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                          Billionaires list grows despite downturn

There are 1,210 people in the world now worth more than $1 billion, according to business
publisher Forbes. That is 214 more billionaires than last year. There is a growing number of
fortunes in Asia and emerging countries. Caroline Hepker reports:

Forbes has been tracking the world's billionaires since 1987 and this year there are more
mega-wealthy individuals than ever before.

The world's richest man is still Carlos Slim; the Mexican telecoms tycoon is worth $74
billion. The US has Microsoft's Bill Gates and investor Warren Buffett, plus six Facebook
billionaires - 413 American billionaires in all.

But fast-growing rivals are challenging US dominance. Asia now has 332 billionaires, even
more than in Europe. One hundred and fifteen billionaires are in China, many created as
Chinese companies have listed on the stock market. And Moscow is the city with the most
billionaire residents.

Commodities, like steel and oil, have soared in price creating fortunes this year. The authors
warn that they may not last.

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Words, expressions:

    tracking – nyomon követ (here, watching the business movements and lives of)
    tycoon – iparmágnás (extremely rich, successful and powerful business person)
    investor - befektető (buys stocks and shares or pays money to make a profit)
    in all – összesen (in total)
    dominance – dominancia (position of power that is ahead of competitors)
    listed – jegyzett (here, included on the international list of companies)
    stock market – tőzsdepiac (place where stocks and shares of companies are bought and
    commodities – áru (valuable things which are sold to produce other things or make
     them work)
    soared – szárnyalnak (suddenly increased to an unexpectedly high price)
    warn – figyelmeztet (make aware of a possible danger or threat)

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