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An organization that helps save animals
             By: Marissa M
         There ASPCA’s around the world. They are a non-profit
    organization that help animals. Most of the animals have been neglected
    or abused. There are T.V. shows about the most of the ASPCA’s work.
    They tell what the officers do and what the standards of healthy
    animals are. The animals have to be in specific weight range, have food,
    water, and live in a good environment. They also have to have healthy
    fur that can not be matted or have rain rot.

Matted- when the fur is clumps and is painful for the animal.
Rain Rot- When horses fur starts to rot from being in the rain for to long
                Houston ASPCA
• The Houston SPCA is my favorite show out of them all. The
  investigators work the hardest to bring justice to the animals.
  If you like the country and farms you should definitely watch
  this. There are many farm animals and dogs. I give this show on
  a 5 star rating.
        ASPCA New York
      One of my favorite investigators, Anne Marie
  Lucas, works in New York. She works so hard for the
  animals. She is a true animals hero. If you like dogs
  you should watch the ASPCA New York. Most of the
  animals are dogs. Sometimes there are birds or cats.

Anne Marie Lucas
                      More ASPCA
•   The ASPCA has a website were you can look at cool pictures, donate and
    visit the gift shop- ASPCA website
•   The ASPCA stands for American Society to Prevent Cruelty to Animals.
•   The show is on every day at noon, on Animals Planet.
•   April 10th is ASPCA day
•   The ASPCA color is orange
•   The animal planet website can tell you more about the show- Animal
    Planet Website

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