Sunday_ April 27_ 2008 five o'clock to eight o'clock La Maison by pengtt


									Sunday, April 27, 2008
five o’clock to eight o’clock

                                     La Maison Française
                                       Embassy of France


   s p o n s o r e d by t h e s to d d e r t e l e m e n ta ry p ta
                           Thank You!
    The Stoddert PTA gratefully acknowledges the generous
      support of all who have made this evening possible.

                       aucTion angels

UPS Store                                 Invitations and catalogue
Bourbon, Pearson’s                                    Wine and beer
La Maison Francaise
at the Embassy of France                                   Facilities
Christine Kharazian, Brian Litz                               Music
Whole Foods                                                Desserts
Starbucks                                                    Coffee

               The generous teachers and parents of
                   Stoddert Elementary School
                    auction committee 2008

Co-Chairs                                                    Molly Evans
                                                         Terri Thompson

Solicitations Co-Chairs                                    Susannah Fox
                                                           Wendy Sefsaf

Design                                                   Anastasia Miller

Webmaster                                                 Elisabeth Saidi

Advertising Chair                                      Jennifer Sweeney

Raffle Chair                                                   Claire Dejou

Decorations Chair                                        Terri Thompson

Class Projects                                        Classroom Parents

Set-up Chair                                               Sharon Gilles

Check-In Chair                                                 Shari Gilbert

Check-Out Committee                      Maura Sheehan, Anita Ayerbe,
                                         Wendy Sefsaf, Mimi Stevenson,
                                                             Liz Myers

Catering Chair                                                  Stacy Davis

Bar Chair                                                       Jeff Jacobs

Solicitations Committee                     Gilles Rebour, JennyEpstein,
                                                 Stacy Whittle, Katy and
                                                       Kevin Youel-Page

Donations Administration                   Liz Ludgin, Kay Langenbacher

Treasurer                                                  Anita Ayerbe

RSVP Chair                                                     Beth Mailley

Additional Volunteers:                           You know who you are…

               All our thanks for your hard work, enthusiasm
                 and devotion to the Stoddert community!
  Le Big Chili
Auction Rules                                  .............6

SILEnT AUCTIOn                                 .............7

    From the Children                          .............7

    Teachers’ Corner                           ............ 11

    Overnights                                 ........... 13

    Out & About                                ........... 13

    Restaurants                                ........... 15

    Food, Glorious Food                        ............17

    Sports & Entertainment                     ........... 19

    Kids                                       ........... 21

    Family Entertainment                       ...........22

    Education & Enrichment                     .......... 24

    Health & Beauty                            .......... 25

    Services                                   .......... 26

    Clothing & Accessories                     .......... 28

    Home & Garden                              .......... 29

                                    Look for the
                                                 b    designating
                           this year's extra-special auction items
auction how-to
 general aucTion
 All sales are final and “as is.” no exchange
 or refund requests will be honored.

 All items must be removed by the buyer at the end of the auction.

 Unless otherwise specified, all auction items and services
 must be claimed or used within one year of the auction.

 Unless otherwise specified, dates and times are to be arranged
 by the donor and the buyer for mutual convenience.

 All resort and vacation homes are offered to families, to
 adults, and to minors accompanied by adults.

 Payment must be made by cash or check made out to “Stoddert
 PTA”. Visa and Mastercard are accepted for amounts over $25.

 silenT aucTion
 The silent auction will begin at 7:00 p.m.
 Bidding will end when each category is closed.

 To bid, enter your name and telephone number on the bid sheet
 of the item on which you are bidding. Minimum bids have been
 established and subsequent bid amounts have been predetermined.

 To constitute a valid bid, each bid must increase the
 previous bid by the minimum increment specified
 on the bid sheet. All bids must be legible.

 no bid, once made, may be withdrawn or crossed
 out unless superceded by a higher bid.

 At the conclusion all winners must pay full purchase price by cash,
 check or credit card and must remove their items from the premises.
                      silenT aucTion

               from the children
101   They’re Blooming like Flowers
      Capture those PreK memories with this beautiful framed poster fea-
      turing each child’s handprint, embellished with his or her own art-
      work and arranged like a bunch of flowers.
                                                          Ms. Terrell’s Class

102 hand-painted Table and chairs
      Ms. Sweeney’s class hand-painted this table and chair, ready for tea-
      time, snacktime, or an afternoon of coloring.
                                                        Ms. Sweeney’s Class

103 Butterflies!
      Ms. Mundell’s kindergarteners each painted a watercolor of butter-
      flies. They have been artfully framed together to create a one-of-a-
      kind work of art!
                                                        Ms. Mundell’s Class

104 Forget email—This is so Much cuter
      You can own this set of stationery cards, each with a drawing by one
      child. Catch some of that Kindergarten creativity and share it with
      your friends!
                                                       Ms. Guaraldo’s Class

105 a Quilt of Memories
      Ms. Guaraldo’s class worked to create a quilt made from squares each
      child designed. The finished quilt is approximately five feet square.
                                                       Ms. Guaraldo’s Class

106 The First grade Food network
      Ms. Gross’s first graders have each contributed their favorite recipe
      to a class cookbook which they decorated with pictures, personal
      thoughts, and photographs.
                                                          Ms. Gross’s Class

                                   Page 7
107 self-portraits
      Ms. Stevenson’s first grade class has created a fun and whimsical
      piece of art. Each child has drawn a colorful self-portrait, which have
      all been mounted to form a framed collage. This piece truly reflects
      the imagination and personality of the class.
                                                          Ms. Stevenson’s Class

108 For your Future scientists
      The perfect gift for a child with an interest in science. This gift basket
      is both fun and educational: it includes books, gadgets, equipment,
      toys and other science-related materials so your child can explore
      and experiment and have fun doing it. Albert Einstein would be
      pleased and so will you!
                                                           Mrs. Redman’s Class

109 Fused glass art
      Mrs. Edwardsen’s class has created a beautiful fused glass piece that
      can be proudly displayed in any home. The base glass is clear and
      opaque but it also features dichroic glass which is much harder to
      find and very expensive. Each student carefully placed a number of
      glass pieces in order to make an integral design. The whole piece was
      then tack fired in a glass kiln. The results, as you can see, are stun-
      ning! Hand wash, of course.
                                                        Mrs. Edwardsen’s Class

110   Tons of Fun Basket
      Mrs. Edwardsen’s class has put together a basket of items guaran-
      teed to entertain your kids for hours.
                                                        Mrs. Edwardsen’s Class

111   relief Through shape
      Ms. Chatalian’s third graders will make relief prints onto fabric
      swatches. The children will etch designs onto a styrofoam surface,
      coat it with paint, and transfer the image onto fabric. The swatches
      will be stitched together to make one large wall hanging.
                                                          Ms. Chatalian’s Class

                                     Page 8
112    Third grade crazy collage
       A colorful assembly of whimsical and fanciful shapes, painted with
       acrylic paints, comes together as a bold collage.
                                                          Ms. Choi’s Class

113    under the sea
       Ms. Arquines’ class brings the underwater world to the canvas with
       their art project.
                                                       Ms. Arquines’s Class

114    Modern photo art
       Ms. Clark’s fifth graders have all experimented with photography
       and design with this modern creation.
                                                          Ms. Clark’s Class

           For all they do for the school,
      The Stoddert Parent Teacher Association
             gives its sincere thanks to
          Ms. Arquines, Ms. Barr, Ms. Bruce, Ms. Cash,
         Ms. Chatalian, Ms. Choi, Ms. Clark, Mr. Colton,
      Mr. Dingeldine, Ms. Edwardsen, Ms. Felix, Ms. Gross,
          Ms. Guaraldo, Mr. Harrison, Dr. Kalapothakos,
       Ms. Kharazian, Ms. Moisan, Mr. Moore, Ms. Muhawi,
       Ms. Mundell, Ms. Murphy, Ms. Redman, Mr. Smith,
       Ms. Smith, Ms. Stevenson, Ms. Suggs, Ms. Sweeney,
       Ms. Terrell, Ms. Thompson, Ms. Veazie, Mr. Weldon

                                  Page 9
                   teachers’ corner
201 principal for a Day
     A time-honored tradition at Stoddert Elementary where your child
     can turn the fantasy of being an adult into reality.
                                                 Dr. Andriana Kalapothakos

202 lunch and a Fun-Filled afternoon
     Up to 3 kids will enjoy lunch and some fun activities with Ms. Redman
     and Ms. Terrell.
                                                  Ms. Redman & Ms. Terrell

203 catch a Flick and grab a sweet Treat with Ms. sweeney
     PreK teacher Laura Sweeney will take two children for a movie and
     ice cream at a date to be determined before the end of the school
                                                           Laura Sweeney

204 Bowl-a-rama
     PreK aides Terri Thompson and Sharon Smith will take two children
     for three or four rounds of bowling—and lunch—at Strike Bethesda,
     followed by dessert at Wow Cow!
                                           Terri Thompson and Sharon Smith

205 Take a Walk on the Wild side
     Join Ms. Guraldo on a beautiful Saturday or Sunday for a stroll
     through the wildest part of our city: the national Zoo! You and a
     friend will enjoy lunch and then head over to mimic the monkeys and
     gaze at the giraffes.
                                                          Lauren Guaraldo

206 school’s out for summer!
     Two more teachers, one more book, not a single dirty look. “The Lion
     and the Mouse” is a timeless tale of friendship. The perfect tale to
     watch with a friend and two of your favorite teachers: Ms. Mundell
     and Ms. Bruce. Lunch, transportation from Stoddert to the Classika
     Theater, and two children’s tickets to see the “Lion and the Mouse.”
     See you on Saturday, June 14, 2008!
                                                 Ms. Bruce and Ms. Mundell

                                 Page 10
207 lunch and the Zoo
      First grade teacher Ms. Gross will take your child and a friend to
      the Zoo, and lunch at a neighborhood restaurant, along with Ms.
      Chatalian and her buddies.
                                                               Andrea Gross

208 see a show
      Ms. Stevenson and Ms. Barr will take two children to lunch and the
      theater at the Kennedy Center (or another theater, depending on
      the play).
                                                  Ms. Stevenson and Ms. Barr

209 let’s Take a hike!
      Let’s take a hike together. You and 2 friends will spend the afternoon
      with Mrs. Edwardsen hiking on the Turkey Run trail. A picnic lunch
      will be included.
                                                          Justina Edwardsen

210 come watch the nats with Ms. choi
      Come cheer on the nationals in the new stadium and enjoy some
      ballpark treats. You can bring a friend with you. Mutually agreeable
                                                                 Jinny Choi

211   a Day at the park with Ms. arquines
      Stoddert teacher Ms. Arquines will take one lucky fourth grader and
      two friends to enjoy a day at Greenbrier State Park in Boonsboro,
      MD! There they will swim in the lake (lifeguards on duty,) enjoy a
      picnic, hike the trails and enjoy environmental education at the Visi-
      tor Center.
                                                           Michelle Arquines

212   pottery and lunch with Ms. choi and Ms. clark
      Enjoy an afternoon with Ms. Choi and Ms. Clark for some pottery
      painting and lunch in Old Town, Alexandria. One winner can bring
      a friend.
                                                 Jinny Choi and Jenny Clark

                                   Page 11
213 pottery and lunch with Ms. choi and Ms. clark
     Enjoy an afternoon with Ms. Choi and Ms. Clark for some pottery
     painting and lunch in Old Town, Alexandria. Another winner can
     bring a friend.
                                                   Jinny Choi & Jenny Clark

214 lunch and the Zoo
    Third grade teacher Ms. Chatalian will take your child and a friend
    to the Zoo, and lunch at a neighborhood restaurant, along with Ms.
    Gross and her buddies.
                                                           Nicole Chatalian

215 gym Teacher for the Day
     Let your child direct the fun as Gym Teacher for the Day, assisted by
     Mr. Colton.
                                                           Jonathan Colton

216 Meet the Violin
    Your child (ages 6 and up) will enjoy an introductory violin lesson with
    Ms. Kharazian! The lesson will include an inspirational performance
    by Ms. Kharazian as well as a student-sized violin to use. More expe-
    rienced performers are also welcome to come and get fresh insight!
                                                        Christine Kharazian

217 We all scream for ice cream with Ms. kerr
     Former Stoddert first grade teacher Elizabeth Kerr will take one
     lucky student to Max’s Ice Cream this summer when she’s visiting!
                                                              Elizabeth Kerr

218 Make the Teachers’ Wishes come True
     Stoddert’s teachers and staff have a list of wishes for items for the
     classrooms and office. Help fulfill the wishes of our wonderful teach-
     ers and staff by bidding on this item. no limit on the number of bids!
                                                           For the Teachers

219 Books! We need Books!
     Help the school to purchase new children’s books and teacher re-
     source books by conytributing to the Stoddert Library fund. Con-
     sider giving $25, $50, or $100 to help address an important school
     need. no limit on the number of bids!
                                                             For the Library
                                 Page 12
301 a Weekend away, Without Far to Travel
     A two night stay at the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel, complete with
     breakfast for two at the lovely Stone’s Throw Restaurant—all inclu-
     sive of tax and gratuity
                                                Marriott Wardman Park Hotel

302 Take Me home, country roads
     Almost heaven! Enjoy a weekend at a secluded two-bedroom cabin
     in West Virginia with a large deck surrounded by a view of the feder-
     al forest. Go hiking, swimming, horseback riding, fishing or just plain
     cloud gazing.
                                                               Leslie Phillips

303 Bye Bye Washington, D.c.—hello Washington, Virginia
     Spend a weekend at a charming, one bedroom cottage on four acres
     in beautiful Washington, Virginia. Relax in front of the wood-burning
     stove, enjoy the fresh air on the screened-in porch, or find a shady
     spot near the pond. Has a sofabed in the living room, full kitchen,
     cable tv, high-speed internet connection and a dvd player. 90 min-
     utes from D.C. but 1000 miles from the rat race!
                                              Carol Ryder and Randy Rieland

304 next stop: pennsylvania avenue
     Spend a Friday or Saturday night in luxury in a deluxe guest room
     at the J W Marriott Pennsylvania Avenue. Also enjoy complimentary
     breakfast for two in the Avenue Grill Restaurant
                                            J W Marriott Pennsylvania Avenue

305 i’d rather be at the inn
     Spend a night at the lovely Inn at Henderson’s Wharf in Baltimore!
     Your stay with include a complimentary, deluxe Continental break-
     fast, free parking and a bottle of wine upon your arrival.
                                                          Henderson’s Wharf

                                  Page 13
306 Your skybox Jacuzzi suite awaits
     Enjoy a weekend of fun for two at the Savoy Suites Hotel! Your week-
     end includes a suite with in-room Jacuzzi for two, free parking and
     free wireless Internet access. And best of all, it’s just up the street!
                                                      The Savoy Suites Hotel

307 a night of luxury…and it Won’t cost $4,000
    …Or mean the end of your political career. Relax in luxury with this
     gift certificate for a one night stay in a deluxe room at the historic
     Mayflower Hotel in downtown DC!
                                                              The Mayflower

308 a Week at the Wyndham
     Enjoy a week’s accommodation anywhere in the U.S. at Wyndham
     Resorts. Vacations are based on points value and availability. Points
     value 154,000. See
                                    Terri Thompson and the Thompson Family

                       out & about
400 splash in style!
     Cool down with your family this summer at the George Washington
     University Mount Vernon Pool. The 25m pool includes a deck with
     partial shading and a toddler pool. The season runs from Memorial
     Day to Labor Day with three additional weekends after. There are also
     special events such as Community Day and a Dive-In Movie night!
                           George Washington University Mount Vernon Pool

401 rolling on the river
     Use these two tickets for a Water Monuments Cruise departing from
     Georgetown or Alexandria.
                                               Potomac Riverboat Company

402 a night at the signature Theater
     Two tickets to any weekday performance at Signature Theater.
                                                           Signature Theater

                                  Page 14
403 let’s go to the Movies
     Four passes redeemable for tickets to regular film screenings at the
     AFI Silver Theatre
                                       AFI Silver Theatre and Cultural Center

404 george Washington slept here
     Have fun with four complimentary tickets to George Washington’s
     Mount Vernon Estate and Gardens
                                                              Mount Vernon

405 arts enrichment
     Two courtesy passes to The Phillips Collection
                                                      The Phillips Collection

406 Tour the hillwood estate, Museum and gardens
     Four tickets for a self-guided tour of the Hillwood Estate, Museum
     and Gardens plus a souvenir book and box of Russian tea to enjoy
                                      Hillwood Estate, Museum and Gardens

407 lunch with councilmember Mendelson
     Enjoy a lively discussion for one or two guests with Councilman Phil
     Mendelson at the M& S Grill. Tell him your thoughts!
                                   Councilmember At-Large Phil Mendelson

408 it’s Fresh, provocative and riveting
     Use these two passes to enjoy contemporary theatre at The Stu-
     dio Theatre production of The Internationalist by Anne Washburn,
     scheduled to run May 14-June 22, 2008.
                                                         The Studio Theatre

409 Defy convention
     Enjoy two tickets to any single Mainstage performance of a pro-
     duction at the Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company during the
     2008-2009 season.
                                           Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company

410 Boleros & Blues/The legacy of lara
     Spend an evening at the Gala Theatre with tickets for four to their
     production of Boleros & Blues/The Legacy of Lara—a musical look at
     the life of Augustin Lara.
                                                     GALA Hispanic Theatre

                                 Page 15
411   a night at the Movies
      Enjoy a night at the Avalon Theatre with two adult tickets to the mov-
      ies, two sodas and a popcorn!
                                                          The Avalon Theatre

412   lunch with Your Ward 3 councilmember
      Enjoy lunch and a chat about local politics with your very own Ward 3
      Councilmember Mary M. Cheh!
                                                Councilmember Mary M. Cheh

413   it’s Music to Your ears
      Spend an evening for two listening to the Baltimore Symphony Or-
      chestra! Tickets are for one of these concerts; Carmina Burana on
      Sunday, May 4th at 3pm, A Chorus of Hits on Friday, May 9th at 8pm
      or Beethoven Re-Imagined on Thursday, May 15th at 8pm.
                                               Baltimore Symphony Orchestra

414   nixon’s nixon at the round house Theatre
      Enjoy a performance of Nixon’s Nixon at the Roundhouse Theatre.
      These tickets are good for evenings Wednesday through Friday, or
      a Saturday matinee performance. The show runs May 28–June 22,
      2008 in Bethesda, Maryland.
                                                        Round House Theatre

415   it’s a Vision
      You and three guests can use these passes to the American Visionary
      Art Museum in Baltimore. Their latest exhibition is All Faiths Beauti-
      ful and don’t miss the 3rd floor exhibit, Compulsive Delights.
                                              American Visionary Art Museum

416   Breakfast with the chancellor of Dc public schools
      Michelle Rhee’s bio reads “Results drive the Chancellor every day.”
      now it’s your chance to make Stoddert the first item on her agenda
      one day soon. You and a friend will have breakfast with Ms. Rhee
      and get a first-hand account of where she plans to take DC Public
                                            Michelle Rhee, Chancellor of DCPS

                                  Page 16
  417       lunch in the u.s. senators’ Dining room
            with senator paul strauss
            DC’s Senator (and Stoddert parent) Paul Strauss will take you and
            a guest to lunch in the U.S. Senators’ Dining Room in the Capitol
                                                              Senator Paul Strauss

  418       Behind the scenes at the phillips collection
            Stoddert dad Alec Mackaye will take two adults on a guided, behind
            the scenes tour of the Phillips Collection. An amazing opportunity to
            see how this beautiful museum works.
                                                                     Alec Mackaye

             St. Luke’s United Methodist Church presents

           Summer Music Camp
                        Does your child like singing, acting, or making crafts?
                        If your answer is “yes,” then sign up to join in a fun-
July 14–18              filled week of educational music making. The goal of
 9�am–12�pm             the camp is to perform a short musical drama portray-
 (snack included)       ing a Bible story on Friday at 1:00 p.m.

Ages 6–12               There is a nominal registration fee of $50 which helps cover
                        snack and material costs. Scholarships are available. Regis-
                        tration closes May 16th.

For more information please visit or contact
Adam Graham, Director of Music Ministry: music@

3655 Calvert Street, NW | Washington, D.C. | 202-333-4949

St. Lukes redo.indd 1                                                  3/13/08 10:36:26 AM
                                         Page 17
501 a Turkish Delight
    A $30 gift certificate to Café Divan
                                                                 Café Divan

502 Thai Food Tonight
    A $50 gift certificate to 4912 Thai Cuisine
                                                            4912 Thai Cuisine

503 Mongo Money
     $30 in Mongo money for bd’s Mongolian Barbeque
                                                    bd’s Mongolian Barbeque

504 lovely lia’s
     Dinner for two including any soup or salad, any entrée and any des-
     sert at Lia’s, a Chef Geoff Restaurant in Chevy Chase.
                                             Lia’s (A Chef Geoff Restaurant)

505 Mangia!
     Dinner for two at Arucola Osteria
                                                             Arucola Osteria

506 Take your pick
    $25 gift card to any of the Great American Restaurants, including
    Arties, Best Buns Bread Co., Carlyle, Coastal Flats, and Sweetwater
                                                  Great American Restaurants

507 Mexican, anyone?
     $25 gift certificate to be used at any Cactus Cantina location
                                                             Cactus Cantina

508 Bring on the BBQ!
    A $50 gift certificate to Rocklands Barbeque.
                                 Rocklands Barbeque and Grilling Company

                                 Page 18
509 it’s a unique Delicatessen
      Lunch or dinner for four—includes four sandwiches or salads, four
      side salads or desserts and four medium fountain drinks

510 pizza, pizza!
      One $25 gift certificate to Two Amys neapolitan Pizzeria.
                                                                    Two Amys

511   all aboard!
      Enjoy lunch or dinner at Garrett’s Restaurant and Railroad Bar on M
      Street with this $50 gift certificate.
                                         Garrett’s Restaurant and Railroad Bar

512 Double Delicious
      Enjoy dinner for two at 15ria in the Doubletree Hotel.

513 a night in Morocco
      Ten friends can enjoy this full seven course dinner eaten with your
      fingers while watching a belly dance show!
                                                        Marrakesh Restaurant

514 They will Dish it out
      Enjoy a complimentary dinner for two (plus drinks) at Dish, located at
      The River Inn in historic Foggy Bottom.

515 a D.c. Favorite for lunch or Dinner
      Enjoy lunch or dinner at Chadwicks in Georgetown or Old Town

516 seafood anyone?
      Enjoy lunch for two at the Sea Catch Restaurant & Raw Bar, over-
      looking the historic C&O Canal in Georgetown.
                                             Sea Catch Restaurant & Raw Bar

                                   Page 19
517 a Taste of italy
     Enjoy lunch or dinner (along with some possible stargazing) with this
     $100 gift certificate to Georgetown’s Café Milano Restaurant!
                                                                 Café Milano

518 a lebanese luncheon
     Treat yourself and three friends to a delicious lunch at Lebanese Tav-
                                                           Lebanese Taverna

519 cuisine in the capital
     Enjoy lunch or dinner with this $100 gift card to any of the Capi-
     tal Restaurant Concepts locations—Paolo’s Ristorante, J. Paul’s, Old
     Glory or Georgia Brown’s.
                                                Capital Restaurant Concepts

520 Mangia at Maggiano’s
     Have lunch or dinner in ‘Little Italy’ with this $25 gift card to Mag-
                                                       Maggiano’s Little Italy

521 a glover park Favorite
     Use this $30 gift certificate at Kavanagh’s Pizza Pub, always a favorite
     here in Glover Park!
                                                       Kavanagh’s Pizza Pub

522 ready for an extraordinary Meal?
     Indulge with dinner for two at Obelisk Restaurant.

523 let’s Meet at clyde’s
     Enjoy a meal at any Clyde’s location, including Tower Oaks Lodge in
     Rockville, or Clyde’s Willow Creek Farm in Broadlands, VA using this
     $75 gift certificate.
                                                   Clyde’s Restaurant Group

524 hot and spicy
     Try out Wasabi, a hip sushi restaurant on Farragut Square, $50 gift

                                  Page 20
525 Bistro Dining
     Experience French bistro cuisine at Georgetown’s Bistrot Lepic. $50
     gift certificate.
                                                                   Bistrot Lepic

526 French, Fun &Friendly
     Have a French dinner at Bistrot du Coin. “French, Fun & Friendly”!
                                                                Bistrot Du Coin

527 Dine in style at the Willard
     Dinner for two at the authentic French bistro Café du Parc.

528 Dine in style at the Willard
     Dinner for two at the authentic French bistro Café du Parc.
                                                                   Café du Parc

529 Try petits plats
     Savor French cuisine at Woodley Park’s Petits Plats.
                                                                    Petits Plats

530 Dinner over a Wood Fire
     Enjoy wood-fired cuisine at Overwood Restaurant

531 Been Missing Faccia luna?
     Visit one of their Virginia locations with this $75 gift certificate.
                                                                   Faccia Luna

532 Blacksalt
     Enjoy dinner in the Palisades with this $50 gift certificate from Black-
     salt, a critically acclaimed restaurant where Stoddert dad David Hav-
     ern is the manager.

533 sushi-ko for Dinner
     Have an elegant sushi dinner for two right in Glover Park. $60 gift

                                    Page 21
534 sunday Brunch at the Four seasons
     Have a luxurious Sunday brunch for two at the Four Seasons Hotel.
                                                         Four Seasons Hotel

535 saturday Brunch at the Tabard inn
     Relax in the historic Tabard Inn restaurant while you entertain friends
     at their elegant Saturday brunch. Gratuity and alcohol not included
                                                                 Tabard Inn

             food , glorious food
600 a Fabulous evening of Food and Wine
     Town Hall’s Executive Chef Paul Madrid and Managing Partner Paul
     Holder will come to your house and prepare a chef’s tasting menu
     with wine pairings for up to eight people!
                                                                  Town Hall

601 They’re creative so You Don’t have To Be
     One 8” round decorated cake from Creative Cakes, Inc. Serves 12.
                                                         Creative Cakes, Inc.

602 how sweet it is
     One 8” ice cream cake
                                                   Thomas Sweet Ice Cream

603 sinfully delicious
     One 8” round dense, creamy, bittersweet chocolate tarte with fresh
     raspberries and a dusting of dark Belgian cocoa. Feeds up to 12 choc-
     olate lovers!
                                      Julie Schneider’s Chocolate Decadence

605 Treat a Teacher
     Have a gourmet lunch delivered to the teacher of your choice at
     Stoddert on a Friday in May
                                                              Susannah Fox

                                  Page 22
606 let’s Dish
      Use this $100 gift card to prepare delicious meals for your family at
      any Maryland Let’s Dish store. It’s a totally fresh approach to meal
                                                                  Let’s Dish!

607 cheers!
      Take a free taste and tour of the Willowcroft Farm Vineyards in Lees-
      burg, VA with up to 20 of your friends!
                                                  Willowcroft Farm Vineyards

608 got Milk?
      Grab some friends and sink your teeth into 21 bite-size smiley cookies
      from Bundles of Cookies in Bethesda. Then use the gift certificate
      for a five-cookie arrangement!
                                                          Bundles of Cookies

609 Feeling blue?
      Head over to Butler’s Orchard and use this gift certificate to pick
      your own 10 pounds of blueberries on this 300-acre farm! After you
      can return home to make pie, jam or maybe a smoothie.
                                                            Butler’s Orchard

610 Vino, Vino, Vino
      You and five friends will enjoy a private guided tour of Ingleside Win-
      ery, complete with a tasting of several Chesapeake wine company
      wines and Ingleside white and black label wines. Enjoy a cheese and
      wine reception and complimentary Ingleside wine glasses.
                                                         Ingleside Vineyards

611   Delicioso!
      Enjoy this delicious lasagna dinner for four (your choice of meat or
      vegetarian) including salad, bread and red wine. Stoddert parent Sta-
      cy Bernard Davis will prepare and hand deliver it to your door!
                                                         Stacy Bernard Davis

612 like a night in paris
      Your family (up to six) will be transported to Paris by this authentic
      French dinner delivered right to your door!
                                                         Emmanuelle Dusart

                                   Page 23
613 eat Your cous-cous!
    Your family (up to six people) will adore this authentic Algerian cous-
    cous dinner delivered to your home in the Glover Park Area. Includes
    baklava and mint tea!
                                                               Wendy Sefsaf

614 Dinner for Four Delivered to Your Door!
    Your family will enjoy this dinner for four delivered right to your door!
    Includes homemade lasagna or chili, salad, brownies and a bottle of
    wine (not homemade).
                                                                   Ted Hirsch

615 Divine Desserts
     Let us cater dessert for your dinner parties! Three cakes: flourless
     chocolate cake with whipped cream and raspberry coulis, buttery
     pound cake with a warm chocolate ganache topping, classic german
     chocolate cake. Each serves 8+. Do not have to be ordered at the
     same time.
                              Christine Gossens, Bob Price and Kristen Sunkes

616 The Jewel of russia
     One bottle of beautifully packaged, premium Russian vodka.
                                                                 Vera Luneva

617 Dominican Flag
     How could you pass up a Dominican Flag? Have a traditional Domini-
     can lunch for six to eight people with beans, rice, fried chicken, salad,
     and homemade tropical ice cream.
                                                               Dinys Luciano

618 Meals on Wheels
     Have a friend who’s just had a baby? An elderly relative? Know some-
     one recovering from surgery? Let Karen O’Connor-Floman be your
     Meals on Wheels. She’ll prepare a nutritious, yummy, portable and
     homemade (somewhat retro) meal—casserole, rice or pasta, salad
     and dressing, dessert and beverage—and deliver it to your friend in
     need with your compliments and love. Serves four (or makes ample
                                                     Karen O’Connor-Floman

                                   Page 24
619 Dinner for eight…with crepes!
     Stoddert mom Claire Dejou will prepare and deliver an authentic
     crepes feast for up to eight people. Main dish crepes with ham or
     turkey and cheese, and dessert crepes with jam, nutella, honey and
     lemon…your choice! Apple cider willl accompany the feast.

621 Viva Mexico!
     Entertain your friends in high style with this catered Mexican din-
     ner for eight at your home. Mutually agreeable date and time. Eliza
     Gonzalez is a professional chef, caterer, and former Stoddert parent.
     Wine not included.
                                                                Eliza Gonzalez

622 lebanese Dinner for six
     Stoddert mom Stacy Whittle, who lived for many years in the Mid-
     dle East, will prepare a delicious, traditional Lebanese dinner for six
     people in your home. Includes appetizers, salad, a lamb dish, baklava,
     Lebanese wine and Arabic coffee.
                                                                 Stacy Whittle

623 Mmmmm…chocolate!
     Indulge yourself with a 16-piece box of fine Belgian chocolates.
                                                 Truffles Belgian Chocolates

624 Dolcezza gelato
     Gelato for the entire family (up to six people)
                                                       Dolcezza Artisanl Gelato

625 homemade Tabbouli
     Stoddert Mom Corie Eligado will make a delicious tabbouli dish to
     serve six people.

626 Try corie’s curry
     Stoddert Mom Corie Eligado will create a delicious and fragrant
     chicken curry dinner for six.
                                                                 Corie Eligado

                                  Page 25
627 healthy and Delicious!
    Think that healthy food is “blah” food? Think again! I will prepare and
    serve a gourmet four-course vegan meal for up to 8 people in your
    home or mine. Menu, prepared in consultation with you, will include
    appetizers, soup or salad, main course and dessert. Wine, soft drinks
    and tea/coffee included. Weekends only and one week’s notice re-
                                                               Alison Cave

628 an absolute original
    Come indulge in this original “wine cellar” collected from parents
    & friends of Stoddert. What fun to pull out a bottle and know that
    it is someone’s favorite, or from someone’s hometown, or just plain
    delicious. You won’t be disappointed when you purchase this tailor-
    made, truly original and one-of-a-kind wine cellar.
                                              Stoddert Parents and Friends

629 a Taste of germany
    Former Stoddert family the Shores, now posted in Germany, have
    put together this basket of tasty German treats for adults and kids.
    Try “kinder schokolade”—children’s chocolates—plus original Gummi
    bears, cherries in liquor (not for the kinder!) and special pralines,
    plus a small wall-mounted cuckoo clock.
                                                         The Shore Family

630 You can Bake a cherry pie
     Stoddert mom Anastasia Miller has her mother, grandmother, and
     great-grandmother to thank for her own baking expertise, and is
     happy to share the secrets. She will show you how easy it is to make
     your own pies, including the crust, from scratch. Two weekend days
     (three hours each) of baking, your own pie plates, and a small, hand-
     designed keepsake recipe book—including the tips you'll learn and
     six seasonal pie recipes—included. Please give one month's notice.
                                                           Anastasia Miller

                                 Page 26
       sports & entertainment
701 home run!
    One baseball personally autographed by the Washington nationals’
    Wily Mo Pena!
                                                  Washington Nationals

702 go redskins!
    One photographed personally autographed by Washington Redskins’
    own #30, LaRon Landry.
                                                  Washington Redskins

703 Take Me out to the Ball game
    Four Grandstand tickets to a Potomac nationals Game during the
    2008 season
                                                     Potomac Nationals

704 Tennis anyone?
    Two Stoddert-aged kids will receive a one-hour tennis lesson from
    Stoddert parent Andy Freedman followed by a trip to Max’s ice
    cream afterwards! This package also includes the ball boy (noah
                                              Andy and Noah Freedman

705 check out the new Baseball stadium!
    You can check out the new baseball stadium and root for the home
    team with four upper-deck tickets to a Washington nationals home
                                           Molly Evans and Brian Cohen

706 go nats!
    Have fun using these two tickets to the nationals vs. Marlins game
    on May 9, 2008.

707 go nats again!
    Have fun using these two tickets to the nationals vs. Diamondbacks
    game on July 8, 2008.
                                                       Steve Dingledine

                               Page 27
708 number 37, olie kolzig!
      Honor the Caps with this autographed puck and player card, plus
      certificate of authenticity, from #37, Olie Kolzig.
                                                         Washington Capitals

709 get your kicks
      Try out Stoddert Soccer with this family registration certificate.
                                                              Stoddert Soccer

710 karate with coach V
      Your child will be sparring like a master with this karate starter pack
      from Stoddert Aftercare’s own Coach V. Eight weeks of classes, black
      uniform, full set of sparring equipment.
                                                            Viran Ranasinghe

711   now These are some great seats!
      Watch the nats win a game in style from these four dugout box seats
      in nationals Stadium. Section 115L, Row K, Seats 1–4. Mutually agree-
      able date.
                                      Law offices of Paul Strauss & Assoc., P.C

712 united for Dc
      Two premium tickets to one regular season home game.

713 For Your soccer player’s Bedroom
      Show your DC United Pride by displaying this pennant autographed
      by the whole team.
                                                                    DC United

714 rowing on the potomac
      Marc Gwadz, Stoddert dad and experienced racer, rowing since 1984,
      will take you out for a rowing lesson (novice or intermediate) or just
      a row for fun or exercise out of Potomac Boat Club (PBC). This is a
      great gift for anyone who wants to try rowing, or knows how to row
      and wants to check out PBC or the Potomac.
                                                                 Marc Gwadz

                                   Page 28
715 Front row and courtside at the Mystics
        Stoddert parents Sharon and Columbus Giles are providing four,
        front row center, courtside tickets to Washington’s WnBA basketball
        team, the Washington Mystics.
                                                              Sharon and Columbus Giles

716 see You at the Match
        Two DC United tickets for an upcoming match on a mutually agree-
        able date.
                                                             Katherine and Jonnie Bouker

717     learn to ski liberty
        Hit the slopes or catch some air with two learn-to-ski (or snowboard)
        packages valid at Liberty Mountain Resort.
                                                                  Liberty Mountain Resort


                              Got Kids? Get PEP!
         Create the family you’ve dreamed of,
        become the parent you want to be —
              take a PEP class.
                  Spring Class Topics Include:
    Managing Anger, Setting Limits, Avoiding Power Struggles, Whining,
      When Parents Disagree on How to Parent and many more.
       Spring Schedule Now Available Online!
    Parent Encouragement Program                              301-929-8824
    10100 Connecticut Ave., Kensington         

                                            Page 29
801 no strings attached
    Take your family and use these four tickets to any upcoming shows at
    The Puppet Company Playhouse in Glen Echo.
                                                 The Puppet Co. Playhouse

802 calling all campers
    Tuition discount of $100 to any available session of TIC Summer
    Camp 2008, a technology and sports day camp in Bethesda and
                                                        TIC Summer Camp

803 Want to Be a Budding Yogi?
     Find out with three children’s yoga sessions at Budding Yogis and
     Circle Yoga.
                                                            Budding Yogis

804 how Do You Zoo?
     Up to 25 participants will receive a private group session at the na-
     tional Zoo’s “How Do You Zoo?” exhibit where the children will learn
     about animal care by role playing jobs in a make believe zoo.

805 it’s a Zoo out There!
    Take a private guided tour of The national Zoo with 10 people.
                                                Friends of the National Zoo

806 For your Ballerina
    The Ballet Petite gift package includes an enchanting book, “My Mag-
    ical Morning” depicting a child’s first steps into the world of dance,
    two free-class certificates and a Ballet Petite t-shirt.
                                                              Ballet Petite

807 Wimbledon here We come
     $100 off a week of Sidwell Summer Tennis Camp. Join Bill Budke and
     his summer crew for a week of tennis camp during Summer 2008.
                                              Sidwell Summer Tennis Camp

                                 Page 30
808 Want to Be a Black Belt?
      One month of martial arts class at Yong Studios. Includes a uniform.
      Classes available for both children and adults.
                                                                 Yong Studios

809 every kid likes Music
      Use this $25 gift certificate towards any music class or party at one of
      the musiKids studios. They are located in northwest D.C., Bethesda,
      Congressional Village Rockville, The Kentlands and northern Virginia.

810 We’re Fired up
      Use this $25 gift certificate at either of the All Fired Up studio loca-
      tions to paint your own pottery! May also be used on birthday parties,
      classes, camps or more.
                                                                  All Fired Up

811   Fairy Fun for the little one
      Your little fairy will adore this basket which includes a dress-up cos-
      tume, fairy shoes, a fairy wand, fairy books and a fairy doll.
                                                      Brigitte and Brian Davis

812 all aboard
      Journey to Baltimore to explore the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Mu-
      seum with these four passes.
                                     The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Museum

813 happy Birthday Yoga style
      Marta Beresin, Stoddert mom and kids’ yoga instructor, will throw
      a yoga birthday party for your child at your home, at a park, or at a
      location of your choosing in nW DC. Marta will teach a fun yoga class
      with games, props, songs and yoga poses. Yoga activities will depend
      upon the ages of the children.
                                                               Marta Beresin

814 it’s all Fun and games
      Use this $15 gift certificate to fun & games!, a new toy store in Kens-
                                                                 fun & games!

                                   Page 31
815 Fun at Flying kick Fitness
     Your mini Taekwondo expert will have a blast taking five classes at
     Flying Kick Fitness in Bethesda. Includes a uniform.
                                                            Flying Kick Fitness

816 For Your princess
     Your little princess will fall in love with this princess basket from Bar-
     ston’s Child Play! Includes books and an art project.
                                                         Barston’s Child’s Play

817 give Your child the gift of language
     Treat your child (ages 1-8) to a ten-week session at CommuniKids Lan-
     guage School for Children where they will learn and play in French,
     Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Arabic, Portugese or Korean! May be used
     at either the DC or Falls Church, VA locations.
                                  CommuniKids Language School for Children

818 one Month of Before or aftercare at stoddert
     If your child attends the Stoddert extended day program, they can
     receive one month of services!
                                              Stoddert Extended Day Program

819 The Memories live on
     Turn your child’s favorite too-small t-shirt into a memory pillow! Shari
     Gilbert will create the throw pillow for your child. It measures 12 x 12
     and can be used for beds, camping or whatever!
                                                                 Shari Gilbert

820 Yum!
     Kathy Strauss will take your children (up to three) out for pizza and
     ice cream with her own two daughters.
                                                                Kathy Strauss

821 chuck e. cheese time
     Molly Evans will take up to three kids for an afternoon of pizza and
     fun at Chuck E. Cheese in Rockville! Tokens are included!
                                                                  Molly Evans

                                   Page 32
822 need a Babysitter?
     Jennifer Sweeney will provide a night of babysitting and even bring
     the snacks!
                                                          Jennifer Sweeney

823 Birthday cupcake Delivery
     Beth Mailley will deliver cupcakes, juice, plates, napkins and cups to
     your child’s classroom on his/her next birthday! Your child’s choice
     of cake and frosting.
                                                               Beth Mailley

824 Your kid’s a silver star
     A great way to give gymnastics a try—a $50 gift certificate to Silver
                                                    Silver Stars Gymnastics

825 What’s inside a horse?
     Your budding veterinarian can find out with this BITZ science anato-
     my model of a horse.
                                                              Tree Top Kids

826 a perfect Baby shower gift
     Save yourself a trip to Buy Buy Baby with this lovely baby basket,
     with items for infant through toddler. Includes Dr. Brown’s bottles,
     baby clothes, boppy pillow, Gobble & Go Hippo and much more—all
     new items!
                                                            Gardner Family

827 Bored with Board games?
     Do your kids love board games, but you do not? Tired of picking
     through the rule book to teach your kids how to play? I will consult
     with you and your children to choose an age-appropriate board game,
     buy the game and teach your children how to play. Three hours of
     game instruction included, maximum four children.
                                                             Stephen Frum

                                  Page 33
828 auntie Tutor in glover park
     Catherine Frum, Kyle and Ana’s very own aunt and an Arlington
     County 7th grade English teacher, will donate three one-hour tutor-
     ing sessions. Catherine, a Glover Park resident, can help with study
     skills, organization, and homework.
                                                            Catherine Frum

829 after school at Fillmore
     Let your child explore art, music, drama and more with this $100 off
     the price of any Fall 2008 or Spring 2009 afterschool class at Fill-
     more. Fillmore Arts workshop offers classes in art, dance, guitar, vio-
     lin, piano, creative writing, sewing, and cartoon drawing.
                                                     Fillmore Arts Workshop

          family entertainment
901 listen to the Music
     Two tickets to a Levine Presents Concert.
                                                      Levine School of Music

902 have an adventure at glen echo
     Two tickets to any Adventure Theatre weekend performance. Up-
     coming shows include Goodnight, Moon and Babe, The Sheep Pig.
                            The Adventure Theatre in Historic Glen Echo Park

903 she’s got that Mona lisa smile!
     Have fun putting together this fabulous Mona Lisa puzzle of 1000
                                                          Andrena Crockett

904 it’s for the birds!
     Enjoy a one year family membership at the Audubon naturalist Soci-
     ety. This membership includes news subscriptions and discounts at
     the bookstore and on trips and classes.
                                                 Audobon Naturalist Society

                                  Page 34
905 shall We Dance?
      Two gift certificates good for any performance at the Dance Place
                                                                           Dance Place

906 no More Boring rainy Days!
      Win this selection of fun games and activities for your family and
      there will be no more boring rainy days in your house!
                                           Fox-Halperin Family and Chocolate Moose

908 original Workout Mixes by DJ Vill!
      It’s not that you lack the gear—you’ve got the running shoes, iPod,
      fast-wicking shorts, isometric weights and extra oxygen. The prob-
      lem is your attitude. You hate working out. “Just do it.” they say, but
      you’d rather watch The Simpsons. The Big Chili has what you need.
      Original workout mixes by locally-acclaimed mixmaster DJ Vill. Music
      to move you forward, release your endorphins and transport you to
      fitness levels you’ve scarcely dreamed of. These unique mixes are not
      available in stores or on eBay. The winning bidder will receive three,
      count ‘em, three original mixes featuring themes such as Loud, Fast
      and Out of Control and Rock ‘n’ Roll To Make Your Heart Pound.
                                                                                 DJ Vill

909 private Tour of the Zoo
      Take your animal lovers to the zoo with this private, guided tour for
      up to 10 people, ages 4 and up. Weekend mornings only.
                                                             Friends of the National Zoo

                            Got Kids? Get PEP!
       Create the family you’ve dreamed of,
      become the parent you want to be —
            take a PEP class.
                Spring Class Topics Include:
  Managing Anger, Setting Limits, Avoiding Power Struggles, Whining,
    When Parents Disagree on How to Parent and many more.
     Spring Schedule Now Available Online!
  Parent Encouragement Program                              301-929-8824
  10100 Connecticut Ave., Kensington         
                                          Page 35
       education & enrichment
1001 parlez-Vous Français?
     One session of French classes at the Alliance Française de Washing-
     ton, plus a one-year family membership
                                           Alliance Francaise de Washington

1002 improvise
     One drama workshop session to discovery the actor’s process
     through fun improvisational exercises and theatre games.
                                The Theatre Lab School of the Dramatic Arts

1003 read a good Book lately?
     Treat yourself to the latest bestseller with this $25 gift certificate
     from Politics and Prose Bookstore and Coffeehouse!
                              Politics and Prose Bookstore and Coffee House

1004 raising Baby green
     Learn more with this copy of Raising Baby Green: The Earth Friendly
     Guide to Pregnancy, Childbirth and Baby Care, signed by the au-
                                                          Alan Greene, MD

1005 What’s For Dinner?
     Scramble no more with this six month subscription to the weekly
     email service “The Six O’Clock Scramble.” Each email will include
     five healthy recipes that are easy to prepare and that your kids will
     love. Also includes a shopping list!
                                                            Aviva Goldfarb

1006 hot-off-the-press
     Curl up in a chair with not just one, but two bags filled with new
     books chosen just for you by nPR book critic and Stoddert mom
     Maureen Corrigan! One bag will contain new mysteries and the oth-
     er will be new non-fiction.
                                              The Corrigan-Yeselson Family

                                 Page 36
1007 Big exam soon?
     Provide your middle- or high-school student with four hours of
     tutoring in math or physics from Stoddert parent Kamel Saidi. Mr.
     Saidi is an engineer with graduate degrees in mechanical and civil
     engineering, who has plenty of tutoring experience. Subjects can
     include algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus, electric circuits
     and dynamics.
                                                                Kamel Saidi

1008 help Ms. Bruce!
     Buy this item and Jennifer Sweeney will provide Ms. Bruce with two
     hours of assistance in the library!
                                                          Jennifer Sweeney

1009 collect these art catalogs from the smithsonian
     Brush up on your American artists with these collectors’ items:
     William Wegman Funney/Strange by Simon; Li’l Sis and Uncle Willie
     by Gwen Everett; Variations on America Masterworks from Ameri-
     can Art Forum Collections; Bottlecaps to Brushes: Art Activities for
     Kids by Lynn and Steven Engelke.
                               Jerry and Renee Hovanec and Ruthann Uithol

1010 study the World
     “The most technologically advanced and precise atlas” national Geo-
      graphic has ever created. Deluxe, slipcased edition.

1011 The World at Work
     WORK: The world in photographs “Culled from national Geograph-
     ic’s vast photographic archive and other important collections, this
     fascinating, wide-ranging volume presents a wonderfully varied
     group portrait of people at work—in great cities and tiny villages;
     in fields, factories, food carts, four-star restaurants, and just about
     everywhere else we earn our keep.” (2 copies available).

1012 photographs Then and now
     “Take a photographic journey across time and the continents! For
      more than a hundred years, national Geographic writers and pho-
      tographers have created a unique record of our changing world. This
      dazzling book chronicles people and places as they were and as they
      are today, pairing carefully selected photographs—one vintage, the
      other contemporary—from the national Geographic’s vast archives.”
                                 National Geographic Channel International

                                 Page 37
1013 in Focus: national geographic greatest portraits
     national Geographic showcases the world’s peoples in stunning
                                 National Geographic Channel International

1014 experience the Joy of Motion
     Try out the joy of motion with these free-class coupons redeemable
     for adult drop-in classes at any of the Joy of Motion dance centers.
     Two three-packs available.
                                               Joy of Motion Dance Centre

1015 software for smarties
     Anastasia Miller, a Stoddert mom and communications professional
     with more than 20 years of experience, will teach you to make your
     software work harder for you. Learn to add polish to a presentation,
     develop a brochure, or just speed up your work. Adobe InDesign or
     Photoshop; Microsoft Word or Powerpoint; Mac or PC. Six hours of
     instruction over two weekends. Please give three weeks notice.
                                                          Anastasia Miller

                 health & beauty
1101 Tree? Mountain? goddess?
     You’ll know what these words means after five classes at George-
     town Yoga.
                                                        Georgetown Yoga

1102 Feeling hot, hot, hot!
     Enjoy a one month unlimited pass at Hot Yoga.
                                                                 Hot Yoga

1103 Find Your Tranquil space
     Enjoy three yoga classes at Tranquil Space Yoga with this three-class
     pass to any of their locations.
                                                      Tranquil Space Yoga

                                 Page 38
1104 Treat Yourself
       Indulge with a whirpool pedicure and soothing manicure at Fusion
       Day Spa on L Street.
                                                               Fusion Day Spa

1105 a Day of Beauty
       Enjoy any of the services available at Demian Salon with this $125
       gift certificate!
                                                                 Demian Salon

1106 Find your Downward Dog
       Use this pass for five drop-in classes at Spiral Flight Yoga in George-
                                                             Spiral Flight Yoga

1107 a session of Yoga classes
       Sign up for a session of yoga classes at one of Unity Woods’ three
       locations: Bethesda, Woodley Park, or Arlington.
                                                     Unity Woods Yoga Center

1108 on an even keel
       Use this gift card for an online shopping experience at www.Even-, featuring sustainable yoga clothing by local designer
       and yoga teacher.
                                                                     Even Keel

1109 curious about somaFit?
       Don’t be curious anymore…take this $50 gift card and try out some
       of the services available at SomaFit.
                                                                 Corie Eligado

1110 let renato give You a new look
       Master hairstylist Renato will provide a haircut and style at Talio Hair
       Design in Georgetown.
                                                              Talio Hair Design

1111   For a Dazzling smile
       Dentist J. Steven Kahan will give you that dazzling, Hollywood-white
       smile with a chairside tooth bleaching.
                                                         J. Steven Kahan, DDS

                                    Page 39
1112   Time to hit the gym!
       no more excuses with this six-month individual fitness membership,
       valid at any of the Washington area Sport& Health locations.
                                                             Sport & H ealth

1201 professionally landscape Your Yard
       Landscape development plan for front or back yard
                                                   Fine Earth Landscape Inc.

1202 it’s the ultimate
       Three ultimate brushless carwashes at the Flagship Carwash Center
                                                   Flagship Carwash Center

1203 architectural advice
       One hour, in-home architectural consultation with senior architect
       Rick Schneider, of Envision Design. He specializes in green architec-
                                              Rick Schneider, Envision Design

1204 is There a Doggy Doctor in the house?
       One $80 gift certificate to be redeemed for services rendered.
                                              Friendship Hospital for Animals

1205 i’ve Been Framed
       One $100 gift certificate good for services rendered at the Framers’
                                                         Framers’ Workroom

1206 got a “honey-Do” list?
       Two of Stoddert’s most talented repairmen and dads—Brian Cohen
       and Joe Fiorillo—will perform three hours of minor home repairs.
       Leaky faucets, defective electrical outlets and minor carpentry
       work are their specialties!
                                                                Brian Cohen

                                   Page 40
1207 Thanks for the Memories!
       PTA President and Stoddert mom Chantale Wong will transfer up
       to two hours of your home movies on VHS tape to DVD format and
       help you preserve the memories.
                                                               Chantale Wong

1208 get Back in Balance
       Closets to clean out? Piles of files? not to worry with these two free
       hours of professional organization.
                                                             Balancing Act, Inc.

1209 Family photo session
       Stoddert mom and professional photographer Lely Constantinople
       will photograph your family at a location of your choice in a docu-
       mentary style. Digital and/or film, black &white and/or color. Pack-
       age includes shooting session, and DVD of all images. Reprints are
       not included but can be ordered from the DVD at an area lab or on-
       line photo site. Check out for samples
       of Lely’s work.
                                              Lely Constantinople Photography

1210 Bike repair and Tuneup
       Marc Gwadz, Stoddert dad and expert cyclist, will do basic tune-up
       or repair for 1-4 bikes (up to 1.5 hours, parts not included). Marc can
       handle mountain, road or recreational bikes. Last year’s winner had
       30 adjustments and repairs made to his bike!
                                                                  Marc Gwadz

1211   Don’t Forget Your Dry cleaning!
       Make that task a little more pleasant with this $50 gift certificate for
       dry cleaning from Glover Park’s own Sargent Cleaners.
                                                             Sargent Cleaners

                                    Page 41
         clothing & accessories
1300 ladies night at the Denim Bar!
     Grab 29 of your closest friends and head on over to The Denim
     Bar in Bethesda for a private shopping party! You will be wined and
     dined with food and drinks and the Denim Bar staff will be on hand
     to assist host and guests in finding that perfect pair of jeans or a top.
     The auction winner will get a free pair of jeans (up to $250 value).
                                                                   Denim Bar

1301 catch as catch can
     A $25 gift certificate to lovely women’s clothing and accessories
                                                                  Catch Can

1302 Did You ever see a lassie?
     $40 gift certificate to children’s boutique.
                                                        Beyda’s Lad & Lassie

1304 Muy Bonita!
     $50 gift certificate to The Phoenix boutique.
                                                                 The Phoenix

1305 if the shoe Fits….
     Two pairs of children’s shoes from Ramer’s Shoes.
                                                               Ramer’s Shoes

1306 Bundle up
     You choose the color and Stoddert parent Marta Beresin will knit a
     matching hat and scarf for your child.
                                                               Marta Beresin

1307 For Toasty Toes
     Keep your little one’s toes warm with these beautifully hand-knitted
     wool socks, approx. size 10.
1308 no More cold hands
     Lovely cream-colored wool hand-knit mittens, ages 3-5 years.
                                                                 Vera Luneva

                                  Page 42
1309 Wearable art
        Stoddert Mom and artist Lori Milstein has made this one-of-a-kind
        fused glass art pendant, strung on black cord.
1310 Fused glass art You can Wear!
        Stoddert Mom and artist Lori Milstein has made this one-of-a-kind
        fused glass art pendant, strung on black cord.
                                                                Lori Milstein

1311    For your exploration of the neighborhood
        You’ll be dressed perfectly to take your kids to school in this na-
        tional Geographic windbreaker.

1312 You need This Bag
        national Geographic messenger bag, great for transporting all your
        office gear.
                                                             Celia Paschoal

1313 handmade Jewelry
        Stoddert mom Corie Eligado will hand-bead a bracelet, earrings and
        necklace for you using your choice of colors.
                                                               Corie Eligado

       Dr. Project: Yes, I Make House Calls!
          Dependable Diagnostics and Solutions for Your Domicile

                                             Rick Ruggles, Handyman
                                                       Cell: 202-309-4529
                                                         Tel: 202-944-5050
                                                        Fax: 202-944-5060

         x     References
                                                    2210 B Hall Place NW
                                                   Washington, DC 20007

                                   Page 43
               home and garden
1401 everything’s coming up roses!
     Use this $25 gift certificate to Johnson’s. not to be used for phone
     orders, please.
                                            Johnson’s Florist and Garden Centers

1402 spring has sprung!
     Enjoy this beautiful Chinese water color painting of the plum flower
     blossom in spring time.
                                                                      Kwok Tom

1403 need a gift?
     Use this $25 gift certificate to get a lovely gift for that special some-
     one (or yourself!) at Periwinkle Gifts.
                                                                Periwinkle Gifts

1404 crate and Barrel gift card
     Head on over to Crate and Barrel and use this $25 gift card as you
                                                               Crate and Barrel

1405 Mood lighting!
     C'mon baby light my fire…with this large stock of red tapered can-
     dles from Indulge Candle and Gift Shop. The candles are 5, 8, 10 and
     12 inches high.
                                                   Indulge Candle and Gift Shop

1406 Made with love!
     Enjoy these four handmade porcelain bowls—triangular and with an
     underglaze decoration. They are food and microwave safe.
                                                                Marcia Halperin

1407 how Does Your garden grow?
     Purchase everything you need for your springtime garden with this
     $50 gift card to American Plant in Bethesda!
                                                                 American Plant

                                  Page 44
1408 contain Yourself!
       Use this $25 gift card to The Container Store for some spring orga-
                                                           The Container Store

1409 Wonderful Watercolor
       This beautiful watercolor painting from Avant Gallery will look per-
       fect in your home!

1410 get Framed
       Use this frame to your liking from Avant Gallery.
                                                                Avant Gallery

1411   Your Wall is Waiting
       Shari Gilbert will take some of your favorite remnants to create this
       unique wall hanging. It will be approximately 20” by 30” and will
       come ready to be hung.
                                                                  Shari Gilbert

1412 Mean green cleaning Machine Basket
       Three spray bottles containing non-toxic, environmentally friendly
       cleaning concoctions (all-purpose cleaner, window wash, and pro-
       duce wash), plus recipes for these. Also includes one dozen assort-
       ed cloth rags, two natural cellulose sponges, and the book Better
       Basics for the Home by Annie Berhold-Bond.

1413 BYoBag Medley
       Two reusable shopping bags ("Love Your Planet" and "Make Love
       not Carbon"); five cloth produce bags; three mesh produce bags;
       one string bag plus a red string to tie around your finger to help you
       to remember to bring them to the store!

1414 crunchy lunch Bunch Basket
       2 Kleen Kanteen stainless steel water bottles with sport tops; stain-
       less steel containers (2 small, 2 large); 2 red check Wrap-n-Mat reus-
       able sandwich holders; 1 box Cut-Rite waxed paper bags; 2 organic
       cotton lunch sacks with fabric markers (perfect art project!)
                                                              Trevelyan Family

                                   Page 45
1415 a gardening expert
     Glover Park Gazette gardening columnist and Stoddert mom Reem
     Chiavello will provide two hours of creative gardening and landscap-
     ing consultation and design. She will address and provide solutions
     to specific gardening problems or concerns; advise on selection of
     flowers, plants and shrub; soil testing and treatment and solution;
     organic soil nutrients; and general garden care and maintenance.
                                                           Reem Chiavello

1416 handmade pottery
     Five pieces of pottery by a local artist-small to medium sized bowls
     and vases.
                                                                Sue Baum

1417 handyman special
     This Fein cordless drill is just what you need for those home im-
     provement projects! Brand new and ready to get to work.
                                                      Liz and Peter Ludgin

1418 hardware in the neighborhood
     Save yourself time and stress—use this $50 gift card at Glover Park
     Hardware next time you have a home project.
                                                     Glover Park Hardware

1419 Bring “Daisies” into Your home
     Painter Bill Perry, grandfather of kindergartner Zack Perry, lives and
     paints in Harmony, PA. He has donated this beautiful original water-
     color of daisies.
                                                                 Bill Perry

1420 garden guru
     Stoddert dad and School Yard Habitat devotee Eric Langenbacher
     will lend 4 hours of gardening/landscaping help. Don’t pass this one
                                                        Eric Langenbacher

1421 relax and Meditate
     Relax and meditate to the soothing sounds of this meditation foun-
                                                             Corie Eligado

                                 Page 46
1422 Beautiful Watercolor
     Lovely framed watercolor by Stoddert’s own Miss Tatiana.
                                                          Tatiana de Fidler

1423 alaskan View
     Framed photograph of Alaskan sunset, printed on archival paper
     and beautifully framed. 11x24”.
                                                              Thomas Shea

1424 no More Wire hangers!
     Pamper your clothes with this set of 20 pink and white satin padded
     clothes hangers.
                                 Laurie Maria Vusolo and Calvin-Joe Ligono

1425 Jazz up Your room
     With this hand-painted, brightly colored chair, with an upholstered
     seat in a fun, jazz-inspired fabric. Great as a side chair for bedroom
     or accent chair in any room.
                                                              Sara Friendly

1426 From russia with love
     A set of hand-painted, wooden traditional Russian crafts -Matryosh-
     ka dolls, magnets, handpainted box, ceramic animal.
                                                              Maxim Elovik

1427 rau kumara
     “Rau Kumara”, based on traditional Maori weaving design by con-
      temporary Maori artist Gina Matchitt. Materials: stickers on paper.
                                              Gina Matchitt and Greg Millar

                                 Page 47
to our military families
        the stoddert community sends you
       our love, support, and appreciation.
               our thoughts are with you!
The Glover Park Citizens’ Association
         Invites LIVE
CRAFTSjoin themyou the MUS
          FOOD for
              CRAFTS FOOD
         19     TH

 Glover Park
          JUNE 7th
     11:00 AM CRAFTS
 “                       ”

            SALES ~ RENTALS

           Georgetown / Upper Northwest
               3210 “N” Street NW
              Washington, DC 20007
               Sales (202) 338-0500
            Prop. Mgmt. (202) 965-4800

           Dupont Circle / Adams Morgan
              1929 18th Street NW
             Washington, DC 20009
               Sales (202) 483-0140
            Prop. Mgmt. (202) 745-0613

View listings on our website:
The following businesses have contributed to making the Big Chili a success.
   Please support these businesses as they have supported our school!

15ria                                            J. Steven Kahan, DDS
4912 Thai Cuisine                                Johnson's Florist and Garden Centers
AFI Silver Theatre and Cultural Center           Joy of Motion Dance Centre
Alan Greene, MD                                  Kavanagh's Pizza Pub
All Fired Up                                     Law offices of Paul Strauss & Assoc., P.C.
Alliance Francaise de Washington                 Lebanese Taverna
American Plant                                   Lely Constantinople Photography
American Visionary Art Museum                    Let's Dish!
Arucola Osteria                                  Levine School of Music
Audobon naturalist Society                       Lia's (A Chef Geoff Restaurant)
Avant Gallery                                    Liberty Mountain Resort
Aviva Goldfarb                                   Maggiano's Little Italy
Balancing Act, Inc.                              Marrakesh restaurant
Ballet Petite                                    Marriott Wardman Park Hotel
Baltimore Symphony Orchestra                     Mount Vernon
Barston's Child's Play                           musiKids
bd's Mongolian Barbeque                          national Geographic Channel International
Beyda's Lad & Lassie                             Obelisk
Bistrot Du Coin                                  Overwood
Bistrot Lepic                                    Patisserie Poupon
Blacksalt                                        Periwinkle Gifts
Booeymonger                                      Petits Plats
Budding Yogis                                    Politics and Prose Bookstore and Coffee House
Bundles of Cookies                               Potomac nationals
Butler's Orchard                                 Potomac Riverboat Company
Cactus Cantina                                   Praline Bakery &Restaurant
Café Divan                                       Ramer's Shoes
Café du Parc                                     Rocklands Barbeque and Grilling Company
Café du Parc                                     Round House Theatre
Café Milano                                      Safeway
Capital Restaurant Concepts                      Sargent Cleaners
Catch Can                                        Sea Catch Restaurant & Raw Bar
Chadwicks                                        Sidwell Summer Tennis Camp
Chocolate Moose                                  Signature Theater
Clyde's Restaurant Group                         Silver Stars Gymnastics
CommuniKids Language School for Children         Spiral Flight Yoga
Crate and Barrel                                 Sport & Health
Creative Cakes, Inc.                             Stoddert Extended Day Program
Dance Place                                      Stoddert Soccer
DC United                                        Sushi-Ko
Demian Salon                                     Tabard Inn
Denim Bar                                        Talio Hair Design
Dish                                             The Adventure Theatre in Historic Glen Echo Park
DJ Vill                                          The Avalon Theatre
Dolcezza Artisanal Gelato                        The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Museum
Even Keel                                        The Container Store
Faccia Luna                                      The Mayflower
Fillmore Arts Workshop                           The Phillips Collection
Fine Earth Landscape Inc.                        The Phoenix
Flagship Carwash Center                          The Puppet Co. Playhouse
Flying Kick Fitness                              The Savoy Suites Hotel
Four Seasons Hotel                               The Studio Theatre
Framers' Workroom                                The Theatre Lab School of the Dramatic Arts
Friends of the national Zoo                      Thomas Sweet Ice Cream
Friends of the national Zoo                      TIC Summer Camp
Friendship Hospital for Animals                  Town Hall
fun & games!                                     Tranquil Space Yoga
Fusion Day Spa                                   Tree Top Kids
GALA Hispanic Theatre                            Truffles Belgian Chocolates
Garrett's Restaurant and Railroad Bar            Two Amys
George Washington University Mount Vernon Pool   Unity Woods Yoga Center
Georgetown Yoga                                  Viran Ranasinghe
Glover Park Hardware                             Wasabi
Great American Restaurants                       Washington Capitals
Henderson's Wharf                                Washington nationals
Hillwood Estate, Museum & Gardens                Washington Redskins
Hot Yoga                                         Willowcroft Farm Vineyards
Indulge -- Candle and Gift Shop                  Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company
Ingleside Vineyards                              Yong Studios
J. W. Marriott Pennsylvania Avenue

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