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					The Crazy Wisdom Community Journal • September - December 2010 • Page 44

                                                                  Music Reviews
By Sarah Newland                                                                                                                               Into Light cd: The
                                              A Hundred Blessings cd                                                                           Meditation Music of
                                              By Mirabai Ceiba
                                                                                                                                               Deva Premal
                                                                                                                                               The music of Deva Premal has captivated
                                              Listening to this new release from                                                               audiences for its simple purity of
                                              the partnership duo Mirabai Ceiba is                                                             devotion. In these eight luminous mantras
                                              like wrapping yourself in soothing,                                                              and chants, she invites you to relax
                                              comforting melodies with the warm,                                                               into the sacred space of each song as it
                                              gentle voices of Angelika Baumback and                                                           carries you inward to your divine light.
                                              Markus Sieber. This cd was made while                                                            A bestseller at Crazy Wisdom over the
                                              Angelika was pregnant. The music is like                                                         years, Premal’s angelic voice carries
                                              a lullaby to your soul, like listening to                                                        you through your practice and your day,
                                              the voice of a loving mother and father                                                          infusing each moment with a spiritual
                                              singing to your inner child. Love and                                                            embrace. She was raised in a German
                                              devotion shine through. Both musicians                                                           home permeated with Eastern spirituality.
                                              also contribute instrumentals and are       By the age of five, she was already chanting the Gayatri Mantra daily. Premal has released 14
                                              joined by other excellent musicians,        albums and dvds with her partner, Miten.
including Cameron Stone on cello.
                                                                                          $17.98 by Sounds True
$17.99 by Sprit Voyage Records
                                                                                          Shelved in Chant Music.
Shelved in Chant Music.
                                                                                          Soul Journeys cd: Music
Leave Your Sleep cd
                                                                                          for Shamanic Practice
By Natalie Merchant
                                                                                          By Sandra Ingerman and the
On her first album of new material in                                                     Shamanic Transmission Band
seven years, the beloved Natalie Merchant
is joined by over 100 musicians on 26 new                                                 In the practice of shamanic journeying,
songs, composed by Merchant with text by                                                  rhythm fuses with intent to carry us into
various poets. We’ve been waiting long for                                                the unseen worlds for wisdom, healing,
this cd and are so happy to have it in the                                                and insight. With this cd, Ingerman
store! She is one of the longtime leaders                                                 presents a unique collection of musical
in the women’s music genre with her soft                                                  journeys made to transport you into an
folk-rock style and lovely, lilting vocals.                                               expanded state of perception. In addition
Includes two cds and an 80-page booklet.                                                  to drumming sessions for general use in
                                                                                          shamanic practice, there are tracks to enable
$25.98 by NoneSuch
                                                                                          key journeys for self empowerment. Played on traditional instruments and infused with the
Shelved in Women’s Music.                                                                 intention of experienced shamanic practitioners, these recordings support you in ascending to
                                                                                          the upper world, contacting a helping spirit, and communing with a spiritual ally.
                                                                                          $24.95 by Sounds True
                                                                                          Shelved in Shamanic Music.

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