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									                    La Cuisine
             Bulletin de L’Association Culinaire Française et Conseil Culinaire Français

                                           ISSUE 92 - DECEMBER 2007

ACF Christmas Party
SATURDAY 15TH DECEMBER - Information & booking p14

InterviewMichel Roux Jr from Le Gavroche
ACF news Escoffier Challenge - Family brunch
Christmas Special Gift ideas
Education Chocolate lab - sugar school
Travel Brittany - Kyrgyzstan Central Asia - Japan
Recipes Gingerbread Scallops - special potato

  Fondée en 1903 par E. Fetu et A. Escoffier sous le haut patronage de Son Excellence L’Ambassadeur de France,
 de Monsieur le Consul Général de France et Lord Mayor of Westminster. Société Approuvée No 48 SA. Registered
            address Unit 7, The Heliport Estate, Lombard Road, London SW1 1RE. ISSEN : 09579761
Dear members,

Y   ou will notice that this issue of “La Cuisine” has more
pages than ever before and a complete new look, which is
one of many changes we have made to improve the ACF.
We are also working at developing competitions together
with our Thames Valley branch and our Scottish members.
When that takes place, we will be in a position to have
winners from all regions coming to compete in London.
The Website is now more appropriate to keep you updated
with all our activities, please do not hesitate to have a look                                                                                    Interview Michel Roux Jr            page 4/5
                                                                                                                                                  ACF Brunch                          page 7
and let us know what you think.
                                                                                                                                                  Escoffier Challenge                 page 8/9
I would like to use this opportunity to open a debate
concerning the effect of cooking programme on TV for our                                                                                          ACF North West                      page 12
profession. The food industry has improved during the past
20 years, yet I believe that the UK is a long way behind                                                                                          ACF Thames Valley :
when it comes to professionalism. With TV series promo-                                                                                           Trip to Sula                        page 13
ting so called “celebrity chefs” who are more interested in
promoting themselves by making viewers believe that they                                                                                          Christmas Party 2007                page 14
can cook a 3 courses meal in 15 minutes or by throwing
ingredients into a pan and calling it “Cuisine Nouvelle”,                                                                                         Conseil Culinaire Français

                                                                                                                                                  in Scotland                         page 16/17

whilst dressed up in jeans and using swearing words to
                                                                                                                               
                                                                                                                              

keep the rating up. In most cases, the viewer will not even
                                                                                                                                                  New products
be presented with a recipe.
                                                                                                                                                  French cigars and watches           page 18
Instead, they should produce real and interesting dishes,
prepared with the expertise and dedication real chefs                                                                                             The Patisserie Corner               page 19
should have. Those “chefs” should be our Ambassadors
and behave like professionals instead of swearing and                                                                                             Cocoa Barry editorial               page 20/21
bullying people. This makes us as if we cannot handle the
pressure or even we might be a bunch of individuals who                                                                                           Culture (French Teachers)           page 23
cannot behave like other professionals. With that attitude,
                                                    Secrets from Brittany
                                                    By Elerig Liguet, from Classic Fine Foods

the rest of us have no chance to present the real image of
                                                    In April 2007, I had the great pleasure of accompanying Pascal Proyart Executive Head Chef
                                                    at the newly re-opened One o One restaurant, Sameer Taneja Executive Sous Chef at the
                                                                                                                                                  Isake Tour Japan                    page 23
                                                    One o One, Richard Housset Head Chef at the Sheraton Park Tower and Eric Chavot Head

who we really are and it would be nice to have your views
                                                    Chef at the Capital Hotel on a ‘voyage gastronomique’ of France’s most Western treasure,
                                                    Brittany: home to BORDIER and PARK SAINT KERBER VIVIER D’ARMOR’s products. We
                                                    were interested to discover the secrets of success behind these unique delicacies.

on the subject. If we want to be taken seriously by the
                                                    As the pictures may suggest, the weather was somewhat cold and unwelcoming, however,
                                                                                                                                                  La cuisine
                                                                                                                                                  from all around the world           page 24/25
                                                    our experience turned out to be quite the opposite, giving us a valuable insight into some of
                                                    Brittany’s greatest culinary secrets.

public, the professionals need to be serious in every op-
portunity used to inform and promote our trade. The future
                                                                                                                                                  Secret from Brittany                page 27
generations of chefs deserve better.
                                                                                                                                                  Recipe from Olivier Geyer           page 28
Sincerely,                                          Our first night gave us a glimpse into the world of Olivier Rollinger, Head Chef of the three
                                                    Michelin star restaurant; “Les maisons de Bricourt”. This experience allowed us to discover
                                                    some of the techniques of this amazing chef who expresses his talent through mixing food

William Hamelin                                     and spices from all around the world. Rollinger is particularly fond of Tsarskaya oysters, us-
                                                    ing them in his cuisine since their creation in 2005.
                                                                                                                                                  Recipe from Anthony Ekizian page 29

                                                                                                             Unit D24/27
                                                                                                       New Covent Garden Market
                                                                                                            Nine Elms Lane
                                                                                                           London SW8 5LL
Interview Le Gavroche
Michel Roux Jr, from

Michel Roux Jr., 47, is chef pa- his      Why a pastry chef?
                                          Both my father and uncle recom-
                                                                                       know is Gordon Ramsay.
tron of Le Gavroche. Founded by
father Albert and his uncle Michel in     mended it. It’s more in the way of a         Favourite ingredient?
1967 it was the first UK restaurant       science. It teaches you rigour and           I love seasons and this being autumn
to be awarded three Michelin stars.       self discipline whereas with general         I have to say game. Partridge, veni-
Michel Jr lives in South London with      cooking you don’t necessarily have           son, teal, the list is endless. And all
his wife and daughter.                                                                 my game is roasted on the bone and
                                          to follow the recipes to the gram. In
                                                                                       carved at the table.
                                          pastry one gram out and the recipe is
With your family background you were
                                          completely messed up. And the theory
probably always going to be a chef.                                                    Was it difficult to emerge from your
                                          behind this is that it’s easier to go from
Any choice in the matter?                                                              family’s shadow and establish your
                                          the pastry to the kitchen than from the
The choice was entirely mine. My                                                       own identity?
                                          kitchen to the pastry.
father would never have dreamt of                                                      Very difficult obviously. Following in
pushing me into anything. But for me                                                   one set of footsteps was hard, fol-
                                          What next?
it was a natural progression. I was                                                    lowing in two was harder still. But
                                          After the apprentceship I went to Alain
almost born in a kitchen. It was a                                                     hopefully I have made my own repu-
                                          Chapel outside Lyons to do a two
passion and I was always going to be                                                   tation.
                                          year stint in the kitchens there. I was
in the catering business.
                                          about 18 and very fortunate to get a
                                                                                       How would you define the cooking
                                          job there because at that time he was
Was cooking at home something your                                                     here?
                                          regarded as probably the best chef in
father did or was it a family thing?                                                   True to its French roots but also lighter
                                          the world.
Very much a family thing. My mo-                                                       than it used to be.
ther is an excellent cook. When Le
                                          What teaching style do you prefer?
Gavroche first opened in ‘67 I really                                                  Do you ever complain?
                                          The tyrannt or the encourager?
didn’t see much of my father so my                                                     Very rarely. If I don’t like it I won’t eat it
                                          Well, those bosses were certainly not
mother was cooking all the time. But it                                                and I won’t go back to the restaurant.
                                          tyrannts. They were very much of the
goes back to grandparents, too. Both
                                          encouraging school and they led from
grandmothers were exceedingly good                                                     3 favourite restaurants in London?
                                          the front. They were the first in the
chefs and both grandfathers were in                                                    In no order, probably Nobu, Gordon
                                          kitchen in the morning and the last to
the business as well. So it goes back                                                  Ramsay, Royal Hospital Road, and
                                          leave at night. And they didn’t need to
a long way.                                                                            Chez Bruce.
                                          shout because they commanded so
                                          much respect.
What about training? In one sense                                                      Least favourite food?
you needn’t have bothered going to                                                      Kenyan beans and marzipan.
                                          Do you shout?
college because you could have got
                                          Occasionally I raise my voice but I try
that from your father and uncle.                                                       Would you recommend the profession
                                          to man manage in the same way that
Yes but college is important in that                                                   to youngsters?
                                          Henri Hellegouarch and Alain Chapel
you need a formal grounding. So                                                         Most definitely. It has so much to
                                          did. And that’s commanding respect
colleges do have their place and I did                                                 offer. The catering industry is so vast.
                                          by the fact that you’re here all the time
a traditional pastry apprenticeship                                                    But you have to be fit. The old adage,
                                          and that that you can do the jobs - any
in Paris at Patisserie Hellegouarch.                                                   “Never trust a thin chef” has changed.
                                          job - better than anybody else.
Three weeks with the boss in situ                                                      To work in a fast and furious kitchen
at the pastry shop and one week at                                                     you have to look after yourself and
                                          Your family aside, who’s the best chef
college. For two years. And at the end                                                 most chefs these days realise that.
                                          in Britain today?
of the two years we had a rigorous
                                          The best most naturally talented chef I
exam. Which I passed by the way.
How important is the Roux Scho-
 It’s vitally important. It’s the Roux
familiy giving something back and
encouraging youth to achieve great
things. It’s been going on for over
twenty years now and it’s something
we’re very proud of.

Family man or workaholic?
 I’m very much a workaholic but also
very much a family man. Family is
very important to me and any spare
time I have I religiously keep aside for
my wife and daughter.

How many hours do you work?
 I’m one of the first here in the kitchen
at 8 am and generally get out by 3
pm. Then I’m back by 6 pm and very
rarely home before midnight.

Any culinary disasters?
They happen to all of us but the secret
is getting out of them. Personally I’d
rather put my hand up, say I got it
wrong, and offer an alternative rather
than serving something that’s not

Last supper?
 I love too many things really so
it would have to be a Gargantuan
banquet BUT, if pressed, it would
probably be a plateau de fruits de mer
followed by a beautiful roast grouse
and oeufs a la neige as dessert. With
probably a Gosset vintage Cham-
pagne, a Penfold’s Grange (which
will upset a few people!), and a Vin
Constance from South Africa.
A.C.F. News
Summer Brunch,
Millennium Gloucester Hotel, 10th June 07

TheonACF’s10th ofAnnualatSpring Brunch was
held  the        June the Millennium
Gloucester Hotel, central London, within the
confines of the hotel’s beautiful conservatory.
Proceedings got underway with welcome drinks
and the relaxed, informal ambiance was sealed
with live classical music.

The children were treated to their own special
lunch and settled down afterwards to enjoy
some structured activities and games. Crea-
ting a children’s corner gave them the opportu-
nity of making new friends and left parents and
carers free to enjoy a delicious buffet. Mem-
bers of the committee were congratulated for
providing such an appropriate and stimulating
event for the children and were asked to repeat
the idea at next year’s brunch.

The buffet, which included wonderful confit de
canard and some heavenly meat-free pasta,
was very well received. For those guests and
members who didn’t leave room for a feast of
chocolate gateaux, afternoon tea compensated

The day’s entertainment continued with a great
raffle, a spicy operatic performance and of
course, our hallmark disco. All proved to be
popular activities. All good things must come to
an end, and our disco dancers were eventually
persuaded to hang up their shoes and retire for
the day.

So, a very enjoyable time was had by adults
and children alike. The ACF president and
committee members would like to thank all
members, guests and sponsors who contribu-
ted to this very successful event.

Details of the 2008 brunch will appear in a
future edition of La Cuisine. Be sure to book
your tickets early!
A.C.F. News
Escoffier Challenge,
June 9th 2007, Hammersmith College

By Sheila Fraser Whyte
Division Manager Hospitality & Catering, Hair
and Beauty, Hammersmith and West London

It was another beautiful day in West London
when TASTE restaurant and Hammersmith and
West London were delighted again to host the
Escoffier Challenge in our kitchens for the ACF.

The day started with chefs chatting away in
English and French, the students all excited to
compete and gearing themselves up to compete
with the box of surprise items where culinary
delights were to be created for the panel of
judges to taste, deliberate and of course identify
the winner.

The surprise basket Basket contained:

1.      Baguette “Bridor”
2.      Foie Gras mi-cuit “Rougié” 1x 200g
3.      Fresh fillet of cod x 450g
4.      Few Tea bags
5.      Mini Roulé “Garlic & Herbs” 1x 125g
6.      Chocolate Valrhona Dark70%
7.      Fresh Cherries x 300g

The contestants discovered the basket by 09.20
and then started to think about it, by 9.45 they
did give us the three dishes they have chosen
to do. The candidates had to create one starter,
one main course and one dessert for two peo-
ple. Hard enough, but this had to be achieved
within 3 hours.

The chefs were ready ideas brimming and the
competition began as a judge myself it was won-
derful to see how inspired the chefs were and of
course the training and passion that had been
developed over time some longer than others.

With my spoon and fork at the ready my fellow
judges, tasted, pontificated and then tasted

There were some interesting concoctions;
chocolate sushi with rhubarb is something I do
The competition was a great success and
of course we toasted the winners and the
losers at the end with what else but French

Congratulations to Andrew Ball, who works
as second Sous-Chef at The Ritz Hotel and
to Jakub Winkowski, the winning student
who recently finished with scholarship.

Both winners were rewarded with their

- One Dinner for two at a Michelin Stared
Restaurant, a Bragard Chef Jacket and
£250 for Andrew Ball
- One week cookery stage in a Michelin Sta-
red Restaurant, a Bragard Chef Jacket and
£250 for Jakub Winkowski.

We look forward to hosting the event next
year and we urge students and professio-
nals to compete and support this wonderful
                  Classic Fine Foods
              Classic Fine Foods presents Secrets from Brittany
              Classic Fine Foods is very proud to present two new products from Brittany :
                                     Fresh Oysters (Tsarskaya from Cancale)
                             Churned butter (the taylor made butter from Bordier)

       All those new products are included in our new collection Autumn Winter 2007 which is
                                         available on request.

                                                               .Historically, Cancale’s oysters have been a
                                                               king’s delicacy and a particular favourite of
                                                               the TSARS of Russia. It is to pay homage to
                                                               these famous gastronomes that TSAR-
                                                               SKAYA oysters have been created.

He wanted to be fisherman, his parents were cheese mak-
ers so he dropped his anchor in Saint Malo and reinvented
Like great characters , he is passionate, unassuming and
generous !

Jean Yves Bordier maked his butter at his own place from
a great butter base. In the industry, 24 hours separate the
milking from the butter. Bordier butter required three days
to mature, the churning butter on old tradition from the
19th century.

                                        Classic Fine Foods Uk Ltd
                Unit D24/27 New Covent Garden Market Nine Elms Lane London SW8 5LL
             Tel : 0207 627 9666 / Fax : 0207 627 9696 / Email :
A.C.F. News
North West Branch

Thehad gathered atathe Midland Hotel in Manchester to mark the 30th friends of theofNorthfounding of theofNorthACF
    occasion was meeting of the committee, members, family and                            West Branch the
who                                                                  anniversary the                            West
Branch of the Association in 1977.

The Midland Hotel was where many of the founder North West members worked at the time, including Chef Gilbert
Lefevre (whose widow, Phyllis, is in the centre of the group picture).

The celebration included a guided tour of the hotel, led by a Blue Badge Guide, who shared with the members many
events and memories of the Midland Hotel since its opening in 1898. This provided us with a wonderful overview of
how the site was developed, an insight into the type of guests who used to frequent the hotel, and the level of staffing
needed to operate such a lavish operation!

Following the tour, afternoon tea was taken in the French Restaurant and framed commemorative certificates were
presented to each member by the current President, Richard Grove, to mark this important landmark in the North
West Branch’s history.
A.C.F. News
Thames Valley Branch
Trip to Sula Vineyard, July 2007 by W A Morgan

                                                           market, selling out within three days.

                                                           The Sauvignon Blanc is excellent and has been
                                                           used in blind tastings, gaining many accolades and
                                                           positive comments, and I will look to stock this next

                                                           Also the Zinfandel is excellent. The Dindori Reser-
                                                           ve is oak aged Shiraz and top of the range.

                                                           These Vineyards are 50 km from the winery, and
                                                           this is a very scenic area - an amazing drive. The
                                                           tasting room at the winery is very impressive and
                                                           they get over 400 visitors each Saturday/Sunday.

                                                           Sula wine is featured in all the best restaurants and
                                                           hotels that I visited in Mumbai/Delhi and Udaipur.
                                                           The Park Hotel in Delhi is particularly good.

                                                           Sula also contributes enormously to the local
                                                           economy, and the local people are benefiting.
                                                           They harvest January to March, and the vines are
                                                           pruned twice a year.

                                                           The Vineyards are well worth visiting, the wines ex-
                                                           cellent, and if you want to go to a romantic place,
                                                           try Udaipur – it takes some beating.

In July I went to Sula Vineyards which is in the
Nashik highlands, 180 miles from Mumbai, India.

I went by train from Mumbai which is an experien-
ce in itself, with you getting on the train with locals,
business people, families and cows.

I was collected at Nashik town railway station and
taken to Sula vineyards.

It is a beautiful place, and the work of Rajeev Sa-
mant who is CEO of Sula.
He went to university in California and became
interested in wines there.

We buy Chenin Blanc and Shiraz for the College,
and this features on our wine list for Fellows’, Stu-
dents and commercial customers.

Sula employs 160 people this includes those at the
winery, vineyard, sales and marketing team.

95% of the sales take place in India, but it is now
sold in restaurants in Britain, France, USA, Fin-
land, and they have just entered the Japanese
A.C.F. News
Conseil Culinaire Français in Scotland
6th October 2007

O   n Saturday 6th October 2007, the
President Alain Cahour accompanied by
the President of the ACF, William Hamelin,
the President d’Honneur of the ACF Michel
Giquel, altogether a group of 10 from
London, took part to the 110th Reunion of
the Conseil Culinaire Francais in a Dining
Room from Baxters of Spey side, located in
Fochabers, Moray.

A local member, David Dowie from Elgin
organised most of the contacts for the successful
We were able to enjoy the legendary Scottish hos-
pitality from our Northern members who turned up
for the event dressed in their finest regalia, always
worn with pride.
The menu devised by Baxters chefs, Stuart Aitken
and Alan Robertson, consisted entirely on local
product prepared to high standards.

During the evening, a minute of silence was res-
pected in the memories of Emile
Lefebvre and Fergus Mc Ghie who both passed
away in the last few weeks.

A young but highly respected local butcher, David
Brown, was made honorary member.

It was the first time in the history of the Conseil that
we ventured in Scotland
Hopefully, we will not wait so long to repeat a visit.
Special Feature
Christmas time is here...
  Looking for an imaginative gift or a stylish treat for
  yourself? The ideal gift for all chefs, cooks or anyone
      who loves fine dining?
      We found a fantastic online watch store dedicated to
      selling stylish and collectible watches made exclusi-
      vely by French designer Jean-Christophe Mareschal.
      There are currently 100 unique designs available in
      the UK, but of course we’ve chosen to showcase the 2
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      The chef watch. A whisk and wooden spoon show the
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      With steel or titanium cases, mineral glass and Swiss
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      T  he first ever hand-made French cigars have arri-
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      women alike.

      Grown and manufactured in France, from 100%
      French dark tobacco, it is cultivated and hand rolled
      in the Cuban tradition… drawing on the knowledge of
      experts from Cuba and from France.

      The Navarre cigars come in 3 sizes and are available
      in some specialist tobacconists and selected hotels
      and restaurants throughout the UK.

      Navarre Short Robusto – rrp £9.40
      Navarre Robusto – rrp £11.80
      Navarre Double Corona – rrp £29.90 (in glass tube)
      For more information, contact SB French Luxury Pro-
      ducts Ltd, the exclusive UK importer and distributor.

      or call 07968326252.
The Patisserie Corner
By Javier Mercado, Chef Lecturer, Westminster College

Sweet Memories

When visiting Belfort, it may        and he has over 100 students
seem like any other provincial       each year. The courses are all
town in the Alsace region of         in French, so it helps to be able
France, with several good bou-       to speak that language, but it’s
langerie, patisserie and cho-        not essential, as I’ve found,
colate shops. Patisserie Klein       as most of the learning can be
is one of these shops, but as        done by watching and copying,
soon as you open the door and        then practicing lots when you’re
go inside you’ll see that this is    back home!
a very different patisserie shop.
To get into the shop you have        In August, I was lucky enough
to dodge between all the glass       to visit Patisserie Klein for the
cases with sugar and pastillage      second time to take a cause
showpieces on display that har-      titled “Ikebana”, which my wife
dly leave room for the exquisite     told me is a form of Japanese
pastries and chocolates which        flower arranging, however, I
are on sale in the shop.             think the rather vague title was
                                     so that there were no restric-
The actual shop has been a pa-       tions on creativity. This Ike-
tisserie for over 100 years, but     bana class incorporates pulled
was bought by the Klein family       and blown sugar, pastillage plus
in 1971. At that time Mme & M        an introduction to airbrushing.
Klein had a son, Stephane, who       Classes at the school are
was just 1-year old. As he grew      pressurised, as there is a lot to
up, Stephane learnt from his         be done each day, which, with
father, and started his apprenti-    all the three-dimensional details
ceship in the shop when he was       that are part of Stephane’s
15. It’s a real family business      style. It was very challenging,
as Stephane’s son is now about       but also very enjoyable, and I
to start his apprenticeship at       would highly recommend the
the shop too. Mme & M Klein          classes to anyone wanting to
still work in the shop, as does      improve their sugar skills.
Stephane’s wife; he met his
wife at patisserie school and so     If you’re unable to make it over
confectionery skills really are in   to the school, then Stephane
the family.                          Klein has a new book coming
                                     out in November, and he
Having started learning at such      already has a book called Art
a young age, Stephane is a real      du Sucre. For details of both
master of the traditional patis-     books contact the school.
serie skills of boiled sugar work,
chocolate and pastillage, but        For further information about
what make his work different         the school, visit the homepage
are his airbrushing skills. He’s
taken the art form of airbrushing
and integrated it with pastry
skills with stunning results. It’s
no wonder that his skills are in
demand, and 10 years ago he
started a sugar school, in a buil-
ding behind the main shop. The
courses are now very popular,
                              CH                                       CH                                 CH
                                    OC                                      OC                                 OC
OLA                                      OLA                                     OLA                                OLA
   TER                                      TER                                     TER                                TER

        dedicated to delivering
       IE                                       IE                                      IE                                 IE
    PAR DE L’                                PAR DE L’                               PAR DE L’                          PAR DE L’
       IS    OPÉ                                IS     OPÉ                              IS     OPÉRA                       IS     O
                 R    A                                    R   A

        only the finest cheeses
        and best speciality foods
                              CH                                       CH                                 CH
                                    OC                                      OC                                 OC
OLA                                      OLA                                  OLA                                OLA
   TER                                      TER                                  TER                                TER
       IE                                       IE                                   IE                                 IE
    PAR DE L’                                PAR DE L’                            PAR DE L’                          PAR DE L’
       IS     OPÉ                               IS     OPÉ                           IS    OPÉ                          IS     OP
                  R   A                                    RA                                  R     A

                              CH                                       CH                                 CH
                                    OC                                   OC                                 OC
OLA                                   OLA                                    OLA                                OLA
   TER                                   TER                                    TER                                TER
       IE                                    IE                                     IE                                 IE
    PAR DE L’                             PAR DE L’                              PAR DE L’                          PAR DE L’
       IS     OPÉ                            IS    OPÉ                              IS    OP    ÉRA                    IS     OP
                  R   A                                   RA

            Tel: 020 7819 6000
                                           CH                                 CH
                               HO                                           OC                                 OC
OLA                                  CO                                          OLA                                OLA
   TER                                    LAT                                       TER                                TER
       IE                                    ERI                                        IE                                 IE
    PAR DE L’                               PAR DE L’                                PAR DE L’                          PAR DE L’
       IS     OPÉ                              IS     OPÉ                               IS    OP    ÉRA                    IS     O
                  RA                                      R    A

              CHOCOLATERIE DE L’OPÉRA                                                                           ®

                                                           P A R I CHOC                                   CH
OLA                                      OLA                                     OLA                                OLA
   TER                                      TER                                     TER                                TER
       IE                                       IE                                      IE                                 IE
    PAR DE L’                                PAR DE L’                               PAR DE L’                          PAR DE L’
       IS    OPÉ                                IS     OPÉ                              IS    OP    ÉRA                    IS     O
                 R    A                                    R   A

                          LES PURES PLANTATIONS®
                          An Olivier de Loisy ’s original creation
    PAR DE L’                                PAR DE L’                               PAR DE L’                          PAR DE L’
             OPÉ                                       OPÉ                                    OP                                  O

                          An Avant-garde Product range
       IS                                       IS                                      IS          ÉRA                    IS
                 RA                                        R   A

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For those of you who don’t know it yet, let me introduce the SNPF, la Société Nationale des Professeurs de Français
en Grande Bretagne.
En fait cette organisation s’adresse aux francophones parmi vous. Fondée en 1881, elle est la doyenne des associa-
tions françaises en GB. Chaque année, elle organise des conférences pour ses membres et leurs amis ou invités. Si
les sujets vous intéressent, vous êtes cordialement invités à nous rejoindre. Nos réunions commencent à 15 Heures
et se déroulent à MORE HOUSE, 53 Cromwell Road, London SW7 2EH (Métro South Kensington). Conférence :

                                                Le 26 janvier 2008
                       Mme Elizabeth Le Doze-Wakefield, conférencière de l’Alliance Française
                                 « Les Ponts de Paris : histoire et impact culturel »

Au plaisir de vous y rencontrer !
Dina Tabet-Mayer
Présidente de la SNPF

In co-operation with the ACF H&B Foods is holding :
       a truffle presentation on January 14th from 2.30pm to approx. 5.30pm at Kingsway Westminster College.

Maître Cuisinier de France Christian Etienne will be showcasing his own recipes as well as giving a basic introduction
to and providing background knowledge on truffles.

To book your space please contact Stephanie Breuser from H&B Foods on 020 7819 6054.
La Cuisine fromtheAll around the World
By Jacques Pasquier, Head Chef at Swiss Embassy, Kyrgyzstan, August 2007

Dear Fellow members,

K   yrgyzstan is a mountainous country in the Tian Shan and Pamir chain, rising to 7440m at Pobeda Peak on the
Chinese border. Ninety per cent of the country is over 1000m above sea level with an average elevation of 2750m.
More than half of the population are Sunni Muslim, the rest are Russian, Uzbeks, Ukrainians, and Germans. About two
thirds of the population is rural. The north border is Kazakhstan, East China, West Uzbekistan and South Tajikistan.
Different aspects of cooking are aimed at using local products like cow, mutton and a few specialties from the Tur-
kish invasion century ago. One of them is a Manti Kyrgyz which is a type of big ravioli made with veal or lamb meat,
onions, potatoes, paprika and then steamed like a dumpling. This is eaten with a Koumis, a national drink made with
fermented filly milk. It is a succulent specialty when you are spending days and days walking in the «jailoos» pastu-
rage hop to 3000 m.
                                                                  Another local delicacy is Homemade Goats
                                                                  Cheese: the goat’s milk is skimmed and
                                                                  then put away in a linen cloth after it has
                                                                  been pressurized. Then it will be left to drip
                                                                  overnight and rolled in a shape of a little ball
                                                                  and dried near the fire place. This would
                                                                  then be carried away by horses to be sold in
                                                                  the local town.

The Sunday Market in the town of Kasgar was also a highlight of my trip. This is the biggest animal trade
market of Asia. The city is on the silk road, at the crossroad of the Taklimakan desert (the 3rd biggest desert
in the world), the Himalayans chains, the Xinchieng Province of China, the Kirkystan and Pakistan.

The valley which runs from the
Kazakhstan border to the Issuk
Kol Lake (the second higher lake
in the world after the Titicaca) is
a perfect environment to produce
Honey (Miel d’ epicea). It is a
strong perfumed Honey and the
locals mix it with crushed iced
and yogurt in order to make a
refreshing drink.
  Secrets from Brittany
  By Elerig Liguet, from Classic Fine Foods
Secrets from Brittany
  In April Liguet, from Classic Fine Foods
By Elerig2007, I had the great pleasure of accompanying Pascal Proyart Executive Head Chef
  at Secrets from Brittany
      the newly re-opened One o One restaurant, Sameer Taneja Executive Sous Chef at the
   April One, I had the great Head Chef at the Sheraton Park Proyart Executive Head Chef
In One o2007, Richard Houssetpleasure of accompanying Pascal Tower and Eric Chavot Head
     By Elerig Liguet, from Classic

    the at the Capital Hotel on ‘voyage gastronomique’ Taneja          of France’s most Sous Chef at the
at Chef newly re-opened One oaOne restaurant, Sameer Brittany Executive Western treasure,
                                                     Secrets from
   Brittany: home to Housset and Chef SAINTSheraton Park Tower and Eric products. We
                                                      the KERBER VIVIER Classic Fine Chavot
OneFineOne, Richard BORDIERHead PARK at By Elerig Liguet, from D’ARMOR’s Foods Head
      o Foods
   were the Capital discover the secrets of success behind of France’s most Western treasure,
Chef at interested to Hotel on a ‘voyage gastronomique’these unique delicacies.
    I                                                In April 2007, VIVIER D’ARMOR’s accompanying Pascal Proya
Brittany: home to BORDIER and PARK SAINT KERBERI had the great pleasure of products. We
   As n April 2007, Ito discover pleasure of accompanying Pascal Proyartcold and Head Chefrestaurant, Sameer Taneja Exe
       the pictureshad the suggest, the weather was somewhat Executive unwelcoming, however,
                       may great the secrets of success behind re-opened One delicacies.the newly
                                                     at the                           o One at
were interested o One restaurant, Sameer Taneja Executivenewly Chef at the One o One, Richard Housset
     re-opened One                                                  these
                                                              Sous Richard unique Head Chef at the Sheraton Park Towe
                                                     One o One,
   our experience turned out to be quite the opposite, giving us Housset oninsight into some of
                                                                            a valuable a ‘voyage gastro-
     Head Chef at the Sheraton Park Tower and Eric Chavot Head Chef at the Capital Hotel
                                                     Chef at the Capital Hotel on a ‘voyage gastronomique’ of France’s
     nomique’ greatest suggest, the weather was somewhat cold and unwelcoming, however,
AsBrittany’s of France’sculinary secrets.
    the pictures may most Western treasure, Brittany: home to BORDIER and PARK SAINT KERBER VIVIER
                                           Brittany: home to BORDIER and PARK SAINT KERBER VIVIER D’A
    D’ARMOR’s products. We were interested to discover the secrets of success behind these unique delicacies.
                                           were interested to discover the secrets of success some these
our experience turned out to be quite the opposite, giving us a valuable insight into behind of unique
     As the greatest culinary the weather
Brittany’s pictures may suggest, secrets. was somewhat cold and unwelcoming, however, our experience tur-
                                                         As the into some of suggest, the weather was somewhat cold and u
    ned out to be quite the opposite, giving us a valuable insightpictures mayBrittany’s greatest culinary secrets.
                                                     our experience turned out to be quite the opposite, giving us a valua
                                                     Brittany’s greatest culinary secrets.

  Our first night gave us a glimpse into the world of Olivier Rollinger, Head Chef of the three
  Michelin star restaurant; “Les maisons de Bricourt”. This experience allowed us to discover
  some of the techniques of this amazing chef who expresses his talent through mixing food
Our Ourspices from allus glimpsethe the world Rollingerof Olivier Rollinger, ofthe Michelin star the Olivier Rollinger,
  and first night gaveus around into into experience allowed us togaveCheffond of Tsarskayaofof this three
          first night gave a                      of Olivier
                             a glimpse This the worldRollinger, Head us asome three techniques of us-
     restaurant; “Les maisons de Bricourt”.world.     Our first night discover glimpse into Chef oysters,
                                                               is particularly
                                                                                   of the
                                                                                           Head the world
  ing them chef who expresses his talent through mixing food andThis experience allowed Rollinger is This
     amazing in restaurant; “Les maisons de in 2005.
Michelin star his cuisine since their creation Bricourt”.star restaurant; “Les maisons deus to discoverexperience
                                                      Michelin spices from all around the world. Bricourt”.
     particularly techniques of this amazing chef who the techniques talentamazing chef who expresses his tale
some of the fond of Tsarskaya oysters, using them insome of expresses his of this 2005.
                                                        his cuisine since their creation in through mixing food
                                                      and spices from all around the world. Rollinger is particularly fond o
and spices from all around the world. Rollinger is particularly fond of Tsarskaya oysters, us-
                                                      ing them in his cuisine since their creation in 2005.
ing them in his cuisine since their creation in 2005.

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 By Olivier Geyer
 from Baxter Storey
                                                                   • Bread flour - 565g
                                                                   (190g for the flying starter, 375 for the bread)
                                                                   • Milk - 75ml
                                                                   • Water - 175ml
                                                                   • Natural yoghurt - 50g
                                                                   • Yeast - 40g
                                                                   • Ferment - 75g
                                                                   • Warm mashed potato (dry) - 150g
               ghurt bre
                                                                   • Butter - 20g
   tato and
                                                                   • Trimoline - 10g
Po                                                                 • Improver - 5g
                                                                   • Salt - 10g
                  To make the flying starter

       Take 190g of the flour, all the liquids, yoghurt and yeast, mix together well and place in the prover for 30 minu-
     Once this has fermented add to the other ingredients (excluding the salt) and place in a mixing bowl.
     Place on a medium low speed and mix for 6 minutes, add the salt and mix for a further 2 minutes
     Bulk ferment for 30 minutes, shape into a loaf style at 350g, place in a small tin greased with trenwax
     Prove at 34c and bake for 40 - 45 minutes on 240c (top) 230c (bottom) with the vent closed for the
     first 3 minutes

                                                                      • Potatoes - 1 ½ kg
                                                                      • Butter, clarified - 250 g

                                     Anna P ta
                                           o toes
              Serve 6 - Method

     Trim the potatoes to an even cylindrical shape and cut into
    approx. 1 mm slices.

    Heat two Pommes Anna moulds on the side of the stove and well coat the sides
    and bottom with butter.

    Place a layer of potatoes neatly overlapping in the bottom of the moulds, butter and lightly
    season. Continue to arrange layers in the same manner until the mould is almost full and
    finally well butter to the top layer.

    Heat the pans well on the stove until a sizzling sound can be heard, then place in a hot
    oven at approx. 220°c to cook, occasionally pressing the potatoes flat and brushing with
     butter. Time approx. 45-50 mins.

       When golden brown, knock firmly to release the potatoes from the sides of
        the mould, then turn over onto a flat tray to allow them to drain for a few
          seconds of any excess butter. Serve either whole on a round dish or
            cut into portions in vegetable dishes.
Recipes                                                         or
                                                               F the Ginger bread crust:
from atAnthony Ekizian                                         • 150gr of sugar
                                                               • 150gr of honey
Head Chef BNP Paribas, London                                  • 5gr of ginger
                                                               • 5gr of cinnamon powder
                                                               • 5gr nutmeg powder
                                                               • 5 gr of 5 spices mix
                                                               • 375 gr of flour
                                                               • 1 tsp of baking powder
                                                               • 2 tsp of baking soda

      Baked Scallops
                                                               • 250 ml of milk
                                                               • 100 gr of unsalted butter
      a Ginger Bread
                                                               • 250gr for the crust
 with                    ree
         ernut Squash Pu
                                                               F the butternut
  & Butt                                                       • 1 butternut squash of 1 kg
                                                               • 100 ml of Chicken stock
                                                               • 50 gr of crème fraiche

           Ginger bread                                         or
                                                               F the sauce
      In a casserole heat the honey, sugar and all                • 150ml of veal or chicken jus
  the spices until everything is well melted and incor-           • 1 tbs of rd wine vinegar
 porated, in a separate casserole bring to a boil the milk        • 50 gr of smoke or unsmoked Pancetta
 and butter together then add the honey mixture to it             ( depending on your taste)
 In a bowl add all the remaining ingredients and whisk until
 Pour into a greased lined loaf tin. Bake in the oven at 180 Degrees
 for 35 minutes, until deep golden and firm touch.
 Leave to cool in the tin and turn it out on a wire rack to cool completely.
 Then dice and let it dry in the oven at 60 degrees for 1 hour or 2.
 When you have a very dry ginger bread put in a robot-coup and blend it until
 that give you a crumbled powder.
 The crust
  Make“beurre pomade” with the butter and mix 250gr of the ginger bread powder, wrap
  it in a cling film, give it a boudin shape of a 1cm diameter and put it in the fridge to be-
  come solid.

  The butternut squash
  Peel the squash, separate it in 2 take the superior part that is cylindrical. Slice 12 wheels from it
  of 1.5 cm thick and give them the shape wanted with a fluted cuter and reserve. Clean the rest of
  the squash, but keep the seed, rinse them and roast in a pan, reserve. Diced the rest of the squash
   ,heat a bit of olive oil in a saucepan add the diced squash ,sweat without colouring then add the
   chicken stock and simmer until the squash is very tender. Transfer to a blender and blend to a smooth
    puree, adding the crème fraiche, season to taste and keep warm.

     The sauce
      Make very small dice of the pancetta and sauté them until golden brown, deglaze with the vinegar
      then add your jus and reduce to 2/3 until thicken.

        Finishing it
         Season the scallops, slice the ginger bread butter of 1cm thick and put 1 on each
          scallop, then put them on a baking tray and bake for 6 minutes.
           Durand that time pan-fried the squash cylinders and seasons them,
            Re-heat the sauce and plate everything like in the picture.
Association Culinaire Française     Treasurer
National Committee 2007             Mary Jo Hoyne

Présidents d’Honneur                Secrétaires
Emile Lefèbvre, Joël Defaut,        Dina Tabet
André Durand, Charles Mercier,
Fernand Boulert, Eric Deblonde,     Membership
Jérôme Dutois                       Yvon Coignard
                                    Gourmet Patisserie
Membre bienfaiteur à Vie
Roy Everson                         Social Events
                                    André Etienne, José Petit,
Pairs de l’Association              Mr Michel Giquel
Lionel Artesani, Jean Bellavita,    College Support
Charles How                         Robin Pacey, Chef de Cuisine
                                    Brian Yates, Lecturer
                                    Hopwood College Manchester
Elected Members of the                                             Magazine Editors
Committee 2007                      Competition
                                                                   Richard Victoria
                                    Jacques Pasquier, Philippe
William Hamelin, Lecturer
Westminster Kingsway College        Président Conseil      Culinaire Français             Magazine Design
                                    Alain Cahour
Vice Présidents                                                    FBC agency
Nigel Boschetti, Executive Chief,   Co-opted Members               Jeanne Monchovet
The Royal Lancaster Hotel           Dominique Blais, Consultant
André Etienne, Development Chef     Chef                 
Répertoire Culinaire                Dave Marriott
    Plantation                      MADIROFOLO,
                              Millésime 2007:

                                   Enter into a whole new world
                                   of taste sensations.
                                   Discover recipes created by Martin Berasategui (Michelin 3 stars)
                                   and François Adamski (Bocuse d’Or 2001 and Meilleur Ouvrier de France 2007)

                                                                                Madirofolo dark chocolate couverture is as unique as the

             Passion                                                            island it comes from. Like Madagascar, Madirofolo offers an
                                                                                extraordinary trip for the senses and has its own unique taste
                                                                                – fruity, peppery, robust and still rich in delicate acidic notes
         & Creativity                                                           as well as liquorice. The Madirofolo farmers have mastered the
                                                                                technique for 80 years that protects the preciousness of these

            Together                                                            cocoa beans and today, Cacao Barry offers this original premium
                                                                                chocolate couverture to challenge your sense of taste.

Call or text for a FREE sample and more information 07749 245496
          For more information please contact Barry Callebaut (UK) Ltd, Wildmere Road Industrial Estate, Banbury,
                             Oxon OX16 3UU Telephone 01295 224700

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