Is HUAWEI E1750 better than HUAWEI E173?

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					          Is HUAWEI E1750 better than HUAWEI E173?

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Outline: in this articles, it mainly about the practical functions of the two modems of HUAWEI
E1750 and E173.

Even though more and more people get to know the new 3G HSDPA Modem-- HUAWEI E173 USB
Stick (also named Huawei E173u), the fame of Huawei E173 USB stick still can’t surpass Huawei
E1750 USB modem. It’s not only because Huawei E1750 was born much earlier than HUAWEI
E173, but also the whirlwind of android Tablet from year 2010 all over the world. You may ask
what the connection between Android tablet and Huawei E1750 is.

Actually, from the beginning, most of the Android tablets don’t have the 3G function, which
means it could only get internet access by WI-FI or USB Modem(If there is USB interface in the
tablet). So USB modem become the top choice when no Wi-Fi hotspot available. Fortunately,
Huawei E1750 could support Android operation system, accurately, it supports Android 2.1 (Eclair)
OS when most of the modems couldn’t. We believe it’s a coincidence that Huawei E1750 has this
function, like HUAWEI E220, because Android system was put into use in recent two years, but
E1750 and E220 has been in the market for long time. And what we know is that no more USB
modem that could support Android operation system, especially Android 2.2 OS or later.
Huawei E173 USB stick was released in October 2010 and it seems there are no unique features of
this modem. But in fact, Huawei E173 adopt new technology internal. After you install the mobile
partner in modem, it could identify the SIM card and automatically set up the APN and dial
number, which is important for internet connection. Once the driver is finished installation, just
press the button “connect”, and then it works. Using HUAWEI E1750, you need to set the
correspondent parameter manually. In this case, Huawei E173 has been configured the data of
most operators all over the world, which makes the users to have better experience. But the
customized modems by operators should be excluded because they are configured with limited
function and data. If the modem could be unlocked, all the problems will work out.

We had got the news that HUAWEI has ceased the production of HUAWEI E1750 USB Stick. Since
more and more new products or research are connected with the network, HUAWEI E173 USB
stick become popular in Europe and USA because of its stable internet performance and cute
appearance. It’s expected that HUAWEI E173 would replace E1750 in near future.

By the way, many users want to use E173 or E1750 to call a telephone, or other functions that the
modem should have. Frankly speaking, it’s an easy job to make them true by doing a dashboard
for the modem. Download the software below and run it, follow the steps and finish it. Also, the
software could upgrade the software of most of Huawei Modems:

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Description: in this articles, it mainly about the practical functions of the two modems of HUAWEI E1750 and E173.