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Lest Lest we forget by dfgh4bnmu


									  The Patrician

                  Lest we forget…
                                                            The Patrician
                                                                   Monthly newsletter of the
                                                                     Victoria Flying Club

                                                                   NOVEMBER 2009

 The Victoria Flying Club                                   In this issue:
        est. 1946                                             4
                                                            Fall and Winter Flying Conditions
  “To promote flying and aviation in general,
 and to teach and train persons in the art and
science of flying and navigating and operating               7
    all manner of heavier-than-air aircraft.”               Road Trip by Danny Poirier
    (Victoria Flying Club Incorporation Bylaws, 1946)

            Board of Directors                               13
President………………………………….….Lloyd Toope
                                                            Mystery Aircraft
Vice President…………………………..Colin Dormuth
Treasurer……………………………………….Ellen Wood
Secretary……………………………………….Rob Shemilt
Directors………………………………………..Sean Steele                       Information Regarding the
                            Colin Williamson
                               Don Devenney
                                                            New Aviation Document Booklet
                             Dennis Arnsdorf
General Manager………………………….Gerry Mants
Chief Flying Instructor……………..Graham Palmer
                                                                  Christie Hall Loewen
                1852 Canso Road                                   Midnight Design and Communication
               Sidney, BC V8L 5V5                       
                                    The Patrician accepts unsolicited submissions.
              Phone: 250-656-2833                           This publication may be reproduced in whole or in
               Fax: 250-655-0910                            part, only with prior permission of the publisher or
             Email:                         author. The opinions expressed are strictly those
                                                            of the authors.

 The Patrician….
                                                   THIS IS YOUR NEWSLETTER
         Welcome back to The Patrician!                              Maybe you’re asking , “What can I
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      After a brief hiatus, The Patrician has returned, with a       few ideas to get you started:
new look, and some exciting new possibilities. With a legacy
as long as that of the club itself, The Patrician is a vital means   Flown somewhere interesting? Tell us about
of communication for club news as well as news from the              it. And take lots of PHOTOS along the way!
broader world of aviation.
                                                                     Think you’ve solved the mystery aircraft?
      I am excited to have taken on the challenge of both            Send a quick EMAIL.
editing and publishing our club newsletter. Aside from my
time as a dispatcher at VFC, I am also a part-time student, and      Read a good aviation book lately? In love with
a mom of two. But I harbour a dark secret. I am not a pilot.         your GPS or other gadget? Write a short
Shhhhh…. Don’t tell anyone! While I have learned a lot in the        review.
year I have worked for the Victoria Flying Club, I am the first
to admit that my aviation knowledge is somewhat lacking. As          That great photo you took on your last flight?
such, you won’t be hearing much directly from me. I’ll need a        Submit it in our monthly photo contest and
little help with The Patrician.                                      win PRIZES from the pilot shop!

      The    Victoria Flying Club has roughly 500 current            Found a fabulous restaurant at a far-off
members. The online distribution of the Patrician Newsletter         airfield? File a PIREP. (restaurant hours,
is well on its way to a thousand. Whether you are a member           available transportation, nearby sites and stuff
of the club, or just a reader with an interest in all things         to do… ie: Tell us WHY we should fly to
aviation, this publication belongs to you.                           Harrison Mills and how to avoid the golf balls)

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club newsletter unsurpassed in                                       The Victoria Flying Club is YOUR club. And this
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                                                                                       NOVEMBER 2009
                 Monday and Wednesday Evenings
                 Upstairs at the Victoria Flying Club
  Date      Topic                                         Instructor

 Nov 02     Theory of Flight and Licensing Requirements   Yasuhiro Koide
     04     Aerodynamics                                  Yasuhiro Koide
     09     Airframes and Engines                         Mike Chow
     16     Systems and Flight Instruments                Mike Chow
     18     CARS                                          Yasuhiro Koide
     23     CARS                                          Yasuhiro Koide
     25     Meteorology                                   Simon Dennis
     30     Meteorology                                   Simon Dennis
 Dec 02     Meteorology                                   Simon Dennis
     07     Meteorology                                   Simon Dennis
     09     Meteorology                                   Simon Dennis
     14     Human Factors & PDM                           Brad Fraser
     16     Flight Operations                             Marcel Poland
 Jan 04     Flight Operations                             Marcel Poland
     06     Navigation                                    Jeff Lightheart
     11     Navigation                                    Jeff Lightheart
     13     Navigation                                    Jeff Lightheart
     18     Radio and Electronic Theory                   Tristan Nano
     20     Review (Tower Tour/Written Seminar)           John MacConnachie
     25     Review                                        Brad Fraser
    NOTE: No Groundschool on Stat Holidays and December 21, 23, 28, 30
                Sign up for Groundschool at the VFC office.
                      PPL Groundschool Course: $250
                        PPL Groundschool Kit: $250

                                                                                     Submit  your favourite aviation
                                                                              photo to be eligible for the “Photo of
                                                                              the Month” next month’s Patrician.
                                                                              Email a maximum of one photo per
                                                                              mo n t h   (t ake n   by    yo u )   to
                                                                     Prizes from the
                                                                              pilot shop will be awarded to monthly

                                                                              winners, and the winning photo of each
                                                                              month will appear in the next issue of

                                                                              The Patrician. Every photo submitted
                                                                              through the year will be entered into a
                                                                              draw for a $100 VFC gift certificate at

                                                                              the end of the year. All photos remain
                                                                              the sole property of the photographer
                                                                              and will not be used without
                                                                              Submit by the 15th of the month:

     That,    dear friends, I’m
                                        Day           Dual                Circuits               1000’ agl             3 sm
sorry to say, was the sound of      (Min. Ceiling                         Local                  1000’ agl             3 sm
summer shifting loudly into fall,   and Visibility)                       X-Country              1500’ agl             6 sm
with winter following inevitably                      Solo                Circuits               1500’ agl             3 sm
close on its heels.       We’ve                                           Local                  2500’ agl             6 sm
                                                                          X-Country              2500’ agl             6 sm
enjoyed a spectacular summer            Night         Dual or Solo        Circuits               1500’ agl             3 sm
of flying, hindered only by         (Min. Ceiling                         Local                  2000’ agl             6 sm
occasional winds, and drifting      and Visibility)                       X-Country              2500’ agl             6 sm
smoke. The changing seasons            X-Wind         C-152               Take-off: 12 kts       Landing: 12 kts
signal a change in weather. Fall                      C-172               Take-off: 12 kts       Landing: 15 kts
                                    Temperature       - Flight operations at VFC shall cease when the surface temperature is
and winter flying requires                            below -20 C.
closer attention to detail when          IFR          - Take-off not to be commenced if the ceiling and visibility are below
checking our meteorological                           the landing minima for the airport of departure.
                                                      - Cruise legs will not be less than 500’ below the freezing level.
conditions, and planning for
                                                      - Landing minima as published in CAP.
flights. As a reminder, here are     Ice or Frost     - If you suspect frost or ice on the aircraft surface, the line crew will be
the Victoria Flying Club                              happy to take care of it for you.
minimums        for     forecast                      - Do NOT scrape the windshield with a credit card or anything else.
weather, and a few other tips                         Ask the line crew to clear it.

for cold weather flying.

                                                                                            NOVEMBER 2009
     Lest we Forget….
           The Victoria Flying Club has always had close ties to Canada’s military. CYYJ
     sits on the former RCAF Station Patricia Bay, and the Victoria Flying Club occupies
     the location used by the RAF during WWII. But the military legacy did not end
     with the war. It lives on, in the members and activities of the Victoria Flying
     Club. There are a number of WWII veterans who belong to the club, several of
     whom still hold a pilot’s licence. The Victoria Flying Club is involved in Cadet
     training, supporting our future air-force pilots, and we have a strong connection
     and relationship with 443 Squadron located across the airfield. A significant
     number of our club members are also Navy personnel, or civilians employed at
     CFB Esquimalt. This month the Patrician and the Victoria Flying Club honour all
     military personnel; past, present, and future. Thank-you for serving our country
     at home and overseas. We will not forget.

       In Flanders Fields
       In Flanders fields the poppies blow
       Between the crosses row on row
       That mark our place; and in the sky
       The larks, still bravely singing, fly.

       We are the dead. Short days ago
       We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
       Loved, and were loved, and now we lie
       In Flanders fields.

       Take up our quarrel with the foe:
       To you from failing hands we throw
       The torch; be yours to hold it high.
       If ye break faith with us who die
       We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
       In Flanders fields.

       Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae, MD

        Remembrance Day
      Ceremonies and Events

11am at the Cenotaph on the grounds of
the BC Legislative Building
614 Government St.

10:45 am at the Cenotaph in front of Town
Hall. Support our veterans, current military
personnel, and cadets as they march down
Beacon Ave before the ceremony, begin-
ning at 10:15.
BC Aviation Museum:
1910 Norseman Rd. North Saanich
A year-round Memorial Room serves to
honour Canadians who served in various
wars, through the display of an extensive
collection of artefacts.
Sidney Museum and Archives:
Corner of Beacon and Fourth St in Sidney
November features a month long tribute to
the military.

    Photos are from the collections of the
          Canadian War Museum

                                                   NOVEMBER 2009
                          ROAD TRIP
Two pilots, armed with their camping gear, and a CFS, set
off on a cross-country road trip from Victoria to Winnipeg.
By: Danny Poirier                               (part 1 of 2)
     I    was thinking one day this past summer of                 After a long day’s drive winding through southern
heading to Winnipeg to visit family, and my choice of           BC and with the sun lowering behind us, we made it to
travel was to fly. I started to look on-line with the           Osoyoos. You cannot blink or you will miss the
major airlines for the best prices and departure times,         aerodrome, just a strip less than what seemed a
and then started to think why not drive instead of fly?         hundred meters parallel to the highway and not much
Immediately, a road trip was in order, and not just any         else. With a good dinner in town, we made camp for
road trip, but a half-country car, airport, air museum,         the night and fell asleep talking of what lay ahead.
flying trip!
     Ellen   and I decided that we should drive to              Sunday, 26th July
Winnipeg, and along the way try to find and stop at as          The next day started out early, as we wanted to make
many airports, airstrips, and aerodromes as we could.           as much ground as possible. With more winding road
With CFS within reach, our flight bags and camping              and lots of coffee, we made our way to Castlegar and
gear in the back, we were off. Both of us being pilots,         took a slight side trip from the main road north to
and this being the centennial of flight in Canada, we           Nelson. Castlegar has a fairly prominent strip located
realized this would be an unexpected way of                     on a plateau siding a mountain, overlooking a beautiful
experiencing aviation in Canada.                                valley, definitely mountain flying territory. After a
                                                                quick stop, we were off again. Nelson is another little
Saturday, 25th July                                             valley town; lots of little shops, and soup and
     What better way to start a road trip but to have           sandwich joints. Since Ellen had been there before
                                                                and wanted to return, we made sure to stop by the
brunch, and where better to eat and hit the road than
                                                                airport, and have a good look around. Turns out that
the Dakota Cafe? We decided that since we were on an
                                                                Nelson was a firebase. We had the chance to talk to a
airport quest; why not start at an airport. After a good
                                                                chopper pilot prior to his heading out to join in on a
meal and chats with friends, we were off to the ferries
                                                                fire patrol. Soon we were off again on through
and eastward bound. The first aerodrome we passed
                                                                Cranbrook and the Crows Nest Pass and a long run
was the ever-familiar Chilliwack airport, just off to the
                                                                north to Calgary for friends, a cold drink, and a good
left of highway number 1. As we whizzed
                                                                bed. Tomorrow would be air museum time!
by we talked about the many
times we had put wheels down
for good food and amazing pie.                                    Send your aviation-related travel stories,
                                                                   with photos, to:

Monday, 27th July                                                  The   airport terminal had closed down quite a few
      We spent two nights in Calgary to ensure we                  years ago, a sign of the times. Inside was just a crop
could visit The Aerospace Museum Association of Calgary.        dusting operation located in an old office and a few
The entrance fee was seven dollars and there was an             private planes outside to fill the ramp. On our way out,
amazing variety of aircraft. The most prominent aspect of       we noticed an old poster of the flying club that once
the museum was that there were quite a few Canadian             resided there many years before. Back on the road with a
and British made aircraft, including a full size replica of a   long way ahead of us, we drove straight on to
Silver Dart. Since my last visit, the museum has grown.         Saskatchewan for our next campsite, but along the way,
The second temporary hanger provides shelter for an             we were always looking for that little strip or windsock
Avro Lancaster and one of the first Twin Otters among           that we might pass by.
many other aircraft. After a quick lunch at the Tim             Wednesday 29th July
Horton’s across the street, we took the time to head up
the road five minutes and visit SAIT (Southern Alberta               Awoke      in another province east at Landing
Institute of Technology) for a quick look at the hangar         Provincial Park on Lake Diefenbaker to cactus, sunflowers
floor and the aircraft that the students in the aviation        and sunshine. We were up early and after a little walk
program work on. On a quick note, our close neighbor in         down to the lake and up into the rolling hills, on the road
Victoria, Viking Air, has its engine plant just across the      again, on through Swift current for brunch and Moose
parking lot from the Calgary Air Museum.                        Jaw for coffee, up where the Canadian Forces aerobatic
                                                                team the Snow Birds call home. Unfortunately, we did
Tuesday, 28th July
                                                                not have time to make it to the air base; we knew we
      We decided to take the path less travelled and hit        would not get to every aerodrome along the way, even
the country back roads; this was a planned stop, as we          the big ones. We flew right past Regina and on into
wanted to visit Ellen’s uncle in Drumheller. After a few        Manitoba, just outside of Brandon. With the sun in our
hours, we were off again. As we drove out to the town           back window again, we made camp for the night.
limits, we passed that sign that a pilot cannot miss, you Thursday 30th July
know the one, square and green with a small white plane
in the center. We turned around started up the gravel            Awoke at River Provincial Park, another
road and soon were at elevation 2,597 and were greeted quick breakfast, up stakes and we were back on
by a prehistoric avian wind tee.                          the highway. Our next stop was the Heritage Warplane
                                                          Museum of Canada just outside Brandon, Manitoba. Just
                                                          like Drumheller, this was another closed commercial
                                                          airport, but the FSS was still in service for the local flying
                                                          club. We were told that West Jet tried to make a go of it
                                                          years ago, but it did not last as it was easier to drive to
                                                          Winnipeg to reach the rest of Canada. The old hangars
                                                          from the days of war had a new purpose telling of the
                                                          past when air bases across Canada, especially in the
                                                          prairies, would train thousands of pilots, then only to go
                                                          over seas to fly and fight. There are many projects under
                                                          way at the museum. The hangar is dark and filled with
                                                          rows of parts and pieces of planes and vehicles and other
                                                          equipment that once serviced them. After exchanging
                                                          hellos with the men in the restoration room, we were off
                                                          to our easterly destination, Winnipeg.
                                                          (Read Part 2 in December’s Patrician: the Edmonton Air
    Ellen Wood in front of the Drumheller airport.        Museum, and Danny’s flight in a Piper Warrior.)

                                                                                           NOVEMBER 2009
                                   Instructmona Reynolds
                                           or: Dave

“Without disruption of air traffic, these fearless, forthright, indomitable and courageous
individuals did venture into the wild blue yonder in flying machines. Furthermore, these
skilful individuals did safely land said flying machines at Victoria International Airport,
incurring no significant damage to self or machine, thus completing first solo flights.”

     NOVEMBER 2009
New Members
 Gary Rumenovich            Michael Weir               Danny Rheaume         Akio Shiojima
 Erich Zotscher             Roy Ledwosinski            Ronald Mastin         Derek Nissen
 Paul Cridge                Philip Sikorski            Jerry Froese          Mingzhe Lam
 Raj Persram                Jonathan Starodub          Norman Wagner         Corinna Templeton
 David Arrowsmith           Colin Clucas               Corey Hall            Dave McKay
 Allen Jacob                Ross Collison              Robert Chatfield      Danny Chiang
 Daren Shippit              Cydney Macneill            Greg Stone            David Chauvin
 David Yates                Connor Edwards             Len Hollingsworth     Steve Buttle
 Graeme Wellburn            Claire Matson              Lars-Erik Brown       Edwin Kingma
 Morgan Klieber             Craig Marsden              Dwayne Stewart        Brian Sider
 Jesse Poikonen             Alexander Luckham          Jordon Kantypowicz    Steven Buttle
 Imran Ismail               Jonathan Wilson            Alex Ren              Martin Gonzales
 Shane Kelly                Mark Philbrook             Narender Tirukovela   Kristin Mutch
 Karen Funk                 William Cliffe             Pradeep Nagam         John Marshall
 Ron Broda                  Stefan Kaban               Kevin Skillings       Dallas Spani
 Loren Brajkovic            Kaitlyn Foulds             Fred Young            Cameron Burton
 Arianna Rumenovich         Colin Heatherington        Michael Burns         Kevin Klein
 James Mohr                 Ken Cathro                 Mark Jackman          Scott Pirie
 K.V. Pankhurst             Jonas Richter              Christopher Tetley    Andrew Hale
 Jonathan De Bruyne         Adam Steel                 Trevor Murphy         Ryan Bert-Vidal
 Braden Young               Travis Hildreth            Tim Dunne             Eugene Nehring
 Nico Duyf                  Kevin Walker               Michael Albrecht      Kurt Alisch
 Sean Drew                  Ron Booth                  William Bennink       Michael Politano
                                                                             Max Durando
 First Solo                 PPL Written                PPL Flight Test       PPL Licence
 Diane Falconer             Mitch Firman               Jozsef Hamari         Ian Carlson
 Pete Girolami              Abhishek Beri              Steven Tung           Michael Poirier
 Junya Katayama             Laura Van Buskirk          Brian Hwang           James Finlay
 Etienne Pemberton-Renaud   Junya Katayama             Richard Backlund      Jozsef Hamari
 Joseph Simonyi             Chad Goobie                Azwin Lam             Richard Backlund
 Taylor Dobson              Travis Hildreth            Tanner MacNeil        Azwin Lam
 Jessica Hohner             Mario Guevremont           Abhishek Beri         Brian Hwang
 Takaaki Kaneko             Richard Carter             Chad Goobie           Steven Tung
 Jonathan Sullivan                                     Junya Katayama        Danielle Pomeroy
 Dave Horvath               CPL Written                James Jarvis
 Krzysztof Rybak            Jessica Dearman            Timothy Cooper        Multi Engine
 Hirofumi Kamei             John Marshall                                    Flight Test
 Colin Clucas                                          CPL Flight Test       Nolan Labach
 Ramona Reynolds            IFR Flight Test            Nick Copeland         Ted Krasowski
                            Don Devenney

                                       Mystery Aircraft

  A  big thanks to Tim Martin, one of VFC’s top-notch line crew
  members, for agreeing to sleuth out the Mystery Aircraft each
  month. Tim has a wealth of aircraft knowledge and he keeps an
  avid eye on aircraft arriving and departing at CYYJ.
  Think you’ve solved the mystery of the month? Email your hunch
  to: and see if you can out-smart our
  aviation ace detective!

  ~From the Archives of the Patrician ~
Club Events listed in the November 1994 Patrician:
December 1st - Co-pilot’s Course                                              Do    you have pre-1990
December 15th - Tree-trimming party                                           editions of the Airmail or
December 30th - Friday Pub Night                                              Patrician that you would
                                                                              be willing to share?
Quotes from the November 1998 Patrician:
“Saturday October 24th, the Wings Party was held in the flying club lounge.
Certificates and wings were handed out to all attending and newly-licensed
pilots. Two $500.00 scholarships were awarded.”
“Club planes flew a total of 3,877.5 hours so far this year including the
Tampico that flew 112.1 hours in just two and a half months.”

And finally, a note from the November 2000 Patrician:
   Eleanor Eastick reported on the Flyout Party which was held on October
28th at the club. Over 60 people attended, and enjoyed an evening of great
food (including chilli made by manager Gerry Mants), friends, contests, and
prizes. The second annual paper airplane contest was won by Dave

                                                                                NOVEMBER 2009
    The deadline for obtaining your new passport style Aviation Document Booklet
is fast approaching. You must have it in your hands by December 31st, 2009.
As of January 1st, 2010, the Aviation Document Booklet will be the only valid form
of licence. The application forms are available either online, or from the office at
the Victoria Flying Club.
Here’s what you need to do to ensure you meet the deadline:
   Fill out an application form (available online, or from the office at the Victoria Flying Club).
   Obtain a passport style photograph, to be submitted with the application form. Details as
    to the specifics of the photograph can be found online. The photograph must be stamped
    and dated by the photographer.
   Have your photograph verified. A list of persons eligible to act as a verifier are also found
    online. At VFC, Graham Palmer or Marcel Poland can verify your photo.
   Submit your photo and application form to a Transport Canada Regional Office by
    November 15th 2009 to ensure that you will receive your Aviation Document Booklet by
    the December 31st 2009 deadline.

    For more information and details, please see:


                                              FIRST MONDAY NIGHT
                                              VICTORIA FLYING CLUB
                                                 PILOT’S LOUNGE

              CONTACT LES HALL FOR MORE DETAILS: 250-661-7684

                                                      NOVEMBER 2009
Aircraft - Accommodation - Aviation Books and Gear - Help Wanted - Miscellaneous
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Remembrance Day                      The Patrician Wants
                                                                                       The Victoria Flying Club is
   Please note that on                 To Hear From YOU!                               very excited to partner
   November 11th, the
Victoria Flying Club office            What are your aviation resolutions              with Thrifty Foods in their
will be open regular hours          for the New Year? Maybe you want to                successful Smile Card
(8-5), and aircraft will be         tackle your night or mountain rating.              program. Pick up your
                                    Maybe you want to fly more hours, or               smile card today at the
    available for rental,
                                    more often. Perhaps your goal is of a              VFC office, and 5% of
    but there will be no
                                    more personal nature. Possibly you                 your grocery purchases
   instruction available.           just want to consistently remember to              will go towards creating
  Also, there will be no            return the aircraft keys to the office             scholarships and awards
    PPL Groundschool                and avoid buying donuts!
                                                                                       for VFC members. Thank-
     November 11th.                    Whatever your goal or resolution                you to Thrifty Foods for
                                    is for 2010, The Patrician wants to                their support!
                                    know.      Send a quick email to:                   Smile Card Total to Date:
                           and share your
                                    New Year’s Resolutions.                                   $7930.84

WWW.FLYVFC.COM                                                                           NOVEMBER 2009

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