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					                                      COUGAR NEWS
                                             KINGSLEY ELEMENTARY
M a y / J un e 2 0 0 8                                                                        E li za b et h Ki lga rd , P ri ncip a l
V olume 1, Issue 9
                                Principal’s Corner                                             k i l g a r d e @w a t e r l o o. k 1 2 . i a . us
                                                                                                     J a c k i e Le k a r , Se c r e t a r y
                                End of Year Announcements                                         l e k a r j @ w a t e r l oo . k 1 2 . i a . u s

                                There are many year end events planned and a couple
                                of dates and times have changed.                              Event Calendar
                                The Kindergarten Music program will headline our              MAY
                                Talent Show, a new event added this year. The date            5/6 4th Grade to Des
   KINGSLEY ELEMENTARY          for these two events has been moved to May 23.                Moines
                                The kindergarten music program and the grade 1-5              5/8 Volunteer Appreciation
           School Times         talent show will start at 1:30 PM. Both events are in         Breakfast
   M-T and TH-F 8:50-3:35       the Kingsley gym.                                             5/9 Talent Show Rehearsal
   W 8:50-2:15                                                                                5/13 Ice Cream Social
   Supervision Starts 8:30
                                Let’s Have a Picnic                                           5/19 SET Tournament
                                                                                              5/20 5th Grade Orientation
                                Another addition is a Picnic on the Boulevard planned         @ Hoover
                                between our Field Day events on June 4th. Parents and         5/22 5th Grade to Dubuque
 Lunch Served on Last Day       other family members are invited to join their Kingsley       5/23 Kindergarten Music
               June 5th         children for lunch. If you want to bring a special lunch      Program/Talent Show
                                for your child feel free or your child can order a school     5/26 Memorial Day NO
 Your child can order a sack    lunch for that day. Lunch will run from 11:30-12:15.          SCHOOL
 lunch for the last day of      You’ll need to bring a blanket to set out for your            5/29 5th Grade
 school or they can bring       picnic. If it rains the picnic will be held inside. Notes     Graduation/Band
 their own lunch from           will be sent home for a reminder.                             Orchestra Concert 2:00
 home. Students will be
 dismissed at 12:15 PM,         Help Your Child Stay Safe
 after lunch. Please mark       Just a reminder that at Kingsley it is not safe to wear
 the time of dismissal for      flip flops or any shoe that does not have full foot
 this day on your calendar      support. Shoes with high heels on kids are also
                                dangerous. Students going up and down stairs during           6/4 Field Day/Parent-Child
 and let your child know in                                                                   Picnic, 5th Grade to Art
 advance where they are to      the day, running on the playground or climbing on the
                                playground equipment are easily injured by not                Pavilion
 go after school or who will                                                                  6/5 Student Last Day
 be picking them up.            wearing appropriate supportive shoes.
                                                                                              12:15 Dismissal

  August Registration Dates                                       Kingsley Family Activity Week
 Dates have been set for registering your child for the           A week in April was designated as
 2008-09 school year. They are Tuesday, August 12                 Family Activity Week. Many families
 12:00-6:00 and Wednesday, August 13 8:00-3:00. All               reported on a variety of activities
 children, regardless if they attended Kingsley this year         that all members of the family could participate in.
 or will be new kindergarten students, must be                    Several families set aside Friday nights as family night
 registered on these dates. Theses dates and time are             where movies with popcorn were enjoyed. Many play a
 set for you to pay fees and make any necessary changes           variety of games from cards to word games to hiding a
 to your child’s information form. Students in grades 1-          bead under one of three cups to see who can guess
 5 will also be able to find out their classroom                  where the bead is. Cooking was also popular as well as
 assignment for the year.                                         making cards, decorating rocks for the garden and
                                                                  planting flowers. Some families traveled, one moved
 No New Principal Yet                                             into a new home where they had a “wallpaper
 The most recent word from human resources is that if             stripping” night. They stated, “Everyone sprayed and
 no current qualified certified employee is selected to           had a ball creating a mess! It was fun, family oriented
 take over the Kingsley principal position by May 15 th, a        and rewarding for us all.” It’s great to read all the
 committee will be formed to help interview candidates            different ways families are making the time for each
 from outside the district.                                       other.
Welcome Reception for New Superintendent                                   Kingsley Talent Show
The Board of Education for the Waterloo Community                       Friday, May 23rd. 1:30 PM
School District will host a welcome reception for the
new Superintendent, Dr. Gary Norris and his wife,
Julie, Thursday, May 8, 2008, from 4:30—6:00 p.m.           Character Counts – What’s Next?
The event will be held in the board room at the
Education Service Center, 1516 Washington Street.           It is time to step our Character Counts program up a
The public is invited to attend.                            notch. Our behavior data indicates that of the six
                                                            pillars two seem to be the most difficult for students to
Norris is currently Superintendent of the Sarasota, FL,     demonstrate, respect and responsibility. The staff at
County School district, a position he has held since        Kingsley will be looking at adding PBS, Positive Behavior
2004. Prior to that, he was the Superintendent in           Support.
Salina, KS; Indian River County, Vero Beach, FL;
Hibbing MN; and Satanta, KS. Prior to filling these         Positive Behavior Support is a process for understanding
district leadership roles, he served as a high school       and resolving the problem behavior of children that is
administrator and vocal music teacher in several            based on values and research. It offers an approach for
Kansas districts.                                           developing an understanding of why the child engages in
                                                            problem behavior and strategies for preventing the
He holds a B.A. from Bethany College, Lindsborg, KA;        occurrence of problem behavior while teaching the child
and a M.S. and a Ph.D. from Kansas State University in      new skills. Positive behavior support offers a holistic
Educational Leadership.                                     approach that considers all factors that impact on a child
                                                            and the child’s behavior. The six pillars offer students the
Saying Goodbye is Difficult                                 opportunity to learn universal values but they are not a
                                                            program that specifically offers methods of teaching
After thirty-eight years in education I have decided it’s   students new and appropriate skills that can help them
time to retire and pursue some other adventures. My         deal with their frustrations and anger. PBS also provides
husband has been retired for a few years and both of        teachers and support personnel with methods of
my children are married. I have two little                  responding to inappropriate behaviors. There are many
granddaughters to make memories with and I want to          websites that will help you understand this system better.
enjoy my hobbies of golf, scrapbooking, antiquing and       Do a search for Positive Behavior Support
gardening. I do plan to return to Kingsley to
volunteer.                                                  Disrespect is bully behavior and is defined here at
                                                            Kingsley as any mean word, look, sign, or act that
Making this decision was difficult because I have           threatens or hurts a person’s body, feelings, or things.
enjoyed working with the students and families at           Teasing that is done to be mean is disrespectful. No one
Kingsley. The parent support and involvement in this        is entitled to be disrespectful.
building is phenomenal and it has been a tremendous
help to make my life as the principal easier.               The two biggest issues with lack of responsibility are
                                                            doing what one is suppose to do when they are suppose
Becoming an elementary principal was my final career        to do it and accepting consequences for behavior
goal and I want to express my appreciation and thanks       choices. Preparing for tests and completing homework
to all who have enriched my experience. I was truly         on time are student chores. Parents can help teach
blessed with a great staff and wonderful families.          responsibility by assigning chores to kids. All members of
                                                            the family should have responsibilities to help the family
                                                            out. A good website for chore ideas that are age
                                                            appropriate and for making a printable chore checklists is:
Children Love Dogs
Our Kingsley neighbors and
                                                            Providing your child with a study area with the tools of
families are welcome to walk
                                                            the homework trade is also helpful.
their dogs on our property
during the school day and after                             Owning bad choices and accepting consequences is
hours but we ask that you not                               difficult. Kids want to justify their bad choice. Our job
walk them with your child to school or when you come        is to teach them that everyone makes bad choices
to pick them up. A natural instinct of children is to       sometimes, but the honorable thing to do is to admit to
gather around an animal. The number of students             them, make restitution in some way and move forward.
outside the building before and after school might          With both parents and Kingsley staff working together,
excite the dog and cause the dog to jump on them or         we can help our children become the people they want
even nip them. For your safety and the safety of our        to be.
students please honor this request. Thank You.

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