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									          Please Keep This Sheet Attached to the Questionnaire
                     Indicate any changes to name and address below.

2011 Construction Compensation                                                                       10763

     To complete this survey online go to                                    Return by:
        Your access code is:        FW83P#                  Friday, August 26, 2011

                       Note change on Directions and Definitions page.

                             UNDERSTANDING OF CONFIDENTIALITY

This survey questionnaire should be completed with the understanding that:
   Organization identity and compensation or benefit information will remain confidential and will not be
    released without advanced approval by the organization.
   The contents and the resulting survey report will not be used in collective bargaining sessions or in
    grievance proceedings by either MSEC or the organization.
   The resulting survey will be used solely to assist in guiding the effective management of compensation
    or benefit programs.

                                    A joint effort of

                                                                        1799 Pennsylvania Street ■ P.O. Box 539
                                                                        Denver, Colorado 80201-0539
                                                                        303 839 5177 (main) ■ 303 861 0135 (fax)
                                           TABLE OF CONTENTS
General Information
Directions and Definitions
Job Descriptions

 Job SALARIED                              Job SALARIED                                Job    HOURLY
 Code Job Titles                           Code Job Titles (continued)                 Code   Job Titles (continued)
Administration – Page 1                   Customer Service/Quality – Page 4           Operators – Pages 6-7
   59 President                              44 Customer Service Representative         157 Asphalt/Concrete Plant
   60 Vice President                            (Residential Construction)              158 Compaction Roller
   61 Corporate Secretary                    45 Customer Service Manager                159 Backhoe
   66 Treasurer/Chief Financial Officer          (Residential Construction)             160 Dozer
** 67 General / Operations Manager           46 Manager of Quality Assurance            161 Front End Loader
      (formerly General Manager)                                                        162 Mechanic – Shop Heavy
** 30 Office Manager (formerly             Job HOURLY                                   163 Mechanic – Oiler/Fuel Lube
      Manager of Administration)           Code Job Titles                              164 Motor Grader
   62 Environmental Health & Safety       Concrete – Page 4                             165 Rotomill
      Manager (Functional Mgr.)              141 Formsetter                             166 Scraper
* 72 Safety Manager (Functional           ** 142 Finisher / Cement Mason                167 Spreader or Laydown Machine
      Manager)                                   (formerly Finisher)                         (asphalt/concrete)
   63 Human Resources Manager                143 Detail Person                          168 Excavator
   31 Project Coordinator                                                               144 Directional Drilling Machine
                                          Trades/Subcontractors – Pages 5-
Design/Architecture – Pages 1-2           6
  32 Vice President of                                                                  145 Crane Operator Tower
                                             101 Carpenter - Commercial
       Design/Architecture                                                              146 Crane Operator Mobile –
                                             130 Carpenter - Residential
  33 Architect - Designer                                                                    Under 14 Tons
                                             131 Carpenter - Heavy Highway
  34 Project Architect                                                                  147 Crane Operator Mobile –
                                             102 Drywall Finisher - Commercial
  35 Job Captain/CAD Coordinator                                                             14+ Tons
                                             132 Drywall Finisher – Residential
  47 Land Planner                                                                       148 Operator, Multiple Pieces of
                                             103 General Labor - Commercial
Sales and Marketing – Pages 2-3              133 General Labor – Residential
   64 Business Development Manager           134 General Labor – Heavy Highway        Truck Drivers – Page 7
   36 Senior VP Business                  * 169 Glazier, Journeyman                      150 Belly Dump Truck
       Development                        * 170 Flagger                                  151 End Dump Truck
   37 Director of Marketing                  68 Traffic Control Supervisor               152 Low Boy Truck
+ 70 Sale Representative                     104 Electrician, Journeyman -               153 Mixer Truck
+ 71 Sales Manager                               Commercial                              154 Water Truck
+ 39 Sales & Marketing Coordinator           135 Electrician, Journeyman -               155 Project Delivery Driver –
+ 38 Sales Mgr – Community Sales                 Residential                                 Commercial
+ 50 Sales Associate                         136 Electrician, Journeyman –               156 Project Delivery Driver –
+ 48 Design Center Manager                       Heavy Highway                               Residential
+ 49 Design Center Representative            123 Electrician, Apprentice 1st Year -
Construction - Pages 3-4                         Commercial
                                                                                                   * Denotes a new job
   65 Equipment Manager                      137 Electrician, Apprentice 1st Year -
                                                 Residential                            ** Denotes a change in job title/description
   52 Project Manager (Entry)
                                             138 Electrician, Apprentice 1st Year -        Read job descriptions carefully.
   22 Project Manager (Journey)
   53 Project Manager (Senior)                   Heavy Highway                          + Report Incentive data for these positions
   21 Project Engineer                    * 171 Mason, Journeyman                                    on the rate sheet
** 29 Foreman (formerly Assistant            116 Millwright, Journeyman
       Field Superintendent/Foreman)         106 Painter
   09 Field Superintendent                   117 Pipefitter, Journeyman
   51 Field Superintendent (Senior)          124 Pipefitter, Apprentice 1st Year
   69 Field Office Manager                   125 Plumbing, Journeyman
   14 Estimator                              126 Plumbing, Apprentice 1st Year
   57 Estimator (Senior)                     127 Sheetmetal, Journeyman
   54 Preconstruction Manager                128 Sheetmetal, Apprentice 1st Year
   55 Preconstruction Manager (Senior)       107 Roofer, Journeyman
   58 Detailer                               118 Structural Ironworker,
   40 Purchasing Agent                           Journeyman
   10 Vice President of Construction         139 Reinforcing Ironworker
                                             120 Welder, Journeyman

Construction Compensation                                                                                              2011
                                        GENERAL INFORMATION QUESTIONNAIRE
        Full Name of Organization:

        Person Completing Questionnaire:

        Street Address and Zip Code:

        Phone Number:                              Fax Number:                               Email:

2.00         Total current employment size:
3.00         Is your organization a member of:
                  1.0       Mountain States Employers Council, Inc. (MSEC)            3.0        Both MSEC and CCA
                  2.0       Colorado Contractors Association (CCA)                    4.0        None of the above
4.00         Contractor Type: (Check one based on your organization’s primary business.)
                 1.0       Commercial General Contractor                  4.0       Municipal/Utility General Contractor
                 2.0       Residential General Contractor                 5.0       Trades/Subcontractors
                 3.0       Heavy Highway General Contractor               6.0       Other (Specify type of Contractor)

5.00         Does your organization pay a differential or per diem to employees who work a certain number of miles from the main office?
                1.0       #        miles and $         /hr (Specify number of miles from main office and $ amount/hour differential)
                2.0       #       miles % and           % (Specify number of miles from main office and % differential)
                3.0       Per Diem $          (Specify flat rate)
                4.0       No differential / Not applicable
6.00         Do you anticipate or have you had a reduction in force (RIF) in 2011?
                 1.0       Yes                  2.0     No
7.00         Do you anticipate a reduction in pay for salaried employees in 2011?
                 1.0       Yes                   2.0      No
8.00         How are your Sales Staff paid?
Job Title                               Salary Only     Salary + Commission         Salary + Bonuses     Salary + Commission + Bonuses
Sales Manager
Sales & Marketing Coordinator
Sales Associate
Design Center Manager
Design Center Representative
9.00         Does your organization participate in a formal apprenticeship program for any of the following positions? (Check all that apply.)
                1.0     Electrician                   4.0    Cement Finishing            7.0     Sheet Metal
                2.0     Equipment Operator            5.0    Ironworking                 8.0     Other (specify        )
                3.0     Carpentry                     6.0    Plumbing/Pipefitting        9.0     No program
10.00        Does your organization participate in apprentice program(s) as a signatory or non-signatory?
                1.0       Signatory              2.0     Non-signatory

11.00        Which of the following benefits does your organization offer? (Check all that apply.)
                           Salaried Employees Hourly Employees                                     Salaried Employees Hourly Employees
       1.0   Health                                                       6.0    Long Term Disability
       2.0   Dental                                                       7.0    Vacation Time
       3.0   Vision                                                       8.0    Sick Leave
       4.0   Life                                                         9.0    Retirement/Investment Prg.
       5.0   Short Term Disability                                        10.0   None of the above

Construction Compensation                                                                                                            2011
     12.00 Vehicle Perquisites: Eligibility for company vehicle, personal use of company car and reimbursement for use of personal car.

                                                     Eligible    Company            Reimbursement amount for use of personal car?
                                                        for     vehicle used    (Specify $ per Month, $ per Mile and/or Pre-paid Gas Card)
                                                    company     for personal
                                                    vehicle?        use?                                                   Pre-paid Gas
                                                     1 = Yes       1 = Yes          $ / Month            $ / Mile         Card Provided
#      Job Code / Job Title                          2 = No        2 = No        Reimbursement       Reimbursement        1 = Yes, 2 = No
1      59 President
2      60 Vice President
3      61 Corporate Secretary
4      66   Treasurer/Chief Financial Officer
5      67   General / Operations Manager
6      30   Office Manager
7      62   Environ. Health & Safety Manager
8      72   Safety Manager
9      63   Human Resources Manager
10     31   Project Coordinator
11     32   Vice Pres. Design/Architecture
12     33   Architect - Designer
13     34   Project Architect
14     35   Job Captain/CAD Coordinator
15     47   Land Planner
16     64   Business Development Manager
17     36   Senior VP Business Development
18     37   Director of Marketing
19     38   Sales Mgr – Community Sales
20     39   Sales and Marketing Coordinator
21     50   Sales Associate
22     48   Design Center Manager
23     49   Design Center Representative
24     65   Equipment Manager
25     52   Project Manager (Entry)
26     22   Project Manager (Journey)
27     53   Project Manager (Senior)
28     21   Project Engineer
29     29   Foreman
30     09   Field Superintendent
31     51   Field Superintendent (Senior)
32     69   Field Office Manager
33     14   Estimator
34     57   Estimator (Senior)
35     54   Preconstruction Manager
36     55   Preconstruction Manager (Senior)
37     58   Detailer
38     40   Purchasing Agent
39     10   Vice President of Construction

     Construction Compensation                                                                                                      2011
                                   DIRECTIONS AND DEFINITIONS
                               Please familiarize yourself with all instructions before filling out the questionnaire.

    No organization’s structure or job descriptions will match exactly the jobs outlined in this survey. It is critical that participating
    organizations match their jobs as closely as possible. Our objective is to provide survey results that accurately reflect competitive
    pay levels for jobs involving work of a similar nature and performed at a similar skill level.

     Use Data Closest To, But Not Later Than July 30, 2011                     Established Rate Range – Formally established limits of pay for
      If rates will change within next 30 days, please report new rates.           a given job. Exclude step progressions (wage increases granted
                                                                                   at fixed intervals based solely on length of service).
     Completion of Survey Information in a Spreadsheet or                           Minimum - The lowest rate that can be paid to an entry-
      Database File is Preferred. For an electronic spreadsheet,                          level employee who is qualified to perform the minimum
      contact                                                           requirements of the job.
     Report Employees for Your Colorado Operations Only                             Maximum - The highest rate an employee can obtain in
      If you have operations in more than one location, photocopy the                     the job.
      questionnaire and complete a separate questionnaire for each
                                                                                Include:
                                                                                       additional compensation granted in equal amounts to all
     Photocopy Questionnaire(s)                                                        employees in a job (e.g., cost-of-living accumulations)
      Please photocopy your completed questionnaire(s) for your                        established rate range even if the position is vacant
                                                                                  Exclude:
     Review Job Descriptions                                                       overtime premiums; lead differentials, and shift premiums
      Do not merely match job titles. It is the content of the job that             Rates for unique situations, such as demotion or
      determines a good match.                                                         accommodation, where an incumbent is paid more/less
                                                                                       than you would normally pay for the position
     Note Jobs With Several Levels
     Report Only Employees Who Spend 70% Or More                              Definitions Provided for Matching Purposes:
      Of Their Time In The Described Function
                                                                                  Functional Manager:
     Do Not Report The Same Employee In More Than One Job                          This manager manages a function, not people. May have
     Do Not Try To Force Match Every Employee                                         administrative support but no functional employees.
      It is not necessary that you report all your employees, nor is it           First Line Supervisor:
      necessary that you report for every job in the survey.                        Responsible for the production or services of the
     Report Straight-Time Rates for FULL-TIME Regular                                  department or area and directs the work of non-exempt
      Employees                                                                         and/or non-supervisory exempt employees
                                                                                    Authorizes work procedures and assigns duties
     Report HOURLY Rates for Part-Time Employees                                   Hires, fires, promotes, demotes, transfers, disciplines, and
     Report BASE Wage Only for HOURLY Positions – DO NOT                               grants raises or effectively recommends such action
      Report the PREVAILING Wage.                                                   Exempt, or can qualify for exemption from overtime
                                                                                        provisions of Federal Wage-Hour Act
 Job Title — For salaried incumbents, please provide your                        Second Line Supervisor:
     organization’s job title in the space provided by each job. This               Meets the same requirements as above but directs the
     helps us in working with job matches and assists you in                            work of at least one first-line supervisor and may also
     completing future surveys.                                                         supervise some non-exempt and/or non-supervisory
 Actual Rates — For salaried incumbents, report the number of                          exempt employees
     employees receiving each actual rate. Do not report averages.                Lead Person:
     For hourly incumbents, report the total number of employees in                 Performs work tasks at proficient level
     the position and the average base rate of pay.                                 Plans, schedules and delegates work to others
                                                                                    Verifies an/or inspects work of others
 Annual Bonus/Incentive
                                                                                       Trains and guides less experienced employees
      If the incumbent is eligible for additional compensation (bonuses
                                                                                       May NOT make formal decisions concerning hiring, firing,
      / incentives / completion bonuses) as a percentage of base
                                                                                        promotions, rises, transfers, demotions or disciplinary
      salary or lump-sum payment, provide the total annual cash
      incentive for the last fiscal / calendar year and projected 2011

                                     Any questions about a job match or filling out this questionnaire should
                                           be directed to the MSEC Surveys Department at 839 5177.
                                                   Please return by Friday, August 26, 2011.
Construction Compensation                                                                                                              2011
                 You have 4 OPTIONS when submitting your survey data.
       1   Rate Sheet – Enter your data on the rate sheet included in the enclosed job description
           booklet. Be sure to make copies of the rate sheet before you begin.
       2   Survey forms electronically – Go to, select surveys, click on
           “Questionnaires” and follow the directions to download the forms to your computer. You can
           also contact and request the electronic collection forms be emailed to you.
       3   Complete the questionnaire online – Go to
           You will need your password (access code) found on the cover page of this document.
       4   Spreadsheet or Database – If you currently have your salary data in a spreadsheet or
           database file, we can accept your data electronically without any conversion on your part. Be
           sure the file includes the MSEC job code, your job title, the salary range and individual rates
           of pay, and how the data is reported (annually, hourly, etc.). It is not necessary to include any
           additional information in your file.
       5   E-Mail – You can e-mail your data to us, whether it is in a word processing package,
           spreadsheet or database. As with the above options, be sure the file includes the MSEC job
           code and how the data is reported. Please e-mail your data to:

Construction Compensation                                                                                      2011
                                WE NEED YOUR INPUT!

      A task force meeting is held biennially for each of our surveys. We need volunteers to revise current job
descriptions, establish new ones, or recommend changes for our survey. If you can help, please complete the
following information. We will contact you when a meeting is scheduled.

       Name ________________________________________________________________________

       Title _________________________________________________________________________

       Organization ___________________________________________________________________

       Telephone Number ________________________FAX Number____________________________

       Check One:             MSEC Member                  Non-Member 

       To keep our compensation surveys up-to-date, we ask for your input. Please list any positions and/or
changes you would like to see in future surveys. Remember, in order for a position to publish, we must have at
least three participants reporting data.






Construction Compensation                                                                               2011
                                                                    * New Position
                 ADMINISTRATION                                     72 SAFETY MANAGER (Functional Manager)
                                                                    Responsible for developing and carrying out a continuing
59 PRESIDENT                                                        safety program. Conducts periodic safety inspections and
Directs the overall administration and operation of company         initiates action to eliminate hazards. Recommends installation
activities.                                                         of safety guards, safe working practices, and use of personal
                                                                    safety equipment. Investigates all accidents and maintains
Work Space:
                                                                    complete accident statistics. Responsible for education of
                                                                    supervisors and employees in all safety matters.
60 VICE PRESIDENT                                                   Work Space:
Directs the administration/operation of designated divisions,
departments and/or activities within the company.
                                                                    63 HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGER
Work Space:
                                                                    Administers the personnel program of the company including
                                                                    recruitment, selection and training activities.
61 CORPORATE SECRETARY                                              Work Space:
Directs the administration/operation of designated divisions,
departments and/or activities within the company. Must be an
officer of the company.                                             31 PROJECT COORDINATOR
                                                                    Supports the Project Manager in the day-to-day administration
Work Space:
                                                                    of all vendor contracts and purchasing agreements. Ensures
                                                                    construction documents are properly completed and terms and
66 TREASURER/CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER                                conditions of purchases are appropriate in order to administer
Directs the financial affairs of the company.                       contracts.
Work Space:                                                         Work Space:

** Job Title Change
67 GENERAL/OPERATIONS MANAGER                                                   DESIGN/ARCHITECTURE
Plans, organizes, directs and coordinates designated company
activities.                                                         32 VICE PRESIDENT OF DESIGN/ARCHITECTURE
Work Space:                                                         Oversees the Design/Architecture Department in producing
                                                                    effective design concepts, plans, and specifications that meet
                                                                    project requirements. Produces the departmental strategic
** Job Title Change                                                 budget and operational goals. Manages project design
30 OFFICE MANAGER                                                   estimations and establishes the quality control standards for
Responsible for the efficient and effective operation of the        design. Resolves major construction related issues. Manages
office and the supervision of the office support staff.             the architecture function as well as other contract roles to
Establishes, implements and enforces office policies and            support the design processes of the company. Typically
procedures, and sets workflow priorities and standards.             requires 10 to 15 years of experience in architectural
Develops and implements purchasing and inventory control            development, construction management or real estate
procedures for office supplies and equipment. Tracks                development.
supplier/vendor performance and customer satisfaction.
Typically requires 2 to 5 years of related experience.              Work Space:
Work Space:
                                                                    33 ARCHITECT - DESIGNER
                                                                    Assists the Vice President of Design/Architecture in exploring
62    ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH & SAFETY                                 concepts and options, developing design, and construction
      MANAGER (Functional Manager)                                  documentation that meet project and client objectives.
Responsible for managing activities related to environmental        Develops design according to established guidelines. Creates
and safety control. Plans, implements, and coordinates              effective presentation drawings both 2D and 3D to effectively
programs to reduce or eliminate occupational injuries,              communicate designs. Supports the Project Architect in
illnesses, deaths, and financial losses. Identifies and appraises   developing technical designs. Typically requires a Bachelors
conditions which could produce accidents and financial losses       Degree in Architecture with 4 to 6 years of experience.
and evaluates potential extent of injuries resulting from
accidents. Develops accident-prevention and loss-control            Work Space:
systems and programs for incorporation into operational
policies of organization.
Work Space:

2011 Construction Compensation                                                                                       Page 1
34 PROJECT ARCHITECT                                             37 DIRECTOR OF MARKETING
Reports to the Vice President of Design/Architecture and         Responsible for working with other department heads to
supports the technical operations of the Design/Architecture     define and implement the marketing strategy. Produces
Department. Leads multi-disciplinary teams in developing         marketing materials and works with the sales team to identify
design and construction documents that conform to project        sales leads. Participates in market analysis to assess current
objectives and customer goals. Assists in project management,    markets and demographic trends. Typically reports to the top
consultation coordination and construction administration and    Marketing person in the organization.
post-occupancy review in order to produce the best products      Work Space:
and meet contract requirements. Must have strong technical,
organizational and communication skills. Typically requires a
Bachelors Degree in Architecture with 8 to 10 years of           70 SALES REPRESENTATIVE
experience in all phases of Architectural practice.              Sells the organization’s products and services by interacting
                                                                 with established customers and developing new prospects.
Work Space:                                                      This intermediate sales position requires a broad knowledge of
                                                                 the organization’s services, products and marketing
35 JOB CAPTAIN/CAD COORDINATOR                                   techniques, and requires sales experience.
Coordinates with clients, users, consultants and multi-          Work Space:
disciplinary project teams in the development of design and
construction documentation. Supports the Vice President of
Design/Architecture and the Project Architect with bid           71 SALES MANAGER
meetings and construction administration. May also provide       Responsible for supervising sale of organization products in a
website and graphics development support. Typically requires     single district or area. Supervises a sales force, branch sales
2 to 5 years of related experience.                              office, or conducts selling activities through dealers,
                                                                 distributors or agents.
Work Space:
                                                                 Work Space:

Purchases desirable building sites and land. Negotiates and      39 SALES AND MARKETING COORDINATOR
analyzes contracts. Manages all land investigation, financial    Provides sales and marketing support to the Sales/Marketing
feasibility, and acquisition. Administers land acquisition       department.     Responsible for tracking multiple projects
contracts. Typically requires a Bachelor’s degree in             through the sales process. Maintains current data on customer
construction, planning, business or relevant field.              needs, industry trends, market activities and competitor
                                                                 actions. Assists in the coordination and execution of all
Work Space:
                                                                 marketing efforts, outreach and public relations events and
                                                                 trade shows. Typically requires 1 to 2 years of related
            SALES AND MARKETING                                  Work Space:

64 BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT MANAGER                                  50 SALES ASSOCIATE
Develops and pursues leads in the commercial construction        Provides tours of model homes and demonstrates features to
industry identifying new markets and working closely with the    prospects. Coordinates pre-construction walks. Communicates
management team to define ideal targets. Maintains               with homebuyer and construction department to ensure the
appropriate contact with potential clients while continuing to   buyer has complete and accurate information. May require a
build relationship through networking and participation in       Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Business or a related field
industry sales and marketing groups.
                                                                 Work Space:
Work Space:

      DEVELOPMENT                                                Responsible for performing work associated with identifying
Responsible for developing the sales strategy and forecasting    potential customers and understanding problems, needs, and
as well as the day-to-day execution of all sales related         desires, closing the deal or obtaining agreement to purchase.
activities. Develops, implements, and tracks the sales budget.
                                                                 Work Space:
Integrates sales strategy with marketing strategy to increase
market share to meet organization's goals. Responsible for the
development of the Sales staff.
Work Space:

2011 Construction Compensation                                                                                     Page 2
48 DESIGN CENTER MANAGER                                            with contract drawings and specifications. Typically requires 1
Manages Design Center operations and staff. Knowledgeable           to 3 years of experience and reports to the Project Manager.
about materials, warranties and maintenance. Manages vendor         Work Space:
communications and relations. Selects upgrade options and
creates processes for operation. Responsible for Design Center
budget and sales. Typically requires a Bachelor’s degree in         **Job Title Change
Marketing, Business or Design as well as substantial                29 FOREMAN
experience in the field.                                            At the lead level, assists in supervising and coordinating
                                                                    activities of construction workers engaged in various phases of
Work Space:                                                         construction.
                                                                    Work Space:
Responsible for meeting with buyer in the Design Center to
help select interior and exterior options. Demonstrates             09 FIELD SUPERINTENDENT
available products, gets pricing for products from outside          Supervises and coordinates activities of construction workers
vendors. Maintains communication with the buyer and                 engaged in various phases of construction. Typically requires
oversees preparation and completion of paperwork throughout         5 to 8 years of experience.
process. May require a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing,              Work Space:
Business or Design field.
Work Space:                                                         51 FIELD SUPERINTENDENT (SENIOR)
                                                                    Directs activities of workers concerned with construction of
                                                                    buildings or other projects. Directly supervises onsite
                                                                    employees and manages subordinate supervisors. Typically
                   CONSTRUCTION                                     requires 10-15 years of related experience and training.
                                                                    Work Space:
Administers activities pertaining to equipment usage, repair
and maintenance.                                                    69 FIELD OFFICE MANAGER
Work Space:                                                         Acts as the main staff person at the job site, performing some
                                                                    secretarial, financial and other project support work. May
                                                                    maintain time cards at the project, distribute payroll checks
52 PROJECT MANAGER (ENTRY)                                          and monitor safety and workman’s compensation activities.
Manages independent projects typically less than $10 M in
                                                                    Work Space:
scope or a portion of a larger project. Prepares initial budgets,
delegates work to project staff, assigns duties, and reviews
project plan.                                                       14 ESTIMATOR
Work Space:                                                         Prepares bid packages, conceptual estimates, hard bid
                                                                    estimates, analysis of subcontractor bids, etc. for projects of
                                                                    medium size and complexity or for one particular discipline on
22 PROJECT MANAGER (JOURNEY LEVEL)                                  large, complex projects. Position normally requires 3-5 years
Responsible for the overall planning, direction, completion,        of construction estimating experience.
and financial outcome of assigned projects. Directs and
                                                                    Work Space:
supervises the work of superintendents and project engineers.
Develops, approves, and monitors the project plan and
schedule and makes appropriate modifications where                  57 ESTIMATOR (SENIOR)
necessary. May also be called Construction Manager.                 Works with clients, architects, engineers, subcontractors,
Work Space:                                                         suppliers to plan cost factors for building projects. Analyzes
                                                                    blueprints, specifications, proposals and other documents in
                                                                    order to prepare time, cost, and labor estimates. Typically
53 PROJECT MANAGER (SENIOR)                                         requires a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering,
Responsible for more complex projects with larger budgets.          Construction Management or ten or more years of related
Can directly supervise other project managers and project           experience.
engineers. Plans, assigns and directs work.
                                                                    Work Space:
Work Space:

Responsible for maintaining the technical quality of the
project. Performs non-routine contract administration duties
which require application of conventional contracting
techniques and concepts. Negotiates and awards routine
subcontracts and purchase orders. Coordinates and expedites
vendor submittals and reviews for accuracy and compliance
2011 Construction Compensation                                                                                        Page 3
Manages preconstruction clients services. Works with clients,              CUSTOMER SERVICE/QUALITY
architects/engineers, subcontractors/suppliers to plan cost
factors for building projects. Prepares cost estimates and          44   CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE
proporsals by preforming the following duties. Typically                 (RESIDENTIAL CONSTRUCTION)
requires a Bachelor’s Degree in either Civil Engineering or         Assists with introducing homeowners to their home by
Construction Management.                                            providing an orientation of the home's systems. Provides
Work Space:                                                         customer service and quality warranty repairs throughout the
                                                                    warranty period. Typically reports to the Customer Service
55 PRECONSTRUCTION MANAGER (SENIOR)                                 Manager.
Works with clients, architects/engineers, subcontractors/           Work Space:
suppliers to plan cost factors for building projects; analyzes
blueprints, specifications, proposals, and other documentation      45   CUSTOMER SERVICE MANAGER
to prepare time, cost, and labor estimates for projects by               (RESIDENTIAL CONSTRUCTION)
performing the following duties. Directly supervises senior         Responsible for providing leadership, guidance and direction
and junior estimators and reviews their work including take-        of the Customer Service Department.              Develops and
offs and pricing. Bachelor’s Degree (B.S.) in Civil                 implements processes that ensure consistent, timely and
Engineering or Construction Management from four-year               exceptional warranty service. Creates and manages yearly
college or university; or ten or more years related experience;     warranty budget. Maintains homeowner manual. General
or equivalent combination of education and experience.              knowledge in all areas of residential construction.
Work Space:                                                         Work Space:

58 DETAILER                                                         46 MANAGER OF QUALITY ASSURANCE
Responsible for ensuring that job site is clean and clear of        Ensures consistent product quality standards throughout all
debris. Reports any problems, damage or oversights to               communities and product lines. Oversees and/or performs all
Superintendent. Maintains signage on lots. Audits thermostats,      structural inspections to ensure customer satisfaction and
water heaters, etc. to take necessary steps to protect sites from   quality control. Responsible for managing customer service
damage due to changes in temperature. Maintains model               staff and processes such as budgets, association manuals and
homes. Typically requires knowledge of all trades                   third party turnover inspections. Manages home
incorporated in construction process such as framing, concrete      orientation/pre-close representative and processes to include
work, mechanics, and finish work.                                   any associated budgets.
Work Space:                                                         Work Space:

Responsible for the purchasing-related activities and vendor
management processes to support estimation, design,
construction and property management. Develops and
                                                                    141 FORMSETTER
implements purchasing and inventory control processes and
                                                                    Constructs built-in-place or prefabricated wooden forms
sequence of operations. Assists in managing all purchasing
                                                                    according to specifications for molding concrete structures.
processes including bidding, submittals, subcontracts,
purchasing agreements and materials management. Typically           Work Space:
reports to the Purchasing Manager.
Work Space:                                                         ** Job Title Change
                                                                    142 FINISHER / CEMENT MASON
                                                                    Smoothens and finishes surfaces of poured concrete, such as
                                                                    floors, walks, sidewalks, roads, or curbs using a variety of
Manages, directs and coordinates overall construction
                                                                    hand and power tools.
operations. Assures the division objectives are achieved at the
lowest cost consistent with quality requirements. Assures           Work Space:
accurate and efficient completion of job requests. Prepares
annual construction budget. Responsible for profit plan in          143 DETAIL PERSON
accordance with budget. Establishes project job costing with        Performs skilled work including interior and exterior areas.
accounting department. Reviews all larger capital expenses.         Paints interior and exterior surfaces to include any and all
Work Space:                                                         decorative concrete imperfections, etc. Prepares surfaces for
                                                                    painting and mixes paint to match varied construction phases
                                                                    of colors to surfaces. Removes furnishings and covers where
                                                                    needed to protect environment.
                                                                    Work Space:

2011 Construction Compensation                                                                                       Page 4
                                                                   134 GENERAL LABOR – HEAVY HIGHWAY
        TRADES / SUBCONTRACTORS                                    Performs a variety of routine, non-machine tasks such as
                                                                   removing forms from set concrete, filling expansion joints
                                                                   with asphalt, installing insulation, and stocking material. May
                                                                   operate equipment (i.e. jack hammer). Works under minimal
Constructs forms and interior finish for large, small and
medium-sized commercial buildings.
                                                                   Work Space:
Work Space:

                                                                   * New Position
130 CARPENTER - RESIDENTIAL                                        169 GLAZIER, JOURNEYMAN
Constructs and repairs structural woodwork and equipment.
                                                                   Installs glass in windows, skylights, storefronts, and display
Builds, repairs, and installs counters, cabinets, benches,
                                                                   cases, or on surfaces, such as building fronts, interior walls,
partitions, floors, doors, building framework and trim.
                                                                   ceilings, and tabletops.
Work Space:
                                                                   Work Space:

Constructs forms built in place or prefabricated forms for         104 ELECTRICIAN, JOURNEYMAN - COMMERCIAL
bridges, culverts, retaining walls and other articles associated   Provides tenant finish and electrical service work on
with this type of industry.                                        commercial and industrial properties. Plans layout, installs,
                                                                   and repairs wiring, electrical fixtures, apparatus, and control
Work Space:
                                                                   Work Space:
Seals joints between plasterboard or other wallboards to
prepare wall surface for painting or papering. Mixes sealing       135 ELECTRICIAN, JOURNEYMAN - RESIDENTIAL
compound by hand or with portable electric mixer, and              Provides tenant finish and electrical service work on
spreads compound over joints between boards.                       commercial and industrial properties. Plans layout, installs,
                                                                   and repairs wiring, electrical fixtures, apparatus, and control
Work Space:
                                                                   Work Space:
Seals joints between plasterboard or other wallboards to
prepare wall surface for painting or papering. Mixes sealing       136 ELECTRICIAN, JOURNEYMAN – HEAVY HIGHWAY
compound by hand or with portable electric mixer, and              Provides tenant finish and electrical service work on
spreads compound over joints between boards.                       commercial and industrial properties. Plans layout, installs,
                                                                   and repairs wiring, electrical fixtures, apparatus, and control
Work Space:
                                                                   Work Space:
Performs a variety of routine, non-machine tasks such as                                                      ST
removing forms from set concrete, filling expansion joints         123 ELECTRICIAN, APPRENTICE 1                   YEAR -
with asphalt, installing insulation, and stocking material. May        COMMERCIAL
operate equipment (i.e. jack hammer). Works under minimal
supervision.                                                                                                  ST
                                                                   137 ELECTRICIAN, APPRENTICE 1                   YEAR -
Work Space:                                                            RESIDENTIAL

133 GENERAL LABOR - RESIDENTIAL                                                                               ST
Performs a variety of routine, non-machine tasks such as           138 ELECTRICIAN, APPRENTICE 1                   YEAR -
removing forms from set concrete, filling expansion joints             HEAVY HIGHWAY
with asphalt, installing insulation, and stocking material. May
operate equipment (i.e. jack hammer). Works under minimal
                                                                   * New Position
                                                                   170 FLAGGER
Work Space:
                                                                   Controls movement of vehicular traffic through construction
                                                                   Work Space:

2011 Construction Compensation                                                                                          Page 5
68 TRAFFIC CONTROL SUPERVISOR                                       107 ROOFER, JOURNEYMAN
Ensures the performance of all traffic control requirements at      Installs, maintains, and repairs roofs with roofing materials
constructions sites.                                                other than sheet metal, such as single ply, built up, and
Work Space:                                                         modified compositions.
                                                                    Work Space:
* New Position
171 MASON, JOURNEYMAN                                               118 STRUCTURAL IRONWORKER, JOURNEYMAN
Works with brick, block and/or stone to construct or repair         Working as a member of a crew, raises, places, and connects
structures. Journeyman mason has above average skill and            girders, columns, and other structural steel members to form
speed in laying stone. Typically has 3-5 years of experience.       completed structures or structure frameworks.
Work Space:                                                         Work Space:

116 MILLWRIGHT, JOURNEYMAN                                          139 REINFORCING IRONWORKER
                                                                    Bends, fabricates, ties rebar.
Installs machinery and equipment according to manufacturers’
specifications.                                                     Work Space:
Work Space:
                                                                    120 WELDER, JOURNEYMAN
                                                                    Lays out, fits, and welds pipe and/or structural components to
                                                                    assemble piping systems, tanks, and structural steel.
Applies coat of paint, varnish, stain, enamel, or lacquer to
decorate and protect interior or exterior surfaces, trimmings,      Work Space:
and fixtures of buildings and other structures. Reads work
order or receives instructions from supervisor or homeowner
regarding painting. Smoothes surfaces and removes old paint                              OPERATORS
from surfaces to prepare surfaces for painting.
Work Space:                                                         157 ASPHALT / CONCRETE PLANT

                                                                    158 COMPACTION ROLLER
Lays out, fabricates, assembles, installs, and maintains piping
fixtures and equipment for gas, steam, hot water, fire water,
and industrial processing systems.
                                                                    159 BACKHOE
Work Space:

124 PIPEFITTER, APPRENTICE 1                 YEAR                   160 DOZER
Work Space:
                                                                    161 FRONT END LOADER
Assembles, installs, and repairs pipes, fittings, and fixtures of
heating, cooling water, and waste disposal/drainage systems         162 MECHANIC – SHOP HEAVY
according to specifications and plumbing codes.
Work Space:
                                                                    163 MECHANIC – OILER / FUEL LUBE
126 PLUMBING, APPRENTICE 1                  YEAR
Work Space:
                                                                    164 MOTOR GRADER

Fabricates, assembles, installs, and repairs sheetmetal products    165 ROTOMILL
and equipment such as control boxes, ductwork, plenums,
drain pipes, ventilators, and furnace casings.
Work Space:                                                         166 SCRAPER

128 SHEETMETAL, APPRENTICE 1                      YEAR
                                                                    167 SPREADER OR LAYDOWN MACHINE
Work Space:                                                             (Asphalt/Concrete)

2011 Construction Compensation                                                                                       Page 6
                                                         TRUCK DRIVERS
                                            150 BELLY DUMP TRUCK

                                            151 END DUMP TRUCK

                                            152 LOW BOY TRUCK

                                            153 MIXER TRUCK

                                            154 WATER TRUCK
                                            155 PROJECT DELIVERY DRIVER - COMMERCIAL

                                            156 PROJECT DELIVERY DRIVER - RESIDENTIAL

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