YOUNG PEOPLE OSG by wuyunqing


									                                                                              Annex 1

                                YOUNG PEOPLE OSG

                           WEDNESDAY 19 OCTOBER 2005

Present:       Robert Styles                    Leisure Services
               Karena Harmer
               Linda Moreau              -      Executive Services
               Bruce Hill                       Personnel Services
               Ely Mirzahosseinkhan
               Gill Crebbin              -      Corporate Services
               Ella Hughes               -      LSBU
               Michelle Wood             -      Financial Services
               Tamsin Ritchie            -      Environmental Health Services
               Angela Ford               -      KCC Youth & Community

Apologies for absence were received from Roger Shapter, Sara Peters, Gemma
Whiting and Phil Linskey.


       The minutes were agreed as a true and accurate record.


       (i)     Membership of OSG – RJS welcomed Michelle Wood and             MT TO NOTE
               Tamsin Ritchie to their first meeting of the group, and
               provided background to the work of the OSG. RJS
               highlighted that Glen Page, the KCC Community Schools
               Development Manager had also been invited to attend the
               OSG, and the invitation had been accepted.

       (ii)    Young Achievers Award – KH confirmed that a nomination
               form had been printed, and was available on the Council’s
               website. KH confirmed that she was progressing the                 KH
               installation of an awards board in the Council’s main
               reception area.

       (iii)   Youth Action Plan – It was noted that the launch of the plan
               would take place following the introduction of the revised         KH
               arrangements for the Youth Forum.

       (iv)    Database of Youth Activities – KH/GC confirmed that the
               database had now been prepared in liaison with KCC Youth
               & Community, and would be presented by KH to the next              KH
               meeting of the Children’s Consortia.

     (v)     Marketing – KH confirmed that a calendar of events for
             young people was currently being produced, and she was           KH
             currently awaiting final comments from members of the
             OSG. All to consider and respond direct to KH.                    All

     (vi)    East Peckham Dam – KH reported on a number of               MT TO NOTE
             initiatives involving local children linked to the new dam,
             including the Playscheme, the burying of a time capsule,
             and a tour of the dam with the consultants. It was noted
             that the commissioning of the dam would take place on 18
             November, and young people from East Peckham would be

     (vii)   Sports Development Officer – RJS reported that Debbie
             McNamara had been appointed on a part-time basis as
             maternity cover for Beverley Emmerson.


     The Action Plan was considered and updated by the group, and          MT TO NOTE
     the up-to-date position on progress is attached at Annex 1. It was
     agreed that all members of the group would update KH on an on-            All
     going basis. RJS thanked the group for good progress to date.

     AF reported that with respect to Youth & Community resources, an
     offer had been made to the Malling School for a Community Youth
     Tutor, with KCC offering to provide 60% funding for the new post.        AF
     It was noted a similar post had recently been introduced at Hugh
     Christie School in Tonbridge.


     (i)     Youth Forum – KH reported on preparations for the first       MT TO NOTE
             meeting of the revised Youth Forum which was to take
             place on 30 November 2005 in the Council Chamber at
             Kings Hill. It was noted that the Forum had been well
             marketed, and to date over 30 young people had confirmed
             their attendance. KH highlighted the agenda for the first
             meeting (see Annex 2), and it was noted that in addition to
             the nomination of a Chair and Vice Chair, the young people
             would be presented with options for a review of the youth
             website, and also discuss the introduction of SMS texting.
             It was noted that the likely Chair of the Forum would be
             Madeline Ford, from Tonbridge, who was also a member of
             the Kent Youth County Council, and the UK Youth
             Parliament. It was noted that she would provide good links
             between the Borough and County Council. It was noted,
        with the exception of KH and Ellen Garrott from KCC Youth       KH/EG
        & Community, the meeting would only be attended by
        young people.

        With respect to future meetings, KH confirmed that               KH
        quarterly meetings would be set for 2006, and the following
        agenda items were brought forward for consideration by the
        - Community Strategy.
        - Communicating with young people.
        - Market Survey.
        - Review and marketing of the LSBU rookie lifeguard and
           junior aerobics programme.

        It was also noted that Cllr Sue Murray would attend the          SM
        second meeting of the forum to introduce herself and
        explain her role as a Cabinet Member.

        AF reported that nominations were currently being sought         AF
        for the Kent Youth County Council elections on 19
        November, and last year 26,000 young people had voted
        across the County.

(ii)    Schools/Focus Groups – Following the successful focus         MT TO NOTE
        groups held at Weald of Kent Girls Grammar School and
        Hillview School for Girls in Tonbridge, it was noted that       KH/GC
        KH/GC would progress similar groups within The
        Hayesbrook School and Judd School in Spring 2006. It
        was noted that once these had been undertaken, attention
        would be turned to the schools in the Malling area of the
        borough. RJS highlighted Cllr Aikman’s interest in
        maintaining and developing links with local schools.

(iii)   Quantitative Research Project – BH/EM outlined the          MT TO NOTE
        programme for the on-line survey of school children in
        Tonbridge, and circulated a draft survey for comment at the
        meeting. A copy of the programme and draft survey are
        attached at (Annexes 3 & 4 – see report on Young People
        – Quantitative Research Project in these papers). It was
        noted that the survey was based on issues raised by young
        people from previous research, from issues brought forward
        as part of the Scrutiny Review, and from school discussion
        groups. BH also reported that the survey had taken into
        account the Council’s key priorities and a similar survey
        undertaken by Forest Heath District Council, which had
        been identified as good practice by the National Youth
        Agency. Following a long and helpful discussion by the
        group on the draft survey, the following issues were noted:
       -   AF reported that the CDRP had commissioned                      ACTION

           Opportunities Through Leisure to progress a survey of
           young people in the Malling area.
       -   Some concern was expressed by the group over the
           length of the survey, and it was agreed that a number of        BH/EM
           questions would be deleted, including the section on
       -   It was agreed that the language used in the
           questionnaire needed to be as user-friendly as possible,
           and BH confirmed that this would be considered
           carefully when piloting the survey, and it was his                BH
           intention to produce guidance notes for teachers where
       -   A detailed discussion was entered into over the
           suitability of all sections of the questionnaire for all age
           ranges, and once again, it was agreed that this would
           need to be carefully considered both in terms of the              BH
           guidance notes produced for teachers, and also within
           the pilot study.
       -   BH outlined Roger Shapter’s suggestions for extra
           questions regarding bullying, and whether young people
           had been the victims of crime. It was agreed that both            BH
           these suggestions would be incorporated into the
       -   It was agreed that TR would consider the adequacy of              TR
           the section relating to the environment.
       -   RJS stated that it was important that the survey results
           could be separated between those young people living
           within or outside the Tonbridge & Malling Borough area.
           It was therefore agreed that in addition to asking for the        BH
           post code, the town and village of the respondents
           would be identified.
       -   It was agreed that a number of questions within the               BH
           survey needed to take into account the issue of access
           for young people with disabilities.

       RJS thanked BH/EM for their work to date on the survey,
       which was both comprehensive and well thought through.
       It was noted that following consideration at Management
       Team, the draft survey would be reported to Members of
       the Youth Forum, and also Leisure Facilities, Culture &             RJS/BH
       Youth Advisory Board on 10 January 2006. It was agreed
       that partner organisations should also be made aware of
       the survey, including the CDRP, Connexions, PCT,
       Children’s Consortia, schools, etc.

(iv)   Schools’ Exhibition – KH reported that herself, TR, EH and         KH/TR/EH/
       members of the Tourist Information staff would be running a           TIC
       stand at the ‘Put Your School at the Heart of the
            Community’ exhibition to be held at the Hadlow Manor           ACTION
            Hotel on 16 November 2005. It was noted that the
            exhibition would be attended by Headteachers from all local
            schools, and would be a good opportunity for the Council to
            promote activities and services available.


     RJS updated the meeting on the Government’s Youth Matters:         MT TO NOTE
     Green Paper, and referred to the report to Leisure Facilities,
     Culture & Youth Advisory Board on 17 October 2005. It was noted
     that the report to the Board outlined the key principles of the
     Green Paper, and also the Council’s response to the consultation
     exercise. RJS to progress response, and copy to AF. It was             RJS
     noted that the principles underpinning the Green Paper were in
     line with the Council’s overall aims and objectives for young
     people, and potential opportunities for financial assistance from
     the Government could be available in the future. It was noted that
     the Youth Forum would be fundamental in identifying the needs of       KH
     young people, and bringing forward potential funding bids.

     AF confirmed that KCC were also responding to the consultation          AF
     exercise, and she would forward RJS a copy of their response.

     KH reported that she was attending a conference on 31 October           KH
     2005 on the Green Paper. In addition it was noted that RJS/KH         RJS/KH
     would be attending the National Youth Conference on 24
     November 2005.


     RJS updated the meeting on the last meeting of the Children’s
     Consortia held on 19 September 2005 and a copy of the minutes
     are attached at Annex 5. It was noted that key issues raised at
     the meeting related to the potential extension of the Power Project
     into the Tonbridge & Malling area, the production of a Children’s
     Consortia leaflet, and the allocation by KCC of £8,000 for each
     borough to be administered by KCC Youth County Councillors.

     It was noted that the next meeting of the Consortia would be held
     on Monday 21 November 2005, at which KH would present the              KH
     outcome of the mapping of young people’s services in T&M.

7.   LPIS

     KH reported on the half-yearly monitoring results of the youth
     LPIs. It was noted that the number of visits to the youth website
     was above profile for the first six months. With respect to the LPI
     relating to the number of people attending the Youth Forum, it was
     noted that this would be monitored in quarter three, following the
      first meeting on 30 November 2005.


      KH reported on the introduction of SMS texting to young people. It MT TO NOTE
      was noted that following a number of minor problems with the
      software, the system would go live on Monday 24 October 2005.
      It was noted that a number of young people had already registered      LM
      onto the system, and would now start to receive relevant texts.
      LM to promote the initiative in the next edition of Here & Now.


      (i)     Junior Aerobics – EH reported that three sessions were
              now operating at Larkfield Leisure Centre, and sessions
              had also been introduced at the Angel Centre. It was            KH
              agreed that KH would include the initiative on the youth

      (ii)    Leybourne Lakes Country Park Junior Ranger Scheme –
              KH reported on a new initiative for 8 – 12 year olds to
              become more involved at the Country Park on Saturday
              mornings. It was noted that the details of the initiative       KH
              would be reported to the January Leisure Facilities, Culture
              & Youth Advisory Board.

      (iii)   Healthy Walking – RJS reported that Debbie McNamara             DMc
              was currently looking to introduce healthy walking to the 16
              – 19 year old age group, linked to the Lifestyles Referral
              scheme. Following discussion, it was agreed that greater
              use of volunteers and external staff should be sought to run
              the walks, reducing the burden on Council staff.

      (iv)    Obesity Sub-Group – RJS reported on his discussions with
              the PCT Obesity Sub-Group, and their wish to focus on
              activities for young people in the school holidays. RJS         RJS
              reported that funding opportunities maybe available through
              the group.


      (i)     Playscheme/Activate – KH reported on a successful year      MT TO NOTE
              for both schemes, which had been reviewed in a report to
              Members of the Leisure Facilities, Culture & Youth Advisory
              Board on 17 October 2005. It was noted that greater
              emphasis needed to be given to marketing the schemes,
              and the extension of courses on Activate, particularly for
              Outward Bound. KH highlighted that preparation was
              currently underway for the Easter Activate brochure, and        KH
               advertising space would be sold within the brochure to
               enable greater marketing to be undertaken.

       (ii)    Y-2 Crew – AF reported on the recent evaluation meeting of        AF
               this scheme, which had run successfully this summer. It
               was noted that a review was being undertaken of the
               training of young leaders, the administration of the scheme
               was being re-formatted, and more quality sports input
               would be sought for 2006.

       (iii)   Try Angle Awards – AF reported that a review meeting             AF
               would take place in November 2005, and that she was
               currently trying to secure the River Centre for the award
               ceremony in 2006.


       (i)     Area Sports Event - AF reported that the sports event            AF
               would take place on 26 February 2006, and she would
               forward details to LM for marketing.

       (ii)    Young Women’s Day – AF reported on the Young Women’s
               Day which would take place in March 2006 at West Kent            AF
               College. AF to confirm date.

       The meetings for 2006 were set as follows:                            All to note

      Thursday, 9 February 2006, 10.00 am, Room A Council Offices
      Thursday, 11 May 2006, 10.00 am, Room A Council Offices
      Thursday, 14 September 2006, 10.00 am, Room A Council Offices
      Thursday, 7 December 2006, 10.00 am, Room A Council Offices
                                                                                                                        Annex 1

                                                                                                                       Annex 1
                                     21.10.2005 SCRUNITY REVIEW – YOUTH DEVELOPMENT
                                                       ACTION PLAN
1.    Partnership Youth Activities
                         Actions                           Lead Officer(s)    Time Scale –           Notes             Completed
                                                                             progressed by
1.1      Further research be undertaken with regard
         to the provision of youth shelters and best       Karena Harmer/      March 06      To be considered by
         practice in the design and siting of such          Angela Ford                      the Youth Forum
         facilities, the results of which to be reported
         to a future meeting of the Leisure Facilities,
         Culture and Youth Advisory Board.
1.2      A special meeting of the Public Transport                                           The bus companies
         Panel be organised to deal with youth              Mike O'Brien       March 06      have been asked to
         transport issues and that the Tonbridge &                                           quantify the problem
         Malling Youth Forum be invited to                                                   and discuss at a PTP
         participate in the organisation of that                                             meeting with other
         meeting.                                                                            interest groups
1.3      The Borough Council be recommended to
         express support for the current range of          Mark Raymond         July 05      Following completion of
         youth services provided in the Borough by                                           Scrutiny Review
         the County Council's Youth and Community
         team but invite the County Council to
         consider the need for additional resources
         being made available for Youth and
         Community services in Tonbridge and
         Malling, in particular, to strengthen existing
         detached youth work and the support                                                 (GC To speak to MR)
         provided to voluntary groups and clubs
         providing services for young people.
                         Actions                        Lead Officer(s)    Time Scale –           Notes             Completed
                                                                          progressed by
1.4   In consultation with the Youth Forum,
      consideration be given as to the best ways        Linda Moreau/       March 06      To be considered by
      in which information on local youth services      Karena Harmer                     Youth Forum
      should be publicised and made available to
      young people in the Borough.
1.5   The Planning and Engineering Advisory
      Board be invited to consider how best the         Lindsay Pearson     Ongoing       To be considered by
      needs of young people can be catered for                                            Developer Contribution
      as part of new development and facilities                                           OSG
      funded, as part of a wider study into
      developer contributions.
1.6   The Borough Council expresses support for                                           Awarded a Capital
      the provision of built youth facilities in East   Roger Shapter        July 05      grant of 25K to be
      Malling being included in future educational                                        progressed on an             
      developments in the area.                                                           ongoing basis through
                                                                                          the East Malling Focus
1.7   The findings of the review be drawn to the
      attention of Parish Councils, village hall         Robert Styles       Dec 05       RJS to write to each PC
      committees and other similar bodies to                                              including a copy of the      
      ensure there are no unreasonable barriers                                           action plan
      to youth groups having access to local
      community halls and facilities.
2.    Y2 Crew Programme
                       Actions                             Lead Officer(s)    Time Scale –           Notes             Completed
                                                                             progressed by
2.1     The Y2 Crew scheme should continue to
        operate with its original aims and objectives      Roger Shapter/      Ongoing                                    
        which concentrate on the provision of               Angela Ford
        diversionary and developmental activities,
        subject to the concurrence of the Crime and
        Disorder Reduction Partnership.
2.2     A Partnership Agreement should be adopted
        which identifies the contribution of each          Roger Shapter /      July 05
        agency and its obligations. The Borough             Angela Ford
        Council should confirm its willingness to                                                                         
        continue to administer the scheme and liaise
        with other agencies over referrals.
2.3     There should continue to be an appropriate
        balance struck between those attending the         Roger Shapter/      Ongoing                                    
        activities by choice and those referred by other    Angela Ford
2.4     The Y2 crew scheme should be marketed as
        part of the Council's Activate promotional         Karena Harmer        June 05                                   
        brochure and other publicity opportunities
        taken to attract wider participation in events.
2.5     The participation of voluntary sector groups in
        the operation of the organised events should       Roger Shapter/      Ongoing
        continue to be encouraged and developed.            Angela Ford
2.6     Consideration should be given in the future to                                       KCC currently reviewing
        the recruitment and training of staff, including   Roger Shapter/      March 06      training programme
        young people from within the target areas to        Ellen Garratt
        assist with the organisation of the scheme.
        Actions                                           Lead Officer(s)     Time Scale –    Notes           Completed
                                                                             progressed by
2.7     Additional funding to support the scheme
        should be explored with the aim of securing       Roger Shapter/       March 06                           
        more consistent levels of funding for future       Angela Ford

3.    Try Angle Awards Scheme
                        Actions                            Lead Officer(s)     Time Scale –           Notes      Completed
                                                                              progressed by
3.1     The Borough Council should continue to
        affirm its support for, and involvement in, the    Karena Harmer         Ongoing                              
        Try Angle Awards scheme.
3.2     The Borough Council's Youth and Play                                                                          
        Development Officer should be nominated to         Karena Harmer         March 05
        provide a single point of contact.
3.3     Additional marketing of the scheme should be                                                                  
        undertaken to increase the number of young         Karena Harmer         March 05
        people nominated from Tonbridge and
3.4     Funding for the Award Scheme for 2005/06
        should be confirmed, subject to the                Roger Shapter          May 05
        agreement of the Crime and Disorder                                                                           
        Reduction Partnership and to the provision of
        matched funding from Maidstone Borough
4.    Tonbridge & Malling Youth Forum
                         Actions                          Lead Officer(s)    Time Scale –            Notes            Completed
                                                                            progressed by
4.1    The Forum should continue to operate in            Karena Harmer/       Ongoing                                   
       partnership with KCC Youth and Community.           Angela Ford
4.2    Meetings should take place on a quarterly          Karena Harmer/       Nov 05       1st meeting of reviewed      
       basis and last for two hours.                       Ellen Garratt                    Youth Forum on 30
                                                                                            November 2005
4.3    Meetings should take place on a Quarterly          Karena Harmer/      Ongoing                                    
       basis in the Council Chambers at both Kings         Ellen Garratt
       Hill and Tonbridge Castle.
4.4    Membership of the Forum should be refreshed        Karena Harmer/       Sept 05      Membership levels of         
       and drawn from nominations from schools,            Ellen Garratt                    Youth Forum identified
       clubs and groups with an aim of recruiting                                           as an LPI
       between 20 – 30 young people.
4.5    The Forum should be invited to nominate a          Karena Harmer        Nov 05
       chairman and executive committee to oversee
       operation of the forum and any working groups
       that are established
4.6    Members should be recruited from schools,          Karena Harmer/       Sept 05                                   
       youth clubs, voluntary groups and uniformed         Ellen Garratt
4.7    An annual revenue budget be established to         Karena Harmer/      March 06      To initially be funded       
       assist with the work of the forum and to fund       Robert Styles                    from revenue reserve
       transport to and from forum meetings.                                                for Youth Development
4.8    Notes of the Youth Forum meetings should be        Karena Harmer/      Ongoing
       taken and reported quarterly to Members of          Robert Styles
       the Leisure Facilities, Culture & Youth Advisory
       Actions                                                Lead Officer(s)    Time Scale –   Notes                 Completed
                                                                                progressed by
4.9    Efforts should be make by the Forum and                Karena Harmer/       Ongoing
       partners to increase awareness of its work and          Linda Moreau
       activities to a wider audience of young people
       in the borough.
4.10   The Borough Council's Member lead for the
       Forum should continue to be the Cabinet                Cllr Mrs Murray      Ongoing                               
       Portfolio Holder for Leisure Facilities, Culture &
4.11   Officer time allocated to the management and                                Ongoing                               
       administration of the Youth Forum be                  Karena Harmer/
       increased, with the Community Partnerships            Emma Tomlinson
       Officer and Youth & Play Development Officer
       being involved.

5. Youth Advice and Support
                      Actions                                 Lead Officer(s)    Time Scale –           Notes         Completed
                                                                                progressed by
5.1    The LFC &YAB be invited to submit comments                                               Reported to LFC&YAB      
       on the forthcoming green paper on youth                                                  on 17 Oct 2005
       services in particular to address the                Robert Styles       Oct 06
       inadequacy of core funding to public and
       voluntary sector service providers.
5.2    Local Partners including the Chamber of
       Commerce and the West Kent EBP be invited            Mark Raymond / Gill Dec 06
       to assist with the organisation of a schools         Crebbin
       careers fair for the Tonbridge area in 2006.
      Actions                                           Lead Officer(s)   Time Scale –    Notes   Completed
                                                                          progressed by
5.3   The Borough Council, as a key local employer,
      explores further opportunities to promote local   Mark Raymond /    Ongoing
      government jobs and careers to local schools.     LSBU
5.4   The Borough Council should seek to assist
      partners with the promotion and take up of the
      Healthy schools initiative with the aim of        Phil Beddoes /
      achieving 100% take up across Borough             Tamsin Ritchie
5.5   The scope to extend mentoring schemes
      operating within schools be explored with
      partners and the opportunities to become adult    Mark Raymond      Ongoing
      mentors for young people be promoted
      amongst staff.
5.6   The use of mediation services be commended
      to the Crime and Disorder Reduction
      Partnership as a means to help tackle anti-
      social behaviour and the extension of             Roger Shapter
      mediation services to local schools be
      commended to the county Council for its
                                                                  Annex 2
                                                                 Annex 1

                                30 November 2005

   Introduction – What is a Youth Forum - KH

   Presentation 1 – by Red Ant (Website review company)


   Presentation 2 – by Tangerine (Website review company)

   Format & frequency of future meetings - MF

   Nomination of Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer – MF

    Break into Small Groups

   SMS Text Messaging Service – KH

   Youth Forum Leaflet – Sub Group - MF

   Date of next meeting - MF

   Close
                                                                                 Annex 5

                        Tonbridge and Malling Children’s Consortia Group
                                 19th September 2005

Present:       S Whittaker (Chair)   KCC Social Services
               P Chatfield           Homestart, South West Kent
               S Cottrell            District Childcare Officer
               L Denne               South West Kent PCT
               J Doswell             KCC Contracting and Planning
               A Ford                KCC Youth & Community
               S Hollands (Part)     KCC Adolescent Resource Centre
               C Knowles             Pre School Learning Alliance
               B Lock                Tonbridge Baptist Church
               G Page                KCC Education
               G Parkin              KCC Education
               A Pile                South West Kent PCT (Speech & Language Therapy)
               I Sharp               KCC Social Services
               I Smith               Tonbridge Learning Federation
               J Watson              Maidstone & Malling Police
               A Finch               Tonbridge & Malling Borough Council

Apologies were received from J Cresswell, H Flint, G Forshaw, L Gay, J Passmore, L Ripley
and R Styles.

1. Minutes of the meeting held on 18th July 2005
The minutes of the meeting held on 18th July 2005 were agreed as a correct record.

2. Matters Arising
(i)     List of services available in Tonbridge & Malling for young people
A Ford stated that this item was progressing and it was hoped that it would be completed
ACTION: S Whittaker to invite R Styles to undertake a presentation to the Group on the
mapping service for the next meeting.

3. The Power Project Presentation
S Hollands was able to give a brief overview of the Power Project. He explained that Power
Projects were now running in Sevenoaks and Tunbridge Wells and it was hoped that one
would soon be set up in Tonbridge & Malling.
He explained that the Power Project was a multi-agency approach to reducing youth
offending. The Project offered support and encouragement to young people aged between 11
to 18 years old and worked with them to produce an Action Plan.
Any agency involved with young people would be able to refer to the Project and referral
forms would be available from ARC in Tonbridge. Once a young person had been referred,
information about them would be shared between agencies and a worker would engage with
them on a one to one basis.
J Watson wondered whether the Power Project would link into the Restorative Justice
programme that Maidstone & Malling police were running. S Hollands stated that it was
possible that the two schemes could work together and they agreed to discuss it further out of
the meeting.
S Whittaker advised that the Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnership (CDRP) were keen to
commission the service. S Whittaker had submitted a bid for the KCC £10,000 and it was
hoped that this money could be used to recruit a worker until the end of the financial year.
ACTION: S Hollands to e-mail A Finch with his presentation. A Finch would then circulate
this with the minutes.

4. Survey of Emotional Wellbeing Services in Schools in Tonbridge & Malling
G Parkin circulated copies of the results of the survey that had been carried out within
schools in Tonbridge and Malling. All schools had been questioned, but not all had
responded. Many schools who had replied had responded with what they were doing to tackle
emotional wellbeing in schools and G Parkin felt that this information could be used to show
good practice within schools.
The results of the survey had already been taken to the Emotional Wellbeing Sub-Group.

5. The Commissioning Process
G Parkin was able to give a presentation on the Commissioning Process. He explained that
there were five stages to the process which were
  Needs assessment and analysis
  Planning Process
  Implementation
  Monitoring and Evaluation
  Amended Implementation
 He explained that he would give further details about each stage at future meetings.
 The Group were able to discuss the role of commissioning and how this could work in the

6. Feedback from Consortia Sub-Groups
Parenting Support Sub-Group
B Lock advised that there had not been a meeting of the Group since the last Consortia
meeting. He explained that Tonbridge Baptist Church had now employed three part time
Community Support Workers, who would focus their work in the North Tonbridge area.
B Lock felt that it was important to ensure that the work that was carried out in the North
Tonbridge area was co-ordinated.

Emotional Wellbeing Sub-Group
G Page circulated a copy of the minutes of the Emotional Wellbeing meeting held on 8th
September. He explained that the SSKY project (formerly known as the Link Project) was
progressing. It was hoped that the Primary Mental Health Worker posts would shortly be
advertised. S Whittaker was able to undertake a presentation to the Clusters and the Malling
cluster had agreed to put some funding to the posts.
A Pile wondered whether speech and language therapy would be involved in the project. S
Whittaker stated that at present, those links had not been made. However, this was something
that would need to be discussed in more detail at a later date.
G Page also reported that from 1st October 2005 the Children’s Consortia would commission
the Star Project. The service from the Star Project was heavily subscribed and there was
currently a waiting list for the service.
ACTION: S Whittaker to bring statistics for the Star Project service to the next meeting.
Domestic Violence Sub-Group
S Whittaker circulated a copy of the minutes of the Domestic Violence Sub-Group meeting
held on 23rd August. She advised that the Group had received an update from Women’s
Support Services and the Freedom Model. She explained that WSS were working with 18
women, most of whom had been referred through the police and Social Services. The Group
had also received feedback from a women who had attended the Freedom Model programme
at the Homestart Community House in East Malling. The facilitators for the programme had
now changed and a new group of women were starting the programme.
S Whittaker also stated that the Group had received reports about the new police risk
assessment forms and the Integrated Domestic Abuse Programme.

Teenage Pregnancy Sub-Group
L Denne reported that the Group had received feedback from the Trenchwood Medical
Centre drop in service. The numbers attending the drop in centre had been disappointing so
the Group were looking at further marketing. A Ford suggested that L Denne send
information to her about the service and she could then distribute it to youth workers etc.
L Denne also stated that the Group had discussed employing an outreach worker but she was
not sure of the details of this discussion.
ACTION: L Denne to pass details of the drop in service to A Ford.

7. Draft Children’s Consortia Leaflet
G Parkin circulated a draft leaflet giving information about the Children’s Consortia. He
asked Group members to look at the leaflet and pass any comments back to him as soon as
ACTION: Group members to feedback comments about the leaflet to G Parkin as soon as

8. Agency Updates
G Page advised that the Community Schools Market Place event would be held on 16th
November at Hadlow Manor between 2pm and 6pm. This would be a drop in event for head
teachers to find out what various agencies could offer to them.

L Denne reported that the Health Needs Assessment had begun and a project meeting had
been held. This would begin by looking at how to involve residents in a focus group.

A Ford explained that the Green Paper for Youth Support had been published over the
summer. This had stated that young people and parents should be empowered and that all
young people should be given the opportunity to volunteer. The document was out for
consultation at present.
A Ford also advised that KCC Youth County Councillors had been allocated £8,000 to spend
on young people’s projects. The funding had to spent by March 2006 and A Ford would help
the Councillors to allocate this funding.

J Watson wondered whether the Group would find it useful to receive a presentation of the
Restorative Justice approach. The Group felt it would be useful and agreed that it should be
placed on the next agenda.
ACTION: S Whittaker to place this item on the next agenda.
9. Date of next meeting
The next meeting would be held on Monday 21st November at 9.30am at Tonbridge &
Malling Borough Council Offices, Kings Hill.

On the agenda for this meeting would be:
Presentation on Restorative Justice (J Watson)
Mapping of young people’s Services in T & M (R Styles)
The Commissioning process (G Parkin)
Engaging with service users (S Whittaker)

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