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Legal jobs


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									Legal Sector Takes Hit in February; Remains Somewhat Steady Year-to-Year

legal jobs

According to the February monthly employment report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the legal
sector saw a net loss in jobs throughout the month. The report shows that 2,900 legal jobs were lost
during the month of February, which overshadows January's numbers which showed a humble gain of 500
jobs in the legal sector.

Even with the modest increase in legal jobs for January, the decreases seen in November and December, -
900 and -1600, respectively, paint a dismal picture.

The numbers have been up and down over the past year with some months showing modest increases,
and others showing just the opposite. In fact, according to the report out from the Bureau of Labor
Statistics, from February 2010 to February 2011, there has only been a total of 1,300 additional jobs in the
legal sector.

If you compare that to the 1600 jobs lost in December alone, one might say the legal job sector is
somewhat steady. In the overall economy, January saw new hires up in the mid-five figures (63,000) and
in February, jobs shot up by a stunning six figures (192,000).

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