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					With so many new electronic gadgets coming out, many consumers are confused about the difference
between similar devices. The explosive popularity of e-book readers particularly raises the question of
which is best. For under $200, the two most prominent are Amazon Kindle and Barnes and Noble Nook.
Although other readers are available, these two being from large companies, have monopolized the market
in their price range. The recent challenge of the iPad has opened the door to tough competition, but if you
just want a small, light weight and affordable e-reader, Kindle and Nook still hold great appeal.

E-readers are more than just a fad. More and more, people are turning to e-readers as a replacement for their
printed counterparts. No more ink on your hands or having to bring in the paper when the weather is bad.

Having come out first, Amazon Kindle has several advantages over Nook. Kindle has a real keyboard and is
easier to navigate than Nook. Moreover, Kindle has crisper text for easier reading, weighs two ounces less
and even outlasts the battery life of Nook by four days! The Kindle screen is also well suited for reading
even in bright sunshine.

Despite these great features, Kindle is not without its limitations. If you're a big gamer for example, Nook
would certainly be a better way to go. Moreover, Nook provides more free options and allows e-book
sharing among friends for 14 days. Nook is also a good alternative to the significantly higher priced iPad.
Although even Nook cannot compete with all of iPad's features, at well less than half the price, it provides a
good value for those looking beyond basic e-reader functionality.

Both Kindle and Nook support a wide range of e-books. Although Amazon Kindle still supports more, both
provide great entertainment and a means for exercising your brain more than television.

In the end, what it really comes down to is personal preference. While some may prefer the extra bells and
whistles and slightly more slender feel of the Nook, others will go with the easier reading and superior
navigation control of the Kindle. Although Nook may outdo Kindle in the gaming department, for true e-
book reading, Kindle still out-shines its closest competitor.

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