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									ENROLLING Clients in Programs

                       Updated April 2011
Enrolling Clients in Programs
Once a Client/Household has been entered into OPUS, they need to
be enrolled into a program.

If your client is not in OPUS yet, please view:
Adding a new individual to the OPUS/HMIS database
    Use HH Info form to complete OPUS
    Household Information form (and other tools)
    can be found at the Lane County Website.

      The download link is at end of this PowerPoint.
 New Enrollments

1. From the HH View, click on the New Enrollment button.
2. From the Program Enrollment New screen, select
your program from the dropdown list and the client you
consider to be the Applicant.

3. Click one:
   Enroll Client- enroll just one person in the household.
   Enroll All- enroll the entire household.
               You will generally use Enroll All.
   Stop Enrolling- return to the Household View screen.
4. Enter data collected in the Program Enrollment section
of the HH Information form.
  Housing Status Options
•LITERALLY HOMELESS- in a place not meant for human habitation; in
a shelter; in a hospital but having been in Emergency Shelter or unsheltered
prior to the hospital stay; having left Transitional Housing last night or
timing out of Transitional Housing; or being a recent DV victim.
•HOUSED AND AT IMMINENT RISK of losing housing- being
evicted from a private unit; being discharged from corrections or a
hospital; or in condemned housing with no subsequent housing available
and inadequate resources.
     If IMMINENT: complete Step b (on next slide).
•HOUSED AND AT RISK of losing housing- doubled up; at risk
due to high housing costs; experiencing conflict or other conditions that put
housing at risk and client has inadequate resources; danger not immediate.
•STABLY HOUSED- not at risk of losing housing.
 Not in OPUS…?!

While we love OPUS(!), it does not have the option to fill
in the required information relating to imminent loss of
If the Client/Household is imminent risk of losing housing,
please fill out the following information in your records:
       How imminent is risk of homelessness?
              Less than 7 days
              7 to 14 days
              15 to 30 days
              More than a month
    Last Residence Options
                   Where did the household stay
               the night before program enrollment?
• Emergency Shelter include motel with   • Place not meant for human habitation
  voucher                                  (ie: street)
• Transitional Housing for homeless      • Foster Care or Group Home
  persons                                • SafeHaven
• Permanent Housing for homeless         • Rental by Client with VASH housing
• Psychiatric Hospital/Facility            subsidy
• Substance Abuse Treatment Facility     • Rental by Client with other housing
• Hospital (Non-Psychiatric)               subsidy
• Jail, Prison or Juvenile Detention     • Owned by Client with housing subsidy
• Staying with Family in                 • Rental by Client, no housing subsidy
  Room/Apt/House                         • Owned by Client, no housing subsidy
• Hotel/Motel (not emergency voucher)    • Staying with Friends in
Length of Stay Options

   • One week or less
   • More than one week but less than one month
   • One to three months
   • More than three months but less than one year
   • One year or longer
   • Don’t Know
   • Refused
   Tips: Zip Code
ZIP code of residence is where the household lived prior to becoming homeless. If
the household is not homeless, then the ZIP code is of the current residence.

• If the household/individual was in permanent housing when they
came into your program, then use the zip code of the permanent
• If the household/individual was homeless when they came into your
program, then use the zip code from where they became homeless.
• If the household/individual was chronically homeless (homeless for
more than a year) when they came into your program, then use the
zip code that best defines their current living region.
• If your Client doesn’t know the zip code, you can find it on
http://zip4.usps.com/zip4/citytown.jsp by entering the name of the
town and state into the search engine.
Zip Code Data Quality Options

• Full
• Don’t Know
• Refused

               Final Step: Click Enroll All
Lane County OPUS/HMIS Support

Chad Shumway

                   Lisë Stuart
So what’s next?

How your Client or Household is enrolled in the
program. You may also be required (based on
the type of program) to complete an entry
Status Assessment or an entry CCC Snapshot

     To find these slide shows, forms and
            instruction sheets, go to:

   OPUS/HMIS Training Materials & Forms

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