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									ETFS Physical Nickel
Investment objective                                          Trading data and listings
ETFS Physical Nickel (PHNI) is designed to offer investors    Primary listing            London Stock Exchange (LSE)
a simple, transparent and secure way to access the
                                                              Trading                    Normal Exchange hours
industrial metals market. PHNI is intended to provide
investors with a return equivalent to movements in the        NAV                        Daily NAV at
LME Cash Settlement nickel price less fees.                   Base currency              USD (no hedge)
                                                              Minimum investment         1 security
                                                              Security & trading codes
About the security                                              Listing                   London
PHNI is a transferable security which can be created or         Currency                  USD
redeemed on demand (by authorised participants). It             Exchange code             PHNI
trades on exchange just like an equity and its pricing
                                                                ISIN                      JE00B3W0N983
and tracking operate similarly to an Exchange Traded
                                                                SEDOL                     B3W0N98
                                                                Bloomberg                 PHNI LN <Eq>
PHNI is backed by physical metal stored at London Metal         Reuters                   PHNI.L
Exchange (LME) Warehouses, the ownership of which is
evidenced by LME Warrants (LME regulated warehouse            Other listings             None currently
receipts) or warehouse receipts held by the Issuer. All
Physical Metal is held in LME approved warehouses and
confirms to LME standards.                                    Security features
                                                              Underlying metal      Physical nickel, to LME Futures Contract
                                                                                    Specifications, evidenced by LME Warrants
Key features
   Tracks the price of nickel, not a portfolio of equities    Custodian of metal    LME Warehouses

   Simple to trade on a major stock exchange                  Depositary for        London Depositary on behalf of LME
   Settled and held in ordinary brokerage accounts
   Transparent tracking with clear pricing                    Product manager       ETF Securities Ltd

   Backed by physical metal evidenced by LME Warrants         Issuer                ETFS Industrial Metal Securities Ltd

   Provides additional portfolio diversification              Registrar             Computershare
   Able to short, and margin eligible                         Management fee        0.69 % p.a.

                                                              Insurance allowance   0.12% p.a.

About the pricing                                             Annual Rental Fee     45 cents/tonne/day
The price of PHNI is based on the LME Cash Settlement         Entry/Exit fees       None when traded on Exchange
Nickel Price less fees. Daily price of PHNI:                  Legal Form            Secured, undated, debt security
                                                              Open-ended            Yes
       = 0.005 metric tonnes of nickel x
         LME Cash Settlement nickel price                     UCITS 3               Eligible investments
         less cumulative total fees                           ISA/SIPP/CTF (UK)     Yes, eligible
                                                              Domicile              Jersey
Details regarding the pricing calculations are available on
                                                              Home regulator        Financial Services Authority (FSA UK)

All nickel is priced off the LME Cash Settlement nickel
price, which is an internationally recognised and
transparent benchmark for pricing physical nickel.

Tel: +44 20 7448 4330                                                                           
 Simulated historical performance                                                                                                      For more information
 (as at 25/11/2010)
                                                               Index base 100, Jan 1999
                          PHNI                                                                                                          About ETF Securities
                          LME Cash Settlement Price excluding Warehouse Fees
       600                LME Cash Settlement Price including Warehouse Fees                                                            Web: 
                                                                                                                                        Telephone: +44 20 7448 4330
                       Source: Bloomberg, LME, ETF Securities
               Cumulative historical performance: PHNI, LME Cash Settlement Price (excluding Warehouse Fees),
                                  and LME Cash Settlement Price (including Warehouse Fees)

       300                                                                                                                              Other sources of information


            1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009

Additional information

To access the list of LME Warrants held in issuer’s LMEsword Account, go to:

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