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					Murray High

Softball tryouts will begin on Monday, February 26 at 3:15
         pm in the Murray High School Main Gym.

      Be prepared for either indoor or outdoor tryouts.
                  Wear athletic clothing.
                   Bring glove, bat, etc.
                    Catchers bring gear.

A Tryout Checklist must be signed by both the athlete and her
   parents in order to tryout for the Murray High School
             Softball Team. Please access this at:
       Go to Forms scroll down to the bottom section.
  Print, sign, and bring to tryouts along with a copy of the
                 athletes 2nd term report card.
                                    Murray High School Softball Team
                                         Policies & Procedures
                  Congratulations on making the Murray High School softball team. Being a part of this team will require a
great deal of time, discipline, hard work, dedication,, commitment, and team attitude. You have been selected for this team
because you have displayed not only fine softball playing abilities, but the work ethics and attitude we believe are necessary
to win another state championship.
         The following policies and procedures will hopefully give the players a “clear picture” of the program philosophy as
well as what we expect in terms of player expectations, commitment, and character.

       All players are required, and should want, to attend all meetings, work-outs, practices, and socials.
       All players are required to arrive before starting time for practices, games, etc.
       If a player decides to leave the program at any time during the season, a personal notice must be given to Coach
       Players must be honest at all times.
       Players must respect their privilege to compete.
       Players must show respect to the “family”. This family unit includes players, coaches, administration, and parents.
       A successful program is a class act both on and off the field. It is very important to set a positive example and be a
        good role model. Do not swear, be late to classes, skip classes, litter, disrespect anyone – at school, home, practices,
        games – ANYWHERE!
       Be proud of our program… we work hard!
       Older players must mentor and set positive examples to the younger players.
       Young players must earn respect and are not entitled to play…especially at the varsity level.

       All players are to attend all classes on a daily basis, unless properly excused by a parent because of illness or
        personal emergency only. Players must inform Coach Parker if they must miss a class or classes during softball
        season.. According to school policy, the first sluff will result in a one game suspension, the second sluff will result
        in a suspension from the team for the remainder of the season. Do not jeopardize your chance to play – GO TO
        CLASS AND BE ON TIME! If tardies become a problem, players will not start/play. Each player will receive a
        schedule with excusal times and bus times. Players are not to leave any earlier than their excused time. Players
        will receive a sluff and suffer the consequences.
       All players must adhere to all rules set by Murray High School.
       All players must meet the MHS standards of eligibility and turn in appropriate forms to Coach Parker.
       All players must make up their “U”‟s and “N”‟s before the first game. If documentation (in writing) is not
        presented to Coach Parker before warm ups that game, the player will not play. If they aren‟t made up by the
        Monday prior to St. George, they will not be allowed to go to St. George. If they are not made up by the Monday
        right after the St. George tourney, the player will be removed from the team.
   All players must attend every single practice. If a player is sick, they need to call Coach Parker the first thing in
    the morning to let the coaches know they are sick and won‟t be there. If contagious, please do not come to
    practice/games. If sick/injured but have something that is not contagious, they are expected to come to
    practice/games to watch or do limited activities.

                                       Murray High School:         264-7460
                                     Coach Parker ex. 5152 Cell 557-7975
                                       Coach Pehrson ex. 5148 or 5117
   All players must have equipment ready, cleats (or shoes) on, and ready to go 10 minutes before practice begins (3:00
    most days).
   Practice expectations:
        1. Socializing must not take place during practice. Save that for before and afterwards.
        2. Everyone must help with equipment.
        3. HUSTLE! Everyone must move quickly from one place to another! Walking will not be tolerated.
        4. Whining, pouting or bad attitudes will not be tolerated!

   Varsity games begin at 3:00 or 3:30 and JV games begin right after the Varsity (4:30-5:00). All players must be in
    attendance for both games.
   The Varsity team will be going to the St. George tournament March 9-12.
   The JV team will be playing in a tournament in Salt Lake March 31-April 1.
   All players will dress nicely on game days (no jeans). Team captains will decide if players will wear dresses or dress
    up for game days.
   All players must ride the bus to and from all away games.
   JV players will sit together to watch, cheer, or keep score, stats, etc. for the Varsity team until it is time for them to
   Varsity players will sit together to watch, cheer, or keep score, stats, etc. for the JV team.
   All players must show class, support, and respect.
   Players are not to show public affection during any school sponsored activity.
   Parental support is necessary to provide a positive experience for all. Murray coaches will make all decisions
    regarding playing time and disciplinary actions. Negative input is comparable to cancer - It spreads and it kills.
    Any bad mouthing, backbiting, or otherwise negative behavior on the part of players, parents, or coaches will be
    dealt with in a swift manner.

   All players will be in full game uniform or they will not play!

   Full Uniform includes:
        o MHS official game uniform (tucked in prior to arriving at the field)
        o Black sports bra
        o Orange sliding shorts
        o Black sliding pads (optional, but no other color may be worn)
        o Black socks with “Spartans” on them
        o Black cleats.

      Players are not allowed to talk with friends, parents, etc. during their games.
                             All focus must be on the game.
Uniforms are to be returned the morning after a game day. They are to be dropped off in room 135 before
school starts! If the uniform is not turned in before school, that player will not start the next game.

Sliding shorts, sports bras, and socks are to be washed after each game at home by each player. Make sure
to keep sliders, cleats, helmets, equipment, and bags clean and looking sharp at all times.

                                          Parent– Coach Meeting
   1.     Meetings shall follow the chain of command and the principles of civility and reason shall apply.
   2.     Concerned individuals are to first discuss matters with the assistant coach.
   3.     The next step is to discuss matters with the head coach.
           The assistant coach shall be present.
   4.     The next step is to discuss matters with the Athletic Director.
           The head coach and assistant coach will be present.
   5.     At no time will issues such as playing time or anything along these lines be a topic of discussion.
           Decisions affecting the team are the right and responsibility of the coach.
   6.     Meetings will take place at the convenience of all the parties concerned.
   7.     A minimum of 24 hours notice will be required prior to any meetings.
           At no time shall a meeting take place on a “walk-in-basis”.
   8.     All parties are expected to remain civil. At no time will those involved in the meeting raise their voice or make
          any threatening comments or gestures.
           Failure to abide by this will result in an immediate cessation of the meeting.
   9.     Meetings will have an agenda.
           All parties concerned will have this agenda 24 hours in advance of any meeting in order that the meeting
              should reach the highest degree of productivity.
           The agenda shall be strictly adhered to, and there shall be no additions after it is published for the parties
   10.    All parties concerned shall be present.
           If the issue is with an assistant coach, then that coach will be present. The head coach will also be
   11.    Only the students‟ issue/situation shall be discussed.
           At no time will any other student be discussed.
           No coach or other person shall be discussed.
   12.    Anonymity of information is not guaranteed.
           All anecdotal information divulged at such meetings is subject to verification.
                    Suggested Sportsmanship For Parents

   DON‟T: Focus on wins and losses. Some experts suggest that the perfect season is .500, enough wins for
    confidence, enough losses for a challenge. Adjust your expectations.
   DO: Have a plan in place for disruptive parents and make sure everyone knows it will not be tolerated.
    Forfeit a game if necessary.
   DON‟T: Yell at the players, especially your children. Positive feedback is always encouraged, but the
    coach handles strategy, not the parents.
   DO: Get to know the coach and understand her philosophy. But do not campaign for playing time for
    your child.
   DON‟T: Get carried away if your child shows early athletic ability. Studies show only 10 percent of
    gifted athletes could be recognized by the age of 12.
   DO: Recognize that a full college scholarship is not a realistic goal for the majority of players, even the
    good ones. Thirty million children are playing sports in America. Only about 300,000 play in college at
    Division I, II, or III level.
   DON”T: Launch into a critique after each game. Listen. Ask your child, “What was your favorite part
    of the game? Why?”.
   DO: Concentrate on E.L.M. E for Effort, which everyone can contribute. L for Learning skills. M for
    Mistakes (bounce back from them; everyone makes them).
   DON”T: Stand by and let a parent abuse an official, coach, or player. Remind him or her, as a group, that
    the game is for the kids. Make it clear this is not a confrontation but that he or she is out of step with the
   DO: Set up a workable plan for grievances (see Parent-Coach meetings). Nothing will be settled at the
    game, but there is a way to present concerns to an impartial board. Angry, out of control parents will get
    a hearing, but not on the field.
   DON”T: Vent at the officials. There is no harder job, and most of them are volunteers, taking on what
    has become an unpleasant task for the good of your children. Respect their commitment and realize they
    may miss a call.
   DO: Encourage your child and his teammates. Studies show that the “magic ratio” between praise and
    criticism that works is 5:1. Children who received a 1;1 ratio were described as “despairing”.
   DON”T: Bad mouth players and coaches in the stands, at the grocery store, etc. You never know who
    may hear and it can be very hurtful to those it gets back to.
   DO: Learn to keep negative comments to yourself and share positive comments with others.

                                      Financial Costs and Fund Raisers
                        (THESE ARE THE 2006 FIGURES, COSTS MAY CHANGE FOR 2007)

        As many of you know, the cost for participating in softball can be quite high. We have a fund raiser to help offset
    some of the costs. All players will be required to sell 20 items. For every item not sold, the player will have to pay
        The following items will be given to each player and will come out of the money they bring in from the fund raiser:
    **Orange Stromgren sliding shorts, black sports bra two pair “Spartan” game socks, practice tee shirt, and practice
        Their team hoody, tee shirt, sweatpants, participation fee ($35.00), and club fee will be $215.00
        Those going to St. George will have an additional fee for rooming.
        Team pictures will be taken in March/April. Players will have an opportunity to purchase team and/or individual
    pictures at that time. Checks will need to be made out to Lifetouch and will be expected at the time the pictures are

    Those that do not have a black, long sleeved, Cold Gear Under Armour shirt must purchase one on their own.

Anything not paid for tonight will be submitted to the financial office for the fine list and will need to be paid prior to the
end of the school year. Checks must be made out to Murray High School (or MHS).

**If a player sells 20 items, these items will be free. If a player does not sell 20 items, they pay $7.00 for every item not
sold. If a player does not sell any items, they pay $140.00.

***All fees are non-refundable. If you chose to leave the team, are removed, or become ineligible, you will not be refunded
any of this.

                                                  Thank You,
                                         The Murray High Coaching Staff

                                                 Head Coach: Lisa Parker,
                                              Head J.V. Coach: Wendy Pehrson,

              Lettering Guidelines For Murray High School „s
                               Softball Team

A player may letter if she plays in at least 1/3 of the total varsity innings for the season OR if she plays
(hits or plays a defensive position – courtesy runners do not count) in the state tournament.
                                            Murray Softball

                                Player Commitment
       I, ____________________________ have read and understand the rules, policies, and procedures set forth for
the Murray High Spartan Softball Team for the 2007 season.

       I agree to abide by these rules.

       In the event I cannot or do not abide by these rules I will remove myself, or be removed from this team.

_______________________________                            __________________
            Player Signature                                       Date


       I, ________________________ have read and understand the rules, policies, and procedures set forth for the
Murray High Softball Team for the 2007 season.

       I agree to be supportive of my daughter, the coaches, and the program.

________________________________                           ___________________
            Parent Signature                                             Date

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