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MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. "Noise" does not affect this stage of the communication process. a) sender c) decoding e) all of them can be affected (X) 2. The promotion mix does not include a) advertising c) pricing (X) e) sales promotion b) personal selling d) publicity b) encoding d) receiver

3. Compared to advertising in terms of promotion dollars, advertising has a ..... share. a) larger (X) c) lower 4. Compared to advertising, personal selling a) has more noise c) is less flexible 5. This factor enhances sales performance. a) interesting work (X) c) role ambiguity b) role conflict b) is a one-way communication process d) is more persuasive (X) b) same

6. Spouse cross-cultural adjustment is positively related with a) firms that sought spouse's opinion about overseas assignment b) spouse's self-initiated predeparture training c) social support from family d) all of the above (X) 7. The relationship between expatriates’ job performance and their job satisfaction is a) positive (X) c) neutral b) negative d) unpredictable

8. This is not an advantage of using foreign-born native personnel in their own country. a) political situation c) competitive pay scale b) local image d) natives' multinational perspective (X)

9. Publicity differs from advertising in this aspect.


a) nonpersonal presentation c) use of media

b) sponsorship d) payment to media (X)

10. This component of the promotion mix is temporary in nature. a) advertising c) publicity 11. Sales promotion is used to stimulate a) consumer demand c) both (X) b) middlemen's support b) personal selling d) sales promotion (X)

12. Sales promotion does not work well with products which a) are highly competitive c) are standardized b) are of high-unit value (X) d) have high turnover

13. This is an international customs document that facilitates the temporary duty-free importation of product samples. a) commercial visa c) carnet (X) b) trade show document

14. This document acts as “the merchandise passport” for products intended for trade shows and fairs by allowing the products to be imported duty-free on a temporary basis. a) export license c) single administrative document 15. A carnet is a) an international customs document (X) c) a publicity strategy b) a price discount d) an advertising medium b) carnet (X)

TRUE OR FALSE 1. If the circles representing the fields of experience of the sender and the receiver do not meet, communication is impossible. (T) 2. "Noise" affects all stages of communication. (T) 3. A message that was sent may not reach a person’s sense organs. (T) 4. Missionary salespeople are not directly involved in selling. (T) 5. Compared to advertising, personal selling has more “noise.” (F) 6. Personal selling is more costly and yet less effective than advertising. (F) 7. Personal selling is more efficient and effective than advertising. (F)


8. In most countries, personal selling is viewed as a prestigious occupation. (F) 9. Because salesmanship principles are universal, selling styles are relatively uniform across countries. (F) 10. In Japan, it is not uncommon for a car salesman to do door- to-door selling. (T) 11. The concept of individual recognition of sales performance is effective in motivating Japanese personnel. (F) 12. The work goals of "interesting work" and "good pay" are important to workers everywhere. (T) 13. Laws concerning telemarketing are much more restrictive in Europe than in the United States. (T) 14. The higher the interdependence between a branch office and headquarters, the more U.S. nationals are utilized in overseas operations. (T) 15. Both expatriate personnel and their families should be interviewed and screened before given overseas assignments. (T) 16. There is no evidence to support the belief that expatriate personnel are more loyal to the company than host-country nationals. (T) 17. One reason why women tend to not to get international assignments is because they and their supervisors have different views on the women's interest in such assignments. (T) 18. The effectiveness of publicity cannot be measured. (F) 19. In case of adverse publicity, it is a good policy to issue the "no comment" response. (F) 20. European countries have a larger number of restrictions than the United States in the area of sales promotion. (T) 21. Laws affecting sales promotion are generally more restrictive in Western Europe than in the United States. (T) 22. European firms allocate more of their marketing budget to trade fairs than American firms. (T) 23. A vertical trade show exhibits a wide variety of unrelated products. (F) 24. A carnet allows the temporary duty-free importation of product samples. (T)


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