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					                                                                             where are THEY NOW?

                                                                                                                                                              SPARTAN ALUMNAE
Sarah (Alexander) Sageman – Sarah and her husband                                            Jane (McIntosh) Dawson – Competing for MSU from 1999-
Charlie, a former MSU wrestler, have one son, CJ, who                                        02, Jane now lives in Jackson, Mich. with her husband
was born in Feb. 2008. A team member from 2002-06,                                  TOSH     Adam and their one-year-old daughter, Grace. Jane is a
Sarah is currently a stay-at-home mom and lives with                      jane MCIN          sales representative for Forest Pharmaceuticals.
her family in St. Johns, Mich.
                                                                                             Michelle (Dubois) Rhinehart – A team member from
Carole (McMenamy) Amber – Carole competed for MSU                                            1977-78, Michelle graduated from the MSU College of
from 1992-96. She currently lives in Columbus, Ohio                                          Business in 1982. Shortly after graduation, Michelle had
with her husband Troy, and their 10-month-old son, TJ.                                       a brief career with Merrill Lynch before changing careers
                                                                                             and becoming a full-time mom and homemaker. She
Colleen (Toohey) Barnett – A team member from 1991-                                          and her husband Keith live in Louisville, Ky. and enjoy
94, Colleen now lives in Sparks, Md. with her husband                                        golfing, skiing, road biking and keeping up with Spartan
Keith and their two sons, three-year-old Jack and two-                                       athletics. They have three children; 22-year-old Erin,
year-old Luke. Colleen is a stay at home mom.                                                20-year-old Phillip and 18-year-old Monica.

Toni (Duce) Bennett – Toni and her husband, Jesse                                            Becky (Hoppe) Durbin – Becky was a team member from
Bennett were married in March 2006 and have a                                                1995-97. She now lives in Pittsburgh, Pa. with her
one-year-old daughter, Risa. Toni is currently a full-                                       husband Bill, nine-month-old daughter Cailyn – who
time mom and a part-time architect for VergesRome                 jennifer YARBROUGH         is already an aspiring gymnast – and their golden
Architects in New Orleans, La. After her gymnastics                                          doodles, Brinkley and Maxwell. Becky works as a
career at MSU from 1998-01, she went on to the                                               kindergarten teacher in the Shaler Area School District.
University of Florida to pursue her master’s degree in
architecture. The Bennetts currently live in Tallahassee,                                    Polly (Kiker) Gilligan – A team member from 1996-00,
Fla. but will be moving to The Netherlands for the first                                      Polly and her husband Spencer live in Houston, Texas
half of 2009 and then onto Spokane, Wash.                                                    with their bullmastiff, Churchill. They run their own law
                                                                                             firm and both work as attorneys practicing mainly in
Jennifer (Yarbrough) Burrill – A team member from 2002-                                      criminal defense.
05, Jennifer now lives in Santa Clarita, Calif. with her
husband Brady. She is in her first year as a high school                                      Melissa Green - Melissa was a member of the gymnastics
math teacher and is still a devoted MSU football fan;                                        team from 1997-01. Currently, Melissa resides in
she and Brady faithfully purchase season tickets to                                          Cincinnati, Ohio where she works as counsel for
cheer on the Spartans!                                                                       the GE-Aviation business unit of the General Electric
                                                                                             Company. Continuing her involvement in gymnastics,
Rhiannon Banda-Scott – A team member from 2005-08,                                           she also volunteer coaches the optional team members
Rhiannon graduated from MSU in December 2008. She                                            at Gym Nation Gymnastics & Cheerleading. In July
currently writes for a health magazine and is looking                                        2009, Melissa will attend the national judging course
forward to pursuing her career in journalism and                                             in Indianapolis and hopefully pass the test to become
planning her wedding to fiancée Andrew Bosse.                                                 a National rated judge. Her parents still reside in East
Kristen Coleman – A team member from 2003-07,
Kristin now lives in Fredericksburg, Va. where she is an                                     Carolyn Hecht – From 1995-99, Carolyn competed as a
elementary physical education teacher at Grace Miller                                        gymnast for Michigan State. She now lives in Portland,
Elementary.                                                                                  Ore. with her fiancé John, and their two dogs and cat.
                                                                                             Carolyn works as a Guide Dog mobility instructor with
Diane (Lovato) Culbertson – Diane currently lives in Frisco,                                 Guide Dogs for the Blind, Inc. and absolutely loves her
Texas with her husband Ken. They have two children:                                          job. She and John will be getting married in August
20-year-old Brittany, a sophomore at the University of                                       2009.
Texas at Arlington on a track scholarship, and Kenny,
who is 16, and plays football and wrestles. While                 michelle DU                Briony (Lecky) Hill - A team member from 1994-98.
maintaining her position as a Regional Vice President
                                                                             BOIS            Briony currently lives in Seattle with her husband Will,
with Arbonne International, Diane still works out five                                        a former MSU wrestler. They have two kids; four-year-
days a week and enjoys reading and traveling. Diane                                          old Dorian and two-year-old Tristan. She works in the
was a team member from 1976-80.                                                              US store services department for Starbucks Coffee
Pam (Harris) Davis – Pam competed for MSU from 1976-
                                                               toni DUC                      Company, testing and rolling out new beverages. Her
                                                                                             and Will have been married for six years and moved to
78. During both her years as a Spartan, the team won                                         Seattle from Indianapolis two years ago.
Big Ten Championshps and qualified for Nationals. She
currently lives in Cleveland, Ohio with her husband Alan,                                    Chayla Hill – Chayla was a team member from 2003-07.
a former MSU football player. They have five children,                                        She currently lives in Washington, D.C. where she works
all actively involved in hockey and lacrosse. Pam works                                      as a sales coordinator at the Hotel Monaco Alexandria.
as an Assistant Clinical Professor at Case Western
Reserve School of Medicine and is a dermatologist at
MetroHealth Medical Center in Cleveland.

                           2 0 0 9                M I C H I G A N           S T A T E   G Y M N A S T I C S
                   where are THEY NOW?
                   Angela Howard – A team member from 1991-95, Angela          Jodi (Blotcher) Krause – Jodi was a former team                      victoria IAKOUNINA
                   continued her journey as a Spartan when she pursued         member from 1992-96. As a freshman she won the
                   her professional career at MSU. She is the Director         George Alderton Female Athlete of the Year Award. She
                   of Student-Athlete Development in Student-Athlete           currently lives in Littleton, Colo. with her husband,
                   Support Services and plays an important role in helping     Chris, and their three-year-daughter Jayden and 16-
                   athletes prepare for their future while also coordinating   month-old son, Brandon.
                   all community outreach.
                                                                               Jennifer (Teft) Kubacki – A team member from 1991-92,
                   Jennifer Jallo – After serving as the MSU gymnastics        Jennifer currently lives in Canton, Mich. where she is
                   trainer from 1998-99, Jennifer worked at Lehigh             a senior buyer with Creative Technology Services. She
                   University from 1999-00, then Oklahoma State from           and her husband Dan have two children: seven-year-old
                   2000-02. She now lives in Fayetteville, Ark. as the         Zachary and five-year-old Lauren. Her sister, Katie Teft,
                   Assistant Athletic Trainer at the University of Arkansas.   is the current assistant gymnastics coach.
                   In addition to working with Arkansas gymnastics
                   since 2002, she is also on the medical staff for USA         Dana (Herr) LaMacchia – Dana and her husband John were
                   Gymnastics and the United States Olympic Committee.         married on Aug. 9, 2008 and currently live in Lansing,
                                                                               Mich. A team member from 2001-04, Dana is back in
                   Peggy (McMaster) James – Peggy was a team member            school as a nursing student at Lansing Community
                   from 1985-89. She now lives in Hinsdale, Ill. with          College working toward her RN. After her Dec. 2009
                   her husband, Chris and their four children: Ryan, 6,        graduation, she hopes to work at Sparrow Hospital.
                   Brandon, 5, Connor, 2 and one-year-old Nicole. After 20
                   years of working, Peggy took time off last year from         Christy Linder – Christy was a Spartan gymnast from                       E
                   her position as project manager at TransUnion to stay       1999-03. She currently lives in Redford, Mich. and           lori RUAN
                   home and raise her kids.                                    works as a marketing manager at Quicken Loans,
                                                                               specializing in e-mail marketing. In her spare time,                          diane LOVA
                   Nicole (Anderson) June – Nicole and her husband Adam        Christy enjoys working out, snowboarding, camping and                                    TO
                   have been married for almost five years. They have two       doing Yoga.
                   boys, two-year-old Landon and four-month-old Owen.                                                                       jennifer JALL
                   They currently live in Kenosha, Wis. where Nicole is        Bethany Little – A former team member from 2004-08,
                   back in school for nursing. She was a team member           Bethany now lives in Portland, Ore. where she works
                   from 2001-05.                                               as a Child and Adolescent Treatment Specialist with
                                                                               Trillium Family Services. She also coaches the level 5
                   Julianna Karall – Julianna currently lives in Chicago,      gymnastics team at Top Flyte Gymnastics.
                   Ill. where she works as a senior account executive
                   at She also just passed the exam         Victoria (Iakounina) Lossen – Victoria and her husband
                   required to become a judge for gymnastics. Julianna         Max, a former MSU wrestler, were married on July
                   was a team member from 2002-05.                             19, 2008 in Winona, Minn. They are currently living
                                                                               in Norfolk, Va. where Victoria is in her second year at
                   Michael Kasavana – Michael was the head coach for           Eastern Virginia Medical School. Victoria was a Michigan
                   the women’s gymnastics team from 1978-88. Michael           State gymnast from 2004-07.
                   continued on campus as both a professor in the School
                   of Hospitality Business in the Eli Broad College of         Laura “Mak” Makowski – Laura competed for MSU from
                   Business and the MSU Faculty Athletic Representative        1988-92. She currently lives in Los Angeles, Calif.
                   to the Big Ten, CCHA, and NCAA, He and his wife Holly       and just opened “Bela Vida,” a high end Brazilian-
                   reside in East Lansing.                                     themed fitness wear and swimsuit boutique located in
                                                                               Manhattan Beach. Laura has had 16 years of personal
                   Heather (Cooper) Kim – As a sales manager for the           training experience, is published in numerous Fitness
                   Greater Lansing Convention & Visitors Bureau, Heather       Magazines, and is a top ranked IFBB Fitness Pro in the         tiffany
                   and her husband Walt live in Grand Ledge, Mich. They        world. Check out her personally designed fitness wear                     STEN
                   have been married for nine years and have two children,     website at                                                  NETT
                   five-year old-Karly and two-year-old Cooper. Both of
                   her children take gymnastics at Twistars Gymnastics;        Vicki (Spencer) Manderino – A team member from
                   Karly may just follow in her mother’s footsteps one day.    1973-74, Vicki is now a physical education teacher at                     E
                   Heather competed for MSU from 1991-95.                      three elementary schools in the Newport Mesa school          nicole JUN
                                                                               district, where she has been working for the past 14
                   Nicole (Kranz) Lycos – Nicole was a member of the           years. She teaches at one of the only two schools in
                   gymnastics team from 1991-93. She currently lives in        the nation that is on the beach. She and her husband
                   Williamston, Mich. with her husband, Travis, and their      Paul live in Newport Beach, Calif., and have five children:
                   three children: 11-year-old Jessica, nine-year-old Elana,   Chris, a Cal graduate who played in the NFL for two
                   and five-year-old Tristen. Nicole works as a promotions      years, and four daughters between the ages of 17-27,
                   marketing assistant manager for General Motors.             who are either former or current water polo players.
                                                                               Vicki also has two grandsons.

              62                              2 0 0 9               M I C H I G A N                     S T A T E                 G Y M N A S T I C S
                                                                                                                                                             SPARTAN ALUMNAE
                                 Dr. Barbara McKenzie – Barbara was the head coach of          Carla (Rhodes) Oeder – A team member from 1992-95,
                                 the women’s gymnastics team from 1973-77, and at              Carla and her husband Heath, live in Canton, Ohio. They
  gina PONGE
                                 the time, was just the third female coach in the history      have two daughters, five-year-old Amanda and three-
                                 of MSU women coaches. She currently lives in Carrollton,      year-old Eileen who’s nicknamed “Leen.” Carla currently
                                 Ga. with her husband of 12 years, Dr. Tom Davidson.           works as a controller with Pride Capital Partners.
                                 This past summer, Barbara retired from her position as
                                 a Professor and Department Chair of the Department of         Jamie (Elwell) Osterhart – Jamie was a Michigan State
                                 Media and Instructional Technology at the University of       gymnast from 1996-99. She now lives in Norton
                                 West Georgia, but she plans to continue her excellence        Shores, Mich. with her husband Kevin and their two-
                                 in teaching online for business and industry in the           year-old son Conner. They are expecting another baby in
                                 future.                                                       April. Jamie works as a graphic designer for a magazine
                 tracey TATE     Keiko (Timmermann) McNitt – A team member from
                            BE   1985-88, Keiko currently lives in St. Joseph, Mich. with      Kristina Petersen – Kristina was a Spartan gymnast
                                 her husband Kevin and their daughters, 15-year-old            from 1999-03. Since her graduation from MSU she has
                                 Megan and 13-year-old Breanne. Keiko works as both a          worked as a care provider for an autistic child, received
                                 substitute teacher and a gymnastics judge.                    her Doctorate in Physical Therapy, lived in Lusaka,
                                                                                               Zambia where she helped a friend open a PT clinic, and
                                 Kristin Merritt – Kristin currently lives in Lansing, Mich.   this past June she ran her first marathon, the San
                                 where she works as the Developmental Director at              Diego Marathon for Team in Training to raise money for
                                 Twistars Gymnastics USA. She was a member of MSU’s            the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Kristina currently
                                 gymnastics team from 2001-05.                                 lives in Livonia, Mich. and works as a physical therapist
                                                                                               at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit.
                                 Jamie Miles – A team member from 2002-05, Jamie is
                                 currently in CMU’s physician assistant program and is         Gina (Pongetti) Angeletti – Gina was the assistant
                                 completing her clinical rotations in Flint, Mich. She will    coach of the team in 2000 and 2001. She and her
                                 graduate with her master’s in July of 2009.                   husband Brad were married in Jan. 2008 and are the
                                                                                               new parents of a baby girl, Mia Francesca. Aside from
                                 Ruth (Aguayo) Miller – Continuing her love for the            enjoying life as a new mom, Gina manages her own
                                 sport of gymnastics, Ruth is the owner of Oakland             business, a performing arts medicine website and
                                 Gymnastics Training Center in Walled Lake, Mich. where        has been published in multiple international research
                                 she is also the head coach of the girls competitive           journals. She is also on the USA Gymnastics National
   julie DEVATY                  program. She and her husband Chris were both MSU
                                 gymnasts from 1989-93, and have four children:
                                                                                               Health Care Network. In 2006, Gina completed the
                                                                                               Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii.
                                 14-year-old Dakota and 13-year-old Connor, and two

          ETEKOS                 daughters who are both gymnasts at Oakland: 10-year-          Elisabeth (Forshier) Putnam – A gymnast at MSU from
 susie KR                        old Mackenzie and five-year old-Savannah. The Millers
                                 currently live in Waterford, Mich.
                                                                                               1998-01, Elisabeth now works as a facility coordinator
                                                                                               and event manager at Oakland University. Her husband
                                                                                               Dylan is a former Michigan State baseball player.
                                 Julie (Devaty) Mitchell – After competing for MSU from
                                 1999-03, Julie now works as a K-5 physical education          Kim (Hartwick) Reinsch – Before she became a small
                                 teacher. She and her husband Chris live in Cary, N.C.         business owner, volunteer and homemaker, Kim was
                                 with their cat Rocky.                                         a gymnast at MSU from 1985-89. She, her husband
                                                                                               Doug, and their two children – eight-year-old Grace and
                                 Kristin (Peugeot) Myers – Kristin was an MSU gymnast          five-year-old Caleb – currently live in Byron Center, Mich.
                                 from 1996-99. She currently lives in Bloomfield Hills,         In her spare time, Kim enjoys reading, running, traveling
                                 Mich. with her husband of eight years, Craig – a former       and spending time with family and friends.
                                 Spartan soccer player. They have three children, their
                                 six-year-old son Gabriel and twin daughters, four-year        Lori Ruane – a team member from 1998-2001, Lori now
                                 old-Sydney and Taylor. Kristin is a full-time stay at home    lives in Indianapolis, Ind. and is the Assistant Director
                                 mom.                                                          of Brand Strategies and Events Current Residency at
                                                                                               the National Collegiate Athletic Association.
                                 Mary (Miller) Nichols – Mary and her husband Chuck just
                                 celebrated their 19th wedding anniversary. They have          Gayle (Quashnie) Sauchak – A team member in 1987
                                 two children, 10-year-old Mitchell and six-year-old Sage,     and 1988, Gayle currently lives in Okemos, Mich. She
                                 who are both actively involved in gymnastics. Mitchell        and her husband John, have two children, 18-year-old
                                 has even decided he is going to one day attend MSU.           Brooke and 15-year-old Brad. Keeping Spartan athletics
kristin PEUGEOT                  The Nichols family lives in Troy, Mich. where Mary is         in the family, Brooke is a freshman on the MSU diving
                                 a vice president and wealth client advisor at Citizens        team this season. Gayle enjoys being a stay at home
                                 Bank. She was an MSU gymnast from 1985-88.                    mom, volunteering in her school district, working out
                                                                                               and attending MSU sporting events.
       kristina PE

                2 0 0 9   M I C H I G A N                  S T A T E                  G Y M N A S T I C S
                   where are THEY NOW?
                   Becky (Robinson) Schaller – Becky was a part of the MSU     Amy Thompson – Amy was a gymnast at MSU from                 Lindsey Voth – A gymnast at MSU from 2000-04.
                   gymnastics team from 1995-99. She currently lives           1976-80. She currently lives in Silver Spring, Md. and       Lindsey now lives in the Philadelphia area with her
                   in Forest Hill, Md. with her husband, Chris – a former      works as an Internet-related computer programmer             fiancé Jeremy Rolinski, and their sheltie dog, Toby.
                   MSU lacrosse player – and their two boys, five-year-old      and website developer for a small company located            Lindsey is currently working as a physical and
                   Will and two-year old-Elliot. Becky is the optional head    just outside of Washington, D.C. Amy is an avid traveler     occupational therapist in an outpatient orthopedic
                   coach at Harford Gymnastics Club.                           – she’s been everywhere from Europe to the Middle            based setting and loves her job.
                                                                               East – and loves spending time with her nieces and
                   Chuck Shiebler and Jackie Goodway-Shiebler – Chuck          nephews.                                                     Chrissy Weathersby – A team member from 1996-99,
                   was the women’s gymnastics assistant coach from                                                                          Chrissy currently lives in Pasadena, Calif. where she
                   1988-94. He met his wife Jackie at MSU while she was        Lindsay Trainham – A team member from 1999-02,               works as a stuntwoman. Her work includes being on
                   a graduate teaching associate teaching gymnastics in        Lindsay currently lives in Briarcliff Manor, N.Y. She works   television shows and feature films. Chrissy is happily
                   Jenison. Jackie also went on to be a volunteer coach        as a Physician Assistant in Orthopedic Surgery in            dating her boyfriend Eddie Ball.
                   under head coach Kathie Klages. Chuck, Jackie and           Bronx, N.Y.
                   their seven-year-old daughter Blaize, currently live in                                                                  Linda (Guhl) Wolski – Linda was a gymnast at Michigan
                   Hilliard, Ohio. They both work at Ohio State University     Barb (Zakowski) Trevor – Barb and her husband Bruce          State from 1980-84. She currently lives in Williams Bay,
                   where Jackie is a faculty member with special research      were both gymnasts at Michigan State from 1980-84.           Wis. with her husband Jeff and their three sons: 15-
                   interest in Motor Development and Chuck is a Program        They have four children: Alex, 21, Ben, 20, and Sarah,       year-old Rick, 12-year-old Brian and 10-year-old Steven.
                   Manager overseeing the Sport, Fitness and Health            18 - are students at the University of Illinois. Their       Linda works as a speech-language pathologist and is
                   Program.                                                    17-year-old son Danny is a high school junior. Barb and      also a WIAA gymnastics judge.
                                                                               her family currently live in Algonquin, Ill. where she is
                   Lauren Simpson – A team member from 2002-05, Lauren         the school nurse at Jacobs High School.
                   will be graduating from MSU’s College of Veterinary
                   Medicine in May of 2009 as a small animal veterinarian.     Diana (Crea) Vogel – Diana was a team member from
                   She just accepted a job in Plymouth, Mich. at the           1999-03. She now lives in St. Johns, Mich. where
                   Veterinary Emergency Service. She and her fiancée Sean       she works as an occupational therapist. She and her
                   Newsom will be getting married on Sept. 6, 2009, and        husband Benjamin are expecting their first child, a girl,
                   plan to move to Ann Arbor.                                  in March of 2009.

                   Susie (Kretekos) Skidmore – A team member from
                   1988-92, Susie and her husband, Chris, know a thing
                   or two about varsity gymnastics; they were both NCAA
                   gymnasts at Michigan State. They currently live in
                                                                                amy THOMP
                   Palatine, Ill. with their two sons, two-year-old John and
                   six-month-old Nicholas. Susie works as a middle school
                   teacher in Park Ridge.

                   Tiffany Stennett-Brantley – From 1990-94, Tiffany was
                   part of Kathie Klages’ first team at MSU. She currently
                   lives in Hamtramck, Mich. with her eight-year-old son
                   Jamieson. After serving as the Director of My Gym                                                                                          heather COOPE
                   Children’s Fitness Center, Tiffany is now the onsite                                                                                                                    R
                   manager for the fitness division of Healthways at GM
                   Pontiac Powertrain.

                   Pamela (Swing) Baller – Pamela was a gymnast at
                   Michigan State during the 1980 and 1981 seasons. She
                   currently lives in South Florida with her husband of 24                                              chrissy
                   years, Scott. They have two daughters; Katlyn, a junior                                              WEATHERSBY
                   at the University of Florida and Sarah, a freshman
                   at Florida State University. A landscape architecture
                   major, Pamela has had success with managing her
                   own business in the construction field for the past 12

                   Tracey (Tatebe) Miller – A team member from 1989-93,
                   Tracey now lives in Reno, Nev. with her husband of
                   nine years, Mark. They have two daughters, six-year-
                   old Kiarra and three-year old-Hana. Tracey has been
                   teaching elementary students for the past 15 years
                   and currently teaches the second grade.

                                                                                    kim HARTWICK                                                                     pamela SWING

              64                             2 0 0 9               M I C H I G A N                      S T A T E                 G Y M N A S T I C S

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