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In order for each child to access the opportunity to reach their full potential, it is vital that their attendance
is regular and efficient. Lateness and irregular attendance will hinder their education achievement as
children miss starts of lessons and fail to follow the developmental focused work along a carefully
planned path of lessons. Not being part of the whole day as a class member can affect also social and
moral development.
Through our attendance policy, increased attendance and punctuality will support our efforts to raise
attainment and pupil progress in the whole school. With reference to Circular no 11/91 (DofE) current
responsibilities and new requirements are embedded in the policy.


    To increase level of attendance.
    To decrease level of unauthorised attendance.
    To improve the start of the school day.
    To raise parent/pupil awareness of the effect of absenteeism and lateness.
    To develop a whole school approach to attendance.
    To support parents with their child’s attendance.


    Standard format of registers recording re absenteeism and lateness.
    Friday’s highlighted as weekly concern day for absenteeism and lateness.
    Feedback from HSLO/EWO visits.
    Monitoring procedures maintained.
    Emerging trends discussed with Headteacher/HSLO/EWO and feedback to Governors regularly.
    During celebration assembly on Tuesday, a class attendance trophy presented.

Role of class teacher

    Standard format is adhered to for register recording for reasons of absence.
    Daily session totals filled in.
    Weekly attendance totals filled in
    Lateness recorded after 9.00a.m.
    Unauthorised attendance is checked by letter to home asking for absence reason.
     EWO book of concerns filled in on Friday p.m’s.
    Encouragement and support given to pupils to arrive on time and come everyday.
    Discourage parents to visit Pakistan as a general rule in school time.

Level of Concern that initiates a EWO visit

a.      3 lots of absences a half term whether authorised or unauthorised.
b.      Regular pattern of absence becomes apparent. (ie. 4 day week or same day every week).
c.      Continual lateness even after HSLO visits concerning lateness have occurred.
d.      Any general welfare concern.
Role of Home School Liaison Officer

   Lateness monitored on Friday through register checks.
   Unauthorised attendance monitored weekly and recorded in EWO concern book.
   Late notes, filled in by HSLO and delivered to homes/parents.
   Attendance notes filled in by class teacher and HSLO delivered to homes/parents.
   Meetings held with parent fed back to headteacher/class teacher.
   Regular monthly monitor meetings held with headteacher/HSLO/EWO concerning register recording.
   Discourage parents to visit Pakistan as a general rule during school time.

Role of EWO

   Home visits carried out when child has been absent for three blocks of absence whether authorised or
    unauthorised in a half term or shorter.
   Feedback given to school in less than 2 weeks.
   Regular monthly monitor meetings held with headteacher/HSLO/EWO where registers are checked
    and monitored.
   Attendance where possible at termly planning meeting.
   Targets for attendance set with headteacher annually in Autumn term.
   Discourage parents to visit Pakistan as a general rule during school time.
   Support parents in improving child’s attendance at school.

Role of Headteacher

   Regular weekly meetings held with HSLO/EWO re attendance/lates.
   KEYS self evaluation completed each Autumn term.
   Targets set annually re attendance/lates in Autumn term.
   Data about rates of unauthorised absence will be reported in the school prospectus and specified
    attendance data will be presented in the Governors Annual Report.
   Seen as main monitor for register compilation in school.
   Regular feedback given to Governing Body re attendance, trends and relation to attainment.
   Discourage parents to visit Pakistan as a general rule during school time.
   Encouragement/celebration of good attendance at school.

Monitoring Procedures

   Evaluate Parkinson Lane attendance through use of Attendance Section (4.3) in our KEYS
   Monthly register checks by headteacher/HSLO/EWO.
   School EWO book maintained.
   Lateness book, kept by HSLO, revealing a trend of improvement.
   Targets set and achieved annually.
   Governors aware of attendance trend.


Close monitoring of the attendance of our SEN children in school will ensure that their
attendance/lateness is not continuing to be a contributory factor to their special educational need.
Equal Opportunities

Promotion of the need for good attendance and time keeping to be given to all. Any specific difficulties
hindering a child to attend school regularly would be looked at on their own merit and appropriate support

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