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					CBS, STATISTICAL ABSTRACT OF ISRAEL 2006                              6002   ‫למ''ס, שנתון סטטיסטי לישראל‬

        THE KNESSET AND                                  Ordinary receipts are recorded only upon
           ELECTIONS                                     The classification of receipts and outlays in
                (Tables 10.1- 10.6)                      these tables is mainly an administrative one.
In the tables presenting the results of the              An      economic    classification  of    the
elections to the Knesset (Tables 10.1-10.3),             government's income and expenditure
the lists are organized in a way which should            appears in Chapter 14 - National Accounts.
facilitate the comparison between the various            The budgets for receipts and outlays of the
election results. Taking into consideration the          government which are presented in Tables
changes which took place within the                      10.7-10.8, were compiled according to the
participating lists, only valid votes for the            assumptions of the Budget Department of the
major lists are presented, and minor lists               Ministry of Finance concerning the rise in
were divided in two groups: other minorities             prices of wages, purchases, investment in
lists (except those presented separately) and            building and the exchange rate of the US
other lists.                                             dollar.
Detailed data on the results of the elections            Sources: Reports of the Accountant General,
to the Knesset and to the local authorities              and the proposed budget.
appeared in the Special Series.
The results of the elections to the Prime                          THE GOVERNMENT DEBT
Minister, were presented in a separate table             The data presented in the table relate to
(Table 10.4).                                            outstanding financial liabilities of government
Data on the Knesset (Tables 10.5-10.6) were              ministries to the public in Israel: including
supplied by the Knesset Secretariat.                     financial and non-financial corporations, as
                                                         well as foreign liabilities.
            GOVERNMENT                                   Most of these liabilities were accumulated in
                                                         one of the following ways:
              (Tables 10.7- 10.11)
                                                         a. Domestic loans from financial
                                                             corporations, or bonds issued.
Data refer to budgetary receipts and outlays ,
                                                         b. Deposits of various entities in
which comprise the majority of the
                                                             Accountant General, mainly in
governments’ financial activity. In addition,
                                                             the areas of pension and
there are two other types of payment and
revenue which are not included in Tables 10.7
                                                         c. Receipt of advance payments
and 10.8 as follows:
                                                             from the Bank of Israel to
a. Earmarked income, an amount
                                                             finance the federal budget.
    received by a government unit from an
                                                         d. Loans from abroad, mainly
    external source for a certain service.
                                                             through bonds issued as part of
b. Extrabudgetary transactions, e.g.,
                                                             US government guarantees, as
    monetary exchange of one financial
                                                             well as Israel Bonds issued.
    asset for another, as well as receipts
                                                         The calculation of the government debt did
    and outlays which, for various
                                                         not include current liabilities of the
    reasons, are not included in the
                                                         government, for example, to workers and
                                                         suppliers. Nor did it include actuary liabilities.
Recording Government receipts and
                                                         In the table, the total debt is divided into
outlays. Government outlays are recorded
                                                         internal and external debts, and is also
on a cash basis i.e., on actual payment,                 presented by date of payment - short,
except for salaries to permanent employees               medium, and long-term debts.
which are regarded as paid on the last day of            The data on debts are calculated for the last
each month.                                              day of each year. The figures are presented
                                                         in current revalued values, and include
GOVERNMENT AND LOCAL AUTHORITIES                  )77(                            ‫ממשלה ורשויות מקומיות‬
interest accrued up to the date of the                     Source: financial reports of the government,
calculation.                                               the local authorities and other public
          AND LOCAL AUTHORITIES                                 EMPLOYEES OF THE
Definitions, methods of computation and                      GOVERNMENT, THE ISRAEL
sources                                                       POLICE, AND THE PRISON
The table presents the summation of                                   SERVICE
expenditure by purpose of the following
                                                                          (Tables 10.12-10.13)
bodies: government ministries, the National
Insurance Institute, the national institutions             Data are based on reports of the Civil Service
(expenditures in Israel of the Jewish Agency,
                                                           Commission, the Ministry of Defence, the
the World Zionist Organization, the Jewish                 Israel Police and the Prison Authority and
National Fund and the Jewish Foundation                    include employees           (permanent, special
Fund), the local authorities and public non-               contract and temporary) in the Civil Service,
profit institutions whose expenditures were                except the staff of the President's Office, the
mostly financed by the government.                         Knesset staff, the State Comptroller's office,
Health institutions whose main income is                   the Bank of Israel, the Attorney General,
derived from selling services to the                       judges and judges in rabbinical courts,
government or to households are not                        teaching staff of the educational system, the
included in the government sector.                         staffs of the Employment Service and the
The government expenditure component in                    National        Insurance       Institute,     the
this table differs from the expenditure                    Broadcasting Authority, the Airport Authority,
recorded in the report of the Accountant                   Bezeq, the Post Authority, the Israel Railway
General (Table 10.8). The main differences                 Company, local staff in Israeli embassies
are:                                                       abroad, soldiers and civilians employed in the
1) Expenditures were imputed to the
                                                           army and the staff of the security system.
    government’s obligation to pay pensions                Data do not include workers employed
    to retired personnel.                                  through contract labour agencies or
2) Expenditures on defense were generally
                                                           employment agencies, who receive their
    recorded according to the actual supply                wages from the agencies that employ them.
    date and not according to the date of                  Soldiers doing compulsory service who serve
    payment, as is the case in the report of               in the Border Guard are included in the count
    the Accountant General.                                of Israel Police Force workers.
3) Expenditure includes payment of interest,
                                                           Data relate to workers and not to working
    but not repayment of fund, those are also              units.
    included under “expenditures” in the                   The following changes were made in the
    report of the Accountant General.                      names and composition of a number of
    Classification by purpose of expenditure               government offices:
                                                               1. In     1996,    the Civil Service
    of the government and other public
    institution    is    according      to    the                  Commission (about 160 workers)
    classifications of the UN Statistical Office.                  was transferred from the Ministry
    Expenditure was classified according to                        of Finance to the Prime Minister’s
    the characteristic purpose of each type of                     Office.
                                                              2. In 1996, the name of the
    expenditure,      irrespective      of    the
    administrative unit in which it was                            Ministry of Energy and
    recorded in the financial reports.                             Infrastructure was changed to
4) Interest payments were not classified
                                                                   Ministry        of       National
    according to purpose and appear in the                         Infrastructure.
    item “other purposes”. A large share of                        In 2001, the Public Works
    interest payments does not relate at all to                    Department was transferred to the
    current activities; it only reflects the fact                  Ministry of Transport. In 2003, the
    that in the past the expenditure was                           Public Works Department was
    financed by loans rather than by taxes.                        dissolved.         The        National
                                                                   Corporation of Roads in Israel was
GOVERNMENT AND LOCAL AUTHORITIES                    )78(                           ‫ממשלה ורשויות מקומיות‬
       established in its place, and deals                    LOCAL AUTHORITIES'
       primarily     with     management,
       planning,         and         control.                      FINANCE
       Implementation is carried out by                                    (Table 10.14)
       private companies.                              The local authorities divide their accounts
   Note: The Israel Lands Authority, the               into ordinary and extraordinary budgets. The
   National Corporation of Roads in                    principle is to make a distinction between
   Israel (formerly: the Public Works                  current transactions and investments. The
   Department)        and      the    Water            decision in which budget to register a certain
   Commission are presented separately                 transaction depends on the source of its
   to allow comparisons of data following              financing: if it is financed by current receipts,
   changes in their ministerial affiliations.          the transaction will be recorded in the
  3. In 1996, the Ministry of                          ordinary budget; if it is financed by a loan or
       Economy and Planning was                        income earmarked for a development project,
       eliminated. Part of the staff                   it is registered in the extraordinary budget.
       was transferred to the Prime                    Data on ordinary budget of receipts and
       Minister’s Office and part to                   outlays also include Jewish local authorities
       the Ministry of Finance.                        in Judea and Samaria and the Gaza Area.
  4. In 1996, the name of the
       Ministry    of    Police    was
                                                        Audited financial reports of the local
       changed to Ministry of Public
                                                       authorities, received from the Department of
                                                       Audit of the Local Authorities - Ministry of the
  5. In 1999, “Culture and Sport”
       were transferred from the
       Ministry of Education to the
                                                       Receipts are presented in the table by
       Ministry of Science. At the
       end of 2002, “Culture and
                                                       In both budgets (ordinary and extraordinary)
       Sports” were transferred back
                                                       receipts include government participation,
       to the Ministry of Education.
                                                       even if not actually received.
  6. In 1999, the Israel Institute of
                                                       In the ordinary budget
       Productivity was privatized. It
                                                       Self-income is the income which the local
       no longer belongs to the
                                                       authorities collect directly from the residents
       Ministry of Labour and Social
                                                       and institutions, and includes municipal taxes
       Affairs and its workers (about
                                                       - collection, levies and service fees,
       60 workers) are no longer
                                                       impositions, quotas to local committees in the
       government workers.
                                                       regional councils and participation of
  7. In 2002, the Immigration
                                                       proprietors and institutions.
       Police Force - a part of the
                                                       Government participation includes general
       Israel     Police      -    was
                                                       non-earmarked grants, and participation in
                                                       maintenance       of     services   -    mostly
  8. In 2004, the Ministry of
                                                       governmental - such as education, culture,
       Religious       Affairs     was
                                                       welfare and religion.
       dissolved, and an authority for
                                                       Balancing loans are loans for reducing
       religious      services     was
                                                       the     cumulative      deficit   and     for
       established at the Prime
       Minister’s Office. Rabbinical
                                                       In the extraordinary budget
       Courts were transferred to the
       Ministry of Justice.                            The sources of the main receipts in the
  9.    As of 2004, the Ministry of                    extraordinary budget are: loans from the
       Social Affairs has been                         Ministry of Finance, from financial institutions
       operating separately, and the                   and from banks; contractors’ credit;
       Ministry of Labor has been                      participation of government ministries;
       combined with the Ministry of                   participation of owners of the property where
       Industry and Trade.                             the work was carried out; local authority
                                                       funds (e.g., development funds); and other

GOVERNMENT AND LOCAL AUTHORITIES                )79(                          ‫ממשלה ורשויות מקומיות‬
(e.g., income from sale of property and                excluded are outlays for religious services
allocations from the ordinary budget).                 and the financial transactions of local
OUTLAYS                                                committees in localities organized into
Outlays are presented in the table by type.            regional councils. Outlays for religious
Outlays are registered on a cumulative basis,          matters listed in the accounts of a number of
i.e., they include expenses that have not yet          local authorities are only a contribution to the
been paid and only debited to the survey year          religious council.
are recorded. These outlays also include               Labor cost: See detailed definition in the
repayment of loans and transfers to future             paragraph       “Definitions    of      Wages,
years.                                                 Compensation and Labour Cost” in Chapter
Outlays exclude educational expenditure of             14 - National Accounts.
the local authorities related to wages of
teachers in primary schools and kindergarten
teachers in state kindergartens. Also

                             SELECTED PUBLICATIONS
                      SPECIAL PUBLICATIONS
                      979       Results of Elections to the Local Authorities 2.11.1993
                      1054,1055 Results of the Elections to the
                                Fourteenth Knesset 29.5.1996, Vol.I-II
                      1251      Local Authorities in Israel, 2003
                      CENSUS OF POPULATION AND HOUSING 1995
                      13       Characterization and Classification of Geographical Units
                               by the Socio-Economic Level of the Population

GOVERNMENT AND LOCAL AUTHORITIES                )80(                          ‫ממשלה ורשויות מקומיות‬

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