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                                              OCTOBER – NOVEMBER 2009

workshops and other activities
You are invited! We encourage you to enroll
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in one of the various workshops, programs     Resources help medical staff
and events sponsored by the Faculty           members maintain wellness
Development Office. For more event details
                                              Despite the wisdom of the Biblical
and to register, visit www.ucdmc.ucdavis.
                                              proverb “Physician, heal thyself,” health
edu/facultydev/ and click Enroll Online.      care personnel sometimes have difficulty
(Event co-sponsors are indicated within       coping with stresses that disrupt their
parentheses.) Volunteer Clinical Faculty      lives. UC Davis Health System offers
members are also welcome and encouraged       numerous resources to help faculty
to attend faculty development events.         physicians, residents, fellows and other
                                              medical staff members maintain and
                                              improve their sense of well-being.
 3 Focused Workshop: Leadership                   The health system created several
   Styles (MCLP)                              new programs in response to the July
                                              2008 dissolution of the Medical Board
 8 Breakfast with the Dean                    of California Diversion Program that had          The UC Davis Medical Staff Well-
                                              monitored rehabilitation of physicians        Being Committee conducts educational
 9 Scientific Writing for Publication
                                              experiencing substance abuse and              activities to help faculty members
                                              mental health disorders. The health           maintain health and prevent problems,
15 New Faculty Orientation                    system’s programs are intended not            as well as to counsel and monitor
                                              only to treat medical staff members who       physicians who have encountered
16 Managed Care and Clinic Operations:                                                      difficulties.
                                              experience difficulty, but also to help
   Contracts and Support Services                                                               “We welcome and encourage
   (MCLP)                                     them avert problems in the first place.
                                                  “There has been a concerted effort        inquiries from all medical staff members,
20 Diversity Advisory Team meeting            to recognize that all members of              including residents, seeking advice
                                              our community at UCDMC need to                about ways of keeping themselves
21 Faculty Forward Task Force meeting                                                       healthy from both mind and body
                                              have access to resources to deal with
                                                                                            perspectives,” explained psychiatry
21 Workshop: Grantsmanship For                stressors that can become excessive. As
                                              a community, we have an obligation            Professor Peter Yellowlees, M.D., chair
   Success, Part 1 (OR/CTSC)
                                              to provide supportive feedback to one         of the well-being committee. “We
21 Reception to Welcome New Women             another if we see evidence that people        additionally serve to look after any
   Faculty (WIMS)                             are in mental or physical distress,” said     faculty who are experiencing health
                                              Edward Callahan, Ph.D., associate dean        problems that might potentially impair
22 Underrepresented in Medicine (URM)         for academic personnel. “The concept of       their practice.”
   Mentoring Group meeting                    wellness encompasses a wide repertoire            The committee has begun
                                              of self-care skills, in nutrition, exercise   discussions with the Medical Board of
28 Workshop: Grantsmanship For
                                              and social support, that allow an             California about creating a preventive
   Success, Part 2 (OR/CTSC)                                                                health care curriculum to help faculty
                                              individual to maximize physical health
          NOVEMBER CONTiNuEs ON pagE 6        and emotional coping.”                                         CONTiNuEd ON pagE 5
  FA M i lY P r A C t i t i O N e r H e N rY G O
  N EaR s 50 YEaR s i N R u R a L M E d i Ci N E

In August 1961 Henry Go,                                                                                   getting up at dawn and
with his newly minted medical                                                                              working ’til dark, and long,
diploma in hand, joined the                                                                                hot days in the field with
medical practice of Raymond                                                                                sweat on my brow that ran
Primasing, the physician who                                                                               into my eyes and burnt them.
had delivered him at home 27                                                                               They were the best years of
years earlier in Courtland. Today                                                                          my life.”
at age 75, Go remains the sole                                                                                  In high school he
practitioner in that delta area                                                                            read voraciously, and his
hamlet, serving about 2,000                                                                                attraction to science drew
people in rural southwestern                                                                               him to medicine. “Education
Sacramento County.                                                                                         and hard work were part of
     Although Go considers                                                                                 the cultural heritage, and I
himself a general practice                                                                                 had a strong dose of altruism
physician, many of his                                                                                     in my genes,” Go said. “My
patients are elderly; young                                                                                life experiences reflect what
people from Courtland tend                                                                                 the university system gave
to move on to cities, leaving                  years he counseled residents on cases in                    me. Central to what I might
older folks behind. Go, who still makes        the Lawrence J. Ellison Ambulatory Care       call my personal legacy were the forging
occasional house calls to care for people      Center primary-care clinic. These days he     of good science and good humanity in
with mobility problems or who lack             is involved in the Doctoring 3 program,       little packages of daily care.” Another
transportation, epitomizes the ideals of       and serves as a proctor for fourth-year       component was family, he said.
the Rural PRIME program (see the June-         medical students on rotation.                      Through the years, he has weathered
July 2007 edition of Faculty Newsletter            “Doctors should not be end                tumultuous changes and been a witness
at www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/facultydev/           repositories of knowledge; volunteering       to innumerable advancements in health
newsletter.html).                              is a way of giving back to the university     care.
     Other than his undergraduate years        the gift of education,” he explained. “The         “Ray Primasing saw the last of malaria
at UC Berkeley, medical school at UCLA,        Hippocratic Oath declares that teaching is    and typhoid here, and the advent of
his internship at Los Angeles County           obligatory.” Go’s wife, Barbara Arnold, has   insulin and antibiotics. I saw the last cases
Hospital and one-year residency at Cedars      been a VCF member in the Department of        of poliomyelitis, measles, rheumatic fever
of Lebanon Hospital (now Cedars-Sinai          Ophthalmology since 1982. Go married          and mumps,” Go recalled.
Medical Center), Go has spent his entire       Barbara in 2003, seven years after the             He encourages medical students to
life in Courtland, where he first worked as    death of his first wife, Pat, a registered    consider serving rural areas.
a laborer on his family’s farm. He sorted      nurse with whom he had two daughters:              “Courtland is a farm worker town,
and packed fruit, greased the axles of         Rosemary, now a registered nurse; and         home to settled-out migrants of diverse
flatbed trucks while lying on a piece of       Adrienne, a lawyer.                           origins. We are not gentrified, and
cardboard, and did whatever else was               Go is disinclined to discuss his          postmodern economics has passed us
needed.                                        accomplishments. “In terms of the human       by. Where once the Sacramento River
     He answered the call to give back to      experience, they are inconsequential,” he     was a conduit of commerce, much of
the university in the early 1970s, just        explained.                                    American produce goes by truck now,”
as the UC Davis School of Medicine                 “My parents were immigrants from          Go observed. “Forty percent of America
was about to graduate its first class. He      southern China, and my uncle Lincoln          lives in rural circumstances. This venue is
offered his services as a volunteer clinical   Chan raised me. We were not subsistence       the crucible and repository of American
faculty (VCF) member, which he has             farm laborers, but close, and certainly       values to this day. We as citizens owe
done continually since then. For many          not landed gentry,” Go said. “I remember      them something.”

facultyNewsletter | October – November 2009 | www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/facultydev                                                               2
                                                                                            Eric Giza            Leah Tzimenatos

Each edition of the Faculty Newsletter introduces faculty colleagues who recently joined the UC Davis Health
System family. Watch for more new clinical and research staff members in the next issue.

eric Giza ‘on call’ for soccer               one of which is headed by UC Davis                 Lewy bodies, which are found in
Surgeon Eric Giza, M.D., an assistant        faculty member Nathan Kuppermann,                  patients with Parkinson’s disease and
professor of orthopaedic surgery, is a       M.D., M.P.H., the founding chair of the            some forms of dementia. Certified
medical information consultant to Major      network.                                           by the American Board of Psychiatry
League Soccer and serves as an assistant                                                        and Neurology, Kaur hopes that her
                                             Through PECARN, Tzimenatos is helping
team physician to the United States Soccer                                                      investigation will reveal insights about
                                             to implement a study of an RNA-based
Federation. Giza has participated in game                                                       the effects of parkinsonism on normal
                                             transcriptional biosignature to distinguish
coverage for FIFA World Cup Qualifying,                                                         aging and on dementia.
                                             bacterial from non-bacterial infections
the Gold Cup and US U-17 tournaments.        in febrile infants younger than 60 days        •	 Jenny	Kristin	McCormick,
He has expertise in foot and ankle           old, along with a study to assess the role        M.D., a board-certified assistant
reconstruction, arthroscopy, and knee and    of intra-abdominal fat in visualizing the         professor of emergency medicine
shoulder surgery.                            appendix on computed tomography in                who practices in the Emergency
Giza, who lettered in varsity soccer         children. Her own research interests also         Department, is teaching clinical
during four seasons as an undergraduate      focus on improvements in the quality and          scenarios for residents, medical
student, conducts research in cartilage      safety of emergency care for children. She        students, paramedic students and
transplantation and has published            is board-certified in general pediatrics and      paramedics in the Center for Virtual
book chapters and journal articles on        pediatric emergency medicine.                     Care. She teaches using high-fidelity
orthopaedic topics. He has presented at                                                        mannequins in case simulations and
meetings of the American Academy of        Other new colleagues                                practice drills in difficult intubations,
Orthopaedic Surgeons, the Major League     •	 Kevin S. Haug, M.D., an assistant                central lines, running codes and other
Baseball Team Physician Seminar, and the      professor of pediatrics, is a practicing         procedures. She is a member of the
International Football and Sports Medicine                                                     American Academy of Emergency
                                              clinician who specializes in pediatric
Conference. He is a member of Alpha                                                            Medicine, the American College
                                              critical care medicine. Board-certified
Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society,                                                             of Emergency Physicians, and the
                                              in general pediatrics and in pediatric
the American Academy of Orthopaedic                                                            Society for Academic Emergency
                                              critical care, he also is credentialed
Surgeons, and the American Orthopaedic                                                         Medicine.
                                              in pediatric advanced life support.
Foot and Ankle Society.                       Haug is involved as a physician               •	 Developmental biology and
                                              co-investigator in a multi-center                molecular genetics researcher
leah tzimenatos represents
                                              clinical trial evaluating sedation in            Konstantinos Zarbalis, Ph.D.,
UC Davis in PeCArN
                                              mechanically ventilated children. He             an assistant professor of pathology
Leah Tzimenatos, M.D., an assistant           is a Fellow in the American Academy              and laboratory medicine, is
clinical professor of Emergency Medicine/     of Pediatrics, and a member of the               conducting research analyzing the
Pediatrics, is the UC Davis site principal    Society of Critical Care Medicine.               molecular and genetic regulation
investigator in the Pediatric Emergency                                                        of developmental processes, and
Care Applied Research Network              •	 Neurology Assistant Clinical Professor           how their misregulation can lead to
(PECARN). The federally funded multi-         Berneet Kaur, M.D., an expert in                 malformation and disease. He also
institutional network conducts research       behavioral neurology, is using clinical          is an assistant investigator with the
on prevention and management of acute         data from a national database in her             Institute for Pediatric Regenerative
illnesses and injuries in children. The       analysis of factors that determine the           Medicine within the Shriners
network consists of four research “nodes,”    rate of progression of dementia with             Hospitals for Children.

facultyNewsletter | October – November 2009 | www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/facultydev                                                             3
BY CLaiRE pOMEROY, dEaN                                                                          advisoryteam
                                                                                                 Faculty Forward task Force
                                                                                                 The Task Force is responsible for
                                                                                                 assisting with the implementation of the
                                                                                                 Faculty Forward survey, interpreting
                                                                                                 the results and delivering a set of
                                                                                                 recommendations to Health System
                                                                                                 leadership. Names in bold type indicate
                                                                                                 Task Force Executive Committee
TaKE adVaNTagE Of OuR MaNY                                                                       members.
                                                                                                 Faculty Forward task Force
WELLNEss pROgRaMs                                                                                members
Physicians intuitively know that they must       satisfaction, both of which have been           Claire Pomeroy, M.D., M.B.A., Vice
be in top physical and mental condition          topics of discussion in recent editions of           Chancellor for Human Health
in order to care for their patients. The         Faculty Newsletter. We also recognize the            Sciences and Dean (ex-officio
medical profession is intellectually and         importance of the arts and other cultural            member)
philosophically stimulating, but it also can     events in enhancing wellness, so we have        Frederick J. Meyers, M.D., Executive
be stressful.                                    expanded these events on our campus.                 Associate Dean
    Recently, the pressures upon our health-         Despite our individual best efforts,        Edward Callahan, Ph.D., Associate
care system have intensified as a result of      reactions to pressures can manifest                  Dean, Academic Personnel
the economic recession and the budgetary         themselves in damaging ways. Health-            Jesse Joad, M.D., M.S., Associate Dean,
realities within which we operate. The           care personnel may struggle with                     Diversity and Faculty Life
rigors and challenges of academic medicine       anxiety, depression, burnout, alcoholism,       Gregg Servis, M.Div., Director, Faculty
make wellness particularly important to our      substance abuse, difficulties with personal          Development
faculty.                                         relationships or weight management, grief       Hilary Brodie, M.D, Ph.D.,
    UC Davis Health System has responded         and loss, anger control and other issues.            Otolaryngology
by bolstering resources devoted to the               That’s why the programs described in        Peter Cala, Ph.D., Physiology and
wellness of our faculty members, residents,      the accompanying article are so important.           Membrane Biology
fellows, students and staff. The front-page          Whether or not you are in need of
article in this newsletter identifies several                                                    Michael Condrin, M.B.A., Dean’s Office
                                                 assistance, I encourage you to familiarize      Jeffrey Gauvin, M.D., Surgery
of the programs in place to nurture the
                                                 yourself with these and other resources. As     Estella Geraghty, M.D., M.S., M.P.H.,
wellness of members of the health system
                                                 a healer, you have heightened sensitivity            Internal Medicine
community and to assist those who are
                                                 to the needs of your fellow human beings.       Donald W. Hilty, M.D., Psychiatry and
struggling in their personal or professional
                                                 You can recognize when those around you              Behavioral Sciences
                                                 – including faculty, staff and students – are   Lydia P. Howell, M.D., Pathology and
    Our commitment to wellness is also
                                                 in distress and in need of support services.         Laboratory Medicine
evident by our engagement with the
                                                 I hope at the same time you remain keenly       Vincent L. Johnson, M.B.A., Hospital
Faculty Forward survey. Faculty members
with 50 percent or greater appointments          attuned to the ways in which your own                Administration
were invited to participate in this initiative   stresses may be affecting your interactions     Darin Latimore, M.D., Internal Medicine
to assess faculty needs and ways to improve      with patients, students, colleagues and              and Office of Diversity
job satisfaction and – by extension – overall    family members.
                                                                                                 Cindy Oropeza, Human Resources
wellness.                                            I urge you to seek help if you’re in
                                                                                                 Andreea L. Seritan, M.D., Psychiatry and
    Wellness is a whole-being concept that       distress, and to help others to do so when
                                                                                                      Behavioral Sciences
involves far more than just physical health;     appropriate. Requesting assistance is not
                                                                                                 Lloyd H. Smith, M.D., Ph.D., Obstetrics
it additionally encompasses intellectual,        a sign of weakness, but rather, pursuit
                                                                                                      and Gynecology
social, nutritional, psychological,              of improvement. Caring for ourselves
                                                                                                 Peter Sokolove, M.D., Emergency
emotional, environmental and spiritual           and our colleagues will strengthen our
dimensions. Attainment of wellness also          health system family and allow us to more
                                                                                                 Daniel J. Tancredi, Ph.D. Pediatrics
embodies work-life balance and career            effectively care for our community.

facultyNewsletter | October – November 2009 | www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/facultydev                                                          4
FAre tHee well CONTiNuEd fROM pagE 1            ,whom the UC Davis health system retains      better we do at attending to our own
                                                to coach and counsel faculty members in       wellness, the better we will do in caring
physicians avoid substance abuse,
                                                need of support.                              for other people.”
depression and boundary infractions.
                                                    “I help individuals identify sources
    Andreea Seritan, M.D., who chaired                                                        wellness resources
                                                of stress and work out plans to address
the well-being committee in 2008–09,
                                                the problem,” said Barton, an emeritus        All health system employees
characterizes wellness as a function of being
                                                clinical professor of family and community    Academic and Staff Assistance
centered, self-aware, and staying in touch
                                                medicine. “Wellness for faculty members       Program (ASAP)
with your identity.
                                                involves being effective and successful in    www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/hr/hrdepts/asap/
    “We are trying to provide a lot of
                                                academic and clinical work while allocating   (916) 734-2727
avenues for members of the health system
                                                time and energy to care for themselves        Carol Kirshnit, Ph.D., psychologist,
community to stay well,” said Seritan, who
                                                physically and to participate in family       program coordinator
directs the recently established Office of
                                                and friend relationships in ways that
Student Wellness.                                                                             UC Davis Health System
                                                nurture them.” Barton said she welcomes
    “Wellness is not just the absence of                                                      Fitness Center
                                                discussions with faculty members who want
illness,” she observed. “The experience of                                                    http://campusrecreation.ucdavis.edu
                                                to prevent burnout or fractured personal
working in medicine is difficult, and at                                                      (916) 703-5140
times dehumanizing — which over time
                                                    Margaret Rea, Ph.D., who directs the      Faculty members
may lead to burnout, loss of empathy,
                                                wellness program for residents and fellows,   Faculty wellness consultation
depressive or anxiety symptoms, or even
                                                says promotion of wellness requires           (916) 734-3161 (messages left are
suicidal ideation and behavior.” Seritan
                                                educational outreach to residents, fellows    confidential)
encourages physicians to engage in
                                                and their supervisors.                        Sue Barton, Ph.D., psychologist
introspection and outside activities that
                                                    “You can’t underestimate the enormous     Sue.Barton@ucdmc.ucdavis.edu
maintain one’s balance.
                                                stigma in this setting for someone who is
    “People are discontent when they                                                          Medical staff members
                                                honest about wellness and mental health
become misaligned with the values of their                                                    (including residents)
                                                needs, and asking for help,” Rea said.
environment. If you don’t know yourself,                                                      Medical Staff Well-Being Committee
                                                “Residents who seek help may be labeled
you won’t know why you’re unhappy,”                                                           (916) 833-1874
                                                ‘weak.’” Rea, who gives talks to residents
Seritan said. “Problems can be prevented by                                                   Peter Yellowlees, M.D., chair
                                                and fellows about stress management and
regularly devoting time to take stock.”
                                                substance abuse as part of their curricular   Finding Meaning in Medicine
    Wetona Suzanne Eidson-Ton, M.D., who
                                                regimen, said, “I give them concrete          Institute for the Study of Health and Illness
leads “Finding Meaning in Medicine” groups
                                                techniques for managing stress or panic       www.meaninginmedicine.org
for UC Davis physicians who facilitate the
                                                attacks brought on because they’re worried    Residents
medical student course “The Healer’s Art,”
                                                about their performance.”                     Graduate Medical Education
                                                    A resource available to all health        (916) 734-0676
    “Two components are important in
helping physicians maintain wellness,”          system employees is the Academic and          Margaret Rea, Ph.D., psychologist
said Eidson-Ton, assistant director of the      Staff Assistance Program (ASAP), which
                                                offers confidential, cost-free assessment,    Medical students
Family Medicine and Obstetric Residency
                                                counseling and referral services. ASAP        Office of Student Wellness
Program. “In addition to having outlets
                                                also sponsors presentations and classes on    www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/mdprogram/
such as music, yoga or other activities that
                                                wellness-related topics. Those and other      studentlife/wellness/
allow one to practice mindfulness and being
                                                wellness programs on the Sacramento           (916) 703–WELL (9355)
present in the moment, it is also important
                                                campus are “cornerstones of health care,”     Andreea Seritan, M.D., director
for physicians to find meaning in their
work. One way of doing this is sharing          in the view of Carol Kirshnit, Ph.D., ASAP    Counseling and Psychological Services
stories with like-minded colleagues to help     program coordinator.                          (CAPS) http://caps.ucdavis.edu/
you remain connected to who you are in              “I encourage administrators and           (530) 752-0871
your work.”                                     program managers to endorse these             Emil Rodolfa, Ph.D., director
    Medical Staff Well-Being Committee          programs and consider weaving them into       <errodolfa@ucdavis.edu>
members also include licensed clinical          education and training of physicians and      Karin Nilsson, Ph.D., coordinator
psychologist Sue Barton, Ph.D. Psy.D.           maintenance of staff,” Kirshnit said. “The    <knilsson@ucdavis.edu>

facultyNewsletter | October – November 2009 | www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/facultydev                                                            5
UC Davis Health system
Faculty Development Office
4610 X Street, Suite 4101
Sacramento, CA 95817

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                                                    13 Time Management Skills (JCLP)

                                                    14 Focused Workshop: The Leadership Circle Profile 360 Group Debriefing (MCLP)

                                                    17 Diversity Advisory Team meeting

facultyNewsletter                                   17 Latin American Welcome Dinner
Published by the Faculty Development
                                                    18 Faculty Forward Task Force meeting
Office, which administers and coordinates
programs that respond to the professional and
career development needs of UC Davis Health
                                                    19 Underrepresented in Medicine (URM) Mentoring Group meeting
System faculty members.
                                                    20 African American Welcome Dinner
4610 X Street, Suite 4101
Sacramento, CA 95817                                20 Relationship Between Medical Staff and Clinical Enterprise (MCLP)
(916) 734-2464
www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/facultydev/                   December
Edward Callahan, Ph.D.
                                                     3    Breakfast with the Dean
Associate Dean for Academic Personnel
Jesse Joad, M.D., M.S.                              10    Underrepresented in Medicine (URM) Mentoring Group meeting
Associate Dean for Diversity and Faculty Life
                                                    11    Negotiation Skills (JCLP)
Gregg Servis, M.Div.
Director, Faculty Development                       15    Diversity Advisory Team meeting
Cheryl Busman                                       16    Faculty Forward Task Force meeting
Program Representative, Faculty Development
cheryl.busman@ucdmc.ucdavis.edu                     18    Budget Management and Business Reports: Finance & Professional Billing (MCLP)
Felicia Carrillo                                    Event co-sponsors
Program Assistant, Office of Diversity
felicia.carrillo@ucdmc.ucdavis.edu                  CTSC: Clinical Translational Science Center
EditPros LLC                                        JCLP: Junior Career Leadership Program
Editorial Services
                                                    MCLP: Mid-Career Leadership Program
                                                    OR: School of Medicine Office of Research
                                                    WIMS: Women in Medicine and Science

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