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					                                  Interview an Entrepreneur
                                        Movie Maker Project
                                 To become familiar with the Microsoft Movie
                                     Maker software, complete the tutorial at

Introduction: The purpose of this project is to put your Entrepreneur Interview into
presentation form. The Movie Maker software allows you to coordinate text, pictures,
video, and music in order to create a very interesting presentation.

Materials Needed:
    Entrepreneur Interview Guide
    Microsoft Movie Maker software

Microsoft Movie Maker Format Requirements:
    Title Slide with Name of Entrepreneur, Name of Business, and
      Picture of Entrepreneur
    Digital Pictures, minimum of 5 pictures
    Other features – Include voice-overs, slide transitions, music, and
      a credit slides, video clips if possible.

Information to Include in the Movie:
    Biography of the Entrepreneur
    History of the Business, start-up info
    Overview of Business Structure
    Products and services offered
    Misson statement
    Vision for the future of the business
    Minimum of 5 Characteristics of a Successful Entrepreneur
     must be present in the presentation and how each term fits
     your entrepreneur.

   Interview an Entrepreneur Guide – 20%
   Microsoft Movie Maker Project – 80% (Rubric will be used)
   Bonus Points +10 if you confirm your entrepreneur as a
     classroom guest speaker.