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									                                                                                                 Issue 20, March 2007

                               Esh Leaves
        Esh Parish Council newsletter for Esh, Langley Park, Quebec, Ushaw and Wilk‟s Hill
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                                                                                                 facilities, with the
                                                                                                 emphasis              on
                                                                                                 education            and
        There is a momentous                                                                     training. Our visitors
        occasion approaching                                                                     range from teachers
        for Ushaw College, in                                                                    to      astro-physicists,
2008 we will celebrate 200                                                                       care workers, artists
years of occupancy of the                                                                        and        management
Seminary here. On July 19th                                                                      trainees, and District
1808 the College opened the                                                                      and County Council
doors and the first students                 Ushaw College Conference Centre                     organisations use our
and staff took possession.                                                                      facilities regularly.
Ever since that time, Ushaw            You may have heard some of
College has been a resource            the ideas around the area                      Ushaw provides courses in
for formation for Catholic             about what is happening at                     Theology and Ministry at all
priests for the Northern               Ushaw. Some are more                           levels, from Certificate to a
Region of the Catholic                 believable than others. It has                 Doctorate in Ministry, in
Church in England Wales and            been a standing joke here                      conjunction       with       our
beyond. We continue this               that if you ask a taxi driver on               ecumenical colleagues and
work of training priests to the        the way to Ushaw from                          Durham              University‟s
present day, but we know that          Durham what is happening,                      Department of Theology and
Ushaw has much more to                 yet another version will be                    Religion: these are available
offer at the moment, and we            offered. It is true that we have               to suitably qualified lay
hope yet more in the future.           had a lot of ideas in the past                 people and are integrated
                                       few years about what can be                    with the training for Seminary
Two hundred years is an                done at Ushaw to ensure a                      students.              Ushaw‟s
achievement in anyone‟s                sustainable future, and make                   educational outreach includes
reckoning, and it is a time to         better use of our buildings                    modular        courses         in
give thanks for the great              and space here.                                chaplaincy, youth ministry,
contribution to the life of the                                                       catechesis     and     interfaith
Church and for the example             Our Conference Centre is                       dialogue,     among      others.
of those who established,              flourishing, with over 30,000                  Many of these courses are
expanded and maintained the            visitor days a year, offering                  available online.
College      resources     and         accommodation for all types
community. It is also a time to        of conferences, religious and   Ushaw maintains strong links
examine the present position           secular, on a day or            with our ecumenical partners
and look towards the future.           residential basis. We offer a   at Cranmer Hall where people
We realise that Ushaw is in            broad range of Conference       are trained for ministry in the
need        of      substantial        facilities, including en-suite  Anglican faith, and the
investment to preserve the             and standard accommodation      Wesley Study Centre where
Heritage asset of buildings            and a variety of well equipped  training takes place for
and landscape, and maintain            conference              rooms.
the community that is based            Conference organisers from SEE PAGE 2 FOR CONTENTS
here.                                  all walks of life are using the
Methodist ministers. Many of         Conference visitors, perhaps          some of the fields on our
our degree courses are               provide     some   residential        agricultural land. This is a
taught in common with their          conversion of the old Junior          Biomass fuel crop, properly
students, which broadens the         School here, and provide              known as Short Rotation
teaching     and       learning      some commercial office and            Coppicing.        The      willow
experience for all involved.         workshop space. We are also           cuttings that have been
                                     considering some lettable             planted will hopefully provide
Turning to buildings and land,       holiday       accommodation           us with a fuel crop in about
we have done significant             which, together with our              three years time that we can
work on our future over the          conference centre, we hope            use as a heat source for the
past two or three years, in          can support the growing               buildings, and perhaps most
conjunction with the local           initiatives of Durham City            importantly       with    current
Planning Department, English         towards tourism in the area,          initiatives relating to reducing
Heritage and other interested        and encourage visitors to             global warming, the fuel is
authorities, and latterly with       spend more time in Durham             “Carbon Neutral”. We hope to
our      own       architectural,    City and the surrounding              plant four more fields near Hill
planning      and     landscape      area.                                 Top this spring.
consultants. Under the rather
grand title of a Conservation        We are very conscious that            So, quite a lot is happening at
and Management Plan, we              the landscape is an integral          Ushaw! We hope over the
are now approaching an               part of Ushaw, and this               next editions of Esh Leaves,
overall picture of how Ushaw         summer we hope to begin               and with the encouragement
can come to a sustainable            some renovation of the                of the Editor, to keep you
future, with redevelopment of        rhododendron gardens at the           informed of how we are
some       of    our     unused      front of the buildings. We            doing,     and       of    any
buildings, refurbishment of          have secured some funding             developments, initiatives and
some          others,       and      assistance from this project,         news about Ushaw.
development of agricultural          and intend to establish some
and other land. A key part of        Permissive Footpaths to allow         Peter Seed
all of this is the conservation      public access to the garden           Director of Facilities &
of the Heritage asset of             area. These will permit               Estates
buildings and landscape, and         access to the gardens from  
the further opening up of            the two drives to the south of
Ushaw as an asset available          the College buildings and we          Some of the items in this
to the local and broader             hope that local people will           issue are:
community.                           make use of them to enjoy
                                                                            Item                      Page
                                     the gardens.
                                                                            Langley Park Cricketers     3
 We hope to improve facilities                                                Where are they now?       3
for  the    Seminary      and        You may have noticed a                 LP Pre-school Playgroup     4
                                        rather unusual crop in                    Hall of Fame          5
                                                                                   Wordgram             6
                                                                                  Police Report         7
                                                                               Competition time        11
                                                                             News from the Schools     12
                                                                            News from the Councils     15
                                                                                 Wildlife Corner       22
                                                                                  Fastfit Tyres        22
                                                                                     EQUaL             23
                                                                                  Poets Corner         25
                                                                                New Businesses         27
                                                                                 IT @ The Tute         27
                                         What are these Langley Park men        Mining Memorial        27
                                            pointing at? (See the Radio        Golden Wedding          29
                                          Times – Special „Days of Hope‟    Goodbye to Langley Park    29
                                               Edition) in the centre
   Ushaw College front and Gardens                 pull-out section.
Esh Leaves                                       Page 2                                        March 2007
                                    So come on all you budding         perfectly.
 LANGLEY PARK                       Collingwoods, Harmisons and
 CRICKETERS                         Plunketts get ringing 0191         1982 saw the release of
On Sunday 3 December we             3733033 NOW!                       'Lions In My Own Garden
had a Christmas fayre in the                                           (Exit Someone)' on Candle
Welfare Club with tombola,           WHERE ARE THEY                    Records. After months of
cake, mulled wine, mince             NOW?                              gigging and Martin working
pies, hot soup, hot dogs, bric-     The    Young  McAloons             on building sites, they had
a-brac, and biscuit and             Better Known as Prefab             saved up enough cash to go
shortbread stalls, along with       Sprout                             into a studio and record the
Santa Claus in this grotto with                                        single. They even had
his two helpers. A big thank        Prefab Sprout started life         enough cash to get a few
you to all who helped, and to       playing in a garage in Witton      records pressed too!
all who attended and bought         Gilbert, in the early 1970s.
raffle tickets and goods from       While customers were filling       Local         record   label
the stalls.     We raised in        up their cars and chammying        Kitchenware signed them up,
excess of £500 for our funds        their bonnets, Paddy and           their first album Swoon was
to help in running the cricket.     Martin McAloon were treating       released in 1984.
                                          them to cover versions
                                          of all their favourite pop   The album is a joy to listen to
                                          tunes. The punters           as it features none of the
                                          loved it and so did the      elaborate production style
                                          McAloon's dad – who          that later become a regular
                                          ran the garage.              coating on every Prefab
                                                                       Sprout album. It was Prefab
                                           Paddy McAloon started       Sprout on a tight budget,
                                           to write his own songs      sounding pretty much as they
                                           and entertained the         did live. However, almost as
     Cricket Club Christmas Fayre          local old folks home        soon as the album was
                                           with    renditions    of    released, Paddy McAloon
We        started   running
                                    'Faron Young,' a future single     dismissed         it        as
training/practice nets   at
                                    for the band. They later           'embarrassing'. That is, until
Fyndoune sports hall from
                                    graduated to pubs, playing in      electro-popster       Thomas
Thursday 8th February at
                                    their    wellies    to    avoid    Dolby heard them on the
                                    electrocution from their dodgy     radio and asked if he could
                                    wiring!                            produce their next LP, Steve
Anyone interested please
come along both Juniors and                                            McQueen was the result.
                                    During the early 1980s,
Seniors are welcome.
                                    Paddy met his future girlfriend     Often appearing in the top
                                    Wendy Smith in a pub in
Contact Tom Huscroft on
                                    Whitley        Bay.
0191 3733033 for further
                                    Wendy was a big
                                    fan of the band,
                                    and       followed
Editors note
                                    them from gig to
                                    gig. She could
If Durham County Cricket
                                    also sing and, on
Club can provide 3 players for
                                    joining the band,
the England team then why
                                    her       ethereal
shouldn‟t the youngsters of
                                    vocal          style
our Parish break into the
County squad?
                                    Paddy's      rough
                                    Geordie vocals             McAloons service station (now derelict)

Esh Leaves                                      Page 3                                    March 2007
100 albums of all time lists,     the Prefab Sprout „Sproutnet‟      However during august 2005
Steve McQueen, is agreed by       website                            vandals pulled down the flue
fans to be the band's finest               that was attached to the
work. Released in 1985, it        states that the re-release of      boiler leaving a gaping hole in
spawned a top 30 single           the 1985 Steve McQueen             the roof and damaging the
'When Love Breaks Down.'          album which was to have            boiler in the process. At about
By this time, drummer Neil        happened this year is now „up      the same time the concrete
Conti had joined the group        in the air‟ due to the health      steps leading from the back
and the line-up was complete.     problems of Paddy McAloon.         door onto the back court were
                                                                     demolished, again the work of
In 1988, Prefab Sprout            Editors note                       vandals. This meant that
seemed to be everywhere.                                             there was no heating and no
With the release of their third   Steve McQueen was the              fire exit from the rear of the
album, From Langley Park to       second full length album from      building so there was no way
Memphis, came the single          Prefab Sprout. Reaching No.        that playgroup could continue
'Cars and Girls' - very catchy,   21 and remaining in the UK         in the youth centre - the
very radio-friendly …...but it    charts for 35 weeks. The           leaders had to accept that
flopped. However, the next        album contained the single         fact.
single 'The King of Rock 'n'      which first broke the band into
Roll' shot to number seven in     the Top 25 with the                We explored the possibility
the UK singles charts.            heartbreaking classic When         that of using every other
Suddenly,     everyone     had    Love Breaks Down. Other            public building in Langley
heard of Prefab Sprout... for     singles taken from the album       Park and in Esh village but for
all the wrong reasons. The        include      Faron      Young,     a variety of reasons none
song was unlike anything          Appetite and Johnny Johnny         were suitable or available so
they had recorded before and      (originally entitled Goodbye       the playgroup did close. We
was meant to be a bit of a        Lucille #1 on the album). Now      gave our toys and equipment
joke. It was a lampooning of a    digitally remastered, and          to other playgroups as
has-been crooner, loosely         complemented with a second         required by our constitution.
based on Elvis Presley,           disc containing eight acoustic
whose trousers are too tight      rearrangements         specially   That‟s the bad news.
and fans too old. The video       recorded by Paddy McAloon,
featured      three     people    a new 2CD Digipack “Prefab         The good news is that since
dressed in hot dog outfits        Sprout - Steve McQueen:            July 2006 meetings have
dancing round a pool. The         20th Anniversary Legacy            been taking place to try to
kids loved it and bought it in    Edition” is expected to be         restart playgroup with the
droves.                           released in early April 2007.      same fully qualified leaders
                                                                     as before. It is now possible
During the early 90s, the         LANGLEY PARK PRE-                  for playgroup to take place in
band    toured the world          SCHOOL PLAYGROUP                   Wood      View      Community
promoting their album Jordan:                                        centre because we have
The Comeback. With 19             The playgroup was formed in        overcome        the     storage
tracks about God, Love, Elvis     April 1971 and continued in        problem that prevented us
and Death, the album put the      the    youth   centre    very      from holding playgroup there
band back into the serious        successfully for over 34           in 2005 by getting planning
league. The album was             years. In July 2005 we the         permission for a metal
nominated for a Brit Award        leaders were aware that the        storage unit in the yard.
but was beaten to it by           youth centre was going to be
George     Michael's   Listen     put up for sale but we             We are now in the process of
Without Prejudice.                decided that the playgroup         applying to Ofsted to be re-
                                  would continue for as long as      registered and arranging for
Latest News: 31 August 2006       possible i.e. until the youth      the premises to be inspected.
– First month of the launch of    centre was sold.                   We are also applying for

Esh Leaves                                    Page 4                                    March 2007
grants to buy new equipment                                          and the future Mrs. Groves
etc. we have set a target date                                       were the first boy and girl to
of April 16th 2007 for                                               be granted a scholarship to
playgroup to restart but this                                        the Durham Johnston School.
depends on the length of time                                        Furthering his education Mr.
it takes to complete these                                           Ardley went to St. Luke‟s
formalities - the start date                                         College, Exeter.
may have to be delayed.                                              Before the First World War he
                                                                     took up a teaching post at
We plan to hold playgroup on                                         Sacriston and from 1914 –
Mon, Wed,        and   Thurs                                         1918 served in the Royal
mornings from 9.15am -                                               Artillery. Returning home he
11.45am during term time for                                         went back to Sacriston and
children aged two and a half                                         later taught at Earls House,
years to school age. We are                                          then a young offenders home.
now compiling a list of                     Jack Ardley
children who would like to        Mitchell who was for many          Jack had met Lily Gibson who
attend      the    playgroup      years      associated       with   was a dedicated nurse at the
including those younger than      Langley Park Cricket Club.         local Isolation Hospital. The
two and a half years so that      Mr. Ardley‟s father came from      couple married and Mr.
we get a picture of future        Coggleshalll in Essex. Mrs.        Ardley began teaching at
needs.                            Ardley (nee Shorten) was           Langley Park.
                                  born in Norfolk. The couple        Always       an    enthusiastic
If you would like your            spent most of their lives in       cricketer in the 1920s-1930s
child’s name put on the list      Langley Park and were the          he was well known as
or if you want more               first couple to be married in      captain, batsman and wicket
information please contact        the newly opened All Saints        keeper with Langley Park
Linda Evans at 8 Lambton          Church in the village. That        Cricket Club. Considered by
Street, Langley Park, or          was in 1888.         However,      many to be of county
phone on - 07729828921, or        some      hours    after     the   standard he was never
email-                            ceremony they were shocked         selected to play. Jack Ardley              to find they were not legally      was in the local team in 1919
                                  married. Due to an oversight       when G.E. Hemsley scored a
 JOHN FOSTER’S HALL               the church had not been            record 198 not out.
 OF FAME                          licensed for weddings. The         During the 1939 – 1945 War
On      this   occasion       a   matter was rectified the next      Mr. Ardley was Head of the
schoolteacher who was well        day but they had been „living      Local A.R.P. Wardens.
known       in  the    village,   in sin‟ for nearly twenty-four     Rising to Deputy Headmaster
particularly by all the boys      hours.!!!                          at Langley Park County
who attended Langley Park         The Ardley family became           School he retired in the
County School over many           well established in the village    summer of 1955. By this time
years, is remembered.             as Fried and Wet Fish              the new school had been
                                  Dealers. They had premises         opened and it was now
JACK ARDLEY                       in Quebec Street but during        known as Langley Park
                                  the normal working day Jack        Modern School. At the
Jack Ardley was born in           Ardley‟s father was employed       County School Jack Ardley
Langley Park and was one of       at Langley Park Colliery.          took charge of the class of
three children born to John       Jack Ardley was born in 1890       boys who were approaching
and Laura Ardley. His sisters     and attended the British           school leaving age. During
Hilda and Sybil also became       School in the village. (The        his teaching days Mr. Ardley
schoolteachers. Sybil being       building later became The          looked after the school
well known by her married         Church Hall and many years         garden and encouraged his
name having married Jim           later The Youth Centre) He         pupils to share his enjoyment.

Esh Leaves                                    Page 5                                    March 2007
Always interested in the            WORDGRAM                             book.
subject, in his retirement
gardening           became his     Stuart Harris from Langley            Entries with the answers
favourite hobby.                   Park      Post  Office,   has         ringed to the Editor, 8 Long
Jack and Lily Ardley had two       compiled a WORDGRAM                   Garth,         Whitesmocks,
children.       John     studied   which contains several places         DURHAM CITY, DH1 4HJ in
medicine        at    Newcastle    mentioned in John C. Foster‟s         a suitably endorsed envelope
Medical School. He married         book “Looking at Langley              by FRIDAY 11th MAY 2007 or
Miss Sally Robinson at             Park – Memories of a                  they can be left at Langley
Preston under Scar in May          Village”.                             Park Post Office (in the box
1944. She was a nursing                                                  on the shelf near the front
sister at Darlington Memorial      All you have to do is ring the        window).
Hospital. During war service       answers and find the one
as a doctor in the R.A.M.C.        remaining word(s) related to
John was one of the first          the book! See page 30 for
British servicemen to enter        the answers (except for the
the        notorious     Belsan    missing word(s)).
Concentration Camp. Later
he became Medical Officer of       The prize will be copy of the
Health at Blackburn. He died       latest reprint of Esh Leaves
in 2001. Daughter Laura and        (the book).
her husband Frank Heppell
still live in Langley Park. Mr.    In the event of more than one
and Mrs. Heppell have a            correct entry there will be a
daughter Glynis who now            tie breaker followed by a
resides in Harrogate.              penalty shoot out (actually a
Jack Ardley died in 1962. His      name drawn out of a well
wife died in 1948.                 worn, dog chewed hat). The
(A version of this article         tie breaker is this – identify
appears in „Looking At             the current locations shown in
Langley Park – Memories of         the following photographs
A Village‟ – available at          and referred to in John‟s
Reay‟s,             newsagents,     I   S   O   L   I    U   J   S   E   D   H   C   O   B   E    W   D
Langley Park Post Office            A   S   P   R   I    N   G   H   O   M   E   G   U   A   R    D   C
and The Tourist Information         W   B   O   W   L    I   N   G   H   F   O   R   C   L   U    E   O
Office Durham @ £15 (price          D   E   S   T   H    E   G   C   F   Y   U   M   X   L   A    S   L
includes a £2 donation to           B   G   T   V   W    A   R   M   E   M   O   R   I   A   L    C   L
Langley Park Branch of The          D   T   O   J   U    Y   T   G   C   M   L   U   B   L   T    F   I
                                    E   A   F   W   A    L   N   O   O   K   M   I   L   L   W    E   E
Friends          of     Durham
                                    V   E   F   V   N    S   F   B   K   Y   F   D   S   E   F    Y   R
Hospitals Postage extra).           G   V   I   H   G    V   F   R   E   H   T   R   W   Y   W    A   Y
                                    T   A   C   N   L    H   A   Y   W   U   Y   B   H   S   D    A   B
                                    S   C   E   I   I    F   B   T   O   N   N   R   C   W   V    T   A
                                    E   U   E   K   N    D   E   R   R   M   U   I   U   J   S    F   N
                                    A   E   D   O   G    X   Z   C   K   O   J   T   B   K   H    B   D
                                    D   E   H   R   F    E   A   R   S   T   S   I   N   I   O    Y   L
                                    I   S   O   L   A    T   I   O   N   H   O   S   P   I   T    A   L
                                    X   C   F   Y   H    T   R   E   D   E   S   H   W   E   S    B   J
                                    F   T   Y   C   D    V   H   U   M   R   Q   L   A   S   P    U   B
                                    N   B   J   O   H    N   C   F   O   S   T   E   R   S   U    A   P
                                    D   E   R   O   G    B   H   N   J   U   F   G   S   E   R    V   N
                                    D   C   F   P   Z    A   S   W   E   N   R   I   T   Y   S    I   K
                                    X   C   V   B   N    M   J   U   E   I   Q   O   A   S   D    F   G
                                    R   C   R   I   C    K   E   T   C   O   E   N   D   F   T    H   J
                                    Y   T   H   U   I    S   O   L   A   N   O   S   P   I   T    A   L

Esh Leaves                                      Page 6                                           March 2007
                                   Derwentside area so if you         wise and click onto the mini-
                                   see off-road bikers either off     motos link.
                                   road or on the public highway
                                   please call us on 0845 60 60       Future Beat Surgery dates:
                                   365. If you can give a
Off Road Motorbikes                description of the rider,          Friday 23rd March 2007
                                   names         even      better.    Friday 20th April 2007
We are currently experiencing      Alternatively    speak    with     Friday 4th May 2007
a problem in the area with off-    PCSO Steve Brown at the            Friday 18th May 2007
road motorbikes in the Esh         fortnightly beat surgery held      Friday 1st June 2007
Parish Council area.               at the Housing office (Dates       Friday 15th June 2007
                                   below) or post a note into the     Friday 29th June 2007
The Law states:                    „Streetsafe‟ box also in the       Friday 13th July 2007
 It is an offence to ride a        housing office. You can            Friday 27th July 2007
“mechanically        propelled”    remain anonymous.
cycle off-road. For example                                           Call in to report incidents, anti
on playing fields, public parks    Help us crack down on this         social behaviour or to request
or on the old railway lines,       menace in your village.            advice.
except if you‟re on privately
owned      land     with    the    Editors note                       Shed Alarms
permission of the land owner
(always a good idea to get         Rather than use unofficial         I have a limited stock of shed
this in writing which can be       sites why not take advantage       alarms for local residents who
produced to a police officer       of a new club, for mini            have sheds and feel they may
on request).                       motorbike riders of 49cc           be at risk of shed burglary.
                                   machines (mini-motos).
To use a “mechanically                                                They are free of charge and
propelled” cycle on road           Durham Police Motorcycle           available   from   me      at
requires you to have a driving     Section,        working       in   Lanchester Police Office. Tel
licence, MOT (if over 3 years      partnership     with    Durham     No 0845 6060365 ext. 664
old), insurance and valid tax.     County Council (Road Safety        4420.
A road includes the highway,       Dept.) and County Durham &
lay-bys, public footpaths and      Darlington Fire & Rescue           Steven Brown (PCSO)
bridleways.                        Service,     has     undergone
                                   training with the ACU Local        Message from our new Beat
A number of local riders have      Authority Support Unit and         Officer
been issued with warning           formed the BikeWise mini
notices (the first stage). If      bike                       club.   My name is PC Fenwick and I
they are on a public road they     This club will be officially       am the new beat officer
will also be required to           launched mid April. The club       covering Langley Park, Esh
produce a driving licence and      will give children between the     Winning and the surrounding
the relevant documentation         age‟s of six to sixteen the        Esh area. I began being the
for their bike. Failure to do so   opportunity to be licensed by      beat officer on 10th January
may result in prosecution and      the ACU and lawfully ride          2007.      I already have
points on their licence. If they   their mini moto‟s at events        experience of being a beat
are stopped again (on any          that we host. (Parents must        officer as I have already
off-road bike) the bike will be    attend with their children)        covered the Leadgate beat
seized by police.                  Further details of the club and    for 18 months.
                                   forthcoming events will be         Part of my role is to tackle
What can YOU do?                   posted on the following site in    issues in the area and try to
                                   the      near       future     -   help solve the long term
We have an off-road bike           problems that occur. From
team who are often in the                                             being on the beat, I am aware

Esh Leaves                                     Page 7                                      March 2007
that there are numerous calls
regarding      motor     cycles
causing an annoyance in the
area. Please call our control
room if you are suffering from
this problem. We have an off
road motor cycle team which
can cover our area if they
know that there is a persistent
problem. If drivers of cycles
are caught causing an
annoyance then we can issue
them with a warning notice. If
they are caught again, then
their cycle can be seized!         An artist‟s impression of the old Cross Keys Inn found in the garage attic
Please call into the control       of the present Cross Keys, and is thought to be the „sepia sketch taken in
room if you have any                 1794‟ mentioned by Mr. W. R. Wiggen on page 12 of his „Esh Leaves‟
                                                             book, published in 1914.
problems with youths causing
annoyance in the area. If         Esh village I never imagined            it could actually be the
problems       persist,    then   the interest it would create,           original sepia sketch painted
acceptable            behaviour   nor that I would become part            in 1794, and mentioned in the
contracts can be distributed      of a detective story to find the        book Esh Leaves written by
to youths who are causing the     artist of a painting that now           Mr. W. R. Wiggen the
annoyance. In order to know       hangs on a wall in the                  Wallnook miller, that was
where the problems are, then      lounge/dining room of the               published in 1914.
I need to be made aware.          Cross Keys.
As you are aware our PCSO         The painting shows how the                                In his book
for the area is Steve Brown. I    old Cross Keys Inn would                                  Mr. Wiggen
work along side Steve in          have looked more than 200                                 described a
order to tackle the problems      years ago, and signed by the                              sketch     of
in the area. If you have any      artist T. N. Liddle. In order to                          the       old
problems or concerns then         give credit to Mr Liddle for his                          Cross Keys
please give either of us a call   painting, which appeared in                               Inn        as
on 0845 60 60 365.                the article, it was decided to                            showing a
                                  try to find him. Unfortunately,                           lengthy, but
Please remember that we           we didn‟t know anyone who                                 low      and
have a beat surgery in the        knew him, so our first instinct                            picturesque
Langley Park Housing Office.      was to try the Internet. A                                   structure,
The dates are advertised          great deal of time was spent                              having      a
                                  scouring the Web using a                  W. R. Wiggen          steeply
within the office. There is
also the Streetsafe box in this   variety of search engines, but          sloped roof of black thatch,
office where you can leave        he was nowhere to be found.             that    silhouetted     sharply
messages and these can be         However, it was about this              against the white-washed
left anonymously if preferred.    time I discovered that the              walls and tall grey chimneys,
                                  painting in question had been           the small windows of the
PC 1975 Jacklyn Fenwick.          found in the Cross Keys                 upper chambers being almost
Beat Officer.                     garage attic, and the frame             hidden by the thick dark
                                  was in such a dilapidated               eaves. To its eastern gable
 OLD WORLD CHARM                  state it had to be discarded            was a weaver‟s workshop,
                                  and the painting reframed.              and at the western end a
When I wrote the article „Old     This now sounded like a very            smithy. This was an almost
World Charm‟ for Esh Leaves       old painting indeed and there           perfect description of the
about the Cross Keys pub in       was an increasing possibility           painting now hanging in the

Esh Leaves                                     Page 8                                            March 2007
Cross Keys, and I was             Cross Keys Inn as it would       where checked, including a
beginning to feel quietly         have looked in the old days.     Telephone             Directory
confident that    Mr. T. N.       Mel decided to ask his friend    Database covering the whole
Liddle was indeed the artist      Tom if he was interested, and    area, but there was no sign of
who painted that original         Tom immediately accepted         Tom Liddle the artist.
sketch/painting way back in       the job.    It was then Tom
1794.                             remembered the old Esh           Unlike his painting, the
                                  Leaves book which described      whereabouts of Mr. Thomas
Confident that is, until one      in detail the original 1794      N. Liddle continues to remain
day in late November last         sepia sketch of the Inn, and     a mystery, and there it will
year I received a surprise        together with a good deal of     stay.
telephone call from the Cross     imagination he set about
Keys telling me about a           painting his picture from that   Terry Chilton.
gentleman who actually knew       very description.
Mr. Liddle.    Quickly dialling
the gentleman‟s number I          So, the mystery of the
heard the friendly voice of Mr.   painting was now solved. But
Mel Angus, who told me the        where is Tom Liddle today? I
whole story of Tom Liddle the     felt sure he would be pleased    PRESS RELEASES
artist.                           to know the interest his
                                  painting had caused, and that    NHS Stop Smoking Services
Mel, who lived in Pine Street,    it was mentioned in an Esh       open weekends and evenings
Langley Park many years           Leaves article. I decided to     in Derwentside to help you
ago, told me that Tom Liddle      make a few enquiries as to       keep your New Year's
originally came from Cleadon      where the gentleman lived        resolution.
village, and while living there   with a view to presenting him
he attended art school at         with a full colour copy of the   From Saturday 6 January
Sunderland Art College from       article.                         2007     some     community
1960 to 1965. It was during                                        pharmacists      in       the
this period he met Mel, who       Mel told me that around 1980     Derwentside area will be able
was also attending the art        he was living in an old          to provide a comprehensive
school. When Tom left the         peoples‟ bungalow in the         NHS stop smoking service for
Sunderland Art College he         village of Witton Gilbert.       local people - by providing
attended      the    Goldsmith    Unfortunately, no one I spoke    services    on      Saturday
University of London where        to in Witton Gilbert had ever    mornings and evenings.
he trained to become an Art       heard of him.
Teacher. After completing his
                                                                   The following pharmacies
training    he     moved     to   Then I turned to the Electoral
                                                                   have been trained to give
Sunderland, and later Fence       Registers of both Durham
                                                                   stop smoking advice and
Houses.         Eventually he     County and Derwentside
                                                                   support, on the following
achieved       his   goal    of   District Council, but no
becoming an Art Teacher in        person of that name within
the village of Boldon.            the age group of Tom Liddle
                                  could be found, going as far          Dixon and Hall, Stanley
In 1971 he moved to Aldin         back as the year 2000.      It        – Wednesday and
Grange Hall, Bearpark where       was a total mystery. That is,         Thursdays 6pm – 7pm
Mel also now resided, and         until some new information            Lanchester Pharmacy –
they both became regular          came to light that Mr. Liddle         Saturday mornings 10
visitors to the Cross Keys pub    had moved from Witton                 am – 12 noon
in old Esh. One day around        Gilbert to the Wear Valley            MJ & A Taylor, South
1973, the then Cross Keys         area. The search was now              Moor – Saturday
proprietor asked Mel if he        on again.       More District         mornings 10 am – 12
would paint a picture of the      Council Electoral Registers           noon

Esh Leaves                                   Page 9                                   March 2007
     Lloyds Pharmacy,              In addition to support through       It doesn't matter how old you
     Consett - Saturday            General       Practices       and    are or how long you have
     mornings 10 am – 12           community pharmacies there           been smoking for, quitting
     noon                          are also group sessions              can still make a difference to
                                   available in Consett and             your health and quality of life.
                                   Stanley. All you need to do is       If you need help giving up
In 2006 the NHS stop
                                   phone the NHS stop smoking           smoking then contact your
smoking       service       in
                                   service on 01207 523 628 or          local GP surgery, one of the
Derwentside trained more
                                   01207 523 627 to book your           pharmacies listed above or
health professionals to make
                                   place.                               call the Derwentside NHS
services more accessible and
help    local people stop          Iain       Miller,        tobacco    stop smoking service on
smoking. This has gone             control/smoking        cessation     01207 523 628 or 01207 523
hand-in-hand      with    the      coordinator for the north            627.
development of a range of          Durham area of County
community based services,          Durham Primary Care Trust,           For more information please
available at different times       said: “Local people now have         contact Tina Young, head of
throughout the area. The           a greater choice of where to         communications on 0191 333
latest addition to these           go for help and have more            3382.
services is the Saturday           chance of being successful
morning and evening services       than if they try to do it on their
through some community             own. Smoking may be a
pharmacies in the area.            difficult behaviour to change
                                   but there are 11 million ex-
                                   smokers in the UK. Smokers
The             much-enlarged
                                   can take confidence from that
Derwentside        NHS     stop
                                   fact and that their odds are         Biggest ever NHS Survey
smoking service helped 608
                                   increased       if    accessing      gives Patients say on GP
people to stop smoking last
                                   support through the NHS stop         Services
year and statistics show that
                                   smoking services.
you are four times more likely
                                                                        Patients in County Durham
to be successful if you access
                                                                        will be able to have their say
one of these services rather       "Helping the people of
                                                                        on how easy it is to book a
than trying to do it on your       Derwentside to stop smoking
                                                                        GP appointment to fit in with
own.                               is an important priority for
                                                                        their busy lives in the biggest
People who want to stop            improving the health of local
                                                                        national      survey       ever
smoking       through      their   people and reducing the often
                                                                        conducted - sent out last
community pharmacy are             devastating ill-health caused
                                                                        week.     The     GP    patient
offered:                           by smoking."
                                                                        experience      survey,     the
                                   If you stop smoking:
      Free support and advice                                           biggest patient survey of its
                                         Within 20 minutes your
      around how to quit, with                                          kind targeting 4.9 million
                                         blood ressure and pulse
      regular follow up                                                 patients across the country, is
                                         would return to normal
      Nicotine Replacement                                              asking patients directly about
                                         After 1 hour your
      Therapy       (NRT),    if                                        their      experiences        of
                                         circulation would start to
      appropriate.                                                      accessing services.
Patients who want to use                 After 1 day your lungs         According to figures from the
Zyban or Champix to aid their            would work better              Healthcare Commission in
attempt will have to access              And after 6 months the         2005, in County Durham all
support through their General            risk of getting heart          patients who wished to could
Practice as these are only               disease, cancer and            book a GP appointment
available, if appropriate, on            other smoking related          within the 48 hour target.
prescription.                            diseases begins to fall.       This compares to 74%
Esh Leaves                                     Page 10                                      March 2007
 Cameron Ward, director of               book an appointment          COMPETITION TIME
commissioning and market                 with a particular doctor
development        for   County          Satisfaction with GP
Durham Primary Care Trust,               opening hours.               In our previous edition we ran
said: “Members of the public                                          a competition inviting readers
regularly tell us that access to    The results of the survey will    to write an article on their
GPs is one of their top             be out by late May 2007           memories of life in the parish.
priorities. Our predecessor         following which, PCTs and         We received a fascinating
PCTs worked very hard with          practices will work together to   contribution from 91 year old
practices in County Durham          make further improvements.        Ronald Dover, from Witton
to make it easier for patients       Cameron added: "The GP           Gilbert, who worked for A. L.
to access a GP - for example        Patient Survey will provide us    Holmes, Bakers, based on
by extending opening hours -        with a patient's view of how      land behind Quebec Street
and to see a GP within 48           well GP surgeries measure-        (now Meadowbank), Langley
hours. It is therefore vital that   up     on   booking     ahead,    Park.
we ensure that our practices        telephone       access     and
can be accessed when                opening times. Once the           Ronald      was     Transport
needed and that patients are        results have been received,       Manager for the bakery, from
satisfied with the quality of       the PCT will be using the         1946-1979, and we were
service received.                   information to identify areas     delighted to award Ronald a
                                    of strong performance and         copy of John C. Foster‟s book
"The results from the survey        highlight areas in which they     “Looking at Langley Park -
will give us a better               can improve services for local    Memories of a Village” for his
understanding from a patient        people and particularly their     most interesting contribution.
perspective of how well             experiences of care."             Thank you Ronald and well
national priorities are being                                         done. Ronald‟s article follows
implemented in our general          Taking part in the survey is      shortly.
practices."                         completely    voluntary  for
                                    patients, who have been
Posters and leaflets informing      randomly selected.
NHS patients and staff about
the new survey have been in         Advice/help-lines          are
GP        surgeries       since     provided for those individuals
December, but last week a           needing additional support
postal survey was sent to           (e.g. translation, support for
around five million patients.       the visually impaired and
                                    other special needs groups).
The survey questionnaire            Speak to your local GP                    Ronald with his prize
includes questions on flexible      practice for advice.              Robert Thompson,
booking, telephone access,                                            Station Master at Witton
opening        hours       and      For more information contact      Gilbert Station
satisfaction levels. Questions      Tina   Young,     head    of
cover for example:                  communications on 0191 333        The November 2006 edition
                                    3003.                             of Esh Leaves contained an
     Whether people are                                               article titled “The Train now
     satisfied with how easy                                          arriving at Witton Gilbert” by
     it is to get through to the                                      Pat Lawlor. Within the article
     surgery by phone-                                                were some memories of
     Whether it is possible to                                        Doreen Howe who spent
     book ahead for an                                                many happy times at the
     appointment-                                                     Station House.
     Whether it is possible to

Esh Leaves                                     Page 11                                     March 2007
These are Ronald‟s own             Prior to this, while Mr            behind their house on Front
memories of the Station            Thompson was STATION               Street.
Master.                            MASTER, he had an old
                                   Steam Wagon which was              Ronald F.Y. Dover, Witton
I was very interested to read      about      as     ancient     as   Gilbert
in your issue No.19 for            STEPHENSON‟S ROCKET.
                                                                      NEWS FROM THE
November – ESH LEAVES,             It had a chimney up front
the story by DOREEN                about 6 ft. high, no solid
HOWE.                              rubber tyres, just the steel       Esh C of E
                                   wheels to run on the
I     well   remember      the     limestone roads. It belched        “You‟re so lucky!”
retirement of Mr Thompson          out black smoke and the
when the family came to live       driver stood up in the open        This is a phrase I often hear
in the village on Front Street     air.     Then the drift mine,      from distant friends and work
and I knew all the family.         WHITEHOUSE          COLLIERY       acquaintances       when     the
                                   was opened at WITTON               conversation turns to the
The „WATSON‟ wagon he              GILBERT in 1919/20, the            common concern that all
bought in 1922 was certainly       steam wagon was driven by          parents share: “Where is the
NOT old; in fact, if not new, it   Mr William Gray, who was           best place to educate my
was almost new and I think it      married to Mrs Thompson‟s          child?” And yes, I think I am
was EX W.D. from the 1914-         sister. He transported coal        lucky: I didn‟t have to
18 War. It had a large brass       from Witton to the station to      consider moving house to get
radiator and brass wheel           be loaded on to a 20 ton truck     my child well educated! I live
hubs and the solid rubber          for DUNSTON Power Station,         in an area that is served by
tyres were hardly worn at all.     it carried 5 tons per load. We     several fantastic Primary
It had a canvas canopy over        as youngsters referred to the      Schools: each one populated
the driver‟s cab, which folded     steamer        as    „PUFFING      by really hard working
down for the fine weather.         BILLY‟. I asked a member of        individuals who, day in, day
Later he had a wooden cab          the family in the 70‟s if they     out, offer our children a range
built for it. The WATSON           still had a photograph of it but   of stimulating and creative
was one of the only six which      unfortunately they did not.        experiences       that    make
were hand assembled by             The last I remember of it was      education fun as well as
ANGUS         WATSON         of    while out walking I saw it lying   valuable. We have a lot to
NEWCASTLE.                         derelict among the apple           celebrate in the area reached
                                   trees down in the garden           by „Esh Leaves‟!
His younger son told me that
he (Mr Thompson Snr) only
used it as a hobby rather than
a business and when he
ceased to drive, the wagon
was stored in a large wooden
garage behind the house.
They bought the older son
Stan a model T. Ford one ton
wagon to do the light

The family were approached
several times to sell the
WATSON        but   refused.
However, it was subsequently
sold    to    FAIRGROUND

Esh Leaves                                     Page 12                                    March 2007
We are also lucky in that
these schools sometimes
work together to provide the
best    for   our    children.
Although my son goes to Esh
CE School, our holidays
would not be the same
without Miss Luke and the
fabulous Sports Club she
runs through St Michaels (the
Catholic School) over the
road.    My 6-year-old son
considers her one of his
teachers and has lots of
friends in a school that he
would, in some other places
in the country, have nothing
to do with.     This speaks                    Children taking part in the Blue Dragon project
volumes for the collaboration
between the schools that we         different age groups is                but it worked! Part of its
sometimes never see or hear         represented. In their mixed            success is its methodology;
about.                              age groups they choose from            the children have the power
                                    a wide range of varied                 to make the choices, they
That said, the school I know        activities offered by the staff.       have to work together and
best is Esh and, when               These might range from                 collaborate.      They are,
challenged to write something       science      and    technology         ultimately, responsible for the
about the school that people        activities to cooking: they            success of their own work.
may not be aware of, I              even learn French in these
decided to write about our          groups! Then, on a Friday,             Well does it work? We don‟t
„Blue Dragon Project‟. The          they are able to do whatever           need praise from anyone
„baby‟     of    Mrs       James    activity they have chosen for          outside the school to know
(Reception and Year 1) and          the last hour of the day: Blue         that this is a fantastic addition
Mrs Marshall (Year 2 and 3),        Dragon time.                           to our curriculum, but we
this project was designed to                                               have that if that‟s what you
enable pupils from two              The project has been so                need to be impressed! What
classes to work together, to        successful that at Christmas           we can do is see the impact
share learning and to improve       (just gone) the model was, for         of the project on the daily
transition between them so          the first time, taken across           lives of our children.     They
that pupils didn‟t find it such a   the whole school. For one              are all really keen, and able,
shock when they moved               day      the   entire   school         to access the underlying
classes at the end of Year 1.       curriculum was suspended               learning       (planned      and
The project has now become          and the pupils mixed in                facilitated by gifted teachers
a well-established part of our      groups that contained one              who design the activities)
curriculum and my son, for          child from each of the years           regardless of their individual
one, loves his „Blue Dragon‟        (reception to Year 6). They            abilities.    As people, the
time!                               worked together on creative            children     really want        to
                                    activities to make sense of            impress one another: to learn
How does it work? Basically         Christmas, a Christian festival        and do as well as they can.
the pupils share a stimulus (a      too often reduced to a                 In and out of the classroom
television   programme       or     present fest. To work across           the older pupils support the
story) and then they split into     the whole school was a brave           younger ones, not just out of
working groups where one            experiment (given the age              duty but because they have
child from each of the              ranges and abilities involved)         learned that it‟s the best thing

Esh Leaves                                      Page 13                                          March 2007
to do. The amount of social        good judgement, and he            Carnegie Medal, Whitbread
development and confidence         always focused on what was        Children‟s Book Award, the
building that goes on has          the very best for the children.   Guardian Children‟s fiction
been, and continues to be,         His     good   humour      and    prize and the Smarties book
astonishing (it has made the       excellent      communication      prize.    The pupils enjoy
playground a more enjoyable        skills gave the Governing         reading Anne Fine‟s books,
place!). It has also improved      Body a clear sense of             and are very excited about
the „family‟ atmosphere in the     direction and purpose.            her visit. They are busy
school because all the pupils                                        preparing questions to ask
end up being taught by all the     To mark the end of his term       her.
staff: our class structure         of office and as a token of
literally breaks down but          appreciation for his excellent    Family Links
that‟s okay, it‟s supposed to!     service, Harry was presented
                                   with a Waterman pen and a         This term, the Family Links
I hope you will see from the       special card signed by all the    programme has continued to
photographs that the Blue          children. The staff, Governors    thrive. Each week, a group of
Dragon Project gives rise to       and pupils wished Harry           parents and their children has
satisfying     and     exciting    every happiness for the           been joined in a “Big Cook,
educational       opportunities.   future.                           Little Cook” project and have
More importantly for me                                              been involved in cooking and
however, as a mum, I‟m really      The new Chair of Governors        healthy eating activities.
pleased that my son goes to        is Parent Governor, Tom
one of many schools in our         Simms.
area where good things, like
Blue       Dragon,     happen      Anne Fine‟s Visit
everyday. After two years of
school he still leaves the car     Famous author, Anne Fine, is
and runs to the school front       due to visit Langley Park
door every morning – yes, I        Primary School during Book
am really lucky!!                  Week. Her most famous book
                                   is     perhaps    “Madame
If you would like to know                                                   Big Cook Little Cook
                                   Doubtfire” which became a
more about the Blue Dragon
Project or anything that                                             In “Fun with Numeracy”
happens at Esh CE School                                             another group of parents and
then please get in touch – the                                       children has been involved in
school number is 0191 373                                            Maths games, and also made
1324.                                                                some huge 3D structures.
                                                                     They ended their series of
LANGLEY PARK PRIMARY                                                 workshops with a visit to
SCHOOL                                                               Hartlepool Marina.

Chair of Governors Retires

Harry Guildford, Chair of
Governors of Langley Park
Primary School, retired from
office at the end of the
                                   very popular film starring
Autumn Term. Harry had
                                   Robin Williams, Sally Field
been a Governor for several
                                   and Pierce Brosnan. Anne
years and served as Chair for                                          Parents and Children involved
the last fourteen years. He        Fine has been Children‟s
                                                                        in numeracy and 3D shapes
                                   Laureate 2001-2003, and she
served the school with
                                   has been the winner of the
commitment, wisdom, and
Esh Leaves                                    Page 14                                     March 2007
Other news                          taken place to identify just        DERWENTSIDE          DISTRICT
                                    what needs to be done to            COUNCIL
Recently, Key Stage 1               ensure that we deliver an
children saw a fantastic new        excellent community building        Leisure Services
production called “The Tree         and library.     The original
of    Life”   performed     by      feasibility study has been          Derwentside Leisure Services
storyteller Chris Bostock, and      updated and expanded and            have a large programme of
actor Peter Ross. The story         costs realigned to 2006 and         events scheduled for the
followed the African legend of      up to four years hence.             Easter period from Canoeing
Trokki the tortoise and his                                             & Tennis Coaching to Cinema
wonderful dream in which he         The initial budget, set several     & live theatre, for families and
sees the Tree of Life. The          years ago using existing            children.
children were enthralled by         funds, will not meet the level
the storytelling, music and         of repair and development           For a full programme please
puppetry.                           needed to make this building        contact the Leisure Hotline on
                                    accessible to DDA legislation       (01207) 218 899
 NEWS FROM THE                      and carry out repairs and           Mon - Sat 9.00 am – 4.00 pm
 COUNCILS                           asbestos removals etc. and          Mon - Fri 6.30 pm - 9.00 pm
                                    therefore requires additional
DURHAM COUNTY                       gap funding.                        Funding
COUNCIL                                                                 Has your group received its
                                    The Big Lottery: Community          fair share?
Langley Park Library                Libraries Fund, a national          Awards for All is a lottery
project                             fund of £80m, available             grants scheme aimed at
                                    through a competitive bid           supporting a wide variety of
I am writing to update you on       process,     will now  be           community based projects.
what has been happening             approached to realise this          These range from projects
behind the scenes since the         gap funding.                        that enable people to take
last    community    meeting.                                           part in art, sport, heritage and
Things have moved on and            Culture and Leisure are             community activities as well
despite lengthy legal queries       putting together a bid to           as projects that promote
from the landlord regarding         enable       Family      learning   education, the environment
community use, and DCC              spaces to be created in our         and health. The aim of the
intentions, the project is still    library buildings. The Langley      programme is to fund projects
moving ahead.                       Park      project     additional    that will involve people in their
                                    funding required is forming a       local                community.
I am sorry that this means          core part of this exciting bid.     Beneficiaries in Esh Ward in
that things have gone quiet                                             the past have been EQUaL
and that little appears to be       I would like to thank you for       Partnership        (£4851     for
happening.       Please rest        your support to date and            Quebec playground) and
assured that work is constant       hope that you would continue        Langley Park Bowling Club
and ongoing on this exciting        to support this new initiative      (£10,000       for     automatic
project. Senior Managers of         for the residents and visitors      sprinkler and tine machine).
Culture and Leisure, Estates        to Langley Park.
Division     and    Councillor                                          Projects should meet at least
Armstrong all meet regularly        Please be assured we will           one and ideally two of the
to ensure that this project         keep you informed and               Awards for All aims, these
progresses.                         involved of this project.           are:
                                                                           1) To extend access and
The      Institute       building   Anne Davison,                              participation;
continues to deteriorate and        Divisional Manager North,              2) To increase skill &
as    a     result,    extensive    Adult and Community                        creativity;
investigations      have     now    Services, Culture and Leisure

Esh Leaves                                      Page 15                                     March 2007
   3) To improve quality of     HOMES                      Ltd    Derwentside Homes is still in
      life.                                                       the early stages and the
                                Currently there are preparing     service we provide is coming
Awards for All grants range     the       Capital      Works      under review, and again we
from between £300          to   programmes for the next 4         will be providing information
£10,000. Community groups       years, which hopefully will be    as we get it, but things are
can receive this maximum of     published in more detail soon     currently    changing      and
£10,000 in any 12-month         to         all        tenants     developing so hopefully we
period but can only have one                                      will be in a better position to
award at a time.                We no longer carry out            give more details to people
Your group must have a          homeless    interviews,   at      soon
constitution, bank account      Langley Park Office, so
and a financial statement.      anyone requiring a homeless       Hope this helps, if I can think
                                interview  should    contact      of anything else I'll let you
How to Apply                    Derwentside District Council      know
You can obtain an application                                     Alan Tubman
form and guidance notes from    Benefit applications - we can     Temp Neighbourhood
the Awards for All regional     only fully verify benefit forms   Manager
office or from the Funding      for    Derwentside       Homes    Meet the Funders Fayre
Support      Officer,    Ken    tenants, in other benefit         Tuesday 27th March 2007
Bradshaw at Derwentside         applications it is limited what   Lamplight    Arts   Centre,
District Council (Tel: 01207    we can do, but please don‟t       Stanley, 10am- 4pm
218217). These forms can        hesitate to contact us for
also be downloaded from the     advice                            Are you a community group
website. Applicants should                                        with a great idea for a project
receive a response within 8     The office is now OPEN on a       but without the cash to turn it
weeks.                          Wednesday (usual opening          into a reality?
For more information Tel:       times)
0191 376 1600 (local office)                                      Would you like:
and for an application pack:    Police
0845 600 2040 their website                                              advice on filling in
is      We have fortnightly surgeries            application forms?
                                for POLICE, where people                 to know what type of
Housing                         can talk in confidence to a              project can be funded?
                                POLICE                 officer           help with developing a
The    Derwentside District                                              project idea?
Council     housing  stock      We have a Streetsafe box
                                                                         to meet both national
transferred to Derwentside      where people can leave
                                                                         and regional funders
Homes on 4th Dec 2006           messages       for   POLICE
                                                                         such as the BIG
                                officers, which is emptied on
                                                                         Lottery Fund, Northern
The       Langley       Park    a         regular        basis
                                                                         Rock        Foundation,
Neighbourhood Office now
                                                                         Lloyds/TSB         and
belongs     to   Derwentside    The Council MARC vehicle
                                                                         County          Durham
Homes and is still open for     will also be timetabled for
most Derwentside Council        Langley                Park
Services, information and all
DDC Payments, as well as        Neighbourhood           Office    Organised by Derwentside
Derwentside Homes business                                        CVS, Derwentside District
                                We are continuing service as      Council‟s Funding Team and
Any payments made by            normal and want people to         Derwentside      Community
cheque, the cheque must be      still use the office as much as   Empowerment network all of
made out to DERWENTSIDE         possible, at the moment           whom can give advice and

Esh Leaves                                 Page 16                                   March 2007
guidance on funding.

To book please contact Ken
Bradshaw, Funding Support
Officer, Derwentside District
Council,   01207    218217,



The Parish Council hosted its
annual Pantomime at the
Wood       View    Community
Centre on Saturday 27th             Jack Drum Art perform Robin Hood at Wood View Community Centre.
January 2007. From the                    (For more photographs see the Parish Council Website)
moment Robin Hood first           several prizes were on offer        lively Rosie and her father. As
appeared on the stage he, or      for the lucky programme             it happened Rosie had only
was it a she, threatened “to      number and raffle. To make          just returned from London
rob the rich and give to the      sure that no one was left out       after receiving a Child of the
poor” – not a particularly apt    each     child     (and   some      Year Award from Strictly
remark to make just before        parents!)     left    the  Hall     Come Dancing star, Brendon
the organiser has paid      its   clutching a bag of goodies in       Cole and meeting Nicole
fee for the performance!          some cases two bags!                Kidman and Henry Winkler.
                                                                      So in years to come she will
After a break of 3 years Jack     A big thank you to all those        be able to say “ I remember
Drum      Arts    returned   to   who supported this event.           when I met Nicole Kidman - it
Langley Park to perform their                                         was the day before I helped
latest pantomime. Over 80                                             turn on the Parish Council‟s
                                  BBC Look North helps Turn
parents and children came                                             lights in Langley Park!”
                                  on the Parish Council’s
along      and     were    well                                       With the BBC‟s permission
entertained by a cast of 4                                            we have set up a link on our
very mobile characters and                                            web site to see the clip of the
                                  When your Editor invited the
some charming puppets (from
                                  BBC Look North team to
Czechoslovakia) which stole
                                  come along to film little Rosie
the money, sorry that should
                                  Wright turning on the Parish
read stole the show. The
                                  Council lights he received an
numbers were considerably
                                  immediate and appreciative
up     on     previous    years
                                  response from        presenter
performance thanks to Robin
                                  Carol Malia that “they would
Hood turning up at the local
                                  love to come along and film
Primary School to encourage
                                  the event”.
pupils to attend the show with
all their relatives and join in
                                  Well     came      they   did
with the community singing.
                                  culminating in a 2 minute slot
                                  that night on BBC Look North
During      the        interval
                                  showing, ever so briefly, the      Anthony Peart, Rebecca Jameson
refreshments were served by
                                  lights   being    turned   on          and Rosie Wright turn on
Alison   Spenceley,        and
                                  followed by reporter, Keith              the Christmas Lights
Barbara    Heartfield,     and
                                  Akehurst, interviewing a very
Esh Leaves                                   Page 17                                      March 2007
coverage on Look North – go              Mollon together with a
to:                                      Woolworths voucher.
                                              This event was
s Lights 2006/christmaslights06.html          also covered by
                                              the        Northern
Readers will also be able to
see more photographs of the              As usual a big thank
event on our web site.                   you to our sponsors,
                                         Olivers Tree Services,
Helping Rosie turn on the                Wharton Landscapes,
lights were 2 other pupils               FTL, the Cross Keys
from Langley Park School,                Inn, Esh and to
Anthony Peart, winner of the             Langley Park Baptist
                                         Church for hosting the
                                         refreshments for our
                                         guests. Also to Service          The Langley Park Primary School boards
                                                                                attached to the tree fencing
                                         Direct and NJC Cassidy
                                         Wrought     Iron     for   their
                                         excellent services and not           Next Meetings:
                                         least to the pupils and staff
                                         from Langley Park Primary            10th April 2007 Annual
                                         School for the magnificent           Assembly (Notice hereunder)
            Anthony Peart                boards attached to the tree          followed by Ordinary Meeting.
                                         fencing.                             Esh Parish Hall
Tanya       Vickers        Memorial
Trophy         and         Rebecca                                             8th May 2007 Annual General
                                         Parish Council Meetings
Jameson.                                                                      Meeting followed by Ordinary
As a token of our appreciation                                                Meeting. Parish Room
                                         All Meetings commence at
the Parish Council presented
                                         7.00pm (excepting when
Anthony, Rosie and Rebecca                                                    12th June 2007 Parish
                                         following      the       Annual
with a signed Certificate of                                                  Council Meeting – venue to
                                         Assembly and the Annual
Thanks from Carol Malia,                                                      be decided
                                         General Meeting) in the
Keith Akehurst, Chris Bruce
                                         Parish Room, Church Street
(cameraman) from the Look                                                     10th July 2007 Parish Council
                                         Community        Centre     and
North Studio and Parish                                                       Meeting – venue to be
                                         occasionally       at     other
Council       Chairman,         Alan                                          decided
                                         locations. The choice of
                                                   venue is subject to
                                                   an annual review at        Annual Assembly
                                                   the Annual General
                                                   Meeting.                   NOTICE          OF        ANNUAL
                                                                              ASSEMBLY OF PARISH
                                                   Members of the             MEETING PARISH OF ESH
                                                   public are welcome
                                                   to attend the non-         NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN
                                                   confidential part of       THAT
                                                   the Agenda and
                                                   there       is     an      The ANNUAL ASSEMBLY of
                                                   opportunity to raise       the Parish Meeting for the
                                                                              above named Parish will be
    Anthony, Rebecca and Rosie are presented        matters of interest       held at Esh Parish Hall, Front
         with certificates by Parish Council        at the end of this        Street, Esh, on Tuesday the
               Chairman Alan Mollon                 part of the Agenda.

Esh Leaves                                         Page 18                                         March 2007
10th April 2007, commencing        DRAFT AGENDA                                 procedure         when
at 7.00pm.                                                                      comments are required
                                   NB Where appropriate the                     before     the     next
Such Persons only as are           Clerk‟s recommendations                      scheduled      ordinary
registered    as      Local        are shown in brackets                        meeting     (Chairman,
Government Electors for the                                                     Vice-Chairman,
Parish will be entitled to         1) Election of Chairman.                     appropriate       Local
attend and vote at the             2) Apologies for absence.                    Member + Clerk).
Meeting.                           3) Minutes       of       Annual     9) Standing Orders (Annual
                                      General Meeting held on               review of the threshold for
The     Business    to    be          Tuesday 9th May 2006                  which written quotations
transacted at the Meeting will     4) Election       of        Vice-        are required currently
be as follows:                        Chairman.                             £1000).
                                   5) Appointment                  of   10) Financial Regulations
1 Apologies for absence               Responsible         Financial         (annual review).
2 Minutes of the Assembly             Officer and Deputy (The           11) Consideration of the
  held on 11th April 2006             Assistant Clerk and Parish            Chairman‟s Allowance
3 Matters arising                     Clerk).                               (currently £159.00).
4 Chairman‟s Report                6) Cheque signatories                12) Annual Risk Assessment
5 Parish Precept 2007/2008         7) Membership         of      the        Statement
6 Any Other Business                  following           (existing     13) Changes to the Parish
                                      members        shown         in       Council‟s Asset Register
Mr G. F. Smith                        brackets):-                       14) Dates, times and venues
Clerk to Esh Parish Council           a) Allotments              (All       for future meetings.
                                          Councillors + Clerk).             Ordinary meetings are
Could      eligible    residents      b) Playground        Working          usually held on the 2nd
please provide the Clerk with             Group (All Members of             Tuesday of each month
at least 3 working days                   the Council to consider           (excepting for August
notice, in writing, of any item           proposals submitted by            when no meetings are
that they might wish to raise             the               EQUaL           held) commencing at 7.00
under item 6 at the Assembly.             Partnership).                     pm unless following the
                                      c) Trustees       for      the        Annual Assembly (April)
Letters to be addressed to:               Bridgeway Recreation              or the Annual General
Mr G. F. Smith, Clerk to Esh              Ground (This is a                 Meeting (May).
Parish Council, 11 Bamburgh               Charity    Commission
Road,        Newton      Hall,            requirement for all           Annual notice for the
DURHAM, DH1 5NW.                          Councillors      to     be    Parish Council’s Allotment
                                          appointed               as    Waiting List
Preliminary Notice                        Trustees).
                                      d) Parish          Transport      The Parish Council owns a
ANNUAL GENERAL                            Working             Group     substantial     number     of
MEETING                                   (Councillors Bowyer,          allotments on land to the
                                          Christie,       Coulson,      south of the Langley Park
Notice is hereby given of the             Harling,          Mollon,     Primary School and to the
Annual General Meeting of                 Rothwell and M. Tyler).       west of the Cricket Ground in
Esh Parish Council to be held      8) Nominations for:-                 Langley Park. If anyone is
at Esh Parish Hall, Front             a) Derwentside         District   interested in putting their
Street, Esh on Tuesday 8th                and Parish Councils           name on the Waiting List then
May 2007 commencing at                    Liaison       Committee       please telephone the Parish
7.00 pm for the purpose of                (Chairman,           Vice-    Clerk on 0191 3736687 for
transacting   the    following            Chairman + Clerk).            further details. The rent for
business.                             b) Planning Applications          the 2007 season remains at
                                          –          Consultation       £21 per allotment.

Esh Leaves                                     Page 19                                     March 2007
The rent for the 2008 season
has already been fixed by the
Parish Council at £25 per
allotment. The allotments
have the benefit of a water
supply via lockable taps.

Residents     are    advised
however that currently there
is a LONG waiting list for
these allotments.

Parish Clerk’s Working

Readers are reminded that
the Parish Clerk‟s working
hours are 9.00am – 12.30pm
                                             Walkers setting off on the 2007 Winter Walk
Monday,     Tuesday     and
Thursday and that he can be     the picturesque parts of the         Sunday 13th May again this
contacted on 0191 3736687.      Parish.                              year, meeting at 1.00pm on
                                However it is suspected that         the railway path at the
Esh Parish Council website      some walkers were there              entrance to Langley Park. We
                                mainly for the refreshments          hope to see you there!
The Parish Council website      (hot mince pies straight from        Is any reader able to help
has recently been upgraded      the office radiator – what           with       our       catering
with improved navigation,       would Health and Safety say -        arrangements? If so please
design changes to the front     followed by a choice of ginger       contact the Editor on 0191
page, more photographs and      wine or bitter lemon squash).        3736687.
additional information added    The winter walk is a
to the site.                    shortened version of the             Esh Leaves – The Book
                                Parish Walk, taking in the first
Find out more at:               half and hopefully avoiding          Readers will recall that in     the worst of the mud. That           2002, as part of the Queen‟s
or      said we do have a choice of          Golden Jubilee, the Parish
                                shorter routes if the weather        Council    commissioned    a
A Winter Walk Followed By       really is bad, or we want to         reprint of Esh Leaves, the
Yet Another Walk                get back to the Parish Room          book,    which     was  first
                                for those ever so tasty              published in 1914.
Winter Walk
                                Once again our thanks to             Sales were better than
                                local resident Chris Bloor for       anticipated and 2 further
Last year we begged the
                                leading us on our walk and           reprints were ordered and the
question - How long does it
                                making sure that at least 7 of       book finally sold out with well
take for a tradition to be
                                the 14 walkers managed to            over 300 copies being
established? This year we
                                get back home!                       bought.
held our 3rd almost New
Year‟s Day walk. Even
                                Annual Beating the Bounds            The Parish Council continues
though    the   walk      was
                                Walk                                 to receive requests for the
arranged after the normal
                                                                     book and a few months ago
Bank Holiday dates 14 ever
                                A big note for your diaries -        we advertised the possibility
so brave walkers turned up
                                the annual Parish Walk               that there might be a reprint
for the 2 hour stroll through
                                should be held on Rogation           costing around £12.50 per

Esh Leaves                                  Page 20                                        March 2007
copy. About 20 people            We can      now    update   as    SPACE COMPETITION
expressed an interest.           follows:-
                                                                  The winner of our competition
Since then we have obtained      The Elections are                was Jamie Oldroyd, originally
a competitive quote to reprint   to be held on 3rd                from Langley Park and a
the book although this time      May 2007.                        former pupil of Esh C of E
without a dustjacket but with    Voting will be via               School, now studying at
the addition of a photograph     Traditional Polling              Salford University. Here he is
of the author, W. R. Wiggen.     Station & Postal Voting were     receiving his prize from our
                                 appropriate applications have    Chairman.
Copies of the book should be     been                    made.
available shortly from either
Esh or Langley Park Post         Nomination      packs     will
Offices, the Parish Room         hopefully be available from
opposite the Post Office in      Monday 12th March 2007
Langley Park or by contacting    however     formal    notices
the Esh Leaves Editor on         seeking nominations will go
0191 3736687 or by email to      out on 27th March 2007.
the address shown at the
front of this newsletter.        Esh Leaves – Back Issues

The price will be £7.50 per      Back copies (including No 1)
copy + postage where             are now available for viewing
appropriate. The 2 Post          in the Parish Room or at the
Offices have kindly agreed to    Durham      County    Record
nominate 50p per book sold       Office, County Hall, Durham
by them. Esh PO to Child         City, DH1 5UL – Tel No 191       The Answers are:
Helpline and Langley Park        383 3253
PO to Cancer Research.                                            1. Columbia (Lost over Texas
Thank you.                       You can also read back              February 1st 2003)
                                 copies of the newsletter (from   2. Eugene A. Cernan
                                 No 6 onwards) on the Parish      3. Alexei Leonov
                                 Council‟s             website    4. Alan B. Shepard Jr
                             5. James A. Lovell, Fred W.
                                                                     Haise, John L. Swigert
                                                                  6. John H. Glenn Jr
                                                                  7. Walter M. Schirra
                                                                  8. Mir
                                                                  9. Helen Sharman
                                                                  10. Stardust

                                                                          Esh Leaves
                                                                         Mr M. G. Ackroyd
                                                                       Production Assistant
                                                                          Mr D. C. Rider
District and Parish Council
                                                                     Regular Contributions by
Elections May 2007                                                        Terry Chilton
                                                                          Ronald Dover
We advised readers in Esh                                                John C. Foster
Leaves Extra February 2007                                                 Alison Hiles
of the impeding elections in            Esh Leaves issue 1                 Pat Lawlor
                                                                            Betty Watt
May 2007.

Esh Leaves                                   Page 21                                 March 2007
 WILDLIFE CORNER                   heather.         That day, as       eat!    Where would all the
 MARCH 2007                        always seems to happen              swallows be – or the blue tits
                                   when we get together to work        and woodpeckers? Without
What crazy weather we do           in the rec., it snowed and put      worms (which are also often
have!         The spring-like      the work off yet again.             killed by wormers), would we
temperatures have tempted          Within less than a week after       have blackbirds, thrushes and
all the birds into pairing         that, it felt almost like           robins?
activities.    The rooks and       summer, as it had the week
jackdaws in the wood next          before as well.                     We humans may be just
door are definitely thinking        With so little in the way of       another animal species but
about nest building and a          frost and snow, the weather         we are biologically very
great tit has taken up             doesn‟t kill off the plant and      aggressive and, like most
occupation of my front             animal pests and diseases           other species, put the survival
garden. He sings a lot from        and so organic farmers can          of our own species first. The
the garden wall and forages        look forward to extra work          trouble is that as we have
busily in the bushes. Each         and care making sure that the       increased our ability to do
time I go out he takes up          fruit and vegetables don‟t          that, we have become so
position on the gatepost and       suffer from things like rusts       successful that we threaten
swears at me vociferously! I       and     apple     scab   which      the very existence of many
can be as near as two feet         blemish our food.       We‟ve       other species and upset the
away from him before he            become so used to foods             „balance of nature‟.      In the
decides that discretion is the     protected by chemicals that         process, we have developed
better part of valour and flicks   we‟re wary of buying things         the ability to think about what
away over the wall.        That    like misshapen tomatoes or          we are doing to the world.
doesn‟t stop him from being        potatoes with black scurf           Now we are beginning to feel
back on sentry duty when I         marks.                              a    responsibility    to     do
come back home.         Despite                                        something about the damage
all this aggression towards          From a wildlife point of view,    that we are doing, before it
me, he is quite happy to allow      even the worming doses             destroys us too.
a cock blackbird in to forage       given to our dogs and cats,
among the dead leaves for           let alone ponies, calves and       On that cheerful note, don‟t
slugs and snails or even a          lambs have as devastating          forget that gardens are the
pair of blue tits to poke           effect on small creatures as       largest nature reserve in the
around under the bark for a         the sprays used on wheat or        country and if you‟ve got one
variety of small insects.           oil seed rape. For a natural       you can make a big
                                           recycling effect, beetles   difference    as    well   as
Yet     only     a                         and flies breed in cow      enjoying the flowers, birds
fortnight    ago                           pats and dog droppings      and butterflies!
(10th February)                            and clear them away.
we           had                           Modern wormers slow         Alison
arranged         a                         this natural process
day‟s volunteer                            down dramatically and       LOCAL TYRE CHIEF
work in the old                            so the problem of dog       PASSES HIS TESTING
rec.,       which                          mess is made even           TEST
included                                   worse. Where grazing        In the previous issue of Esh
planting some                              animals are used to         Leaves we reported that Bill
juniper bushes                             help the preservation of    Johnston     (Fastfit   Tyres,
which are now                              species     in     nature   Hedley Terrace, Langley
very rare and                              reserves,         careful   Park) was on the verge of
grow         very                          thought must be given       setting up his own MOT
happily      and                           to such things. Insect      Testing Station. We are
naturally       in                         eating birds can‟t thrive   pleased    to   report    that
among         the      Juniper Bush      without the insects to        following    a    series    of
Esh Leaves                                     Page 22                                     March 2007
personnel checks, and visits
to the premises, Bill has now
been granted approval by the
Vehicle Operator Services
Agency to run the village‟s
first testing station.

Originally 300 customers a
year had to be referred
elsewhere for MOT tests but
now Bill not only prepares
vehicles for testing but tests
them as well. Such has been
the demand for his new
facility that Bill anticipates
nearly 1000 vehicles being
tested at his station this year.    Bill Johnston, Dave Ritson, Trevor Muskett and Chris Owers in front
                                                            of the new MOT bay
After some 19 years in
business Bill has finally
achieved his ambition to care
for his customers vehicles
right through their mechanical
life. All he wants now is his      Since the last Esh Leaves we
beloved Newcastle United to        have had a very busy period
bring home some silverware         with a raffle, planned a fun
(apart from the Inter Toto cup     litter pick, working with
that is!)                          various community groups
                                   and helping to set up a new
Bill can be contacted on 0191      group focusing on women‟s
3733501 or at his Executive        health, as well as on-going
Box on each occasion               project work and searches for
Newcastle United are at            funding.
home, excepting when Bill is       Karen‟s Quote
on a weekend break at              “We are currently looking at
Redworth Hall!                     the focus of EQUaL and how             picture above shows the
                                   it, and I, should be working in        winning ticket being drawn.
 WERE YOU A BEVIN                  and for the community for the          Pupils and staff at the school
 BOY?                              community‟s benefit. It is so          drew other winners.
                                   important to have you
We are intending include an        involved in EQUaL it‟s your            The winning ticket numbers
article in a future edition of     community. Please contact              were:
Esh Leaves on the Bevin            me if you would like to know
Boys.                              more about how to be                   742 1st prize £100
                                   involved.”                             736 2nd prize £50
                                                                          1215 3rd prize £25
If you were a Bevin Boy from                                              1241 Sir Bobby Robson‟s
our Parish please get in touch     Raffle
                                   Our raffle drawn on the 31st           biography, autographed
and we will ask one of our                                                1775 Tin of sweets
“reporters” to contact you in      January 2007 raised £357 for
                                   the Sir Bobby Robson Park.             1302 bottle of wine
order to share your memories                                              1274 After Eight Mints
with our readers.                  After a thorough mixing by
                                   various pupils at Esh Church
                                   of England School, the
Esh Leaves                                     Page 23                                          March 2007
All the winners have now            to come along and give us a         – Yes – we managed to win
been contacted and prizes           hand and make it fun.               £2,950       from         the
distributed.                        Hopefully they have not been        „Neighbourhood Learning in
                                    put off too much and we‟ll see      Deprived Communities‟. So
We‟d like to say a big thank        them next time – see below.         please check out the advert
you to all the raffle ticket                                            and come along, all levels of
sellers who did a sterling job      Young People                        support can be provided and
and of course to all those          Working with our partners we        help to make what might
members of the community            are hoping that we will be          seem complicated, simple
who bought tickets to help          able to access funding to           and fun.
raise funds for Sir Bobby           enable young people to do
Robson Park.                        some really exciting summer         Calling   all Community
Sir Bobby Robson Park               projects that they have             Groups - Saturday 28th
Our big news is that we have        suggested. Please contact           April, 10am - 1.30pm at
been       granted      planning    me if you‟d like to know more.      Ushaw College
permission to build the
playground, MUGA (multi use         Miners Memories                     Originally planned for the 10th
games area), and the skate                                              March        (see      EQUaL‟s
park. We are just waiting for       There is a lot of work being        Newsletter)     this    is  an
the leases to be completed by       undertaken by many people           opportunity         to     get
Langley Park Sports and             throughout the Ward on this         representatives of Community
Social Club and Derwentside         project,           fundraising,     Groups and individuals who
District    Council,      (nearly   tournaments,       and       an     are involved in the community
there), to put us in a much         exhibition is scheduled for the     to get together to create a
stronger position to apply for      end of March. Please keep           plan of what Esh Ward
and gain the funds for the          watching for notices giving         people want to see happen
park. Once again we need to         more details – they‟ll be           and how it can be delivered,
say a special thank you to          advertising it soon.                in the future.
Gordon Coulson and Harry            New Community Group
Guildford for stepping in with      Anybody interested in a new         EQUaL as a community
funding from their „Members‟        community group, covering           development organisation will
Initiative Fund‟ to help with an    Esh Ward, which focuses on          support residents and groups
unexpected        increase     in   women‟s health issues and           to come together and identify
solicitors fees regarding one       encompasses           exercise,     and plan new resources for
of the leases – Thank You.          nutrition,   emotional    well-     the villages in the ward but
                                    being, meeting and making           EQUaL‟s role is not to deliver
Our application to People‟s         new friends, should contact         those new projects/resources.
Millions was on the reserve         me for more information.
list, so although we did well to                                        Transport can be arranged
get that far, unfortunately we      Yes – we got some funding           and lunch is provided and it is
did not win any funding this                                            FREE!
time. Other funding is being        EQUaL        was
applied for – watch this            asked if we           Programme for the Day
space.                              could help the        9.30am – 9.45am     Arrival tea / coffee
Old Recreation Ground               Parish Council        10am -              Introductions
We had planned to hold a            to find some          10.10am             Timeline exercise
Fun Litter Pick on the 10th         funds    for     a    10.30am            Vision – Key Question –
                                    project         to                       “What do you hope will be the
February – I was warned and                                                  key achievements for the Esh
yes – it did snow, so we had        upgrade the IT                           Ward Community by 2010”?
to postpone it due to bad           Equipment, help       11.40am            Break
weather.         This      was      with fees and         12 noon            Barriers and Next Steps
unfortunate as the Hedley           re-launch     the     12.50pm            Summary and Conclusions
                                    drop in sessions      1pm                Lunch and chat
Hope Volunteers were going
Esh Leaves                                      Page 24                                     March 2007
Please contact me if you are           We are pleased to report that       Thank you Ruth for your offer
a     representative     of   a        since publication of the article   and we look forward to
community group or would               Nigel Quinn, from Esh              reporting later on the first
like to be involved in this day.       Winning, has been in touch         race for the "new" cup.
Even if you are unable to              with Ruth and given her some
provide a representative for           information about the cup.         THE ALPHA AWAY DAY
this event, we are trying to                                              AT USHAW COLLEGE
identify all groups in the ward
to be able to ensure your                                                 By Stephen Howatt
views are heard and that you
are all kept informed of the                                              On Saturday 16th December
outcomes.                                                                 2006 I attended an Alpha
                                                                          course at Ushaw College.
Other Future Events
                                                                          We made a start at 10.30am
Sunday 25th March 2-4 pm                                                  with Alan Bell giving a talk
Planting Shrubs at Quebec                                                 about being baptised in water
Recreation site                                                           and the holy spirit, followed
                                                                          by a discussion group. After
Sunday 15th April 2-4 pm                                                  a song it was lunch time, with
Planting Shrubs at Esh                                                    a buffet in the refrectory and
Recreation site                                                           then a look around the
Saturday 12th May 10am-
12pm Spring Event with BBC                The J. B. Johnson Trophy        Following the break we sang
Breathing Places                                                          a few songs, on James‟s
                                       Nigel has been back to Ruth
                                                                          guitar, and Alan gave another
                                       saying that he has contacted
Sunday 10th June 2-4pm                                                    talk about speaking in
                                       a couple of Homing Societies
Planting Shrubs near             Sir                                      tongues. Then it was holy
                                       and subject to approval from
Bobby Robson Park                                                         spirit time, a chance to pray
                                       a central body they would like
                                                                          for, or respond to, Jesus.
                                       to run the race again with the
Karen Gibson                           Trophy      as    a     prize.
EQUaL‟s Community                                                         We finished at around
Capacity Worker                                                           4.30pm and Alan Bell gave
                                       We have now heard that The
Tel: 0787 943 5422                                                        me a lift back to Witton
                                       Club involved in re-instating
New e-mail:                                                               Gilbert.
                                       the Race is the Hamilton &
                                       District   Homing     Society      POETS CORNER
                                       (based in Esh Winning) and
 HOMING SOCIETY                        the Race will be dedicated to
 TROPHY                                the Young Bird National Race
                                                                          Readers of the Northern Echo
                                       within the Club.
The November 2006 edition                                                 will doubtless be familiar the
of Esh Leaves included an                                                 regular contribution in the
                                       If all goes well Ruth or a
offer from Ruth Oliver to                                                 Tuesday Poem section from
                                       family member would like to
return the Quebec Homing                                                  local resident Betty Watt.
                                       hand over the trophy at the
Society Trophy (The J. B.              appropriate time and place.
Johnson Trophy) to the                                                    We invited Betty to compose
Society or its successor.                                                 a few well chosen verses for
                                       It is thought that the J. B.
                                                                          Esh Leaves and here they
                                       Johnson, who presented the
Visit the Parish Council Website at                                       are!
                                       Trophy may have been the pit or            manager at the time (1900) -
                                       can readers help on this?

Esh Leaves                                         Page 25                                  March 2007
WATTS        WORDS         OF     Watt’s weather forecast             Poached eggs on toast or
WISDOM                                                                baked beans
                                  Grey skies overhead                 Low fat soup from a can
Things of Interest                Might as well stay in bed           Might be alright for some folk
                                  Gale force winds                    Can‟t say that I‟m a fan
The pages of the ESH              And heavy rain
LEAVES                            Hope it doesn‟t block the           Well I‟m going through this
ARE full of information           drain                               menu
Something that will catch your    That‟s all we need I must say       And don‟t fancy anything
eye                               That would really make our          there
Possibly from days gone by        day                                 So I‟ll just have to put off the
                                  But cheer up it will get out        diet
Kids you went to school with      fine                                And end up shaped like a
That you haven‟t seen for         And soon the golden sun will        pear
years                             Shine
Changes in the way of life        Flowers will bloom and birds        Betty Watt, Langley Park
Increase in bus fares             Will sing
                                  Heralding the first of spring       Editor‟s note
There‟s something in the          Then the summer comes
magazine                          along                               Thank you Betty – hopefully
For each and every one            Bringing flowers with scent so      more from Betty next time.
Photographs of good old           Strong
friends                           Trees of green, skies so blue
And some that now have            Rainbows of every hue
gone.                             So thank the Lord every day
                                  For his gifts to us natures way
We had our milk brought to        And when grey skies are
the door                          Overhead
In metal cans with a ladle        Just praise the Lord with love
You‟d get a gill a pint or more   Instead.
If financially you were able.
                                  Watt’s weight         watching
The coal man came and             worries
dropped a load
Of coal out in the street.        I must go on a diet
It was a filthy dirty job         I‟ll have to give it a try
But it gave off lots of heat      Lettuce      and       watercress
Into the coal house it had to     sandwich
go                                But I could murder a nice
Roundies and the slack            meat pie
When lit it gave a lovely glow
But everyone had a bad back.      Jacket potato and coleslaw                    Betty Watt
                                  I suppose that will do
It‟s nice to look back            But I can think of something        SPORTS SCHOOL,
At things we‟ve heard and         nicer                               CRICKET FIELD,
seen                              A tasty basin of stew               LANGLEY PARK
So carry on with the good
work                              I know that ham and tomato
And keep printing ESH             Are very good for the hips          Last year‟s event was a great
LEAVES MAGAZINE                   But there‟s something a lot         success with almost 70
                                  more tasty                          children, mainly from the
                                  A plateful of cod and chips         parish, in attendance. This

Esh Leaves                                    Page 26                                        March 2007
year‟s event will be held from       Are you looking for a Good            We offer Internet access
6th – 10th August 2007.              Night Sleep?                          through          a      Wireless
                                                                           Broadband system and can
Further details in the next          Good Night Sleep who                  provide Video Conferencing
issue. Make a note in your           specialise    in   allergenic         facilities by appointment. We
diaries!                             cleaning are a new business           have the full suite of Microsoft
                                     to Langley Park.                      Office Software, Microsoft
                                     They offer a welcome relief to        Encarta, 2 scanners, a Laser
                                     asthma and other allergy              and a Colour printer (capable
                                     sufferers by removing dust            of     printing    your    family
                                     mites, their excrement and            photographs) and software
The Pine Gallery
                                     other harmful bacteria from           capable        of    re-touching
                                     mattresses, pillows, duvets           photographs if you need to do
“The Pine Gallery, in Langley
                                     and other soft furnishings            that. We can offer you basic
Park, has reopened, under
                                     around the home                       I.T.       tuition      covering
new ownership, as The
Furniture Gallery. We offer a
                                     Owner     Colin Coult states          Spreadsheets and Database
                                                “many people in the        and help and advice on using
                                                area     (not      only    the Internet.
                                                allergy      sufferers)
                                                have already seen          The book “Looking at Langley
                                                a           noticeable     Park” written by John C.
                                                improvement           in   Foster was 100% prepared
                                                their health through       using our equipment and with
                                                using this service.        our technical support and
                                                For very little cost,      advice, as are his “Hall of
                                                you        will      be    Fame”      articles for this
                                                surprised at what is       publication. Why not follow
                                                removed from a             in John‟s footsteps and pop
                                                mattress; the place        along and see what we can
             The Furniture Gallery           where you spend up            offer you.
                                             to a third of your life.
wide selection of quality                                                  You can find us at Church
Dining Room, Sitting Room            Full information can be found         Street Community Centre,
and Bedroom furniture in             at                                    Langley Park, between 2-4pm
various Traditional, Casual             on          Mondays      and
and Contemporary styles. We                                                Wednesdays       and   5-7pm
also offer some great ranges         See also in the advertisement         Friday evening. We charge
of pine furniture – from knot        section                               £1 per hour (half price on a
free to distressed/reclaimed.                                              Wednesday) with an extra
                                      IT@THE TUTE
We also have a huge                                                        charge for using the printing
selection of accessories and                                               facilities.
pictures from around the             As this issue of Esh Leaves
                                     goes to press, we will be in          THE LANGLEY PARK
                                     the process of upgrading              MINING AND MEMORIES
On top of our normal trading
                                     some of our older equipment           GROUP
hours we are open late every
Thursday until 8pm and every         with new Software and
Saturday and Sunday, 10am-           Hardware,     improving  it‟s         The group was formed
4pm.                                 performance and helping us            following a successful public
                                     give our customers the level          meeting called by the Esh
Please visit to see and feel         of service expected from a            Parish council to discuss the
our stock items or to browse         modern I.T. facility.                 issue of a mining memorial
our extensive catalogues.”                                                 for the village. The aims and

Esh Leaves                                       Page 27                                       March 2007
objectives of the group are to
present and preserve the
mining heritage of Langley
Park and to further these
aims, the group has applied
for charity status to maximise
fund raising potential.

The priorities of the group are
to provide a mining memorial
for the village, preserve the
„our aim‟ Langley Park
banner, seek to provide a
replica of the „disappeared‟
banner, working with the
schools to educate the                                    Langley Park Colliery
children about their mining
heritage and to create and          March 2007 at the school            a say in the sighting and
develop      a    Mining   and      gymnasium.       If you are a       design     of   the   mining
Memories website which will         parent, and you cannot attend       memorial. Admission is free
run side-by-side with an oral       the weekend exhibition at           and      refreshments    are
history project so that the         Wood View, the school has           available.
memories of local people who        kindly offered an opportunity
were connected with mining          for parents to see the              A fund raising raffle will also
can be recorded for local           exhibition with their children      be held and the group wish to
history purposes.                   between       3.15p.m.      and     thank Pauline Looby who has
                                                      th  th
                                    4.00p.m. on 26 /27 March.           donated a fully furnished
The Langley Park Mining and         The school will hold a themed       doll‟s house as the main
Memories exhibition will be         week of activities for which        prize. The prize will be on
the first of many activities to     the exhibition will be the          display at the exhibition.
be developed in the area and        inspiration for all types of
will be open for public viewing     projects within the school.         This is a community project,
on 24th/25th March 2007 at                                              and as such, depends on the
the Wood View Community             The Mining and Memories             support of the community.
Centre. In addition, Langley        exhibition at Wood View             If you would like further
Park Primary School will host       Community Centre will give          information,    then    please
the exhibition on 26th/27th         all villagers a chance to have      contact the Langley Park
                                                                        Mining and Memories Group
                                                                        c/o 7 Logan Street, Langley
                                                                        Park, Durham, DH7 9YN
                                                                        (0191 3731301) or contact
                                                                        the Parish Clerk, or the Equal
                                                                        representative based in the
                                                                        Church Street Community

                                                                        Finally the Group would like
                                                                        to thank Esh Parish Council
                                                                        and      District  Councillors
                                                                        Gordon       Coulson,  Harry
                                                                        Guildford and Wallace Tyrie
                                                                        for their support with this
                     Langley Park Colliery                              project.
Esh Leaves                                     Page 28                                     March 2007

Langley Park couple Robert
(Bob) and Betty Bradley were
married in the All Saint‟s
Church, Langley Park on
Saturday 9 March 1957, and
on Saturday 10 March this
year the couple celebrated
their   Golden       Wedding
Anniversary at a party held in
their daughter‟s house in
Langley Park.

Bob, who was born in
Sacriston, moved to Langley
Park as a small boy and has
lived here ever since. After
leaving school he went to
work at Langley Park colliery
and was a coal miner there
until it closed in 1975. He
then moved to Bearpark
                                           Bob and Betty Bradley cutting the cake at their
colliery and worked there until                 Golden Wedding Anniversary party.
around the end of 1983 when
the colliery closed, after        article and photo in the centre        computerisation, the loss of
which      he    took    early    of this Esh Leaves).                   pension books and the threat
retirement. Betty was born in                                            of closure. We needlessly
Esh village, and before being     The whole family attended              worried                    about
married she worked as a           Bob and Betty‟s Golden                 computerisation,      loss    of
Supervisor at the Horner‟s        Wedding Anniversary party              “pensions “ to the banks has
Toffee Factory in Chester-le-     that went on into the early            had a much greater impact on
Street.                           hours   of     the  morning,           us but we must say a very big
                                  Needless to say, a good time           thank you to our customers
The      couple    have    four   was had by all.                        who have stayed loyal and
children;    Susan,     Robert,                                          supported us in what have
Michelle and Graham, and          Terry Chilton.                         been difficult times. Threat of
five grandchildren; Jonathan,                                            closure is something that will
                                  GOODBYE TO
Sarah, Emma, Robert and                                                  always be with us but it
                                  LANGLEY PARK.
Jay.      Grandchild Robert is                                           appears the threat has been
the fifth generation of Roberts   By the time you read this              lifted at the moment, please
in the Bradley family, and I      newsletter the Post office will        continue to use your post
was told it can get a bit         be under new ownership.                office and keep it that way.
confusing at times.
                                  Over the 12 years we have              We‟ve enjoyed many laughs
Robert Senior‟s son Robert        been in Langley Park we                with a lot of you, (and some
acted in the film „Days of        have seen lots of changes in           tears) and made some good
Hope‟ that was filmed in          both the Post Office and the           friends.
Langley Park. His photograph      village.
also appeared on a book front                                            We wish Gavin and Judith
cover of that name. (See the      Our biggest challenges in the          good luck and success in
                                  Post Office had to be                  their new venture and thank

Esh Leaves                                   Page 29                                         March 2007
all of you for your support and
friendship over the last 12

Moira and Stuart.

Our Tribute to Moira And

After 12 years looking after
our    postal   requirements
Stuart and Moira are moving
on to pastures new. Indeed
by the time you read this
newsletter they might already
have sold their last second
class stamp and one those                      Moira and Stuart at Langley Park Post Office
delicious packs of 99p Half
Pounders which are always         This ensures that your                to commit a crime such as
on display just where you         Assistant Parish Clerk is             fraud, deception or theft.
can grab them too easily!         actually spending Council
                                  funds on postage stamps               Identity thieves steal or obtain
Stuart and Moira took over        etc. whilst across in the Post        key pieces of personal
the Langley Park Post Office      Office and not on those               information and use them to
in January1995 and have           tempting Half Pounders!               impersonate you and to
seen many changes during                                                commit crimes using your
their stay.                       Answers to Stuart‟s                   name and identity profile. In
                                  Wordgram from Page 6                  addition to your name and
We would like to thank them                                             address information, criminals
both for all their hard work      Mother‟s Union                        look for and use utility bills,
over the last 12 years and to     Home Guard                            credit card and banking
wish them both well in the        Cokeworks                             details, including statements,
future. I know that Stuart is     Wallnook Mill                         to carry out their activities,
looking forward to breaking       Co-Op                                 which often include applying
75 on his local golf course       Evacuees                              for birth certificates and
and Moira to many more            Angling                               passports in your name.
holidays in the sun.              Bowling
                                  Colliery Band                         Stolen identities can be used
The Parish Council would          War Memorial                          to open new bank accounts,
also like to thank Stuart and     Post Office                           apply for loans and credit
Moira for allowing copies of      Ball Alley                            cards and various social
Esh Leaves to be collected        Hotspurs                              benefits.
from the Post Office and for      Isolation Hospital
the display of many public        British Legion                        Identity theft on cards occurs
notices in the shop window.       Cricket                               when      a    criminal   uses
                                   TIPS TO AVOID
Don‟t be surprised if you see                                           personal information to open
                                   IDENTITY FRAUD
Stuart later in the year in the                                         or access card accounts in
vicinity of the Parish Room       Identity fraud is a growing           your name and without your
as he has kindly agreed to        concern in the UK. It occurs          knowledge. There are two
continue making himself           when a criminal uses your             types of identity fraud on
available as the Parish           personal information, without         cards:
Council‟s internal auditor.       your knowledge or consent,

Esh Leaves                                   Page 30                                          March 2007
    Application       fraud     -   Don‟t share personal                 when         making       a
    where a criminal applies        information unless you               transaction. Report lost
    for a card or banking           are entirely confident you           and stolen cards, or
    product      using       your   know who you are                     suspected fraudulent use
    details.                        dealing        with.       Be        of your card account to
    The application may be          particularly cautious if you         your bank or building
    supported by stolen or          are      cold-called       by        society        immediately.
    false            documents,     someone claiming to be               Keep a note of your bank
    including utility bills, bank   from a bank or the police.           or    building    societies‟
    statements, passports or        Your bank will only ever             telephone numbers so
    driving licences.               ask        for        specific       that you can report lost or
                                    characters within your               stolen cards.
    Account take-over -             password, not the whole              If you move house make
    where a criminal has            password. Ask the caller             sure you contact your
    obtained key personal           for their number, check it           bank and all other
    information and uses this       and call them           back.        organisations to give
    information to takeover         Also,     be      wary      of       them        your change of
    the running and operation       responding to unsolicited            address (the Post Office
    of your account.                e-mails           requesting         can redirect post on
                                    information about you.               request, for a minimal
There is a specific website         Ask for proof of identity or         fee).
designed to provide you with        undertake       your      own
practical advice on how to          checks. Never disclose           A leaflet about ID fraud has
protect yourself from being a       your     card      PIN      to   been produced by APACS
victim of ID fraud. This site       anyone.                          (the      UK       payments
also provides practical advice      Dispose       of     financial   association), CIFAS
on the steps you can take if        statements, card receipts        (the UK‟s fraud prevention
you discover that you are a         and      other      personal     service) and the Finance &
victim of identity theft. To        documents with care. Rip         Leasing Association (FLA).
view this site go to                up or, preferably, shred     any such documents               In the next issue we will be
                                    before binning them.             giving some warning signs of
Tips to help keep your              Always       check       bank    identity theft and fraud:
identity safe                       statements, and check
                                    receipts against your            Our thanks to Cardwatch for
    Always keep important           statements carefully. If         allow us to use this material –
    personal       documents,       you find an unfamiliar  where
    plastic     cards       and     transaction contact your         you will find some more
    chequebooks in a safe           card company or bank             useful information on Cards.
    and secure place. Keep          immediately.
    chequebooks and cards           Be aware that your post
    separately.       Valuable      is valuable information in
    documents include your          the wrong hands. If you
    passport, birth certificate,    fail to receive a bank
    driving license, plastic        statement,               card
    cards,    card     receipts,    statement, utility bill or
    financial       statements      other financial information
    and even utility bills.         contact the supplier. How
    Without access to this          easy would it be for
    information a criminal will     somebody to intercept
    find it very difficult to       your post?
    pretend to be you.              Guard your cards. Don‟t
                                    let them out of your sight
Esh Leaves                                  Page 31                                      March 2007

Off Road Motorbikes – An
update from Page 7

We have been advised that
since submitting the initial
report FOUR warning notices
have been issued and there
has been one bike SEIZURE.
Miscreants    have    been

A Musical Concert              by
Belmont Ladies Choir                          Alan Mollon, Mike Ackroyd, Geoff Smith and David Rider
                                                    with the Quality Parish Council submission
The Friends of Durham
                                                        LOOKING AT LANGLEY PARK
Hospital present, a Musical
Concert by Belmont Ladies                                  MEMORIES OF A VILLAGE
Choir, to be held on Friday                      Recently reviewed by Durham Town & Country Magazine

30th March at 7:30pm, at St.                             COMPILED BY JOHN C. FOSTER
Andrews Methodist Church               A random collection of memories mainly covering the period 1930s to 1960s
                                                    with some recollections of earlier and later days.
Hall, Langley Park.
                                                         Over 170 pages. 81 categories including:
                                      Living in Langley Park: 1939-1945 war, The British Legion, School, Transport,
The entrance fee will be              Doctors, Friends of the Hospitals, Entertainment. Illustrated with photographs
£2.50, tea and biscuits will be                                  of people and locations.
included.                              £15. Price includes a £2 donation to Langley Park Branch of the Friends of
                                                                   Durham Hospitals.
Bidding for Quality                     Enquiries: 0191 373 4223. E-mail
                                       On sale at Reay‟s Newsagent, Langley Park Post Office and the
In Esh Leaves Extra February                      Tourist Information Office in Durham City
2007 we reported that the             Comments:
Parish Council was on the             Received the book today, I’ve not been able to put it down since it’s
verge of submitting an                arrival -- J.H. of Keighley, West Yorkshire
application for Quality Status.       I have just read your book and thoroughly enjoyed the memories it
We are delighted to report            brought back – T. B. Derbyshire
that thanks to a great deal of
hard work by the Clerk, other
staff and Councillors the bid
has now been submitted.

It is anticipated that it will take
approximately 4 weeks for a
decision to be made by the
County Durham Association
of Local Councils on the

Watch this space for further

Esh Leaves                                        Page 32                                                 March 2007
                                        Top Quality Beef, Pork, Lamb and Poultry at
                                                       knock out prices
                                    Watch out for our weekly freezer fillers and special offer
                                      Now selling bread, sandwiches, pies and pasties

                                   Why not try our large selection of barbecue products
                                                       Tel: 01913731408

               S. HUGHES               LANGLEY                          FTL
                                                  Car, Light Truck & Farm Tyres
               TEL:01913731144     Car Servicing, Repair, MOT preparation & now MOT Testing
               07817424983                               Bill Johnston
                                                  Langley Park 0191 373 3501
                                        We don’t make a song and dance about our prices!

    Telephone 01913739333
      Mobile 07762086696

      Up to 8 passengers
      Wheelchair facilities

        ESH LEAVES?

   This Magazine is delivered to
      over 2000 homes and is
    probably read by over 5000

      Contact the Editor on
         0191 3736687.

Esh Leaves                              Page 33                                     March 2007
    Langley Park
                                                        PARK FLOORING
     Fish Shop                        47c Front Street, Langley Park, Co. Durham DH7 9XB
                                                        Tel: 0191 3739947
   Fresh Fish and Chips
                                          CARPETS AND VINYLS FOR EVERY ROOM
      9 Quebec Street
                                              MEASURING AND FITTING SERVICE
                                                    FREE ESTIMATES
    Telephone 3731474
                                   CONTRACT AND DOMESTIC FLOORING SPECIALISTS

                                                         Stuart Wright
                                                        Funeral Service, Durham

                                          COMPLETE FUNERAL & MONUMENTAL SERVICE
                                                 PRIVATE CHAPELS OF REST
                                                     24 HOUR SERVICE
        The secret of a                    0191 373 3700 or 0191 370 0015 or 0191 386 3850
         beautiful lawn               43 Front Street        3 Front Street      23 Marshall Terrace
  and it costs less than DIY!          Langley Park             Pelton               Gilesgate
                                         Durham           Chester Le Street           Durham
                                         DH7 9SA               DH2 1DB               DH1 2HX
 A healthier GREENER lawn                   
      in 4 easy steps.

    Costs from as little as       MALLORD LTD
                                   Plumbing, Heating &                 Olivers Tree Services Ltd
    £13.00 per application.
                                      Gas Services                            Unit 3, Langley Park
                                                                               Industrial Estate,
      FREEPHONE               Complete Heating Systems,
                                                                                Witton Gilbert,
                                Condensing Combi Boilers,                           Durham,
        0800 1695009              Gas Cookers & Fires,                             DH7 6TX.
                                    Bathroom Suites,                         Tel: 0191 3739771
                                  All domestic plumbing                      Fax: 0191 373 9772
                                 Telephone 01913730244 or            Email:
                                   NO CALL-OUT CHARGE
                                 Corgi Registered – No 220821

Esh Leaves                                Page 34                                           March 2007
       Tony Campbell
    (Milk, Eggs, Pop, Cream,              SPAR Convenience Foodstore
         +Organic Milk)
                                      In store Bakery, Sandwiches, Hot & Cold Food
     Door to Door deliveries                  Quality produce & Fresh Foods
         23 Lilian Terrace
                                      Off Licence, Newspapers & Magazines, Lottery,
           Langley Park
                                            DVD Rental, Mobile Phone Top Up &
             Durham                              all utility bills can be paid.
             DH7 9YF
        Tel:0191 3732825                Special Offers throughout the Store

     N.J.C. WROUGHT IRON                   Open 6am -10pm 7 days a week
    GATES ~ RAILINGS ~ HANDRAILS ~            Telephone 01913731373
              OR SMALL
              FREE ESTIMATES
             Tel: 0191 3739714 OR
                  07763 457 542

             Cross Keys Inn
         Esh Village, Durham
     New opening hours for food
    Mon to Thurs 5:30pm – 9:00pm
         Fri 5:30pm– 9:30pm
        Sat 6:30pm – 9:30pm
       Sun 7:00pm – 9:30pm
      Lunches served every day
            12pm – 2pm
             Tel 0191 3731279                        S & J Taxis
                                                        Langley Park
             Country Style
             14 Quebec Street            Friendly & Reliable Service at Very
               Langley Park
                 Durham                          Competitive Prices
                 DH7 9XA
                                                 Telephone 01913736899
    01913731733 or 01913731350                  Up to 4, 6 or 8 seat available
   Fruiter and Florist, Flowers for
            all Occasions.

Esh Leaves                            Page 35                                   March 2007
                                                                    VILLAGE JOINERY
                                                                           KITCHENS FITTED
                                                                (KITCHEN DESIGN SERVICE AVAILABLE)
                                                                     UPVC DOORS AND WINDOWS
 MSelectrical opening times:                                           DOOR HANGING SERVICE
                                                                   ALL JOINERY WORK UNDERTAKEN
 Monday 09:00 – 14:00, Tuesday 09:00 – 14:00
 Wednesday 09:00 – 14:00 (Closed during the school holidays)            Telephone Kenny on:
 Thursday 09:00 – 14:00, Friday 09:00 – 14:00                               0191 3739895
 Saturday 09:00 – 12:00                                                FOR FREE ESTIMATE
                                                                   Member of Durham County Council
          ALAN MADRELL COACH TOURS                                    registered traders scheme
  Stratford upon Avon & The Cotswolds 4 days 11 May £140
    Scottish Highlands & Loch Ness 4 days 15 June £140
      New quay & Cornish Delights 8 days 21 July £290

                                              NEW FOR 2007
                                Shanklin Isle of Wight 8 days
                                             st  th
                                          21 -28 April £240
                                             th   st
                                          14 - 21 July £270
                                         th       rd
                                      27 Oct- 3 Nov £230

            Day excursions to be announced soon.
                        0191 3733145
        3 Ivy Terrace Langley Park Durham DH7 9XW

Esh Leaves                                            Page 36                              March 2007

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