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									                                                  VIDEO CREDITS


David Guetta                    Where Dem Girls At                EMI France             2010
David Guetta                    Little Bad Girl                   EMI France             2010
Pink                            Fucking Perfect                   LaFace/Jive            2010
Pink                            Raise Your Glass                  LaFace/Jive            2010
Katy Perry                      Firework                          Cappital/EMI           2010
Justin Bieber                   Somebody To Love                  Derf Jam               2010
Avril Lavigne                   Alice                             RCA/Sony BMG           2010
Luddacris                       How Low                           Def Jam                2009
Leona Lewis                     I Got You                         Sony UK                2009
Britney Spears                  Radar                             Jive/Zamba             2009
Rob Thomas                      Her Dimonds                       Atlantic               2009
Lil’ Wayne                      Prom Queen                        Cash Money/Universal   2009
Pink                            Funhouse                          LaFace/Jive            2009
Pink                            Please Don’t Leave Me             LaFace/Jive            2008
Pink                            So What?                          LaFace/Jive            2008
T.I                             Whatever You Like                 Atlantic Records       2008
Missy Elliott                   Ching-a-ling                      Atlantic Records       2008
Korn                            Evolution                         Virgin Records         2007
Pretty Ricky                    Push it Baby                      Atlantic Records       2007
Natasha Bedingfield             I Wanna Have Your Babies          Sony BMG UK            2007
Rob Thomas                      Small Wonders                     Walt Disney Records    2007
Fergie f/Ludacris               Gramorous                         Interscope Records     2007
Missy Elliott                   We Run This                       Atlantic Records       2006
Pink                            Stupid Girls                      J Records              2005
Pink                            You and Your Hand                 J Records              2005
Carlos Santana f/Steven Tyler   Just Feel Better                  J Records              2005
Korn                            Twisted Transistor                Virgin Records         2005
Rhymefest f/Kanye West          Brand New                         Allido Records         2005
The Veronicas                   Forever                           Warner Bros.           2005
Dave Matthews Brand             Dreamgirl                         RCA Records            2005
Missy Elliott                   Lose Control                      Atlantic Records       2005
Dave Matthews Band              American Baby                     RCA Records            2005
Lil Jon                         Roll Call                         TVT Records            2004
Outkast (Big Boi )              Ghetto Music                      Jive Records           2004
Kelly Clarkson                  Breakaway                         Buena Vista            2004
Brandy f/Kanye West             Talk About Our Love               Atlantic               2004
Janet Jackson                   I Wantt You                       Virgin                 2004
Janet Jackson                   Just A Little While               Virgin                 2004
Jay-Z                           Dirt off Your Shoulder            Roc-A-Fella/Def Jam    2004
Dilated People f/Kanye West     This Way                          Capitol Records        2004
N.E.R.D                         She Wants To Move                 Virgin                 2004
Ludacris                        Splash Waterfalls                 def Jam                2003
Hilary Duff                     Come Clean                        Holylywood Records     2003
                                               VIDEO CREDITS

Nelly                        Iz U                              Walt Disney Records   2003
Missy Elliott                Pass That Dutch                   Elektra               2003
Westside Connection          Gangstta Nation                   Priority              2003
Ludacris                     Stand Up                          Def Jam               2003
Korn                         Did My Time                       Paramount Pictures    2003
Stacie Orrico                There’s Gotta Be More to Life     Virgin                2003
Pink                         Feel Good Time                    Sony                  2003
Thalia f/Fat Joe             I Want You                        EMI Latin             2003
JS                           Ice Cream                         Dreamworks            2003
Missy Elliott                Gossip Folks                      Elektra               2002
Jennifer Lopez f/LL Cool J   All I Have                        Epic                  2002
Missy Elliott                Work It                           Elektra               2002
TLC                          Girl Talk                         Arista                2002
Baby f/Puffy                 Do That                           Universal             2002
Mariah Carey                 Through the Rain                  Island/Def Jam        2002
Amerie                       Talk to Me                        Colombia              2002
Creed                        Don’t Stop Dancing                Wind-Up               2002
Lifehouse                    Spin                              Dreamworks            2002
Beenie Man f/Janet Jackson   Feel It Boy                       Virgin                2002
Aerosmith                    Girls of Summer                   Columbia              2002
Shakira                      Objection (Tango)                 Epic                  2002
Celine Dion                  I’m Alive                         Epic                  2002
Brintney Spears              Boys                              Jive                  2002
Papa Roach                   She Loves Me Not                  Dreamworks            2002
Creed                        One Last Breath                   Wind-Up               2002
Jennifer Lopez               I’m Gonna Be Alright              Epic                  2002
B2K                          Gots Ta Be                        Epic                  2002
Celine Dion                  A New Day Has Come                Epic                  2002
Bow Wow                      Take Ya Home                      So So Def/Columbia    2002
Anastacis                    One Day In Your Life              Epic                  2002
Mick Jagger                  Visions of Paradise               Virgin                2002
Pink                         Don’t Lem Me Get Me               Arista                2002
Enrique Inglesias            Escape                            Interscope            2001
Brandy                       What About Us?                    Atlantic              2001
Offspring                    Defy You                          Columbia              2001
Creed                        My Sacrifice                      Wind-Up               2001
No Doubt                     Hey Baby                          Interscope            2001
Missy Elliott f/Ginuwine     Take Away                         Elektra               2001
Ja Rule                      Always on Time                    Def Jam               2001
Pink                         Get The Party Started             Arista                2001
Nikka Costa                  Everybody Got Their Something     Virgin                2001
Jermaine Dupri               Ballin Out of Control             So So def/Columbia    2001
Aaliyah                      More Than A Woman                 Virgin                2001
Slipknot                     Left Behind                       Road Runner           2001
Jay-Z                        H to the Izzo                     Roc-A-Fella/Def Jam   2001
Ja Rule                      Livin’It Up                       Def Jam               2001

                                              VIDEO CREDITS

Mary J. Blige              Family Affair                      MCA                   2001
Macy Gray                  Sweet Baby                         Epic                  2001
Christina Milian           A.M. to P.M.                       Def Jam               2001
Redman                     Smash Sumthin’                     Def Jam               2001
Jennifer Lopez f/Ja Rule   I’m Real Remix                     Epic                  2001
Brian McKnight             Love Of My Life (unreleased)       Motown                2001
Jennifer Lopez             I’m Real                           Epic                  2001
Sisqo                      Dance With Me                      Def Jam               2001
Limp Bizkit                Boiler                             Interscope            2001
Jagged Edge                where’s The Party At               So So Def/Columbia    2001
Redman                     Let’s Get Dirty                    Def Jam               2001
Sisqo                      Can I Live                         Def Jam               2001
Missy Elliott f/Ludacris   One Minute Man                     Elektra               2001
Snoop f/Tyrese             Just a Baby Boy                    Universal             2001
Usher                      U Remind Me                        Arista                2001
Dave Matthews Band         The Space Between                  RCA                   2001
Product G&B                Cluck Cluck                        Jay                   2001
Nicole Wray                I’m Lookin                         Elektra               2001
Missy Elliott              Get Ur Freak On                    Elektra               2001
Janet Jackson              All For You                        Virgin                2001
Tyrese                     I Like Them Girls                  RCA                   2001
Dave Matthews Band         I Did It                           RCA                   2001
Lil’ Bow Wow               Puppy Love                         So So Def/Columbia    2001
Outkast                    So Fresh, So Clean                 Arista                2001
Monica                     Just Another Girl                  Epic                  2001
Run DMC f/Steven Jenkins   Kings of Rock                      Arista                2000
Dido                       Thank You                          Arista                2000
Saliva                     Your Disease                       Def Jam               2000
Jay-Z                      Change The Game                    Roc-A-Fella/Def Jam   2000
Memphis Bleek              Do My Thugs...                     Roc-A-Fella/Def Jam   2000
Scarface                   Look Into My Eyes                  Virgin                2000
Pink                       You Make Me Sick                   Arista                2000
Xzibit f/Snoop & Dre       X                                  Loud                  2000
O-Town                     Liquid Dreams                      Jay                   2000
Mya                        Free                               Interscope            2000
Lil’ Zane                  None Tonight                       Priority              2000
Bow Wow                    Bow Wow (That’s My Name)           Columbia              2000
N’Sync                     This I Promise You                 Jive                  2000
The Offspring              Original Prankster                 Columbia              2000
Jay-Z                      I Just Want to Love U              Roc-A-Fella/Def Jam   2000
Pru                        Candles                            Capitol               2000
Outkast                    Bombs Over Baghdad                 Arista                2000
Killing Heidi              Weir                               333/Universal         2000
Vast                       Free                               Elektra               2000
Britney Spears             Lucky                              Jive                  2000
Bow Wow                    Bounce With Me                     So So Def/Columbia    2000

                                           VIDEO CREDITS

Mac 10 f/T-Boz           Tight to Def                      Hoo-Bangin/Priority      2000
Mac 10                   From Ta Street                    Hoo-Bangin/Priority      2000
Kottonmouth Kings        Peace Not Greed                   Capitol                  2000
JD f/Monica & Nas        I Got to Have It                  So So Def/Columbia       2000
Pink                     Most Girls                        LaFace                   2000
Eve f/Jadakiss           Got It All                        Ruff Riders/Interscope   2000
Lil’ Mo                  Ta Da                             Elektra                  2000
Kid Rock                 American Bad Ass                  Atlantic                 2000
DMX                      Party Up                          Island/Def Jam           2000
Da Brat                  What Chu Like                     Columbia                 2000
Creed                    Arms Wide Open                    Wind-Up                  2000
Goodie Mob f/TLC         What It Is                        La Face                  2000
Beanie Sigel             The Truth                         Roc-A-Fella/Def Jam      2000
Hanson                   If Only                           Island/Def Jam           2000
Drag-On f/DMX            Niggas Die For Me                 Ruffryders/Interscope    2000
Nas f/Ginuwine           You Owe Me                        Columbia                 2000
Hanson                   This Time Around                  Island/Def Jam           2000
Enrique Iglesias         Be With You                       Interscope               2000
Static X                 I’m With Stupid                   Warner Bros.             2000
Da Brat                  What I’m Looking For              Columbia/So-So Def       1999
L.L Cool J               Shut ‘Em Down                     Atlantic/Def Jam         1999
Eve                      Love Is Blind                     Ruff Riders/Interscope   1999
Jay-Z                    Do It Again                       Roc-A-Fella/Def Jam      1999
Tal Bachman              If You Sleep                      Columbia                 1999
Juvenile                 You Understand                    Universal/Cash-Money     1999
Filter                   Take a Picture                    Warner Bros.             1999
Powerman 5000            Nobody’s Real                     Dreamworks               1999
Pink                     There You Go                      LaFace                   1999
Methosman & Redman       Da Rockwilder                     Def Jam/Island           1999
Sugar Ray                Falls Apart                       Atlantic                 1999
Lil’ Wayne               Da Block Is Hot                   Universal/Cash-Money     1999
Creed                    What If                           Wind-Up                  1999
Buckcherry               For The Movies                    Dreamworks               1999
Jimmie’s Chicken Shack   Do Right                          Island/Def Jam           1999
K-Star f/Wyclef          Look Out Tonight                  RCA                      1999
Def Leppard              Goodbye                           Mercury UK               1999
Buckcherry               Check Your Head                   Dreamworks               1999
Kid Rock                 Cowboy                            Atlantic                 1999
Hot Boys                 We On Fire                        Universal/Cash-Money     1999
Juvenile                 Back That Thang Up                Universal/Cash-Money     1999
Powerman 5000            When World’s Colide               Dreamworks               1999
Shae Jones               Bad Boy                           Universal/M3             1999
Kid Rock                 Bawitdaba                         Atlantic                 1999
Jack Knight              Best Friend                       Universal                1999
Mytown                   Party All Night                   Universal/Cherry         1998
Shae Jones               Talk Show Shhh!                   Universal/M3             1998

                                                     VIDEO CREDITS

Reel Big Fish                  The Setup                             Universal/Mojo         1998
Jaze                           It’s Alright                          Universal              1998
Made Men f/Master P            Is It You                             Universal              1998
Magic f/C-Murder               No Hope                               No Limit               1998
Ginuwine f/Timbaland           Same Ol’G                             Atlantic/Blackground   1998
Master P f/Silk                Goodbye To My Homies                  No Limit               1998
E-40                           Hope I Don’t Go Back                  Jive                   1998
NX                             Funk In My Flow                       Ruthless               1998
69 Boys                        Woof Woof                             Atlantic               1998
Lili Haydn                     Stranger                              Atlantic               1998
Fa Sho                         Minnie The Moocher                    Universal              1998
M.C Ren                        Ruthless For Life                     Ruthless               1998
Souja Slim                     From What I Was Told                  No Limit               1998
Outta Order                    Tutti Fruiti                          Warner Bros            1998
C-Murder f/P & Silk            Second Chance                         No Limit               1998
Silk f/Destiny’s Child         Just B Straight                       No Limit               1997
Luke                           Raise The Roof                        Island Black           1997
Young Bleed, Master P, Fiend   Times So Hard                         No Limit               1997
The Whoridas                   Keep It Goin’                         Delicious Vinyl        1997
Kurrupt                        It’s A Set Up                         A&M                    1997
E-40, B-Legit, Richie Rich     Yay Deep                              Jive                   1997
Master P                       6 In The Mornin’                      No Limit               1997
199. Master P                  Ghetto D                              No Limit               1997
Spice One                      Playa Man                             Jive                   1997
Twista                         Get It Wet                            Atlantic               1997
Sons of Funk                   Pushin’ Inside You                    No Limit               1997
Plexi                          Forrest Ranger                        Atlantic               1997
RBL Posse                      How We Comin’                         Atlantic               1997
Rodney O                       What You Gotta Say                    New Quest              1997
IFA                            Throw Your Hands Up                   Rollin’                1996
Off Da Hook                    Off Da Hook                           PMP/Loud               1996
The Whoridas                   Shot Callin’ & Big Ballin’            Vinyl                  1996
K.E.V                          Slave To Society                      Spec                   1995


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