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                                                                                                                                                          Photo by William Belcher
                                 General William L. Shelton (left), Air Force Space Command commander, gives command of 24th Air Force to Maj. Gen. Suzanne M. Vautrinot dur-
                                 ing a ceremony at the Lackland Gateway Club April 29. General Vautrinot is responsible for the Air Force’s newest numbered Air Force providing
                                 combatant commanders with trained and ready cyber forces which plan and conduct cyberspace operations.
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                               US operation kills bin Laden
                               By John D. Banusiewicz                           extraordinary courage and capability. No          Obama said.
                               American Forces Press Service                    Americans were harmed. They took care               “There is no doubt that al-Qaida will
                                                                                to avoid civilian casualties. After a firefight,    continue to pursue attacks against us. We
                                  WASHINGTON – An intelligence-driven           they killed Osama bin Laden and took cus-         must, and we will, remain vigilant at home
                               U.S. operation in Pakistan killed al-Qaida       tody of his body.”                                and abroad.”
                               leader Osama bin Laden Sunday, President            President Obama noted that bin Laden             The president revealed that shortly after
                               Barack Obama announced in a nationally           had been al-Qaida’s leader and symbol for         taking office in January 2009, he ordered
                               televised address from the White House           more than 20 years and continued to plot          CIA Director Leon E. Panetta to make bin
                               late Sunday night.                               attacks against the United States and its         Laden’s death or capture the top priority of
                                  “Today, at my direction, the United States    allies.                                           the U.S. war against the al-Qaida terrorist
                               launched a targeted operation against               “The death of bin Laden marks the most         organization.
 View the Talespinner online
                               that compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan,”          significant achievement to date in our na-           “Then, last August, after years of pains-
                               President Obama said. “A small team of           tion’s effort to defeat al-Qaida, yet his
                               Americans carried out the operation with         death does not mark the end of our effort,”                                  See bin Laden P9
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                                                                                                                                                              Editorial staff
                                                                                                                                                              BRIG. GEN. LEONARD PATRICK,
                                                                                                                                                              502ND AIR BASE WING

                                                                                                                                                              OSCAR BALLADARES,
                                                                                                                                                              DIRECTOR, 502ND ABW OL-A
                                                                                                                                                              PUBLIC AFFAIRS

                                                                                                                                                              JOE BELA,
                                                                                                                                                              CHIEF OF INTERNAL
                                                                                                                                                              COMMUNICATIONS, 671-4111

                                                                                                                                                              SHANNON CARABAJAL,
                                                                                                                                                              MANAGING EDITOR, 671-1786

                                                                                                                                                              MIKE JOSEPH,
                                                                                                                                                              STAFF WRITER, 671-4357

                                                                                                                                                              PATRICK DESMOND,
                                                                                                                                                              SPORTS EDITOR/STAFF WRITER,

                                                                                                                                                              PAUL NOVAK,
                                                                                                                                                              DESIGN/LAYOUT, 671-0478

                                                                                                                                                              1701 Kenly Ave. Suite 102
                                                                                                                                                              Lackland AFB, Texas
                                                                                                                                                              (210) 671-1786;
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                                                                                                                                                              (fax) 671-2022
Basic trainees carry state flags during their graduation ceremony at Lackland. More than 30,000 Airmen complete Basic Military Training every year, learn-     E-mail:
ing basic war skills, military discipline, drill and ceremonies, Air Force core values and a comprehensive range of subjects relating to Air Force life.      Commander’s Action Line:

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By Leo Oliver                                       respect for the officers and training                   I saw what America needs. I saw                    (210) 534-8848
Guest commentary                                    instructors.                                        young people with baggy jeans, tattoos                (fax) 534-7134
                                                       I saw what America needs: to walk the            and piercings stand at attention and re-
  I saw what America needs.                         streets of San Antonio with a young man             move their hats when the flag and their                  This newspaper is published by
  I recently came to Lackland to see my             or woman in uniform and have strangers              friend or family member marched by.                  Prime Time Military Newspapers, a
grandson graduate from basic military               come to shake their hand, congratulate                 I saw what America needs. We need                 private firm in no way connected with
                                                                                                                                                             the U.S. Air Force, under exclusive writ-
training.                                           them and thank them for their service.              the news media to promote our flag,                   ten contract with Lackland AFB, Texas.
  I saw what America needs: flag wav-                   I saw what America needs: the pride              our country and patriotism. I believe it             This commercial enterprise Air Force
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ing, saluting, discipline, patriotic music,         and respect for our military, our flag,              is still in our hearts; it just needs to be          for members of the U.S. military ser-
placing your hand over your heart when              our people in uniform and our country.              brought back in the open and promoted                vices. Contents of the Talespinner are
                                                                                                                                                             not necessarily the official views of, or
the national anthem plays and standing                 I saw what America needs. Everyone               daily by our schools and our govern-                 endorsed by, the U.S. government, the
at attention during the ceremony.                   should visit a military town or base to             ment.                                                Department of Defense, or the Depart-
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   Persons entering Lackland should
anticipate delays at all entry points with the
increased Force Protection Condition.
   Police officers at all gates are conducting
100 percent identification checks in the el-
evated FPCON. Additionally, trusted traveler
access policies have been suspended until
further notice.
   For installation access, a Common Access
Card (CAC), Teslin card, Defense Biometric
Identification System (DBIDS) card or pass
are required. Tenant organization ID badges
are not valid installation access credentials.
   Registration into DBIDS is available at
the Pass and Registration office in Bldg.
5616, Room 109, 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., or
a visitor reception center during non-duty
hours, weekends or holidays.

   Mother’s Day brunch on Sunday at the
Gateway Club begins at 10:30 a.m. and con-
tinues until 3 p.m.                                                                                                                                               Photo by Robbin Cresswell
   Meal prices include mothers, $15.95; club      Members of the Lackland Performing Arts Group, from left, Staff Sgt. Brandon Smith, Airman 1st Class Erika Salmons, Senior Airman Jen-
members, BMT graduates and their guests,          nifer Hardin and Rebekah Chandler, rehearse for their production of “The Girl In The Mirror” at Arnold Hall Community Center April 28.

                                                   LPAG set to take center stage
$17.95; non-club members, $20.95; children
ages 6-12, $9.95; and under age 5, free.
   For information, call 645-7034 or visit

   A free parenting order legal clinic for        By Mike Joseph                                                                             suicide and the family.
military parents by the Office of the Attorney     Staff Writer                                                                                  “It’s a really dark subject matter
General of Texas is Wednesday, noon to 1:30                                                         ‘The Girl In The Mirror’                 but it needs to be told,” she said. “It’s
p.m., at the Airman and Family Readiness             The Lackland Performing Arts                                                            uncomfortable for me to talk about it.
Center.                                           Group will raise the curtain during              When: 7 p.m., May 13-14, May              It’s uncomfortable for people to hear
   The clinics are for military parents who       the next two weekends for its latest             20-21                                     about it. I thought it’s exactly the kind
have questions about their legal rights as        production, “The Girl In The Mirror,”            Where: Arnold Hall Community              of thing I want to do: tackle a subject
parents, problems seeing or locating their        at Arnold Hall Community Center.                 Center                                    nobody wants to talk about.”
children, changing their visitation plan, etc.       Performances of “The Girl In The              Tickets: General admission,                   Airman Olson directs a cast of 14,
   Family law attorneys and representatives       Mirror,” an original Bruce Jacoby                $15; age 65 and over, $10;                plus five extras. Nine other members
from the Office of the Attorney General of         play about a dying 17-year-old girl’s            technical training students,              make up the stage crew, including
Texas will be available to discuss common         thoughts as she lies comatose in a hos-          $5. Price includes light hors             sound and lighting. The all-volunteer
questions and concerns. For details, contact      pital bed from an attempted suicide,             d’oeuvres; cash bar.                      group has spent the last 2½ months
the Lackland Legal Office at 671-3362.             are May 13-14 and May 20-21.                       Tables available for 2-8 per-           rehearsing while also designing and
                                                     The script addresses depression,              sons, call 671-2619.                      building the set.
CARING FOR PEOPLE FORUM                           suicide, and how easily people can                 Not recommended for chil-                  The play is the second of four pro-
    The Lackland Integrated Service Delivery      misunderstand one another with                   dren under age 15.                        ductions scheduled this year. Follow-
team’s “Caring for People” forum is Tuesday,      tragic results. The performances are                                                       ing “The Girl In The Mirror,” auditions
8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., at the Gateway Club.         not recommended for children under                                                         begin for a September musical to be
    Military members, civilians, spouses, chil-   age 15.                                                                                    selected by the group.
                                                                                               twice before trying to commit suicide.'
dren and retirees are needed to help identify        “It’s a subject matter that people                                                         “We have a lot of fun,” said Tracy
                                                                                               Life may be hard right now, but in the
quality of life issues that impact Airmen and     definitely don’t want to talk about,                                                        Parmer, LPAG president. “It’s all vol-
                                                                                               end you’re hurting the people around
their families. The discussion groups will         they want to shut their eyes to it,”                                                      unteer, free to join and an activity for
                                                                                               you, not just yourself.”
make recommendations to improve quality of         said Airman 1st Class Trisha Olson,                                                       military members.
                                                                                                  Airman Olson said the main char-
life at Lackland and in the Air Force.             the play’s director. “We’re hoping this                                                      “Anyone with base access can join:
                                                                                               acter doesn’t realize how much she
    For information, contact Capt. Daniel          can be a way to open them up a bit.                                                       dependent, spouse, civilian or con-
                                                                                               is loved by those around her and the
Cassidy.                                             “We’re really focused on (deliver-                                                      tractor. Whatever your talent is, we’ll
                                                                                               effect her death would have on them.
                                                   ing) the message, 'You need to think        It presents an outside perspective on         find a way to use it.”
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         Randolph pilot killed in Afghanistan
                                                            By Bekah A. Clark                Richard Murphy, the 12th
                                                            12th Flying Training Wing        FTW commander. “Our hearts
                                                                                             and prayers go out to Jeff's
                                                               RANDOLPH – An Airman          family and to the families of
                                                            assigned to the 12th Flying      those affected by this terrible
                                                            Training Wing was killed         act.”
                                                            April 27 in Kabul, Afghani-         According to his wife, Su-
                                                            stan, when a shooter opened      zanna Ausborn, Major Aus-
                                                            fire at the Kabul Internation-    born volunteered in 2010
                                                            al Airport, killing eight U.S.   to deploy to Afghanistan to
                                                            servicemembers and one con-      teach new Afghan pilots to
                                                            tractor.                         fly the C-27.
                                                               Maj. Jeff Ausborn, a 99th        He was in a meeting when
                                                            Flying Training Squadron in-     the attack occurred.
                                                            structor pilot, was deployed        “He was the most compas-
                                                            to the 438th Air Expedition-     sionate, kind, patient and un-
                                                            ary Wing, where he served        derstanding husband, father,
                                                            as a C-27 Spartan instructor     pilot and supervisor,” she
                                                            pilot.                           said.
                                                               The 19-year Air Force vet-       “He was a great communi-
                                                            eran and native of Gadsden,      cator; we talked nearly every
                                                            Ala., died of wounds sustained   day.
                                                            in the shooting. He was 41.         “That’s how I knew some-
                                           Courtesy photo      “The loss of Jeff is devas-   thing was wrong; I didn't
         Maj. Jeff Ausborn was killed April 27 when a       tating not only to the squad-    hear from him. I miss him so
         shooter opened fire at Kabul International Air-     ron, but the wing as well. He    much.”
         port killing eight U.S. service members and one    has served our wing and his         Major Ausborn is survived
         contractor.                                        nation honorably,” said Col.     by his wife and five children.
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    Congratulations to the          Keith Warner                         Jacob Tilley                             Ashley Bopp                    Top BMT Airman
following 72 Airmen for being       Joey Zwack                           Flight 314                               Alicia Braun                   Joel Adriance, 323rd TRS,
selected as honor graduates         Flight 340                           Tyanna Church                                                           Flight 315
among 722 trainees                  Krista Abernethy                     Anna Donovan                             326th Training Squadron
graduating today:                   Christina Charles                    Stevi Lau                                Flight 333                     Most Physically Fit
                                                                         Kirsten Luebrecht                        Aaron Eldridge                 Male Airmen
320th Training Squadron             321st Training Squadron              Laura Parker                             James Hammerling               Joey Zwack, 320th TRS,
Flight 339                          Flight 317                           Alexis Samloff                           Jerad Oliver                   Flight 339
Brendan Broussard                   Elisha Johnson                       Deidre Spoor                             Flight 334                     Rogelio Naranja, 320th TRS,
John Groat                          Robert McClung                                                                Brent Ford                     Flight 339
Peter Kraines                       Sean Minnis                          323rd Training Squadron                  Lloyd Frederick                Matthew Salim, 320th TRS,
Rogelio Naranja                     Thomas Robinson                      Flight 315                               Matthew Galvas                 Flight 339
Matthew Nelson                      Flight 318                           Joel Adriance                            Matthew Huber                  Mathew Guajardo, 320th
Chad Turko                          Jesse Dunsmore                       Scott Benefield                           Richard Schorling              TRS, Flight 339
Estevan Vasquez                     Brian Garcia                         Joseph Bubeck                            Christopher Tindall            Female Airmen
Kevin Vella                         Jacob Peterson                       Tailon Dow                                                              Natalie Showalter, 324th TRS,
Keith Warner                        Daniel Rakowski                      Jason Emerich                                                           Flight 336
Joey Zwack                          Robert Rebouche                      Flight 316                               331st Training Squadron        Janelle Ward, 322nd TRS,
Flight 340                          Chad Shinn                           Jeremiah Arnett                          Flight 337                     Flight 314
Krista Abernethy                                                         Marc Nettles                             Joshua Escobar                 Male Flights
Christina Charles                   322nd Training Squadron              Christopher O’Connor                     Levi Garner                    331st TRS, Flight 337
Flight 339                          Flight 313                           Evan Schrader                            Shane Harris-Capuano           320th TRS, Flight 339
Brendan Broussard                   Robert Castanon                                                               John King                      Female Flights
John Groat                          Doroteo Garibay                      324th Training Squadron                  Nathan Marion                  324th TRS, Flight 336
Peter Kraines                       Mario Harper                         Flight 335                               Kyle Rice                      322nd TRS, Flight 314
Rogelio Naranja                     Michael Hodge                        Tyler Hamer                              Nuri Stephen
Matthew Nelson                      Austin Marsh                         Lino Melara                              David Wine                     Top Academic Flights
Chad Turko                          Thomas Pennington                    Jake Verheyen                            Flight 338                     322nd TRS, Flight 313
Estevan Vasquez                     Cleveland Robinson                   Jonathan White                           Stephen Culbertson             321st TRS, Flight 318
Kevin Vella                         Theodore Souza                       Flight 336                               Dillen Stuhlsatz

                                     LOOKING SHARP

                                                                                                                      Col. William R.                      conducting origi-
                                                                                                                      Buhler:       59th                   nal research. The
                                                                                                                      Dental    Training                   tri-service    staff
                                                                                                                      Squadron                             ensure worldwide
                                                                                                                      Date     assumed                     dental readiness
                                                                                                                      command: May 4                       and       advanced
                                                                                                                      Previous assign-                     training, conduct-
                                                                                                                      ment:      Military                  ing six residency,
                                                                                                                      Consultant for Pe-                   two     fellowships
                                                                                                                      diatric Dentistry                    and 66 weeks of
                                                                                                                      to the Air Force                     continuing educa-
                                                                                                                      Surgeon General, Col. William R.     tion courses for
                                                                                                                      59th Dental Train-      Buhler      officers and enlist-
                                                                                                                      ing Squadron                        ed members.
                                                                                                                      Time in Service: 25 years   Command philosophy: A
                                                                                                                      Family: Five children and common sense approach
                                                                                                                      one grandson                to meeting both the Air
                                                                                                                      Hobbies: Outdoor recre- Force’s and the squadron
                                                                                                                      ation                       members’ needs in order to
                                                                                                                      Why the squadron is im- accomplish our readiness,
                                                                                                                      portant to the Air Force dental training and deploy-
                                                                                                                      mission: The 238-member ment missions
                                                                                                                      squadron is the Air Force Goals for new position: To
                                                                                                                      flagship for dental educa- continue the 59th DTS’s 55-
                                                                                                                      tion and specialty consul- year history of providing
                                                                                                 Courtesy photo       tation.                     world class dental residen-
  Master Sgt. Alucia Davis (middle), 37th Training Support Squadron, receives the Lackland Chiefs’ Group Look         The squadron is a referral cy training while developing
  Sharp award April 19 in recognition of her outstanding job as the flight chief for the 37th Airman Transition        center, providing compre- leaders who will mentor the
  Assistance Flight. Robert Rubio (left), 37th Training Wing character development program manager, and Chief         hensive oral and maxil- future generations of our
  Master Sgt. Brenda Massey, 37th Training Group, presented the award.                                                lofacial healthcare while Air Force Dental Service.
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 ~ Mi casa es su casa ~
AMIGO picnic treats DLI students and staff to local culture
  About 875 people
attended the annual
Defense      Language
Institute English Lan-
guage Center AMIGO
picnic April 29 at
Stillman Park. The
American Members
of International Good-
will to Others spon-
sorship program ac-
quaints international
students with Ameri-
can society, customs
and culture.
                                                                                                 Photo by Robbin Cresswell
                         Above, Mariachi Las Coronelas, an all-female Mariachi band, performs during the Defense Lan-
                         guage Institute English Language Center’s annual AMIGO picnic on April 29. The event offered
                         free food and featured games, sports, music and children’s activities. At right, Frank Lawrence,
                         DLIELC, gets splashed by a water balloon during the AMIGO picnic at Stillman Park.

                                                                                                                             Be Responsible!
                                                                                                                               Seat Belts
                                                                                                                               Save Lives!
                                                                                                                             Buckle Up And
                                                                                                                              Wear Yours!
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bin Laden from P1                          people. Tonight, I called [Pakistani]
                                           President [Asif Ali] Zardari, and my
taking work by our intelligence com-       team has also spoken with their Paki-
munity, I was briefed on a possible lead   stani counterparts. They agree that
to bin Laden. It was far from certain,     this is a good and historic day for both
and it took many months to run this        of our nations, and going forward, it is
thread to ground,” he said.                essential that Pakistan continue to join
   The president said he met repeat-       us in the fight against al-Qaida and its
edly with his national security team       affiliates.”
as information developed indicating           The president praised those who
bin Laden was at a compound in Paki-       worked to find bin Laden and those
stan, and that last week he determined     who carried out the operation that
enough information was available and       killed him.
authorized the operation.                     “Tonight, we give thanks to the
   The president emphasized that the       countless intelligence and counterter-
war against al-Qaida is not a war          rorism professionals who’ve worked
against Islam.                             tirelessly to achieve this outcome,” he
   “Bin Laden was not a Muslim lead-       said.
er,” he said.                                 “The American people do not see
   “He was a mass murderer of Mus-         their work, nor know their names.
lims. Indeed, al-Qaida has slaughtered     But tonight, they feel the satisfaction
scores of Muslims in many countries,       of their work and the result of their
including our own. So his demise           pursuit of justice.
should be welcomed by all who believe         “We give thanks for the men who
in peace and human dignity.”               carried out this operation,” he contin-
   Counterterrorism cooperation with       ued, “for they exemplify the profes-
Pakistan helped in finding bin Laden        sionalism, patriotism, and unparal-
and the compound where he was hid-         leled courage of those who serve our
ing, the president said.                   country. And they are part of a genera-
   “Indeed, bin Laden had declared         tion that has borne the heaviest share
war against Pakistan as well, and or-      of the burden since that September
dered attacks against the Pakistani        day.”
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Edwards Aquifer Level
           in feet above sea level

*determines Joint Base San Antonio water conservation stage

Normal - above 660’
Stage I - 660’
Stage II - 650’
Stage III - 642’
Stage IV - 640.5’
Stage V - 637’
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Skype brings JBSA couple together for promotion
By Mike Joseph
Staff Writer

   A Joint Base San Antonio military
couple found a creative way to over-
come the separation of 8,113 miles and
a 9½-hour time difference to share a
major event in their lives.
   The use of modern computer technol-
ogy at the Airman and Family Readiness
Center enabled Capt. Teresa Hernandez
to preside over her husband’s April 29
promotion to master sergeant.
   In a computer room at the AFRC early
that morning, Tech. Sgt. Joe Hernandez,
a 319th Training Squadron Military
Training Instructor, reaffirmed the oath
of enlistment via Skype to his wife, who
is deployed to Kandahar Air Base, Af-
   Three 319th TRS leaders – Senior
Master Sgt. Warren Rosebrough, first
sergeant; Master Sgt. Sean Naglic, a
training superintendent; and Capt. Troy
Lane, director of operations – stood be-
side Sergeant Hernandez while he re-
peated the oath back to his wife as she
watched and listened via computer from
Afghanistan, and vice versa.                                                                                                                                Photo by Robbin Cresswell
   “I’m so excited and proud to do this Tech. Sgt. Joe Hernandez, 319th Training Squadron, reaffirms the oath of enlistment via Skype to his wife, Capt. Teresa Hernandez, Defense
from Kandahar,” Captain Hernandez Logistics Agency officer in charge at Kandahar Air Base, Afghanistan, during his promotion ceremony April 29 at the Airman and Family Readi-
said, concluding with, “congratulations, ness Center. Sergeant Hernandez was promoted to master sergeant.
Master Sgt. Hernandez. I’m so excited:
hug, hug, kiss, kiss.”                     ian job, who suggested using the AFRC
   “Talk to you tonight,” replied her hus- service.
band. “I’ve got to get to work.”              “She was upset she wasn’t going to be
   The Lackland obstacle course flight part of the promotion,” Sergeant Her-
                                                                                               AFRC offers family support during deployment
chief was just beginning his work day nandez said. “She used to work in family                Personal and family readiness provides mobility and deployment assis-
while his wife was completing hers readiness and knew AFRC had Skype. I                    tance to help single and married Department of Defense personnel and
as Defense Logistics Agency officer in thought it made a lot of sense.”                     families meet pre-deployment, sustainment, reintegration, and post-deploy-
charge at Kandahar. Captain Hernandez         The couple is also grateful to the           ment challenges.
had been activated from her Reserve Lackland AFRC for their assistance in                     Family Readiness Briefing – Class held every Monday to help prepare
DLA assignment at Fort Sam Houston.        making a special occasion even more             for military separations. Spouses welcome.
   Since the February deployment, Cap- unique.                                                Hearts Apart – Family members are authorized to make one free 15-min-
tain Hernandez has called their home          “We wouldn’t have been able to do            ute phone call per week using DSN lines from their home. Deploying mem-
daily through Skype, a computer soft- this if it weren’t for them,” Captain Her-           bers must first register for this program
ware application that permits video nandez said. “I’m so glad I got this op-                  Give Parents A Break – Sponsored by the AFAS, free child care certificates
conferencing through a secure Internet portunity.”                                         are issued to families separated by deployments or remote assignments.
connection, as the sun is going down in       “To do a promotion with my wife              Child care is provided by the base CDC facilities on a monthly basis.
San Antonio while rising in Kandahar.      (while she’s in Afghanistan) is special,”          Car Care Because We Care – Sponsored by the AFAS, a $30 voucher will
   “Teresa gets to talk to our boys every Sergeant Hernandez said. “She’s done             issued for an oil/filter change for spouses of active duty Air Force members
single day,” Sergeant Hernandez said. my re-enlistments, and I’m fortunate                 deployed for more than 30 days or on remote assignment
“She normally calls about 8 o’clock, she could pin on my master sergeant                      Reunion and Reintegration Support – Classes held every Monday to help
which is 5:30 in the morning there.        stripe. The AFRC was awesome. It’s a            families return to a state of normalcy.
   “Technology is great. It’s not the same great service they provide.”                       Webcam Service – Webcams are available for use by families separated
as being here, but it’s pretty close. It’s    For more information about pro-              due to assignment. Service must be used in the resource room within the
the next best thing.”                      grams and services available to families        facility and may not be taken home. Service is provided on a first-come,
   Sergeant Hernandez said it was his of deployed military members, call the               first-served basis.
wife, installation deployment officer at Airman and Family Readiness Center at
Randolph Air Force Base in her civil- 671-3722.
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ED staff pays it forward
By Maj. Nancy A. Eastman
59th Emergency Medical Squadron

   In a collaborative effort to provide
the best patient services possible, se-
nior leaders of the 59th Emergency
Medical Squadron are redesigning care
processes and at the same time imple-
menting morale enhancing strategies
that foster a culture of collaboration
and cohesiveness.
   Col. (Dr.) Linda Lawrence, 59th EMDS
commander, honored Capt. Nelanette
Clemmons, an emergency department
nurse, and Staff Sgt. Thomas Nance, ED
administrative clerk, at a recent com-
mander’s call, in tribute to the squad-
ron’s “Green Box” Outstanding Leader-
ship/Team Player Recognition Award.
   In March, Lt. Col. Richard Conte,
59th Emergency Operations Flight
commander, honored Capt. Jasmine
Cook, ED nurse, and Airman 1st Class
Gina Calcaterra, medical technician.
Each individual received accolades for
performing outstanding leadership and
team player clinical skills.
   The 59th EMDS recently spearhead-
ed the “Green Box” recognition pro-
gram which describes a staff member’s
achievement, task, or job performance,                                                                                                                        Photo by Staff Sgt. Robert Barnett
giving special gratitude to individuals    Capt. (Dr.) Joseph Sontgerath (top center) leads a resuscitation team working on a patient in the trauma section of the Wilford Hall Medical Cen-
who exceed standards of care and/or        ter Emergency Department April 13. Dr. Sontgerath is an emergency medicine resident assigned to the 59th Emergency Medical Squadron.
strive to improve customer service.
   “A recognition program does not         include giving our hard-working people           program.                                            “The Wilford Hall UCC will be staffed
have to be expensive,” said Maj. Er-       a boost in morale while producing sig-              One phase is to guarantee that ser-           by physicians, physician assistants,
icka Hooper, Emergency Operations          nificant gains in patient flow.”                   vices are closely synchronized while             nurses and technicians,” said Capt.
Element leader. “An effective recogni-        Operational efficiency is dependent            implementing the Lean Six Sigma                  Edgar Miller, ED nurse. “People with
tion program comprises fairness, high      on decreasing lengths of stay and en-            concepts, a well-known approach for              sore throats or twisted ankles will
visibility and consistency.”               hancing patient flow in the ED. Meeting           achieving operational excellence.                have a place to go on Lackland to be
   The ED physicians, nurses, techni-      the needs of patients requires leaders              The ED staff continues to improve             treated.”
cians, and administration clerks are       of healthcare personnel to get it right in       the flow of patients on a daily basis,               Air Force emergency medicine pro-
staffed and equipped to provide a wide     terms of patient and staff satisfaction.         so they do not experience unnecessary            fessionals will be working alongside
range of services that can take care of       “Positive attitudes are the only way          waits as they streamline through a mili-         their Army counterparts in the only
all Lackland military members and          to press forward in order to meet mis-           tary healthcare system.                          remaining military ED in San Antonio,
their dependents. Many times the ED        sion needs,” said Capt. Cook, a March               “Bottom line, the process is a day-           the San Antonio Military Medical Cen-
is the front door or the primary entry     2011 recipient of the Outstanding Pre-           by-day routine in which good service is          ter ED at Fort Sam Houston. By com-
point for their healthcare needs during    ceptor Award given from the Critical             based on the patient,” said Capt. Keith          bining positivity with great leaders and
an emergency crisis.                       Care/Emergency Nursing Fellowship                Smith, ED nurse.                                 team players, the 59th EMDS makes a
   The daily experience of an emergency    Class.                                              Changes are fast approaching in               strong case for getting it right, in terms
healthcare worker can bring a unique          The Critical Care/Emergency Nurs-             how Wilford Hall will provide urgent             of personal accountability and provid-
combination of physical and emotional      ing Fellowship Class is taught at both           and emergency care to eligible mili-             ing practical strategies for supporting
challenges such as long hours, large       Wilford Hall and Brooke Army Medi-               tary medical beneficiaries in the San             staff in a positive way.
numbers of sick and sometimes dif-         cal Centers, preparing nurses to work            Antonio area. Beginning July 1, Wilford             “The ED at Wilford Hall Medical
ficult patients, and one of the worse       in critical care areas and to attain the         Hall will close its emergency depart-            Center remains among the top military
scenarios, the death of a child.           skills to be deployed. The 59th EMDS             ment and re-designate the area as an             treatment facilities in the world, valued
   “Based on our unique mission, it is     also demonstrates a commitment in im-            urgent care center, or UCC. The urgent           for their contributions to providing the
sometimes difficult to see the positivity   proving healthcare through an ongoing            care center will be able to perform ba-          highest quality patient care accompa-
in the work place,” said Capt. Belinda     process of the Air Force Smart Opera-            sic X-rays and lab work and dispense             nied with compassion and trust,” Major
Conti, ED charge nurse. “Top priorities    tions of the 21st Century, or AFSO21,            prescriptions.                                   Hooper said.
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                                                                                           CELEBRATING ARBOR DAY
   Volunteerism makes Lackland a better place to live and work.
Whether you are an enlisted member, officer, spouse, retiree or
teen, help Lackland improve quality of life for everyone. If you
have a few free hours each week, please consider volunteering
in our community.

• The Airman’s Attic – Monday through Thursday, 10 a.m. to 2
p.m. Call Master Sgt. Stacy Grice, 6395-9894.
• CAMP (Children’s Association for Maximum Potential) – Vol-
unteers, 14 and older, assist with Special Needs, Parents Night
Out and Respite Weekends. Call Sarah Colume, 671-5229. (www.
• Lackland Fisher House – Volunteers, 16 and older or younger
when accompanied by a parent, assist the retiree community with
a range of needs. Call Cathy Guertin, 671-6029. (www.
• Lackland Thrift Shop – Monday through Wednesday and the first
Saturday of the month, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Call 671-3608.

                                                                                                                                                              Photo by Robbin Cresswell
                                                                   Lt. Col. Kara Neuse (right), 802nd Mission Support Group deputy commander, and Lackland children celebrate Arbor
                                                                   Day by planting a tree at the youth center April 29. Lackland has been observing the Arbor Day tradition since its
                                                                   designation as a Tree City USA community by the National Arbor Day Foundation in 1993.
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Planning workshop charts future of JBSA
By Steve Elliot                           tors and physical planners to craft a    and potential future paths for JBSA,      ners, as well as leaders from the local
FSH Public Affairs                        vision for JBSA – today and into the     some of them locally driven and others    community and the private sector,”
                                          future.                                  based on future DOD policy and infra-     Ms. Harkiewicz said. “There are a lot
   Military and civilian leaders from        “The reason for the workshop was      structure,” Colonel Garr added.           of commonalities in what we want to
the 502nd Air Base Wing, Fort Sam         to start developing a vision of what        “We are in the early stages of a       achieve such as operational efficien-
Houston, and Lackland and Randolph        JBSA might look like in 2030,” said      16-month process of building a mas-       cies, energy conservation, and finding
Air Force Bases gathered recently for     Col. Mary Garr, 502nd Mission Sup-       ter plan for Joint Base San Antonio       better ways to conduct business.”
a strategic planning workshop to chart    port Group commander. “The 502nd         that will set the stage for shaping our      The master plan will establish the
the future of Joint Base San Antonio.     Air Base Wing brought in some com-       future,” said Debra Harkiewicz, 502nd     framework for decision-making with
   The workshop – conducted as part       munity partners, including CPS Energy,   ABW Director of Civil Engineering. “In    regard to the future development of
of the ongoing process for the JBSA In-   San Antonio Water System, Defense        these meetings, we were able to high-     JBSA, incorporating elements such
tegrated Master Plan – was held April     Transformation Institute, City of San    light the important things our mission    as operational, environmental, urban
25 through 27 at the City Public Ser-     Antonio International and Economic       partners need to do their missions into   planning and quality of life.
vice Energy Management and Training       Development and others to interact       the future.”                                 “This workshop is an initial step in
Center.                                   with leaders at FSH, Lackland, and          The workshop also included break-      future strategic planning across JBSA,”
   A diverse group of decision-makers     Randolph at a CPS hosted ice-breaker     out exercise sessions for groups from     Colonel Garr said. “It will be valuable
from the Joint Base Partnership Coun-     April 25.                                the three installations to envision       as it pulls together all major mission
cil, including major mission partners        “In small and large group forums      where their respective bases would be     partners in helping to develop strategic
and mission support group command-        held on April 26 and 27, the attendees   in 2030 and talk about how they would     installation support planning and op-
ers, worked with professional facilita-   had a chance to discuss opportunities    get to that point.                        portunities.”
                                                                                      Since the 502nd ABW and JBSA              The project will help in developing a
                                                                                   came into full operational capability     web-based comprehensive Installation
                                                                                   in October 2010, the workshop held        Master Plan and Capital Investment
                                                                                   a special immediacy in the context of     Plan for JBSA. This plan will address
                                                                                   multiple ongoing strategic efforts.       the relationships between the installa-
                                                                                      “There are more meetings planned       tions and the functional areas within
                                                                                   in the next 16 months where we will       to integrate them into a comprehensive
                                                                                   bring in even more of our mission part-   long-term regional plan.
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  THRIFT SHOP BAG SALE                     17-20 and May 31-June 3.                   remain the standard asset supply          to the developing fetus.                 a written consultation from their
     The Lackland Thrift Shop bag              Students must have their supervi-      system can still register into enter-        Work restrictions may be neces-       referring dentist. It can be brought
  sale is Saturday, 9:30 p.m. Proceeds     sor’s permission, be world-wide            prise solution-supply (ES-S).             sary to protect the mother’s and         to MacKown Dental Clinic or faxed
  benefit military-affiliated charities      deployable and hold a current secret          Self registration instructions are     the fetus’ health. Supervisors are       to 292-6431 during normal duty
  and scholarships to military high        clearance.                                 available at       responsible for ensuring that military   hours. Patients will be selected for
  school students and spouses.                 For more information or to regis-      gcss-ess/ess/admin/user/access/           and civilian employees comply with       treatment based on the needs of the
     The Lackland Officers’ Spouses’        ter, contact Tech. Sgt. James Davis        useraccess/index.shtml. Completed         fetal protection program require-        endodontic training program.
  Club will present $17,000 in             at 671-0280.                               customer information should be            ments, and must provide training            For information, call 292-7831.
  scholarships at an awards reception           Information is also available on      e-mailed to 802nd Logistics Readi-        that makes them aware of this
  Thursday at the Gateway Club.            ECAC page through the Air Force            ness Squadron customer service at         program.                                 AF SERVICES SCHOLARSHIPS
     For more information, call 671-       portal.                           or          Expectant mothers must visit             Air Force Services will give away
  3600 or visit                                                  the inbox.          the Public Health Office in the Reid      25 $1,000 scholarships this year
                                           CHAPEL SETS MARRIAGE RETREAT                  For questions, contact 802nd LRS       Health Services Center, Bldg. 6612,      to current Air Force club members
  TALENT CONTEST REGISTRATION                 Lackland Chapel marriage care is        customer service at 671-3801, 671-        Room 420. For more information,          and their family members. Family
     A family and teen talent contest      sponsoring a free marriage retreat         3611 or 671-2575.                         contact Staff Sgt. Jennifer Bynum at     members include spouse, dependent
  is Saturday, 6:30 p.m., at Arnold Hall   May 13-15 at the Mayan Dude                                                          671-9667 or 671-3605.                    children or step-children, and depen-
  Community Center.                        Ranch in Bandera.                          PREGNANCY PROFILE REQUIREMENT                                                      dent grandchildren of club members
     The contest features solo, group         Priority placement for the work-           All expectant active duty and          ENDODONTIC PROGRAM SEEKS PATIENTS        who have been accepted or are
  or family acts, ages 6 to adult.         shop will be given to Airmen who           civilian women working at Lackland            The MacKown Dental Clinic            enrolled for the fall 2011 semester
  Admission is free.                       are preparing to deploy, or who have       are required to obtain a pregnancy        Endodontic Residency Program seeks       as a full or part-time student in an
     For more information, call 671-       returned from deployment in the            profile within five duty days of a          patients who need root canal therapy     accredited college or university.
  2619.                                    past year. Limited child care is also      positive pregnancy test.                  treatment.                                  Scholarships are awarded
                                           available.                                    In addition to duty and mobility           Applicants must be a military        for the essay contest topic “My
  ECAC COURSE DATES                           For more information, call Free-        restrictions, the individual’s worksite   retiree, retiree family member or        Contribution(s) to the Air Force.”
     The Evasion and Conduct After         dom Chapel at 671-4208.                    will be evaluated for any physical or     active-duty family member, and have         Rules, eligibility and applications
  Capture (ECAC) course at Lackland                                                   chemical hazards that could affect        recently been diagnosed by a dentist     are available at the Gateway and
  is open to qualified students to at-      CLASSIFIED ASSETS REGISTRATION             the mother or the fetus. Research         with an endodontic condition requir-     Kelly Clubs or
  tend a 40-hour course. Course dates        Equipment and supply custodians          has shown some chemicals and ex-          ing root canal therapy.                     The submission deadline is July 1.
  are Tuesday through May 13, May          who receive classified assets who           posure to toxic materials are harmful         Eligible patients should obtain      For more information, call 645-7034.

CHAPEL SERVICES                                                                                                                                         KEY FAMILY SUPPORT RESOURCES
Christian                           Airmen Memorial Chapel                  Sunday:                              Religious Ed., 4:30 p.m.
                                    Divine Liturgy, 9:30 a.m.               Gateway Chapel
                                                                                                                                                      Air Force Aid Society                         671-3722
Catholic                            Religious Ed., 10:45 a.m.               The Church of Jesus Christ of        Wicca                                Airman & Family Readiness Center              671-3722
Tuesday-Friday:                                                             Latter Day Saints                    1st Wednesday:                       Airman’s Attic                                671-1780
Freedom Chapel                                                              12:30 - 2:30 p.m.                    Freedom Chapel Room 8,               Base Post Office                               671-1058
Daily Eucharist, 11:30 a.m.         Protestant                                                                   San Antonio Military Open            Bowling Center                                671-2271
                                    Saturday:                               Wilford Hall Chapel                  Circle, 6 p.m.                       DEERS                                     800-538-9552
Wilford Hall Chapel                 Gateway Chapel                          Traditional Service, 1:30 p.m.                                            Exceptional Family Member Program             671-3722
Mass, 11 a.m                        Seventh-Day Adventist                                                        Buddist                              Family Child Care                             671-3376
                                    Service, 12:30 - 2:30 p.m.              Islamic                              Sunday:                              Legal Office                                   671-3362
Saturday:                                                                   Friday:                              BMT Reception Center,
                                                                                                                                                      Library                                       671-3610
Freedom Chapel                      Sunday:                                 Defense Language                     10 a.m. - noon.
Eucharist, 5:30 p.m.                Airmen Memorial Chapel                  Institute
                                                                                                                                                      Medical Appointment Line                      916-9900
Reconciliation after Eucharist      Liturgical Service, 8 a.m.              Student Center                                                            MPF ID Cards                                  671-6006
                                                                            Faith Study, 1:30 p.m.                                                    Outdoor Recreation                            925-5532
Sunday:                             Freedom Chapel                          Jummah Prayer, 1:30-2:30
                                                                                                                    For more information,             TRICARE Info                              800-444-5445
Freedom Chapel                      Contemporary Service,                   p.m.                                   contact the chapel staff:          Thrift Shop                                   671-3600
Religious Ed., 9 a.m.               9:30 a.m.                               Sunday:
Eucharist, 11 a.m.                  Gospel Service,                         Religious Ed., 9 a.m.-11 a.m.         Freedom Chapel • 671-4208           Lackland Enlisted Spouses’ Club
                                    12:30 p.m.                                                                                                        Lackland Force Support Squadron
Wilford Hall Chapel                 Children’s Church                       Jewish                                 Gateway Chapel • 671-2911
                                                                                                                                                      Lackland ISD           
Mass, 3 p.m.                        provided                                Friday:
                                    Religious Ed., 11 a.m.                  Airmen Memorial Chapel                   Hope Chapel • 671-2941           Lackland Officers’ Spouses’ Club
Orthodox                            Wednesday and Thursday:                 Sabbath Eve Service,
                                                                                                                    WHMC Chapel • 292-7373            Lackland Public website 
Sunday:                             Bible Study, 6 p.m.                     5:45 p.m.
                                                                                                                                                      My Air Force Life    
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What’s Happening �                                                                                                                                   � Family Support Events
MAY 9                                        The seminar provides separating                                                                                           For more information, call 671-       man and Family Readiness Center.
    A return and reunion seminar is
                                         or retiring personnel with information
                                         on the criteria and benefits to be
                                                                                       MONTHLY MEETINGS                                                             3722.                                        The seminar is an informal
                                                                                                                                                                                                             forum about the stress families and
Monday, 2:30-3:30 p.m., at the Air-      considered a disabled veteran.           ENLISTED SPOUSES’ CLUB
                                                                                                                                                                    PROTESTANT WOMEN OF THE CHAPEL           individuals experience during their
man and Family Readiness Center.             For more information, call 671-          The Lackland Enlisted Spouses’ Club meets every third Tuesday of the month       Protestant Women of the Chapel        separation.
    The seminar is an informal           3722.                                    at the AFRC, Bldg. 1249. For more information, visit         meets for Bible study Thursday, 6            For more information, call 671-
forum about the stress families and                                                                                                                                 p.m., at Freedom Chapel.                 3722.
                                                                                  OFFICERS’ SPOUSES’ CLUB
individuals experience during their      FEDERAL EMPLOYMENT SEMINAR                                                                                                    For more information, call 671-
                                                                                     The Lackland Officers’ Spouses’ Club meets every third Tuesday of the
separation.                                  A seminar on “How to Apply for
                                                                                  month at the Kelly Club. For more information, visit
                                                                                                                                                                    4208.                                    MAY 17
    For more information, call 671-      Federal Employment” is Tuesday,                                                                                                                                     PRE-PREPARATION RETIREES' CLASS
                                                                                  MILITARY COUNCIL OF CATHOLIC WOMEN
3722.                                    1-3 p.m., at the Airman and Family
                                                                                     The Military Council of Catholic Women meets the first Friday of the month,
                                                                                                                                                                    MAY 13                                       A mandatory counseling class for
                                         Readiness Center.                                                                                                          TROOPS TO TEACHERS SEMINAR               pre-separation retirees is May 17,
                                                                                  10 a.m., at Freedom Chapel. For more information, call 671-4208.
MAY 10                                       The class teaches participants                                                                                              A Troops to Teachers coordinator    9-11 a.m., at the Airman and Family
PRE-SEPARATION RETIREES’ CLASS           how to enhance the job-hunting                                                                                             will present a “Teaching as a Second     Readiness Center.
    A mandatory counseling class for     process.                                 station personal finance management        Wednesday, noon to 1:30 p.m., at the    Career” seminar May 13, 1-3 p.m.,            Attendees will be briefed about
pre-separation retirees is Tuesday,          For more information, call 671-      class is Wednesday, 8-10:30 a.m.,         Airman and Family Readiness Center.     at the Airmen and Family Readiness       benefits and services.
9-11 a.m., at the Airman and Family      3722.                                    at the Airman and Family Readiness            For more information, contact the   Center.                                      For more details, call 671-3722.
Readiness Center.                                                                 Center. For more information, call        Lackland Legal Office at 671-3362.            Troops to Teachers is a Depart-
    Attendees will be briefed about      PROTESTANT WOMEN OF THE CHAPEL           671-3722.                                                                         ment of Defense program designed to      DISABILITY TAP SEMINAR
benefits and services.                       Protestant Women of the Chapel                                                  MAY 12                                  help eligible service members begin a        A disability transition assistance
    For more information, call 671-      meets for Bible study Tuesday, 10        PARENTING ORDER LEGAL CLINIC              RESUME WRITING CLASS                    teaching career in public schools.       program seminar is May 17, 11 a.m.
3722.                                    a.m., at Freedom Chapel with children        The Office of the Attorney General         A class on writing an effective          For more information or to regis-   to noon, at the Airman and Family
                                         ministry during the meeting.             of Texas will host a free parenting       resume is Thursday, 1-3 p.m., at the    ter, call 671-3722.                      Readiness Center.
DISABILITY TAP SEMINAR                      For more details, call 671-4208.      order legal clinic for military parents   Airman and Family Readiness Center.                                                  The seminar provides separating
    A disability transition assistance                                                                                                                              MAY 16                                   or retiring personnel with information

program seminar is Tuesday, 11 a.m.      MAY 11                                                                                                                     RETURN AND REUNION SEMINAR               on the criteria and benefits to be
to noon, at the Airman and Family        FIRST DUTY STATION CLASS                                                                                                      A return and reunion seminar is       considered a disabled veteran.
Readiness Center.                           A mandatory officer’s first duty                                                                                          May 16, 2:30-3:30 p.m., at the Air-          For more details, call 671-3722.
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 Upcoming                                                          – 2011 Armed Forces Championships –

                                       Air Force teams claim
   Complete four rounds of a
400-meter run on the treadmill
at a 7.2 speed, 10 push-ups

                                       gold in 3 spring sports
and 20 air squat jumps1 for
time. The women’s workout is
the same, except a speed of
6.5 is used during the 400-me-
ter run.
   Coverage of the 2011 Armed
                                         As of April, the men’s basketball team is now reaching dynasty-status, having won six straight
Forces Boxing Championships            titles; both male and female Airmen triathletes dominated the Olympic-distance course at Point
continues on The Pentagon              Mugu, Calif., and the men’s volleyball team proved its game extends outdoors, winning the second-
Channel at http://www.pen-             ever beach tournament. The program           Here’s a more in-depth look at how the Airmen-athletes performed at recent Armed Forces com-
airs today at 12:30 p.m.               petition:

   Scoreboard                                   Volleyball                                Basketball                                Triathlon
   SOFTBALL                                    Armed Forces Beach/ In-                 Armed Forces Basketball                    Armed Forces Triathlon
Varsity                                    door Volleyball Championships           Championship at Marine Corps Base            Championship at Naval Base
The Lady Warhawks finished fifth of           at Marine Corps Air Station            Camp Pendleton, Calif., April 10-27       Ventura County, Calif., April 6-10
24 teams at the Budweiser Softball         Cherry Point, N.C., April 6-15
Festival. this past weekend in
College Station. Leading the team at
                                                                                      The undefeated Air Force men’s          The Air Force female triathlon team
the place, Corinna Vieyra had a .692      The Air Force men won gold in the        team won the gold medal, while the       won its third consecutive gold medal;
batting average, Laura Newberg had      beach volleyball competition while the     women’s team overcame three early        the male team captured gold for the
a .667 batting average and Vonda        women won gold in indoor volleyball.       losses to beat Army in the finals.        second year in row.
Ware had a .600 batting average.
                                                    BEACH VOLLEYBALL               Men: The Air Force won its sixth                      FINAL STANDINGS
National                     W   L
1. NIOC                      2   0
                                        Women: The A team won silver, with         straight title, going undefeated         Men: (1) Air Force, (2) Navy, (3) Ma-
2. 433rd AW                  1   0      a 2-1 record. The B team took bronze,      through six games during the tourna-     rine Corps, (4) Army
3. 802nd OSS                 1   1      beating Navy before losing to the Ma-      ment. Championship game: Air Force
4. Navy-Marines              1   1      rines in tiebreaker games. Brooke          71, Army 65.                             Women: (1) Air Force, (2) Navy, (3)
5. 543rd Spt Sq              1   1      Cultra, Ramstein Air Base, Germany,        Five Airmen were selected to the         Army, (4) Marine Corps
6. 93rd IS                   0   1      was selected to the four-member U.S.       12-member All-Armed Forces men’s
7 688th IOW                  0   2
                                        Armed Forces Conseil International du      basketball team: forward Jammer Ma-                  TOP 10 FINISHERS

American                     W   L      Sport Militaire team.                      jor, Hurlburt Field, Fla., guard Ony-    Men: The four Airmen finished in the
1. LAB                       4   1                                                 enma Nwaelele, Keesler AFB, Miss.,       top 10.
2. Crypto Div                3   1      Men: The B team won gold, with a           center John Frye, Shriever AFB, Colo.,   (1) Capt James Bales, Peterson AFB,
3. AFISRA                    2   1      3-0 record. The A team took bronze,        guard Matt McCraw, Malmstrom AFB,        Colo., 1:50:05, (4) Scott Tonder, Van-
4. Security Forces           3   2      with a 1-2 record. Joe Gross, Hurlburt     Mont., and guard Andrew Henke, Scott     denberg AFB, Calif., 1:53:19, (7) Ken-
5. 701st MP Bn               1   2
6. 624th OC                  1   3
                                        Field AFB, Fla., was selected to the       AFB, Ill.                                neth Corrigliano, Cannon AFB, N.M.,
7 717th MI Bn                0   4      four-member U.S. Armed Forces CISM                                                  1:56:05, and (10) Michael McCoy, Scott
                                        team.                                      Women: The Air Force went 1-3,           AFB, Ill, 1:57:07.
Competitive                  W   L                  INDOOR VOLLEYBALL              before winning four straight, includ-
1. Radiology                 5   1      Women: The women won bronze, los-          ing back-to-back finals victories over    Women: The five Airmen finished in
2. 737th TRG                 5   1      ing to Navy in a second-place tiebreak-    the defending champion Army team.        the top 10.
3. FSS                       4   2
4. 149th FW                  3   3
                                        er. Michelle Harrington, Hanscom AFB,      Championship games: Air Forces 56,       (1) Kathy Rakel, Luke AFB, Ariz.,
5. CES                       3   3      Mass., was selected to the 12-member       Army 47 (Game 1); Air Force 67, Army     2:04:51, (2) Colleen O’Connor, Andrews
6. 668th ALIS                2   4      U.S. Armed Forces CISM team.               51 (Game 2). Three Airmen made the       AFB, Md., 2:09:51, (3) Erin O’Connor,
7 343rd TRS                  2   4                                                 12-member All-Armed Forces team:         Charleston AFB, S.C., 2:11:48, (4)
8. Dental                    0   5      Men: The men’s team finished 2-5.           forward Williamina Folks, MacDill        Jolene Wilkinson, Hill AFB, Utah,
                                        Two Airmen made the 12-member U.S.         AFB, Fla., guard Denasha Mondy, Joint    2:12:30 and (8) Stephanie Hirst, Pat-
Women                        W   L
1. Crypto Div                2   0
                                        Armed Forces CISM team: Thomas             Base Elmendorf-Richardson, Alaska,       rick AFB, Fla., 2:17:03.
2. 59th Med Wing             1   1      Read, Hurlburt Field AFB, Fla., and        and guard Javita Cotton, Spangdahlem
3. MSS                       1   1      Tipton Street, Scott AFB, Ill.             Air Base, Germany.
4.NIOC                       0   2
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‘Heroes’ tryout a shot at diamond’s best
By Patrick Desmond                                                                                                                     has had at least two of his own players
Sports Editor                                                                                                                          become members of the all-star team
                                                                                                                                       over the years. “Some of the pitchers
   Ever dreamed of walking onto a fine-                                                                                                 even have Major League Baseball po-
ly-manicured baseball diamond, step-                                                                                                   tential, if only they had time to go out
ping up to the plate against the best                                                                                                  and train.
in the world and crushing a baseball to                                                                                                   “It’s high quality baseball.”
the delight of thousands of fans.                                                                                                         Minimum requirements for joining
   Well, wake up – the open tryout for                                                                                                 the team include a focus on spreading
the traveling military all-star team, He-                                                                                              the team’s message of supporting de-
roes of the Diamond, May 13 at Lack-                                                                                                   ployed Armed Forces personnel, being
land, can make that dream reality.                                                                                                     in competitive shape, having a current
   One of many recruiting stops over                                                                                                   performance report, valid passport
the next few months, the Heroes of                                                                                                     and membership with Heroes of the
the Diamond tryout offers active-duty,                                                                                                 Diamond, and possession of equipment
veteran, reserve and emergency first-                                                                                                   and team uniforms.
responders a chance to join the team                                                                                                      Members are responsible for non-
on its 2011 Red, White and Blue Tour.                                                                                                  game day meals, entertainment and
Current players represent the Marine,                                                                                                  travel to and from the tour.
Navy, Coast Guard and Air Force.                                                                                                          By definition, the team is a young,
   Floating somewhere between ama-          Heroes of the Diamond program is a               the fact that a limited number of for-    elite crew and making the cut is rare.
teur- and professional-level baseball,      vehicle for exposing military players to         mer MLB, professional, and collegiate     But so is the chance to round the bases
the Heroes of the Diamond play in 100       Major League Baseball organizations.             players are on the roster, it’s hard to   and the world in military service.
games annually, competing against in-       In 2007, the San Diego Padres picked             make the team.                               The tryout will be held at the War-
ternational, college, minor league and      up then Marine and Heroes player Cpl.               No stranger to serving the military    hawk baseball field, 7 p.m., on the
major league ballclubs.                     Cooper Brannan.                                  on and off the baseball diamond, War-     training side of Lackland. For more in-
   In the past, the military-minded            However, not everyone’s path is as            hawks varsity coach Davin Dukes un-       formation regarding the Heroes of the
team visited 45 states and eight coun-      storied.                                         derstands the rarity of joining such a    Diamond program visit its website at
tries, and even took the field against          The team’s website warns interest-            select group.                   
the Boston Red Sox.                         ed ball players to first take a “reality             “A lot of these guys are just short    index.html. For more details about the
   In addition to the chance to play        check” when thinking about joining the           of having the opportunity to play mi-     tryout, call Dwayne Reed, sports and
in a highly competitive platform, the       team. Due to wartime conditions and              nor league baseball,” Dukes said, who     fitness program director, at 671-3716.

                                                        Services officials strike down
                                                        barriers for wounded warriors
                                                        By Erin Tindell                                                 of the armed forces to offer this option.”
                                                        Air Force Personnel, Service and Manpower Public Affairs           Wounded warriors and those with special needs,
                                                                                                                        including civilians and dependents, have priority to
                                                           SAN ANTONIO (AFNS) – As part of continuing ef-               use the balls at bowling centers at no charge.
                                                        forts to support wounded warriors, Air Force Servic-               All other bowlers can use the ball for a fee.
                                                        es Agency officials recently purchased and distrib-                 The remote-controlled bowling ball looks like a
                                                        uted 85 remote-controlled bowling balls and ramps               traditional ball, but is equipped with a computer
                                                        for installations worldwide.                                    chip and motor inside that allows the ball to self
                                                           The purchase makes the Air Force both the single             propel. A battery-operated remote allows the user
                                                        largest purchaser of the bowling balls and the first             to sync control of the ball’s speed and direction of
                                                        service within the Department of Defense to pur-                movement.
                                                        chase and distribute them.                                         The ball also lights up as it travels down the
                                                           According to Don Freund, the bowling program                 lane.
                                                        manager at the agency, the balls were initially pur-               The technology allows wounded warriors and
                                                        chased with wounded warriors in mind.                           those with special needs to bowl on any lane instead
                                                           But eligibility was expanded to others looking for           of being limited to outside lanes that are compliant
                                                        a new way to enjoy the game.                                    with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.
                                                           “This is another way we’re ensuring the Air Force               Demonstrations of the remote-controlled bowling
                                                        is a great place to live, work and play,” Freund said.          ball can be seen at installation bowling centers.
                                                        “We own more remote-controlled bowling balls than                  For more information about Air Force quality of
                                                        any bowling center in the U.S., and we’re the first              life programs, visit

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