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                     Dear Buyer,

                     The Tavivian Group is pleased to present its comprehensive guide for buying a residence in
                     New York City. The Group, founded by brothers Ariel and Yair Tavivian, has the experience
                     and market insights to navigate these tumultuous markets and maximize value for buyers
                     and investors. Buyers will receive these services along with a thorough education on the
                     purchase process to inspire the right decisions.

                     We differentiate ourselves by providing a complete range of services which allows our cli-
                     ents to progress through the process of closing on attractive properties in the most time
                     efficient manner. Our strong negotiating skills ensure that our clients secure the very best
                     deal. Our plan outlines how we work and the services that we offer to help ensure a
                     smooth and successful purchase. Enclosed you will find the following:

                     1. Services for our buyers and investors
                     2. The steps to purchasing
                     3. What to buy
                     4. Building categories
                     5. Apartment types
                     6. The value of being pre qualified
                     7. The search criteria
                     8. Condominium closing costs
                     9. Co-op closing costs
                     10. Glossary of terms

                     Our goal is to work with each individual client within the framework of our proven process
                     to achieve outstanding results and outstanding value over time. Nothing pleases The Taviv-
                     ian Group more than finding unique properties that suit the buyer’s needs and that reflect
                     their character.

                     Ariel & Yair Tavivian
                     Co-founders and Associate Brokers
                     The Tavivian Group

    Services for    • An initial in-depth interview to understand your particular needs, goals, lifestyle require-
    Our Buyers      ments, time frame and budget.
                    • A thorough education on market trends, pricing, property types, neighborhoods, and the
                    steps in the purchase process so you’re always well prepared.
                    • Continuing research on new properties that come to market until your perfect home is
                    found and then reacting quickly to secure it.
                    • Intensive market research to show all necessary details on a property from the building
                    financial history as well as comparable sales data in the building and surrounding area.
                    • Top notch professional referrals to lenders, financial experts, attorneys and title service
                    • Concierge services for private transportation, interior designers, decorators, contractors,
                    architects and moving companies.
                    • A winning negotiation strategy to secure the very best price.
                    • Expert board package preparation so you won’t get turned down.

                    • Upcoming new developments and first-phase releaser prices.
     Services for
    Our Investors

                    • Upcoming information regarding areas and neighborhood zoning changes and city
                    • 1031 Exchange guidance and coordination.
                    • Private transportation and accommodation assistance for foreign investors.
                    • Ongoing market research of interest areas.
                    • Full service range of brokerage services.
                    • Valuation analysis for conversions and renovations.

                              • Offers are made orally in New York City. When you have found the right property, a bid
    The Steps to Purchasing   or offer will be placed through your agent. They will convey your offer to either the seller’s
                              agent or to the seller directly.

                              • The seller may counter your offer. This will begin a negotiation process that will eventu-
                              ally lead to a meeting of the minds, at which point price, terms, and closing date have been
                              agreed upon.

                              • A real estate attorney is required in all property transactions in New York City. Contact
                              an attorney familiar with real estate in Manhattan to represent you. The seller’s attorney
                              will begin preparation of a contract of sale and during that time your attorney will begin to
                              examine the financial condition of the building in which you wish to purchase. Your real
                              estate agent can assist you in finding experienced attorneys.

                              • After your lawyer concludes that the financial condition is satisfactory, the by-laws of the
                              building are acceptable to you, and that the contract of sale is also acceptable, your attor-
                              ney will allow you to sign the contract. At that time you will usually be required to present a
                              deposit of 10% of the purchase price. The contract plus the deposit will then be forwarded
                              to the seller for signature. This money will be held in the seller’s attorney’s escrow account
                              until closing. It is important to note that until all parties have signed the contract, and it
                              has been delivered, the seller can still entertain and accept other offers

                              • If financing, you should move forward with your loan application. Your real estate agent
                              can assist you in finding a mortgage broker. It is advised that you pre-qualify for a mort-
                              gage with a brokerage firm prior to beginning your housing search.

                              • By now you will have received from your real estate agent the board requirements and
                              application materials. The application materials can be similar for a cooperative and con-
                              dominium. However, the actual process is quite different. You will need to complete all of
                              the required materials which typically include an application, a financial statement signed
                              by a CPA, all requisite support for your financial statement, three years of tax returns, bank
                              statements, letters of personal, financial reference and professional reference, the contract
                              of sale, bank documents (if financing) indicating that your loan is in place, etc.

                              • When your package is finished, it will be reviewed by a Douglas Elliman Manager, and
                              then assuming it is complete, it will be forwarded to the managing agent for review. Upon
                              determination that it is in order and that credit checks were acceptable, it will be forwarded
                              to the Board of Directors. No applications will be accepted by a Managing Agent unless
                              they are complete.

                              • In the case of a cooperative if your application meets initial approval, you will be invited
                              to be interviewed by the board or by an interviewing committee. This is a serious matter
                              and not to be taken lightly and it should be treated as a business meeting.

                              • After approval by the board you are ready to begin the planning for your closing.

                              • In the case of a condominium there is generally no formal interview.

                     Condominiums (Condo):
    What to Buy      Each unit is individually owned and is used as a personal residence or can be rented out as
                     an investment property. Subject to the regulations of the condo board which is the gov-
                     erning body for the building made up of individual owners. The owners are able to deter-
                     mine their own rental price and lease length. This is an easy approval process. You more
                     rights, you can transfer deed to family members, sublet or re-sell easier. More control over
                     building maintenance and development issues and tend to have lower monthly common
                     charges. Condominiums typically have a higher purchase price per square foot.

                     Co–operatives (Co–op):
                     As in a condo each unit is individually owned however individuals actually own shares in
                     the building based on their apartment’s size and value. The owners don’t own the deed to
                     the property as one would in a condo. This is a much more complicated approval process.
                     They tend to have the most stringent rules and regulations with respect to rentals, apart-
                     ment construction and renovation and may have resale restrictions. They tend to have a
                     higher monthly maintenance fee and higher tax deductibles. They usually have a lower
                     purchase price per square foot. There is less legal and financial responsibility for building
                     maintenance and development.

                     Doorman Building:
    Building Types

                     These buildings tend to be larger buildings, such as high rises with the highest level of se-
                     curity. They also offer the highest level of convenience and comfort because someone is
                     there to take and hold your packages, dry cleaning, scheduled drop offs, or anything else
                     you might need while you are out. If you are new to Manhattan, delivery is a way of life
                     on the island. Also, you should consider that mail and packages will not be left without a
                     signature. There are three types of doorman buildings: luxury high rise, standard door-
                     man, and part time doorman.
                     • Luxury high rise buildings have more than one doorman, usually a full staff of attendants,
                     and offer concierge like hotel services. Top amenities can include a washer and dryers,
                     private health club, pool, sun deck, children’s playroom, laundry facilities to name a few but
                     each building will vary.
                     • Standard doorman buildings have someone on duty 24 hours a day and will provide an
                     extra level security and convenience but they do not offer the added amenity services or a
                     • Part time doorman buildings typically have a doorman for the day shift but rely on security
                     cameras or some form of high tech security system at night like a virtual doorman.

                     Elevator Building:
                     These buildings do not have a doorman on duty although some may have an elevator at-
                     tendant. These buildings are considered somewhere in between a doorman building and
                     a walk up with respect to quality, comfort and security. They often have laundry in the
                     building and a security system such as an intercom. These buildings are typically more
                     moderately priced and are not as expensive as a doorman building but not as inexpensive
                     as a typical walk up. Some elevators also have live in super attendants which is another
                     nice amenity.

                     Walk up Building:
                     These buildings do not have a doorman or elevator. They can be brownstones or town-
                     houses which are 4 to 5 stories, can be above storefronts which are generally one or two
                     stories, or low rise buildings that are free standing 4 to 5 stories. They are the most afford-
                     able living accommodation in the city, however as a result they have minimal amenities.
                     Most walk up buildings have a double front door security system and some have elaborate
                     systems such as intercoms and cameras.

                          The physical architecture of the building types described above can vary dramatically and
    Building categories   knowing what to expect for each of these properties will help you narrow down your search.
                          The building categories can generally be categorized as one of the following:

                          Brownstone, Townhouse or Mansion:
                          Most date back to the late 1800s and early 1900s and were originally built as single fam-
                          ily homes. While the single family home still exists which range from three to five stories,
                          many have since been converted into several apartments per building. Largely considered
                          the historic gems of Manhattan these apartments are known for their architectural charac-
                          ter and offer an alternative to a standard high rise or modern apartment. They typically
                          have hardwood plank floors, high ceilings with exposed beams, crown molding and working
                          or decorative fireplaces.

                          Loft Building:
                          Except for new construction these properties were at one time commercial spaces that
                          have been converted for residential living and can range from 5 to 20 stories. The homes
                          inside are typically large open spaces and can vary in their degree of architectural charac-
                          ter. Many lofts are intentionally left raw with their freight elevators and original columns in
                          place allowing the renter to convert the open space in living areas. Increasingly renovated
                          or newly constructed lofts are available that offer the same high end amenities like a gym,
                          concierge, laundry to name a few which can found in luxury high rise buildings.

                          Prewar Building:
                          These are representative of any building built prior to World War II. These buildings are
                          often characterized by their elaborate architecture and extensive detail. They typically fea-
                          ture high ceilings, hardwood floors and decorative elements such as fireplaces and original
                          details. It is quite common to find these properties to have a 24 hour doorman or elevator
                          operator service.

                          Postwar Building:
                          These are representative of any building built post World War II. They are known for their
                          simple design and well divided space. They offer a more modern living space than the typi-
                          cal prewar building. These buildings usually have laundry facilities in the basement of the
                          older buildings or on each floor in newer buildings. Doorman services and other amenities
                          vary from building to building.

                          High rise:
                          Refers to any building that stands 20 stories or more and was typically built in the latter
                          part of the 20th century. These buildings tend to offer standard shaped apartments, known
                          as cookie cutters, and vary in the level of services and luxury.

                          Mid rise:
                          Refers to any building that is typically between 12 to 20 stories.

                          Low rise:
                          Refers to any building that is typically between 4 to12 stories. These buildings may also
                          have standard shaped apartments and are usually walk up or elevator buildings. Most have
                          laundry in the building and feature video intercom systems.

            Apartment types   Is a one room apartment where the bedroom and living room are in the same space are
                              know for their efficiencies. Depending on the room size, the kitchen may either be a sepa-
                              rate room or simply found along a wall in the same room.

                              Alcove Studio:
                              Is similar to a studio in that it is composed of only one room but it also offers an open area
                              adjoined to the living room space which is typically used for sleeping. An alcove studio is
                              sometimes known as a junior 1 bedroom or an L-shaped studio because the layout resem-
                              bles the shape of the letter.

                              Flex (convertible) Two:
                              Is a one bedroom apartment that has enough space usually in the living room to put a tem-
                              porary also known as a pressurized wall in order to convert the larger room into a second
                              bedroom. Converted Apartments contain a large open space generally in the living room
                              that can be converted to create an additional bedroom or dining room)

                              Junior 4:
                              A one bedroom apartment with an additional alcove space in the living room that is gener-
                              ally used as a dining room or converted into a second bedroom.

                              Classic 6:
                              This is an apartment that is specific to prewar building that has the following 6 rooms: a
                              living room, formal dining room, kitchen, plus two full sized bedrooms and a small third
                              bedroom, typically referred to as the maid’s room. Classic 7’s and 8’s are also available and
                              provide one or two additional full sized bedrooms.

                              Before you visit any apartments unless you intend to pay all cash, it is important that you
    The Value of Being

                              are pre-qualified with a mortgage lender that lends in New York City. You will have a bet-
                              ter understanding of the actual price range that you will be able to afford. Offers will be
                              much stronger with a pre qualification from a recognized mortgage lender. By being pre-
                              qualified you are giving yourself a competitive advantage over other buyers and will speed
                              up the actual closing process. Prior to beginning your search for a New York City home or
                              investment property, it is essential to be aware of the financing requirements for non cash
                              buyers. Whether choosing to work with a mortgage bank or broker the information below
                              will prepare you.

    US Residents and            • Personal data like your full name, address, and Social Security number will be needed.
      Resident Aliens           • The amount and source(s) of income for all borrowers. Most recent checking and savings
                                bank statements. Two years of tax returns, employment letter verifying your start date
                                and annual salary including bonus. If self employed you will need a letter from your CPA or
                                attorney verifying your salary and net worth
                                • Information on all assets such as checking and savings accounts, stocks and bonds, re-
                                tirement plans, and other real estate owned. List of other liquid or non-liquid assets. Most
                                recent asset portfolio, 401K or retirement fund statements (if applicable).
                                • Information on all outstanding debts and any other financial obligations.
                                • Information concerning loans or debts that have been paid, plus any other references to
                                good credit use and history.
                                • Typically 6 months of mortgage payment reserves for loans less than $650,000 and 12
                                months for loans greater than $650,000.
                                • There are numerous mortgage loan programs available from 30 year fixed to 3/1 to 10/1
                                ARMS’s. The typical down payment that is usually required is 25% to 35%.

                                • There is financing available for tourists, visitors and residents of other countries without
            Foreign Nationals

                                a U.S. address or U.S. job.
                                • A valid unexpired foreign passport is required. A I-94 is required only when the foreign
                                national is in the U.S. at time of application or closing. An International Credit Report is
                                also required.
                                • Proof of Income, tax returns, pay stubs, etc. are required for income and assed documen-
                                tation. Stated Income is also available. You will need to prove the
                                verification of your deposit. The down payment and closing costs must be verified with a
                                U.S. institution. Reserves can be verified with a foreign institution with a 6 months history.
                                Your account statements are also required.
                                • Typically 6 months of mortgage payment reserves for loans less than $650,000 and 12
                                months for loans greater than $650,000.
                                • There are numerous mortgage loan programs available from 30 year fixed to 3/1 to 10/1
                                ARMS’s. The typical down payment that is usually required is 25% to 35%.

                                Note: Information above is a general overview for foreigners seeking to obtain
                                financing. Requirements for financing can vary depending on the individual buyer

                                   SEARCH CRITERIA               CHECK OR COMMENT
    US Residents and
      Resident Aliens
                        Ownership: condo, co-op, condop
                        Grid or neighborhood
                        Price range: minimum to maximum
                        Maximum monthly charges
                        Apt type: Apt. loft, townhouse or
                        high rise
                        Interior SF
                        Pre war pr post war
                        Number of bedrooms
                        Number of Bathrooms
                        Minimum floor: low to high
                        Additional rooms: office, maids room,
                        dining room, etc
                        Condition: mint, needs renovation or
                        Outdoor space
                        Washer and dryer
                        Light, views and exposure
                        Type of layout

                                 BUILDING CRITERIA’S             CHECK OR COMMENT
                        Full time, part time, no Doorman
                        Elevator or walk up
                        Swimming pool
                        Children’s play room
                        Wheel chair accessible
                        Building lounge
                        Parking and or garage
                        Cinema room
                        Pet policy
                        Multi floor laundry or central laundry
                        Wine cellar
                        Roof deck and public outdoor space

                                         For the Seller                           For the Purchaser
    Condominium Closing
                          Broker: Typically 6%                     Buyer’s Attorney: Consult your attorney
                          Own Attorney: Consult your attorney      Bank Fees: $350-$750
                          Processing Fee: $450+                    Application Fee: $350
                          NYC Transfer Tax:                        Processing Fee: $330
                          Residential:                             Appraisal Fee: $300-$1,500 (depending on
                          Up to $500,000 = 1%                      sales price)
                          $500,000+ = 1.425%                       Credit Report Fee: $10.10 single/$15.20
                          Commercial:                              joint
                          Up to $500,000 = 1.425%                  Bank Attorney: $650-$750
                          $500,000+ = 2.625%                       Tax Escrows: 2 to 6 months
                          Admin. Fee:                              Recording Fees: $250-$750
                          Non-Deed Transfers (i.e., Co-ops) = $50 Fee Title Insurance: Approx. $450 per
                          Residential Deed Transfers= $75          $100,000 of sales price under 1M, +15% on
                          Commercial Deed Transfers = $165         $1M or more
                          NY State Transfer Tax: $4 per $1,000 Mortgage Title Insurance: Approx. $130
                          of price                                 per $100,000 of mortgage amount
                          NYS Equalization Fee: $75                Municipal Search: $350-$500
                          Pick-up/Payoff Fee: $250-$500            Mansion Tax: 1% of entire purchase where
                          UCC-3 Filing Fee: $100                   price is $1,000,000 or more.
                          Miscellaneous Condominium                NYC Mortgage Tax (paid by borrower):
                          Charges: Vary by building                a. Mortgage less than $500,000 = 1.80%
                                                                   b. Mortgage $500,000+ on 1-3 family resi-
                          Note: For condominiums in new devel-     dential dwelling = 1.925%
                          opments, the Purchaser will pay costs    c. Mortgage on all other property over
                          normally paid by the Seller. These in-   $500,000.00 = 2.80%
                          clude Seller attorney fees as well as NYC ADDITIONAL REAL ESTATE EXPENSES
                          and NYC Transfer Taxes.                  Common Charge Adjustment: Pro-rated
                                                                   for the month of closing
                                                                   Real Estate Tax Adjustment: Pro-rated
                                                                   depending on when the tax is collected
                                                                   Miscellaneous Condominium Charges:
                                                                   Vary by building
                                                                   Short Term Interest: Equal to interest for
                                                                   balance of month in which you close

                                          For the Seller                          For the Purchaser
     Co-op closing costs
                           Broker: Typically 6%                        MORTGAGE CLOSING COSTS
                           Own Attorney: Consult your attorney         Buyer’s Attorney: Consult your attor-
                           Co-op Attorney: $450+                       ney
                           Flip Tax: Typically 1% to 3% of price (if   Bank Fees: $350-$750
                           applicable)                                 Application Fee: $350
                           Stock Transfer Tax: $0.05 per share         Processing Fee: $330
                           Move-out Deposit/Fee: Varies by             Appraisal Fee: $300-$1,500
                           building                                    (depending on sales price)
                           NYC Transfer Tax:                           Credit Report Fee: $10.10
                           Residential:                                single/$15.20 joint
                           Up to $500,000 = 1%                         Bank Attorney: $650-$750
                           $500,000+ = 1.425%                          Lien Search: $250-$350
                           Commercial:                                 UCC-1 Filing: $100
                           Up to $500,000 = 1.425%                     Mansion Tax: 1% of entire purchase
                           $500,000+ = 2.625%                          price where price is $1,000,000 or more.
                           Admin. Fee:
                           Non-Deed Transfers (i.e., Co-ops) = $50 ADDITIONAL REAL ESTATE EXPENSES
                           Residential Deed Transfers= $75             Miscellaneous Co-op Charges:
                           Commercial Deed Transfers = $165            Vary by building
                           NY State Transfer Tax: $4 per $1,000 Recognition Agreement Fee: $200+
                           of price                                    Maintenance Adjustment: Pro-rated
                           NYS Equalization Fee: $75.00                for the month of closing
                           Pick-up / Payoff Fee: $250-$500             Short Term Interest: Equal to interest
                           UCC-3 Filing Fee: $100                      for balance of month in which you close
                           Miscellaneous Coop Charges: Vary by

                         Below are some practical terms and definitions you might come across when looking for an
     Glossary of Terms   apartment in New York City

                         A legal relationship between a principal and his agent arising from a contract in which the
                         principal engages the agent to perform certain acts on the principal behalf.

                         A gradual paying off of a debt by periodic installments.

                         An opinion or estimate of the value of a property.

                         The amount of tax or special payment due to a municipality or association. This is applicable
                         in condo buildings and co-ops where assessments can often amount to significant monthly

                         Building Codes:
                         Regulations established by local governments describing the minimum structural require-
                         ments for buildings. Codes include foundation, roofing, plumbing, electrical, and other
                         specifications for safety and sanitation.

                         Promises written into deeds and other instruments agreeing to performance or nonperfor-
                         mance of certain acts and/or requiring or preventing certain uses of the property.

                         Counter Offer:
                         A rejection of an offer to buy or sell, with a simultaneous substitute offer.

                         A written document, property signed and delivered that conveys title to real property. It is
                         usually signed and handed over during closing.

                         Trust Deed:
                         A conveyance of real estate to a third party to be held for the benefit of another. Trust
                         deeds are commonly used in some states in place of mortgages that conditionally convey
                         title to the lender.

                         Recorded Deed:
                         An instrument that transfers title from one party (grantor) to another party (grantee) with-
                         out providing public notice of change in ownership. Recording is essential to protect one’s
                         interest in real estate.

                         Warranty Deed:
                         A deed that contains a covenant that the grantor will protect the grantee against any and
                         all claims. It usually contains covenants assuring good title, freedom from encumbrances
                         and quiet enjoyment.

                         Discount Points:
                         Amounts paid to the lender at the time of origination of a loan to account for the difference
                         between the market interest rate and the lower face rate of the note. Each point equals
                         1% of the loan principal.

     Any right to or interest in land that affects its value. This includes outstanding mortgage
     loans, unpaid taxes, easements and deed restrictions.

     Interest or value that the owner has in real estate over and above the liens against it.

     Escrow Account:
     A separate bank account segregated from a broker’s own funds in which the broker is re-
     quired by state law to deposit all monies collected for clients.

     The party to whom the title to real property is conveyed is the grantee or the buyer.

     Anyone who gives a deed is the grantor.

     A physical scrutinizing review of property or of documents.

     A charge against property making it security for the payment of a debt, judgment, mort-
     gage or taxes. A lien is a type of encumbrance. A specific lien is against certain property
     only, while a general lien is against all of the property owned by the debtor.

     Market Value:
     The theoretical highest price a buyer, willing but not compelled to buy, would pay and the
     lowest price a seller, willing but not compelled to sell would accept.

     Personal Property (personalty):
     All property that is not realty. Property that is movable and not fixed to land and can also
     be called chattel.

     An instrument authorizing a person to act as the agent of the person granting it.

     Evidence of ownership that the owner of land is in lawful possession.

     Clear Title:
     A title free of any clouds, liens, or other possible interests against it.

     Title Search:
     An examination of the public records to determine the ownership and encumbrances affect-
     ing real property.

     Transfer Tax:
     A tax paid upon the passing of title to property or to a valuable interest.

     A legal mechanism for local governments to regulate the use of privately owned real prop-
     erty by specific application of police power to prevent conflicting land uses and promote
     orderly development. All privately owned land within the jurisdiction is placed within des-
     ignated zones that limit the type and intensity of development permitted.

                                          The Tavivian Group is a new breakthrough force in NYC real estate. Our fresh approach,
             The Tavivian Group           comprehensive service and unique solutions are designed to meet our clientele’s needs and
                                          goals; Our team’s success in the residential, commercial and international arenas is fueled
                                          byproved experience and market knowledge. These invaluable assets, combined with the
                                          exceptional resources available to us, enhance our effectiveness in creating the most re-
                                          warding, value – driven real estate experience possible.
                                          The Tavivian Group’s expert deal – making is complemented by our strong belief in building
                                          long – term client relationships. We are not just here for one transaction, but for success
                                          over time as your real estate needs evolve. We’re proud to have built a loyal client base of
                                          prominent developers, landlords, investors, leaders in fashion and finance, and individual
                                          buyers and sellers.

                                          THE POWER OF TWO
                                          Twin brothers Yair and Ariel deeply know, love, live and breathe real estate – their great-
                                          estpassion. Sharing the same dedication and enthusiasm for their work which inspired their
                                          partnership, they complement one another with their respective personalities, skills and

                                          Prudential Douglas Elliman is a member of the Prudential Real Estate Affiliates, Inc., a sub-
             Prudential Douglas Elliman

                                          sidiary of Prudential Financial. Since 1875 Prudential Financial has helped people around
                                          the world achieve financial securities and piece of mind by providing a broad range of asset
                                          management, insurance, securities and employment services. Prudential. Prudential’s dis-
                                          tinctive rock logo and name are among the most recognized brands on the US.
                                          Prudential Real Estate Affiliates is located in 50 states and Canada with more than 2,200
                                          offices, 64,000 sales professionals, 643,000 transaction sides and over 200 Billion in sales
                                          volume in 2007. That same year the relocation group served nearly 800 corporate clients,
                                          completed nearly 250,000 transactions, served more than 45,000 transferees and enjoyed
                                          a 94.5% satisfaction rate.
                                          The firm we work with has over 3,500 agents in over 60 offices with a full complement of
                                          real estate services which include: Residential Property Management, Residential Sales Bro-
                                          kerage, Residential Rental Brokerage, Retail and Commercial Sales & Leasing, Relocation,
                                          Development Marketing Group, Mortgage Brokerage, Title Insurance, Settling-in Services
                                          and Senior Housing.

                                          • We are the NUMBER 1 BROKER in the area
                                          • We have THE LARGEST CUSTOMER BASE in the tri-state area
                                          • Our reach allows us to find your buyer wherever they may be, locally, nationally or
                                          • Huge listing inventory attracts more buyers
                                          • Our extensive training and technology programs keep us on the cutting edge
                                          • Our targeted marketing and advertising helps display your home to the appropriate
                                          audience immediately
                                          • Our award winning website showcases your home to millions, captivating buyers and
                                          delivering time sensitive information so they can make an informed decision
                                          • Our all inclusive firm ensures you have a seamless stress free experience

                                          THE TAVIVIAN GROUP WITH PDE SHARE THE SAME CORE VALUES OF:
                                          • Integrity and the highest ethical standards
                                          • Mutual respect and trust in our working relationship
                                          • Innovation and encouragement to change the status quo
                                          • Communication that is open and consistent
                                          • Teamwork and meeting our commitment to one another
                                          • Performance with a recognition for results
                                          Committed to a culture founded on professionalism, competence, teamwork,
                                          empowerment, mutual respect, trust and service excellence.

                  THE TEAM

                                        ARIEL TAVIVIAN
                                        Co Founder

                                        An expert at the art of deal-making, Ariel streamlines even the most intricate
                                        transactions so that all parties make money and walk away satisfied. He believes
                                        that the right combination of price, amenities, size and location exists in every
                                        property match, and works his magic in bringing all factors of a deal together
                                        to create a win-win situation.
                                        A former award-winning soldier in an elite intelligence research unit in the Israeli
                                        Defense Force, Ariel traveled the world learning many different cultures, which
                                        inspired his extensive dealings with foreign clients. Whether he is selling condos,
                                        marketing new projects, conducting quality assessments or orchestrating
                                        complex commercial deals, he brings seasoned negotiating savvy to the table
                                        to ensure the best result.

                                                                            YAIR TAVIVIAN
                                                                                       Co Founder

                 Sharp, creative and strategic-minded, Yair is a marketing specialist who’s
                 handled wonderful luxury Israeli properties in both the U.S. and Europe, setting
                 the perfect stage for his natural transition in the NYC marketplace.
                 Yair, formerly in the Israel Defense Force concentrating in an elite Air Force
                 Intelligence Unit, possesses a great understanding of the international
                 marketplace. His constant watch on market activity, new developments, co-ops
                 and condos help inspire the most informed decisions, while his expert marketing
                 and negotiating optimize results for property owners.

                                        FRANCIS RUSSO
                                        New Development Specialist

                                        Francis brings solid real estate experience to The Tavivian Group. Francis’ spe-
                                        cialty is in innovative, quality housing that includes condominiums and new
                                        developments. He has an extensive background in sales, project manage-
                                        ment, development planning, market research and consulting from concept to
                                        completion. He devotes hard work, great focus and strong dedication to his
                                        clients for results that exceed their expectations. Prior to real estate, Francis
                                        worked in apparel technical design, development and project management for
                                        Nike, where he developed a design sensibility and understanding that is unique
                                        in the brokerage field. With real estate, development and market knowledge
                                        being his passion he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to ensure the
                                        best result.

                                          NOAM GOTTLIEB

                                          Buyer Specialist

                                          Noam Gottlieb keeps a close watch on the market and up to date on the latest
                                          trends to always see new opportunity for his clients. Inspired by the potential
                                          and reward of real estate investment, he provides comprehensive analysis and
                                          guidance to help buyers and sellers get the best value. Originally from Israel,
                                          Noam learned valuable skills in the intelligence department of an elite Air Force
                                          unit while in charge of 25 soldiers as a manager and mentor. Upon moving to
                                          New York City, he transferred those interpersonal skills to the restaurant busi-
                                          ness, then worked for an international security consultancy heading a team
                                          that created an advanced officers course. Highly organized, motivated, hard
                                          working and dedicated, Noam will go above and beyond to help clients achieve
                                          their goals. His full-service capabilities and thorough approach make the real
                                          estate process seamless and enjoyable. As a vital support member of The Tav-
                                          ivian Group, Noam has found his perfect “home” in the world of New York real
                                          estate, where he can best utilize and implement his knowledge and expertise.
                                          “I love the energy of the city,” says Noam. “You walk down the street and see
                                          people who are entrenched in an exciting, fast-paced lifestyle, and you feel like
                                          anything can happen.”

                                                                                      SAHAR ZIV
                                                                                     Rental Specialist

                 Specializing in luxury rentals and sales in New York City, Sahar Ziv offers cli-
                 ents extensive knowledge with years of experience in real estate.Hard working,
                 detail oriented, tenacious and responsible, Sahar works closely with buyers,
                 sellers and renters, until their price is met, and their ultimate goals are fulfilled.
                 Known for never giving up on a deal, Sahar understands the art of negotiating
                 as well as he does the importance of customer service, a skill he perfected in
                 the hospitality industry working at a boutique luxury hotel. Born and raised in
                 Israel, Sahar has lived in Manhattan for over eight years. He strives to educate
                 his clients on the uniqueness of various neighborhoods, and on the state of
                 the overall market with his exclusive market reports covering rentals and sales
                 trends of the past 10 years. When not focused on work, Sahar is an Aikido
                 instructor and enthusiast for martial arts. He also enjoys the excitement of
                 travel, and thrill of riding motorcycles.

                                          ROSLYN FRIEDMAN
                                          Client Satisfaction Coordinator

                                          Roslyn Friedman is a longstanding broker with extensive experience in both the
                                          residential and commercial real estate markets. She teaches real estate at New
                                          York University, Property Shark, Baruch College and CityTech as well.
                                          An Upper East Side resident, she strives to help others achieve the same con-
                                          tentment in their real estate decisions, drawing upon her own knowledge as
                                          well as the incredible resources and support available to her at the group.
                                          Upbeat and friendly in her demeanor, Roz is honest, loyal and reliable in the way
                                          she conducts business and she brings the utmost integrity to all her dealings.
                                          She adhere’s to each buyer’s and seller’s best interest at all times, to build con-
                                          fidence and trust in her relationships. Roslyn holds a BA degree from Brooklyn
                                          College, having spent an academic year at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.
                                          She received her MA in Media Ecology (theoretical communications) from New
                                          York University. Outside of work, Roslyn swims nearly every day, and delights
                                          in taking full advantage of the cultural, intellectual and social opportunities that
                                          surround her in New York City, a home she loves.

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