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					                                                                                                                        V o l um e 1 7 , I s s ue 1
            Te m p e U n i o n Hi gh S c h o o l Di s t r i c t
                                                                                                                        S e pte m be r /Oc to be r 2 0 1 0

   Desert Vista High School, 16440 South 32nd Street, Phoenix, AZ 85048                                      Phone Number: 480-706-7900

This marks the 16th anniversary of Desert Vista High School. Our AIMS scores, as shown below, reflect our outstanding progress. Phoe-
nix Magazine rated Desert Vista High School as the Best College Prep High School in the state. Desert Vista High School ranks with the
best schools in the world. The class of 2010 were offered over $19,000,000 in scholarship funds. Thousands of students have grown
up here and prepared themselves for the world ahead. We take great pride in serving the Ahwatukee community and will continue our
mission of excellence in education. This issue of the Storm Report highlights the achievements of 2010: they speak for themselves in
demonstrating the comprehensive nature of our talented students, faculty, and administrators. Thank you for providing the community
support needed for such outstanding endeavors.

             05 exceed 05 pass   06 exceed 06 pass      07 exceed 07 pass         08 exceed 08 pass 09 exceed 09 pass               10 exceed 10 pass
Math               46%      94%          45%      94%          45%          95%          46%         96%          52%         93%          60%        90%

Read               23%      94%          26%      95%          23%          95%          23%         97%          26%         94%          31%        94%
Write              19%      95%          21%      90%          36%          94%          30%         95%          22%         94%          37%        94%

                                                2010 Desert Vista AIMS Test
  100%                                                                             94%                                          94%
   90%                    96%                                         97%
                                                         95% 95%
              94% 94% 95%     93%                 94%                       94%                95%
                                                                                                                                               05 exceed
                                        60%                                                                                                    05 pass
   60%                                                                                                                                         06 exceed
                                                                                                                                               06 pass
                                  52%                                                                                                          07 exceed
   40%        46% 45% 45% 46%                                                                                                 37%
                                                                                                                                               07 pass
                                                                                                                                               08 exceed
   30%                                                                                                     36%
                                                                                                                                               08 pass
   20%                                                  26%                 26%                                                                09 exceed
                                                 23%          23% 23%                                                   22%
                                                                                           19% 21%                                             09 pass
                                                                                                                                               10 exceed
       0%                                                                                                                                      10 pass
                         Math                                  Read                                         Write
Page 2                                                                                          V o l um e 17 , Is s ue 1

                        2010 AIMS—10TH GRADE
                        High School     MP       ME        RP     RE         WP     WE           SP       SE
                                        2nd      2nd       6th    2nd        1st    3rd   3rd    3rd      1st
                        Chaparral       93       61        96     30         91     23    280    49       22
                        Catalina Fts    90       56        96     35         94     36    280    43       26
                        Desert Vista    90       60        94     31         94     37    278    72       43
                        Desert Mt       89       52        96     21         92     31    277    74       40
                        Horizon Charter 83       39        98     28         93     48    274    61       24
                        Horizon         86       54        95     21         91     28    272    63       29
                        Hamilton        88       50        91     21         93     41    272    60       29
                        Corona          86       46        94     27         92     36    272    63       36
                        Highland        86       51        93     23         91     30    270    48       30
                        Mountain View   88       53        93     24         86     24    267    57       23
                        Cactus Shadows 82        40        92     22         91     26    265    56       21
       Desert Vista     Pinnacle        84       42        94     21         86     20    264    68       34
         inspires a     Mesquite        84       42        91     18         88     21    263    47       4
      community of
       learning by
                        Ironwood Ridge 80        38        91     21         92     28    263    48       20
     demonstrating      Mountain Ridge 80        43        93     21         89     25    262    53       21
       excellence in    Perry           82       39        92     21         88     18    262    41       18
     academics, arts
                        Sunrise Mt      83       41        91     21         87     29    261    45       20
     extra-curricular   Sabino          81       42        90     21         90     22    261    50       13
         activities.    Basha           78       31        90     17         91     30    259    48       22
                        Sandra Day O’C. 77       35        91     20         89     30    257    53       21
                        Red Mt          80       42        89     20         86     16    255    59       26
                        Liberty         80       42        90     15         85     19    255    51       23
                        Centennial      79       40        89     17         86     29    254    44       17
                        CDO             75       36        92     20         85     34    252    52       10
                        Mt Pointe       75       36        90     19         86     25    251    56       29
                        Gilbert         78       37        89     18         83     22    250    39       16
                        Saguaro         73       36        88     15         87     28    248    51       23
                        Desert Ridge    75       26        88     15         83     18    246    37       14
                        Arcadia         75       30        87     16         83     17    245    40       14
                        Sunnyslope      77       45        83     19         85     24    245    63       33
                        Boulder Creek   74       35        88     12         82     15    244    73       38
                        Ironwood        73       38        85     19         86     23    244    45       18
                        TUHSD           73       38        85     19         83     25    241    53       28
                        Cactus          72       35        85     13         83     18    240    54       30
                        Thunderbird     72       31        84     12         81     15    237    51       22
                        Chandler        72       35        83     14         82     19    237    39       14
                        Dobson          76       32        83     12         77     17    236    43       17
                        McClintock      75       34        81     13         80     21    236    52       25
                        Deer Valley     67       26        84     10         75     10    226    37       3
                        Skyline         68       24        81     10         72     13    221    53       24
                        Mesa            64       22        78     9          79     9     221    31       11
                        Marcos          59       28        79     12         75     17    213    46       25
                        ARIZONA         58       23        77     11         73     14    208    35       14
                        Westwood        60       24        74     9          61     11    195    26       8
                        Tempe           51       16        71     8          72     7     194    20       4
                        Coronado        52       14        73     4          60     8     185    28       8
                        MP—Math Pass          WP—Writing Pass
                        ME—Math Exceeds       WE—Writing Exceed
                        RP—Reading Pass       RE—Reading Exceeds
                        SP—Science Pass       SE—Science Exceeds
                        MP/RP/WP TOTAL—Math Pass/Reading Pass/ Writing Pass Total
D e s e r t V i s ta S to r m R e p o r t                                                                               Page 3

  A I M S 2 01 0 W R I T I N G A N D R E A D I N G
   Parents’ Countdown to Writing and Reading AIMS        students will be tested on during October 26
   for Fall 2010                                         through October 28.

   The countdown has begun for junior and senior            If there is a serious concern about your teenager
   students and their parents. Graduation is just on     passing AIMS, ask for a group conference to help
   the horizon, and unfortunately, some students still   you identify or target areas where your teen is
   need to pass AIMS in order to graduate. The writing   struggling. Parents see things teachers don’t know
   section of AIMS is scheduled for Tuesday, October     about a son or daughter, and teachers will see
   26; the reading section of AIMS is scheduled for      things that parents don’t.
   Wednesday, October 27; and the math section of
   AIMS is scheduled for Thursday, October 28.              Consider hiring a tutor.
   Desert Vista is committed to ensuring all
   students graduate on time, so the following           What Parents Should Do September through
   information is being shared to help parents support   October
   their teenagers in preparing for AIMS testing.
                                                             If tutoring is needed, make sure that your
   What Parents Should Do Throughout the Year            teenager attends the session(s) with the right
      Stay on top of your teenager’s academic
   progress.                                               Sit with your teenager and watch him or her
                                                         work through previous year’s questions.
     Make sure your teenager is handing in
   homework regularly to stay caught up in class.           Have your teenager read newspaper articles and
                                                         write summaries. He or she can also take practice
      Have your teenager read, read, and read some       tests on multiple-choice headlines.
   more. Research shows that free voluntary reading
   improves reading comprehension and bolsters              Review your teenager’s English and language
   vocabulary and writing skills.                        arts assignments.

      Build an age-appropriate vocabulary. Go to            Have him or her practice grammar and writing for a list of sample               exercises. This could be as simple as
   vocabulary words and definitions.                     capitalizing letters and correcting punctuation or as
                                                         complex as making the right word choice and re-
      Help your teenager summarize what he or she        writing awkward sentences.
   has read, identifying significant details, interpreting
   information from graphics, and identifying                The day before the test, send your teenager to
   persuasive strategies, for instance.                    bed early.

                                                            On the morning of the test, have him or her eat a
   What Parents Should Do in August/September
                                                         healthy breakfast and get to school on time. Your
                                                         teenager also needs to drink plenty of water
      Look at your teenager’s previous AIMS scores.      BEFORE taking the test.
   This will offer an indication of where he or she
   stands in terms of readiness to graduate.             *Information is taken from a 26 November 2003 article in The
                                                         Arizona Republic and modified for this publication.
     Get a copy of standards from Arizona
   Department of Education Web site: This will spell out what skills

 At press time, Desert Vista has not received
 information about this scholarships status.
 Please check the Arizona Department of Educa-
 tion website by clicking here for the most recent
 information. Juniors requesting a Fall test must
 register in the Counseling Office in person
 September 1-October 1, 2010.
Page 4                                                                                   V o l um e 17 , Is s ue 1

 The registration window for juniors who would like to sign up to exceed the standards on one or
 more AIMS test in the fall of 2010 will be September 1 to October 1. Keep in mind that students
 must exceed the standards on all three AIMS tests by the spring test during their junior year to be
 eligible for the ABOR tuition waiver scholarship.

 AIMS test dates for the 2010-11 school year are as follows:

 FALL TESTING:                Juniors and Seniors ONLY
                              Tuesday, October 26—Writing
                              Wednesday, October 27—Reading
                              Thursday, October 28—Mathematics

 SPRING TESTING:              Tuesday, March 1—Writing
                              Wednesday, March 2—Reading
                              Tuesday, April 5—Mathematics
                                              Stanford 10 (Freshmen only)
                              Wednesday, April 6—Science

                              (As per A.D.E., every effort will be made to maintain theses dates.
                              However, they are subject to change.)

        I N F O R M AT I O N
 In-State College Applications
 Seniors planning to apply to ASU, NAU or U of A should submit their applications by the beginning of
 October. The universities will review applications for admittance and forward scholarship offers
 starting in October. The application process requires the following documentation:
 1. On-line application available at:
 2. High school transcript, sent from the DV Records Office.
 3. SAT/ACT scores sent directly from the testing source.
         Students choose which schools to send the scores to at the time of registration for the test,
         otherwise they will need to contact College Board or ACT to request that the scores be sent.
D e s e r t V i s ta S to r m R e p o r t                                              Page 5

 AC T T E S T D AT E S 2 010 - 1 1
                     Test Date                  Regular Registration        Late Registration Period
                                                Postmark Deadline          (regular fee plus late fee)
                                                   (regular fee)

   September 11, 2010                       August 6, 2010               August 7—20, 2010

   October 23, 2010                         September 17, 2010           September 18—October 1,
   December 11, 2010                        November 5, 2010             November 6—19, 2010

   February 12, 2011                        January 7, 2011              January 8—21, 2011

   April 9, 2011                            March 4, 2011                March 5—18, 2011

   June 11, 2011                            May 6, 2011                  May 7—20, 2011

 S AT A N D SAT S U B J E C T T E S T D AT E S 2 0 10 - 20 1 1

                       Test Date                             Test

   October 9, 2010                           SAT and SAT Subject Tests
   November 6, 2010                          SAT and SAT Subject Tests
   December 4, 2010                          SAT and SAT Subject Tests
   January 22, 2011                          SAT and SAT Subject Tests
   March 12, 2011                            SAT Test only
   May 7, 2011                               SAT and SAT Subject Tests
   June 4, 2011                              SAT and SAT Subject Tests
Page 6                                                       V o l um e 17 , Is s ue 1

Junior Registration: 9/1/10-10/1/10
     Pay $22 to the Bookstore.

300 Free PSAT tests* are available for sophomores and

*Students must register in person to receive a free PSAT test.

Sophomores – 200 free tests are available, register 9/7/10-10/1/10.
     After the first 200 tests are gone, the $22 fee applies.
Freshmen – 100 free tests are available, register 9/13/10-10/1/10.
     After the first 100 tests are gone, the $22 fee applies.

The PSAT (non-qualifying) is October 16 starting at 7:45 am. Bring your
receipt and a picture ID!
D e s e r t V i s ta S to r m R e p o r t                                                                            Page 7

   P E S T C O N T R O L I N F O R M AT I O N
   Desert Vista has regularly scheduled PEST CONTROL services on
   the second Monday of each month. Please note this date on your
   calendar if your student(s) have sensitivity to the chemicals.

   As more and more students are being dropped off and picked up, we have extended the drop off and
   pick up area in the student parking lot for your convenience. Please pull forward as far as you can to
   allow more vehicles to be accommodated. We realize that the student parking lot is congested from
   3:10 to 3:30 due to the students exiting. We are suggesting if you’re not in a hurry that you make ar-
   rangements with your son or daughter to pick them up around 3:30 in the student parking lot when
   traffic is considerably less congested.

   L I B R A RY / M E D I A C E N T E R H O U R S
   The library will be open from            during their lunch periods        resources and would like to
   7:15 am to 3:45 pm for                   without a pass. Usage during      remind students that no food or
   student use. Students are                school hours will require a       drink, with the exception of
   welcome to come into the                 teacher-signed pass. We           water, is permitted in the
   library to use all resources             encourage all students to take    library.
   before and after school and              advantage of the library’s vast

   H O S P I TA L I T Y C O M M I T T E E
   Approximately four times a year           Your generosity is very much        through e-mail. If you are
   the teachers and staff are                appreciated. Our first date is      interested in helping please con-
   treated to desserts prior to their        September 20 and we would love      tact Cindy Collins at
   meetings. The Hospitality Com-            to have more volunteers.  
   mittee would like to thank the DV         Items that will be needed           or Tina Oliveira at
   families and friends who have             include snacks, drinks and door
   been involved in this in the past.        prizes; we will contact you

   E V I T T O U R 20 1 0 - 11
   Considering taking an EVIT course next year? The Guidance Office has set up a tour for those
   students interested in EVIT for next year on Wednesday, November 17 th from 8:15 – 11:30.                             Desert Vista is proud to
   If your student is interested, please have them sign up in the special events binder in the                         partner with the East Valley
   Guidance Office. A permission slip is required, so plan ahead and sign up before                                             Institute of
   November 15th.                                                                                                              Technology.
Page 8                                                                                                 V o l um e 17 , Is s ue 1

                                                                    CURRICULUM, INSTRUCTION and ASSESSMENT DEPARTMENT
                                                                    DIRECTOR: DEREK HOFFLAND

June 30, 2010

Dear Parent/Guardian:

If your student was registered in one of our schools prior to July 1, 2010 (including all pre-registered freshmen), the
State of Arizona required that you indicate your student’s Ethnicity as either Asian/Pacific Islander, Black, Hispanic, In-
dian American/Alaskan Native, or White. Beginning July 1, 2010, due to U.S. Department of Education guidelines, all
students enrolled in a public school system are required to report Ethnicity and Race. This is similar to the reporting that
was done on the recent 2010 Census form.

The following are the new ethnicity and race designations as required by the U.S Department of Education:

Ethnicity (choose Yes or No)                           Race (Choose all that apply)
Hispanic or Latino                                American Indian or Alaskan Native
                                                  Black or African American
                                                  Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander

To comply with this requirement for students who are currently enrolled, including all pre-registered freshmen and have
ethnicity recorded prior to July 1, 2010, Tempe Union High School District has performed the following conversions:

         If student originally listed        Then student will be listed          And the student will be
         Ethnicity as:                       with an Ethnicity of:                listed with Race:
         Asian/Pacific Islander              NOT Hispanic and Latino              Asian
         Black                               NOT Hispanic and Latino              Black or African American
         Hispanic                            Hispanic and Latino                  White
         Indian American/Alaskan Na-         NOT Hispanic and Latino              American Indian/Alaskan Na-
         tive                                                                     tive
         White                               NOT Hispanic and Latino              White

If you believe your student’s designations will be misrepresented with the above conversions, we invite you to complete
the following form. Your student should submit the form to the school’s Registration Office. Submitted requests will re-
sult in revised student records in the TUHSD student information system so that your student is identified under the cor-
rect ethnic and racial designation.

Students who register after July 1, 2010 will complete revised registration paperwork that will properly identify them
under the new requirements.

You may contact my office if you have any questions.


Derek Hoffland
TUHSD Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment
D e s e r t V i s ta S to r m R e p o r t                                                               Page 9

Please complete the information below and return this signed form to your school’s Registration Office. Please note that this form
requires both the signature of the parent and the student.

Student Name______________________________________ Student Number________________

Parent/Guardian Name__________________________________________ Student Grade_______

Please indicate the proper ethnicity and race designations:

ETHNICITY (please mark only one):

                        □           Hispanic or Latino
                        □           NOT Hispanic or Latino

RACE (Please mark ALL that apply):

            □           American Indian or Alaskan Native

            □           Asian

            □           Black or African American

            □           Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander

            □           White

Student Signature _________________________________________Date_____________________

Parent/Guardian Signature __________________________________Date_____________________

                                                                    Office Use

Received in school office by: ___________________________                    Received Date: _____________________

Entered in SIS by: ____________________________________                      SIS Updated on (date):_______________
Page 10                                                                            V o l um e 17 , Is s ue 1

          2009 FINAL EXAM SCHEDULE
                     Wednesday, December 15                        Thursday, December 16

          Zero Hour        7:00 am to 8:15 am              Period 4/5        8:20 am to 9:35 am
          Period 1         8:20 am to 9:35 am              Period 6          9:45 am to 11:00 am
          Period 2         9:45 am to 11:00 am             Period 7          11:10 am to 12:25 pm
          Period 3         11:10 am to 12:25 pm

          E A R LY O U T D AT E S , 2: 1 2 P M
          Students will be released at 2:12 pm on the following dates; lunch will be served on these

                  Wednesday, August 18, 2010                 Wednesday, December 1, 2010
                  Monday, August 23, 2010                    Wednesday, January 12, 2011
                  Wednesday, September 1, 2010               Wednesday, January 26, 2011
                  Wednesday, September 15, 2010              Wednesday, February 23, 2011
                  Wednesday, September 29, 2010              Wednesday, March 9, 2011
                  Wednesday, October 20, 2010                Wednesday, March 23, 2011
                  Wednesday, November 3, 2010                Wednesday, April 20, 2011
                  Wednesday, November 17, 2010               Wednesday, May 4, 2011

          H A L F D AY S , 1 2 :1 5 P M
          There will be two half days for Professional Development, on September 20, 2010 and
          February 7, 2011. Lunch will not be served on those two half days.

          S E M E S T E R O N E S C H O O L C A L E N DA R
          August 6                            Friday                    First day of school for
          August 9                            Monday                    First day of school for all
                                                                            other students
          September 6                         Monday                    Labor Day Holiday
          October 8                           Friday                    End of first quarter
          October 11-15                       Monday-Friday             Fall Break
          October 18                          Monday                    Start of second quarter
          October 26-28                       Tuesday-Thursday          State AIMS testing
          November 11                         Thursday                  Veterans’ Day Holiday
          November 25-26                      Thursday-Friday           Thanksgiving Holiday
          December 15-16                      Wednesday-Thursday        First Semester Exams
          December 17                         Friday                    Staff Only Workday, No
          December 20                         Monday                    Beginning of Winter Holiday
D e s e r t V i s ta S to r m R e p o r t                                                                            Page 11

Mrs. Kari Fischer (ext. 2156)                 Mrs. Karen Hinds (ext. 2155)        Mrs. Amie Hickel (ext. 2157)
Class of 2013 Counselor                       Educational Services                Classes of 2011/2013 Gifted
Department Website                              Counselor                           Counselor
   Maintenance                                Native American Student             Freshmen First Day Coordin-
Department Technology Liaison                   Liaison                            ator
                                              S.S.D. Coordinator                  AP Test Coordinator
Mrs. Josephine Levy (ext.2195)                Homeless Student Liaison            *PSAT/SAT/ACT Testing
Class of 2014 Counselor                       AIMS Coordinator                      Co-Coordinator
Crisis Counselor                              Career/ECAP Counselor                                                  Students: If you are
Freshmen First Day Coordinator                *Special Olympics Coach             Mrs. Beth Lyon (ext. 7944)
                                                                                  Counseling Department
                                                                                                                     having a difficult time
Mrs. Chris Jones (ext. 2145)                  Mr. Mark Kulik (ext. 7940)              Assistant                      deciding which college to
Class of 2011 Counselor                       Department Chair
Group Counseling Coordinator                  Classes of 2012/2014 Gifted         Mrs. Diana Brown (ext. 2146)       attend or what career to
EVIT Liaison                                    Counselor                         Career/ECAP Technician             pursue, or would just
                                              Scholarship/Financial Aid           *Tech Prep Liaison
Mr. John Matthews (ext. 2154)                   Coordinator                                                          like more information
Class of 2012 Counselor                       Pre-College Program
                                                                                  Mrs. Helen Hale (ext. 2196)        on the college or career
NCAA Clearinghouse                                                                Tempe Social Services
Military Liaison                              College Visitation Coordinator          Counselor                      of your choice, you can
*Wrestling Coach                              *District Scholarship               Support Group Facilitator          attend presentations
*PSAT/SAT/ACT                                     Coordinator                     Tuesdays 9:30 to 3:15
Testing Co-Coordinator                                                                                               provided by college and
                                                                                  *Additional Assignment             career representatives.
                                                                                  If calling from outside DV, dial
                                                                                  9 then the extension
                                                                                                                     To attend an event of
      For more information visit the Counseling Department website at :
                                                                                                                     interest to you, sign up                                               in the Special Events
                                                                                                                     Binder on the front
                                                                                                                     counter in the
                                                                                                                     Counseling Office at
   C O U N S E L I N G D E PA R T M E N T                                                                            least two school days
   SCHEDULE                                                                                                          prior to the event.

   The Counseling Department's              their counselors first and then    closes from 12:00-12:40 each          Be sure to check the
   schedule makes sure every                go eat lunch. If they need help    day.
   student can work with his/her            during 5th period, they should                                           Counseling Department
   own counselor during lunch. If           eat first and see their            As always, counselors are             web site as new oppor-
   students need help during 4th            counselors the second half of      available every day before and
   period lunch, they should see            the period. The department         after school.                         tunities are
                                                                                                                     continually added.

   S C H O L A R S H I P I N F O R M AT I O N
   Scholarship information and applications can              Every scholarship opportunity Desert Vista
   be found on the Desert Vista Counseling                   receives is posted on this site. This site is
   Department website at:                                    updated regularly. Seniors should check the site                 weekly; juniors, sophomores and freshmen
   guidance/Financial_Aid_Scholarships.html                  should check every two weeks.
Page 12                                                                                                         V o l um e 17 , Is s ue 1

                           2 4 - H O U R A T T E N DA N C E L I N E
                                 4 8 0 - 7 06 - 7 90 6

                           Only parents or legal guardians may call the attendance line. Please call the Attendance Line and
                           choose one of three options:

                           Option 1           If the student needs to leave campus early and receive an off campus pass, please
    DV Records                                leave the following information: the student’s name and student ID number, spell-
    Department                                ing the last name clearly; your name and relationship to the student; and the time
                                              and reason the student will be leaving campus. It is imperative you state that the
  Hours for the Desert                        student is allowed to drive or walk off campus, or who will be picking them up. Stu-
                                              dents are to sign out through the front office before leaving campus.
      Records              Option 2           To report an absence or late arrival for a freshman or sophomore student please
                                              leave the following information: the student’s name and ID number, spelling the last
     Department                               name clearly; the date(s) and reason for the absence; your name and relationship
            are                               to the student; and a daytime phone number.

  7:00 am to 3:00 pm.      Option 3           To report an absence or late arrival for a junior or senior student please leave the
   Please contact Sheila                      following information: the student’s name and ID number, spelling the last name
                                              clearly; the date(s) and reason for the absence; your name and relationship to the
  Thomas for assistance                       student; and a daytime phone number.
       in obtaining        If you have questions regarding an attendance matter press 0.
  transcript information
                           *Excessive absences, (11 or more) excused or unexcused, may result in a loss of credit per class, per
    during those hours.    semester. Eleven absences in four or more classes may result in the student being withdrawn from

                           Desert Vista has implemented an automated calling system. If your child is marked absent in one or
                           more classes, you will receive an automated phone call. If your child was absent, please call the appro-
                           priate attendance line option. If you think your child was marked absent in error, please have the stu-
                           dent check with his/her teacher the following day.

                           Desert Vista is a closed campus. Do not call to request off campus passes for your children to leave for
                           lunch. Students will not be released during their lunch hour unless picked up by parents or legal
                           guardians. Please come in and sign the student out. Students are not to be picked up curbside.

                           Parents going out-of-town and leaving students in the care of a designated adult must provide the
                           attendance office with a notarized statement with the caretaker’s name and telephone numbers.

                           In our attempt to keep classroom interruptions to a minimum and student learning to maximum,
                           instruction time will not be interrupted except in emergency situations. The front office staff will not be
                           able to hold, take or deliver student items. However, we do understand that a student may forget
                           some items, therefore a parent/guardian may wait in the front office until passing period whereby the
                           front office staff will page the student. The parent will then be able to hand the items to his or her

                           CHANGE OF ADDRESS?
                           The Post Office will not forward school or district mail, so if you move, you need to provide the Atten-
                           dance Department with your current SRP statement reflecting your new address. Thank you!
D e s e r t V i s ta S to r m R e p o r t                                                                      Page 13

   D E S E R T V I S TA D R E S S C O D E 20 1 0 - 1 1
A dress code at Desert Vista has been established to promote a positive school envi-
ronment. We want to provide the freedom for students to express themselves within
the set of parameters listed below.
     Attire or accessories, which advertise, display and/or promote any drug, alcohol
           or tobacco; sexual activity, violence, disrespect and/or bigotry towards any
           group or person are not allowed.
     Dress, jewelry and other accessories that present risk to the health, safety, and
           general welfare of the students, or which express obscenities, immodestly
           expose the chest, abdomen, legs or buttocks are prohibited. (No BBBB’s
           (breasts, bellies, butts, backs). Spaghetti straps, tube tops, halter tops, razor
           back or dresses without over-the-shoulder straps are not acceptable forms
           of attire. Low cut or see-through shirts, underwear worn as outerwear, tube
           tops, halter tops, tops that are low-cut, pants must pulled to hip level and
           secured tightly to ensure that undergarments are not exposed and that
           pants are not dragging on the ground, cut-offs, muscle tee’s, spiked jewelry
           and/or wallet chains are examples of clothing which are not permitted to be
           worn at school.
     Shoes must be worn. House slippers or shoes with soles similar are deemed
           unsafe and not school appropriate.
     Sunglasses and hats may not be worn in the classroom.
     Pajamas are prohibited.
     No bandanas or doo rags are allowed at school or school activities.

On campus, the faculty, staff and administration have the responsibility to interpret
and enforce this policy. The administration retains the final discretion to determine
that the garment or accessory meets the dress code. Dress code policies will be dis-
played on and around campus.

Any student violating this policy is subject to disciplinary action including, but not lim-
ited to, warning, parent conference, in-school suspension, short-term suspension or
long-term suspension. In addition, the student will remove the garment or accessory
and replace it with an appropriate alternative provided by the school, the student, or
the parent, depending upon the circumstances.

   N O T E S F RO M T H E DV B O O K S T O R E
         If you purchased an athletic pass from the Bookstore and have not picked it up, stop by the Bookstore to get it.
         If you still have outstanding debt or books, please take care of this as soon as possible. The Bookstore staff can help you
         determine what remains outstanding on your record.
         If you have books that you no longer need because of schedule changes, please return them as soon as possible as we may
         have other students who need those textbooks.
         Senior Parents and Seniors. Remember that your student will not receive a diploma at graduation if they still have out-
         standing debt or books. Start early and keep up with this as the year progresses, so there are no surprises at the end of the
         school year.

   Have a wonderful school year and please let us know if we may assist you in any way.

   Becky Salazar, Bookstore Manager
Page 14                                                                                     V o l um e 17 , Is s ue 1

          Be sure to turn in your           Photography is the official
          Senior Recognition Ads to the     yearbook photographer for the
          Storm Yearbook staff. Sizes       2010-2011 year. The studio
          include 1/8 page ($85), ¼         will photograph all seniors at
          ($150), ½ ($250) and Full         the studio, and all underclass-
          ($425) page ads. The deadline     men at DV. There is no sitting
          for reserving an ad is Nov. 30,   fee for the yearbook portrait.
          2010. Please pick up an order     Photographs will not be
          form in the bookstore or front    accepted for the portraits
          office. Contact the Storm Year-   section of the yearbook from
          book staff at                     other photographers.
       Contact the photography
          dvpublications for                studio at 480-830-5667 for
          additional details.               questions and deadlines.
          Lou Coopey’s All Pro School

          Desert Vista, Mountain Pointe     offer information and answer        Registration is not necessary.
          and the Arizona High School/      questions about their programs.     Don't miss this opportunity to
          College Relations Council         This event will take place at       learn more about the colleges
          present In-State College Night.   Desert Vista in the Dr. Joe         and universities of your choice!
          Representatives from              McDonald Auditorium at 6:30
          approximately 25 colleges and     pm on Monday, October 4,
          universities will be present to   2010.

          C E L L P H O N E A N D O T H E R D I G I TA L
              DEVICES POLICY

          In order to meet our goals, we have modified our school cell phone usage policy. We must mini-
          mize distractions if we are to maintain academic excellence. Cell phones will be prohibited during
          instruction time and between passing periods. Phones may be used before school, during lunch,
          and after school only. Students caught using their phones during those unauthorized periods will
          result in the phone being confiscated by staff or security personnel. Phone will be available for
          parent pickup only. If students do not follow school policies, they will be considered to be insubor-
          dinate and appropriate discipline will result. Students are encouraged not to bring iPods, paging
          devices, mp3 players, laser pointers, portable DVD players, headsets, cameras or video recorders,
          any game playing device, CD players, or any personal electronic or digital music devices on cam-
          pus. Lost or stolen cell phones or devices are the responsibility of the student. Bringing the item
          to school is at the students’ own risk for loss/theft. Desert Vista is not responsible for stolen or
          missing equipment and it is strongly encouraged that they not be brought to campus.
D e s e r t V i s ta S to r m R e p o r t                                                                Page 15

                                                   News Flash!!!

                              Coming, Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

                                   Get ready for a                PINK OUT!!!
 Come see our exciting girls volleyball teams as they take on cross town
 rivals Mt. Pointe High School in a Community Volleyball Match… it’s the

                                  Third Annual
                                 Dig Pink in Tukee
                                       Desert Vista High School Gymnasium
                                  Freshman 4:00 • Junior Varsity 5:00 • Varsity 6:00
      Come watch competitive Girls’ Volleyball as the Desert Vista Thunder takes
on the Mountain Pointe Pride. All teams will play for the win and the fight against
    Breast Cancer. The two school teams will make a donation to the Side-Out
      Foundation, a non-profit organization supporting Breast Cancer Awareness
                                     and Education.
        Students and Parents: here’s how you can get involved in this worthy cause:

                                              Come to the match and WEAR PINK
                                        Purchase Raffle Tickets & Win some Great Prizes!
                                   (We are looking for donations of sports memorabilia, travel opportunities,
                                                      gift cards, gift baskets and more…)
                                                       Become an Event Sponsor
                                                 (Sponsorship Opportunities starting at $50.00)
                                                            Make a Donation at
                                        The Side-Out Foundation is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit, #20-251-0044
                                       Questions: contact Bob Smith, or 480-213-6631

                                Visit: for this seasons’
                                        Girl’s Thunder Volleyball Schedule!
Page 16                                                                                             V o l um e 1 7 , I s s ue 1

               FROM THE S CHOOL NURSE
               As we approach the cooler months of flu season-remember that the seasonal flu and H1N1
               vaccines are available at many local pharmacies, so you can immunize before it gets you and your
               family down.

               Also, it is important that you remember that you SHOULD NOT send your child to school with tempera-
               ture of 100.0 or higher. Keep your kids home when they are sick.

               Please emphasize good hygiene. This means teaching them to cough/sneeze into their elbows, good
               hand washing habits and to keep their hands away from their faces.

               The school has hand sanitizer placed in many locations around the campus. If you would like to do-
               nate bottles of sanitizer (or boxes of tissues) for the school’s common areas or classrooms, please
               send them in to school with your students.

               We are grateful for all you do to help us keep Desert Vista a healthy campus!

               If you have any questions please contact our school nurse, Jean Kennedy.

                  I N F O R M AT I O N
               If due to loss of housing and/or economic hardship, you must live in a shelter, motel, vehicle or camp-
    KNOW THE   ground, on the street, in abandoned buildings or trailers or other inadequate accommodations, or
               doubled up with relatives or friends because you cannot find or afford housing, then according to the
      NINE     McKinney-Vento Act, you may be considered homeless.

     RIGHTS    Your children have the right to:

       FOR         Go to school, no matter where you live or how long you have lived there. You must be given ac-
               cess to the same public education provided to other students.
                   Continue in the school they attended before becoming homeless or the school they last at-
    STUDENTS   tended, if that is your choice and is feasible. The school district's local liaison for homeless education
               must assist them, if needed, and offer them the right to appeal a decision regarding their choice of
               school if it goes against their wishes.

                    Receive transportation to the school they attended before they became homeless or the school
               they last attended, if they request such transportation.

                   Attend a school and participate in school programs with students who are not homeless. Stu-
               dents cannot be separated from the regular school program because they are homeless.

                    Enroll in school without giving a permanent address. Schools cannot require proof of residency
               that might prevent or delay school enrollment.

                   Enroll and attend classes while the school arranges for the transfer of school and immunization
               records or any other documents required for enrollment.

                    Enroll and attend classes in the school of their choice even while the school and you seek to
               resolve a dispute over enrollment.

                   Receive the same special programs and services, if needed, as provided to all other children
               served in these programs.

                    Receive transportation to school and to school programs.
D e s e r t V i s ta S to r m R e p o r t                                                                   Page 17

   T H E AT E R P E R F O R M A N C E S
   Enjoy an evening at the theater! The Desert Vista Theater Troupe will be presenting:
                                                                                                                 Did you know…
   September 22nd—24th, ―The Doctor In Spite of Himself‖                                                        Desert Vista’s daily
   October 6th—8th, ―Short Plays for Long Living‖                                                              announcements can be
   December 1st—3rd, ―Harvey‖
   February 2nd—4th, ―Senior One-Acts‖                                                                       accessed on the home page
   February 15th—17th, ―Little Foxes‖                                                                        on the school’s web site at
   April 27th—29th, ―Fiddler on the Roof‖ (in the Dr. Joe McDonald Auditorium)                                         http://
   May 10th—11th, Production and Performance Play
   All performances other than the musical will be in the Black Box Theatre. On                               dvh/Announcements/
   Wednesdays and Thursdays the performances will be at 7:00 pm. All Friday                                          index.html
   performances will be at 4:00 pm.

   DV H S B A N D S C H E D U L E
         Mandatory Marching Band Parent Meeting — September 21, 7:00 pm (Dr. Joe McDonald Audito-
         PAS (Percussion) — September 25 in the morning at Higley HS Stadium
         Corona del Sol Invitational — Tuesday, September 28, 7:00 pm, Corona del Sol Stadium
         Fall Band Concert — October 7, 7:00 pm, free admission (Dr. Joe McDonald Auditorium)
         ASU Band Day — October 23 in the evening — Sun Devil Stadium

   U P C O M I N G DV C H O I R C O N C E R T
   Desert Vista’s choir program will host its first concert on Thursday, September 30 at 7:00 pm in the
   Dr. Joe McDonald Auditorium. Please come out and enjoy the musical gifts of our choir students.

   Idyllwild and Brevard Music Camps are two prestigious music camps in the United States. Top stu-
   dents are selected from across America and around the world to participate. Junior Anes Sung re-
   ceived an invitation to Brevard in North Carolina, while both Freshmen JoAnn Nam and Junior Jay Min
   received invitations to Idyllwild in California.

   The Phoenix Symphony Orchestra has a youth training orchestra for top selected students AZ. The
   Youth Orchestra is specifically designed to give the most talented young people in Arizona an opportu-
   nity to practice weekly and perform extremely difficult music. Throughout the school year these stu-
   dents are given the opportunity to sit and perform side-by-side with the Phoenix Symphony Orches-
   tra. Representing DV in the 2010-11 Phoenix Youth Symphony are Juniors Anes Sung (who is also
   the Concertmaster and 1st chair player for this group) and Jay Min; Sophomores Connor Thunshelle
   Amit Sen; and Freshmen Gina Han and Helen Suing. Representing Desert Vista in the Symphonette
   Orchestra is Freshman - Paula Li. Congratulations one and all!

   The first Orchestra Concert is Tuesday, October 5 at 7:00 pm in the Auditorium.
Page 18                                                                                                                 V o l um e 17 , Is s ue 1

                            SITE-BASED COUNCIL
                            The Site-Based Council is an        community, determine the                     Pam Barnes-Palty – Parent
                            elected council that meets at       most pressing needs, and set                 Tammie Connell – Parent
                            7:00 pm on the second               priorities for action. While                 Jackie Karras – Altadena
                            Monday of each month in the         voting membership is by                      Liaison
                            Administrative Conference           appointment only,                            Marcee Hultsman – Teacher
                            Room.                               attendance is open to all.                   Patti Benster – Community
                            We work closely with the                                                         Mel Hannah – Community
                            school administrators               2009-2010 Council                            Member
                            providing guidance and input                                                     Jason Smith – Student
                            on issues vital to the success      Deb Benedict – Teacher and                   Sami Saunders – Student
                            of the school. We assess the        Chairperson                                  Body President
                            needs of the school and             Anna Battle – Principal
   Please keep in mind
    latex balloons          A WA R D W I N N E R S
  will not be allowed on
   campus or at public
                            Each quarter the Site-Based
     events. We have        Council accepts nominations
   students on campus       to recognize the outstanding
                            contributions of a teacher, a
 allergic to latex. Mylar   classified staff member, a
     balloons are fine.     student and a parent or mem-
                            ber of the community. In the
                            fourth quarter of the 2009-10
                            school year, award recipients
                            included: Bernie O’Keefe and
                            Dabney Leinberger (teachers),
                            Rosie Navarro (staff), Aaron
                            Whiteley (student) and Monica
                            Serie (parent).
                                                                    Pictured above are Christine Barela, Monica Serie, Deb Benedict and Aaron
                                                                    Whitely. Ms. Leinberger and Mr. O’Keefe were unavailable for the photograph.

                            A DVA N C ED T E A M
                            The AdvancED Team is made up        demonstrating excellence in              members will provide training
                            of Desert Vista staff volunteers    academics, arts, and                     and support for the staff as they
                            working to ensure Desert Vista’s    extra-curricular activities.             offer workshops and measure
                            continued accreditation and                                                  improvements in the new target
                            continuous improvement. Last        Vision: We strive for excellence         areas.
                            year, the team led the DV Staff     by engaging our community,
                            through the creation and            promoting accountability,                The AdvancED Team is led by
                            adoption of new Mission and         fostering responsibility, and            English Department Chair Deb
                            Vision statements as well as the    encouraging life-long learning.          Benedict and includes Maggie
                            implementation of four new                                                   Fountain, Katrina Montoya,
                            target areas for the staff to fo-The target areas were                       Shawna Thue,
                            cus on in the coming years. The  chosen based on staff input,                Michelle Lucas, Cassie Cline,
                            mission and vision statements    data collection and analysis                Jeanne Scanlan, Annette
                            are posted in each classroom     over the last year. The four                Haynes, Mark Honaker, and
                            and appear below:                Target Areas are Technology,                Karen Calianno.
                                                             Writing (incorporating spelling),
                            Mission: Desert Vista inspires a Spirit, and Critical Thinking.
                            community of learning by         This year, the AdvancED Team
D e s e r t V i s ta S to r m R e p o r t                                                                            Page 19

   The first dance of the year              gym regardless of the indirect      They also may lose their privi-
   was Sadie Hawkins, which                 lighting provided by the DJ. No     leges to attend future school
   was held on Saturday, August             suggestive or lewd dancing          dances. We want school
   21. The administration staff             will be allowed. We will not        dances to be fun and memora-
   would like to share with par-            allow behavior at dances that       ble; a positive experience for all
   ents and students some                   should be embarrassing to           students. Dances start at 8:00
   guidelines for dances at the             students and their families.        pm and end promptly at 11:00
   school. Students must show a             No lap dancing will be toler-       pm If you are picking up your
   current Desert Vista identifi-           ated. Any students dancing          son or daughter, please pick
   cation card to be permitted              inappropriately will be asked       them up at 11:00 pm.
   into a dance. Students are not           to leave and will be banned          Upcoming Dance Schedule:
   allowed to leave and re-enter            from future dances. Purses,
   a dance under any circum-                bags, clothing and vehicles         October 2—Homecoming
   stances. Guests are permitted            can be searched for items you       (Senior Class sponsored)
   with proper paperwork and                may not bring into a
   prior approval from the Activi-          dance. Items such as drink
                                                                                February 4—Hoopcoming (after
   ties Office. Guests must have            containers, water bottles, or
                                                                                the basketball game until
   a guest pass and picture iden-           any item that may contain an
   tification card to enter the             illegal substance will not be       11:00 pm)
   dance. Guests cannot be in               allowed inside the gate. Stu-
   Middle School/Junior High                dents who arrive under the          April 2—MORP (Freshmen Class
   School and must be under the             influence will be referred to       sponsored )
   age of 21. Students are lim-             the on-duty officer, parents
   ited to one guest. Lighting in           will be notified, and they will     May 7—Prom (Junior Class
   the gym will include the secu-           be subject to a minimum ten-        sponsored)—Location to be
   rity lights at both ends of the          day off-campus suspension.          announced at a later date

   R E N A I S S A N C E F A S T F AC T S
   2 0 1 0 - 20 1 1 S C H O O L Y E A R
   Q: What is Renaissance?                  Gold:GPA of 3.833-4.                 Q: Didn’t get a card and think
   A: It is a program that                  Silver:GPA between 3.677 to          you should have?
   recognizes academic excel-               3.833                                A: Check your second
   lence.                                                                        semester, report card under
                                            Q: Based on semester or              MARKING PERIOD 2. If there
   Q: How?                                  quarter grades?                      has been an error, see Ms.
   A: Students who are eligible will        A: Quarter grades. We are            Wade in the Math Office, or
   receive a gold or silver card            using 4th quarter of second          Ms. Cheviron or Ms. Elliott in
   (based upon GPA). These cards            semester of the previous school      the Library.
   can be used for:                         year GPA, not semester, based
   ·    Discounts on student park-          on enrollment in six credit- and
        ing (Gold only)                     grade-bearing classes.
   ·    Discounts on selected stu-
        dent activities                     Q: I am a brand new student
   ·    Discounts at local malls            to Desert Vista. Why didn’t I get
   ·    Student give-aways                  a card?
   ·    One final exam exemption            A: You must be a full time
        (Gold only)                         Desert Vista student for one
   ·    Reduced admission to                semester before you are eligi-
        sponsor-selected, admini-           ble for a card.
        stration approved activities
                                            Q: When are cards distributed?
                                            A: In September based on the
   Q: What are the qualifications
                                            previous 4th quarter grades,
   to receive a card?
                                            and in January, based upon
   A: Must be a full-time Desert
                                            2nd quarter grades.
   Vista student for at least one
                                                                                            Refer to AIAONLINE.ORG for directions and
                                                                                            venues, as well as game date and time changes

                                                                                                               Varsity/JV Volleyball
                                                                                                                5:00 PM/6:00 PM
                                                                                                             8/26    @ Scrimmage@ Basha
                                                                                                             9/2     H Westwood
                                                                                                             9/7     @ Salpointe
                                                                                                             9/10-11 @ Westwood-Var
                                                                                                                         Tourney of Champs
    Varsity Football                                                                                         9/14    @ Chapperal
                                                                                                             9/15    H Centennial
       7:00 PM                                   Golf-Girls                           Badminton              9/16    H Red Mountain
                                            Home @ Club West                           3:30 PM               9/22    @ Deer Valley
8/18 @ Ironwood Rdg-Scrm                                                                                     9/23    @ Corona del Sol
                                      8/30 @ Dobson, Marcos                8/30   @   Mesquite               9/28    H Hamilton
8/27 H Tucson                         9/1 H Red Mtn, Chavez
9/3   Bye                                                                  8/31   @   Basha                  9/30    @ Mesa
                                      9/4 @ Tempe Invitational             9/3    H   Mtn View               10/5    @ Chandler
9/10 @ Pinnacle                       9/8 H Hamilton
9/16 @ Mtn Pointe                                                          9/7    H   Xavier                 10/7    H Xavier
                                      9/10,11 @ Antigua Invite (Duke)      9/8    @   South                  10/9-10 @ Goldwater Tourn
9/24 @ Hamilton                       9/13-16 Tempe City Tournament
10/1 H St. Mary”s                                                          9/13   H   Perry                  10/12 @ Hamilton
                                      9/20 @ Chandler                      9/14   H   Gilbert                10/19 @ Red Mountain
10/8 H Mesa                           9/22 @ Mesa
10/15 @ Corona                                                             9/16   @   Highland               10/20 H Mountain Pointe
                                      9/24 @ Aguila Invitational           9/21   H   Millennium             10/21-24 @ Nike Tourney
10/22 H Chandler                      9/27 @ Xavier
10/29 @ Brophy                                                             9/23   H   Cesar Chavez                        of Champions
                                      9/29 @ Perry, Westwood               9/28   @   Carl Hayden            10/26 H Mesa
11/5 H Red Mointain                   10/6 @ Casa Grande
11/12 State Playoffs Start                                                 9/30   H   Trevor Browne          10/27 @ Xavier
                                                                           10/5   H   Corona                 10/28 H Chandler
                                                                           10/7   @   Mountain Pointe

                                    JV Football
                                     6:00 PM
                         9/2 H        Mesquite
                         9/8 @        Marcos de Niza
                         9/15 H       Mnt Pointe
                         9/23 H       Hamilton
                         9/30 @       Basha
                         10/7 @       Mesa
                         10/14 H      Corona del Sol                                                                Girls Cross Country
                         10/21 @      Chandler
                         10/28 H      Brophy                                                                  8/28 H B & G Intrasquad/Alumni (B & G)
                                                                                                              9/11 @ Chandler Inv @ Tumbleweed Pk
                                                                                                              9/25 @ Ojo Rojo Invit @ Tumbleweed Pk
                                                                                                              9/26 @ Danner Nike (Var)
  Freshman Football                                                                                           9/29 H Hamilton, Basha, Westwood
                                                                                                              10/1 @ Desert Twlt CC Fest@ Tokasticks
       6:00 PM                                                                                                10/6 @ Mesquite, Skyline
 (B Squad Sat @ 9 AM)                                                                                         10/9 @ Connoly
9/1 @ Mesquite                                                                                                10/20 @ ALL CITY (Kiwanis)
9/4 H B Squad-Perry                                                                                           TBD @ Fiesta Reg (var)Freestone Pk
9/7 H Marcos de Niza                                                                                          11/6 @ 5A 1 State Meet (Var)
9/11 H B Squad-Mnt Pnte                    Freshman Volleyball                                                11/20 @ Nike Invite @ Kiwanis
9/14 @ Mnt Pointe                               4:00 PM
9/22 @ Hamilton
9/29 H Basha
                                        9/2     H   Westwood
10/2 H B Squad-Skyline                                                                                               Boys Cross Country
                                        9/7     @   Salpointe
10/5 H B Squad-Brophy(6pm)
                                        9/14    @   Chapperal
10/6 H Casa Grande                                                                Home @ Club West
                                        9/15    H   Centennial                                               8/28 H B & G Intrasquad/Alumni (B & G)
10/13 @ Corona del Sol
                                        9/16    H   ???                                                      9/4 @ Sole Sports CC Fest@(Silverado)
10/20 H Chandler                        9/22    @   Deer Valley           8/30 @ Ahwatukee Cup at
                                                                                                             9/11 @ Chandler Inv @ Tumbleweed Pk
10/27 @ Brophy                          9/23    @   Corona del Sol                   Foothills Golf Course
                                                                                                             9/18 @ Woodbridge Invite @ Irvine, CA
                                        9/28    H   Hamilton              8/31 @ Ahwatukee Cup at            9/25 @ Mountain View Inv@ M. V. Park
                                        9/30    @   Mesa                             Ahwatukee CC
                                                                                                             9/29 H Hamilton, Basha, Westwood
                                        10/5    @   Chandler              9/1 H Ahwatukee CC at
                                                                                                             10/1 @ Desert Twlt CC Fest@ Tokasticks
         Swimming                       10/7    H   Xavier                           Foothills Club West
                                                                                                             10/6 @ Mesquite, Skyline
                                                                          9/3-4 @ Brophy Invite@Grayhwk
        4:00 PM                         10/12   @   Hamilton                                                 10/20 @ ALL CITY (Kiwanis)
                                        10/19   @   Shepard               9/7 @ Mtn. Pointe, Desert Rdg
 W. Chandler (Kyrene) Pool                                                                                   TBD @ Fiesta Reg (var)Freestone Pk ?
                                        10/20   H   Mountain Pointe       9/16 H Chandler, Brophy
                                                                                                             11/6 @ 5A 1 State Meet (Var)
                                        10/26   H   Mesa                  9/17,18 @ Bart Granger Memorial
9/2 @       Highland                                                                                         11/20 @ Nike Invite @ Kiwanis
                                        10/27   @   Xavier                9/21 @ Red Mtn, Brophy
9/7 H       Marcos de Niza                                                9/23 @ Basha, Casa Grande
9/16 @      Corona del Sol              10/28   H   Chandler
                                                                          9/28 @ Chandler, Red Mtn
9/23 H      Mtn Pointe                                                    10/5 H Dobson, Arcadia
9/25 @      Brophy/Xavier Invite                                          10/7 @ Notre Dame, McClintock
9/30 @      Chandler                                                      10/21 @ Gilbert, North,
10/2 @      Speedo Invite(Tucson)                                                     Desert Ridge
10/7 @      Red Mountain                                                  Tempe Invite??
10/19 @     Xavier/Brophy
10/30 @     City
11/4, 6 @   State

Home @      West Chandler Pool                                          Updated 8/25/10
D e s e r t V i s ta S to r m R e p o r t                                                                      Page 21

S E P T E M B E R / O C T O B E R A C T I V I T I E S C A L E N DA R
      Sunday                   Monday            Tuesday     Wednesday            Thursday                  Friday           Saturday
                                                             September 1           2                    3                    4
                                                                                  School Pictures;
                                                             School Pictures;     NHS meeting           Bye for Football
                                                             Early Out, 2:12      before and after
                                                             pm                   school

5                         6                  7               8                    9                     10                   11
                          Labor Day, No                                                                 Fall Spirit          ACT Test
                          School                                                                        Assembly;
                                                             Rosh Hashanah                              FB at Pinnacle,
                                                                                                        7 pm

12                        13                 14              15                   16                    17                   18

                          7 pm Site-Based
                          Council Meeting                    Early Out, 2:12      FB at. Mt. Pointe,    Yom Kippur
                                                             pm                   7 pm
                          Pest Control

19                        20                21               22                   23                    24                   25
                          Early Release—out Key Club Blood   7 pm Play: ―The      7 pm Play: ―The       4 pm Play: ―The      Football Cheer
                          at 12:15 pm       Drive            Doctor In Spite of   Doctor In Spite of    Doctor In Spite of   Clinic 1:00 to
                                                             Himself‖, Black      Himself‖, Black       Himself‖, Black      3:30 pm
                                                             Box                  Box                   Box;
                                                                                                        FB at
                                                                                                        Hamilton, 7pm
26                         27                28              29                   30                    October 1            2
                                                             Early Out, 2:12      5-7 pm, Fall Carni-
                                                             pm                   val in courtyard;     Homecoming           Homecoming
                                                                                  7pm Choir Con-        Game vs. St.         Dance, 8:00—
                                                                                  cert, Aud.            Mary’s, 7 pm         11:00 pm, large
3                         4                  5               6                 7                        8                    9
                          In-State College   7:00 pm                           NHS meeting              End of First         SAT Test
                          Night 6:30 pm at   Orchestra and                     before and after         Quarter;
                          DV Auditorium      Guitar                            school;                  4 pm Play, ―Short
                                             Concert, Aud.                     Picture Retakes—         Plays for Long
                                                                               all day;                 Living‖, Black Box
                                                                               Band Concert, 7
                                                             7 pm Play, ―Short pm Aud.;                 FB home vs. Mesa
                                                             Plays for Long    7 pm Play, ―Short        High, 7 pm
                                                             Living‖, Black    Plays for Long
                                                             Box               Living‖, Black Box

10                        11                 12              13                   14                    15 FALL BREAK        16
                          FALL BREAK         FALL BREAK      FALL BREAK           FALL BREAK                NO SCHOOL        PSAT Test
                          NO SCHOOL          NO SCHOOL       NO SCHOOL            NO SCHOOL             FB at
                          Pest Control                                                                  Corona, 7:00 pm
17                        18                 19              20                  21                     22                   23
                          Start of Second                    Early Out, 2:12                            FB home vs.          ACT Test
                          Quarter;                           pm; ―Dig Pink‖                             Chandler High,
                          7 pm Site-Based                    Girls Volleyball at                        7 pm
                          Council Meeting                    DV Gym

24                        25                 26              27                   28                    29                   30
                                             AIMS Writing    AIMS Reading         AIMS Math             Football at
                                                                                                        Brophy 7 pm
Page 22                                                                                     V o l um e 17 , Is s ue 1

          SCIENCE NEWS
          DV HOSA Club Wins Accolades in       events at the State confer-       Medical Reading Team -- 10th
          Orlando!                             ence! Our top competitors         place in the nation -- Anna
          HOSA, the Health Occupations         were able to join over 5000       Quian, Micah Musheno, Tiffany
          Students of America, is a stu-       other HOSA members from           Wong
          dent organization whose mission      across the nation at Walt         Biotechnology -- Top 20 in the
          is to promote career opportuni-      Disney World in Orlando, Flor-    nation -- Jon Yamaguchi
          ties in health care and to en-       ida for five days in June. This   Creative Problem Solving Team
          hance the delivery of quality        was our third year to compete     -- Top Twenty in the nation --
          health care to all people.           at the very challenging na-       Ashley Bennett, Grace Ma,
          AzHOSA currently operates 197        tional level, and this year we    Sonia Sen, Jon Yamaguchi
          chapters in 120 high schools in      were able to send eleven          Kaiser Permanente Health Care
          Arizona with a membership of         students thanks to the sup-       Issues Exam -- top 10% in the
          over 3700. Desert Vista's HOSA       port of a generous grant from     nation -- Jared Naimark
          chapter was a charter member         the Greater Valley Area Health    Medical Math -- qualified and
          of the Arizona HOSA organiza-        Education Center (GVAHEC).        competed at Nationals as a
          tion, and our club is very popular   We are pleased to congratu-       Freshman! -- Annie Dai
          with students interested in all      late the following Desert Vista   We wish our graduated seniors
          kinds of medical careers.            students for their outstanding    good luck as they start college
          HOSA club members have the           performance in Orlando:           this fall, and are excited to wel-
          option of competing in dozens of     Medical Spelling -- 4th place
          different events at the state and    in the nation -- Saumya Bol-      come new members to our
          national level. At the end of last   lam                               club, which meets on alternate
          school year, twenty DV HOSA          Researched Persuasive             Tuesdays after school in Mrs.
          members qualified to compete         Speaking -- 9th place in the      Musheno's room, C170.
          at Nationals by winning gold,        nation -- Sooyeon (Tammy)
          silver or bronze medals in their     Kim

          Birgit Musheno (club advisor), Micah Musheno, Grace Ma, Jon Yamaguchi, Sonia Sen, Jared
          Naimark, Sooyeon Kim, Saumya Bollam, Annie Dai, Ashley Bennett, Tiffany Wong, and Anna
D e s e r t V i s ta S to r m R e p o r t                                                                           Page 23

  L AT I N N E W S
   Salvete!                                 Kelsey Pearson (Latin 5-6)         etry; 21st-Greek History; 23rd-
   Six Desert Vista Latin stu-              1st -Open Certamen Adv.;           Latin Literature; 23rd-Roman
   dents had the wonderful op-              9th-slogan; 10th-sight Latin       History; 25th-Latin Grammar;
   portunity of attending the 57th          poetry; 7th-Greeting Cards; 9th-   28th-Academic Heptathlon; 28th
                                            Dolls; 19th-Reading Compre-        -Latin Derivatives; and 29th-
   National Latin Convention in
                                            hension Poetry; 21st-Roman         Greek Derivatives.
   Fargo, North Dakota. These               History; 29th -Academic Hep-       David Kaptur (Latin 5-6)
   amazing students spent the               tathlon; 29th-Latin Derivatives    5th-Modern Myth; 6th-Slogan;
   week engaging in vigorous                and 29th -Latin Literature.        16th-Greek Derivatives; 16th-
   academic and creative com-               Olivia Reeves (Latin 5-6)          Reading Comprehension Po-
   petitions against 1500 Latin             10th-Modern Myth; 1st-             etry; 17th-Latin Literature; 19th-
                                            Sculpture; 2nd -state scrap-       Latin Derivatives; 21st-Roman
   students from across the
                                            book; 4th-mosaics; 9th-Sight       History; 25th-Ancient Geography
   country. Besides participating           Latin Poetry; 19th -Greek His-     26th-Roman Life; 27th-Academic
   in challenging tests that ex-            tory; 20th-Readi ng Compre-        Heptathlon; 27th-Greek Life and
   amined a student’s knowl-                hension Prose; 22nd-Latin          Literature; 28th-Mottoes and
   edge of the ancient language,            Literature; 25th-Latin Gram-       Quotes; and 29th-Latin Gram-
   life, and culture, they also             mar Advanced; and                  mar Advanced.
   attended a number of semi-               26th -Roman History.               Ian Merrill (Latin 7-8)
                                            Allison Benz (Latin 3-4)           6th-Classical Art; 6th-Reading
   nars taught by local university
                                            5th-Illustrated quotes; 6th-       Comprehension Poetry; 7th-
   professors. As a state, these            constructed charts; 21st-          Sight Latin Poetry Boys; 8th-
   students won the spirit com-             Ancient Geography;28th-Latin       Ancient Geography; 10th-Roman
   petition for small state, 4th            Derivatives; and 28th-             Life; 12th-Academic Heptathlon
   place with most creative state           Mythology.                         13th-Greek Derivatives; 13th-
   Latin shirt, and their school            Sara Herman (Latin 5-6)            Latin Grammar Advanced; 16th-
   scrapbook achieved 2nd                   8th-Sight Latin Poetry; 2nd -      Roman History; 17th-Latin Lit-
                                            state scrapbook; 3rd-Drawing,      erature; 17th-Latin Vocabulary;
   place. The following students
                                            Black Ink; 7th-sculpture           18th-Mottoes and Quotes; 20th-
   achieved the following results:          10th-black pencil; 17th-           Latin Derivatives; and
                                            Reading Comprehension Po-          26th-Mythology.

  D E S E R T V I S TA S P E E C H & D E BAT E
  October 2 – Apache Junction Speech Invitational – Apache Junction High School
  October 15-16 – Desert Sun Invitational – Desert Vista High School
  November 12-13 – Dobson Invitational – Dobson High School
  November 19-20 – Lost Dutchman Invitational – Red Mountain High School
  December 3-4 – Forensic League of Arizona Winter Trophy Tournament
  January 6-8 – Southwest Championship –Arizona State University
  January 21-22 – Mountain View Toro Country Classic – Mountain View High School
  February 4-5 – 12th Annual Bobcat Bonanza Invitational – Central High School
  March 3-5 – National Forensic League Qualifier Tournament – Site TBA
  March 18-19 – AIA State Speech and Debate Tournaments                                                                 Please contact
                                                                                                                       Mr. Vic Silva
   S PE E CH AN D D E BATE NE WS                                                                                          for further
                                                                                                                       information on
   Desert Vista received its third consecutive national School of Excellence in Debate award at the
   2010 National Forensics League Tournament in Kansas City, MO in June. More than 3,200 stu-                          Desert Vista’s
   dents participated in the NFL National Tournament, one of the world’s largest academic contests.                    award-winning
   DV Students who competed in the contest were Megan MC Hugh, Brittany Stanchik, Greg Hietala,
   Brendan Porter, Dillon Olmanson, Holly Nordquist, Casey Cantor, Priyanka Atreya, Joseph Kim,                              team.
   Sammi Saunders and Mike Mazzella. Desert Vista’s Speech and Debate students are coached by
   Erik Dominguez, Vic Silva, Matt Bennett, Michelle Kelsey, Ben Kearl, Joe Guffey and Chase Williams.
   Congratulations for achieving this high honor once again.
Page 24                                                                                      V o l um e 17 , Is s ue 1

           U R BA N P L A N
           UrbanPlan is a realistic, engaging, and academically challenging classroom-based,
           web-supported program in which high school students learn the roles, issues, trade-offs, and
           economics involved in urban development. It provides our future voters, neighbors, community lead-
           ers, public officials, and land use professionals with a hands-on experience in developing realistic
           land use solutions to vexing urban growth challenges. DV's senior Honors Economics classes are
           getting ready to participate in the annual Urban Planning simulation/competition, which should be
           very interesting and educational. We will report the results of the competition in an upcoming issue
           of the Storm Report.

           “ G O G R E E N ” P RO J E C T AT DV
           Desert Vista is excited about a great new "Go Green" project.. Through grant funds from the Salt
           River Project, a partnership between SRP and Tempe Union High School District will create a
           unique educational opportunity for students at Desert Vista High School. With the ever-increasing
           costs and environmental impacts of power generation, alternative sources must be developed, and
           the technology of the sources needs to be utilized and experienced by our students. One of these
           power sources that shows great promise is Solar Energy. With the assistance of SRP, students at
           Desert Vista will be provided the opportunity to utilize a Photovoltaic array to gain invaluable hands-
           on experiences in solar generation and utilization. Students will experience firsthand the environ-
           mental benefits of the Photovoltaic array as well as the associated energy costs. Students in Dan
           Zavaleta's Engineering and Technology program, in a partnership with ASU, will develop visual
           presentations and written informational materials to assist in educating other students and the
           local community.

           N OV E L C H E C K - O U T P R O C E D U R E S
           The English Department has over 20,000 copies of novels that students at every grade level
           check out for reading and study during their novel units. English teachers bring their classes to
           the library to check novels in and out, resulting in automatic tracking of late or lost books, making
           the whole process easier on the teachers! Students must return their previously-used novels in
           order to get the next one. Please help your students remember to turn in their completed novels
           so they can obtain the next one without delay.

           T A X C R E D I T D O N AT I O N
                                              viduals and couples filing         Desert Vista Bookstore where
          State law allows Arizonans to
                                              jointly may take advantage of      a receipt will be provided, or
          contribute up to $400 to
                                              this tax credit. A maximum of      you may visit the TUHS District
          public schools for extra
                                              $200 can be deducted per           Web Site (http://
          curricular activities, and then
                                              individual tax return, or
          deduct that amount directly
                                              couples filing a joint return      District_office/taxform.htm) to
          from their state income taxes
                                              may deduct a maximum of            print a copy of the form. Or
          through a tax credit.
                                              $400.                              mail the form below, along with
          Contributions must be post-
                                              You must have a receipt from       your check, to the Desert Vista
          marked by December 31 of
                                              your school to submit with         Bookstore and a receipt will be
          the year to which you want to
                                              your taxes. You may visit the      mailed to you.
          apply your tax credit. Indi-
D e s e r t V i s ta S to r m R e p o r t                                                                             Page 25

   The Desert Vista Staff Directory is available on the school’s Web Site. CLICK HERE or on the phone
   symbol to access that information.

   D UA L E N RO L L M E N T A N D A P I N F O .
   Desert Vista provides two different programs that allow students to either earn college or waive uni-
   versity coursework. Please use the following websites, also found on the Counseling Department's
   website, to determine how colleges and universities treat these classes:

   Dual Enrollment--

   AP Credit Policy--

   While many students spent                high school students in the           spent the summer working on
   their summers enjoying tradi-            state to earn acceptance into         high-tech insect control meth-
   tional vacation activities sev-          the ASU BioDesign Institute           ods in the Hagler lab, which
   eral DV students took advan-             Summer Internship program,            resulted in a trip to the largest
   tage of opportunities to work            where she spent most of the           organic strawberry farm in the
   in science research labs over            summer assisting in research          state of California! Dr. Hagler’s
   the summer. Rudy Chen                    that will hopefully lead to the       lab focuses on the impact of
   worked with graduate stu-                development of cancer vac-            arthropod predation on pests
   dents in the Materials Sci-              cines. Jared Naimark (2010            using molecular gut content
   ence & Engineering Depart-               graduate attending ) spent the        assays (ELISA and PCR), and
   ment and the Bioengineering              summer working at the National        on developing immunoassays
   Department at the University             Institute of Diabetes and Diges-      for studying insect dispersal
   of Washington (in Seattle),              tive and Kidney Diseases              patterns. Joe Beck worked on
   studying cancer drug delivery            (NIDDK), a National Institutes of     insect biology in the Brent lab,
   via micelles through the                 Health (NIH) lab in Phoenix,          examining the behavioral, hor-
   bloodstream. Tyler Miyasaki              where he sequenced DNA from           monal and physiological
   was accepted into the very               almost 400 people as he               changes in insects as they
   competitive Helios Scholar               searched for rare genetic             mature. 2010 graduate Ben
   program at TGen Transla-                 changes associated with obe-          Kesler worked for the Fabrik
   tional Genomics), and spent              sity.                                 lab, where the research team
   his summer working in their              The DV Biotechnology program          investigates molecular, bio-
   biotechnology labs in down-              is very excited that our biotech-     chemical and physiological
   town Phoenix. Also at TGen,              nology partnership with the           functions in insects.
   2009 graduate Brian Djaja                United States Department of           2009 alumni from the DV bio-
   (currently at MIT) spent his             Agriculture’s Agricultural Re-        tech program had a strong
   summer developing software               search Station in Maricopa led        presence at the Maricopa lab
   applications designed to help            to several internship opportuni-      as well:Chris Fanger worked in
   researchers analyze huge                 ties for current and former DV        the Salvucci lab, which studies
   amounts of data as they                  Biotechnology students over the       the regulation of photosynthe-
   search for patterns that could           summer. Three students were           sis and carbohydrate metabo-
   indicate genetic markers for             involved in a project to find ecol-   lism in plants.
   disease.                                 ogically sound pest manage-
   Carrie Lin was one of only ten           ment strategies for Western
                                            cotton crops: Gabe D’Luzansky
Learn cheers, chants, jumps and dance from the DV Spiritline! All participants will be invited to
perform at the half-time of a DV Varsity Football game. Who: All students in grades Pre-K through 8.
When: Saturday, September 25 from 1:00 to 3:30 pm. Registration begins at 12:30 pm. Performances will be on Friday, October 22nd
during half-time of the varsity football game. Where: DVHS. Cost: $35. Fee includes instruction, cheer clinic t-shirt, poms, souvenir
photo, refreshments, and admission for one adult to attend the football game performance. Forms may be turned in by the cheer-
leader, turned in to Desert Vista or mailed to S. Batlle at 2903 E. Verbena Dr., Phoenix, AZ 85048. Checks should be made out to De-
sert Vista Spiritline. Pre-registration is highly recommended. Mailed forms should be postmarked by September 20, 2010 to be eligible
for pre-registration or turned in no later than September 23, 2010. Anything after this date will be welcomed as walk-in registration.
Any questions? Please feel free to contact Sonja Batlle at 480-751-8784 or, or Karen Calianno at 480-225-0650 or

                                  Registration Form
Payment: cash____/Ck.#________ DV Cheerleader Name_____________________
Participant’s Name_______________________________________________________
School:______________________________________ Grade_____________________
Parent/Guardian Name(s):_________________________________________________
City:______________________________ Home Phone:_________________________
Zip:______ E-mail:__________________________ Cell Phone:___________________
Any medical difficulties/limitations that we should be aware of:____________________
Any allergies:____________________________________________________________
Emergency Contact Name:_________________________ Phone___________________
Medical Information
Physician’s Name: ___________________________________Phone:_______________
Hospital Preference:______________________________________________________
Cheer Clinic t-shirt size: Youth XS___ Youth S___ Youth M___ Youth L___
                           Adult XS___ Adult S___ Adult M___ Adult L___

H O M E C O M I N G C A R N I VA L , S E P T E M B E R 30 , 20 1 0

We are holding our third annual Homecoming Carnival at Desert Vista High School. It will be a family-friendly event held on Thursday,
September 30th from 5:00 to 7:00 in the courtyard. It will be open to the community and we hope to have a large turnout. We plan to
have rides, carnival games, food, and performances on the stage. It only costs the public two cans of food to get in, and then visitors
pay to play the games or for food. The Senior class will sell tickets for rides and food for 50¢. Some of the events we plan to have
include buddy pictures, bounce houses, pie-in-the-face, fishing game, ping pong toss, cake walk, and a dunk tank.

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