

Creating an Annual Report for Your Byway continued from pg. 8

                                                                                           Measuring Success
                                                                                           Numerical data can measure the                An Annual Report
                                                                                           success of the CME effort to draw        Seven questions to help you
                                                                                           tourists to the scenic byway. The        get started:
                                                                                           numerical data shows population          1. How can we use an annual report
                                                                                           changes, traffic increases, tourist         to serve our organization? Can
                                                                                           increases, retail sales and gasoline        we create a annual letter or
                                                                                           sales. The state or county data             report to reach our stakeholders?
                                                                                           bank becomes the source of these         2. Who do we need to reach and
                                                                                           data, accessed either from the              for what purpose?
                                                                                           Internet or by a text source. Florida    3. What do we want readers to do
                                                                                           uses the University of Florida              as a result of reading our report
                                                                                           Bureau of Economic and Business             (offer support, partner, volunteer,
                                                                                           Research’s (BEBR) Florida County            give funding, etc.)?
                                                                                           Rankings text and several state          4. What results and accomplish-
                                                                                           Web sites to supply these data for          ments should we highlight
                                                                                           the “Measuring Success” section of          from the past year?
                                                                                           the report. The report also requests     5. How can we tell a compelling
                                                                                           a list of new businesses and a list of      story? Can we include
Each year, Florida byways analyze their intrinsic qualities as part of an annual report.   new developments along the                  photographs, artwork, stories
                                                                                           byway. A new-businesses list can            about volunteers, quotes
Forming a Committee                                 writing the report. Use months         usually be obtained from the local          from partners or anecdotes
What’s involved in creating the                     as a scale, and point out the          government occupational license             from community leaders?
annual report? Our starting point                   year’s events affecting the scenic     list. The real estate section of the     6. Who can help us prepare the
was to form a committee within                      highway and when they occur.           local paper may help to list new            annual report? Do we know
the CME devoted to the annual                       Include new construction, major        developments, or contact the real           people with skills in writing,
report task, and we started holding                 meetings, important public events      estate sales people concerned. It           computer technology, proof-
meetings. One person on our                         and legislation written or enacted.    also may help to review the data            reading, organizational
committee had to have good                          This gets one thinking about how       from last year’s report to see how          history, photography, and
computer skills because uploading                   and when events occurred during        much has changed during the year            graphic design?
data into the Web site required                     the year. After sketching, the time    before starting to write the report.     7. How will the report be printed
interacting with the Internet. Also,                line can be copied on a larger sheet                                               and distributed?
scanning and preparing pictures and                 or computerized to provide a guide     Putting It All Together
newspaper articles required photo                   to what happened during the year.      Once the data are collected and the
editing and a scanner. Another                                                             written sections are assigned, begin     Whether your report is distributed
                                                    Other important items of data are      putting together the annual report.
member needed to serve as the                                                                                                       on the Internet, through the mail,
                                                    newspaper articles that appeared       This part of the task is similar to
CME historian—someone who had                                                                                                       or in person, don’t miss this oppor-
                                                    during the year. These can be          the process used to generate the
a good knowledge of happenings                                                                                                      tunity to update your stakeholders
                                                    cut out and stored in a folder, or     Corridor Management Plan. To
during the year. A third member                                                                                                     on your progress and possibilities!
                                                    scanned and stored on disk.            make the job easier, the report is
would be the CME secretary, who                                                                                                     Take advantage of this annual
                                                    The articles may cover major           created off-line using a word
could provide minutes taken at                                                                                                      milestone to produce a tool that
                                                    construction along the corridor,       processor. The off-line report
CME meetings during the year.                                                                                                       can advance your organization’s
                                                    meetings, memorable events and         includes all the questions asked by      goals and objectives.
Our committee meetings also                         legislation. The real estate section   the Web site. If there are limitations
included a government representa-                   of the local newspaper can be very     on the size (number of characters)       References
tive from the county planning                       useful in describing new housing or    of the response to the Web site, the
department. This person helped                      commercial developments along                                                   1. AECOM Consulting
                                                                                           off-line work is the place to solve         Transportation Group,
identify and obtain county data                     the byway. The newspaper articles      these problems. Photo editing can
and knew whether the county                         may be added as attachments to                                                     “Measuring Success,” Prepared
                                                                                           be done off-line to create photo            for FDOT, March 2002.
government had completed a task at                  the annual report.                     files (.jpg preferred) that are of a
a certain time. Our committee then                  A third item of importance             small byte size, making uploading        2. Carter & Burgess, Inc, “Florida
assigned writing and data gathering                 includes minutes of meetings held      easier. Copy-and-paste commands             Scenic Highway Program Status
tasks to each of the members and set                by the CME or its committees.          convert the word-processor-based            Report,” Prepared for FDOT,
up a meeting schedule to get the                    These can be kept in a folder or       annual report into the Web site             January 2003.
report done on time.                                stored on computer disk. Your          annual report.                           Note: George Harnden is an active
Gathering Data                                      CME may also have recordings of        Taking a Final Look                      member of the Florida A1A Scenic &
Gathering data during the year is                   meetings held during the year.         Review and completion of the             Historic Coastal Byway. He can be
very important and can make the                     Use these to review the happenings     annual report is an important            reached at P.O. Box 456, Flagler
work of preparing the Annual                        of the year and explain topics         phase. The review involves county        Beach, Florida 32136. 5
Report a lot easier. One very                       discussed at the meetings. Photos      or city staff, and legal staff of the
important starting point is to use a                of events that occurred during the     CME examining a printed version
time line of important events that                  year are important. These need to      of the Web site report to be sure
occur during the year. This type of                 be photo-edited to make the file       the printed version downloads
diagram from History 101 can be                     smaller for easier uploading.          properly.
used as a constant reference while

     Evaluating and Updating
     Your Byway Marketing Plan
                                                                                     While Alaska’s Marine Highway doesn’t update its
                                                                                     marketing plan more than once a year, the Byway
                                                                                     group does look at it as a “living document”–one
                                                                                     that’s flexible enough to embrace any opportunity
                                                                                     that may come along. For example, the members
                                                                                     check the schedule to see how they can make
                                                                                     special sailings out of a standard trip. As a result,
                                                                                     they Sail-abrated their Byway Designation with
                                                                                     One-Day Getaways that created great visibility for
                                                                                     the Byway and an economic hit for the towns
                                                                                     they visited (especially the one with the golf
                                                                                     course and the six-hour layover!). Undoubtedly,
                                                                                     Byways that can be driven provide endless
                                                                                     opportunities for similar undertakings, whether as
                                                                                     day trips, weekend trips or even week-long trips.
                                                                                     In the end, it’s less about “marketing” and more
                                                                                     about “partnering” with the entities along your
                                                                                     Byway to create greater awareness for it–and
                                                                                     them, too! Credit: Courtesy of Art Sutch

                                             For many Byways, looking back                                                                   Evaluating your efforts can also
     T    he heart of winter is not
          typically a time to think about
     marketing (unless your Byway is
                                             can yield many mini-marketing
                                             goals that were targeted at
                                                                                       For many Byways,                                      give your Byway something to
                                                                                                                                             brag about when reaching out for
     a snow destination). However,           different audiences. Perhaps                                                                    support for new projects. If your
     it is a great time to update your       your Byway was working on                    looking back                                       Byway was able to help that same
     marketing plan for the coming           some local community well-being                                                                 visitor bureau with a map, start a
     season. More importantly, it is a       issues that required a public              can yield many                                       template for interpretation and
     time to take stock in what you did      relations campaign to local                                                                     yielded a number of hits on a Web
     the year before, how good the           community leaders. That same               mini-marketing                                       site about the area, then why not
     results were and what you would         Byway may have also been                                                                        report this in an annual report to
     change or adjust next time.             working with the visitors bureau           goals that were                                      all your stakeholders? This is a
     Byway groups continually balance        to develop a brochure for travelers                                                             nice way to show what you have
     a variety of projects, priorities and   as well as finalizing an interpretive         targeted at                                       accomplished and increase their
     partners, and evaluation sometimes      plan. All of these audiences were                                                               confidence in your ability to deliver
                                             valuable to the success of the                                                                  on new projects. A word to the
     falls by the wayside. To create a
                                             Byway, so it is important to             different audiences.                                   wise, however: avoid the desire to
     new plan without realizing how
     effective the last one was can hurt     evaluate the different methods                                                                  make things sound too wonderful.
     your efforts and waste valuable         and to see them as a whole picture.                                                             If a project did not work, report
                                                                                       A spreadsheet might be a helpful                      that information as well. Your
     time and money in the long run.
                                                                                       tool when laying out what was                         stakeholders and your group need
                                                                                       accomplished compared to what                         accurate information to be able to
                                                                                       audience was targeted and what                        evaluate future opportunities.
       Job-one in those cold winter months: dig out your plans                         goal of the strategic plan that
       and priorities from 2003 and take stock.                                                                                              Following these simple suggestions
                                                                                       marketing initiative was aimed at.                    and mapping out your success will
       • What were your marketing            • How much volunteer/staff                This simple tool can be used to                       make the job of drafting your new
         goals?                                time did each priority take?            gauge the importance of new                           plans much easier. Your Byway
       • Did you have a plan for             • Why did a particular project            projects and ideas that come up                       group can accurately see what was
         each goal?                            not get done?                           throughout the year as well as                        accomplished and be strategic
       • Did you make adjustments?           • And most importantly, were              serve as a way to stop a project if it                about finishing goals or tackling
                                               these marketing priorities              looks like the goals are not being                    new marketing projects for 2004.
       • Did you involve your partners?
                                               integrated in your other                met. Many Byways post such a list                     5
       • How much did the project              plans such as interpretation,           at every meeting and refer to it
         really cost?                          updating your corridor                  when initiating new ideas.
       • Did you do a cost/benefit             management plan, or your
         analysis to see if you really got     overall strategic plan for
         the change you wanted?                the year?

                                           Five Low-Cost Ways to
                                           Increase Publicity for
                                           Your Byway                                          By Mike Pina

                                        It’s free, it’s easy and it might spark   Then, see how you can use these         Michael Pina is Manager of
Y    ou have a great travel product.
     You know it. The travelers
who have driven your Byway know
                                        a great idea.                             themes to promote your Byway.
                                                                                  If you have an idea but are
                                                                                                                          Communications and Public Relations
                                                                                                                          for the Travel Industry Association
                                        One final note. The best place to get
it, but the rest of America needs to    inspiration is the         not sure how to implement it,           of America, which is the national
know it, too. Money is tight and        site. Look in the press room section      contact Patricia McNally at             nonprofit organization that represents
marketing and public relations are      of the site to see how the National           the $529 billion U.S. travel and
not your forte. So, how do you tell     Scenic Byways Program is promoting        or call (202) 366-9766.                 tourism industry. Before joining TIA,
the rest of America—or the world,       the Byways experience. Read the           For more information, please contact:   he was Deputy Washington Bureau
for that matter—about the great         fact sheets and releases. Look at         Mike Pina                               Chief for Travel Weekly, a national
travel experience that can be had       the kinds of coverage scenic Byways       (202) 408-2137                          travel trade newspaper. 5
on your scenic Byway?                   receive today.                  
The good news is that this is the
best time in a long while to be
promoting your Byway. Americans                       Here are five low-cost ways you can get media interested in your Byway.
are staying closer to home, driving     1. Work with your destination               The other way is to encourage         4. Be your own publicist.
more often and looking for travel          marketing organization.                  media to travel the Byway                You don’t need a public
bargains. In the past two years,           If you have not done so                  independently and offer to               relations agency to craft a
travel by car increased three percent      already, get to know the                 meet the representatives for a           public relations campaign for
annually. This past summer, 70             people handling public                   meal to answer any questions             your Byway. Go to the biggest
percent of Americans said they             relations for your state travel          they might have about the                newsstands and bookstores in
planned to take a driving vacation,        office or area convention and            area. The second approach is             your area and purchase travel
according to the Travel Industry           visitors bureau (CVB). These             the one most favored by the              magazines that write about
Association of America (TIA).              organizations are working                most respected travel writers            driving vacations. Look at the
                                           daily to get more travelers              and editors, who generally               kinds of articles they publish
How do you ride this growing wave          to your area and their public            prefer to explore an area on             and see if your destination
of interest in drive vacations? The        relations staffs are always              their own.                               would be a good fit for the
most effective and least expensive         looking for interesting ways           3. Make your Web site media-               publication. Then, send a short
way is through publicity—getting           to get media to write about               friendly. Odds are you already          “pitch letter” to the editor
your Byway mentioned free of               your state or region. Talk to             have a Web site, but is there           explaining why the magazine
charge in newspaper travel sections,       them about interesting aspects            a section dedicated to the              should do a feature on your
                                           of your Byway that have not               media? Generally speaking,              Byway. Also contact the travel
travel magazines, Internet travel          been written about before.                                                        editors of the major newspapers
sites, radio travel shows and other                                                  journalists prefer to use a
                                           Think of stretches that have              Web site to research an area            in neighboring states. Those are
media outlets. Publicity is free. It       unusually scenic views, area                                                      the papers that are most likely
costs nothing to be mentioned in a                                                   before they write about it.
                                           history, exciting roadside                Consider adding a button to             to be interested in writing
reputable publication. Publicity is        attractions, or quirky                    your Web site that says                 about your area.
also much more effective than an           restaurants, signs or people.             “Press” or “Press Room.”             5. Join Up. There are a few
ad because consumers will almost           Ask them to draft a news                  In this section include the             organizations that can help you
always believe something published         release about your Byway                  following:                              get more coverage for your
as news over paid advertising.             and include it in their press                                                     destination and put you in direct
                                           kits and on their Web sites.             • News releases
To get your Byway covered by                                                                                                 contact with media who write
                                        2. Host a press trip. The media             • Area photos that can                   about travel. Contact the Society
travel writers and editors, it comes       familiarization trip (fam trip)            be downloaded                          of American Travel Writers
down to two strategies: being              is one of the most frequently            • Your contact information               (, the Travel
proactive, by selling the media about      used devices in a travel                                                          Media Association of Canada
why your Byway is newsworthy, and                                                   • History of your Byway
                                           publicist’s tool kit. Target                                                      (, the North
being prepared when the media call.        media that you think might               • A map of your Byway                    American Travel Journalists
Next, take a day and spend it              be interested in your area               • Interesting sites along the            Association (,
                                           and invite them to take a trip             Byway with phone numbers               Public Relations Society of
looking at the online pressrooms of
                                           along your Byway. You can                                                         America, Travel and Tourism
state travel offices, CVBs, foreign        do this one of two ways.
                                                                                    • Links to articles written
                                                                                                                             Section (
tourist offices and even other                                                        about the Byway
                                           Plan scheduled dates for a                                                        and the Travel Industry
byways to see how they promote             group press trip where you               • E-mail link that the media             Association of America
themselves to the media. Also,             drive three to five media                  can use to send questions              ( All of these
look at online versions of travel          representatives along the                  or request a travel guide              groups host media marketplaces
magazines, travel guides, motor            route, pointing out the history            or press kit                           where you can meet one-on-one
club publications, Internet travel         of the area and interesting                                                       with travel journalists and pitch
magazines and other media to see           locations while they take notes.                                                  them on why they should
the kinds of articles they publish.                                                                                          feature your destination.

     2004         Workshops:
     Coming to a Location Near You!
     If you haven’t registered yet,         “Individual byway groups are at       The 2004 Power Workshops              Registration forms are available
     don’t wait! And don’t forget           different levels of development,      will kick off April 20-22 in          now at
     your best pair of gym shoes—           but all byways need to have a         Charlotte, North Carolina.            Just complete the registration
     it will be a workout!                  sound organization, adequate          Priority Registration is available    form and return it—while space
     “We’ve listened to what the            funding, and resource strategies      for state scenic byway coordinators   is still available!
     Byways are looking for, and            to be successful over the long        and up to four representatives        Return registration forms to:
     we’ve prepared five easy-to-access,    haul,” said Johnson. Attendees        from each nationally designated       FAX: 218-625-3333 or
     regional trainings that will           will dive into these three topics     scenic Byway. All others will
                                                                                                                        America’s Byways Resource Center
     answer their questions by              at the 2004 Power Workshops:          be placed on a waiting list
                                                                                                                        Attn: Jeanine Buck
     addressing key elements critical       Strength Training for Byways,         and accepted on a first-come-
                                                                                                                        227 West First Street, #610
     for successful Byways,” said           and will leave with information,      first-served basis immediately
                                                                                                                        Duluth, Minnesota 55802
     Michelle Johnson, Deputy               models, advice and best practices     following the priority registration
                                            that lead to desired, lasting         deadlines (see below). Space is       Questions? Contact Jeanine Buck
     Director of America’s Byways
                                            change for their byways.              limited, so register now!             at or call
     Resource Center. “Byways won’t
                                                                                                                        1-8004BYWAYS, ext. 5 or
     want to miss this!”
                                                                                                                        (218) 625-3310.

     DATE                                   LOCATION                              PRIORITY REGISTRATION                 GENERAL ENROLLMENT
                                                                                  DEADLINE                              OPENS

     April 20-22                            Charlotte, North Carolina             March 4                               March 5
     May 11-13                              Colorado Springs, Colorado            March 25                              March 26
     May 18-20                              Duluth, Minnesota                     April 1                               April 2
     June 15-17                             Columbus, Ohio                        April 29                              April 30
     August 3-5                             Boise, Idaho                          June 17                               June 18


     It’s Working!
                                            Continental’s In-flight magazine,     ordered through the Web site and      In 2004, let’s keep the momentum
     A    merica’s Byways™ is getting
          the word out and the numbers
     prove it!
                                            the UK’s Essentially America,
                                            and lots more!
                                                                                  a downward trend in maps ordered
                                                                                  through the 800-number.
                                                                                                                        and continue to work together to
                                                                                                                        invite the media to “come closer”
     In 2003, we had over 292 million       In 2003, over 900,000 unique          These successes were due to the       and experience America’s Byways.
     media impressions* compared to         visitors clicked on,   combined efforts of the National      * Media impressions = Number of
     14 million in 2002. America’s          and information on America’s          Scenic Byways Program staff in        people who might have seen an ad
     Byways were mentioned in               Byways appeared on-line at            Washington, D.C., the America’s       or campaign. It often runs into the
     The Washington Post, Better Homes and Arthur                  Byways Resource Center staff in       hundreds of thousands or millions.
     and Gardens, Associated Press,         Frommer’s Budget Travel. The          Minnesota, the Web site experts
     SELF magazine, the Detroit Free        number of maps requested in           in Utah, the media outreach team
     Press, Southern Living, Trailblazer,   2003 was over 82,000. We’ve           at Fleishman Hillard, and Byway
     RV Golfer, GMC The Magazine,           seen an upward trend in maps          leaders, marketers and coordinators
                                                                                  across the country.

From Byways to Buyers continued from pg. 3

Byway Success Stories                  the stories and packages created.     complete collection of driving         daunting, there are organizations
Can itineraries work for your Byway?   Adding the meals and attractions      travel packages from beginning         that are ready to help.”
Absolutely. You’ll interest more       that the travelers bought created     to end.                                The American Travel Center
travelers in exploring the region      a return on investment that was       Bob O’Connor, CEO of the               located in Martinsburg, West
than without. Can packaging work       quite dramatic.                       American Travel Center, believes       Virginia, is the only national
for your Byway? Likely.                Distributing Byway experiences        “the key to the success of both        center devoted to heritage and
Take the example of the Blue Ridge     through programs such as              itineraries and packages is Byways     cultural tourism. Delivering
Parkway All-American Road.             Travelocity and the Travel Industry   working in partnership with            itineraries and packages featuring
Three seasons ago, one complete        Association of America’s See          destinations, their local convention   Scenic Byways is one of the priorities
package covered the whole Parkway      America Web site adds credibility.    and visitors bureau and distribution   of the organization. For more
while several new shorter packages     It creates a perception that Byway    partners. Travelers who visit the      information, call 304-263-4545. 5
introduced smaller Parkway segments.   experiences are on the same           Ohio Amish Country National
Six room nights were sold then.        par as other well-known travel        Scenic Byway will have a much
The second season resulted in 40       destinations.                         more authentic experience thanks
more room nights. This past            Another success story, that of the    to their work on that project, than
season, a whopping 119 room            Ohio River Scenic Route, is in        they would if we had not worked
nights greatly overshadowed the        the making. This Byway recently       together. If the task of creating
nominal fee that was paid to have      enhanced its marketing with a         itineraries or packages appears too

Off the Shelf
Beautiful Roads: A Handbook                        Aesthetic Design Guidelines:                        Tribal Tourism Toolkit
of Road Architecture                               Ohio Department of                                          Transportation
                                                  The approaches to tourism development
Many Danish roads are centuries old.               PDF/ODOTAesthetics.pdf                              and management are as unique as tribes
Within Denmark, work has been done with                                                                themselves. Some tribes consider tourism a
                             architecture and                                 Transportation                                   priority for economic
                             visual qualities                                 projects often stir                              development, while
                             in road building                                 debate among the                                 others live with and
                             for decades.                                     public and major                                 tolerate visitation,
                             A 64-page                                        policy makers. In                                preferring to simply
                             online handbook                                  Ohio, the State                                  manage it to their
                             published by                                     Department of                                    greater advantage.
                             the Danish                                       Transportation                                   Produced by the
                             Road Directorate,                                has issued new                                   National Association
                             Ministry of                                      guidelines for                                   of Tribal Historic
                             Transport,                                       transportation           Preservation Officers, a 55-page online
                             provides insights                                projects dedicated       manual contains valuable information that
                             applicable to many    to the belief that “the citizens of Ohio            is applicable all groups weighing the pros
transportation projects. The ambition of the       deserve an aesthetically pleasing interstate        and cons of tourism. Included are:
guide is “for road building to be based on a       system, as well as one that is safe and cost        • Steps in tourism development
joint understanding of the interrelationship       effective.” The use of patterns, colors,
                                                                                                       • Marketing plans
among aesthetic enjoyment, good architecture,      textures or relief can make a project’s
good technical quality, good workmanship,          appearance more attractive and compatible           • Tourism trends
traffic safety, and good economy.” It’s a          with local surroundings at little or not            • A sample visitor survey, inventory form,
stunning international idea book for all those     additional cost. The 65-page guide includes           resident attitude survey and itinerary
involved in planning and maintaining roads.        concepts for the design of physical features
                                                                                                       • Sources for financial and technical
                                                   and for community involvement.

     Lights,Camera, Action!
     Is Creating Your Byway
     Video Finally Affordable?
     (Part two of a two-part series)

     By Larry Valtelhas, Valtelhas Productions

                                                                                                                                        first relate to your Byway’s overall
     B    yway organizations utilize a
          wide variety of media to tell
     their unique stories. Thanks to
                                                                                                                                        story and the goals of your corridor
                                                                                                                                        management plan.
     advances in technology, creating                                                                                                   Besides cash for your grant match,
     a Byway video may now be more                                                                                                      there are plenty of other avenues
     affordable than you may think!                                                                                                     to pursue. Can someone donate
     The November-December 2003                                                                                                         the use of props, talent or time for
     Vistas contained part one of this                                                                                                  your Byway video? Some organiza-
     two-part series. In that issue, the                                                                                                tions have made extensive use of
     first three process steps of concept,                                                                                              free on-camera talent graciously
     budget and schedule were discussed.                                                                                                donated by several individuals that
     The last two steps of funding and                                                                                                  either acted or were interviewed
     management are explained in                                                                                                        for the project. There are many
     this article.                                                                                                                      more services you might find nec-
     Step Four: Funding the project                                                                                                     essary for your project, yet do not
     Over the years, Vistas has presented                                                                                               require any knowledge of video
     many ideas of funding sources for                                                                                                  production. Can someone donate
                                                        Bradley Bowman, an archaeologist and owner of the Museum of
     Byway projects. A video production                                                                                                 the use of a horse or an antique
                                                     Archaeology and Material Culture on the Turquoise Trail National Scenic
     does fit the eligibility requirements         Byway, gives an interview as an in-kind contribution for a video news release.
                                                                                                                                        automobile for that historic 1930s
     for more than one category of the                                                                                                  interpretive scene? Does anyone
     FHWA National Scenic Byway                                                                                                         have rare historic photos for a
     grants program (see www.byways-                                                                                                    montage? Can someone fly a plane As described in the        At this point in the process, you             So where else can you find funding?          to take spectacular overhead shots
     National Scenic Byways Program          have almost enough information                A great place to start is to contact         of your Byway? In-kind ideas are
     Guidance for Fiscal Year 2004           on the expected costs to write your           the stakeholders—both public                 endless, so when appropriate,
     Grant Applications, videos can be       grant application; however, one               and private—along your Byway.                include them in your video project.
     funded in at least two categories:      factor is missing. Where are you              Is there a golf course, a museum,            Step Five: Managing the project
     (1) Interpretive Information            going to acquire matching funds?              a ski area, or even a gambling               Once you know your project
     and (2) Marketing. It’s important       The National Scenic Byways                    casino located on the Byway? If              requirements, such as the concept
     to read the guidance before             grants program requires a                     there is, you are probably in luck,          (a short paragraph will do), the
     brainstorming your video concept,       20 percent match. Do not make                 especially if the organization is            expected length of the final video,
     since the guidance can help you         the mistake of thinking you can               directly related to your Byway’s             the target media, and the venue
     focus on ideas that may meet            sell your video—you cannot sell               intrinsic qualities and/or the site          where the video will be viewed,
     National Scenic Byway grant             the video under the current grant             has been identified in your corridor         you should write a “Request For
     requirements. Once you have viable      rules. (Note: At the time of                  management plan. To entice these             Information” and send it to at least
     ideas for the use of video and its      this writing, Congress had not                entities to financially support your         a dozen vendors. Do not expect
     relationship to your overall Byway      approved funding beyond Fiscal                video production, you can feature,           that all vendors will respond.
     goals, incorporate the ideas into       Year 2003 for the National Scenic             or at least mention them, in your
     your corridor management plan.          Byways grants program).                       video, but the context should
                                                                                                                                Lights, Camera, Action! continues on pg.15
Lights, Camera, Action! continued from pg.14

You can also try to get information      If you decide you have some or all
by making phone calls and sending        the in-house talent and equipment           Here are some typical skills that you
e-mail. The more specific your           to do the job yourself, that is             probably will need:
requirements, the easier it will be      terrific, but for most Byway
for potential vendors to give you        organizations, it is more likely a          • Research
estimated costs and valuable             contractor will be hired to complete        • Scriptwriting
information. When you talk to            the work. Should you decide to
vendors, do not be afraid to ask         “make” the video in-house, treat            • Narration talent
questions. Not only do the answers       the project done internally with            • On-screen talent
provide you with a free education,       the same level of management
they give you a chance to determine      scrutiny as you would with an               • Lighting, sound, camera operators
if can have a good working               outside vendor. Stick to your
relationship with the company            schedule and budget requirements.
                                                                                     • Editing
you may hire.                            If you decide to go to an outside           • Authoring (DVD, CD, Web) and duplication
When you, the project manager,           vendor, you may need to write a               (CD, DVD, VHS, broadcast tape services)
feel comfortable with the informa-       Request for Proposal (RFP). Many
tion you have received, it is time       states require sealed RFPs by law,
                                                                                technical and schedule details on       For more information,
to decide to “make or buy.” Do you       depending on the level of money
                                                                                paper as possible.                      please contact:
have the resources to create the         to be spent and that will vary
video you want? If you look at the       widely. Check with your state          Do not assume a vendor will know        Larry Valtelhas
credits at the end of a Hollywood        scenic byway coordinator about         what you want. Communications,          Valtelhas Productions
production, you can see all the          the requirements for your state.       both written and verbal, are probably   PO Box 668
possible skills that might be            Typically, lower cost projects         the most important aspect of            Cedar Crest, New Mexico 87008
required; but, looking at your bud-      require less paperwork, but make       management, and managing a              Phone: (505)286-8632
get, the list is going to get real       sure you budget time and money         video project is no different.          E-mail:
short, real fast. If you have the peo-   to do all the paperwork required.      Now that you have seen an               Note: Larry is an active member
ple with the necessary production        Different states and organizations     overview of the video production        of the all-volunteer Turquoise
skills, they can tell you the equip-     score submittals based on many         process, it is time to put on your      Trail Association. 5
ment you will need to own, pur-          factors, but no matter how you         producer’s hat and bring that video
chase or rent to do the job.             comply with your regulations,          project to fruition!
                                         it is important to address as many

     Coming and Going                                                                                                    Update Your
                                         The Federal Highway                    including the Black River Trail,
                                         Administration (FHWA), National        Southern Adirondack Trail and the
                                         Scenic Byways Program is pleased       Taconic State Parkway. As a stu-
                                                                                                                         Has your e-mail
                                         to announce that Bethaney              dent at St. Lawrence University,         address changed?
                                         Bacher joined the team in              she regularly traveled the Seaway
                                         October 2003. She previously           Trail and many routes throughout         If so, please update us
                                         worked at the Rails-to-Trails          the Adirondack Mountains.                so you don’t miss out
                                         Conservancy as Program                 “I’m looking forward to
                                         Coordinator for the National                                                    on important Byways
                                                                                traveling America’s Byways
                                         Transportation Enhancements            and experiencing all they                communications and
                                         Clearinghouse.                         have to offer,” she said.                news! Send your new
                                         As the Accounts Manager at             Please join us in welcoming
                                         FHWA, Bethaney will oversee                                                     contact information to
                                                                                Bethaney to the National Scenic
                                         the allocation and use of Byway        Byways Program. Bethaney       
                                         funds, the development of              may be reached via e-mail at
                                         the Byways  
                                         community Web site, and                or by phone at 202-366-4196. 5
  Welcome,                               provide technical assistance to
                                         the Byways community.

  Bethaney                               Bethaney has a long appreciation
                                         for scenic and historic roadways.
                                         Growing up in Syracuse, New
                                         York, trips to Grandma’s house
                                         took her on many state byways,

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