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					The Saab

The Saab 9-3 is designed for driving exhilaration beyond the ordinary. Boosted by
the dynamic driving experience and a range of highly efficient turbo charged engines.

The Scandinavian
design approach.
It may be the climate. The light. Or even the fact that we share the same latitude as
Alaska. Whatever the reason, we tend to do things a little differently in Scandinavia.
And this difference speaks volumes in our design language. It’s uncomplicated,
consistent and every element has a purpose. Form follows function, giving you an
inspiring design. In fact, we don’t just design a car. We create a Saab.

Designed around you.
There’s no better proof of a car’s capabilities than putting it through its
paces on the road. So just get into a Saab 9-3 and discover the many ways
it’s designed to perform. Sense the way the car interacts with you along
the road. With instant power at hand and a chassis tuned for agile, sporty
handling. For a truly intense experience, try our innovative cross-wheel
drive system, Saab XWD™. There’ll be no looking back.

Standard equipment
ReAxs chassis geometry system
Steering Wheel Controls
Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)
Traction Control System (TCS)
Night Display
Rain sensor for windscreen wipers
Auto-dimming interior and exterior mirrors

Optional equipment                           ReAxs chassis geometry system
Saab XWD & eLSD                              A Saab-unique chassis system that allows the car to steer with
Bi-xenon cornering headlights *              all four wheels. Agile and sporty beyond expectation – but
Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) *     also vital for safer driving.

*Standard on Aero models.

Less is more.
Saab Turbo engine
In the Saab 9-3 you’ll experience the perfection of
inspiring yet responsible performance. A result of
our revolutionary turbo engine technology combined
with cutting-edge expertise in developing powerful
engines with respect for nature. New and efficient
engines that give you the power and vitality you’re
looking for - from advanced petrol engines to low-
emission turbo diesels. With the Saab 9-3 TTiD SE
180PS and its low CO2 emissions of just 119g/km*,
you can enjoy the most powerful car on the road
with Zero VED for first year.

*119 g/km CO2 emissions relate to MY12 9-3 TTiD Saloon engines with manual transmission and excludes the 1.9TTiD (180 PS) Aero model.

Two turbos.
Twice the fun.
If you want the ultimate in pure diesel power, you should
try the Saab 9-3 TTiD, featuring our innovative Twin Turbo
technology. You can count on agility, sportiness and amazing
response with a massive 400Nm of torque at your disposal,
allowing for swift overtaking.

Despite all the available power, the combined fuel
consumption is an impressive 62.8mpg with CO2 emissions
of just 119g/km* - making it the most powerful zero VED
diesel on the road. This is a car that encourages active
driving for miles on end.

*119 g/km CO2 emissions relate to MY12 9-3 TTiD Saloon engines with manual transmission and excludes the 1.9TTiD (180 PS) Aero model.
2.0t                          2.0T          2.0T XWD      1.9 TTiD         1.9 TTiD         1.9 TTiD          1.9 TTiD Aero   7

163PS/320Nm                   220PS/350Nm   220PS/350Nm   130PS/320Nm      160PS/360Nm      180PS/400Nm       180PS/400Nm

163PS/320Nm                                                             The powerful difference
                                                                        High performance with low emissions

Saloon 6spd./Auto 5spd.
Top speed, mph      134/130
0–60 mph, sec       7.5/8.9
mpg, city           28.8/23.7
mpg, highway        58.8/49.6
mpg, combined       42.2/35.8
CO2, g/km           155/185

SportWagon 6spd./Auto 5spd.
Top speed, mph    130/127
0–60 mph, sec     7.7/8.5
mpg, city         28.5/23.3
mpg, highway      56.5/47.9
mpg, combined     41.5/34.4
CO2, g/km         159/190
Fuel consumption and emission figures
measured according to the 1999/100 EC

The unique design and low stance of the Saab 9-3 Aero really say it all.
Expect more of everything. Sharper handling, more spirit and impressive
reserves of speed and power. A high-performance experience inspired
by our aeronautical past. Powered by a 1.9TTiD, 2.0T or 2.0T XWD
engine, this car demands to be driven. So get ready to tackle corners
with a new intensity. Firmly seated in a body-hugging sports seat. A
sensational experience. Every time.

 T   2.0
T iD Turbo

Engine and transmission
Turbocharging                                                 Saab Trionic                                                Saab XWD
Gives the engine significantly increased torque, especially   Advanced management system for 4-cylinder turbo petrol      Our innovative cross-wheel drive is one of the most
in the medium rev range. Results in rapid acceleration for    engines, developed by and available exclusively for Saab.   advanced systems available. Provides better traction,
faster and safer overtaking.                                  Optimises the combustion process to develop maximum         more agile cornering and improved stability.
                                                              power and fuel economy with minimal emissions.

TTiD                                                          SportDrive                                                  eLSD
The ultimate in pure diesel power, featuring our innovative   Shift mode on cars with Sentronic 6-Speed automatic         On cars with XWD™ the electronically controlled
Twin Turbo technology. Agility, sportiness and amazing        transmission. Activated with a separate button on the       rear limited slip differential balances torque between
response with a massive 400Nm of torque at your               instrument panel. Provides faster response and more         the rear wheels, allowing the car to turn even quicker
disposal, allowing for swift overtaking.                      control during sporty driving.                              and more easily.

Aero                                      SE

       Make your move
       Tailoring your personal Saab 9-3 is easy and inspiring. Choose
       between our two Saab trim levels: SE or Aero. Once you’ve
       chosen your car, you can tailor it exactly as you like with
       options and accessories. Explore all the possibilities and
       design your own car at

Exudes performance and dynamics for even more inspired
driving. The titanium-finish trim accentuates the sporty
spirit that pervades the entire car.

17” alloy wheels • Leather Appointed Comfort seats • Heated
front seats • Parking sensors • Dual zone automatic climate control
• Bluetooth phone system • Leather sport steering wheel • Auto
dimming interior & exterior mirrors • Rain sensor wipes • Electric
folding mirrors • Titanium interior trim

Our top-of-the-line high-performance model with a unique
sport interior and matching equipment level to offer the
most intense Saab driving experience.

Additional equipment above SE:
18" alloys • Leather Griffin Sport seats • Bi-xenon headlights • Headlight
washers • Premium leather sport steering wheel • Aero body styling •
Twin exhaust tailpipes • Sport chassis • Graphite fibre interior trim

TMC                                                    BOSE® Surround Sound audio system                            Bluetooth™
Traffic Message Channel. Reports traffic               Our top sound system. 11 speakers (10 on                     Phone integration system – automatically connects
disruptions to the navigation system enables dynamic   SportWagon) with Bose Centerpoint™ technology                your Bluetooth™-enabled phone with the
route guidance – a new route and time of arrival are   & 5-channel surround sound from conventional                 infotainment system. Allows you to operate the
automatically calculated.                              2-channel sources e.g. FM stereo and CDs.                    phone with the buttons on the steering wheel or by
                                                                                                                    voice control.

                                                                                Audio, navigation and communication
                                                                                The infotainment system in the Saab 9-3 brings it all together. Easy and intuitive,
                                                                                even while on the road. Just plug in your MP3 player and enjoy the Bose® Surround
                                                                                Sound audio system. Your Bluetooth™-enabled mobile connects automatically to
                                                                                the hands-free function. For extra convenience, you can command the phone, radio
                                                                                and navigation by voice control.

MP3/AUX connection                                     Voice control                                                DVD Satellite Navigation
On the front panel of the infotainment system.         Push a button on the steering wheel and speak a              Utilises a DVD disc, GPS and TMC. Voice
Allows you to plug your MP3 player or other            command. A voice confirms your request and offers            instructions and easy-to-read symbols on the 6.5-
portable audio equipment into the car’s audio          guidance.Included in DVD Satellite Navigation and            inch colour touch screen. Voice control makes the
system.                                                the Bluetooth™ phone integration system.                     navigation system very convenient to use.

Welcome to our safety lab.
Saab cars are frequently ranked among the best in the world in various safety
surveys. Yet our safety work is much more than award-winning. It focuses on
what actually happens on the road in real-life conditions. After all, our job is
to protect real people, not just dummies in a laboratory. This philosophy has
led to a range of safety innovations over the years. The most important result
of all, however, is the impressive safety of our cars. Out on the road.

Five stars                                  Maximum rating: Good
Top rating in the European New Car          Saab 9-3 Saloon and SportWagon.
Assessment Program (EuroNCAP) crash         For Saab Active Head Restraints (SAHR)
tests – adult occupancy rating.             in Thatcham insurance research centre
                                            crash tests.

Maximum rating: Green+                      Top Safety Pick Award
Saab 9-3 Saloon. For Saab Active Head       Saab 9-3 Saloon. Top rating in the US
Restraints (SAHR) in Swedish Insurance      Insurance Institute for Highway Safety
Company Folksam’s crash tests (2003).       (IIHS) front, side and rear crash tests.

Five-star safety.
Reinforced doors                         Side curtain airbag                          Robust B-pillar                              Child seats
Featuring protective beams and           Helps protect the front and rear outboard    Designed to work as a pendulum and bend      Available from Saab Genuine Accessories
overlapping sills to help prevent door   occupants in a moderate to severe side       inwards at the bottom to lead crash forces   for all ages up to 10 years. Rearward and
intrusion into the cabin.                impact. For additional protection, the       away from the occupants.                     forward-facing. Insert for 0–nine month
                                         front seats also have side airbags to help                                                old infants. ISOFIX anchorage points for
                                         protect the chest.                                                                        child seats in the rear seat.

Prepared for anything.
The Saab 9-3 is designed for an active life. At work, with your family or on the way
to your next activity. Choose the versatile SportWagon version if you want even
more space and utility. Fine-tuning with the right accessories adds a dimension of
flexibility that allows you to really get the most out of every day. All year round.

Versatility and convenience
Extending ski/board holder                                     Kayak/canoe holder                                        Scratch protection/seating mat
Slides out from the car roof for easy loading and unloading.   With adjustable rubber supports that mould to the hull.   Rolls out from the luggage compartment to protect the
Holds six pairs of skis or four snowboards.                    Robust tensioning straps.                                 bumper. Easily removed for use as a waterproof seating mat.

Floor compartments                                             Bike holder, towbar-mounted                               Cargo net
For concealed storage of smaller items. One of the             Space for two bikes (three with an adapter). Fold-down    A textile net that separates the passenger and luggage
compartments in the SportWagon has a thermos/bottle            function for easy access to the luggage compartment.      compartments.
Saab Finance                                   Warranties                                 Saab Direct                                    Saab Genuine Accessories
Offers financing plans tailored to suit your   A new-car warranty and a ten-year anti-    Provides free telephone information on         Fine-tune the car to exactly suit your needs.
individual requirements. For private and       corrosion warranty. Ask your Saab dealer   matters relating to Saab. Offers help if you   Find out more in our accessories brochure,
company customers.                             for further details.                       should have a problem while on the road.       available at your Saab dealer.

                                                                                                                         Relax and enjoy
                                                                                                                          We’ve designed a wide range of facilities that make it
                                                                                                                          easy, secure and economical for you to own and drive
                                                                                                                          your very own Saab.

Saab Insurance                                 Saab Assistance                            Saab Price Guide                               Recycling
Simplifies contacts if your car is damaged.    Offers 24 hour assistance in most          A price guide with detailed information        Saab cars are designed for recycling. For
Your Saab dealer will take care of             of Europe. In the unlikely event of a      about all the Saab 9-3 models and options      more information about recycling of End
everything from inspection to damage           breakdown or serious technical problem,    are available from your Saab dealer.           of Life Vehicles (ELVs) and take-back
assessment and repairs.                        we’ll help you on site.                                                                   locations, go to
                                          * When printing pages with interactive options, only the current view will be printed.

Your choice

Exterior colour:
Arctic White (Solid)

                                        Saab shown is 9-3 Saloon Aero. Some options and wheels are only available on
                       certain trim levels. You can now create your own 9-3 to your exact specifications on the ‘build
build your saab           your car’ section of the Saab website, featuring all engines, colours, trim levels and options.

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