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									  Christine Schauble

         Working with
       Christine Schauble
       The Schauble Team

Superior Real Estate Services
                Our Goal

           To provide our customers
     the best real estate service available…

  Service to cut through the flood of information
               to find what’s important.
  Service to reduce the time and costly mistakes
that lurk in the home-buying and -selling process.
              Service to add value and
          exceed the client’s expectations.
         Service worth telling others about.

           This presentation is designed to explain
         the advantages of using Christine Schauble
           to assist you in making your home sale.
         We hope you find it informative and helpful.
          Despite all the technology available now,
    the real estate transaction is still an emotional event
  and we want to assist you with all aspects of the process.
                We’ll start with a brief history
        of how the past transaction process unfolded
             and explain our current philosophy.
     Then we will show you the new tools and techniques
that help us achieve one of the best track records in the area.
   What the Average Agent Does

              Marketing          Inspections
Counters                                       MLS
                         Reviewing      Negotiating
               Title Companies
                                 Lender       Property Fulfillment
                        Escrow Company Delivery
           Disclosure Reports           Finance      Advertising
        Home Protection
                          Showings     Appraisals
    The real estate process has become complex and specialized…
               Too much for one agent to handle alone.
          How Christine Schauble’s Team

                  Department      •MLS
                       &          •Researching
                    Virtual       •Advertising
                  Assistants      •Showing Feedback
                                  •Property Fulfillment
                                  •Delivery               •Appraisals
           •Buyers                                        •Financing
     Sales •Negotiating                                   •Disclosure Reports
Department •Inspections                           Closing •Home Protection
           •Networking                         Department •Title Companies
           •Counters                                      •Escrow Company
           •Contract Review                               •Lender
   The real estate process needs a team of specialists for the best service.
         Meet the Team

Christine - It is my goal, as your full service real estate company specializing in the
Peoria, Woodford & Tazewell counties, to provide you with superior service at all
times. My local expertise and extensive real estate experience will benefit you
whether you are serious about buying or selling a home at this time, or are a
returning client checking out the many homeowner resources I offer. I consider this
community an excellent place to reside and would love to share with you my
enthusiasm for the many neighborhoods that encompass it. I pride myself on
providing unparalleled service and look forward to developing a long-term
relationship with you. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss how
I can best assist you with your real estate needs.

 Steve - Each Schauble Home stands as a visible testimony to our quality,
 craftsmanship and truly intelligent floor plans. The name Schauble represents the
 culmination of a career dedicated to excellence & quality of every level of
 development. What others call results, we at Schauble Homes call beginnings. If
 you are interested in planning & designing your next home, call us today! We’d be
 happy to discuss the endless possibilities. Here’s to you and your new beginnings.
           Meet the Team

Cathy started selling real estate in 1999 and has worked with Christine Schauble for the past 4
years. Real Estate is a rewarding & exciting investment that she loves being a part of; she
specializes in assisting people find their dream home. Over the years, Cathy has had the pleasure
of meeting some wonderful people. She has lived in the Peoria area all her life and knows the
area quite well. She offers experience and knowledge to ensure a smooth transaction for each
client, as well as a long list of past clients for referrals on her performance & their satisfaction.
Whether you're a first-time buyer or have owned several homes, she looks forward to serving
your real estate needs!
Brenda joined The Schauble Team in October of 2006. Brenda decided to become a real estate
agent because she has a great knowledge of the Peoria area, and her great love of helping people
find the home of their dreams. Brenda also specializes in home staging. When you list your home
with The Schauble Team, Brenda will come to your home and give detailed instructions on how to
make the most of your assets ensuring buyers will see your property at is best! Brenda works to
be sure that every detail of the transaction is attended to and taken care of for her clients. Brenda
would love to hear from you.
Barb- Is The Schauble Team’s licensed Transaction Coordinator. She, along with Christine will
coordinate the many details regarding title work, deed, inspections, appraisal, closing dates, loan
approval, and other paperwork involved in the sale from the time an offer is received until the
transfer of title at the closing. Barb has over 8 years experience and is very qualified to oversee
the considerable amount of work that must be done and the many small details that need
attention to ensure a smooth transaction. Barb will be communicating with you throughout the
process to keep you well informed. If you have any questions, give her a call!
            Meet the Team

Ashley- Is the Listing Coordinator for The Schauble Team. When you list your home with us,
you are her #1 priority! During the listing process, she will keep in close contact with
you. Entering your home into the MLS and various websites, creating & delivering flyers &
house packets are among the numerous tasks she will complete. With the help of Christine,
Ashley will monitor the market to make sure your home is competitively priced with other homes
similar to yours on the market. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact
her. She’d be happy to talk to you.

Patrick is the Technology Manager for the Schauble Team. It is his job to ensure that your home
is being seen by as many people as possible on the internet throughout the listing process. Patrick
checks our many websites daily to ensure that all the information is up to date and accurate. He is
in charge of putting together virtual tours for buyers to see when they view your home on the
internet. Along with Ashley, Patrick will ensure that you are kept up to date and well informed
about the progress of you home throughout your listing process with The Schauble Team.

Virtual Assistant Team- Behind the scenes, Christine Schauble’s proactive Internet
Marketing Plan is supported by a Virtual Team from This
executive administrative team is responsible for managing incoming inquiries about the
properties listed for sale, as well as buyer inquiries. It’s a fact that today’s buyers are turning
to the Internet for their home search. By employing the top notch skills and techniques of a
Virtual Team, Christine has streamlined her ability to offer her clients more than other agents
can when it comes to marketing and managing her back office needs.
               What’s the Guarantee?

The Average Agent                    Christine Schauble

You’re locked in to a    EASY-EXIT LISTING
                        What is the biggest fear when you list your home?
 6-month contract.      You worry about being locked in to a lengthy listing
                        agreement with a less-than-competent real estate
                        agent, costing you valuable time and your home
                        maximum exposure on the market.
                        Worry no more. We take the risk out of listing your
                        home. Here’s how, with our EASY-EXIT Listing
                         You can cancel your listing at any time
                         You relax, knowing you will not be locked
                         into a lengthy, binding contract!
                         You receive our unique, high level of
                         service…so high that we are confident you’ll
                         be satisfied with the results.
          What the Internet Offers You!

                                        Christine Schauble

   The Average Agent          Dynamic, Community-
Has a static, cookie-cutter
        Web site.             Oriented Web Sites
                              •Lead Capture form for Buyers
                              •Buyers can search from homes right
                              on the website
                              •Access to local information
                              •Special buyer reports
                              •Library of real estate tips
                              •Latest Listings
            How Are Your Potential
              Buyers Serviced?

                                Christine Schauble
 The Average Agent       Buyer Instant-
No Buyer Notification.   Notification Program
                         Right from the start, hundreds of buyers
                         are notified via e-mail of your new listing.
                         They receive information regarding your
                         property as well as pictures and maps of
                         your home.

                         Along with the general public, an e-mail
                         promotion of your property goes out to
                         relocation companies, other agents, and
                         title officers.
         How We Make a Difference.

                                      Christine Schauble

   The Average Agent
                            Marketing Throughout
Markets your home through
                            an Extensive Network
                            People are measured by the company they keep.
 their own single office.
                            Agents are too.
                            For this reason we align ourselves with quality
                            agents all over the country who operate with
                            different disciplines, thoughts, techniques, and
                            specialties to develop a powerful and respected

                                    View us on one of the
                                  largest Real Estate Social
                                       Networks Here
      Marketing Your Home to the Public

                                             Christine Schauble
      The Average Agent            Major-Exposure
     Simple Advertising:           Advertising
                                 Aggressive advertising plays a prominent role in
•Put up a yard sign.
                                 our marketing of your property. Ads will be
•Put the listing in the MLS      customized with your home’s specific features
(Multiple Listing Service).      and placed in the appropriate publications.

•Add it to the company’s black                 All of our listings are posted to
and white Homes Magazine ad.                   which attracts 6 million home buyers to its
                                                              site each month.
•Wait for the phone to ring.
                                                   All of our listings are also posted on the
                                                     Keller Williams Company Website
         Marketing Your Home to the

                        Christine Schauble
               Major-Exposure Advertising
                     All of your listings sites will
                      be here & Extra pages if
SOLD                                  …and many more
             Marketing Your Home to the

                                                  Christine Schauble

      The Average Agent
     Simple Advertising:
                                      Aggressive advertising plays a prominent role in
•Put up a yard sign.                  our marketing of your property. Ads will be
                                      customized with your home’s specific features
•Put the listing in the MLS           and placed in the appropriate publications.
(Multiple Listing Service).      •Brochure Box                            Oh, and we cover the
                                                                                   basics too:
•Add it to the company’s black   •Inner Office
and white Homes Magazine ad.                                               Upgraded yard sign
                                 •Newspaper                              Immediate MLS input
•Wait for the phone to ring.
                                 •Internet                                    Ad in the Homes
                                                                         Incorporation into all
                                 •Blast e-mails to clients and other             company ads
   How Your Home Is Presented in

  The Average Agent                      Christine Schauble

MLS print-outs for flyers.   Full-Color, Maximum-
                             Exposure Brochures
                             As your agent, we will design comprehensive color
                             informational brochures and flyers available to
                             potential buyers and their agents. This “take home”
                             material enhances the potential buyer’s ability to
                             remember the special features of your particular
                             In addition, we feature a list of all our properties for
                             sale on the back of each our brochure-box flyers.
                             This way, your home is exposed to all buyers who
                             look at any of our properties, not just yours.
Aggressive Marketing to Fellow
                                 Christine Schauble
                      Concentrated Focus on
The Average Agent     Agent-to-Agent Marketing
Little marketing to   Following our office caravan, a Brokers' Open House
   other agents.      will be scheduled. We will act as hostess/host and
                      invite all area agents to preview your home. This
                      event will be announced through the Multiple Listing
                      Service bulletins on the computer, and printed flyers
                      will be provided to all member real estate offices. We
                      will provide refreshments, with your permission.
                      Brokers' Open Houses will be scheduled throughout
                      the marketing of your home.
                      We offer agent incentives to make sure that your
                      property is the one agents have seen and have
                      knowledge about. Even if the other agents do not
                      have a buyer client at this time, we want the agents to
                      have seen your home. We do this by offering food
                      and giveaways such as movie tickets or lottery tickets
                      at the properties.
           Community Involvement

                                         Christine Schauble
    The Average Agent
Some community involvement.    Our Commitment to
                               Giving Back
                              It’s important to us that our very rewarding careers
                              allow us the resources to give back to the
                              community that blesses us every day.

                              We are proud to be sponsors of the following:

                               • Teen Challenge
                               • Race For The Cure- Susan Kohman
                               • Balloons on the Prairie
                               • Children's Network
  Added-Value Service for Clients

                           Christine Schauble
The Average Agent
Added services?
                      Our Range of Free
                      Services Includes:
                     Unlimited fax sending and receiving
                     Free photocopying
                     Use of our conference room (by
                     appointment; please call to reserve)
                     Use of our moving van/truck
                     Free Notary service
     Personalized Service From

                            Christine Schauble
The Average Agent
                     We Proudly Offer
                     These Alliances and
                     Wells Fargo

                     Shermans
                     KBL Design Center
                     Sherwin Williams
                     JBN Title
        Our Past Sales History

2006 Sales YTD           $39,447,811.00
Average Days On Market   60
2005 Sales               $31,504,484.00
Average Days On Market   56
2004 Sales               $26,218,868.00
Average Days On Market   40
2003 Sales               $13,431,765.00
Average Days On Market   41
          Our Results Speak for Themselves

“ Quality of Service”
"As the developers of Willow Creek and White Horse Subdivisions in
Metamora, I can attest to the quality of service provided by Christine and
Steve Schauble and the entire Schauble Team. The closings all went very
smooth and error free. I definitely felt that Christine and the entire staff
looked out for our best interest.“ - Jim Schrepfer

                            “ Huge Perks”
                             “Having the moving van available was a huge perk. Also having
                            Brenda stage the rooms in my home was great.” – Fern Blair

                                     “ Bottom Line”
                                      “Bottom line, we would like to thank you and your team. When calling the office,
                                     the staff was very friendly, and the extra trips to our house to sign papers was very
                                     helpful. Christine even came to my parents house for a counter-offer signature.
                                     Wow! Thanks to the team for answering all of our questions as quickly as possible
                                     and working in a timely manner to help us secure our home.”- Brad & Tara Wilson
  Contact Christine Schauble

                         113 N. Main St.
                         Morton, IL 61550

                         Direct- 309-266-7800
                         Fax- 309-266-7801


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