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Innovation and tradition to build the future

Innovation and tradition to build the future        Milan and Lombardy: the engine of Italy

The University of Milan is a research-intensive     The University of Milan – that counts almost
university, offering high quality teaching at all   65,000 students regularly enrolled and is
levels in a broad spectrum of fields. Over the      therefore the largest in Lombardy – is an
years, it has succeeded in maintaining a skilful    important point of cultural, artistic and scientific
blend of tradition and innovation, adjusting        reference for the city: every year it plays host,
to the requirements of a fast-growing society       amongst other things, to more than 300 events
without putting aside its distinctive traits.       that are attended by tens of thousands of people.

                                                    One of the top international institutions in terms
The University of Milan is the top Italian
                                                    of scientific productivity, the University’s wide
university in most international rankings and
                                                    range of educational and research competencies
is the only Italian university among the 22
                                                    and its relationships with the business world
prestigious institutions that belong to the
                                                    also make it an important resource for its
League of European Research Universities            socio-economic context.
                                                    Milan is, in fact, the capital of Lombardy,
The University’s interdisciplinary vocation         one of the most dynamic and “international”
and the connections between a wide range            areas in the European Union; it is also
of fields create a highly stimulating environment   the leading city in Italy for investments in
for study and work in its 9 Faculties, 137 study    technological research and innovation.
programmes, 20 doctoral schools and several
vocationally-oriented courses.                      The system in which the University of Milan
                                                    operates has no equal in terms of the level
                                                    and importance of its scientific initiatives; it
                                                    comprises a further 11 universities and a large
                                                    number of research institutes, many of them
                                                    of international standing and reputation.
The University campuses and their treasures           Studying in Milan                                    UNIVERSITÀ DEGLI STUDI DI MILANO

The University’s main campus is located in the        Studying at the University of Milan and living       n TOP ITALIAN UNIVERSITY IN THE MAJOR INTERNATIONAL RANKINGS
old “Ca’ Granda” (literally “the Big House”),         in this city is an exciting experience.
                                                                                                           n HIGH QUALITY TEACHING IN A BROAD SPECTRUM OF FIELDS
a striking monumental complex in the heart
of the city, a short distance from the Duomo.         Milan – which will host the Expo 2015 – is known     n MAIN CAMPUS IN MILAN CITY CENTRE
Created in the 15th century by the Tuscan             throughout the world for fashion, design,
architect known as Filarete, it is one of the         publishing, theatre, music, food and its             n THE ONLY ITALIAN UNIVERSITY AMONG THE 22 MEMBERS OF LERU
most historically and artistically significant        international trade fairs. It is also an extremely
buildings in Milan, a city that offers countless      lively city, which offers great cultural
other points of interest, including numerous          opportunities as well as the best in sports
works by Leonardo da Vinci, who lived in              and leisure.
Milan for 25 years.
                                                      Due to its central position in the north of Italy,
The University’s other campuses are located           it is a good point of access for many
in historic buildings and modern structures           world-renowned localities. The most famous
situated in both the city centre and the              Italian lakes are just one hour away, while just
university quarter built in the 1920s, known          a little more time is needed to reach the Alps,
as “Città Studi” (literally “the City of Studies”).   the Ligurian Sea, Venice and Florence by car or
                                                      train, and all the major European cities by plane.
The University of Milan also possesses an
important artistic and scientific heritage, which
is housed in various museums, libraries and
archives. Its 87 libraries preserve one of the
richest collections of books in the region, as well
as an assortment of rare and valuable volumes.
KEY FACTS AND FIGURES IN 2010                                                                        OUR FACULTIES

Academic and Research Resources and Facilities   Students                                            The University of Milan is a large institution   Humanities, Social Sciences and Law
• 9 Faculties                                    Total enrolled: 64,111                              that offers various programmes in three major    • Arts and Humanities (Lettere e Filosofia)
• 69 Research Departments                        • 36,798 Undergraduate                              areas, divided among 9 faculties.                • Social and Political Sciences (Scienze Politiche)
• 29 Inter-departmental Research Centres         • 24,874 Master’s and single-cycle students                                                          • Law (Giurisprudenza)
• 87 Libraries                                   • 1,040 Postgraduate professional specialisation
• A digital library with 9130 titles online        students                                                                                           Medicine and Healthcare
  and 171 databases                              • 1,399 PhD students                                                                                 • Medicine (Medicina e Chirurgia)
                                                                                                                                                      • Veterinary Medicine (Medicina Veterinaria)
Staff                                            Locations                                                                                            • Pharmacy (Farmacia)
• 2,334 tenured professors                       • Main campus:                                                                                       • Exercise and Sports Sciences (Scienze Motorie)
• 622 teaching-only staff                          Cà Granda Renaissance palace (15th century)
• 688 research-only staff                          in the heart of the city centre                                                                    Science
• 100 visiting professors/scholars               • Città Studi campus:                                                                                • Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences
• 2,021 technical and administrative staff         located in the area known as the “City                                                               (Scienze Matematiche, Fisiche e Naturali)
                                                   of studies” in the eastern part of the city                                                        • Agriculture (Agraria)
Study programmes
• 71 Bachelor programmes (3 years)               Heritage
• 58 Master programmes (2 years)                 • APICE centre: an archive of valuable
• 8 Single-cycle courses (5-6 years)               and rare books
• 20 Doctoral schools (3-4 years)                • Astronomical Observatory
 Vocational study programmes                     • Didactic Museum of Zoology
 • 31 Vocational master’s courses (1-2 years)    • Papyrus collection and Papyrology Library
 • 81 Short courses                              • Botanical gardens in town and on Lake Garda
 • 73 Postgraduate schools of professional       • Gargnano villa on Lake Garda for summer courses
   specialisation                                • Antarctic base camp

                                                                                                     THE ITALIAN UNIVERSITY SYSTEM
                                                                                                     Courses                                             Degrees              Credits           Years
                                                                                                     Undergraduate                                      bachelor                  180               3
                                                                                                     Master                                      master’s degree                  120               2
                                                                                                     Single-cycle                                master’s degree             300-360              5-6
                                                                                                     (admission with master’s degree)            doctoral degree                      -            3+
                                                                                                     Vocational study programmes
                                                                                                     1st level vocational master
                                                                                                     (admission with bachelor)                           diploma                  60+              1+
                                                                                                     2nd level vocational master
                                                                                                     (admission with master’s degree)                    diploma                  60+              1+
                                                                                                     Specialisation schools               specialisation diploma               60-300             1-5
                                                                                       FACULTY OF ARTS AND HUMANITIES

The Faculty of Arts and Humanities is dedicated to research and teaching in all        Bachelor programmes - 3 years                                        Master programmes – 2 years
fields of the humanities, from ancient and classical civilisations and languages
                                                                                       • Classical Languages and Literatures                                • Ancient Philology, Literature and History
to the intersection between humanities and neuroscience, covering the entire
                                                                                       • Foreign Languages and Literature                                   • Archaeology
chronological range from the earliest times to the present day.                        • History                                                            • Archive and Library Sciences
Combining the stability of tradition with the vitality of new methods and              • Humanities                                                         • Cognitive Sciences and Decision-Making
technology, the various programmes provided by the Faculty share the same              • Liberal Studies in Communications                                    Processes2 (jointly run by the Faculty of Arts and
purpose: the articulation, development and constant implementation of the              • Geography and Environmental Sciences                                 Humanities, the Faculty of Social and Political
                                                                                       • Language Mediation and Intercultural                                 Sciences and the Faculty of Medicine)
theoretical, historical and methodological heritage of the human sciences.
                                                                                         Communication1 (jointly run by the Faculty                         • Communications: Theory and Methods
The Faculty offers a wide range of facilities aimed at the personal and professional     of Arts and Humanities and the Faculty                             • Culture and History of the Publishing System
development of students, improving their skills and training them for careers            of Social and Political Sciences)                                  • European and Non-European Languages
in many different economic and cultural fields, such as publishing, multimedia         • Philosophy                                                           and Literature
technologies, geography, environment and landscape protection, cultural                • Italian Language and Culture for Foreigners                        • History3
                                                                                         (online Inter-University programme)                                • History of Art
tourism and the management of cultural assets in museums and archives.
                                                                                                                                                            • Languages and Cultures for International
                                                                                                                                                              Communication and Cooperation4 (jointly run
                                                                                                                                                              by the Faculty of Arts and Humanities and
                                                                                                                                                              the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences)
                                                                                                                                                            • Modern Humanities
                                                                                                                                                            • Musicology
                                                                                                                                                            • Philosophy
                                                                                                                                                            • Environmental and Geographical Sciences
                                                                                                                                                            • Science of the Performing Arts

                                                                                           Double degree with: Universidad de Valladolid
                                                                                           Double degree with: University of Maastricht
                                                                                           Double degree with: Université Pierre Mendès - Grenoble II, Université de Provence Aix - Marseille I,
                                                                                           École des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales - Paris, Université de Savoie
                                                                                           Double degree with: Manchester Metropolitan University
                                                                                    FACULTY OF SOCIAL AND POLITICAL SCIENCES

The Faculty of Social and Political Sciences offers an innovative and stimulating   Bachelor programmes – 3 years                                    Master programmes – 2 years
combination of study programmes, thanks to the presence of the largest and
                                                                                    • Communication and Society1                                     • Cognitive Sciences and Decision-Making
most qualified concentration of social scientists in Italy – 79 full professors,
                                                                                    • European Economic Studies                                        Processes3 (jointly run by the Faculty of Social
52 associate professors and 86 assistant professors – and the continuous            • International Sciences and European                              and Political Sciences, the Faculty of Arts
research activity of its 7 departments.                                               Institutions                                                     and Humanities and the Faculty of Medicine)
The academic programme provides groundings in the disciplines of economics,         • Language Mediation and Intercultural                           • Economics and Political Science4 - taught
sociology, political science, history, law, psychology and linguistics, as well       Communication2 (jointly run by the Faculty                       entirely in English
                                                                                      of Social and Political Sciences and the Faculty               • International Economics and Finance - taught
as several specialised courses. The traditional doctorates in Labour Studies,
                                                                                      of Arts and Humanities)                                          partly in English
Economics, Sociology, Political Studies and Business History and Management         • Organisation and Human Resources                               • International Relations - taught partly in English
have long been combined into the Graduate School in Social, Economic and            • Political Sciences                                             • Labour Studies - one curriculum taught
Political Sciences, in order to provide an all-encompassing, interdisciplinary      • Public Management                                                entirely in English
grounding.                                                                          • Social Sciences for Globalisation                              • Languages and Cultures for International
                                                                                                                                                       Communication and Cooperation5 (jointly run
                                                                                                                                                       by the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences
                                                                                                                                                       and the Faculty of Arts and Humanities)
                                                                                                                                                     • Law and Policies of European Integration:
                                                                                                                                                       European Constitutional Law and “Multilevel
                                                                                                                                                       Constitutionalism”6 - taught entirely
                                                                                                                                                       in English and French
                                                                                                                                                     • Political Science and Government - taught
                                                                                                                                                       partly in English
                                                                                                                                                     • Public Administration and Policy - taught
                                                                                                                                                       partly in English
                                                                                                                                                     • Public and Corporate Communication -
                                                                                                                                                       taught partly in English
                                                                                                                                                     • Social Sciences: Research and Institutional
                                                                                                                                                       Analysis - taught partly in English

                                                                                        Double degree with: John Cabot University in Rome
                                                                                        Double degree with: Universidad de Valladolid
                                                                                        Double degree with: University of Maastricht
                                                                                        Double degree with: Université Catholique de Louvain, Facultés Universitaires Notre Dame de la Paix - Namur
                                                                                        Double degree with: Manchester Metropolitan University
                                                                                        Joint degree with: Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, Université de Montpellier I, University of Stetin
                                                                                   FACULTY OF LAW

The Faculty of Law was established in 1924. Over the years, the Faculty            Bachelor programmes (3 years)   Single-Cycle Degree (5 years)
has maintained its initial prestige through the work of many great masters
                                                                                   • Sciences for Legal Services   • Law
of thought, who also helped to train a large part of the current teaching staff,
which is composed of 73 full professors, 24 associate professors
and approximately 100 assistant professors.
The Faculty offers a wide range of courses and deals with many areas of
research; particular attention is dedicated to international relations, with
teaching staff and the most outstanding students constantly collaborating
in projects with prestigious foreign universities, such as Berkeley, Stanford,
Carlos III de Madrid, Universidad del País Vasco, Coimbra, Lund, Antwerp,
São Paulo, La Plata, Externado de Colombia, Tel Aviv and Haifa.
                                                                                 FACULTY OF MEDICINE

With more than 600 professors and researchers and approximately                  Bachelor programmes – 3 years                      Master programmes – 2 years
1700 new students each year, the Faculty of Medicine is one of the most
                                                                                 • Audiometry Methods                               • Cognitive Sciences and Decision-Making
important in Italy, in terms of both the standards of training and the
                                                                                 • Biomedical Laboratory Methods                      Processes1 (jointly run by the Faculty of
clinical and basic scientific results.                                           • Cardio-Circulatory Physiopathology                 Medicine, the Faculty of Arts and Humanities
The academic programmes cover the entire spectrum of medical training,             and Cardiovascular Perfusion Techniques            and the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences)
from medicine and medical biotechnology to dentistry and nursing science.        • Dental Hygiene                                   • Diagnostic Techniques for Healthcare
The Faculty boasts one of the highest rates of scientific production in the      • Diagnostic Imaging and Radiation Therapy           Professionals
                                                                                   Technology                                       • Food Science and Human Nutrition (jointly run
country, combining traditional subjects with an interest in the latest medical
                                                                                 • Dietetics                                          by the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty
research developments in the fields of genomics, proteomics and molecular        • Health Visitor                                     of Agriculture)
medicine. There are also numerous specialist facilities, including 2 important   • Hearing Aid Audiology                            • Healthcare Professions for Clinical Management
Centres of Excellence, the European School of Molecular Medicine and the         • Medical Biotechnologies                          • Healthcare Professions for Prevention
International Master in Breast Diseases.                                         • Midwifery                                        • Healthcare Professions for Rehabilitation
                                                                                 • Neurophysiopathology Methods                     • Medical Biotechnology and Molecular Medicine
                                                                                 • Nursing                                          • Nursing and Midwifery Sciences
                                                                                 • Occupational Therapy
                                                                                 • Orthopaedic Technology
                                                                                 • Orthoptic and Ophthalmologic Technology          Single-cycle degrees – 6 years
                                                                                 • Paediatric Health Nursing
                                                                                 • Physiotherapy                                    • Dentistry
                                                                                 • Podology                                         • Medicine
                                                                                 • Prevention Techniques and Safety Procedures      • International Medical School - taught
                                                                                   in the Environment and Workplace                   entirely in English
                                                                                 • Psychiatric Rehabilitation Techniques
                                                                                 • Social Work in Health
                                                                                 • Speech and Language Therapy
                                                                                 • Therapy of Neuro and Psychomotricity Disorders
                                                                                   of Childhood

                                                                                     Double degree with: University of Maastricht
                                                                                     FACULTY OF VETERINARY MEDICINE

Established in 1791 as the College of Veterinary Studies and part of the             Bachelor programmes – 3 years         Master programmes – 2 years
University of Milan since 1932, the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine enrols
                                                                                     • Animal Husbandry and Welfare        • Animal Husbandry Sciences and Technologies
approximately 500 new students each year and conducts high-level study
                                                                                     • Animal Production Feed and Health   • Veterinary Biotechnology Sciences - elective
and research activities, collaborating with international scientific partners.       • Veterinary Biotechnology              courses in English
In addition to basic veterinary disciplines, its research covers infections
and contagious diseases in domestic animals and the safety of animal
products intended for human consumption.                                                                                   Single-cycle degrees – 5 years
The university centre in Lodi is home to the recently-opened Veterinary
                                                                                                                           • Veterinary Medicine
Hospital and a diagnostic centre specialising in large animals (equine, bovine,
porcine, ovine/caprine), as well as birds, fish and smaller species. The shelters,
operating theatres and radiology and obstetrics departments of these
extremely modern facilities are equipped with the most modern technologies.
                                                                                 FACULTY OF PHARMACY

The Faculty of Pharmacy has grown rapidly during its forty-year existence,       Bachelor programmes – 3 years                     Master programmes – 2 years
becoming one of the most advanced Pharmacy Faculties in Italy,
                                                                                 • Chemical-Toxicological Sciences and Safety      • Drug Biotechnology
due to both the quality of its teaching and research and the number
                                                                                   in the Environment
of enrolled students (4500).                                                     • Herbal Science and Technology (jointly run
The study programmes offered are designed to meet different goals,                 by the Faculty of Pharmacy and the Faculty      Single-cycle degrees – 5 years
while encouraging synergy between the various educational fields - biology,        of Agriculture)
chemistry and technology.                                                        • Pharmaceutical Biotechnology                    • Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technologies
                                                                                                                                   • Pharmacy1
The Faculty of Pharmacy has an ongoing collaboration with the University
“Nostra Signora del Buon Consiglio” in Tirana, Albania.
A study programme in Pharmacy is offered to Albanian students,
the majority of courses being held by professors from the University of Milan.

                                                                                     Double degree with: NSBC University, Tirana
                                                                               FACULTY OF EXERCISE AND SPORTS SCIENCES

The main object of the Faculty of Exercise and Sports Sciences                 Bachelor programmes – 3 years             Master programmes – 2 years
teaching and research is human health and psychophysical wellbeing.
                                                                               • Exercise, Sport and Health Sciences     • Individual and Team Sports Science
The study programme includes a series of obligatory theoretical subjects,
                                                                                                                         • Exercise Science for Healthy Life
such as Anatomy, Biology, Physiology, Biochemistry, Sports Medicine and
Endocrinology, and practical activities, such as individual and team sports.
The Faculty is home to the University Centre of Sporting Activity for Health
and Wellbeing, the University Centre for Safety in Sporting Activities
and Correct Lifestyles and the CRAV, the Alta Valtellina Research Centre
for Movement and Wellbeing.
                                                                                FACULTY OF MATHEMATICAL, PHYSICAL AND NATURAL SCIENCES

The Faculty of Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences encompasses          Bachelor programmes – 3 years                                       Master programmes – 2 years
research and educational activities in the areas of mathematics, physics,
                                                                                • Applied and Environmental Chemistry                               • Biodiversity and Evolutionary Biology
chemistry, biology, informatics, earth sciences and related interdisciplinary
                                                                                • Biology - taught partly in English                                • Biology Applied to Nutritional Sciences
topics. It was established at the time of the foundation of the University      • Chemistry                                                         • Biology Applied to Research in Biomedicine
of Milan in 1925. Since then, the scientific community has taken shape,         • Earth Sciences                                                    • Chemistry
and it now comprises 500 members (full professors, associate professors         • Industrial and Environmental Biotechnology -                      • Earth Sciences
and researchers). The Faculty currently offers study opportunities to             taught partly in English                                          • Informatics - taught partly in English
                                                                                • Industrial Chemistry                                              • Informatics and Communication
approximately 9000 students per year, at all appropriate levels.
                                                                                • Informatics and Communication                                     • Computer Security
The teaching and research opportunities are closely linked to high-quality      • Informatics                                                       • Industrial Chemistry and Management
scientific production. Research activities cover a wide spectrum,               • Mathematics                                                       • Mathematics1
ranging from the study of basic scientific problems to subjects with            • Natural Sciences                                                  • Molecular Biotechnology and Bioinformatics
direct industrial applications.                                                 • Music Informatics                                                 • Molecular Biology of the Cell
                                                                                • Physics                                                           • Nature Sciences
                                                                                • Science and Technology for Studying                               • Physics
                                                                                  and Preserving the Cultural Heritage
                                                                                  and Information Storage Media
                                                                                • Computer and Network Security
                                                                                  - also online

                                                                                    Double degree with: Université de Bordeaux I, Université de Paris XI, University of Leiden, University of Concordia,
                                                                                    University of Stellenbosch, Chennai Institute, Università di Padova
                                                                                    Double degree with: Universidad Carlos III Madrid
                                                                                 FACULTY OF AGRICULTURE

Originally founded as a School of Agriculture in 1871, the Faculty is now        Bachelor programmes – 3 years                     Master programmes – 2 years
the largest in Italy in terms of the number of students – approximately 3000 –
                                                                                 • Agricultural Sciences and Technology            • Agri-environmental Sciences
and teaching staff - around 180, working in 7 Research Departments.
                                                                                 • Agricultural Technologies for Environment       • Agricultural Sciences
The Faculty has expertise which covers a wide range of fields; this ensures        and Landscape                                   • Food Science and Technology
its involvement in numerous research projects and technological applications,    • Food Science and Technology                     • Plant, Food and Environmental Biotechnology
ranging from sustainable agriculture and environmental protection to food        • Food Services Management and Technology         • Science of Crop Production and Protection
processing and technical and economic management of agriculture                  • Plant, Food and Environmental Biotechnology     • Food Science and Human Nutrition (jointly run
                                                                                 • Production and Protection of Plants               by the Faculty of Agriculture and the Faculty
and food activities.
                                                                                   and Vegetation Systems                            of Medicine)
The Faculty owns modern analytical laboratories, greenhouses and pilot plants    • Conservation and Sustainable Development        • Viticultural and Enological Sciences
and 3 University farms, with its activities encompassing agronomy, animal          of Mountain Areas                                 (inter-university programme)
husbandry, plant breeding, mechanics, biotechnology and food technology.         • Viticulture and Enology                         • Green Areas and Landscape Design
                                                                                 • Herbal Science and Technology (jointly run        (inter-university programme)
                                                                                   by the Faculty of Agriculture and the Faculty
                                                                                   of Pharmacy)
                                                                                     DOCTORAL SCHOOLS

The University of Milan has 20 Doctoral schools in several different fields          Area: Humanities, Social Sciences and Law             Area: Science
of study, in which highly specialised training and research activities are closely
                                                                                     • Humanae Litterae                                    • Mathematical Sciences**
related. Students holding a master’s degree are admitted on the basis of
                                                                                       Theories and methods of artistic, philological,     • Information Technology**
competitive selection and most of them are supported by fellowships.                   philosophical, geographical, literary, linguistic   • Physics, Astrophysics and Applied Physics*
They are trained for advanced scientific research or for highly-qualified              and historical studies                              • Earth, Environment and Biodiversity**
professional roles. Programmes mainly consist of independent research projects       • Legal Sciences**                                    • Biological and Molecular Sciences
carried out under the supervision of a university professor.                         • Social, Economic and Political Sciences*            • Chemical Sciences and Technologies*
                                                                                                                                           • Molecular Sciences and Plant, Food
The Doctoral Schools have a strong international orientation, with a high
                                                                                                                                             and Environmental Biotechnology**
percentage of foreign students and visiting professors and with most                 Area: Medicine and Healthcare                         • Technological Innovation for Agricultural,
activities conducted in English. Moreover, several of the Doctoral Schools’ PhD                                                              Food and Environmental Sciences
programmes have established international agreements with universities               • Biochemical, Nutritional and Metabolic
and research institutions. More information can be found on our international          Sciences**
                                                                                     • Clinical and Experimental Biomedical
website, in the “International - training agreements” section.
                                                                                     • Molecular Medicine**
                                                                                     • Physiological, Morphological and Sport
                                                                                     • System Medicine*
                                                                                     • Physiopathological, Neuropsychobiological
                                                                                       Sciences and Life-Cycle Care
                                                                                     • Animal Health and Husbandry: Science,
                                                                                       Technology and Biotechnology**
                                                                                     • Veterinary Science for Animal Health and Food
                                                                                     • Pharmacological Sciences**

                                                                                          English as official language
                                                                                          English and Italian as official languages
INTERNATIONAL SUMMER AND WINTER SCHOOLS                                                                 INTERNATIONAL EXCHANGE PROGRAMMES

The International Summer and Winter Schools         Area: Medicine and Healthcare                       With 400 international mobility agreements         The University is also one of the institutions
are intensive courses that deal with a specific     • Feed for Health                                   and over 300 agreements within European            in Italy where it is possible to take the HSK
topic, most often from a multi-disciplinary point   • Pharmaceutical Analysis                           Community programmes, our University has           Chinese Proficiency Test, the International
of view. Both students and faculties                • Biomed Grid School                                worked with foreign partners for many years,       Certificate in Russian as a Foreign Language
from several European countries are involved        • Mineral Nutrition in Photosynthetic Organisms:    contributing to exchanges of students and          and the International Certificate “Français
and the working language is usually English.          Molecular, Physiological and Ecological Aspects   teaching staff.                                    des Affaires et des Professions”.
Recently, the following broad range of issues       • Regulation of Gene Expression: From DNA
has been covered:                                     to Phenotype                                      The results of our efforts in international
                                                                                                        education are also visible in the international
Area: Humanities, Social Sciences and Law           Area: Science                                       agreements for double degree curricula within
• China Intellectual Property                       • Interdisciplinary Approaches to Microarray        graduate and undergraduate courses, short
• Indian Politics, Economics and Culture              Data Analysis                                     courses, summer schools and joint modules,
• Italian Culture and Language                      • Multi-Messenger Approach to Astroparticle         all programmes based on specific collaboration
• Telecom Summer School on Regulation                 Physics                                           agreements.
  and Competition Policy                            • Gravitational Waves
• Carlo Alberto Summer School on Global Crisis,     • Sustainable Horticulture                          The University of Milan participates in the
  Welfare Responses and Social Inequalities         • Industrial Mathematics                            “Marco Polo” programme for Chinese students
• Political Communication and Electoral Behaviour   • An Old Science for Young Scientists:              and is home to a branch of the Confucius
• Spatial and Temporal Patterns in International      New Goals on Environmental Science                Institute, established in collaboration with the
  Migration                                         • ECOTOX - Agricoltural Derived Products            Liaoning Normal University and the Hanban
• Econometrics                                        and Environmental Contamination                   of Beijing, the office for the international
                                                    • The Jurassic/Cretaceous Boundary:                 promotion of the Chinese language.
                                                      3rd workshop of the IUGS JK boundary
                                                      Working Group
                                                    • Agriculturally Derived Products and
                                                      Environmental Contamination
                                                    • Experimental Developmental Biology
                                                      of Marine Invertebrates

The University of Milan has a deserved                 This research work is conducted in 69 Departments
reputation as one of the European universities         and 29 Inter-departmental Research Centres,
that is most seriously committed to research,          three of which were recognised as Centres of
of both a basic and applied nature.                    Excellence in the sectors of nanotechnologies,
This research is undertaken across the entire          biomolecular studies and the diagnosis and
range of scientific and disciplinary fields present    therapy of neurodegenerative pathologies.
in the University. The University’s researchers
occupy leading positions in numerous research          The results of our research are attested to by
programmes conducted both at a national                a significant quantity of scientific publications
and international level.                               (more than 24,000 in the last three years),
                                                       while 5 scientists from the University have been
In recent years, the University has been               ranked as highly cited by the ISI - Institute
an extremely active participant in the                 for Scientific Information (USA).
European Commission’s Research Framework
Programmes, enjoying particular success in the         Thanks to these factors, upon which the quality of
fields of life sciences, food quality and safety,      our research is assessed, we occupy top positions
nanotechnologies and environmental sciences.           in the most important international rankings.

 The University of Milan in the international rankings based on scientific performance and quality

 Ranking                                                            Italy       Europe         World

 Taiwan - Higher Education & Accreditation Council (2009)              1            21             77

 Leiden - Centre for Science & Technology Studies (2009)               1            12             42
 Shanghai - ARWU - Jiao Tong University (2010)                       1-3         34-56       101-151
 Times Higher Education - THE (2010)                                   2             --           235

Numerous researchers from the University work         The University of Milan is the only Italian
in collaboration with various national research       University among the 22 members of LERU
institutions: in particular, the University is home   (League of European Research Universities).
to branches of the Italian National Research
Council (CNR), the National Institute of Nuclear      Membership in LERU, which is by invitation,
Physics (INFN) and the National Institute of the      is periodically evaluated against a broad set
Physics of Matter (INFM-CNR), within which            of quantitative and qualitative criteria, such as
many research projects are currently being            research volume, impact and funding, strengths
conducted.                                            in PhD training, size and disciplinary breadth,
Important lines of research are also being            and peer-recognised academic excellence.
developed in the areas of economics, history,
law, and social and political studies, with a
special focus on the international context.

 LERU (League of European Research Universities)

                                                                                                          TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER
 • Universiteit van Amsterdam                         • University College London
 • Universitat de Barcelona                           • Lunds Universitet
                                                                                                          In recent years, the University has strengthened    The results can be clearly seen: since 2003,
 • University of Cambridge                            • Università degli Studi di Milano                  its commitment to the technology transfer           UNIMITT has set up 26 spin-off companies
 • University of Edinburgh                            • Ludwig-Maximilans-Universität München             of scientific research results into economic        that operate within the University of Milan’s
 • Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg                • University of Oxford                              and productive contexts. The University has also    top research macrosectors: Biotechnology and
                                                                                                          set up a specific centre, UNIMITT, to act as an     Pharmaceutical Technology (52%), Industrial
 • Université de Genève                               • Université Pierre et Marie Curie
                                                                                                          Industrial Liaison Office, providing faster, more   Technologies and Processes (26%), New Materials
 • Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg              • Université Paris-Sud 11
                                                                                                          efficient management of its many relations          (11%) and Devices and Appliances (11%), with
 • Helsingin yliopisto (Helsinki)                     • Karolinska Institutet                             with the economy and the world of work.             many other projects currently on the drawing board.
 • Universiteit Leiden                                • Université de Strasbourg                          In fact, the University of Milan has a wealth       A particularly important development was the
 • Katholieke Universiteit Leuven                     • Universiteit Utrecht                              of skills and knowledge that make it an             recent establishment of the Filarete Foundation
                                                                                                          important reference point for business as well.     for bioscience and innovation.
 • Imperial College London                            • Universität Zürich
                                                                                                          An increasing number of companies are turning       The Filarete Foundation is a public-private
                                                                                                          to the University of Milan, commissioning           partnership between the University of Milan,
                                                                                                          research studies and requesting consulting          a major bank and a bank-funded charity.
                                                                                                          services in the most diverse areas of knowledge.    Its objectives are to promote technology transfer
                                                                                                          Companies also work together with the               in the field of biosciences, create and support
                                                                                                          University by offering internships in specific      new entrepreneurs, and develop collaboration
                                                                                                          professional fields.                                among university researchers, enterprises and
                                                                                                          The University participates in a large number       financial institutions.
                                                                                                          of initiatives with other external institutes       The Foundation has developed an innovative
                                                                                                          and investors, supporting the creation of new       business incubator that integrates technology
                                                                                                          companies and disseminating technological           platforms, university spin-offs and SMEs to
                                                                                                          entrepreneurial culture.                            launch the best projects on the marketplace.

The University of Milan has a network of 87          The University of Milan offers its teaching staff
libraries with one of the largest book collections   and students an online portal dedicated to
in the region and an important digital library       e-learning and distance education.
with 9130 titles online and 171 databases.           The Ariel portal, managed by the CTU
All libraries share the same OPAC (Online Public     (Centre for Technologies and distance multimedia
Access Catalogue) – constantly accessible on         University didactics), contains hundreds
and off campus – which contains more than            of websites to support on-campus learning.
one million bibliographic records covering           The CTU, thanks to its modern in-house
old and modern books, printed and electronic         audiovisual production facilities, carries out
periodicals and audiovisual material.                educational support activities in the sphere
The library system also incorporates the APICE       of radio and television for degree and master
Centre – that collects, preserves and utilises       courses in the area of communication
valuable and rare books and archives – and           and for the University’s School of Journalism.
the AIR (Institutional Research Archive), which      It also handles every stage of the audio and
contains complete records of the University’s        video productions requested by the University’s
research results.                                    various faculties and structures: audio recordings,
                                                     online video modules, interactive DVDs, radio
                                                     and television productions.
ADMISSION AND FEES                                                                                           ITALIAN LANGUAGE                                  STUDENTS ADVISORY AND CAREER
                                                                                                                                                               GUIDANCE SERVICES
As a general rule, applicants must have studied       For information about enrolment procedures,            The University of Milan offers Italian language
for at least 12 years before applying for a           please consult our international website               and culture courses at various levels.            Our University offers a guidance service – run by
university course. Those from countries where         under “Applications and Admissions” in the                                                               the COSP Centre – to help future students with
admission to university is possible after only        COURSES section, while details concerning fees,        • Summer courses: international courses held      study choices and to provide graduates with
10 or 11 years of study must prove that they          exemptions, refunds and types of scholarships            between July and August in Gargnano (BS),       career advice.
have attended the local university and passed         can be found under “Fees, exemptions,                    on Lake Garda (Italian language and culture).
all necessary examinations for a further 1 - or       scholarships and loans”.                               • Summer School (in cooperation with the          Future students can obtain information about
2 - year period, so as to reach a total of 12 years                                                            Municipality): international courses held       courses and study programmes through group
of study.                                                                                                      in Milan for foreign teachers and promoters     presentations and individual interviews.
                                                      SERVICES, OPPORTUNITIES AND FACILITIES                   of Italian language and culture.                Enrolled students are provided with individual
European citizens, non-EU citizens resident                                                                  • Courses for Erasmus students, taking place      psychological support services and assistance
in Italy with a current, valid “permesso di           The University and the CIDiS, an inter-university        from October to December and from February      in adapting study methods.
soggiorno” (residence permit) and natives of          consortium funded by the Lombardy Region,                to April.                                       The COSP helps students to approach the world
Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and Lichtenstein         award scholarships and prizes to students and          • Marco Polo courses, specifically dedicated      of work by means of internships, interviews
can apply to the university like Italian citizens,    provide refectory and accommodation services.            to Chinese students.                            with companies, the advertising of vacancies
submitting their admission application directly       To take advantage of these opportunities,              • Promoitals online: the first Master’s Degree    and a graduates’ curriculum database.
to the University.                                    students must meet specific criteria based               for Italian or foreign graduates designed
                                                      on merit and income, as established by the               to train teachers and professional figures      Information regarding the necessary documents
Non-EU citizens resident abroad must submit a         competitive examination announcements                    involved in the teaching and promotion          and procedures for enrolling in courses at the
pre-application request to the Italian Embassy or     published annually during the summer.                    of Italian as a Second or Foreign Language.     University of Milan is provided by the Foreign
Consulate in their country of residence.                                                                                                                       Students Office and is available from our
                                                      The total value of the scholarship varies according                                                      international website in the STUDENT SERVICES
Graduates who wish to apply for a doctoral            to the economic status of the student’s family.                                                          section.
programme or a medical specialisation school
must follow the instructions in the competitive       More information is available from our
examination announcements.                            international website in the STUDENT SERVICES
                                                      section, under “Scholarships and Grants” and
The University of Milan is a public institution:      “Refectories and Accommodation”.
therefore, fees are curbed in order to guarantee,
to the greatest possible extent, the right to         The University provides further support for
study. University enrolment fees vary according       deserving students with particular financial
to the chosen course of study and in proportion       difficulties, by offering partial or total exemption
to income.                                            from the payment of university fees.

The University of Milan’s Disability and          The University of Milan promotes sporting
Handicap Service promotes the social              and cultural activities for students and staff,
integration of disabled students and University   through its University Sport Centre and through
staff, protecting their rights and providing      collaborations and special arrangements with
helpers to accompany them, as well                the city’s main gymnasiums, cinemas, dance/music
as offering administrative, educational           agents and theatres, in order to provide access
and psycho-pedagogical assistance.                to cultural initiatives and services at reduced prices.

                                                  University of Milan students can also take part
                                                  in music and theatre initiatives organised
                                                  by the University’s resident cultural institutions,
                                                  which include the Orchestra, the Choir and
                                                  the University Theatre Centre.

                                                  The University of Milan Orchestra offers students
                                                  the possibility to audition for a classical music
                                                  ensemble that is both young and prestigious,
                                                  thanks to its close collaboration with the
                                                  “Giuseppe Verdi” Conservatory of Milan.

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