Beartooth All American Road by wulinqing


• Interpret and showcase
  the Beartooth All
  American Road as the
  nation’s premier
  rooftop scenic
  experience through
  partnerships among
  gateway communities
  and agencies.
  How did the Beartooth Highway
  become an All American Road?
*Grass roots effort from the three gateway
*Lobbied the Montana Highway
  Commissioners….first and only Scenic Byway in
*Corridor Mgmt. Plan developed…donations.
*Application to the Federal Highway
  Administration’s, National Scenic Byway
What does it mean and who does
           it affect?

  1. Is part of a National Scenic Byway Program. Over
     100 highways in the system.
  2. Highest designation from the Fed. Highway Admin.
     …..All American Road v. Scenic Byway
  3. Allows the 3 gateway communities of Cody, Cooke
     City, and Red Lodge to better market the highway.
  4. Makes us more competitive for Fed. Highway
     Admin. grant monies.
  5. Affects the economic well-being of the gateway
     communities. Opportunity to raise visibility &
       Lots of interesting things to

•   History
•   Scenery
•   Natural
•   Cultural
•   Geology
•   Archeology
History of the Beartooth

        Courtesy of Flash’s Photo, Red Lodge, MT
Spectacular Scenery
Natural Resources
Future of the Highway

• Cooperation with Cooke City for mining
  museum/public restrooms.
• Applications for grants to provide
  interpretive signing along the highway.
• Develop a website for marketing and
  information purposes.
• Raise awareness of the benefits of the
  highway for the gateway communities.
More future plans

• Establish a Beartooth Highway Foundation for
  recognition and funding opportunities.
• Create a staff position from a FHWA grant to give
  us a more competitive edge for funding and
  coordinated marketing and interpretation efforts.
• Develop and market All American Road items for
  funds and advertising.
• Our vision is to make a journey on this highway a
  world class experience.
How can you help us?
• Show your local support:
   – *Become a member of the Steering
   – *Participate on a special subcommittee.
   – *Loan us your special talents to aid our
   – *Suggest ways to generate funding.
     Now show your appreciation

For More Information:
Red Lodge Chamber of Commerce
Box 988
Red Lodge, MT 59068
406-446-1718 or

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