FALL 2010 COURSE LIST by fdh56iuoui


									                              FALL 2010 COURSE LIST

Course                                     Professor
Administrative Law                         Ashutosh Bhagwat
Advance Corporate Law                      Bret DiMarco (Adjunct Professor)
Alternative Dispute Resolution Seminar     Clark Freshman
Animal Law                                 Bruce Wagman (Adjunct Professor)
Antitrust                                  James McCall
                                           Pamela Cole (Adjunct Professor)
Antitrust: Mergers and Acquisitions
                                           Craig Waldman (Adjunct Professor)
                                           Mark D’Argenio (Adjunct Professor)
                                           Tamara Fisher (Adjunct Professor)
Appellate Advocacy (Civil)                 Michael Flynn (Adjunct Professor)
                                           Eliza Hoard (Adjunct Professor)
                                           Gary Watt (Adjunct Professor)
Art Law Seminar                            Denise Alter (Adjunct Professor)
Asian Pacific Americans and the Law        Emi Gusukuma (Adjunct Professor)
Bankruptcy/Creditors Remedies              Stephen Johnson (Adjunct Professor)
Business Assn/Intro Federal Section        Frederick Lambert
                                           Lois Schwartz
California Civil Procedure
                                           Richard Kramer (Adjunct Professor)
Capital Punishment Seminar                 Donald Ayoob (Adjunct Professor)
Case Studies in Contract Law               Charles Knapp
Child Maltreatment in Context              Lois Weithorn
Civil Litigation Concentration Seminar     David Levine
                                           Geoffrey Hazard
                                           David Levine
Civil Procedure
                                           Chris Mammen (Visiting Professor)
                                           Margaret Russell (Visiting Professor)
                                           Clark Freshman
Civil Procedure II                         Richard Marcus
                                           James Wagstaffe (Adjunct Professor)
Climate Change: Law and Business Seminar   David Takacs (Visiting Professor)
                                           James Head (Adjunct Professor)
Community Economic Development Seminar
                                           Jan Jemison (Adjunct Professor)
Community Law Program                      Jordan Coleman (Adjunct Professor)
                                           Jo Carrillo
Community Property
                                           Kevin Romano (Adjunct Professor)
Comparative Antitrust Law                  James McCall
Comparative Law                            Ugo Mattei
Complex Litigation                         Richard Marcus
Conflict of Laws                           Kevin Tierney
                                FALL 2010 COURSE LIST

Course                                        Professor
Constitutional Law II                         Ashutosh Bhagwat
                                              Elizabeth Hillman
                                              Calvin Massey
Contract Writing and Analysis                 Alicia Plerhoples (Visiting Professor)
                                              William Dodge
                                              Ethan Leib
                                              Jeffrey Lefstin
                                              H.G. Prince
Copyright                                     Margreth Barrett
Corporate Finance                             William Wang
Corporations                                  Alicia Plerhoples (Visiting Professor)
Criminal Concentration Seminar                Kate Bloch
                                              Evan Lee
Criminal Law
                                              Rory Little
                                              Hadar Aviram
Criminal Procedure
                                              Rory Little
                                              Dennis Higa (Adjunct Professor)
Critical Studies 1 Select Problem
                                              Laurie Zimet
Current State and Local Government Problems   David Jung
Data Privacy Law                              Lothar Determann (Adjunct Professor)
Domestic Violence Law                         Jennifer Wyllie-Pletcher (Adjunct Professor)
Employment Law: Work/Family                   Joan Williams
Environmental Law Seminar                     Brian Gray
EU and Its Law System                         Pauline Memlink (Leiden Visiting Professor)
                                              Teri Jackson (Adjunct Professor)
                                              Morris Jacobson (Adjunct Professor)
                                              Peter Keane (Visiting Professor)
                                              Roger Park
Family Law                                    Lois Weithorn
Federal Income Tax/Corporations &
                                              Susan Morse
Federal Income Tax: Upper Division            Leo Martinez
Federal/Interstate Water Resource             Brian Gray
Film and the Law Seminar                      Terry Diggs (Adjunct Professor)
Gender and the Law                            Joan Williams
Genetics: Issues in Law                       Jaime King
Health Law                                    Jaime King
Immigration Law                               Richard Boswell
Insurance Law                                 Margie Lariviere (Adjunct Professor)
Intellectual Property                         Robin Feldman
                               FALL 2010 COURSE LIST

Course                                         Professor
Intellectual Property Licensing Seminar        Mark Spolyar (Adjunct Professor)
International Business Transactions            William Dodge
International Commercial Arbitration           James Schurz (Adjunct Professor)
Interviewing and Counseling                    Rochael Soper (Adjunct Professor)
Introduction to Chinese Law                    Keith Hand
Japanese Legal System                          Setsuo Miyazawa (Visiting Professor)
Judicially Supervised Settlement Conference    Maria-Elena James (Adjunct Professor)
Jurisprudence                                  Kevin Tierney
Law and Bioscience Seminar                     Robin Feldman
Law and Lending Seminar                        Jo Carrillo
Law of Employment Relations                    John True (Adjunct Professor)
                                               Christopher Ide-Don (Adjunct Professor)
Legal Analysis (Upper Division)
                                               Laurie Zimet
Legal Ethics: Practice of Law                  Richard Zitrin (Adjunct Professor)
Legal History of Immigrants in US              Jenni Parrish
Legal Reform in East Asia                      Keith Hand
Legal Writing and Research (LLM)               Lois Schwartz
Legal Writing and Research Pilot Program       Terry Diggs
Legislative Process                            Michael Salerno
Mediation                                      Howard Herman (Adjunct Professor)
Military Law Seminar                           Elizabeth Hillman
Modern Bioethics                               Osagie Obasogie
Moral Foundations: Western Law                 Geoffrey Hazard
                                               Grand Lum
Negotiation/Mediation Procedure and Practice
                                               Melissa Nelken
                                               Russell Brunson (Adjunct Professor)
                                               John Dean (Adjunct Professor)
                                               John Ford (Adjunct Professor)
                                               Maria Joseph (Adjunct Professor)
Negotiation/Settlement (Gen)                   Lucia Kanter (Adjunct Professor)
                                               Arlene Kostant (Adjunct Professor)
                                               Jason Meek (Adjunct Professor)
                                               Jessica Notini (Adjunct Professor)
                                               Rochael Soper (Adjunct Professor)
Patents & Trade Secret Law                     Jeffrey Lefstin
                                               Fritjof Capra (Visiting Professor)
Political Economy of Law
                                               Ugo Mattei
                                               Jeffrey Williams (Adjunct Professor)
Pretrial Practice
                                               John Worden (Adjunct Professor)
                               FALL 2010 COURSE LIST

Course                                   Professor
Professional Responsibility              Carol Langford (Adjunct Professor)
                                         John Malone
                                         Carol Opotow (Adjunct Professor)
                                         John Leshy
                                         Radhika Rao
Prosecuting International Cartels        Brigid Martin (Adjunct Professor)
Public Finance Seminar                   Darien Shanske
Public Health and Homelessness           Kristin Cornuelle (Adjunct Professor)
Public International Law                 Joel Paul
Public Policy Advocacy                   Richard Barnes (Adjunct Professor)
Race, Racism & American Law              C. Keith Wingate
Remedies                                 Lois Schwartz
Research Methods Foreign Law             Hilary Hardcastle (Adjunct Professor)
Roles and Ethics in Practice             Kate Bloch
Sales and Leases of Goods                H.G. Prince
Science in Law                           Lisa Faigman
Secured Transactions                     Charles Knapp
                                         Shauna Marshall
Social Justice Concentration Seminar
                                         Ascanio Piomelli
Sociology: Criminal Justice System       Hadar Aviram
State and Local Government Law           Darien Shanske
Tax Concentration Seminar                Heather Field
Tax Policy Seminar                       Heather Field
Tax/Family Wealth Transfers              James Ellis (Adjunct Professor)
Telecommunications Law and Policy        Aaron Rappaport
                                         Aaron Rappaport
Terrorism and the Law
                                         Jonathan Schmidt (Adjunct Professor)
                                         John Diamond
Torts                                    David Jung
                                         Naomi Roht-Arriaza
Trademark/Unfair Competition             Margreth Barrett
                                         Daniel Blank (Adjunct Professor)
                                         Lawrence Boxer (Adjunct Professor)
                                         Andrew Cheng (Adjunct Professor)
                                         Geoffrey Hansen (Adjunct Professor)
Trial Advocacy I                         Theresa Moore (Adjunct Professor)
                                         Roger Patton (Adjunct Professor)
                                         Eric Quandt (Adjunct Professor)
                                         Matthew Rosen (Adjunct Professor)
                                         Ronald Tyler (Adjunct Professor)
                              FALL 2010 COURSE LIST

Course                                  Professor
Trial Advocacy I (Competition Team)     Geoffrey Hansen (Adjunct Professor)
Trial Advocacy II                       Kevin McCarthy (Adjunct Professor)
                                        Geoffrey Hansen (Adjunct Professor)
Trial Objections
                                        Roger Park
                                        D. Kelly Weisberg
Wills and Trusts
                                        Michael Zamperini (Visiting Professor)
Women’s Health and Law                  Jennifer Dunn (Adjunct Professor)
Wrongful Conviction Seminar             Lisa Faigman

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